Volunteers – Another tale from the ranch – conclusion

Forced milking, humiliation

A pair of twins discover that it’s not just cows that get milked at Frank Clanton’s ranch.

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Volunteers – conclusion

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The pair moved on to the next boy and Ellie started to ready him for milking.

The boy had very droopy nuts in a red sack, with a  pale-coloured penis that looked all the longer with his legs lifted to show it off.

She clamped his nuts, inserted the electro ejaculator into his anus, and started to massage his penis, as she had with the previous boy.

“See that long ol’ foreskin?” Clanton said. “Just slide that all the way back before you put the cap on.”

Ellie gripped the boy’s penis between her finger and thumb.

“No, not like that,” Clanton correct. You’re not smoking a cigar; grab it in your fist.”

She did so, drawing the elongated pallid snout back from the boy’s long, slender penis.

She started to massage the glans, and the penis quickly lengthened and became hard, although it barely grew thicker.

Then Ellie noticed something that gave her pause; it was his copper red pubes; the same hair colour as the boy in their party. His hair was also the same vivid shade of red.

As she attached the penis cup, she crouched lower to see the side of his face.

“Problem?” Frank asked.

“I dunno. He kinda looks like the boy who came with us; Patrick.”

“Ah, well spotted, yes, it IS him.”

Clanton pressed the button that started the milking process and Patrick immediately started squirming.

Ellie looked at the rancher with an expression of shock.

“Why are you milking him?!”

“Why else do you think he’s here?”

“I thought he was here to help out at the farm for the weekend. HE thought he was here for that reason.”

“Guess you was both wrong,” Frank said, smirking.

Ellie felt an icy chill pass down her spine. She thought for a moment before speaking.

“Where’s my brother?”

Frank gestured to the next stall. Ellie’s eyes widened and she immediately looked across. From this angle, there was no way for her to recognise the next stall resident. He had a small bottom with perky, smooth cheeks, a slim body, and the smallest genitals she had so far seen, comprising a two-inch penis with a deep-trimmed, circumcised head, and a tight round pouch of balls.


Mason had heard his sister’s approaching voice with mixed feelings. On one hand, the thought of her seeing his junk horrified him, but on the other, maybe she brought his liberation with her…


Ellie crouched, then adjusted her position so that she could see the side of his head. He was facing straight ahead, but his cropped light brown hair, the shape of his face, his cheekbones, his ears; all matched her brother.

Distracted, she felt Frank wrap suddenly close something around her neck. She reached up. A soft-lined metal ring was locked onto her.

“What?! What’s that!” she demanded, reaching for her neck as she stepped away from the man.


Her eyes turned into wide, fearful orbs.

“What? Why?”

“I explained that earlier. Don’t want to you leaving.”

“Why are you doing this?!”

“I already told you why, because sperm is valuable.”

“But why are you using us?”

Clanton grinned.

“Because nobody notices when orphans go missing.”

“You can’t do this. People will notice!”

“Who? Your school? Your friends? We told them you had to move to another state because your crazy dad tracked you down. There’s nobody looking for you.”

A look of realisation appeared on Ellie’s face as she comprehended, with nobody to protect them, how easily orphans could be disappeared.


“Now let’s get your brother set up,” Clanton said.

Ellie looked at her brother’s bare bottom and exposed genitals.

“I’m not doing that to him. He’s my brother!”

Ellie’s bottom lip started quivering and her eyes turned watery. Despite her normally upbeat and optimistic disposition, years living in care homes had made her tough, and she pushed the tears back, instead staring now, at Frank with a mixture of horror and hatred.

“Girly, you can scowl at me all you like, but if you don’t start hooking your brother up PDQ, two things are gonna happen: first, I’m gonna nut your brother right in front of you.”

He reached out and gripped Mason’s nuts.

