Milking stories

A centaur’s tale – A couple of young male centaurs find their lives changed when they go looking for mates.

A centaur’s tale test ideas – Just some images showing different male centaurs

Animal breeding – A teenager pisses off a farm girl and discovers that with the right manipulation, he can be forced to give up his sperm as easily and as often as any other farm animal.

Attitude adjustment – A white supremacist pays for his crimes and rediscovers some hidden truths.

Beach Party – An older sister deals with her annoying teenager brother in a way that he will remember for the rest of his life.

Before dawn – A teenager is forced to give up his sperm to a stranger.

Body cast Part 1,  Part 2 – The cling film game – A young man gets more than he bargained for when his friend offers to help him out of a predicament.

Brat – A bratty disabled boy is milked in a humiliating way

Breakfast – A young man and his brother share an erotic breakfast ritual.

Brotherhood – Four young men undergo an erotic frat initiation.

Bully – Things take an unexpected turn between a bully and his victim

Calculator – A young man fiinds himself on the painful end of a stranger’s calculations

Collection time – A man finds his sperm being unexpectedly harvested.

Drained – A boy is milked mercilessly as part of a hazing ritual. Read the prequel here

Embrace – Two former enemies get more intimate than they would ever possibly have imagined.

Escapologist – The Egg – An escape act goes wrong, resulting in an evening of irresistible milking

ExoskeletonPart 1 Part 2 Part 3 – A disabled teenager is forcibly milked.

Fixing Jack – A country boy cures his teenage brother’s masturbation addiction.

Fucking table: The missing manual – A young man tests a device that will give him the best day of his life.

Go Broncos! – A water polo team finds themselves in an involuntary milking situation.

Grampa – A young man experiences an erotic secret with his grampa (NOT incest)

Hooray for Hollywood – A young singer receives a special treatment to keep his great voice.

Ion storm – 14 young men undergo a sexually humiliating and ultimately painful initiation in order to get ahead.

Jockey – A young man takes a shortcut that will lead to an unwanted sexual experience.

Justice? – A victim of bullying sees his tormentor punished in an unusual way.

Lab rat Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 – A young man is kidnapped, miked and more.

Matrix – A school trip to a government facility turns into something much darker.

Milking College – New students at an off-world future college discover that it’s a front for a semen collection operation.

Milked for Jesus – A choir boy discovers his new church has a fantastic way of keeping him pure.

Milked in Space – The crew of the Jupiter 2 discovers that the traitor Dr Smith has a nefarious plan for them, and they’re not going to like it.

Milking my brother (the prequel to Drained) Part 1 Part 2Part 3 A young scientist comes up with the ultimate masturbation device

Milkshake – A teenage convict is subjected to a bizarre form of milking that has long term consequences.

Party piece – A young man becomes the unwilling guest of honour at an unusual party.

Phone call –  Part 1 Part 2 – Anton discovers you shouldn’t play with a masturbation machine unless you know what you’re doing.

Praying mantis – A school is attacked by alien robots. Then things get a little weird.

Pumpkin patch – Part 1 Part 2 – A young trick or treater is turned into a human spunk factory.

Punishment on Draconis 3 – Five teenagers discover that living on an alien planet gives the authorities new and creative ways of punishing them.

Reprogramming Logan – A photographer reprograms a straight teenager

Runaway – A runaway is forcibly milked

Santa’s little helpers – The boys of Wildcats wrestling club have an unexpected encounter.

School surprise – Tom moves to America, where forced masturbation is the law.

Sleepover – During a sleepover, one boy allows himself to be electro-ejaculated for a bet.

Sperm donors – Two teens give far more sperm than they ever wanted to.

Sphere – A horny teenager is subjected to an unwanted medical procedure that will make him hornier than he would have imagined possible.

Tanner’s best days – A father helps his son in an unusual way.

Toads – A young man experiments with psychedelics but it leads him somewhere far hornier.

The academy – Two parents discover that a prospective residential school has a unique way of preventing its teenaged students from being distracted by thoughts of sex.

The cavern – A young man undergoes a coming of age ritual at a new town and finds himself being mercilessly milked

The Change – A young man notices strange changes to his genitals

The cling film game – Follow up to body cast – Jack gets milked again

The Don’s Daughter – A horny young man discovers that even his massive teenage libido has its limits when he is subjected to a mechanical milking by the Don.

The game Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 – Two boys discover a VR sex machine.

The Light – Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Conclusion – A father and son have an alien encounter

The problem – A Vietnamese boy undergoes a radical treatment to address his “problem”.

The Ströygen challenge – Even in the distant future, teens haven’t grown out of doing ridiculous challenges.

The unwilling sperm donors – A scientist and his son find themselves becoming the unwilling subjects of his own sexperiments.

The unwilling sperm donors – Continued – Two unwilling sperm donors see an opportunity to escape their lives as sperm cows.

The wrong guy – part 1part 2 The buyers – A young man living on planet Herschel Majoris discovers that his horniness has its limits.

Virtuality – A military research unit carries out experiments of a decidedly sexual nature.

Volunteers – Part 1Part 2 – A pair of twins discover that it’s not just cows that get milked at Frank Clanton’s ranch.

Young offenders – Young offenders are subjected to a humiliating public procedure