Lab rat – part 4

Gay first time, forced milking

A teenager at a forced milking facility discovers the benefits of good behaviour

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Lab rat – part 4

Ramirez escorted Tommy back to his room.

“Did you enjoy association?” he asked.

Tommy looked shyly at the floor.

“I guess.”

“You only guess? Did you, um, meet anyone?”

“Yeah, Ethan. He’s cool.”

“Yeah he is. Been here a while now. Good looking too.”

“I suppose so,” Tommy said, playing things cool.

“Big dick as well huh?”

Tommy looked at Ramirez sharply, surprised at the man’s candour.

“Has he?”

Ramirez grinned broadly.

“You don’t have to play it low key with me. I was watching on the monitor. I saw you two cuddling. You seemed pretty comfortable together.”

“He’s nice.”

“More than comfortable. You had a boner the entire time you were in there.”

Tommy blushed but said nothing.

“It’s okay Tommy. I know what it’s like. I used to be a donor. I remember how much I enjoyed association. I used to look forwards to it all week.”

“Why are you still here?”

“They can’t ever let us go. You understand that right? Risk their operation here getting discovered. So when we’re too old to be donors, we switch and become staff. Better that than just killing us right?”

“Killing us?!” Tommy said, shocked at the thought.

“I’ve heard of lots of times when that happened. Someone was kidnapped as a kid, then as soon as they get too old they’d just be killed.”

“Wow, that’s cold. Guess I’m lucky I got brought here. Kind of.”

“Yeah, kind of.”

Ramirez gave him a lopsided grin. Tommy pondered for a moment.

“Do you still get association?”

Ramirez laughed.

“Not like you. We’re free to associate any time we’re not working.”

“And do you?”

“Oh yeah, definitely. All the drugs they give you permanently change you. Make you hornier. There’s a couple of guys I like. I see one or two of them most nights.”

“Don’t you miss the outside?”

“Sure, but apart from my family and vacations, I have more here than I had out there.”

“I never had a proper family and I’ve never been on vacation.”

“There you go then. You’re probably better off here than you were outside. Now that you’ve been here a month, you get extra privileges.”


“Yeah, your room door is not locked any more. You can come and go any time you like. So long as you don’t cross the yellow and black stripes on the floor, you can go anywhere in the facility that you like. There’s a gym, a basketball court, the rec room, the dining hall, a video room, and a games room.”

“Games room?”

“Yeah, consoles, Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo and a few computers. There’s even a couple of VR helmets.”

“Games are all online now.”

“That’s okay, they all work fine. But don’t get any silly ideas about letting people know where you are. They’re all filtered and monitored. And no voice of course.”

“Of course.”

“So long as you are ready to go to the lab at 9am each morning, you can do whatever you like before that, and after 5pm when your shift ends.”

“You make it sound like a job.”

“Hmmm, well if it is, it’s the best job you could ever get. Non stop orgasms followed by nothing but free time. No homework, no work, no responsibilities, no conflicts or bullying. Just sex and recreation.”

“Doesn’t it seem weird to you to spend your life jacking boys off?”

Ramirez snorted and smiled.

“Not me. I’m just donor welfare, but it seems kind of funny now I think of it. I mean, for 6 days a week, 8 hours a day, over 30 boys are having almost non-stop orgasms. The amount of horniness here is off the charts. That’s kind of cool.”

He stopped outside Tommy’s room.

“You’re free now. Have a shower, and I’ll come to take you to the dining room. Ahh, there is just one more thing; no sex with the other boys except at association okay?”



55 minutes later Ramirez came to collect Tommy. Tommy was showered and dressed in his white scrubs.

“You don’t have to wear that if you don’t want to. Most of the boys don’t.”

“What else is there to wear?”

“You don’t have to wear anything.”

“Ahh, nah, I’m fine thanks,” Tommy said. “I don’t really wanna be naked any more than I have to.”

“No problem. You do whatever makes you feel comfortable.”

Two minutes later they arrived at the dining room. Ramirez gestured inside.