“I’m gonna slit his bag open,” he said, showing the boy’s testicles to his sister, “and pop his nuts out, then I swear, I’ll just rip ‘em right offa him. Then second, I’m gonna strip you naked and take you to the female barn, and you can spend the rest of your life with a dildo in both holes, getting fucked and milked, and HE’LL be the one doing the milking. Now it’s up to you; your brother can lose his nuts, or you can hook him up, then join the crew here. It’s your choice.”


Mason could hear everything Clanton said to his sister. He squealed repeatedly into his gag and wriggled. His balls felt so vulnerable and exposed, and it made his skin crawl to feel the rancher holding them in his fingers. Ellie looked at them bulging in his hands as he squeezed them. She was in no doubt which choice her brother preferred.

“Okay, I’ll do it,” she said.

“Good choice Missy. Unless you like the thought of spending the next thirty years with a dildo in your cooch and suckers on your titties.”

His crude painted a graphic picture that sickened the girl.

“To be honest, his nuts ain’t all that. I don’t think losing them woulda made all that much difference. Here, feel.”

He released the left testicle and Ellie gripped it tentatively. Now Mason had TWO hands holding his nuts, and the sense of weirdness and just increased further. He stared at the wall a little way in front of his face, feeling like nothing so much as a young animal, unable to prevent the manhandling of its genitals.

“Go on then,” the rancher urged. “Might as well get on with it.”

Ellie looked at her brother’s genitals. She pulled the handle and his legs were lifted and spread, exposing him even more to her gaze. She knew that he would be mortified to be seen naked by her, especially in such a compromising position.

She gripped both testicles in his tight bag and he cringed as he felt her touching him.

“His balls are too high,” she informed Frank, irrationally hoping against hope that he would simply left them free.

“No problem. Just tug ‘em low in his sack and hold ‘em there. They’ll loosen soon enough in the warmth of your hand.”

She lightly pulled her brother’s testicles downwards.

“Not like that, pull ‘em a lot harder. You don’t have to pop ‘em or anything crazy, but stretch ‘em as far as you can.”

She pulled Mason’s nuts much further. He grunted at the sensation.

“Good,” Frank said, “now just hold them goobers there and massage ‘em gently till you feel ‘em get loose enough.”

Ellie rolled them in her palm for a minute as she felt her brother’s testicles gradually relax. The cremaster muscles that retracted them slowly loosened. They were smaller than she expected. They felt soft in her fist. A sense of power passed through her. She knew how vulnerable he was. Just a firm squeeze would be enough to reduce him to tears. Feeling his balls like this was so incredibly intimate for both of them. Brother and sister were never meant to have such contact.

Eventually, Ellie determined that they were loose enough and she put the electric clamps on them one after the other.


Wordlessly, she spread his bottom cheeks, but before she inserted the electro-ejaculator, she murmured, “Sorry Mason.”

He cringed again as he felt his anus being invaded by the probe, but like the boys before him, there was nothing he could do to resist it.

It sickened her to see her brother like this; in this humiliating swimming position, his genitals exposed to the world.

She reached for his glans and paused just short. His penis looked so small, so stumpy compared to the other teens. Even his bush was small; a neat patch of thin hair. Ellie wondered if he knew how undersized he was. She was sure he must.


At that moment, she heard a ruckus at the door. The metal door swung open and a tall, powerfully built man entered. He was naked, with a tiny penis. But the noise came from two males that were accompanying him. Both were groaning, crying, begging for release, but he showed them no mercy.

Both males, in their late teens or early 20s were in crouching position, with fully extended arms, but neither their knees nor their feet were touching the ground. The man held each of them by the testicles, his fists wrapped tightly around the bulging sacks, holding their rears from the ground, and carrying them like heavy luggage.

Frank looked at the scene and grinned, then he stepped back to allow the trio space to pass. The tall man approached, and the two unfortunate victims padded along on their hands, desperately trying to keep up with his pace so that they didn’t fall flat on their faces. All the while, they squirmed, begging for mercy.

“Are they being disobedient again Steven?”

“Yes Mr Clanton. I caught them fucking some of the herd in shed 2 when they were on clean-up duty.”

Frank tutted and elaborated to Ellie.

