Exoskeleton – Test round 3

Involuntary arousal, forced milking

Prisoners are used to test the kinky manifestation of Exoskeleton – the ExoStim.

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This story is a prequel to the story called Exoskeleton.

Exoskeleton – Test round 3

“In return for a guaranteed 50% reduction to my sentence, I confirm my voluntary participation in the ExoStim forced arousal program. This agreement has not been coerced save for the aforementioned reduction to my sentence. I understand that with any experimental technology or therapy, there may be unforeseen risks, and while medical staff will be on hand for the entire duration of the experiment, neither Independence Systems, nor the prison service may be held liable for any injuries or accidental death.”

Lucien read the agreement carefully, a pen in his hand. It was written in French.

“Accidental death?” he queried.

“You know lawyers,” Michel said, “they have to account for every eventuality.”

Both men spoke French. It gave their conversation a lilting, poetic feel.

“But this is not painful right?” Lucien asked.

“No, far from it. Quite the opposite in fact. But we have to cover our backs just in case.”

With 13 years left on his sentence, Lucien was only too familiar with the law. The pen in his hand hovered above the page a moment longer, then, he scribbled his signature, while a camera recorded him.

Michel nodded approvingly.

“Thank you Lucien. So, are you ready to begin?”

Lucien nodded.

“Very good, then let us start. If you would just take all your clothes off please.”

“Now?” Lucien asked.

Although he was well aware that he was about to be engage in some kind of sexual trial, the suddenness of the request caught him off guard.

“Yes please, if you’d be so kind.”

Michel had the polite, but dispassionate mannerisms of a doctor, and it helped to put Lucien at ease. He stripped down to his skin while Michel and the guard watched.

“Okay,” Michel said. “Would follow me please.”

Michel led the inmate from the room. The man was escorted by a prison guard. Despite his good physique and fitness, Lucien was not considered violent or high risk.

Michel ushered Lucien through to a larger room. It was 30 feet long, and there were already four other inmates inside, standing in a row and hooked up to the test equipment. Lucien looked at them. Each was strapped into some kind of frame attached to their lower body. The frames reminded him of the autoloader that Ripley wore to fight the alien queen at the end of the Aliens movie. Each comprised a metal frame strapped around the waist and legs of every inmate, holding their legs in place. The frames were fixed to the cement wall with a bar at waist height. There was one vacant frame at the end of the line.

Each man was panting and intermittently moaning. A glance at their faces and at their erect penises jutting out from their groins like flagpoles at half mast, made it clear to Lucien that they were in the throes of sexual ecstasy.

This was what Lucien expected to see, but it was still strange to him to be in the company of four naked males with erections, especially knowing that he would soon be standing alongside them, presumably equally aroused.

The man nearest to him glanced briefly in his direction. He was the youngest of the four. His mouth curled into the half snarl of an over-acting whore, then his vision returned to its distant gaze.


Before Lucien had time to scrutinise the men more closely, Michel guided him towards the empty frame. Michel found that the less time they spent in this room before he hooked the subjects up to the equipment, the less nervous they had time to get, and the less likely they were to back out of the test.

“Right, let’s get you hooked up. Come stand in this frame please.”

Lucien walked over to the empty frame. There were multiple attachments. He quickly scanned them over.

“Is that a dildo?!” he asked.

“It’s a rectal stimulator,” Lucien replied.

“A dildo.”

“It’s a lot more sophisticated than that. And it’s not going to pump in and out.”

Lucien stared at the object sceptically. He’d never been on the receiving end of a cock, and he wasn’t eager to do so now. He turned to Michel.

Michel shrugged and said, “It doesn’t hurt, and isn’t a little emotional discomfort worth it to reduce your sentence by more than six years?”

There was no condemnation or attempt at manipulation, just a simple statement of fact.

Lucien studied Michel’s face with an unwavering gaze for a few seconds as he evaluated the man and considered the proposition. Michel stared back without guile. Eventually, Lucien broke his gaze. The man was completely right. What was a dildo in his ass compared to all those years, especially if it wasn’t actually going to fuck him?

He turned and backed into the frame.

“Hands by your sides please,” Michel said.

Lucien complied and Michel moved up and strapped the convict’s right hand to the side of the frame.

“Why are you doing that?” Lucien asked frowning.

