Commune punishment – The story

Spanking, humbling, humiliation, discipline

A naughty teen is spanked and humbled

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Commune punishment

Xander’s stepfather William, put down the phone and looked at his son.

“That was Mrs Limberg. Your grades have fallen through the floor since lockdown. We already talked about this twice; now something has to be done.”

“I’m sorry sir,” Xander said contritely. “I’m doing my best but it’s just so hard to concentrate working from home.”

“I get that, but you’re going to have to do better. Perhaps without your Playstation it’ll be easier.”

Xander frowned.

“How long for?”

“Well, it’s summer recess in two weeks. I’ve booked you for online summer classes. If you can get your grades up to at least a B across the board, you can have it back at the start of the fall semester.”

“Fall? But that’s over 9 weeks away!”

“Watch your attitude boy or I’ll make it permanent,” the man said.

“Yes sir, sorry sir,” Xander said, quickly checking himself.

He’d been on the receiving end of William’s wrath on several occasions, and though Xander felt that he was way too old for a spanking, the man disagreed and had taken a paddle to him on two occasions. On both, Xander couldn’t sit comfortably for over three days.


William had not been the head their family long – just under two years, but he ruled it totally and with a rod of iron. Xander’s mother, Emma, was totally smitten by him. It was almost as if he had some kind of power over her.

When she was with Mike, Xander’s biological father, she had been a normal enough woman, with down-to-earth, 21st century values and attitudes, but when William arrived, it was like she stepped back to values from 80 years ago. She gave up her job to stay at home, and she became subservient to the man, acting like a 1940s housewife. The ultimate change came when they left their Sacramento home and moved to live in a commune of 120 families in Utah.




Two weeks after their Playstation conversation, William called Xander into the kitchen, where his mother was sitting. William was standing by the table. On the table were several objects. Xander glanced at them. He recognised the wooden paddle. The other objects he did recognise.

“It seems that your grades have still shown no improvement,” William said.

“I’m sorry sir,” Xander said. “I’ve been trying my best.”

“Your best is clearly not good enough. Perhaps you’re spending your time up in your room jerking off to internet porn instead of studying. If you were getting your grades, I’d have no problem; boys will be boys after all, but I think a harsher punishment is required.”

“But I haven’t…” Xander started to protest, glancing at his mother.

William held up his hand.

“Don’t bother to lie. I’ve been in your room. It smells like the monkey enclosure at the zoo, and I’ve heard you as I passed by.”

Xander fell silent, dismayed that his recreation left such obvious evidence.

William picked up the paddle and Xander watched him with dread.

“Please sir, not that. I’ll try harder.”

“Yes, I know you will. Now drop your sweats and underwear.”

Xander looked at his stepfather with open-mouthed incredulity.

“Drop my underwear? Then I’ll be naked,” he said redundantly.

“I’m not here to debate it with you. You have two seconds.”

Xander didn’t move, standing frozen as he debated with himself whether to defy the man. Suddenly, a hand whipped out and William pimp-slapped him across the face hard enough to knock the teenager off his feet. Xander scrambled away, jumping back up to a low Spiderman crouch, and he looked at William with utter shock, tears forming under his eyes.

“Get up!” William said, in a tone that brooked no dissent.

William rose, his hand raised to his cheek. It had instantly bruised purple.

“Now drop your sweats and your underwear unless you want another one.”

Xander moved his hand from his cheek and pushed sweat pants past his hips. From there, he allowed them to slip down his thighs. He was wearing plain, olive-green sports boxers. He gripped the waist band and hesitated, looking to his father. Williams moved closer menacingly, and Xander quickly pushed his underwear down too. He immediately covered his privates with his hands.

“First we’ll address the laziness,” William said “Turn around and lean across the table and spread your palms on the top by your head.”

Xander was used to this routine, but never naked. He turned, and his mother was sitting across the table looking back at him.

“Can I do it with just one hand?” Xander asked.

William glanced across at his wife.

“BOTH hands. Your mom is not interested in looking at your little pecker. She won’t be able to even see it when you’re bent over anyway.”

He swatted Xander’s hands from his groin to reveal the boy’s genitals. He had a fair-sized pair of nicely-hanging testicles, and his soft, circumcised penis was three inches long. Above, a patch of not-fully-grown pubic hair led to a small treasure trail. The boy was actually quite decently put together, but William said nothing. This was not the time to be paying him compliments.

Xander quickly leaned across the table, spreading his hands as instructed. William rested the paddle against his step-son’s bottom. Years of cross country running had given the boy fantastic glutes, and even though William was not gay, he couldn’t help but appreciate the boy’s lean, muscularity, and healthy skin tone.


