Exoskeleton part 2

Forced milking, humiliation

A disabled teenager is forcibly milked.

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Exoskeleton part 2

It took three months almost to the day, before the explosion of Felix’ adolescent horniness finally reached its peak. Every day, the boy would discard the used paper towels by his desk into the waste basket Michel provided, sometimes multiple times a day, and despite that, his sheets or underwear would be stained with the unmistakable signs of teenage lust.

Michel didn’t blame the boy. It was a normal part of adolescence. But it seemed to him that Felix was considerably oversexed – even for a teenaged boy.

“Probably because he was such a late starter,” Michel surmised to his girlfriend.

Michel felt tremendous compassion towards his former partner’s son, but he didn’t plan to spend his days cleaning up the spunk of oversexed teenager (then adult) for the rest of his life.


There were other consequences to the boy’s medical condition apart from his late puberty; he was undersized – just over 154cm tall; barely over 5 feet, and his arms and legs were almost totally devoid of muscle – four thin pipes hanging from his hips and shoulders. Although his torso was normal, he would undoubtedly lose an arm-wrestling match with a healthy ten-year old boy. He was also very pale-skinned – not albino white, but lacking most of the pigment that a boy with a regular life in and out of doors would acquire.


It was a Monday when Felix realised that something was afoot. Adrienne had left for work, and Felix was still at the dining table. Michel pulled the table away as he always did and Felix said “Ironman, stand.”

His voice-controlled exoskeleton rose from its no-chair-needed sitting position to a standing posture.

“Ironman back.”

The suit started to take small backwards steps.

After 4 small steps he said, “Ironman, stop.”

The frame stopped.

“Ironman, rotate 180.”

The suit didn’t move.

“Ironman, rotate 180!” he repeated louder, but the suit still refused to move.

Felix looked up, ready to call for Michel’s help, but the man stood there with a remote in his hand.

“I’ve deactivated it for now, Felix,” he said. “I’ve got something to show you.”

Felix frowned.

“Why’d you have to turn Ironman off?” he asked.

“I wanted to make sure you didn’t go anywhere.”

“I’m not a flipping TV. You can’t just turn me off and on when you like!”

Felix thought for moment.

“Well, I guess you can,” he said sheepishly, “but it’s not fair if you do.”

Michel gave him a sympathetic smile.

“I know it’s not son, but you’ll understand why I did it soon enough. I’ll be right back.”

He disappeared into the hallway and then the adjoining garage and soon returned carrying an armful of equipment. Felix strained to look over his shoulder as he heard Michel attaching something to the rear of the exoskeleton.

“What are you doing?”

“New upgrades,” Michel answered.

“Upgrades?” Felix repeated, and the instant excitement in his voice was palpable. “What kind of upgrades?”

“The kind that a horny teenage boy will especially appreciate.”

“Horny? What do you mean?”

Michel moved in front of Felix and dropped to his knees where he attached several more parts to frame.

“You, Felix, I’m talking about you. I’ve noticed that you’ve been a LOT hornier recently. This upgrade will help.”

“I don’t know what you mean,” Felix said, playing dumb.

Even though he rarely mixed with other boys his own age, he still felt a sense of modesty about such matters.

“You will do soon enough.”

Without asking, he gripped the sides of the boy’s thin joggers and pulled them down almost to his knees. Felix wore white briefs. Michel pulled them down as well, leaving the boy’s genitals exposed.

“Hey, what are you doing?!” Felix protested.

“I’m getting you hooked up.”

“Hooked up to what?”

“It’s a kind of masturbation machine. You know what masturbation means don’t you?”

Felix shook his head.

Given that it was unlikely to be part of his life, his parents had not felt that need to include sexuality as part of his education. At least until he started to show the signs that it might be needed.

“It’s umm, it’s what you do before you use the paper towel. When you’re watching the videos on your laptop.”

Felix blushed deep crimson.

“You KNOW about the videos?”

Michel smiled kindly up at him.

“Of course I do son. It’s perfectly normal.”


He looked at Felix’ groin. The teenager had a slender penis; no thicker than a small sausage and with a long, tightly puckered, equally pale foreskin the thickness of a pencil. The boy’s penis was perfectly straight, with no ridges to indicate where the glans started. It was three inches long, and white with two blue veins traversing its length, one on each side, easily visible beneath the pale skin. It hung down straight and limp.

Above was a small, orderly bush of soft brown hair, and beneath, his testicles hung, a little small but surprisingly low, in a completely smooth scrotum that was as white as his penis.

