The wrong guy – story – part 2

Forced milking

A young man living on planet Herschel Majoris discovers that his horniness has its limits.

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The wrong guy – A stand-alone interdimensional milking tale – part 2

Kim regained consciousness a few minutes later. He was hanging by a harness that crossed over his chest. He could feel that he was naked again. In a panic, he looked down at his groin. His genitals dangled, floppy and vulnerable between spread thighs. He could see that each of his legs disappeared into portals whose surface looked as though it was made of black, rippling liquid. His thighs were spread wide apart; not uncomfortably so, but far enough to leave his genitals completely unprotected and now the lowest points of his body.

He looked to his sides; first to one arm, then the other. Each of them appeared cut off just below the shoulder, but he could still feel them both. They passed into two black portals that were at right angles to his body.

He moved his arms and legs. He could gravity pulling them downwards and the temperature around them matched his body, but he could feel nothing else. By bending his legs at the knee to almost 180 degrees, he could feel the flesh of his calves compressing against his own thighs. He bent his arms and his fingers touched the housings of the portals on the other side.


He struggled fiercely, twisting his torso and screaming in rage, but no matter how much he thrashed around, he could not move enough to pull any of his limbs free from their portals by more than a few inches. The three keepers stood in front of him watching, amused as always, by the panic and impotent anger displayed by a newly-stripped and restrained rascal.

As he struggled, Kim’s genitals flopped around violently beneath his groin, and the feeling of exposure almost sickened him. He suspected that there was not a single thing he could do to stop his captors doing whatever they wanted to his privs.

Eventually he turned to face sub-keeper Halloran.

“What have you done?” he screamed, his red cheeks a mixture of exertion and embarrassment. “Put my clothes back on!”

His greatest concern was still his nudity. He would happily have gone to visit the Slush Forest with Vash. The juves had their own activity areas and being naked all day in the presence of a bunch of boned up juves didn’t concern him in the slightest, but here, naked around these majors – clothed majors at that – stirred up the same sense of body self-consciousness that ‘lescents had felt down the ages.

“You can’t hold me like this. I’ve got rights!”

“And your rights will be fully respected. Right now, by your own admission, you’re a juve with modded creds. That alone is enough for a temporary stay at the keep. And if you turn out to be an escaped rascal, your escape attempt is enough to add another six months to your sentence. Either way, we’re might as well drain your pebbles while we figure out why you’re here…”

“I only hope that doesn’t take too long,” he added in an exaggerated tone of sympathy.

Behind him, the two under-keepers grinned at each other, amused by his show of mock concern. Kim caught their expressions. He realised then that he was nothing but a plaything to them. He calculated that his best hope was to come true and lay his cards on the table.

“Okay, okay, I’ll tell you why I’m here!” he blurted. “My friend came here. Then he went missing. I was trying to walk his peds, to try to work out where he might have gone. Okay?”

“That’s very loyal of you. What’s his name?”

“Vash. Vash Enderbright.”

“And was he using modded creds too?”

Kim nodded.

“Hmmm, I don’t know the name but I’ll look into it. So how did you convince your parents to let you come on this investigation?”

“I didn’t. They think I’m still at school.”

“They’ll easily track your vone. How will you explain it?”

“I don’t have to. I turned off the…”

Kim cut himself short as he realised that he had just admitted that his parents didn’t know where he was and had no way of knowing.

Halloran grinned.

“Hmmm, that seems reckless,” the man said, but this time his expression was like a fox looking at a chicken.


He moved close and cupped Kim’s loose scrotum, feeling his large testicles. He smiled, but Kim flushed with embarrassment.

“You know,” the man said, “these really do feel quite full. I think we’re going to get a lot of good loads from you.”

“You can’t do this. It’s not right. I’ll report you to sec.”

Halloran gave Kim’s testicles a gentle squeeze, like a vintner assessing a bunch of grapes.

“And how will you do that?” he asked smiling. “Your vone was blocked long before you came here, and nobody even knows you’re here.”

Kim’s eyes widened again as he realised the depths of his predicament. Then he went berserk, thrashing and screaming abuse for a minute until his strength ran out and his voice was hoarse, all the while, Halloran continued to cup his testicles, jiggling them playfully with his fingers.

“All finished?” the sub-keeper asked calmly.

Kim glowered at him with feral rage. He’d have bitten the man if he could reach.

“Now we can’t have you disturbing the other rascals can we? Open your mouth.”