“So you can’t touch yourself and interfere with the results,” Michel explained.

Lucien allowed his other hand to be secured.

Michel moved around the frame, affixing and tightening various straps that assured that Lucien would be unable to escape or reposition his body once the trial began. Lucien felt a growing sense of unease, the less he was able to move. In just a few minutes, he realised that from the waist down, it didn’t matter how much he strained, twisted or turned, his body was now as one with the frame. A back brace provided support for his torso, although it did not rigidly constrain him as the lower straps did.

“I’m just going to lower your body position,” Michel said, adjusting a slider on the wall beside the frame.

As he did so, motors whirred into life and the frame’s ankles parted by two feet, then the waist lowered by a further foot, dangling Lucien’s genitals in the air. With his knees strapped to the frame and pulled apart, Lucien realised that the man could take a running kick at his testicles and there would be literally nothing that he could do to prevent the impact. His nuts hung unprotected in clear air.

Michel picked up on Lucien’s nervousness. This was the moment that most test subjects realised just how vulnerable their genitals truly were.

“Don’t worry, your nuts are quite safe.”

A look passed between them telling Lucien that Michel empathised with his fears.

Michel dropped to a knee and reached out, cupping the loose scrotum in his hand like a farmer weighing a pair of bull’s balls. He nodded approvingly as he rolled the nuts in his palm. They were the size of two small chicken eggs.

“Nice nuts,” he commented.

“Uhhh, thanks. I guess.”

“One of the biggest pairs I think we’ve ever had here.”

“How many have you seen?”

“Few dozen. Maybe a hundred.”


Michel squeezed the testicles gently. They were cooler than his hand.

“I’m hoping they’re as full as they look. Going to be interesting to see how many times you squirt before you’re shooting blanks.”

“Shooting blanks?”

“Yes, we’re going to be inducing multiple orgasms. You’re going to be nutting dry long before we’re finished.”

Lucien turned to look at the four moaning men next to him. Only now did he notice enormous milky puddles splashed on the floor in front of each of them.

“How many?!” he asked with concern. “I can’t cum more than three times.”

“Oh, I don’t think you’ll have any trouble managing more than that.”

Whether you want to or not,” Michel added in his mind with a smirk.


He lifted the testicle shaker beneath Lucien’s spread thighs. The shaker comprised a pair of 4-fingered metal claws, each coated with soft latex. Each claw was on the end of a 1-foot-long steel rod and could move backwards and forwards independently, with a travel range that could be adjusted according to the looseness of the subject’s scrotum and the testicles within. The claws could be opened and closed enabling them to adjust to the size of the subject’s testes. The maximum extension was the size of a large grapefruit, although Michel seriously doubted he would ever encounter a male with such gargantuan eggs. As it was, Lucien, was undoubtedly in the 99th percentile in terms of healthy testicular volume.


The man was in for multiple rape. He used drugs to sedate young men at bars and college parties, and Michel couldn’t help but imagine these pendulous eggs slapping against the ass of some unfortunate victim as Lucien pounded him. Michel couldn’t help but wonder if the man fucked them on their backs so that he could see their faces, or on their stomachs where he wouldn’t form a bond with them.


Michel carefully secured Lucien’s right testicle into the appropriate clamp.

“What’s that for?” Lucien asked, watching as the man tightened the clamp around his nut.

“Testicle shaker,” Michel answered without elaboration.

“What’s it for?”

Michel avoided the sarcastic answer. Pissing the inmates off was not a good idea, even if they couldn’t get to him. He never knew when they might be needed again and he preferred them well disposed towards him.

“It’ll make you very horny.”

“Oh. Never needed help with that,” the man answered.

Michel avoided thinking about the deeper implication of the comment. Instead, he adjusted the clamp tightly enough to hold the testicle firmly, very lightly squeezing it between the four arms, before switching to the other testicle. It was noticeably larger and hung lower. When it was also clamped, Michel moved one clamp arm forwards and the other backwards, calibrating the maximum distance that the two testicles could travel in opposite directions.


