Body cast

A young man gets more than he bargained for when his friend offers to help him out of a predicament.

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Body cast

Joshua sat on the side of the bed and looked at his friend.

“I can’t believe you’ve been in that shit for over three months. It must be driving you mad.”

“Like you wouldn’t fucking believe! The itching is the worst. It’s bad enough not being able to scratch my ass or my nose, but the itching inside the casts drives me almost crazy. Still…” he reflected, “I’m lucky to be alive I guess.”

“Yeah dude,” Joshua said solemnly. “When I saw you after the accident I thought for sure you were dead. The bones sticking out of your arms and legs made me wanna puke. How that truck didn’t break your back I’ll never know.”

“Guess I was lucky it knocked me away rather than running over me.”

Joshua looked at his friend. He was laying on his bed in his home bedroom wearing a hospital-style gown. He was propped with several pillows behind his back. Both of his arms were lifted in traction to the sides like a modern day crucifix, and his legs, splayed apart were also in traction, lifted three feet from the bed by thick padded straps around his ankles suspended by pulleys hanging off a custom frame.

“Yeah, lucky,” Joshua said unconvinced. “Jack you are the only person I know who could stay positive even after getting almost killed.”

“Tell you what else drives me nuts; the boredom. If mom leaves the remote in my hand I can change channels on the TV, but it’s really hard holding it all day. I keep forgetting and it slips from my hand. At least we have Netflix. I’ve watched the whole of Breaking Bad and Walking Dead. I’m watching Stranger Things now.”


At that moment there was a light tap on the door. The person on the other side waited to be invited in.

“Come in mom,” Jack called.

His mother popped her head around the door.

“Hey Joshua, are you going to be here for at least the next three hours? I really need to get some chores done in town. It would be a massive help if you could stick around.”

“Sure Mrs Mason.”

“Oh great.”

She looked to her son.

“Is there anything you need before I go?”

“No mom. I’m fine thanks.”

“Okay, well I’ll be back in a few hours. Your phone’s charged isn’t it, just in case I need to reach you?”

Joshua lifted Jack’s phone from the bed stand, swiped the screen to activate the display and glanced at the power indicator.

“62 percent Mrs Mason.”

“Great. Josh you can use it to call me if there’s any kind of emergency. Well you boys take care.”

She walked in and kissed Jack on the forehead.

“Call me if you need anything.”

She glanced at Joshua.

“Thanks Joshua. It can be hard to get away during the day.”

He smiled.

“No problem!”


She left and a minute later they heard her close the front door. Joshua walked around the bed and watched her back down the short driveway before driving away.

“She’s gone.”

He walked back around the bed glancing in his friend’s direction. As he moved past the foot of the bed he started sniggering.

Jack frowned.

“What? What’s up? Why are you laughing?”

“It’s nothing,” Joshua said, doing a poor job of stifling his sniggers.

“Yeah it is. Why are you laughing dude?”

“It’s just; well I can see your balls hanging out.”

Jack blushed.

“Oh. Yeah.”

“Why aren’t you wearing underwear?”

“You don’t wear it in hospital. Makes it difficult when you have to use the bathroom or when they wash you. It made sense to keep doing it at home until I can take care of myself.”

“Yeah, I can see that. So how DO you go to the bathroom?”

“There’s a kind of bottle. They hold it over my dick while I piss.”

“And what about…”

“They have a plastic bed pan that slides under my butt.”

“So you take a dump in bed? That must be hard.”

“Nah not now, but it was at first. It just felt really wrong ya know?”

“Yeah definitely. So um, who helps you – your dad I s’pose?”

“Nah, whoever’s here. My mom mostly.”

“Your mom wipes your ass and sees your dick?”


“Man that would freak me out. My mom hasn’t seen me nude since I was about 9 years old.”

“Yeah, I’d rather she didn’t but I got used to it quickly. The only time it’s embarrassing is ummm…”

He trailed off. Joshua frowned, his curiosity piqued.

“Well, when I get a boner or I have morning wood.”

Joshua smiled broadly.

“You still get boners?”

“Of course, why wouldn’t I?”

“I dunno, I kinda thought all that would stop.”

“Dude, I broke my arms and legs not my dick!”

“So what does she do; just leaves you alone till it goes away I guess?”