He produced a gag. A short, clearly phallic plug was attached to straps made out of flexible PVEX. Kim clamped his jaws tightly shut. The man tapped his nuts sharply with the palm of his hand, making Kim jump, then he gripped them again and started to squeeze, gradually increasing the pressure.

“It’s up to you,” he said calmly. “But no rascal has ever kept his mouth shut until his pebbles popped.”

Kim’s glower deepened and his lips formed a snarl. He kept his teeth clamped together as the pain in his testicles intensified.

“Apparently it really hurts to squirt just after your pebbles have been crushed. If you continue to keep your mouth shut, you’ll be able to tell me soon enough.”

Kim’s expression darkened, morphing into a look of pure hatred. The pain in his balls was moving from a dull ache to a sharp pain shooting up both sides of his abdomen. He defiantly resisted a few more seconds, but he knew that he was inevitably going to lose. There was no scenario where he won this power play, and there was no point getting his pebbles popped just to make a point. Not that he was that brave.

He grudgingly opened his mouth. The man gave his nuts an extra squeeze for good measure, before pushing the gag into the teenager’s mouth and securing it in place behind his head.

“Nice dildo gag for you. Might as well get you used to sucking sticks early. It’s all you’ll want to do soon enough.”

Kim stared at him with a look of horror now. He was straight; heterosexual; a hawk; a slit-poker. He would NEVER allow himself to be turned into a stick sucker. Not for all the Scandium on the planet.


“That’s better. Now let’s get you hard.”

Halloran dropped to a knee and gripped a piston that angled upwards from the base of the frame from which Kim hung. On the end was a self-lubricating rubber dildo. He rubbed some of the lubrication off onto his middle finger, then pushed the finger into Kim’s rectum. Kim tensed at the violation as the man wiggled his finger.

“Yeah, that’s tight,” Halloran said, turning to the other keepers. “I think this juve might still be pristine. Not for long though huh?”

They laughed bawdily at the comment. Halloran withdrew his finger and lifted the dildo until the tip pressed against Kim’s hole. With his thighs spread, the teen could do nothing to resist the coming intrusion. He snorted as the sub-keeper lifted the dildo, forcing its slimy head into him. The man lifted it until 4 inches was buried; not a great deal – enough to stop Kim squirming off it, and enough to make sure the head was by his prostate.

“You’re going to quickly learn to crave having a stick in your hole,” the man said.

“Not in a star’s age!” Kim said defiantly.


Halloran smiled. He knew better, and there was something in the man’s self-assured expression that chilled Kim.

Teasing and humiliating the captives was not a part of Halloran’s job description, but he did it nevertheless. It gave him a perverse sense of pleasure to watch the inmates turning purple with shame.


He turned the dildo on and the head warmed up. A powerful ultrasonic buzzing started to emanate from it. Kim immediately felt a strange sensation in his prostrate. It was immensely arousing, sending erotic waves of excitement into his prostate and from there, to his testicles and up his penis. Even though he was soft, he felt like he could squirt a load right then.

At the same time, an expanded metal ring inside the dildo started to move up and down, sending a moving ripple up and down the rubber shaft. Kim felt it passing in and out of his sphincter. His chute felt good. Upsettingly good.

Almost immediately his prick stood up tall, then each time the ring passed his nerve-lined pucker, he involuntarily tensed the root of his penis, elevating his testicles, and making his penis twitch its head upwards.

“His little soldier is eager,” one of the under-keepers said in a gravelly voice. “Look, it keeps standing to attention.”

All three men laughed. Kim turned purple with shame. He could see and feel his stick twitching in time with the ring. He knew that it made him look like he was thirsty for more. He tried desperately to control his muscles, but each time the ring pass his sphincter, the root of his penis tensed in response. He panted in frustration, but even his gasps were unconsciously timed with the ring.


“You like that huh?” the sub-keeper asked. “In the old days, we used to make the dildo just fuck the donors, but we found it turned their chutes bloody after an hour or two, no matter how much slick we used. With this new design, it can keep going for as long as we want. That’ll be 15 hours in your case. 15 hours a day. Every day. Then of course, there’s the other part. Bet you never knew guys had a G-spot huh? Just like a female’s. Not that you’ll soon care about girls anymore.”

Kim’s heart sank at the last sentence. He was het. He liked girls. They couldn’t take that away from him. He wouldn’t let them. No matter what they did, he’d fight against them. He’d resist with all strength and steel his mind. They couldn’t change that unless he let them. Could they? Kim had no idea about the extents of their technology.  But surely they couldn’t just change who made him boned? Like flipping a switch.