Above, a thick, greasy-looking cock hung down six inches from Lucien’s groin. It had an excess of loose, ugly foreskin. It was not the kind of skin that crimped into an appealing puckered kiss of skin, nor the well-behaved skin that barely covers the tip; rather it was a thick snout of skin that wrinkled over the glans in a hood that looked like something that belonged on an elephant’s cock; far too meaty. Michel ignored it. It was irrelevant. This was not a genital beauty contest, and all too soon, the cock would be standing stiff, and spitting like a cobra, repeatedly disgorging his testicles’ load. Then, they would be empty, and still it would try to spit, impotent now, more like a cat trying to disgorge a defiant furball.

Michel moved to the side and lifted the rectal stimulator. The tip was already lightly greased. It was made of hard rubber, thinner that an average human cock, with a ring of copper contacts circling the end. Each one was a strip, an inch long, aligned along its vertical length, with spaces between them. They were designed to ensure that no matter how the stimulator was rotated, at least one contact pressed permanently against the subject’s prostate – the small lump in a man’s rectum known as the male G-spot – the exceedingly sensitive and arousing point that would hugely elevate his libido.

Michel spread Lucien’s hairy buttocks with his fingers, and the man flinched instinctively, futilely endeavouring to move his hole away from Michel’s touch. Michel looked at the crimped starfish of skin, and lifted the slender dildo until the slimy tip was touching Lucien’s sphincter. Lucien tensed the puckered entrance to his rectum, curling it into his body, but it was no match for the greased object. Michel pushed, and it rose on its piston arm, spreading the ass-lips ahead of it.

It was painless, but it felt like a terrible invasion to Lucien, made all the worse by the fact that the physical sensation was actually disturbingly pleasurable. Lucien let out a sound that partway between a grunt and a sigh. He wanted to shit it out, or lift himself off it, but he was immovably fixed in place.

The edge of the stimulator had markings 1 centimetre apart. Michel lifted the object until it was buried 10 centimetres – almost 4 inches, inside Lucien’s bottom. That was deep enough to ensure that it would be resting against his prostate. When it was in position, he locked the support arm in place. Now the stimulator would stay buried inside the man’s rectum until Michel chose to remove it.


Michel stood up and attached a heart monitor to Lucien’s chest then he returned to the front.

“Okay, let’s get you hard. You’re going to feel a rippling inside your rear.”

He always wondered how best to address inmates – should he use crude terminology like “asshole” and “nuts” to create a sense of laddish empathy, or did he gain more respect by using proper medical terminology? Did it even matter?


Lucien watched him as Michel activated the stimulator using the small tablet he had produced from his lab coat pocket. The prisoner felt an immediate rippling along the sides of the stimulator, stretching and relaxing his sphincter. He gasped in shock. His sphincter pulsed and twitched automatically, its movement half a beat behind the ripping shaft that penetrated him. He looked at Michel with wide eyes.

“Yes, that’s quite a feeling isn’t it?” Michel said.

Lucien stared at him wordlessly.

“Most men are uncomfortable admitting that they enjoy stimulation in their rectums, but in fact it’s one of the most powerful erogenous zones.”

He pressed another button on the pad and the current started coursing through the contacts. Lucien immediately felt a new sensation, directly in his prostate; it was a kind of fluttering pulsation. His eyes grew even wider. He stared at Michel in silence and Michel stared back impassively, but in just a few seconds, a thick salami rose into view, as Lucien’s mighty cock lifted its head. Michel looked down at it with a slight smile.

“No need to ask if the prostate stimulator is working!”

Lucien looked down at himself, as his cock rose to 115 degrees, pointing slightly upwards but too heavy to rise further. He watched as the veins bulged from its sides as it grew impossibly hard. The skin drew back from the head, improving its aesthetic appearance as it revealed a swollen glans that was halfway between deep crimson and purple in colour. Michel reached out and grasped the thick 9-inch shaft in an inverted grip, with his fingers underneath and his thumb on top. He gave it a squeeze as though he was assessing the ripeness of a supermarket cucumber. The log in his hand was hot, the surface totally unyielding. He could feel the veins protruding along its length.

“Very impressive Lucien.”

“Yeah, doesn’t normally get that hard.”

An image flashed into Michel’s mind of the man forcing it into the pussy of an unwilling woman. But that wasn’t accurate was it? Lucien was here for raping young men. The thought of this python forcing its way into an asshole belonging to a man in his late teens or early 20s entered his mind. He could almost see the asshole lips stretched to tearing point around this monster. Michel was straight. He pushed the distasteful thought away.

