Volunteers – Another tale from the ranch – Part 1 of 2

Forced milking, humiliation

A pair of twins discover that it’s not just cows that get milked at Frank Clanton’s ranch.

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“Okay guys, welcome to the Little P ranch,” Frank said, smiling at the latest batch of eager volunteers standing in the dusty yard outside the front of his ranch.

They were drawn from orphanages and foster homes across the state – teenagers with an interest in farming. This time there were 6 of them; five boys and a girl. Frank’s attention was drawn to one pair in particular. They stood close to each other for support and defence, and they both smiled; innocent and eager to please, despite whatever curve ball life had thrown their way to place them in the state’s care system. They both wore green wellington boots and loose jeans.

Frank gave them a quizzical look.

“Hey, are you two related?”

“We’re twins!” the boy said happily.

“But I was born first,” his sister added as though it was an achievement.

“Ah, I thought as much,” Frank said. “Well let’s just run through some introductions. I’m Frank,” he turned to a woman who stood nearby. “And this is Valerie, my assistant. You can call her Val.”

He turned to the cluster of teens, and worked from one end to the other.

“And you are?”

“Ben,” the first boy said.

“Levi,” a dark-haired second added.

“Probably Jewish,” Frank thought to himself. “We’ll find out soon enough.”

“Patrick,” the third boy added.

He had deep copper-coloured hair. His skin was very fair, and he had a heavy covering of freckles. Frank looked forwards to finding out how far down his body they continued.

“Aiden,” the fourth boy said. He had an angular jaw, and a tight-cropped skinhead haircut. He looked like a fighter; a real tough guy. “Probably been through a lot,” Frank thought. Kids who had been raised in orphanages often developed an exaggerated macho persona to ward off potential threats. “I wonder if he’ll be a whimperer or a grunter?” Frank pondered. There really was no way of telling. Even the toughest of boys was reduced to jelly after they’d been edged for hours, or forced to orgasm 30 times in a single hour. Both experiences were in Aiden’s immediate future. One thing was certain; silence was NOT an option. NO boy ever, no matter how macho, could remain silent under such circumstances.

Frank looked to the next boy. The twin.

“Mason,” the boy said.

“Ellie,” his sister added, smiling brightly.

The latter two really did seem far too innocent to Frank, to be part of the care system. “Maybe,” he considered, “they’ve only recently been taken into care. And now here. Tough break.”


“Okay, well it’s great to meet you all. Ellie, you’re going to go with Val. She’s going to show you some stuff. Guys, you’re going to come with me.”

Ellie glanced at her brother, and a look of concerned flashed across her face.

“It’s okay, I’ll take good care of your brother,” Frank said playfully.

Ellie opened her mouth to say something then thought better of it, and instead flashed Frank another radiant smile, followed by a coy, submissive girly pose and a titter.

Valerie gestured towards a barn and smiled.

“Wanna come with me Ellie?” she asked.

Ellie walked towards the barn, glancing back at her brother as she went.


Inside the barn, there were two rows each housing 15 cows in stalls. The animals faced away from the dividing walkway, and they stood calmly eating fresh grass that had been placed into feeders before them.

“Okay Ellie,” Val said, “what we’re going to do today is learn how to milk the cows. Have you ever milked a cow before?”

Ellie shook her head. She had a wide-eyed innocence that Val found appealing.

“Well, we have 500 cows at the ranch. It takes our hands 7 hours to milk them all. Today, you’re going to milk a few of them, but first, you’re going to milk one by hand.”

Ellie looked excited at the news. This was EXACTLY the kind of thing she’d been hoping for.


Val backed one of the cows out of a stall, then secured its head to the stall gate with a short leash. She placed a grain feeder by its head to keep it, then she went and got a bucket and stool from an equipment alcove near the door.

“First thing you need to do is wash your hands and the cow’s udders and teats. Grab that bucket and half fill it with water from that faucet.”

Ellie grabbed the bucket.

“Good, now wash your hands with that soap, then sit on the stool and wash the cow with that sponge.”

Ellie did as she was told. She was surprised to discover that the udder was warm and lightly fur-covered.

“Great, now dry it off with that towel and we’re ready to start.”

Ellie patted the cow dry and awaited the next instruction.

“Okay then, all ready to start. Just push that pail underneath the teats and give your hands a quick rub to warm them up. Cows don’t like it when your hands are too cold. Gooood. Now grip two teats between your finger and thumb and pull downwards. Not too hard, not too soft. Squeeze just like you’d squeeze your boyfriend’s weiner. He’s cute by the way.”