“Nah, no point. It doesn’t go if it’s morning wood. She just makes a joke, or sometimes just acts like it’s not there, then puts the bottle on my belly and holds it till I’m done.”

“Man, that would freak me out so much.”

“You get used to anything when you don’t have any choice.”

“Yeah, I suppose so. So, um what about feeling horny?”

Joshua gave a crude grin.

“She doesn’t jack you off does she?”

“Nah, course not.”

“Your dad?”


“Little brother?”


“Little brother?”

“Sick dude. Course not. He’s only 11.”

“So um, who does it for you?”

“Nobody does.”

“Don’t you still get horny? I mean it’s been more than three months. I can’t go 12 hours without jacking off.”

“Yeah definitely still feel horny. I get a boner watching women’s MMA all the time.”

Joshua laughed.

“In fairness, that IS pretty horny at the best of times,” he said. “Two sweaty women rolling around on the floor struggling.”

“Ah stop, you’re killing me!” Jack joked.

“So who’s your favourite fighter, Ronda Rousey? Holly Holm?”

“Nah, Cláudia Gadelha.”

“Who the fuck is she?”

“She’s Brazilian. Sooo hot.”

“Ahh right. So just imagine her pinning you to the mat. Laying on top of you.”

“Awww stop it dude, you’re killing me!” Jack repeated.

“And her tits are pressing against your chest, and her hot breath is on your face. And you’re naked, with a boner.”

“Why are you doing this to me?” Jack laughed.

“And she’s laying between your legs and she squeezes your boner between her thighs and starts grinding against you.”

“Jesus Josh, what the fuck?! No more, no more.”

The front of Jack’s gown lifted, tenting around his erection. His penis flopped back onto his belly, pulling more of the gown with it, exposing his testicles fully.

Joshua looked at it.

“Ha ha. You ARE fucking horny Jack. Try not to splooge next time your mom washes your dick.”

“Josh, that’s not funny. I’m gonna be hard for hours now.”

“I could find a women’s MMA fight on youtube for you to watch?” Joshua asked playfully.

“That’s the last thing I need! I’m gonna have a wet dream tonight now.”


“Nah, but I am gonna be horny for a while you fucking douche!”


Joshua thought in silence for a while.

“I guess, umm, well I could jack you off if you think that would help?”

“Stop kidding around!”

“Nah, no kidding. We’re bros. I know how crazy it would be making me if I was in your situation.”

Jack thought about his friend’s offer for five long seconds.

“Better not. It’s a bit queer isn’t it?” Jack asked, unconsciously hoping that his friend could convince him.

“Only if you make it like that. Otherwise it’s just a guy helping a bro out. No homo.”

Jack contemplated Joshua’s words.

“Well, if you promise never to tell anyone.”

“Why would I do that? It would only make me look bad, not you.”

“Yeah, I guess so.

Joshua looked at Jack’s cotton-covered penis. It was twitching beneath the gown.

“Anyway, your dick certainly doesn’t care. So you want me to or not?”

Jack looked down at his penis. There was a damp spot where the gown covered the head. His face reddened.

“Yeah. Yeah, that would be really cool. Only if you don’t mind?”

“Wouldn’t have offered if I did would I?”

Jack smiled gratefully and his penis twitched as he anticipated relief.

“Better get that robe out the way before you mess it up any more.”

Joshua pulled the robe back to reveal his friend’s penis.

“Fuck me!” he said as he saw what he’d revealed. It was a monster; long, dark and thick. It had a long soft wrinkled brown foreskin that was gummed up and oozing with sparkling precum.

“How fucking long is that, 8 inches?”

“Nine and half.”

“Jesus H Christ. Didn’t know dicks like that existed in real life!”

Jack blushed.

“It wasn’t a choice, and it still hasn’t helped me to lose my cherry any quicker.”

“Join the club. Jeez, it looks weird on you though dude. How tall are you?”

“5 7.”

“Damn, that thing must poke you in the chin when it stands up!”

Jack laughed.

“Not quite!”


Joshua rose to his feet and walked to the door.

“Where you going?” Jack asked.

“To get toilet paper for after. Don’t want your mom coming home and finding you covered in jizz.”

“Get paper towel from the kitchen. Don’t want tissue stuck to my dick either. It’s on the kitchen counter.”