“Breakfast at 8, dinner at 6, and you can come down here for a snack any time you like so long as you don’t start putting on weight. You are expected to keep healthy, so minimum of 15 minutes cardio each day. We’ll be monitoring you to check. Enjoy your meal.”

“You’re not eating?”

“Nah, staff dining room is on the other side of the stripes. I’m going there now, right after I check in on another newcomer.”

“Another kid? How many are there now?”

“6 more since you joined us – a total of 38 now.”

“How many do you have room for?”

“100. They’re ramping up collection.”

“Wow, all those kids disappearing.”

Ramirez winked at him.

“Yeah, but all those new friends for you guys. Enjoy your dinner. Remember back in your room by 10.”

“Okay, thanks Juan.”

It was the first time Tommy had addressed Juan by his first name. Ramirez smiled. The kid was becoming comfortable with him.


Tommy stepped into the dining room. It was bustling with activity; humming with conversations as the boys ate and chatted. It appeared that every boy except him was naked.

He saw the food serving hatch to his left and approached. A server stood behind the counter. There was a choice of two hot dishes plus salad. The server smiled.

“What can I get you?”

Tommy pointed at a meat pie.

“What kind of meat is that please?”

“Beef. It’s really good.”

“I’ll have that then please.”

The server dished out the food, and Tommy took a selection of sides and roast potatoes. Then he selected a dessert, and turned to find a table to sit at. To his disappointment, Ethan was already at a table with the Brokeback friends, Steven and Marcus, along with another boy. The other occupied tables all seemed to have four boys at each so Tommy went and sat on his own, feeling like the odd one out. He was used to the feeling but it never felt any less lonely.

He started to eat when a boy at the table adjacent to his turned and said, “Hey new meat. How ya doing? I’m Jasper.”

He smiled warmly and held out his hand. Tommy returned the smile and shook it.


“Good to meet you Tommy. Mind if I join you?”

He pointed to the chair opposite.

“No, not at all. Glad of the company. I was feeling like the new kid.”

Jasper smiled.

“Yeah, we’ve all been there.”

He looked back at the table he’d just vacated.

“Hey guys, this is Tommy.”

They greeted him.

“That’s Will, Jackson and Isaac.”

“William,” the boy corrected.

“Oh sorry, William,” Jasper repeated putting on a posh voice.

“I don’t call you Ja do I?” William said.

Jasper laughed.

“Don’t care if you do. You’re not in your hundred-thousand-dollar-a-year school now WILLiam,” he said, emphasising the truncation.

“You went to a hundred-thousand-dollar school?” Tommy said. “Wow.”

“Yeah, but his spunk is still only worth the same as Jerry’s!”

“Who’s Jerry?” Tommy asked.

Jasper indicated the street rat that Ethan had pointed out earlier in the rec.

“That’s Jerry. He’s been living on the street since he was five. Parents abandoned him; can you imagine that?”

“No,” Tommy lied.


A couple of tables across, Ethan was chatting to Marcus when he looked distinctly in Tommy’s direction. He waited till he made eye contact then gave Tommy a wink that made Tommy feel happier than it ought to. Tommy smiled back, then he was drawn back to the conversation in front of him.

“So how many times a day you cum? I saw you in the rec earlier, so it must be at least 50 right?”

“Why is everyone so bothered about how many times I cum?” Tommy asked.

“Are you kidding? Because it’s what we spend most of our lives doing.”

Tommy looked sheepish.

“Oh yeah.”

Isaac punched him in the arm playfully and said, “Ahhh, jackass!”

Tommy turned and the boy was smiling amiably. Tommy returned his attention to Jasper.

“About 55.”

“Not bad.”

Tommy was surprised at how easy-going everyone was. It had never been like that at any of his other schools.


Tommy turned to the other table.

“Hey guys, why are you all naked?”

“Why not?” Isaac said.

Tommy shrugged.

“I dunno. Seems weird to me.”

“Nah, it’s comfortable. Why would you put clothes on if you didn’t have to?”

“Umm, to stop everyone looking at your junk?” Tommy offered.

“I rather thank that ship has sailed,” William said. “After all, they get to see us naked for 48 hours a week, and we all get to see each other naked at association. Getting dressed seems somewhat… redundant.”