Ellie blushed furiously and looked at the floor coyly.

“Oh, I’m sorry honey, a little too personal?”

“He’s not my boyfriend; he’s my brother!”

“Oops, my bad,” Val said laughing heartily.


An hour later, Ellie had manually milked the first cow, and learned how to use the machine milker on half a dozen more.


“Okay Ellie,” Val said, “we collect milk from all sorts of animals here. Come with me and I’ll show you some of the others. We can meet up with the boys again.”

Ellie frowned to herself, wondering what other animals they might be collecting milk from. Goats? Sheep? “Do sheep even make milk?” she wondered.

Val led her to another barn; this time made of brightly-shining corrugated steel. There was a wall-sized pair of steel doors, but in the middle of one of them was a conventionally sized door. Val knocked on the door – a code knock – one tap, followed by three, followed by two more. The door opened slightly, and Frank stepped through. Ellie could not see past him into the barn.

He smiled.

“Got a new trainee for you,” Val said.

“Ah, very good, very good,” Frank said. “Have you learned how to milk the cows?”

Ellie nodded.

“Yes, the milking stations are much easier to use, but I liked doing it by hand,” she said enthusiastically.

“That’s great to hear. I’m certain the animals prefer it by hand too. Especially the ones in this barn. Why don’t you come in.”

He moved just far enough out of the door to let her pass, and gestured inside. She walked through and Frank followed her closely. The moment she got inside, she realised something was badly wrong. There were two rows of naked people lined on either side of the barn, each turned towards the walls as the cows had been. She could only see the nearest two clearly. They were kneeling, bent over, their forearms secured to the metal platforms they knelt on. Each wore tightly strapped leather mitts that held their hands in a permanent fist, preventing them from attempting to undo their bindings. Staring down the rows, she could see two rows of naked bottoms, with male genitalia dangling. They all appeared to be male.

She turned to Frank in horror and confusion.

“What… what’s happening? Why are all these men here?”

Frank smiled.

“Their sperm is very valuable. We could just pay donors, but this way we get to collect far more. We can milk them fifty, hundred times a day.”

Ellie frowned.

“But why would they let you do it this way?”

“Oh, they don’t agree to it. They’re not here by choice. But we have an agreement with authorities across the country. They provide the donors.”

“Oh wow, what did they do to come here?”

Frank smiled.

“Enough questions. You’re here to learn how the ranch operates. You can learn more about our stock soon enough. Come over here, and I’ll show you how to milk them.”

Ellie’s mouth opened and closed in a silent stammer.

“You want me to milk them?”

“Of course. It’s no different to the cows, and I guarantee, they’ll enjoy it a lot more than the cows did.”

“But they’re human beings, not cows!” she protested.

Ellie considered declining. She didn’t want to touch these men’s junk. It seemed kinky; pervy even. She stayed back.

“It feels wrong,” she said, her former upbeat personality subdued.

“Here, they’re just livestock, like any other animal,” Frank reassured her.

Ellie looked sceptical but she approached the first male tentatively. Frank stepped back to give her space.

“Gooood,” he cooed. “You see those straps by his legs?”

There were two sturdy canvas straps hanging above the kneeling male’s calves.

“Wrap them around his calfs and do them up.”

Ellie did what the rancher asked. The straps were attached to two bars that curved upwards and above the kneeling male’s head.

“That’s the way. Now see that lever to the right, pull it down until the ratchet clicks into place.”

Ellie pulled the lever – it took a lot of effort.

“Use both arms, get your weight into it,” Frank instructed.

As Ellie complied, the male’s legs were raised, but the bars twisted forcing his knees apart. His legs were raised horizontal, the same height as his bottom, with the soles of his feet facing each other, a foot apart. She heard the owner squeak at the strain of the position. The ratchet clicked audibly into place.

“Right, you can let go now. His legs should stay there.”

“He looks like a flying squirrel with his legs like that,” Ellie blurted, curious despite the strangeness of the situation.

“I always think of it as swimming frog position,” Frank said.

The description was accurate, although his secured forearms arched his back. He squeaked again. His platform was positioned at Ellie’s waist height with his groin level with her shoulders. She gave a smirk.

“Something funny?” Frank asked mildly.

She shrugged.

“It’s… well it’s funny seeing his willy dangling down like that.”