Joshua smiled.

“Will do.”


Joshua disappeared for almost five minutes. Jack was considering shouting to check that his friend was all right when Joshua returned carrying a thick folded wad of paper towels.

“Jeez, how much did you bring?”

“Ten sheets.”

“Ten?! I usually use one piece. Two at most. You could clean up after an elephant with that.”

Joshua looked down at his friend’s now flaccid penis. He lifted it by the base, and gave it a shake. A serpentine ripple wobbled from the base, along its soft six-inch length to its sticky brown snout.

“A baby elephant at least.”

He batted at the enormous meat and Jack flinched.

“Hey!” he protested, his pitch starting high and falling at the end of the word.

Joshua grinned at him.

“Anyway, better safe than sorry. It HAS been more than three months.”

Jack grinned back.

“Why’d it take you so long?”

Joshua showed him a bottle of Johnson’s baby oil.

“Looking for this.”

Jack frowned.

In answer to his unvoiced question Joshua said, “You’ll see. You’ll enjoy it a lot more. Ready?”

Jack looked at him and nodded. Joshua could see that his friend was eager but trying to play it cool.

He lifted the hospital gown and folded it four times, reducing the front to a strip of material. Then he tucked it under Jack’s arm pits, holding it in place behind his back.

“Don’t want you getting covered in spunk. I don’t wanna explain THAT to your mom!”

Jack grinned and there was more than a trace of lust in his expression now.

Joshua moved in beside him and sat on the right-hand side of the bed. He liberally covered his right palm in oil then he reached up between his friend’s legs and cupped his friend’s testicles, giving them a slow squeeze.

It surprised Jack who was expecting Joshua to get straight to business. He gasped.

“Fucking big nuts too,” Joshua observed.

Jack’s bloated scrotum filled his cupped palm.

“Are they normally this big or is it ‘cause you haven’t cum for so long?”

Jack was already having trouble breathing. He was panting with excitement. He looked down between his legs.

“That’s… that’s their normal size I think.”

Joshua shook his head.

“Man your sac’s the size of a softball.”

He was exaggerating but not by much.

He rubbed his cupped palm up and down across the bloated bag, lightly squeezing the contents as he rubbed the oil into his friend’s nut-sack.

“What are you doing?” Jack said.

“Oiling your sack. Do you shave it?”


“Smooth as a baby’s butt. Hardly any wrinkles either.”

“Nah, I’m not very hairy.”

Joshua looked at his friend’s neat patch of dark pubes. There was not even a hint of treasure trail towards his belly. He smiled without comment.

Joshua oiled his left hand, and picked up his friend’s flaccid penis in his fist. Two inches dangled over the end of his fingers.

“It’s like a fucking python!” he noted, impressed.

Jack was uncertain how to respond to his friend’s obvious admiration of his penis, so he watched in silence.

Joshua started to move his hand up and down, oiling Jack’s penis in a lightly closed fist.

“Go faster Jack said. “I’ll never get a boner like that.”

“Just think of women’s MMA!”

Within seconds, he felt Jack’s cock swelling again. He grinned.

“Fuck me Jack, you’ve got the hots for them!”

Jack blushed, embarrassed at how easily he could be turned on.


Joshua felt Jack’s cock straining in his fist. He kneaded his friend’s nuts harder, squeezing each one individually. They felt as large as chicken eggs.

“Not so hard on my nuts Josh,” Jack protested.

“I’m slowing you down. You don’t wanna squirt too soon do you?”

Jack’s mouth moved wordlessly as he struggled to form an answer. He wanted to cum NOW, right this second, but on the other hand, the idea of a slower, more erotic wank was appealing.

“N… no. I guess not.”

Joshua laughed.

“You don’t sound very sure!”

Jack grunted as his friend gently squeezed his fat bag.

“Yeah, I’m just really horny. Three and a half months is a long time to go without cumming. I don’t think… I don’t think I’m gonna last very long. And now my nuts are aching.”

“No problem. Just lie there and think of Claudette.”

“Cláudia,” Jack corrected.


Joshua released his left hand and slid his right hand up past Jack’s testicles, dragging his palm along the length of his friend’s rigid cock. He reached the top. It was a sticky, wet mess of precum. He wrapped his fist around it lightly, and lifted it until it stood at right angles to Jack’s pelvis, then he drew his fist down towards the base. Jack watched, seeing his penis in a new light now.