He produced a tan coloured adhesive medical pad measuring a couple of centimetres across. It looked like a plaster with two wires emerging from it. He bent and pressed it against Lucien’s perineum behind his balls. The pad straddled the man’s raphe, sticking to his skin. Then he wrapped a Velcro loop around Lucien’s hard penis behind his balls, right at the root of his cock. He connected the wires from the pad.

“What’s that for?” Lucien asked.

“It’s an orgasm monitor. When you stop squirting, this will ensure that we can still record each time you cum. Of course, early on, there probably won’t be much doubt, but as you get tired, this still reliably reports each one. It’s hooked up to a computer in the other room. We’ll be able to build a profile of how often you orgasm.”

“How long is this going to go on for?”

“The trial is open-ended,” Michel replied evasively.

He knew that each of the subjects was going to be stimulated to the point of failure.


“Okay, let’s get you started then. I’m just going to turn on the shakers.”

Michel pressed a button on the pad and the shakers started moving rapidly backwards and forwards, each travelling a centimetre from front to back, moving in opposite directions. Lucien gasped sharply, noisily inhaling.

“Intense huh?” Michel asked with a smile.

It was a rhetorical question. He knew how incredibly stimulating the shakers were.

“Oh shit!” Lucien gasped.

Michel watched the claws rapidly shaking Lucien’s heavy testicles. On his pad, a timer counted upwards, marking the seconds since the shakers were activated. Lucien squirmed, his body responding involuntarily to the pleasure in his balls, rapidly growing like a warm glow along the root of his cock. His legs were held apart, his lower body fixed in a half squatting position, with his testicles at the mercy of the machine.

Suddenly he was ejaculating, his semen launching from him in half a dozen powerful gushers, like water being fired from a Super Soaker water gun. He’d cum hard before, but never anywhere near so hard, or in such quantity. It was like a hose being turned on. The orgasm caught him by surprise. He was used to a gradual build up, and even when the transition to orgasm was fast, it never just came out of nowhere. But hooked up to this machine, one minute he was feeling unbelievably horny, and the next he was blowing the biggest wad of his life, with seemingly no transition whatsoever.


Michel looked down at the tablet. 34 seconds. Not the fastest by a long shot; the kid in the next test station didn’t even last 20 seconds. But Lucien certainly produced the largest volume of semen. The man had apparently stuck to his agreement not to masturbate for two weeks prior to the trial.


Experience had taught Michel not to stand in the firing line once the shakers were activated, although it had taken him two mishaps to learn the lesson. Leaving the lab with another man’s copious semen stains on the front his trousers was not something he wanted to repeat a third time.


After the initial half dozen gushers, the rate of flow decreased to a series of sputtering squirts, the first few of which were as powerful as Lucien’s normal orgasms. They gradually decreased to nothing, but still the root of his cock continued to pulse as it strove to pump liquid that had all been expended. When even that pumping finally came to an end 15 seconds later, Lucien collapsed, exhausted in his restraints. If it was not for the back brace, he would have slumped forwards like a deactivated robot.

“Fuuuck,” he slurred, almost too tired to speak.


Michel smiled. That was pretty much the standard response to the first testicle-induced orgasm in his ExoStim device. He looked at the floor and it was soaked in cum in a wide, splattered line extending three feet in front of the man.

“Seems to be working just fine,” Michel said laconically. “We’ll be monitoring you through that camera.”

He pointed to a camera on the opposite wall.

“Have fun.”

He turned to leave.

“Wait!” Lucien said, alarm in his voice. “How long?”

The pleasure in his nuts had not diminished one iota following his cum tsunami. He didn’t think he could remain that horny for long. It was exhausting.

With his hand on the door handle, Michel turned to him. The trial was scheduled to last 24 hours but no man had made it that far yet.

“I’ll look in on you in a few hours.”

He passed through the door, closing it before Lucien could gather his thoughts to protest.



Lucien squatted like a man half way through a weight-lifter’s dead lift, uncertain what he was supposed to do now, or for how long. He glanced down at the floor and was amazed at the long puddle he’d deposited on the floor, but his attention was soon drawn back to his vibrating balls. He’d never have believed that simply shaking them could make him feel so horny.