Michel reached out and gripped the boy’s scrotum, taking one of his soft testicles between the fingers of his right hand. With the fingers of his other hand, he moved a small clamp into place around the delicate orb. The small, clawed clamp had a soft foam lining, that gently but firmly held the testicle so that it would not chaff when the clamp started to move.

Felix looked down as Michel prepared him.

“What are you doing?” he asked in alarm.

“I already told you, this is a kind of masturbation machine. To help you so you don’t feel so horny all the time.”

“Stop it, I don’t want this!” Felix said.

Michel looked at the boy’s skinny penis. It was no longer completely limp. The shaft formed a 60 degree downwards curve as it slightly lifted in interest.

“Yes, you do Felix, but you’re just too shy to admit it.”

His statement of fact momentarily threw Felix off balance and the boy struggled for a response. Meanwhile, Michel clamped the boy’s other testicle into the second shaker.

“W… what does it do?” Felix asked timidly, unwilling to risk losing an opportunity for dick play.

“It’s going to make you cum.”


“Orgasm, jizz, squirt. You know, what you have to clean up.”

Michel couldn’t believe that the boy was so naïve. It was both charming but concerning.

He picked up a thin, soft, flexible pipe with an inflatable bulb near the end.

“This is going to feel weird,” he warned.

He gripped Felix’s thin penis in his left hand and tried to unsheathe the long foreskin by drawing his fingers towards the base. The skin was too tight, despite the obvious moist softness of the foreskin. But he was able to pull far enough for the eye of urethra to become visible. The glans beneath looked deep purple in contrast to the white skin. He didn’t dare to force the skin all the way off the glans in case it got stuck and strangled it, cutting off the blood supply. The last thing he needed was to take the boy to hospital, and have to explain what had happened.

He slid the lubricated tip of the pipe into Felix’ urethra, and the boy let out an exclamation as it passed inside.

“Ooh, ohh!”

“Is that hurting?” Michel asked.

Despite the pained look on his face, Felix shook his head without answering.

Michel smiled and squeezed a black rubber air bulb on the outside of the pipe. He could see the boy’s glans swell slightly as the bulb inside expanded, locking the pipe in place. He gave the pipe a gentle tug to check that it was secure, and it stayed firm.

“What’s that for?” Felix asked.

“Catch your semen so I don’t have to clean up after. Also, so I can measure it. I need to see how much you cum.”

He showed the boy a 200-millilitre test tube. It was enough to hold between 40 and 160 orgasm’s worth of semen depending upon the virility of the male.


“So I can tell if this is working.”

“What do you mean “working”?”

“Well, I need to compare how much you cum each day so I know how fast it’s decreasing.”

“Why would you want to do that?”

“Because I need to know how many times you can cum before you’re completely dried out and can’t get a boner anymore.”

“W… what? Why would you want to know that?”

“Well, I think it’s just going to be easier in the future if you aren’t constantly horny. If I can just milk you for one or two days a month, then there’s no more horniness, no more spanking your monkey, no more wet dreams, no more boners every time I bath you, I think it would be better for everyone.”


A look of alarm spread across Felix face.

“But I LIKE… spanking my monkey!” Felix said.

Michel’s expression felt awkward in his mouth.

He looked as though he was on the verge of tears.

“Yes, I know you do, but you aren’t the one who has to constantly clean up.”

“I’m sorry. I’ll… I’ll clean up myself.”

Michel looked at him kindly again.

“Felix, you can barely lift your arms, how are you going to clean up, and how can you stop the wet dreams? And the bath boners?”

“I can TRY,” the boy implored.

“No, I think it’s better this way.”


Michel attached the test tube to the pipe, then clipped it into a holder on the exoskeleton’s pelvis. Then he returned to the rear and pressed a sensor and flexi-circuit embedded in an adhesive plaster against the base of the boy’s spine. It would detect every time the boy had an orgasm. Tiny wires led from it to a control box.

“What’s that?” Felix asked.

“It detects your orgasms. It will also make you hard.”

“I don’t need help with THAT!” Felix said.

“Maybe you will after the first few hours.”

“HOURS! How long is it going to go on for?!”

Michel pondered.

“Hmmm, today, seven hours. We’ll get you cleaned up and dressed before Adrienne returns from work.”

“Seven HOURS! I can’t. There’s no way.”

Michel smiled and returned to the rear. He made some adjustments then pressed a slender, lubricated dildo up into the teen’s hole. Felix gasped as it entered him. He could feel it inside, pressing against him.

“What are you doing?!” he demanded.