As Joshua’s fist moved downwards, Jack’s long, soft foreskin unfurled, stickily lubricated in a generous ooze of precum. The skin slipped down the shaft and tucked in loosely behind the glans, coating the head with clear goo as it went.

“Jeez Jack, do you always get this sticky?”

“Nah, never before, but then I’ve never had to go this long without spanking the monkey before either.”


Joshua started to move his fist up and down slowly, drawing the wet foreskin over the head of his friend’s disproportionately large cock. Joshua’s penis was truly remarkably large to him. Much too thick to wrap his fingers all the way around. It felt as though he was wrapping his fist around the end of a warm baseball bat.

Jack closed his eyes and allowed his mind to wander. He felt safe in Joshua’s company, his apprehension washed away now beneath the pleasure his best friend was delivering. With his eyes closed, all he felt was the hand, sensuously stroking his cock. He was unconcerned by thoughts of whose hand it was.

“You can hold it tighter,” Jack informed his friend.


Joshua squeezed Jack’s meat harder and continued to pump his friend’s cock at a slow but steady pace for ten minutes before Jack announced “I’m getting close. Go faster. Much faster.”

Joshua did the complete opposite. He released Jack’s penis entirely. Jack’s cock twitched and jerked in the air, on the very verge of ejaculation. After five seconds of twitching, Jack opened his eyes. Joshua was sitting there watching his cock twitch and bounce as it almost begged for attention.

“What are you doing?!” Jack asked urgently.

“Taking a break.”

Joshua gave Jack a mischievous smile.

“What? Now?! I’m almost there.”

“I know. That’s why I’m taking a break.”

“But.. but… I don’t get it. I thought…”

Jack was frustrated and bewildered. Joshua’s smile broadened.

“Oh, don’t be an asshole. I’d rather you never started if you’re not gonna finish!”

“I AM going to finish. Just not yet.”

Jack frowned.

“Oh dude, come on. Don’t torment me. Finish it please.”

Joshua looked at Jack’s penis. Its urgent twitching was slowing. He sat, watching it until it was still, then he reached over the top of his friend’s lap with his left hand and lightly gripped Jack’s bone again. This time he moved his fist much slower.

“Come on Josh, faster than that. I’m never gonna cum at that speed.”

“That’s the idea.”

“What? Why are you fucking with me Josh?”

“I’m not fucking with you. I just wanna make sure that it’s a really good one.”

Jack scrutinized his friend’s eyes to see if he was lying. He saw no sign of deception there.

“Oh come on Josh, just finish me off please. I don’t want a luxury wank. I just wanna cum.”

Joshua laughed.

“A luxury wank?”

“Yeah, you know, where you put on a rubber and take your time.”

“Why would you put on a rubber on your own?!” Joshua asked with an incredulous smile.

“So you don’t have to clean up afterwards. Don’t you ever do that?”


Jack felt foolish now. He’d revealed an intimate secret and now he felt like a freak.

“Dude, don’t look at me like that!” he said, blushing, “it’s not THAT weird.”

“I never said it was. I just think it’s funny, you putting on a rubber just to beat off.”

“I don’t do it all the time. Just once in a while.”

“Where do you even buy rubbers this big?”

“There’s a pharmacy in Pendleton.”

“I bet the assistant give you a weird look every time. I mean it’s not like it’s obvious you have a fire hose in your pants.”

“Actually she does, every time. It’s pretty embarrassing.”


As they talked, Joshua continued slowly sliding his fist up and down Jack’s cock.

“Man, your cock is so hard dude.”

“You don’t need to tell me! I feel like if you would just go a tiny bit faster I could cum. I’m right on the edge.”

Joshua gripped his testicles, feeling them in his fist to see if they conveyed any information.

“Your nuts are pulsing; kind of vibrating. It’s almost like they’re pumping cum into your dick.”

Jack grunted, “Uhhh, uhhh. You don’t need to tell me dude.”

Joshua rhythmically squeezed his friend’s bag.

“NOW what are you doing?!” Jack asked, growing increasingly frustrated.

“Helping them.”

“Dude they don’t need any help. If you just blow on my dick right now I’d pop my cork.”