“Some of the crew get to keep their nuts and I use them for clean-up duty, collecting the shit from the rest of the herd. When their work is done, I let them use the herd for recreation, but sometimes they let their dicks get the better of them and they want to play when they should be working. These two won’t be so interested in fucking the herd after a few hours hanging from the wall by their nuts. Maybe I’ll just cut my losses and nut them to save the trouble.”

The two young men were half way to the end of the barn but they started shouting to the rancher, begging for another chance.

Steven led them out of the barn, walking them like a pair of dogs before Clanton could answer.

“Steven is brutal,” Clanton smirked. “The ones who have already been nutted are the worst. I swear that man takes a deep pleasure in every pair of nuts he pains.”


Any lingering doubts that she had entered a place of madness where the usual rules no longer applied, evaporated in Ellie’s mind. She knew now, that Clanton was a complete monster. She turned back to her brother.

“Go on then,” Frank urged.

She gripped Mason’s penis. It was an average thickness for his age, but half the length of his peers. Although it was short, it was perfectly formed, with a low circumcision scar hallway down its brown length, and a perfect glans.

Ellie gripped it and start to massage the head. Mason tensed his stomach as he felt her fingers pleasuring him. The thought of his twin sister playing with his dick was mortifying to him, but the alternative was infinitely worse.

He felt his dick getting hard in spite of himself. It was humiliating but Mason didn’t dare to fight it – not that he EVER managed to resist a boner once it started to arrive. But now, though he would have given anything not to be in this situation, getting his dick massaged by his sister, he knew that the rancher was quite willing to hack his nuts off if he caused trouble, and he’d seen the proof. Five adult geldings had helped to capture him and the other boys in his group, and he’d seen their pathetic, withered cocks, too light to dangle, smaller even than his own despite their adult bodies and ranch-built muscles.


Ellie felt her brother’s helmet growing between her finger and thumb. The thought of being turned into a milk-producing cow, constantly fucked to increase her rate of lactation was bad enough, but to see her brother lose his balls, robbed of his future manhood was something that she was not willing to bring about. So, she teased his short teen cock until it grew, just like the others she had already stimulated.


Mason stared straight ahead as he felt his boner swell in his sister’s hand. Unable to see it, he felt almost disconnected from it, yet his strange legs-lifted, knees spread-posture amplified the sensation between his legs, as though he was inviting her to diddle with him.

Ellie released his boner. It was just over four inches long, with a perfect helmet, bigger than the shaft, sitting on the end like a small red cherry. He was straining, his cock aching with the enthusiastic hardness of youth. Mason could feel his balls pulled backwards by the clamps.

Ellie lifted the glans cup and pressed it against the head. Mason felt its softness pressing against his helmet, then wrapping around him, enfolding it totally. He envisioned a jellyfish wrapping around him. The feeling was pleasant. More than pleasant, but he wished it was not. He knew that his body was the rancher’s to control, utterly.

Frank Clanton pressed the button, and Mason felt the current activating, groaning at the pleasure in his groin.


“It’s not a high voltage. It goes into each of his nuts, then passes up his dick and out through his helmet,” he explained to Ellie. “The rubber cup has fine copper wires embedded. It’s impossible for him to lose his bone as long as the current is on.”

Mason felt the current; a gentle vibration deep inside each of his nuts and in the spongiosum underneath his dick. It culminated in the meat of his glans, and he could almost feel the flow passing from him, like a constant trickle of paradoxically ice-cold water. His dick felt so hard; so eager; so ready to fuck. That was something he would not be likely to experience now, but he was certainly going to cum, time and time and time again. He could feel the blood making his penis incredibly hard. In his bedroom at the orphanage, he loved when his boner was this hard. It meant that he could really pound it. His room-mate had often laughingly said he was trying to beat it into submission.


Suddenly, Mason felt a powerful shock in his rectum against his prostate. He instantly began to orgasm, slamming his hips forwards, then thrusting repeatedly, violently, as his body urgently tried to seed a non-existent female for the first time.

