Pumpkin patch – part 2

forced milking, kidnapping

A young trick or treater is turned into a human spunk factory.

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Pumpkin patch – part 2

Two hours after the Oompa Loompa’s placed Steven’s genitals inside a vacuum pump and left him to stew, they returned with their master.

He supervised as they removed the vacuum unit from Steven’s groin, and the teenager looked down at himself with morbid curiosity. His penis was rock hard, but the foreskin looked a little puffy, as though it had thickened.

His scrotum had undergone the most noticeable change over its pre-vacuumed state. It was now perfectly spherical, and slightly larger than a baseball. Within, although he could not see it, his testicles had also grown to twice their normal size, engorged with blood sucked into them by the low pressure. Over the normal course of things, his scrotum would return to its normal size within 12 hours, and his testicles within 24, but his testicles would never get that opportunity. Every morning and afternoon, they would be encased again, and enlarged using the vacuum pump for two hours at a time, gradually increasing their size using larger and larger vacuum housings, until they weighed as much as the rest of his body. But all that was in the future.


The man walked between Steven’s spread thighs and hefted the bloated scrotum in the palm of his right hand. He nodded approvingly.

“Excellent inflation. My scout has flawless judgement. I must compliment her on another flawless selection.”

He squeezed Steven’s scrotum firmly. Although his testicles were now the size of small chicken eggs, enlarged by body-fluids that had been drawn into them, they were still considerably smaller than the scrotum they resided in, which was also filled with fluid. As the man squeezed the bag, the fluid within, displaced to squeeze the teenager’s tender testicles. He’d never before felt both testicles squeezed at every point simultaneously, and whilst it was an unusual sensation, it was not entirely unpleasant.

The man pressed harder until he could feel the testicles within. They were soft and spongy. He nodded again contemplatively, then he turned to his assistants and nodded.


Two of them stepped forward and immediately started massaging the large, spongy orbs. They gently rolled their thumbs across every millimetre of Steven’s swollen balls, using far less pressure than their earlier massage. Nevertheless, Steven grimaced. His nuts were still tender from their earlier abuse.

“Sir, what are they doing?”

“Increasing your testicles’ sperm production. The massage encourages the seminiferous tubules in your testes to work faster.”

“But I thought you weren’t interested in sperm?”

“We’re not, but the more sperm you make, and the more aroused you are, the more semen your body will also produce.”


A third dwarf pushed a soft, transparent collection tube into Steven’s urethra which led to a bottle beneath the chair. Then he produced a vibrating massage wand and he started to run it over Steven’s hard glans, moving it in small circles. The head buzzed like a hyperactive bee as it made small, but constant movements, barely large enough to see, but more than strong enough for the boy to feel on his already sensitive head.

Steven squirmed, and let out an “Unng” sound that was partly an indicator of his annoyance, and partly an involuntary moan of pleasure.

He’d not experimented with sex toys before, but the insistent vibration made his dick throb. He was still rock hard from the vacuum pump, but now his dick strained even more; eager for attention. It sickened Steven, just how easily it could be made to respond, like a dog that has been trained to sit up and beg on command.

The buzzing was not strong enough to push him straight over the edge, but Steven could feel it exciting him, sending endless thrills like electricity down to his balls.

Meanwhile, the pressure on his balls from four small thumbs also had an additional effect; whilst it was undeniably and increasingly pleasant, they served to prevent the organs from triggering an orgasm.


Two more dwarfs removed the nipple cones. Steven watched bemused, wondering what they were about to do. Two small, hot mouths replaced the cool plastic, sucking in its place, and as two tongues started flickering over his nipples, Steven’s eyes grew wide as he responded with surprise at how much their wet tongues increased his sense of arousal.


He felt the waste collector withdraw from his bottom, and it was immediately replaced by a ribbed dildo. It started pumping in and out of his hole, and its deep radial grooves bumped against his virgin ring. Again, it was a new sensation and he tried to bring his knees closed, as if that could stop the anal intrusion, but they were held wide apart, presenting his genitals and his hole for the dwarfs to tease as they saw fit.

Steven let out a trembling, sighing “oooooooh!” at the unexpected pleasure in his rear. He didn’t WANT to feel pleasure there, but there was nothing he could do to prevent it. Soon his inner thighs began to vibrate, the muscles fluttering in harmony with the quivering of his hole.


The boy started panting, gasping in staccato breaths as he endeavoured to cope with the excitement he was experiencing.

Clear fluid started to dribble slowly along the collection tube.

The man smiled.

“I’ll leave you to enjoy yourself. I’ll be back in an hour or so.”



The man left and the Oompa Loompas continued to work on Steven’s body, ensuring that he remained at a high-level of arousal. As a teenager, he was used to being horny of course. Many a day, he’d sat in class with a persistent and annoying boner, and he’d even woken up with erections so hard they hurt, but this was different. He was not just hard; not just mentally aroused; his libido was being wilfully elevated by the expert simultaneous stimulation of just about every erogenous zone he had, yet the testicle massage ensured that he could never take that arousal to its natural conclusion.

Soon enough, his breathless panting gave way to moans, losing control over his vocal cords as his body was engulfed by ecstasy. So far as he could move, he squirmed in the chair. His wide-spread thighs limited his movement, but it also felt as though the posture increased his pleasure, as he twisted and turned. The strain in his hip flexors and inner thigh tendons was uncomfortable but that discomfort, paradoxically added to the feeling of pleasure in his genitals.