Joshua leaned his head towards his friend’s lap and blew softly onto his friend’s glans as he continued slowly pumping the shaft and massaging his testicles. The coating of precum turned cool under his breath.

Jack started trembling.

“Josh, you fucking asshole. Just fucking finish me or leave me alone!”

Joshua looked up at his friend’s face with a grin, then he poked out his tongue and let the tip slide over Jack’s precum-lubed glans.

“Josh!” Jack said in shock. “What the fuck?!”

Josh continued flickering his tongue, allowing it to dance over the head of Jack’s swollen glans.

Jack wanted to protest. His best friend was licking his dick. He HAD to say something. To pull his dick free. Soon. He’d do it in just a few seconds. After he came. In Josh’s face. He wriggled, not in an attempt to break free, but in ecstasy.

“J.. Josh!” he panted, his eyes wide.

“You want more?” Joshua asked.

Jack nodded, as though not actually saying the words made his request less gay.

Joshua leaned forwards, stuck out his tongue, then stopped a centimetre short of Jack’s glans. He sat up with a grin.

“Nah, you’ve had enough of that now.”

Jack let out a higher pitched grunt of disappointment, unconsciously lifting his hips as though chasing his friend’s tongue.


Josh pulled sat back with a wicked grin. He was always the one most willing to go further than anyone else.

“You like it? Now you can tell everyone you know how it feels to have your dick sucked!”

Jack couldn’t believe his friend was willing to go so far to fuck with him. He looked at Joshua open-mouthed in amazement.

“Ready to finish?” Joshua asked.

Jack nodded. His emotions all over the place. Joshua smiled and moved to the other side of the bed, gripping Jack’s oily cock tightly in his right fist. Then he started pumping fast, drawing his fist low on every stroke, stretching the skin on the downstrokes and covering the glans with the loose foreskin on the upstrokes. At the same time, he started tugging on Jack’s fat, greasy balls, stretching his scrotum like he was milking a cow.

Jack immediately starting squirming and his head fell back onto the pillows as waves of pleasure wiped away his conscious thoughts.

He panted half words.

“Oh fu… fu… fuh…”

He could not complete a sentence as Joshua’s hand moved lightning fast on his straining cock. The glans was swollen and on each up-stroke Joshua’s fingers bumped across its flared rear edge, sending bolts of pleasure along Jack’s shaft.

Joshua pumped even faster. Suddenly a rapid squirt of semen fired from Jack’s cock. It flew past his chest and landed on the pillow above his head, hitting with an audible splat that left a splash the same diameter as a coffee mug base. Before it had even landed, another gargantuan squirt followed it, this time splattering on Jack’s forehead, merging with his hairline. Another landed on his face, closing his left eye, and then the flow changed. Instead of a series of squirts, it became a continuous stream, like a gentle piss of thick goo, flowing from the end to land on his lower chest. It quickly puddled and started to flow towards his belly button, as it was joined by more and more.

Joshua continued pumping as fast as his right hand could move, forcing Jack’s balls to give up their enormous cargo of cream.

Jack was completely washed away in the orgasm of his life. He whimpered like a wet puppy, and panted as though he’d just run a 400 meter sprint.


Eventually no more emerged from his cock, but he continued to groan and squirm, so Joshua continued to work his cock and balls, although slower now. Joshua watched his friend’s face closely. He may not be squirting any more but it was clear that he was still in the throes of a brain-scrambling orgasm.

After a further minute, Jack finally stilled and lay back completely exhausted, his eyes closed, breathing heavily. Joshua looked down at his fist. It was drenched in cum.

“All done?” Joshua asked, releasing his penis.

Apart from the rise and fall of his chest Jack remained motionless. Then Joshua noticed that Jack’s penis was still twitching, rhythmically lifting its head from his stomach as though he was still trying to cum. He watched, fascinated for two minutes as his friend’s penis twitched and spasmed on his stomach.

“All done?” he asked again when the twitching finally slowed and stopped.

“Nng uuuunhhh,” Jack murmured like someone half asleep.

Jack’s penis was still hard, lying against his stomach like a floating log. Joshua idly ran his fist up and down its length, pondering what it would be like to jerk such a massive tool if it was his own.

Jack’s eyes flickered open.