Halloran’s voice snapped him back to the hall.

“Anyway, now you’re hard, let’s get the other stuff in place.”

He turned to the other two men.

“I don’t need you two anymore. You can return to your duties. Thanks for your help.”

The two men nodded to their superior and walked off.


From the left-hand side wall, Halloran pulled out a mechanical device. It was on a series of pivoted arms and pistons that allowed it to be precisely positioned in relation to the subject’s body. On the end was a smoky transparent, plastic cylinder an inch tall with a circle cut out of the middle along its length. It was lined with soft, inward-facing nodules each half an inch long.

Kim watched as the man slid it over the head of his penis. The inner diameter was much larger than Kim’s glans; made to accommodate much bigger knobs than his. The nodules didn’t reach his glans and for a moment, Kim dared to hope that it wouldn’t work, even though he had a larger-than-average penis for his age. He thought that maybe the man would give up. Then the sub gripped his straining penis in one fist, and the outside of the cylinder in the other and squeezed the device. The cylinder contracted until the nodules were pressed against Kim’s skin. They were slimy, slightly warm, and so soft that Kim could barely feel them at all. He frowned, surprised at how little pressure they applied. Halloran picked up on Kim’s look of surprise.

“Don’t worry, you’ll be able to feel them, but we wouldn’t want them wearing the head away would we?”

That was one thing at least, that Kim unequivocally agreed with him on.


Halloran adjusted the position so that the rows of nodules pressed lightly against the flared rear of Kim’s glans, crossing onto the soft skin beneath. There were two rows of nodules ready to brush against the corona, and two on the soft mucous membranes beneath.

The teen’s penis was fiercely hard,and would stay so as long as the dildo remained active in his rectum. The loose foreskin was retracted well down the shaft. Halloran pressed a button on his pad to test the ring. It rotated a half circle, then back the other way, repeating its 180-degree rotations until he switched it off. Kim tensed the second it started moving, shocked at how many nerves were in that part of his penis. The keeper grinned. The rascals never realised how sensitive their sticks were. It was one of the problems of youth he supposed: they were constantly boned as fuck, but not very imaginative in their tugging.


The man pulled another device out of the wall to the right side of Kim’s body. It was a clear dome, lined with more of the nodes. He moved it into position so that the dome encased the body of Kim’s glans like a crash helmet. “A helmet for his helmet!” The thought mad Halloran smile. He pushed a soft pipe through a hole at the top of the dome and into the juve’s urethra ready to collect his semen. Kim gasped at the sensation of the tube entering his penis.

He watched in dismay. It had been one thing to see the other rascals naked, restrained, being milked and humiliated; to see the devices all working. He even felt sympathy for them. But he hadn’t thought too deeply about how unbearably arousing the devices would be. Now, as the second device surrounded his glans, he started to get an inkling of just how easily someone else could control his lust, and how little there was that he could do to prevent it. If this man wanted to tease his stick until he was trembling with desire, Kim knew that he could not stop him.

He looked around at the rows of juves that surrounded him. Every single one of them was indeed trembling or squirming, as though trying to escape the pleasure in their groins. The corridor echoed with the sound of their helpless panting and moans of ecstasy. And there was something else. He’d noticed it during the tour, and dismissed it as poor hygiene. It was a potent smell. Now, he recognised it. It was a mixture of sex sweat and the sexual juices of dozens of boys. Previously, he’d found it mildly unpleasant, but now, with his own penis straining savagely hard, the scent seemed more potent – an aphrodisiac that only spurred him to greater arousal. Kim had never experienced sexual sensations that powerful. He only hoped that he would be able to endure them.


Halloran tested the dome. Unlike the cylinder, it rotated in a continuous circle. Kim tensed again disheartened by how sensitive his glans was. The device had only been operating for a few seconds, and already he could feel acute tingles all the way down to his balls.

“We call this “the polisher”,” Halloran told him. “The other bit is “the twister”. By giving them two different massage patterns, it makes it impossible for you to resist. Have you ever tried virtuporn?”

Kim nodded tersely. He enjoyed virtual reality porn very much, and it was legal for all juves aged 12 and over. He’d been enjoying it for several years now. There were few things he enjoyed more than going to the virtuporn centre at the Circus. They were popular with juves; always busy; but there were dozens of self-cleaning booths. Some days, when he was particularly boned, he’d literally run from school, rent a booth, and strip off ready for a session. You could set the number of orgasms, and the program would generate a scenario that would make you splash that many times before it ended. The most he’d ever managed before his nuggets felt satisfactorily drained, was three times, although he’d heard of boys who managed five, and one who even claimed to have splashed seven times!