He was aware of the tingling in his prostate. It was a unique experience deep inside him, that felt like the moment just before an ejaculation. He was also aware of the rippling sensation as the rectal stimulator sent ripples back and forth across his sphincter.

Inside the rubber stimulator was a large, constantly rotating screw. As the smoothly curved peaks and hollows of the screw turned within the rubber cover, it had the effect of providing a constant and ever-changing massage to the entire surface of his sensitive sphincter muscles. Lucien could feel his asshole puckering and trembling in response to the uninterrupted cycle of stimulation. He’d never put anything into his asshole, but now that there was something within, he was only too conscious of just how erotic the sensation could be.

Lube oozed from tiny holes along the stimulator’s length, ensuring that it would not abrade his rectum, and every so often, despite the uninterrupted moaning of the other four men, and the low-pitched thudding sound of the vibrating testicle shakers, he would catch the squelching noise emanating from his lubed asshole.


His body was a throbbing, roiling mass of new feelings, and he had only been there for five minutes! Lucien wondered how long the stimulation would continue, or more importantly, how long he could last. His balls felt so horny; so full of lust, as though he was constantly right on the edge of nutting again.

What would happen when he reached his limit? When he had nutted himself dry and then nutted past that? How many times could even cum dry? What then? Would it become painful? Would he simply stop feeling horny?

He looked down at his groin. His dick was so hard, sticking out like a gnarled branch from his groin, the end so shiny. And beneath, his balls, low in his sack, swinging back and forwards, moving too fast to clearly see. For some reason, even looking at his genitals increased his arousal, and suddenly Lucien was ejaculating again.

He produced nowhere near as much semen as the first time, although it was still a respectable amount for the average man. It fired from him, flying through the air in twisting, pearlescent loops of goo, before splattering onto the floor atop his earlier deposit.

Again, its arrival caught him by surprise. One moment he was studying his nuts, and trying to quantify exactly how they felt, and the next he saw cum launching from the end of his dick. While he did not produce as much semen the second time, it felt more powerful. Lucien threw his head back, grunting and futilely endeavouring to thrust his groin; the effort only serving to increase the orgasmic intensity. His groan morphed into a growl, then his vision blacked out entirely and it was replaced with white spots against a grey fog. His mind swirled, and for a while, he was no longer aware of his surroundings, or anything else except his pumping balls.


When the orgasm passed, he was breathing heavily. Would they all be like that from now on? How were the other four guys coping? Despite the insistent shaking between his legs that demanded his nonstop attention, he managed to turn and look at his companions.

Furthest from him was a fat old guy, maybe in his sixties. His dick was just a 4-inch stub, and his head hung to his chest with his eyes closed. He was breathing heavily.

Beside him, the next two guys, perhaps in their 30s or early 40s, with average bodies and dicks, stared straight ahead, almost zombie-like, clearly lost in their own emotions. A small dribble of cum slowly drooped from the head of the furthest guy’s dick and he squeezed his eyes tight as he came.

The guy closest to Lucien looked as though he was barely old enough to be in high school, although his presence in the prison suggested otherwise. He was slim, and he had no hair on his face, chest, belly or legs. Exactly the sort of guy that in other circumstances, Lucien would have gone for. He was panting like a dog on heat and suddenly a small jet of cum fired from his average-sized dick. The kid grunted and tried to thrust, but like Lucien, he could barely move his groin. Nevertheless, he kept trying, like a robot stuck on a faulty program, making staccato stabbing movements with his groin that served only to make his dick bounce. His eyes were wide as an owl’s, staring straight ahead. His body seemed desperate to aid his tiny ejaculation.

Lucien glanced at the floor in front of the kid. There was not as much as he had already produced, but there was a sizable puddle – easily ten regular orgasms worth.

Eventually the kid stopped thrusting.

“How many is that?” Lucien asked.

Like the other four males, the kid was bathed in sweat. He turned groggily to Lucien; his expression sleepy now. His jaw worked silently for a few seconds before words emerged.

“I… I don’t know. 15. 20 maybe. I didn’t count. So many. I can’t stop cumming. The shakers won’t let me.”

“Do you know how long they plan to keep us here?”

The kid shook his head.

“No. I think I’ve been here about an hour. I don’t know about the others. They haven’t talked since I got here.”