“Dildo. So now you can find out what it feels like to be fucked, like those gay videos you like to watch.”

“I don’t watch… I…”

Felix was a terrible liar. He’d never had the need or the practice. Instinctively, he wanted to deny watching porn, and gay porn even more so, but if he did, he hurriedly reasoned, it might shut down some future sexual opportunities for him. He struggled to find the words to protest without denying who he was. Eventually he settled on four words.

“What does it do?”

Michel smiled to himself, happy that the boy did not deny his sexuality.

“It fucks you. I’ll set it to slow so you can go all day.”

Felix could feel his sphincter stretched around the dildo. He’d often wondered what it felt like to be fucked as he watched the various gay porn channels. He imagined the sensation of being drilled; pounded even, but the stretching of his ring was a sensation that had never occurred to him.


Michel stood up and walked back to the front. He looked at the kid. With his big golden-brown eyes, light brown hair, and sensitive, yet strong-jawed face, Felix was a boy who would have had no problem attracting the girls or boys if he had been free to attend high school or wander the streets. Instead, he was destined to spend his life dependent upon others, and this exoskeleton was the greatest freedom he could ever expect, and even that could be denied from him at the mere press of a button. He felt tremendous compassion for the boy, and willingly took on his lifelong care, even though he was only in his early thirties himself. But he simply refused to spend the rest of his life as Felix’ cum cleaner. “This is the best solution. The kindest solution.” He told himself.


“Okay, here we go,” Michel said, and switched on the rear device.

Right away, Felix became aware of the dildo fucking him. It was slow, not too deep, but almost withdrew fully on each stroke. He felt the rubber glans bumping across the nerves of his sphincter. He was instantly transported in his mind to the dozens of videos he’d watched. Only now, he was the bottom, getting his asshole reamed, like so many boys he’d watched. He let out a trembling gasp of pleasure, and looked up at Michel with an expression of comically wide-eyed shock. So THIS is why all those boys let themselves get fucked? His expression quickly changed to one of amazement, then an uncertain open-mouthed half smile appeared. His cock rapidly lifted its head, rising from semi-hard to a straining erection in moments. Michel watched it rise and harden. It was not large or thick – not quite five-inches, and considerably thinner than an average adult erection. It stood tall, its shaft as straight as a pole, the glans now forming an outline in the soft skin, but the puckered snout still not retracted.

“Feels good huh?”

“I never knew it would feel like that!” Felix said, struggling to talk through his panted breaths.

Felix looked down at himself as Michel pressed the stiff flagpole down to 90 degrees before moving his fingers to the side and releasing it. It twanged back up to 160; almost vertical but not quite. Michel smiled.

“Yeah, 100 million gay guys can’t all be wrong huh?”

“Unnnnn,” Felix murmured.


Michel turned on the testicle shakers and Felix gasped again, as his attention instantly leapt from his hole to his nuts. Each of his testicles moved backwards and forwards, travelling an inch from one extreme to the other, one moving in one direction as the other travelled the opposite way. The initial frequency was three cycles per second. Michel knew from testing on himself, that that rate would be enough to pique Felix’ sexual interest. He turned a dial on the small handset until the red two-digit readout showed 05.

“Ohh, oh fff… Oh.”

Felix struggled to communicate. Michel turned the dial to 07. Felix started to squirm in slow motion. Even if he’d had the strength, the exoskeleton did not allow him much movement. He was constrained at the upper thighs and the waist. He could not pull his hole away from the dildo that he was enjoying so much, nor the shakers that were already driving him crazy.

“You okay?” Michel enquired.

Felix looked at him. Their eyes briefly locked, but the boy said nothing. For the first time in his life, he was experience true stimulation of his genitals and it was redefining his world. His mouth opened and closed, but no sounds came out. Michel turned the dial up to 10. It was capable of going to 50, but he suspected that would shake the boy’s testicles apart.

The shakers gave off a low, steady vibrating sound now, like a soft jackhammer. Felix let out his own sound. A continuous, hoarse, girlish groan that reverberated in time with the shakers. His head started shaking as though he had Parkinson’s, but it was NOT Parkinson’s that moved him. It was the spastic motions of a young body unaccustomed to such genital pleasure. The nerves in his neck and body fired randomly making him twitch and twist.

He felt himself cumming, and his moan rose half an octave; not quite a scream; he lacked the chest muscles for that, but definitely an uncontrolled whine of passion. His eyelids started to flicker as his consciousness waned, replaced instead, only by the awareness of an orgasm that was all-consuming.