Frank smiled at her baby talk.


The victim’s circumcised, brown penis was three-and-a-half inches long and hung vertically downwards. His testicles hung loosely, no lower that the glans. Hearing Ellie talk about his genitals, the male squirmed, making a noise that seemed to express humiliation. Ellie bent her knees and looked past his dangling genitals to his head. It was secured in a metal frame forcing him to look straight ahead, but she could see the straps of the ball gag that was secured into his mouth.

“It makes it easier for you to reach with his legs lifted out of the way,” Frank explained.

Frank reached out and lightly gripped the male’s genitals, and gave them a couple of hearty squeezes and jiggles. Their owner flinched as he felt Frank’s hand touch him. He tried to draw his genitals away but there was nowhere for him to go.

“See?” Frank said. “Now grab that red metal clamp and put it around his left nut.”

A metal bar passed from one side of the enclosure to the other, a foot above the male’s bottom. Hanging from it were two clamps, attached by wires that passed into the metal bar.

“Won’t it hurt him?”

“No, it doesn’t clamp tightly enough for that. Just enough to pass an electric current into his nuts.”

The male squealed as he heard his fate.

“Has he had this done before? How old is he?” Ellie asked.

“No, this is his first time. That’s why he’s a little nervous. He’ll get used to it soon enough. This buck is, um, I think, 17.”

“Are they all that young?”

“Our herd has bucks from as soon as they can make sperm.”

“How old is that?”

“Hmmm, 14 on average; few years younger with the early starters. They make the most sperm at 19, and the quality is higher at about 35 but you can milk the young ones more often. The donors in this barn are aged up to 18.”

“Wow, that’s young!”

“I guess so, now let’s get that clamp on shall we?”

Ellie picked up the rubber handle clamp and squeezed it. The tong-like metal loops at the head moved apart from each other. She moved it towards the dangling scrotum.

“You’re going to need to grab his nut to put that on,” Frank told her.

Ellie reached out with her other hand and gripped the boy’s testicle, so that it was isolated in his scrotum. She positioned the clamp head then released it. The oval ring of the clamp closed on the testicle, lightly pressing against it.

“Good, now just push the metal loop up so that it holds the clamp shut. When they get excited, a lot of the time their nuts try to climb back into their bodies. Locking the clamp stops it coming off if they do.”

He watched as she locked the clamp in place.

“Now the other one.”

She repeated the procedure on the right testicle. When she was finished, the teenager’s testicles were clamped with wires passing into a cross bar above his bottom.

“We use different size clamps according to the size of their nuts. Most teens use a medium size, but some of the younger ones need what we call puppy size.”

“How big do they go?” Ellie asked, her innate curiosity starting to override her feeling of nervousness.

“Well, a couple of the real studs go as big as an orange. But most are no bigger than a small plum.”

“Oh gosh.”

“Anyway, now you need to reach over to that slot on the right. See that metal probe with the antenna?”

Ellie touched the device.

“Yes that. Grab that.”

Ellie lifted the probe from its housing. It was 9 inches long with an insulated handle and had a lozenge-shaped plastic end with copper contacts running down the last two inches. It was coated in a clear lubricant.

“That’s a wireless electro-ejaculator. It goes into his asshole. Open his butt cheeks with the fingers of your other hand and push it into his hole.”

Ellie looked at Frank sceptically.

“In his bottom?”

“Yes, the contacts touch his prostate; that’s a gland inside. When it delivers a high enough current, it makes him shoot his load. You know what that means don’t you?”

She nodded, then looked at the teenager’s hairy bottom. She spread his cheeks. He whinnied and struggled.

“Don’t worry, they all do that the first couple of times,” Frank reassured.

Ellie looked at the hair-ringed pucker and placed the lubed head of the device against it. It was about an inch across. She pushed it. He resisted, but his sphincter muscles were no match for her arms and it slid inside easily.

“About four is fine,” Frank said.

Ellie stopped when she had pushed the electro-ejaculator in deeply enough. She could hear the boy breathing heavily, unhappy at being prepared as though he was a young bull.

“And now is the moment when you put your cow milking experience into practice. Remember how you gripped its teat between your thumb and first finger? I want you to do the same to his helmet. Then, rub your thumb against the back, okay?”

Ellie reached for the young man’s penis carefully. Because of his body position, it hung straight down. She gripped it almost reverently, surprised at how soft and warm it was. She started to rub it as gently as she might stroke a hamster’s head.