“Oh yaaas,” Jasper said, putting on a posh English voice, “I jolly well agree with you William.”

William looked at Jasper with mild irritation.

“Why do you always have to be such an arse towards me Jasper?”

Jasper stood up and walked over to William, then he leaned over and chooked both of the boy’s naturally rosy cheeks.

“It’s because you’re so fucking adorable Billy boy. Somebody has to make sure you don’t get too full of yourself.”

Jasper turned to Tommy as he returned to their table.

“He acts so uptight, but once he’s got a dick in his asshole he turns into a total wild man!”

“That’s true, he does,” Jackson agreed, joining the conversation for the first time. “Bouncing and moaning. It’s true what they say about guys from private schools.”

William was blushing. He gave Jackson a shove hard enough to knock him off his chair. A guard looked over, ready to intervene if the Facility’s valuable livestock started fighting.

“Who asked you?!” William said.

“Go on Jackson, fuck me! Harder, deeper, faster, more, more, more!” Jackson said, mimicking William’s New England accent perfectly as he returned to his chair grinning.

William looked momentarily furious at Jackson for revealing such intimate details.

Isaac leaned across the table and put a hand on his shoulder.

“It’s not like you’re any good at hiding it William.”

William looked at Isaac then back at Jackson. Jackson stole a kiss, pecking William right on the tip of his nose.

“You’re so cute when you’re angry.”

William continued to glare for few seconds, then his expression softened into a broad smile.

“It’s true, I am rather damned adorable.”

All four boys around the table burst out laughing, drawing looks from the other tables.


Tommy started to eat, listening to the boys around him chatter. The food was better than any school canteen he’d ever dined at. When he was halfway through, he noticed something. Not all of the boys were completely naked. Several of them were wearing metal and plastic contraptions around their waists that covered their groins.

He turned to the others.

“Hey guys, what’s with the metal diapers?”

Jasper frowned uncomprehending, so Tommy nodded towards a boy a couple of tables away.

“Oh those? They’re PCUs.”


“Portable collection units.”

Jasper looked around the dining hall until he spotted Jerry.

“Hey Jerry!” he called.

Jerry looked up from the dessert he was devouring and looked over with an amiable expression.


“Come over here can you please?”

Jerry rose from his table and walked over to Jasper, carrying a bowl containing chocolate banoffee pie.

“Hey Jasper, what’s up?” he asked, continuing to eat.

“This is Tommy. He’s new. He was asking about the PCUs.”

Jerry looked down at the unit he was wearing and grinned at Tommy.

“What these? You haven’t got yours yet?”

Tommy shook his head.

“Oh man, you should ask for one. They’re great.”


Tommy looked at the unit. It really did encase the boy’s groin exactly like a diaper. It had a bulging sleek V-shaped panel at the front, curving upwards from between the boy’s legs up level with his belly button. The top half of the panel was clear glass. Inside, he could see the boy’s pale, cherry-sized glans poking through a hole in the internal parts, like a little German soldier lifting his head above the trenches. The boy’s penis had to be standing vertical for the glans to be positioned where it was.

“Have you got a boner?” Tommy asked.

“Totally!” Jerry answered proudly.


Tommy examined the contraption more clearly. He could see a dozen tiny transparent lubricated latex fingers moving across the surface of Jerry’s glans, bending and stroking it like tiny tongues, leaving shiny wet trails behind them.


“You like having a boner?”

“Of course. Don’t you?”

Tommy shrugged.

“Yeah, I guess so, but not when I’m eating.”

A small squirt of semen rose from Jerry’s urethra, dribbled to edge of his corona and was sucked away.

“Uh,” he murmured, his legs buckling slightly.


“This is what you get to wear when you‘re up to 100 a day. We all have one. It works the same as the milking tables but you don’t have to lay there for 8 hours a day. You can walk around, play games, whatever.”

“And it’s better?”

“You LIKE being strapped to a table for most of the day?”

“Nah. And it makes my back and shoulders ache.”

“There you are then.”

“So it’s more or less the same as the table?”