He felt himself air humping, his body moving with an unwanted desperation, revealing to his twin sister how easily his body could be forced into revealing its most primal biological imperative.

He continued thrashing his hips, moaning and yelping in ecstasy, as the electro ejaculator forced his nuts to give up their juices. Ellie saw his watery white fluid pass into the pipe. Mason wanted nothing but to squirt and squirt and squirt until the need was gone. But it didn’t fade, and he continued pounding his hips downwards in an unrequited desperation to cum.

When the ejaculator finally stopped, Mason collapsed, sweating against his restraints, his moans more of exhaustion now than pleasure. His balls felt fat and potent, as though they still had much more to give, and the current unrelentingly continued to stimulate them, while the milking cap continued edging his dick-head. His glans was tender; sensitive, but the milker offered no surcease.

The boy moaned, and squirmed, desperate to end the glans massage that had temporarily become a torment rather than a pleasure.

“Hmmm, your brother’s a lively one,” Frank said. “Some boys are like that, especially the innocent ones. They’re the horniest of all. I think we’re going to be collecting a WHOLE lot of baby juice from him in the future. Might even manage to tweak him up to 150 times a day,” he said, emphasising the 50.

Mason groaned as he listened to the rancher describe his fate.

“Okay girlie,” Frank said, “let’s move on to the next young buck…”


Fifteen months later, Ellie approached her brother for the 932nd time. She was as naked as he was, and had long since gotten used to her nudity.

She put her hand on his bottom.

“Hey Mason,” she said as she removed the equipment ready for the night. “How you doing?”

He didn’t answer. He no longer wore the gag. The need had long since past.

Ellie looked at his groin. His penis was still just as small as it had been, jutting out from his groin like a half-sized stumpy thumb. But his balls had grown threefold, hanging five inches below his groin their loose bag. They were two perfect ovals, their volume greater than oranges after the constant milking and enhancement drugs. They were so ripe and full; as ridiculously oversized as his penis was small. Ellie couldn’t resist cupping them and hefting them to feel their weight in her palm, evaluating them as a farmer evaluated the nuts of a prize bull.

“Your balls are so big now bro,” she said tenderly. “You won’t be able to wear skinny jeans any more when we get out of here.”


The ranch was far from civilisation, and she had tested Clanton’s claim about her collar’s effectiveness before the end of the first month. She knew that she was never going to be able to simply walk to freedom. Her only hope was rescue, and that was a slim one.


She walked around the stalls, passing between them and the metal walls. As she looked down her brother’s row, she saw the same thing repeated on boy after boy. Vacant expressions, drooling mouths hanging open, minds scrambled by hour after hour of intense orgasms.

She passed the ginger boy, although his hair was cropped short now, like all of the herd. She reached her brother. He stared vacantly into space, not initially reacting to her presence. She stroked his face tenderly, and slowly, as though he was swimming to the surface of a deep lake, his eyes turned to her.

“Hey little bro,” she said. It was a joke they used because she was older than him by a few minutes. “How you doing?”

She could see past his face to his small dangling cock. It was drooling copiously. He was leaking semen at one end, saliva at the other.

He spoke a single slurred word in a husky adolescent voice.



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    Thank you, I liked this story of yours. I would like this to continue.

    • This is a series I enjoy. I expect I will return to it intermittently.

    • Bongo-
    • 6th February 2024 at 7:20 pm-
    • Reply

    Would like to see a continuation or more stories with a twin brother and sister the sister having to milk her brother but tries to be as caring as possible

    • Bongo-
    • 6th February 2024 at 7:23 pm-
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    Would like to see a continuation or more stories with a twin brother and sister the sister having to milk her brother but tries to be as caring as possible

    • Bongo_drum-
    • 16th February 2024 at 3:19 pm-
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    Would like to see a continuation or more stories with a twin brother and sister the sister having to milk her brother but tries to be as caring as possible

    • I do like this couple, so who knows; maybe I will return to it one day…

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