His first fully stimulated orgasm went on and on. Ten seconds, twenty, thirty and still the pleasure continued. Michel watched as the pipe filled with white, then the boy’s semen continued down into the large test-tube. He was amazed at how much the boy produced, especially from such modest-sized testicles. The cream continued squirting into the test tube, far beyond the 5 millilitres that was at the top end of a virile male’s orgasm. Michel watched the level rising up the gradated glass receptacle until it reached an astonishing 15ml.


Although Felix was securely restrained in the exoskeleton, as he came to the end of his first orgasm, his body slumped within the frame. His eyes flickered open and he locked eyes again with Michel. For a moment, his gaping mouth and astonished expression silently said, “So THAT is a proper orgasm?!”

But his attention was drawn back to his small, low testicles. They continued to vibrate, but now he was done. He needed time to recover; a long time. But the machine kept him horny. His skinny staff remained at attention. His hole was still being drilled with the rhythmic regularity of an oil well pump moving in and out.

Now, his expression turned from one of euphoric amazement, to one of discomfort, like a child who desperately needed to go to the bathroom.

“Enough now Michel, stop. I’ve had enough!” he managed to blurt out.

Michel smiled indulgently.

“I already told you, you are in there for almost seven more hours yet.”

“Nu-oh,” Felix half grunted. “I can’t.”

But the equipment attached to him said otherwise.


Michel opened the boy’s laptop and selected a play-list of gay sex scenes starring the youngest legal boys he could find. He placed a pair of headphones over Felix’ ears, pressed play on the computer, then left Felix as he walked away to his home office.

Felix watched him go with dismay. He’d never continued playing with his dick after he’d squirted before. Once the cum was out, all he wanted was to clean up and rest. And that was after a normal one. He’d never had one as powerful as this before. He looked down at his balls. They were still rapidly wobbling back and forwards. He would never have imagined that such a simple motion could make him feel so horny. He looked in the direction Michel had gone and considered shouting for relief, but he could barely manage to talk. There was a glowing, excited, just-on-the-edge-of-squirting feeling in his balls all the time. It felt incredible and unbearable at the same time. He was constantly desperate both for release and surcease. His stomach muscles were weak, and the endless tensing and panting as he felt like he was constantly just about to cum, even when he wasn’t, was exhausting.


He glanced at the screen. It showed a video where the performers role-played as Scouts on a trip. Then, as they retreated to their secluded camp site for the night, they all got into an orgy, where the cutest, youngest looking boy, in reality just 18, was at the centre of the party. His hole and mouth used by the other four, usually two at a time, and he jacked off the other two as they waited their turns. It was a video that Felix loved, and it held his attention, quickly adding to his arousal. He became aware that it was making him even more horny and he looked away, trying to prevent another orgasm. But he could hear the sound of the performers through the headphones, drawing him into the scene despite his desire to ignore it. The guy in the middle was shaved, with pink, fresh-looking genitals and a long foreskin not unlike Felix’ own. Felix empathised with him, and now, as his own hole was drilled, Felix felt like he was part of the action. Excitement glowed in his balls, radiating out from them. He and the boy were both getting fucked. His cock was so hard. Harder than he had ever felt it. He wanted to squirt so badly now as he watched, and his balls obliged, adding another 7ml of semen to the test tube. Felix moaned, smiled, groaned, and shook his head like Stevie Wonder as the shakers forced his balls to give up another full load. He wanted to rip the equipment off him, but he was securely strapped in place.


In the video, the youngest boy had not yet cum. The scene was 15 minutes long, but Felix was completely spent. Now he looked away, once more towards the closed door that led to Michel’s home office. His pale cock ached but strained. Even the skin-covered helmet was hard. He wanted it to stop; to go down, but he had absolutely no control. This was worse than a night boner that would leave if he ignored it; it was electrically induced and literally nothing would make it deflate until he was switched off.

As he looked at the office door, his nuts shook as the machine prepared him for his next orgasm, and even though his attention was focussed on the possibility of attracting Michel’s attention to plead for release, down below, his balls swelled with excitement, their pleasure independent of his conscious desires. The fact was, regardless of what Felix WANTED, regardless of how hard the boy might try to resist, the shakers would make him blow his load time and time again. He had no more ability to resist his orgasms than the water in a garden hose had to resist spraying when the handle was squeezed.



At 1pm, Michel returned and pressed pause on the laptop.

“Would you like something to eat or drink?” he asked Felix.

Felix had his head tilted sideways at a slight angle, and he was repeatedly snorting through his open mouth in staccato gasps as he endured the endless arousal.

“Turn it. O… o… off.” he managed to gasp.