“Does it get any easier?” Lucien asked.

The kid’s jaw tensed as he squeezed his mouth shut. Then he shook his head emphatically side to side.

“No. No. Not easier. I think the shaking is getting faster. And rougher. I thought I could cope with… unnn, uhhh, nnnng…”

He was cumming again, and this time, like women whose periods synchronise in each other’s company, Lucien joined him, although he’d rather not have done so. Three times! He’d never ejaculated three times; at least not in so short a period. But his lust was not his to control. The orgasm temporarily robbed him and the kid of the power of rational thought.


Lucien squirted again, the kid did not. His balls were dry for now. The camera recorded the event. Although he was not watching, Michel knew that the kid would squirt again in fits and starts as he was forced to an impossibly high number of orgasms.


After their shared orgasm, Lucien stared ahead, as did the kid. They were both endeavouring to find a way to ignore erotic stimulation that insistently screamed its demand for attention.


The kid was correct about one thing. The shakers WERE programmed to increase over time. It wasn’t that they were set to increase the frequency of the shaking, but the distance that each arm travelled was set to increase gradually, so that by the end of the potential trial, they would be travelling to 90% of their maximum distance in each direction, with the remaining 10% unused for safety.

Because the rods were still moving at the same frequency, this meant that the effective speed would be doubled by the end of the trial. Of course, it was not, the speed per se, that caused the stimulation, it was the change from one direction to the opposite one. That brief moment was when the subject’s testicles were rattled like a pair of Mexican maracas.

In early testing, Michel had tried running the shakers even faster, but this literally shook the subjects’ testicles apart, with predictably excruciating consequences. He had since determined the maximum speed that could be used without causing harm or discomfort.

To the subjects, it felt as though the shakers were actually shaking the jizz from their roiling nuts, like fizzy soda bursting from an over-shaken can. But in actual fact, the shaking was causing such hyper-stimulation that it short-circuited their self-control, resulting in endless, irresistible orgasms.


After the third orgasm, Lucien tried to resist a fourth. Normally he had good self-control, managing to hold off an orgasm for an hour or more. But this time it was different. For starters, his usual tactic of simply contracting his testicles was impossible as they were pulled down between the rapidly oscillating claws. Moreover, it was hard to force his libido under control when the machine was actively working against him, filling his balls with lust. And of course, there was a third factor working against him; a perfect trifecta that guaranteed his failure. The third was the fact that he had no warning when the next orgasm would arrive. Lucien tensed his entire lower body, even as the shakers fought to counter that tension. He sucked his stomach in and tightened his abs. But how could he maintain it with a constantly turning corkscrew buried in his asshole, and the claws shaking the willpower from his nuts?

Lucien reached 90 seconds, 100, 110, 120, 130 then his body capitulated, and he was giving up another blast of his precious juice, and harder than the first time, although he had almost nothing to give.

He let out a roar. It was not one of triumph but a primal response to orgasm. Afterwards, he was in a daze, rendered insensible by the force of the orgasm. Then, just as he started to regain his senses, he was cumming again!

When the fifth had passed, struggling to think, Lucien realised he was in an impossible dilemma; the more he resisted, the harder he came when he eventually failed. It was like being punished for his defiance.


By the end of his third hour, the kid zombied out, no longer consciously aware of anything going on around him. He panted like a dog on a hot day, staring ever-downwards towards the opposite floor corner, his cock occasionally twitching as another orgasm rocked his body. His lips hung droopy like a geriatric with Alzheimer’s. Saliva drooled from his mouth, and cum from his cock.

The other three had crossed that threshold long before.

Soon afterwards, something happened that penetrated the orgasmic haze that was starting to enfold Lucien’s mind. A pair of medics entered the room with Michel and a guard. They were pushing a gurney, and they walked briskly over to the fat guy. Michel removed the restraints while one of the medics worked on the guy’s chest. As soon he was free, they loaded him onto the wheeled medical trolley, and pushed him from the room. As much as Lucien was bothered by what happened, his thoughts of concern were interrupted by yet another orgasm. He was long past keeping track, but it was in fact his 72nd.


Over the next 11 hours, the shakers very gradually increased in speed, and as they did so, the unavoidable euphoria experienced by the remaining four men grew and grew.