William took his time, allowing the paddle to rest on the right cheek, building the teenager’s apprehension, then he pulled it away, drawing the paddle back a full three feet before striking with cobra speed. The sound of wood against bare flesh rang out. Whack! The boy jumped at the force, exactly as William intended. This wasn’t some pansy, play spanking designed to turn anyone on – it was a brutal beating intended to modify the boy’s future behaviour. Xander’s pale skin instantly turned a deep red where the impact had landed. Whack! A second strike, almost perfectly on top of the first, then whack, whack, whack! Three more, each designed to build upon the damage caused by the first. Xander snorted rapidly through his mouth, as he tried to cope with the pain. The tears welled up in his eyes now, and though he was not crying out of emotion – his primary emotion was anger – he could not prevent his body’s natural response to the injuries.

He looked up as the sixth stroke landed. His mother was looking back at him, not with empathy for his plight, or even fear of the man she had married. Either would have given Xander hope for better things. The emotion displayed on her face was sadness. Sadness and disappointment that her son WARRANTED such harsh punishment. He looked away, humiliated at his treatment and doubly angry that the woman who had never laid a hand on him somehow thought that this was just. Tears ran down the side of his nose and dripped to the table, and that made him even angrier.


Now that the right buttock cheek was a deep purple; almost black in places, William shifted his attention to the other cheek, pounding Xander’s bottom six more times, ensuring that there would be no comfortable haven on which the boy could sit for a while.

Xander’s thighs were trembling from the pain, and he struggled to remain standing. He had not been counting, and waited for the thirteenth stroke to land, but it never came.


“If you press that table any harder, you’re going to make a hole in it,” William said.

“Yeah,” Xander winced through gritted teeth, but he could not ease his clawed hand. “It really hurts.”

“It’s meant to. I’m sorry son but it’s for your own good.”

Xander didn’t believe for one second that his step dad cared about what was good for him. This was a power trip pure and simple.

The man put the paddle down on the table next to Xander and picked up another object. Xander looked at the bat.

“Are you finished sir?”

“That’s the punishment over. Now to take care of the wanking.”

“What does that mean?!” Xander asked, as he watched the man unscrew the two halves of the metal humbler. “What does THAT thing do?”

“You’ll find out soon enough. Open your legs wide.”

“What? Why?!”

“Don’t ask stupid questions or I’ll give you another 24 with the paddle,” William said tersely.

“But what are you going to do?” Xander asked, envisioning his balls being crushed between the two pieces of aluminium.

He started to stand up.

His stepfather thumped him with the heel of his hand between the shoulder blades, hitting the teen so hard that it winded him.

“Oooof!” Xander said, as he was slammed back down to the table face first.

He spent the next ten seconds retching and coughing, midway between coughing his lungs up and losing his lunch.

“I told you not to disobey me Xander. Now open your fucking legs!”

The man kicked the boy’s right foot hard, knocking it two feet to the right. Xander shuffled the other to the left a similar distance.

“Good,” William said, “now stay still why I put this on you.”

Xander felt his stepfather roughly gripping his testicles. He flinched as he felt the hand between his legs, but he didn’t dare to rise up again. Instead, he looked to the side, his cheek pressed against the table.

He had no idea what William was up to. He just prayed that his stepfather didn’t intend to crush his balls in the device.

He felt the man pulling his balls back between his thighs, stretching them hard and laying them across the neck of the humbler. Then the other half was closed on top, trapping his testicles on the other side of the device.

William turned the screws on either end of the device so that Xander could not pull his testicles through the tiny slit between the two pieces of metal. However, where a recreational user might have left it there, enabling the wearer to release himself at his leisure, William inserted 12 hand rivets; 3 at each end, and three on either side of the scrotal hole. The tool he used, splayed and rounded the ends so that it would be quite impossible for Xander to remove the device without a drill, and even then, the positioning of the humbler would make self-removal completely out of the question.

“Okay, that’s it. You’re done. That’ll take care of the masturbation. No more whacking off for you for a while. You can go back to your bedroom now.”

Xander let go of the other side of the table and went to straighten, but immediately, he yelped, his high-pitched scream of pain turning into a groan as he doubled over.

“Ahhh, ahhh, what have you done to my balls?!” he demanded, bending back over the table.

“It’s called a humbler. You won’t be able to stand up while you’re wearing it.”

“I don’t get it. What’s the point of that?”

William moved to the other side of the table and stood beside his wife.

“Come here son.”