“You can go a little harder than that,” Frank said. “It’s not going to break.”

The teenager wriggled, moaning into his gag. The intimate touch was bad enough, but he knew immediately that his body was going to respond. His dick was biologically programmed to respond; even in an extreme situation like this, and he could feel an unwanted shiver of excitement passing through his groin.

Ellie continued rubbing the rear of his glans with her thumb.

“It’s getting bigger,” she observed.

“Of course. Keep going, tell me when it’s fully hard.”

She continued for another 30 seconds.

“It’s really hard now.”

“Okay, now look underneath him; see that pipe with the rubber cap?”

Ellie looked down and saw the pipe. She nodded.

“Just lift that up and press the cap against his helmet. It automatically sizes to any dick.”

She lifted the pipe. It had a transparent gel cap with fine copper wires running through the gel. As she pressed it against the boy’s swollen glans, it wrapped around, fully encasing it like some kind of sea anemone trapping it prey.

“Terrific,” Frank said. “Now that will hold itself in place and catch anything that comes out of his dick. Some of the bucks try to get cute by pissing into the tubes and spoiling the whole batch. They only get to do that once. A night with their nuts in an alligator clip enough to convince them not to mess around. They get one warning, and if they screw up a second time, I’ll just cut their nuts right off and use ‘em for labour instead.”

Ellie was shocked.

“You… you cut their balls off? Isn’t that illegal?”

“Once they come here, I’m the only the law. Cutting their nuts off takes away their will to fight; make ‘em docile. I can use ‘em to pull carts, or for field labour.”

“Don’t they try to escape?”

“Nah, they’re all collared. If they go too far from base, the collar zaps ‘em asleep. They got trackers, so I just go collect ‘em. There’s a lot more body parts I can lop off if they need the lesson repeating.”

Ellie gaped at him, stunned by the casual cruelty. Frank grinned at her.

“Don’t look at me like that missy, they’re just animals. I’m sure it never bothered you that the pigs that make your bacon had their balls lopped off when they was just piglets. And most of the horses girlies like you ride are nutless too. Can’t have a horse with too much spirit or it would be dangerous for little princesses.”

Ellie was starting to strongly dislike this man’s casual disregard for the boys.

“Anyway,” he continued. “Now you got your buck all wired up, all that remains is to press the button on the side of the stall.

He pointed to the button, then pressed it.

“What does it do?” Ellie asked.

“It starts the milking cycle. 4 minutes of electrical nut stimulation, then a 30 second zap with the ejaculator, 30 second cooldown, then the cycle repeats. We milk the bucks for 8 hours a day. 12 cycles an hour. That’s just under a hundred nuts a day. Course, they don’t squirt every time at first. A new one like this will cum 5, maybe 7 times before his nuts are dry. After that, he’ll be lucky to squirt once every hour. But we feed them food that increases their semen, and their capacity increases every month. By the end of the first year, most of them can squirt every single time.”

“Does it hurt?” Ellie asked.

“Naw, quite the opposite, although for the first month or two their dicks ache from being so hard all day. Most boys spend a lot of their lives horny anyway; we just magnify that and then give them a way to cum. If he was at school, he’d be sneaking off to the bathroom to jack off; here he doesn’t have to.”

Ellie looked at the teenager. He was writhing as the clamps fed a low voltage current into his testicles, making him feel horny in a way he’d never felt before. Suddenly, the boy let out a gurgling, choking sound and violently thrust his hips out as though trying to fuck something beneath him. Semen started to pump into the tube, drained away to somewhere beneath the stall. She watched, fascinated. She knew the mechanics of a boy’s orgasm, had even given a few, fumbling hand jobs to one boy the year before. He’d clearly enjoyed them, coating her hand and his young t-shirt-covered stomach in white cream, but his reaction had not been as pronounced as this teen’s. He’d groaned and grinned dopily, but there was nothing like the urgency that this boy was displaying.

Eventually, the boy stopped struggling, and collapsed back into his swimming frog posture, with his knees held wide apart, and genitals dangling beneath. There was nothing he could do to alleviate the attention his genitals were receiving, nor the hardness of his penis, maintained by the testicle current, so he continued moaning softly.

“That looked pretty intense,” Ellie said.

“Yeah, we make ‘em cum hard to drain all the spunk from their nuts. No point leaving any in there. Now let’s get onto the next one.


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