Interdimensional milking part 39 – Camping

Recap: Max is a teenager from Earth in the distant future, who attends a boarding school on planet Herschel Majoris where his seed is automatically harvested every day.

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Interdimensional milking part 39 – Camping

The multicarry pulled into the parkstop and the 15 members of Stanor Explorer squad 326 disembarked. The parkstop was 2000 metres higher than the school, which lay in the flatlands. It was a vehicle park where people who came to enjoy the wilderness would start their journeys. Several other vehicles were already parked.


The boys gathered excitedly, as squad leader Jarvis unloaded their packs from the large vehicle’s storeaway and distributed them.

While they waited for their packs, Max, Brill, Bryan, and Troye stood and chatted, looking down over the steep drop to their north. Behind a metal safety rail, there was a rocky 60-degree slope, that fell away for 500 feet before meeting the jungle below.

“Wouldn’t want to fall over that,” Troye said.

“Nah, you’d get grated raw by the time you reached the bottom,” Brill added.

“If you took it slow you could walk down it,” Bryan added, “But you’d have to be careful not to trip.”

“Yeah,” Troye agreed.

“So good to be out of an EV for a while,” Bryan said.

“Yeah,” Troye nodded.

“You haven’t had to wear yours for ages have you Max?” Troye said.

Brill watched as he sensed Max’s tension. Nobody knew his secret.

“Nah, 6 weeks.”

“Still can’t believe you fell down the stairs. What a nana!”

Max grinned.

“I bet you’ve been whacking it every single night though right?” Troye leered.

“Nah, not really been up for it.”

“Not up for it?!”

The very idea seemed offensive to Troye.

“Your pee pee is gonna be shrivelled to nothing if you don’t start using it soon!”

Everyone laughed. The kid was the comedic life and soul of every gathering.


The boys all wore identical cargo shorts, t-shirts and multi-pocketed gilets. Bryan looked at the terrain.

“Glad Jarvis got us rough peds. Wouldn’t want to walk far in regular peds.”

They spent a few minutes enjoying the amazing vista below them before Jarvis called their names.

“Max, Brill, Troye, Bryan…”

They’d loaded their packs together.


When everyone was unloaded, Jarvis nodded to the driver and she drove the multicarry away.

“Now we’re on our own,” he announced.

He walked to the edge of the drop.

“Come over here boys. Don’t go past the barrier.”

The boys left their packs on the ground and formed a circle around him.

“We’re going to have a great time over the next few days. Let’s start with the creed.”

He held up his hand, like a Roman senator making a declaration and the boys all spoke in unison.”

“Be strong, be honest, be true!”


Jarvis smiled and nodded. He pulled out a small radio and looked to Jivan, his number 2.

“Radio check please.”

Jivan took out his radio and switched it on.

“Frequency 7 please,” Jarvis turned to the pre-programmed frequency.

Jivan followed suit, then nodded.

“Testing testing  1, 2, 3,” Jarvis said.

His voice came clearly over Jivan’s radio.

“Good. Thanks Jivan.”

He turned to the teenagers, all eagerly waiting to start their adventure. He pointed down the slope into the far distance.

“School is 30 clicks that way, north by north east. You already added the location on your compasses. Please check them now.”

The teenagers all looked at the digital compasses that hung on paracord around their necks.

Jarvis gave them a moment before asking, “Any problems?”

The boys all shook their heads.

“Good. No matter what happens, do not take your compass off except if you are going for a swim. And then be sure to put it with your clothes. If you get separated or lost, set your compass for home and it will guide you safely. We’ll be staying this side of the mountains, so at the very worst, just keep heading downwards and you’ll eventually hit a road, then you can flag down help or follow it to a town. Understood?”

“Yes sir,” most of them chimed in unison.


Most of the boys in 326 had joined for the adventure and camaraderie, and most would have quit pretty quickly if the organisation had become too militaristic and disciplined. Nevertheless, they did generally tend to enjoy these moments when they acted in concert, getting to play at being soldiers with little of the downside.

Right now, the boys were well aware that this was potentially life-saving information, but there was an air of excitement as Jarvis briefed them.

“Hey sir,” a boy called Rej said, “Why’s the sky like that?”

To the north there were uncharacteristic streaks of colour.

“I’ve no idea Rej. Looks a bit like an effect called an aurora caused by gas from a star interacting with an atmosphere, but the streaks are moving too fast.”

“It’s kind of nice,” a soft-spoken boy called Hoyer said.


“Okay,” Jarvis said, getting things back on track, “we’ll be hiking about 15 clicks a day. That’s a fairly easy pace on flat terrain, but we’ll be in the forest, and we’ll be stopping to practice our survival craft along the way. Jivan will be bringing up the rear. Have fun, but please boys, stay together. We’ll be taking bathroom breaks throughout the day, and you can step out any time you like just so long as you let someone know. Just remember, you can’t just go any time you like – there’s no EV suit to take the waste away.”