Although he could not consciously focus on the world beyond his genitals anymore, the pleasure in the kid’s genitals slowly expanded, radiating outwards from his nuts and the base of his cock, and his prostate, and sphincter. The two areas in his groin seemed to slowly merge into one greater point of sexual warmth, and then the two in his rear. Each was still a locus of extreme pleasure, but there was a growing feeling of sexual warmth throughout his entire lower torso. The front and back joined, and then the feeling started to spread into the top of his thighs, and up towards his belly button, as though his groin was one giant, hyper-stimulated erogenous zone. His pink nipples stood out on his normally pale chest, now flushed a rosy pink, and his lips were red and swollen. Erogenous zones he never even dreamed existed were being activated by hour after hour of ceaseless arousal.


A little after 1am, first one, then the other of the older guys was wheeled from the room on gurneys. If Lucien had still retained the slightest awareness, he might have wondered if they were okay, and what necessitated the gurneys. Instead, he and the kid were lost in their own exhausting, dick-straining, endless cycle of orgasms. If he had known the truth, he would have been more far concerned, although he would have been equally powerless to prevent the inevitable.


This was the third round of tests that Michel had conducted; each round comprising dozens of inmates drawn from prisons all across France. Each round had been designed to tune different functions of the ExoStim.

ExoStim was Michel’s invention – a portmanteau of the words “Exoskeleton” and “stimulator.” The idea grew from his now deceased business partner’s idea to build an exoskeleton that provided mobility for quadriplegics such as the man’s son. When the man died prematurely, and Michel agreed to take over raising the teenager, he realised that the boy required an outlet for his sexual energy. That led to the ExoStim, and as the idea grew, Michel realised that there were darker, corporate and governmental applications for his idea.


The first of the government sanctioned test rounds, was designed to determine the shakers’ optimal speed. The second was to determine the value and parameters for intra-rectal stimulation. In this, the third round, the objective was simple; to see how long and at what level the subjects could be stimulated.

Michel knew that without exception, that every single test subject zombied out within the first six hours, with most zoning out hours before, depending upon their ability to withstand sustained levels of extreme arousal. The kid went over relatively quickly in spite of his fitness. He responded to the stimulation especially well, most likely, Michel surmised, due to his youth.

Prior testing revealed that the ExoStim could prompt one orgasm every two minutes when the components were perfectly tuned. Even at the lowest setting, they could compel the subject to orgasm every three minutes. That meant a minimum of 20 orgasms every hour. That many orgasms in a single day was exhausting, even for the fittest of males with the most enormous libido. To be induced to orgasm at a rate of at least 20 orgasms an hour indefinitely was as mentally draining as it was physically.

But the fact was, Michel was not concerned. It was not as if their comfort mattered, and it wasn’t like he was torturing them; at least, not in the traditional sense. Could you even torture a man with pleasure?


Throughout the long night, the kid and Lucien both panted, their hearts pounding. Sleep was impossible thanks to the constant arousal and their straining dicks, punctuated by constant orgasms; some more overwhelming than others. But nor were they truly awake. Their minds drifted in a trance-like state, aware only of the pleasure in their loins.

Finally, at 5.32am, Lucien’s heart could take no more and he went into cardiac arrest like the three men before him. The medics swiftly entered the lab, and it was restarted while Michel’s assistant removed the restraints.

14 minutes later, the kid also went into arrest…


At 1pm later the same day, Lucien woke up in the infirmary with balls the size of goose eggs, and an erection that simply would not dissipate. He looked to his sides to see three of his fellow test subjects.

“I’m never fucking doing that again,” the kid said, and the two other men laughed wearliy.


Meanwhile, in his office, Michel looked at the results. He spoke to his assistant.

“Lucien and Olivier did well. 18 hours 32 minutes for Lucien, and 19:46 for the kid. We’ll have to start trialling that anti-arrest medication in the next batch. See if we can get anyone to 36 hours.”

The other man nodded.

“Do you think we’ll ever attain perpetual stimulation?”

“Oh yes, I’m certain it’s only a matter of time.”