“At your age, they put limiters on it, so you minors don’t get too boned and blow your little pebbles off. Well, this is going to be 100 times more powerful. No limiters for rascals. And wait till you feel the shaker. It’s gonna blow your mind. You are totally gonna freak!”

Kim looked at the man with growing apprehension. What the fuck was he in for? It couldn’t possibly be legal could it?! Not that such things mattered he supposed. Legal or not, he was here, now. Captive, naked with all this junk on HIS junk. Who was going to stop them?


Sub-keeper Halloran reached beneath Kim’s legs and lifted the shaker. It was a shallow bowl filled with metal pins. The pins had rounded ends facing inwards. Halloran adjusted the cup until it supported Kim’s testicles.

“You’ve got the perfect pebbles for this juve,” he commented. “Too low and they can shake right out of the bowl. Too high and they barely move at all. Yours are gonna feel every bit of it. If you thought you’d felt boned before, this is going to take you to a whole new level.”

Kim looked at his groin. His hard erection stood tall, and beyond, he could just see the surface of the cup. Its lining of bronze pins deeply concerned him. He whined and gave a token wriggle to signal his fear to the man.

“Don’t worry, we’re not going to fry you,” Halloran said, correctly interpreting the squeals. “Just enough current to send your pebbles into overdrive. I bet you never knew that they could make slop 100 times faster did you? Just the right type of fractal current and you’re going to be dribbling like a boned up tarabella in mating season.”

None of that sounded particularly appealing to Kim, but he took some tiny comfort from the knowledge that at least his nuggets were not going to be roasted.


Sub-keeper Halloran, tapped the test program button on his pad and the shaker immediately started vibrating. It was not as violent as Kim had feared. More of a buzzing sensation and… after just a few seconds, the insidious nature of the vibration started to take effect. It had become no more violent, but Kim’s testicles seemed to become more sensitive to it. It was delicious; tantalising; highly erotic. His testicles felt as though they were growing, filled with splash that was just desperate to get out. The current made them felt like they had a life of their own, humming deep inside. He started to squirm in slow motion, doing an involuntary erotic dance. He knew for certain that he was not going to be able to resist the shaker for long. But if he could just keep thinking of girls he was sure that he could keep his manhood intact.

“Yeah, that’s intense huh?” Hallorann said, turning the shakers off. “The shakers are the bit that breaks every rascal. You all act alpha; like you can’t be boned against your will, but once the shakers kick in, you all realise that you’re soon gonna be giving up your slop just like everyone else.”

Kim had never thought of himself as particularly alpha. Sure he was unambiguously XY, but he never went out of his way to prove it to anyone.


“Okay, one last thing and we’re ready,” Halloran said.

The man produced what looked like a VR headset and placed it on Kim’s head. To Kim’s surprise, there were no emitters aiming for his eyeballs, nor any kind of viewscreens as there were at the virtuporn centre. Instead, the inside surface was plain grey plastimer, and curved seamlessly round to the sides of his head. He could even look past it at the top and bottom.

As Halloran locked it in place, he continued conversationally describing Kim’s fate.

“This is the bit that most of you rascals hate; at least in the beginning. I honestly think that some of you would be almost happy to be milked for a few hours each day, if it wasn’t for the IR. You all eventually get used to even that, and by the time you’re XY coded, and you won’t have any sexual interest in females anymore.”


Suddenly, the grey headset disappeared, and instead it was replaced by the image of a straining penis, with a swollen and shiny purple glans. It moved towards Kim’s face. Or his face moved towards it, Kim could not tell. Then he could feel his mouth opening and the penis passed inside. He felt the head on his tongue. He instinctively moved his own head away, letting out a choked whine as he recoiled in disgust. The penis head started to thrust slowly and his IR tongue started to lick it sensuously.

The penis disappeared but then he felt hands on his hips and another one at his rear. It pushed into him, and this time, although he already had a dildo in him, he lifted his hips, trying to escape being impaled by the infra projection.

Halloran grinned as he switched the program to normal operation. The rascals all responded like that to the test program. It was how he could tell that it was running properly. This teenager would spend months; maybe even years, constantly experiencing similar events. Each would feel absolutely real to him, yet his body would never physically tire from the mental overlays, nor would he ever become bored by them.

He was destined to spend the foreseeable future in nut-clenching, dick-pumping, brain-scrambling ecstasy.