He grinned.

“We usually have one or two “incidents” each trip. Let’s try to avoid any this year – at least the um, solid kind.”

The boys laughed and chattered at the half-joke. Having a suit that automatically collected your solid waste, and in which you could urinate any time, was a massive advantage of the EV suits during daily life, but it could cause problems if they forgot how to use their self-control.

“I strongly suggest that you go before we head off.”

Troye turned towards the drop and whipped out his snake-like penis. Ten seconds later, he was joined by the rest of the troop, and 15 boys stood in a line pissing over the steep slope.



Half an hour later, the boys were deep in the forest. It was surprisingly humid.

“Hey Jivan,” one of the boys called back, “okay to take our t’s off?”

“Yeah, no problem, but don’t forget to put your repeller back on. Don’t want you getting eaten alive by hungry crawlers.”

“The insects wouldn’t eat Kaahl,” another boy joked. “There’s nothing of him. They’d die of thirst!”

“At least I don’t get mistaken for a swamp bear when I take my shirt off!” Kaahl bantered back, as he removed his t-shirt.


“Actually, that’s not a bad idea,” Bryan said. “I’m sweating like a beast.”

He was a large boy, taller and more muscular than his friends, so it was more effort for him to move in the heat. Even so, all four of them had large sweat patches under their arms and down the middle of their shirts.

They stopped to remove their backpacks. Seeing that a group of boys had now stopped, Jivan called ahead to Jarvis.

“Sir, quick break while the guys take off their ts?”

Jarvis stopped and turned.

“Sure, good idea. Don’t forget to put your repellers back on.”

Max grinned.

“Jivan already told us that sir.”

Jarvis smiled back.

“See, I knew there was a reason why I kept you around Jivan.”

Jivan laughed.

“Yes sir, thank you sir!”

“I suggest you clip the repellers to your pack straps,” Jarvis said.

“Hey sir,” Shaun asked from up ahead. “Can we go native?”

He’d deliberately kept a distance from Max and the others.

“Huh, typical. Boned up hose monkey is always looking for excuses!” Max spat.

“Man, you really hate him don’t you?” Bryan asked.

“After what he did to me? Yeah, you could say that.”

“I’m just charged that he got my pad back,” Troye said.

“And it doesn’t bother you how he got it in the first place?”

“Umm, not really. He got it back, that’s all that matters.”

“Well the little simp better stay the fuck away from me.”

Brill put a hand to the curves of Max’s bare chest. It was warm under his fingers.

“Just wipe him Max, and let’s have a good time.”

Max turned to him ready to retort, but Brill was smiling, his beautiful golden-brown eyes glowing softly. He let his palm slide a few inches down Max’s pectorals, and Max’s anger evaporated. He smiled.

“You’re right. I’m letting him live in my head. Gotta wipe him.”

Brill smiled, allowing his hand to slide down to Max’s stomach, where just the very faintest traces of fine vellus hair caught in the sunshine. Max inhaled a trembling breath.


“We’re still a bit close to the main trail,” Jarvis responded to Shaun. “Don’t want you scaring any casuals. Give it a few more miles then ask again.”

“Awwww,” Shaun said. “What’s the point of getting out our EVs if we still have to wear clothes?”

Max tensed his jaw and exchanged a look with Brill. Brill looked at him with an “I know what you’re thinking” expression and they both burst out laughing.


Jarvis turned to the squad.

“I suggest if you are going to take your shirts off, you make sure your packs are snug or you’ll get chafing. Last thing you need is raw skin or blisters when you still have a lot of walking to do. Your packs are too heavy for someone else to carry.”

“Yours is hoosif,” Jurnal said with wonder, looking at the large pack that Jarvis was carrying, “How do you even carry that?”

Jarvis looked kindly at the youngest member of the squad who was partnered with Shaun.

“Lot of experience son,” he said, “and it’s not so heavy as it looks.”

He gave Jurnal a wink.


The boys spent a few minutes taking shirts off and adjusting packs then they continued on their way.


Along the way, Jarvis pointed out various plants, and at one point, they stopped and he taught them how to make twine out of shredded tree bark. Before they set off again, Shaun repeated his request.

“Okay to go native now sir?”

They were several hours from the road.

“Sure, no problem. Be sure to stow your clothes in your packs. I’m not giving you my skivs if you lose yours, and we don’t want to give the cleaning droids a shock when we get back home!”

The boys laughed at the joke, and Shaun quickly stripped naked. The other boys joined him, and Max was surprised to see that even Brill was stripping down.