One year later

Test series 3, batch 2, subject 1
Name: Julien Beafoy
Age: 63
Crime: Rape of a minor – 17 counts
Sentence: 12 years per count
Test duration: 7:12
Number of orgasms: 189
Number of ejaculations: 14
Time until orgasmic trance: 3:55
Time until cardiac arrest: 7:13
Successful resuscitation: No
Period without orgasms: N/A
Period without erections: N/A
Testicular volume after 365 days: N/A
Flaccid penis size (before/after): 7cm/N/A

Test series 3, batch 2, subject 2
Name: Francois Ducasse
Age: 38
Crime: Human trafficking
Sentence: 35 years
Test duration: 15:15
Number of orgasms: 315
Number of ejaculations: 22
Time until orgasmic trance: 5:07
Time until cardiac arrest: 15:14
Successful resuscitation: Yes
Period without orgasms: 365 days and counting
Period without erections: 365 days and counting
Testicular volume after 365 days: -70%
Flaccid penis size (before/after): 10cm/7cm

Test series 3, batch 2, subject 3
Name: Yves Travers
Age: 44
Crime: Pimping
Sentence: 7 years
Test duration: 14:01
Number of orgasms: 336
Number of ejaculations: 18
Time until orgasmic trance: 4:32
Time until cardiac arrest: 14:00
Successful resuscitation: Yes
Period without orgasms: 365 days and counting
Period without erections: 365 days and counting
Testicular volume after 365 days: -65%
Flaccid penis size (before/after): 9cm/5cm

Test series 3, batch 2, subject 4
Age: 17
Name: Olivier Chastain
Crime: Public nudity
Sentence: 1 month
Test duration: 19:16
Number of orgasms: 515
Number of ejaculations: 31
Time until orgasmic trance: 3:34
Time until cardiac arrest: 19:16
Successful resuscitation: Yes
Period without orgasms: 365 days and counting
Period without erections: 365 days and counting
Testicular volume after 365 days: -92%
Flaccid penis size (before/after): 7.5cm/4cm

Test series 3, batch 2, subject 5
Age: 27
Name: Luciene Lavigne
Crime: Rape – 4 counts
Sentence: 15 years
Test duration: 18:32
Number of orgasms: 414
Number of ejaculations: 27
Time until orgasmic trance: 4:34
Time until cardiac arrest: 18:32
Successful resuscitation: Yes
Period without orgasms: 365 days and counting
Period without erections: 216 days
Testicular volume after 365 days: -72%
Flaccid penis size (before/after): 18cm/7cm

After action summary

Category: Level 5 confidentiality

Author: Michel Archambeau

It is clear that sequence 3 provided exceptional stimulation, with all subjects experiencing hitherto, never-witnessed numbers of orgasms over a 24-hour period. While this led to a considerable testicular enlargement and tenderness in the month immediately following the trial, the considerable reduction in size over the longer term means that this could be used as a non-chemical, long-term form of libido reduction for inmates, administered on their first day of incarceration, then every six months thereafter. We have yet to see a restoration of testicular size, with most subjects being reduced to pre-pubertal sizes.

With further tuning, and over a much shorter duration, ExoStim could be used as a form of recreation. The lack of penile stimulation eliminates any refractory discomfort, so it could be used for longer solo sexual sessions.

As a method of semen/sperm extraction, administered on a much lower stimulation level, we anticipate that the ExoStim can be used for indefinite periods of time. If the testicular reduction is countered with hormones, I anticipate the possibility of large-scale collection farms within a decade.


It was bizarre to see the priest Julien Beafoy participating in the trial. Even with a 50% reduction, he will spend the rest of his life incarcerated.

Note* We must include a pre-trial interview to discover the subjects’ motivations.

I will also note, that the youth, Olivier Chastain was quite the anomaly. Why he was in an adult prison at all, I cannot fathom given that his only “crime” was streaking at a high school soccer game, which he apparently did as a dare. I suppose you can thank an uptight judge for that one. Why Olivier agreed to participate is a greater mystery still, especially as he only had a week left on his sentence. However, we couldn’t pass up on the opportunity to trial a subject of his age. I can’t help but wonder if the young man knew what he was signing up for.

Although he has been free for most of the past year, he has continued to be accommodating in our follow-up surveys and medicals. After 515 orgasms in a single day, I think his knees are still trembling…


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    Please make a follow up where they test the virtual reality gear!

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    They should test out the Virtual Reality component next on those prisoners!

    • I do like a nice virtual reality milking! 🙂

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