“What do you think of that then juve? Didn’t look as though you much enjoyed getting your chute plugged. Not to worry though – you’ll soon grow to love it. In no time at all, you’ll want nothing more than a fat stick in your chute.”

Although a new program was playing, and Kim was now looking at another juve’s hard penis, he was still completely aware of his surroundings as the headset layered another reality on top. He could hear sub-keeper Halloran taunting him. He begged into the dildo gag, but all that emerged was an incomprehensible muffled grunting sound.


“Now, why don’t we get everything running together,” Halloran said. “See what you think of that.”

In Kim’s mind, his lips were already tightly wrapped around a slender pole. Its owner looked a hint younger than he was. The juve was holding the hair at the back of Kim’s head and enthusiastically fucking Kim’s mouth. He was uncircumcised with a long foreskin, and Kim could feel the head slipping in and out of its hood on his tongue. Every time it was exposed, he felt the shiny berry within, slipping stickily across his tongue. He turned his head, moaning, desperate to pull his mouth from the penis within, but the experience existed only in his mind and there was nothing he could do to escape the sensation.


Suddenly, Kim felt all of the other equipment come to life, and his brain’s reticular activating system drew his attention away from the cock he was sucking as it responded to more demanding sensations.

The polisher started spinning on his glans; the twister started rotating back and forth around the rear of his corona, the anal ring pulsed up and down even faster, and most of all, the shaker started to vibrate his testicles. The whole was far, FAR greater than the sum of its parts. Immeasurably greater. His attention exploded in four directions at once.


His sphincter felt eager, tensing as though it was trying to grip the dildo inserted into it. The ring, pulsing up and down was exciting him in ways he had never imagined a male could be excited.

And then there was the shaker. Kim had never considered that his testicles might be a part of the mechanism that got him boned, but now, as the vibrations and the current passed through them, he was completely overwhelmed by the power of the feelings emanating from them. It was gentle, but insistent; unavoidable. There was a glow of excitement deep within each nugget, urgently issuing a call to action that only an orgasm could answer.

He let out a long, deep moan that seemed to go on far longer than his lungs could hold breath. It was partly euphoria, but also in large part, exasperation that his testicles were being used to make him boned to the max. He clenched his thighs and tried desperately to lift his testicles from the cup. He even managed to raise his body a small distance, but not enough to lift them free; not enough to relieve the unwanted pleasure coursing through his nuggets. And he could only hold himself up for a few seconds, before collapsing back down again, his thighs spreading wider, inviting the shakers to work their unstoppable magic, forcing his nuts again to succumb to the full unstoppable, frustratingly exquisite thrill that radiated through them. He felt them moving around in his loose sack and the cup like two marbles on a vibrating washing machine, each moving independently of the other, but not jiggling enough to escape the cup. And all the while, the fractal current was boosting them; the unique and non-harmful form of electricity penetrating each testicle, sending his seminiferous tubules into overdrive so that they would soon produce vast amounts of sperm, and his body would similarly increase production of the other fluids that would turn him into a constantly drooling teenaged mutt.


And then there was the twister and the polisher. Halloran had been right about their contrary motions working against each other. The twister brushed him, with hardly any more pressure than a strong breath, but it touched him in the most sensitive place imaginable. Kim NEVER allowed his fist to touch the thin, moist, tender skin at the base of his glans. It was almost incomprehensibly sensitive and the twister made him squeal at its oscillating back-and-forwards rotations. But then the polisher was also perfectly designed to stroke every atom of his glans with a slimy but featherlight touch. He felt as though they worked on his helmet like a man, trying gently to throttle the slender neck of a bird. He’d heard the term “choking the chicken,” and never did it seem like a more apt description of the sensations he could feel on the head of his penis.

Kim wriggled, desperate to pull his stick from the devices, but he had no leverage and they were locked to him. No matter how much he moved his torso, he could feel the two massagers constantly working on the top and rear of his helmet, refusing to give him even a second of relief. He would never have believed that literally every millimetre of his glans could be teased at once, but now that it was, it made his already hyper-excited testicles want to explode with lust. And even as he tried to cope with that, his nuggets and his chute also competed for attention.


He started to pant, snorting through his nose like a horny bull; faster and faster, aware that Halloran was still watching but unable to suppress his reactions. He knew that there was nothing he would be able to do to stop himself squirting. He didn’t want to do it in front of this sarcastic, taunting keeper. He was desperate to show that he had control over his stick. That his libido was not theirs to switch on and off as it amused them. He didn’t want to give them his splash, to sell to corporations for their own ends. Or worse still, for aliens to guzzle down like it was nothing. How many excruciatingly intense orgasms would he even need to have to make a drink for an alien?