“No much better,” Jerry said with a happy, lewd grin.

“You’ll find out soon enough,” Jasper said. “You’ll be up to a hundred in another month or two.”


“So, what are you horny mutts talking about?!”

Tommy turned, delighted to see that Ethan had joined them.

Jasper said, “Hey Ethan!”

He rose to greet the older boy. They hugged and kissed open mouthed for 5 long seconds. Tommy’s happiness drained away as he watched.

“Jasper and Jerry were just explaining about the PCUs,” Isaac said.

Ethan turned to Tommy.

“Oh yeah, they’re great. Course, we don’t all wear them 24/7 like some little mongrels huh Jerry?”

“What?” Jerry asked innocently. “I take it off to go to bed.”

“Only because they make you dude!”

“So. I like it. What’s wrong with that?”

“Nothing at all kid, nothing at all,” Jasper said, mussing Jerry’s already unruly long hair.

“Jerry hadn’t even learned how to wank before they brought him here,” Jasper explained.

“Yeah, Ethan told me,” Tommy said, distractedly looking at Ethan’s arm around arm Jasper’s waist.

He knew it was crazy to feel upset at the arm, but he thought that he and Ethan had something special.


Sensing Tommy’s change in mood, Isaac tried to subtly contextualise Jasper and Ethan’s cleanness.

“Wasn’t Ethan your first fuck when you got here Jasper?”

Jasper nodded.

“Yeah, I was still so uptight.”

“I remember; you didn’t leave his side the first 6 weeks.”

“Yeah, I had to prise him off my leg in the end!” Ethan said laughing.

Jasper laughed along with him.

“Yeah, I was pretty shy back then.”

“I didn’t mean shy.”

He turned to the table.

“Horny mutt wouldn’t stop humping my leg. And the furniture. I think they had his dose up too high.”

Everyone laughed, and Jasper laughed along in good humour.

But Tommy couldn’t help staring at Ethan’s arm around Jasper’s waist.


Ethan looked at Tommy’s face, correctly reading the boy’s effort not to show how crestfallen he felt. He left Jasper’s side and went and sat next to Tommy, wrapping his arm around the boy’s waist. He leaned over and whispered in the boy’s ear.

“No need to get upset Tommy. You’re gonna be here a long time and there’s plenty of me to go around.”

Tommy turned and looked Ethan in the eyes. Ethan had a playful grin on his face. Tommy smiled back. This was a new paradigm and it was going to take him a while to learn the rules.

“Today was Tommy’s first time in rec,” he told the group.

“What did you think of it?” William asked.

Tommy shrugged.

“It was pretty umm… unexpected. But once I got over the weirdness, it wasn’t bad.”

“Wasn’t bad?!” I’ll give you “Wasn’t bad!” Ethan said tickling Tommy with the hand around his waist. Tommy giggled like a boy much younger and Ethan nuzzled the teenager’s neck with his mouth, peppering it with small no-teeth nibbles.

“Rawrrr! Rawrrr!”

“Okay,” Tommy admitted laughing, “it was pretty nice.”

“Keep trying,” Ethan said in a mock stern voice.

Tommy turned to face him, and gesturing wildly, a big smile on his face, he melodramatically said, “Okay, it was fucking awesome okay? You were awesome. Your dick is awesome. You give awesome blow jobs! Happy now?!”

“And don’t you forget it,” Ethan said, returning the smile.

Ethan pulled Tommy close, and the hand around his waist dropped to the boy’s groin. He diddled the teen’s now-soft again genitals from beneath in clear view of everyone, jiggling his glans and his loose nuts.

“I think this little guy is gonna see a lot of activity.”

Tommy blushed shyly at the open display of sexual ownership, but everyone else laughed and he smiled awkwardly, allowing Ethan to continue playing with him for a few seconds, then he said, “Hey you better quit that Ethan.”

Ethan moved his hand away, revealing a mound at the front of Tommy’s trousers.

“Nice boner!” Jerry said through a mouthful of chocolate. “Wanna fuck next Sunday?”

As one, all four other boys said, “Jerrrrrryy!”

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