“I’m not turning it off. Now would you like something to eat?”

Felix twitched his chin spastically to the side.

“Something to drink then?”

Felix managed a half nod.


Michel disappeared and returned with a spill-proof car mug filled with water. He lifted it to Felix’ mouth and pushed the raised drinking slot between the boy’s lips. It took all of Felix’ effort to suck on the slot, distracted as he was. Michel glanced down at the orgasm counter. It read 47. Felix had long-since ceased ejaculating with every orgasm, but every half dozen or so, he’d squirt again, dribbling his youthful semen into the pipe.

Suddenly, his lips stopped moving against the mug and his knees started fluttering side-to-side as though he was trying to draw them coquettishly together. His skinny cock started twitching up and down and white fluid appeared in the pipe as he began to ejaculate. Michel tilted the mug, forcing the boy to drink even as he came.

Felix let out a series of gasps; a guttural exhalation followed by a wheezy, panting inhalation, “Ung, huuuuh, ung, huuuh,” repeating until the orgasm was done.


When it was over, he stared into space for ten seconds before repeating his plea.

“Michel please turn it off.”

“Not again. I warn you Felix, if you ask again, I’ll turn the shakers up still faster. You’ll cum so many times, you’ll be dry till your 21st birthday. Now do you want more to drink?”

Felix closed his lips around the protruding plastic slot and started to suck. He drank until the mug was empty.

Michel resumed the video playback and turned take the mug back to the kitchen.

“Please Michel,” Felix begged.

Michel turned back to face him, then made good on his promise. Felix’ inner thighs started to vibrate, trembling involuntarily as though he was being electrocuted. He squealed in distress as the shakers reached 20 cycles per second. He moved his hands in slow motion to his groin in an attempt to grip and still the shakers, but when they arrived his wasted muscles were too weak to even grip the shakers, much less stop their movement.

He looked sorrowfully up at Michel, his eyes begging for mercy.

“I warned you,” Michel said, and he whirled and left the room.

Felix was left again, his asshole being continuously pounded. But it was the overwhelming lust spreading outwards from his testicles that consumed almost all of his attention.


Three and a half hours later, the shakers suddenly stopped moving, then Michel appeared.

“4:45, have you had enough, or should I let you run another few hours?” he joked.

He looked at Felix. The boy’s face was red, and sheathed in sweat. His jogging bottoms, underwear and t-shirt were all drenched and darkened with sweat. His head drooped almost to his chest, his tongue lolled over his lips, and he looked back at Michel with an expression of total exhaustion. He said nothing.

Michel approached and tapped him on the cheek several times.

“Hey anyone in there?”

Felix moved his lips slowly as though trying to speak but no sound emerged.

Michel looked down and the teenager’s white penis stood tall, still ready for action. Unable to deflate no matter how much he may have wished it thanks to the pad on his spine that constantly stimulated the nerves.

Michel walked behind and tore off the pad holding the electrical contacts against the base of the boy’s spine. He returned to the front and tapped Felix on the cheek a little harder.

“Hey Felix, are you alive?”

Felix raised his eyes slowly.

“Ah good,” Michel said. “You ARE still with us.”

“Is it over?” Felix enquired with a thick, sleepy voice.

“Yup, all done. Well done you manged to cum umm…”

Michel looked down at the readout.

“117 times. Wow. Impressive. How do you feel?”

Felix mind felt as though it was wrapped in treacle. He thought about the question. It took him almost 30 seconds to formulate his two-word answer.

“Worn out.”

Michel unclipped the test tube from the frame and raised it between their faces. It contained 80 millilitres of semen; the equivalent of 16 full-fat ejaculations by a virile male in his prime, and almost 30 by an average teenager. He gave the test tube a shake and its pearly contents sloshed stickily inside.

“Daaamn Felix, that’s a lot of jizz. 80ml. No wonder you’re tired.”

Felix stared at the test tube. The quantity of semen did not impress him. He had no frame of reference. All he knew was the fact that his balls had never felt so tired or so empty. And the dildo was still jammed into his asshole.

Michel knelt and removed the testicle clamps. Freed from their constraints, Felix’ testicles dangled like two marbles in a deflated balloon.

Michel deflated the bulb and withdrew the pipe from Felix’ penis. His penis stood fiercely and resolutely stiff still, its foreskin at the end looked like the top of an old fashioned clothes peg.

“Still horny after all that?” Michel enquired.

“No,” Felix slurred.

“No. I don’t expect so. Well let’s get you cleaned up before Adrienne gets home.”

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