Major series

A teenager moves to a distant colony where daily semen milking is a legal obligation.

Interdimensional milking – Encyclopaedia

Interdimensional Milking 1 – Arrival

Interdimensional Milking 2 – Max’s first week as a sperm donor

Interdimensional Milking 3 – Making new friends

Interdimensional milking 4 – Fresh air

Interdimensional milking 5 – Explorers

Interdimensional milking 6 – Sports

Interdimensional milking 7 – Upping the quota

Interdimensional milking 8 – Programming

Interdimensional milking 9 – Rough waters

Interdimensional Milking 10 – Controller Jan

Interdimensional milking 11 – A discovery

Interdimensional milking 12 – Please, lecture me

Interdimensional milking 13 – Punishment

Interdimensional milking 14 – Embarrassment

Interdimensional milking 15 – City life

Interdimensional milking 16 – War. Games

Interdimensional milking 17 – Now or never

Interdimensional milking 18 – Investigation

Interdimensional milking part 19 – Confessions

Interdimensional milking 20 – Contagion

Interdimensional Milking 21 – Study hall

Interdimensional Milking 22 – Mentor

Interdimensional Milking part 23 – A solution

Interdimensional Milking part 24 – Shaun

Interdimensional Milking part 25 – Shaun’s friends

Interdimensional milking part 26 – Debrief

Interdimensional Milking part 27 – The pursuit

Interdimensional Milking part 28 – Go team

Interdimensional milking part 29 – Advice

Interdimensional milking part 30 – Highs and lows

Interdimensional milking part 31 -Interrupted

Interdimensional milking part 32 -Resentment

Interdimensional milking part 33 – Discovery

Interdimensional milking part 34 – A chance meeting

Interdimensional milking part 35 – Change

Interdimensional milking part 36 – Tracked down

Interdimensional milking part 37 – Aftermath

Interdimensional milking part 38 – Recovery

Interdimensional milking part 39 – Camping

Interdimensional milking part 40 – Fireside tales


Interdimensional graphics

Human Expansion Program logo

Harvesting station

Portal suite and waste collector

Max’s first hi stim

Slick advert

Sam at skin time

Wrestling Brill

In the pool with Stan


Brill – It’s in the eyes

Main characters 1

Some more characters

The younger characters

Swimming pool

Brill, Brill 2

Stan and Max fighting

Stan and Max – Max Stim

Max, Brill and Phil – Are you two bows?

Are you two bows? Max, Brill and Phil


Prequels – Other stories in the same world and timeline

Interdimensional Milking the early years: The unwilling sperm donors – A scientist and his son find themselves becoming the unwilling subjects of his own sexperiments.

The unwilling sperm donors – Continued – Two unwilling sperm donors see an opportunity to escape their lives as sperm cows.


The wrong guy – part 1part 2 The buyers – A young man living on planet Herschel Majoris discovers that his horniness has its limits.


Milking College – New students at an off-world future college discover that it’s a front for a semen collection operation.

Milking College part 2 – Processed

Milking College part 3 – The arousal room

Milking college part 4 – The endurance room


Milking College art

The endurance machine

Carter using the endurance machine

Carter milked


Four friends on vacation awake to find themselves in a metal room with their arms tied behind them, and electrified testicle cuffs around the neck of their scrotums, connected to cables that can retract into the walls. The current can be used to stimulate or punish.

Conditioning 1

Conditioning 2 – Day 2

Conditioning 3 – Day 3

Conditioning 4 – Day 4

Conditioning 5 – Day 5

Conditioning 6 – Days 6-14

Conditioning 7 – Day 15

Further parts of this story are available by email only dariomindus@hotmail.co.uk






After an apocalypse, a teenager gets to fuck the boy of his dreams, but it comes at a massive price.

No signs of life 1 – Pandemic

No signs of life 2 – Ellis

No signs of life 3 – The woods

No signs of life 4 – Violation

No signs of life 5 – Still no signs?


A young man auditions to work at a night club called Puppies where all the staff dress and act like puppies.

Puppies 1 – Audition

Puppies 2 – Audition 2

Puppies 3 – Daniel’s first day

Puppies 4 – Daniel’s first day continued

Puppies 5 – Daniel gets more adventurous

Puppies 6 – Bailey’s Tale



A young arsonist is sent to an unusual prison.

Part 1 – Aaron is sentenced and the humiliation beegins immediately

Part 2 – In this part, he arrives and spends his first day

Image from part 2 – The wall of shame

Part 3 – Aaron discovers some strange things about the reformatory.

Part 4 – Aaron is subjected to a humiliating exercise regime

Image from part 4 – Aaron demonstrates the poses he has learned

Part 5 – In this part, he starts to realise that every second of his daily regime is committed to changing his sexuality.

Part 6 – In this part, he is subjected to a new exercise regime.

A young man takes on an evening job with his uncle and discovers that it’s far more erotic than he imagined.

The photographer’s assistant 1 – A new job

The photographer’s assistant 2 – Learning the trade

The photographer’s assistant 3 – Duet

The photographer’s assistant 4 – The substitute


A father helps his disabled son in an unusual way.

Tanner’s best days 1

Tanner’s best days 2 – Upgrade

Tanner’s best days 3 – Marathon