Interdimensional milking part 38 – Recovery

Recap: Max is a teenager from Earth in the distant future, who attends a boarding school on planet Herschel Majoris where his seed is automatically harvested every day.

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Interdimensional milking part 38 – Recovery

“Maaax, my poor darling! How are you feeling?”

Max looked at the hologram of his father Jonathan floating in the air above his chest. His other father Dominic sat next to him in their distant apartment.

“I’m in a lot of pain, but I’ll live.”

“We’re going to book a portal. We can be there soon.”

Max thought about it for a few moments.

“You know they’re not safe for travel, and the ones that are, are crazy expensive. Thanks. I really appreciate it, but I’m gonna live. It would be crazy to spend all that money and come all this way just to sit here.”

“We just thought you might appreciate the support?”

Max gave a pain-tightened smile.

“You know I do dad, but you don’t need to spend six month’s work of money to make me feel better. You can do that on comms.”

“Oh darling, you’re so big-hearted and brave. Look the school told us what happened. The harvester malfunctioned. One in a billion they said. It must have been terrible for you.”

“It was. It’s the worst pain I ever imagined. But it WASN’T a malfunction dad, I keep telling them, but I’m sure they don’t believe me.”

Dominic, spoke up.

“What makes you say that Max, are you saying someone programmed the machine deliberately?”

“No, it wasn’t a machine at all. It was a person. I dunno if I told you this, but a while ago, I was certain that an actual person was touching my… my junk while I was in the harvester.”

“You mean, like cleaning it, moving it around?” Dominic asked.

“No, that would have been weird enough – after all, it’s all supposed to be automated isn’t it?”

“Yes, I’m pretty sure it is.”

“But this was not just cleaning or hooking me up, it was… it was sexy, like someone was getting boned touching me. It was driving me crazy. Anyway, the school didn’t really believe me, but I got an exemption for a while. I didn’t have to wear an EV, then when that ran out, I was moved to a different portal, and the weird touching stopped.”

Dominic frowned.

“Hmmm, that certainly does seem to reinforce your belief that someone had taken a personal interest in you.”

“Exactly! Then me and Sam fractured and I moved to a new room.”

“You and your roommate fell out?! What about?” Jonathan interjected.

“He had a pad that was stolen from another friend Troye when he was EV jacked.”

“EV jacked, what’s that?”

Dominic spoke up.

“It’s not important right now Jonathan. Max was telling us about his injury.”

“Oh yes. Sorry darling,” he said looking at Max’s hologram, which reclined in their room, “Go on.”

“Anyway, I was in my new room and I woke up in the night and my balls were in agony and my stomach was really massive and I was cramped up desperate to pee.”

“What did you do?”

“I tried to get out of my EV suit but I was trapped in it, so I ran to the infirmary. I barely made it. I could feel fingers squeezing my balls.”

“The school said that there are rubber clamps that massage your testicles. Are you sure it wasn’t them?” Dominic asked.

“Dad!” Max said assertively, “It wasn’t a machine. I could feel the fingers, and whoever it was, was kind of pulling my balls as well!”

Dominic frowned.

“I’ve never heard of such a thing before, but it’s certainly possible. I guess if someone has taken a special interest in you. You’re not in your portal suit now are you?”

“No, I’m wearing pajamas.”

He lowered the volume of his voice. Although there were other students in the infirmary, and his bed was separated off by a holo-screen, he didn’t want anyone to hear.

“Only the top. I’m naked from there down. Look I’ll turn the vone.”

“I don’t think we need to see your bits darling!” Jonathan said chuckling. “We saw them when you were a boy.”

Max smiled, with genuine warmth now.

“There’s a kind of frame over my groin. Look.”

He programmed the floating camera to turn.

“Oh, that’s probably to keep the sheets off your privates,” Dominic said.


“Are you in a lot of pain now?” Jonathan asked.

“Nurse Janeway activated some kind of pain inhibitor thing in my implant.”


“The chip in his head that he got as part of the harvesting program,” Dominic explained.

“Oh yes.”

“So, the nurse turned that up as high as it would go,” Max continued, “but it’s not enough to completely block out the pain.”

“How bad is it son?” Dominic asked.

“Pretty bad dad. Like a constant squeezing pain; a stomach ache and it goes down my legs too.”

Dominic winced in empathy, nodded and gave a manly smile.

“You’re a brave kid. Sorry you have to go through this.”

He held out a palm as though pushing against a pane of glass. Max reached out his own palm. It was a gesture they sometimes shared together. Dominic was very reserved and masculine, but it was his way of showing affection.

Max made as though to sit up so that his flesh and blood palm could reach his father’s holographic one, but he could barely move. He collapsed back to the bed.

“Inhibitor has screwed up all my muscles from the stomach down. Can’t move properly while it’s turned on,” he explained.

Jonathan gave a sad smile.

“Oh, you are in a bad way.”

“Yeah, I’m just hoping I’ll be better in time for our Explorer trip.”

“That’s the camping trip you were looking forwards to?”

“Yeah, it’s in six weeks. The nurse said I should be fine long before.”

“Well that’s good to hear.”

“Yeah, Brill’s going.”

“Ohhhh yes…” Jonathan said, in the tone of a teenaged girl hearing juicy gossip. “And?”

“We’ve um, been looking forwards to it.”

“Do you have your own tent?” Dominic asked, ever practical.

“I dunno. I kind of assume they provide them.”

“That’s not what I meant. A tent JUST for you and Brill?”