Kim was shocked at how rapidly he had transitioned from hard, to ready to splash. He wished desperately that he could draw his wide-stretched thighs together to dislodge all the equipment that was making him over-boning him. He futilely strained to draw his legs together, but the straining only hastened the inevitable as the exertion elevated his arousal.

He felt his splash rising, and he pumped his arms and legs frantically like a swimmer doing a demented breast stroke, no longer trying to escape, but in a misguided attempt to distract his libido. But it only made things worse and he could not stave off the inevitable.

And then he was squirting. It was powerful. He let out a cry that was partly a primal and triumphant exultation, and partly abject disgust at his inability to prevent such a shameful display of weakness. He could hear his own voice. In the moment when he totally lost all control; it was squeaky, hoarse, immature, far younger than his normal pitch. His own voice appalled him. He sounded so pathetic and eager. It represented an absolute inability to resist his basest instincts.

The pipe in the polisher momentarily turned white as he filled it with squirt after squirt, delivering a gargantuan load, forced from his adolescent testicles. Then, after 20 seconds, the white broke up, and sputtered as his body’s reservoirs drew low, then emptied completely. Thanks to the shakers, he’d be ready to squirt again in less than five minutes.

His head became heavy, lolling first to one side, then backwards like an over-tired baby as he briefly lost control of his senses and his neck muscles.


And still the equipment continued working on him unabated. The intensity of the massage had drawn his attention from the IR sensations implanted directly into his brain, but as the orgasm passed, he became aware of the sensation of a penis fucking him, while another played across his tongue. He groaned in abject horror. The sensations were emotionally abhorrent to him, yet he felt fantastically satisfied; deeply sated after an orgasm that would normally take him hours to sleep off. But there was no sleep for Kim. The polisher continued, and now he was more desperate than ever to extract his stick from it. He tried pulling his hips backwards, but succeeded only in impaling his chute more deeply on the dildo. His rear felt even more invaded, and he relaxed back to his former position. No matter what he did, the twister and the polisher moved with his glans, and the shaker resolutely continued to vibrate his testicles.

His pleasure turned to mild discomfort as the equipment continued to work his on his glans. Fortunately, there was not enough pressure to make the discomfort truly painful, but he needed a minute to recover. Instead, the twister and the polisher insisted that he pay attention and remain boned.


“How was that juve – intense huh?” Sub-keeper Halloran asked. “It’s just the first of thousands to come. Once your pebbles get bigger and their production is up to full capacity, you’ll be slopping every couple of minutes, and you know the best part? The feelings only get stronger! You’ll be so freaked in a week, you won’t even be able to think straight.”

Kim groaned at the news. If he hadn’t just experienced an almost inconceivably enormous orgasm, he would never have believed the man. When he had set out from home this morning, he thought that he was doing nothing more than following his friend’s trail as he tried to get a clue about why or where Vash may have gone missing. Kim had no idea that the keep contained a milking division in which hundreds of teenagers were kept in a state of constant, maddeningly high arousal, boned and forced to give up their splash in a never-ending cycle. And now he was one of them. Naked, hard, unimaginably boned, with nothing in his immediate future except thousands more forced orgasms, and absolutely no possibility of escape or relief.

“Do you know,” sub-keeper Halloran said, “it only takes one week to turn a rascal into a stick-sucker. Even if you were only with us a single week, it would be enough. I’m going to leave you now. I’ll be sure to backcheck your creds. See if I can confirm who you really are.  I’ll try to get on that within the next few weeks. Maybe next month. But I’m willing to bet that your pebbles will be the size of eggs long before you see the outside again. Maybe even teega fruits.”

Teega fruits were the size of grapefruits. Large grapefruits.


Kim groaned. He knew he was done for. His days as a hawk were over. He could already feel his excitement rising again. And in his mind, a new partner knelt before him. The youth opened his mouth and this time Kim’s penis disappeared inside the other boy’s mouth. The IR mouth sucked on his stick gently and his non-IR penis twitched in boned response.


Halloran walked away. He would never check the boy’s creds, just as he had never checked Vash’s.

“At least now he knows what happened to his friend,” the man thought grinning to himself.

Vash hung squirming, just eight stations away from Kim on the opposite wall. He was up to 90 orgasms a day.


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