Xander looked across at him and tried to walk around the table, bent over deeply so that the humbler didn’t tug cruelly on his testicles. He staggered, hunched like a 90-year-old man, wincing with every single step. By the time he’d shuffled the 8 steps to his stepfather, he was sweating from head to toe from the discomfort and exertion.

“You’ll find it much more comfortable to move on your hands and feet. Give it a try.”

Xander dropped to his hands and walked as though he was a monkey. The pain in his balls reduced to a mild ache.

“Turn away so that we can get a look at you,” William said.

Xander was not keen to expose his rear to his stepfather let alone to his mother but he didn’t dare to defy him. He shuffled in a 180-degree circle until his bottom faced his parents. His virginal hole was pale and puckered, plain to see. William was surprised at how smooth and hairless the boy’s testicles were. They were the same pale pink colour as his belly and penis. William picked up the paddle again and struck Xander’s testicles firmly. Xander yowled and tried to move away, but his stepfather struck him twice more before he could scurry away to a safe distance.

He turned and looked first at William with an angry, accusatory expression, then with a hurt one at his mother for failing to intervene.

“What was THAT for?!” he demanded.

“Just playing. Just make sure I never have to do it for real.”

“It wasn’t playing for me. Now my balls are really hurting.”

“Oh, are they?” his stepfather queried insincerely, making a minimal effort to stifle a grin. “I must have gone harder than I meant to. Anyway, as I was saying, you won’t be able to stand up as long as you are wearing the humbler, and you’re going to be wearing it all summer. Longer if necessary. I suggest you get your grades up; you really don’t want to go to school like that – if this goddamned lockdown ever ends.”

“All summer! I can’t walk around like this all summer. How will I even study? I can’t go out like this.”

“You WILL stay like that all summer. If you want to go out, that’s how you’ll do it.”

Xander tried once more to rise to a standing position, shielding his privates behind his hands as he rose. He got to half way before the pain in his testicles as they were pulled against the metal humbler became too great. He put his hands on his knees like a distance runner taking a much-needed breather and waited to see if he could stand higher. He glowered at his stepfather as he waited, then tried to rise again. He got 10 degrees straighter before collapsing to his knees.

“Ooh, ooh, ooh!”

William chuckled at his son’s discomfort, but Xander looked at him with an expression that made it clear HE was not amused.

“There’s one more reason you’re wearing it,” his stepfather said. “Move your hands out of the way.”

Xander looked to his mother then back at Williams.

“You’ve got nothing your mother hasn’t seen before,” the man said.

“Not for a long time,” Xander replied sulkily.

“It’s only your penis for Chrissakes. Move your fucking hands!”

Xander complied reluctantly, leaving his palms pressed against the front of his thighs so that he could cover up again the second he was given permission.

With his testicles pulled backwards between his thighs, his penis pointed straight down, further back than its natural position. It was like a short sausage; the neatly-circumcised head exactly the same diameter as the shaft, a small ringlet of remaining foreskin in between the two like a turtleneck sweater.

“See the way it points straight at the ground Emma. It’s a good inch shorter than before as well. Some of that you can put down to the pain of the spanking, but the rest is the discomfort of the humbler.”

His mother looked closely at her teenaged son’s penis. Her stared at her resentfully. She HAD to know how humiliating this was for him! Self-consciousness turned his face crimson.

“Yes, I see that darling, but what point are you making?” Xander’s mother asked.

“Well, with his penis in that position, it’s quite impossible for him to get an erection, even if he wanted to. Young Xander here will not be playing with himself for a couple of months, no matter how much porn he watches.”

Xander looked sharply from his mother to his stepfather with a look of alarm. William laughed.

“Oh dear, that seems to have gotten his attention. Two months without his Playstation was bad; being spanked raw was unpleasant; being locked in the humbler and having his testicles struck was very bad, but two months without jerking it is apparently the straw that broke the camel’s back for this young man. Tell me Xander, just how often DO you masturbate? Two times a day? Three, four?!”

Xander scowled at him, mortified but silent.

“Come on speak up son, how often?”

“Sometimes,” Xander self-consciously mumbled.

“Sometimes huh? I’d think pretty much all the time. I thought you were training for an Olympic sport judging by the stench in your bedroom. And the speed we’re going through paper towels.”

Xander was mortified. All the secrets of his bedroom recreation were apparently plain as day to his stepfather.


“Can I go now please sir?”

“Yes of course. Needless to say, you won’t be wearing any clothes until the summer break is ended.”

Xander stared at him with a “You’ve got to be shitting me,” look, but he didn’t dare voice the sentiment.

“Yes sir,” he said, and turned to crawl towards the hallway.

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