“I don’t know. Why?”

“Come on son, use your imagination, you know why.”

Max blushed lightly. His parents still had the capacity to surprise him.

“Some of the best times your father and me had were camping.”

“Oh yeah, bugs in our sleeping bags, wet clothes, thistles in my shorts,” Jonathan added.

“When you were wearing them!”

Jonathan turned and smacked Dominic on the chest.

“Not in front of Max, he’s just a boy!”

“He’s nearly a man, aren’t you colt?” Dominic said, addressing Max now.

Max was grinning at their antics.

“I’m not feeling very manly right now.”

“I’m sure you’ll be feeling hippity hop, in no time at all.”

Max’s grin broadened at the archaic expression.

“Is there anything we can do for you? Anything we can send?” Jonathan asked.

“Not unless you can send a time travel pod?”

“I’ll get right on that son,” Dominic said.

He turned to Jonathan.

“We can invent that by, say, lunchtime wouldn’t you agree Jonathan?”

“Better make it 3pm, I want to get a haircut first.”

Max chuckled at their silliness. Even in the midst of his pain, it did him good to see his parents. Dominic wrapped his arm around Jonathan’s shoulder, and Jonathan snuggled closer, always happy to cuddle.

“We’re going to be speaking to the school about this whole portal business son,” Dominic said. “We’re going to make certain there’s a thorough investigation.”

“Thanks dad. I gotta go now. I’m kind of tired.”

“Okay son, we’ll comm tomorrow. Same time okay?”

“Yeah, perfect. Bye.”

“Buh bye sweetie,” Jonathan said.

He blew Max a kiss. Max made as if to catch it.

“Oh, missed,” Jonathan said. “Here’s another one.”


Two days later Brill stopped by for his nightly visit. He handed Max the pad that Max had requested from his room.

“Thanks Brill, I don’t know what’s worse, the pain or the boredom.”

Brill raised an eyebrow.

“In that case, quit your faking and let’s get out of here.”

“Okay, okay, I DO know which is worse. Not ready for nurse to turn the inhibitor off yet.”

Brill pulled an exaggerated frowny face.

“Poor baby. Your bits are all messed up, and I never even got to play with them.”

“You would have if it wasn’t for Stan. Lisping freak.”

Brill sat on the edge of the bed and stroked Max’s face.

“It makes me sad hearing you so angry like that. You’re better than that.”

Max looked away.

“I know, but it’s just been one thing after another. It’s hard to be kind when everyone keeps messing with you.”

“Yeah. Stan asked after you.”


“Yeah, lotta people have.”

“Whaddya tell them?”

“What we agreed, that you fractured your pelvis falling down the stairs.”

“Did they believe it?”

“Why wouldn’t they? They all think you’re a clump, but I don’t think anyone doubts it. Troye sends his wishes.”

“Yeah, he voned me. And Bryan. Even Julie.”

“Julie? I didn’t know you guys were even friends?”

“Only loosely. We have a few classes. I think she’d like us to be closer.”

“She better keep her eyes off my man!” Brill said in a playfully melodramatic tone. “Speaking of Stan, there’s something interesting about him.”

“Oh yeah, what’s that?”

“I can’t sense him. Not at all.”

“What, like his thoughts?”

“Yeah, that usually only happens with Herschelian natives, or mixed bloods like me.”

“Hmmm, that is interesting.”



Max turned on his tablet.

“Loads of messages waiting.”

“Probably all from a prince in Stahl asking you to help him transfer billions of creds offworld!”

Max grinned.

“Nah, they’re all legit.”

He glanced down the list of senders then his expression turned solemn.

“There’s a couple here from Sam.”

“What’s he say?”

Max opened the first message and scanned it quickly before reading it to Brill.

“Max, you probably don’t want to hear from me, but I’m sorry you got hurt. If there’s anything you need, let me know. Sam.”

“That’s nice. I guess.”

“I guess.”

Max gave a melancholy smile.

“I just wish he’d be level with me about what’s going on.”

“He seemed pretty serious the other day, about why he couldn’t tell you.”

“Yeah. Did you, errr, did you read him?”

“Naw, you know I don’t do that with our friends. Even Stan I was only looking on the surface, not deep. I mean, I FELT like Sam was being level about not being able to tell you, but I’d never dig deeper without his permission.”

Max smiled mournfully.

“Yeah, I get you. That’s a decent thing to do.”

“Nobody likes people in their heads.”

“Definitely not.”

“So, are you still on for the camping trip?”

Max gave a happy smile.

“Can’t wait!”

“You better hurry up and get little Max and his two friends ready then,” Brill said, looking towards Max’s groin.

Max’s smile almost split his face in two.

“They’re not in the mood right now, but they’ll be ready even if I have to get Nurse Janeway to turn the inhibitor up to max power!”

Brill laughed.

“Only trouble it did kind of make me spaz out last time, so I’d be flopping around on the ground having some kind of fit,” Max added.

“I can work with that!” Brill grinned.

“My dad said we should get our own tent. Just one for the two of us.”

“Tent? Oh you mean, a portahab?”

“Is that what you call them here?”

“I guess. A place you sleep in when you go camping?”

“Yeah, that’s it. I wonder if Jarvis can arrange that?”

“I like the way your dad thinks!”

“Yeah, and it was Dominic. He’s usually so… down to Earth.”



“Down to Herschel. You’re not on Earth anymore.”

Now it was Max’s turn to chuckle.

“Oh yeah. Didn’t think of that.”


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