Every now and then, one of the two deformed men at his chest would go from licking and sucking his nipples, and instead give one of them a little nip. Not hard enough to cause injury, but each time, he’d squeal and his cock would twitch upwards against the vibrating wand.


Steven felt like as though balls were bloated with cum, straining for release and ready to burst. His helmet felt so hard. Usually, it was his shaft that got hard, but now, he looked down at his glans, and it was indeed swollen; glistening and shiny where the engorged skin was so tight. Looking down at himself was like looking at someone else’s genitals. His dick appeared more potent than he’d ever seen it before; porn-star hard, with a giant, aching plum on the top. And beneath, massive nuts that belonged on a young bull, not a human being.

The teenager groaned, powerless to prevenet his arousal or conclude it. A week ago, the idea of squirting in the presence of six strange men would have disgusted him, especially if he’d known that they were dwarfs working on his body, but now, after just 30 minutes of their expert attention, all Steven wanted was to blow his load so that the unbearably pleasurable tension in his dick and balls could come to an end.


Their master took his time, leaving it just under two hours before he returned. When he arrived, tears of frustration were flowing down Steven’s cheeks. The second the boy saw him, he looked up to him and pleaded.

“Please, make them stop. I can’t take any more!”

“They will only stop once you cum.”

“Bu… but I CAN’T cum! I’m so horny. Please Sir.”

“So, you WANT to cum? Is that what you want?”

Their eyes met and Steven nodded frantically.

“Yes, YES! No more! I can’t take it!”

The man smiled.

“Okay, whatever you say.”

He nodded to the dwarfs massaging Steven’s testicles and said something incomprehensible. They stopped massaging his balls. One of them dropped into a crouch and took one of the enlarged ovals into his hot mouth and started gently, sensually sucking it. At the same time, he lightly gripped Steven’s perineum between the tips of his thumb and index fingers and started to run them back and forth along it. It felt surreal to Steven, as though the dwarf was somehow transporting the cum from his body to his balls along his gooch.

The other dwarf switched attention to Steven’s cock. He alternated between rubbing the shaft between his palms like he was rolling a tube of clay, and running his fingers and thumbs up and down it, lightly tapping like a flautist playing a demented melody.


Beneath, the dwarf pumping the dildo, shortened his stroke to just two inches so that the ribbed head passed Steven’s sphincter far more frequently, setting the sensitive nerves aquiver.


Steven felt as if every fibre of his body was horny. He could feel the blood tingling in his lips, in his ears, even his fingertips. His entire body seemed to be alive and driving towards a single purpose.

He did not instantly orgasm the moment the testicle massage stopped. Instead, a wave of pressure built in his groin over the next two minutes; powerful, inexorable, unstoppable, his excitement built and built until his groin felt like a dam straining under the weight of ten year’s rain in a single day. He shouldn’t feel like this; not being touched by six guys, but here he was, hornier than he could ever have imagined was possible. Then the dam burst.

Steven let out a long yell that was part triumph, part primal lust.


He thrust his groin up violently, constrained by the waist straps. He withdrew and thrust again, and again, and again as though trying to break free.

As he started to shout, the dwarfs all redoubled their efforts, moving with greater speed; massaging, thrusting, teasing, sucking to maximise his orgasm.


A small squirt of white entered to collection tube buried in his urethra, followed by another, and then the floodgates opened and a long, continuous stream of thick, semi-opaque semen filled the pipe, continuing for an impossibly long time as Steven experienced a 90 second ejaculation. His senses exploded in a sight-robbing burst of white stars. He stared with a hysterical, angelic expression at the ceiling. His eyes no longer saw the room – instead his vision was seared by the overwhelming neural supernovae emanating from his groin.

His balls felt as though they trying to exit his penis, squeezing, contracting, pumping the sperm. The contractions were visible at the base of his testicles and along his perineum.

And deep inside his hole, his bloated prostate was also repeatedly contracting, urgently evacuating the vast reservoir of fluid that had accumulated over two hours of world-class edging.


The man watched with amusement. The first one always blew their minds. Teenagers were frequent masturbators, but they had no expertise in self-arousal. Comparing the adolescent bedroom fumblings this youngster normally experienced alone, to what he was now feeling, was like comparing a single drip of water to a firehose.

Long after the river of semen stopped flowing from his dick, Steven’s orgasm continued. Another two minutes of pumping, searing euphoria emanating from his groin during which he thrashed, and groaned, increasingly exhausted and sweaty, as his body reacted and moved without his conscious intent.


Finally, it was over. The waves of pleasure slowed, became intermittent, weakened and then stopped altogether. Steven collapsed gratefully back into the chair, his body still at last. Except for the rising and falling of his chest, and the sound of his deep breathing as his cardio-vascular system recovered from its intense work out.


The man looked at the collection bottle. It contained perhaps half a mug of semen. Pretty good for a first timer. Horny little bastard would soon be producing more; MUCH more. The kid’s mind was blown now, but when his balls were the size of melons and his orgasms lasted 15 minutes, he’d truly know what it meant to lose your mind.


The man spoke to the dwarfs, and they filed out of the cubicle.

He looked down at the sweating, exhausted teenager and patted him on the shoulder.

“Well done boy. You’ll have many, many more like that.”

“More?” Steven said, tiredly slurring his words.

“Oh yes, and many that will make that one seem like nothing.”

“Oh my god!”


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