“You’re going naked?” he asked.

Brill smirked.

“Sure, why not?”

“I… I…”

“Come on Maxy, live a little!” Brill urged, taking his shorts and skivs off.

Max pushed away his discomfort and took his own shorts off.

“Still wearing skivwhites Maxy?” Brill teased, looking Max’s boring white underpants.

“Yeah, what’s wrong with them?”

“Not very sexy are they? Not gonna impress any cute boys with them.”


Max realised that there was a sparkle in Brill’s eye. He grinned.

“Guess I’m just gonna have to take my chances.”

He pushed his underwear down, feeling self-conscious. Brill appraised him for 5 seconds in silence as Max felt increasingly awkward. Then Brill before nodded slowly.

“Better than the video.”

Max blushed.

“Ha ha,” Troye said. “Still shy Max?”

Max playfully shoved him hard enough to make him fall to the ground.

“Careful you don’t get a stick up your ass,” Bryan said dryly.


They pulled their packs on and Brill gave Max a nudge.

“Hey look at Jarvis. Hubba hubba!”

Max looked at the squad leader. He was also now naked apart from his socks and rough peds. He had a solid, powerful physique, hairy from his chest down to his toes. Between his legs, sprouting from a mat of hair that spread, unbroken up his torso and down his legs, a thick, 7-inch flaccid penis, and a weighty pair of testicles. Jarvis had the kind of physique Max hoped one day to have.

As crazy and liberating as he was discovering his new home planet to be, Max was still surprised that the man stripped down with the boys.

“Didn’t think he was your type?” he said.

“How would you know what my type is?” Brill replied.

Max made a theatrical “ta da” gesture, complete with a hopping step, holding his palms up as if to indicate himself. Brill laughed.

“Absolutely true Maxy! you ARE my dream boy. Slim, smooth, cute, great personality, and suuuch a nice one.”

He looked pointedly at Max’s penis, and Max couldn’t stop himself blushing.

“But you gotta admit, Jarvis is pretty impressive.”

“Tsch,” Max said, sucking air through his teeth. “I suppoooose so.”

Brill laughed again, throwing an arm around Max’s shoulder.

“That’s big-hearted of you Max!”

“Looks like Shaun can’t take his eyes off him”

Shaun was staring wide-eyed at Jarvis’s penis with undisguised interest.

“So, no surprises there,” he added.

“Maaax,” Brill chided gently.

“Sorry, sorry. I know I said I was going to stop that.”

Brill hugged his shoulder affectionately.


The squad set out and continued on their trek towards the first night’s camp site. After a while, Troye called out.

“Sir, these plants keep whipping my privs. Can we go where the plants are shorter?”

Jarvis stopped and turned, then looked down at Troye’s 10-inch noodle.

“That’s quite the… appendage you have there son. Is that natural or courtesy of the harvesting program.”

“It’s the harvester,” Troye said.

“He keeps ramping himself,” Bryan added with a sigh.

“29 times a day!” Troye added proudly.

“Ummm, that’s a real achievement there Troye,” Jarvis said.

“Thank you, sir!” Troye responded smiling, blissfully oblivious to the squad leader’s reticent tone.

“Anyway, I’m afraid the gardeners forgot to come out and mow the jungle for you son. This IS the short stuff.”

The boys sniggered.

“As we hit the longer underbrush, this is going to be a problem for almost all of you.”

He glanced at Jurnal’s stump.

“Almost all of you,” he thought.

“We can go full jungle native. The tribes of Earth’s South American continent had a solution to this problem.  When they were going on a hunt or simply walking through the deep jungle, they didn’t want their junk flapping around or getting whipped on the underbrush. Get out the twine you made earlier.”

The boys took out the twine.

“Okay, now just tie the twine around your waist and tuck your foreskin underneath.”

He glanced at Troye.

“Troye, you might need to tie yours around your chest.”

Everyone laughed, and Troye looked happy that his penis was finally getting the appreciation it deserved.

“Sir, what if you haven’t got a foreskin?” one boy asked.

Circumcision was uncommon, but not unheard of.

“Then you can tie it around the middle of the shaft. You don’t have to tie it too tight; just enough so that the twine doesn’t slip down over your hips. When you’re done, it should lift your breek snakes out of the way like this.”

He revealed his own workmanship. His penis hung near vertically from the twine around his waist, leaving just his testicles dangling and exposed.

“But sir,” a boy named Gen-Halber asked, “how do I stop the plants hitting my balls?”

“Be careful where you walk!” Jarvis responded, to another round of laughter from the boys.

He waited while the boys followed his instructions, laughing and commenting on each other’s handiwork. When they all stood with their penises lifted towards their stomachs, the hike continued.

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