“My eye Josh. Clean this shit out of my eye will you?”

Joshua looked at the puddle of drying semen across Jack’s eye and smirked.

“Great shot! I should just go home and let your mom find you like this,” he said, his grin widening at the thought. “Wonder what she’d do?”

“She’d probably have my nuts cut off and she’d send the cops after you!”

Joshua grinned and wiped the cum that was gumming up Jack’s left eye.

He looked Jack up and down. The pillow was soaked above his head, his forehead was wet, his chest and stomach were awash with semen, and his pubes were drenched with it.

“Fucking hell Jack, looks like you needed that. I’ve never seen so much cum.”

“Nor have I. I just couldn’t stop.”


Joshua walked back to the other side of the bed and picked up the wad of paper towels.

“Maybe this wasn’t so much after all. It looks like you squirted a Coke can worth of spunk.”

Jack looked at him sheepishly.

“I feel like I just squirted a year’s worth of spunk. I’m surprised my balls haven’t drained to nothing.”

Joshua reached between Jack’s legs and gave his friend’s nuts a hard jiggle in his palm.

“Nope, still there. Even bigger if anything.”

“No fucking way!”

“No kidding. Jeez, it’s lucky I did this when I did, or they might have exploded!”

Jack grinned sleepily at the joke.

Joshua pressed his cupped hand up against Jack’s bulging sac and pushed upwards, pressing the stallion eggs up against his pelvis. Jack grunted. Joshua allowed his palm to slide up over the oiled orbs, sliding his palms along Jack’s still hard cock. When his hand reached the end, he closed it into a fist once more.

“What are you doing?” Jack asked.

“These nuts are a liability. I think I’d better drain them completely.”

“No dude. I’m sensitive now. I don’t wanna be jacked off any more.”

“Then why are you still hard?”

“I dunno. Just really horny I guess.”

Joshua reset his palm back on Jack’s scrotum and pressed hard, sliding back to the tip of Jack’s cock. Then he did it again, and again.

“Josh, I said I don’t want to anymore. Quit it.”

Joshua grinned at him and the mischievous sparkle was back in his eye.

“Gotta make sure you’re properly drained Jack.”

“Dude stop, for fuck’s sake!”

Joshua ignored him and continued.

Jack realised that Joshua was going to continue. He wriggled, trying to move away from him, backing up the pillows, but the traction slings around his wrists and legs prevented him moving far before his shoulders were lifted from the bed.

He struggled to draw his knees together, but they were held apart by the same slings.

He redoubled his efforts as he realised how completely vulnerable he was to his friend’s unwanted attention.

“Josh! Fucking quit it dude, seriously! I’m not fucking around anymore.”

“An’ what you gonna do about it?” Joshua asked.

“I’m… I’m…”

Joshua slid his palm up between his legs again and smiled as it become obvious that Jack realised he could neither escape nor prevent his friend from masturbating him.

Joshua gripped Jack’s large nuts and gave the bag a slow squeeze to emphasise the point. Jack’s eyes widened and he felt Joshua’s fist tightening.

“Josh don’t!” he said, alarmed now.

They’d both seen rough play that had gotten out of hand, and he was acutely aware of his total vulnerability.

“Don’t what?”

“Don’t hurt me dude.”

“Hurt you? Why would I do that. I’m just gonna make sure your nuts are totally dry. Might be months before you get another chance to beat off.”

He released his friend’s balls long before the pressure became painful. Instead he took Jack’s throbbing penis in his fist and started pumping once again. Jack winced. He was still well within the post-orgasmic refractory period when his penis was sensitive to continued masturbation. But one more time? He could surely manage that if Josh would just stop fucking with him. He twisted and turned, caught in the slings like a fly in a spider’s web. But he was no longer trying to escape, his movements were an automatic discomfort response to Joshua’s fist.

Joshua pumped fast, medium light, not interested this time in artfully stimulating his friend, but merely in forcing a second orgasm from his body. It took three minutes, and when it came it was a shadow of his first. Jack still squirted half an eggcup of cum, but this time it barely reached as far as his belly. He grunted as the orgasm was forced from him, but he was happy, knowing that Joshua would release his sensitive penis now


“Not bad, not bad. See I knew there was still loads in there,” Joshua said. “But I’m sure they’re not completely dry yet.”

“What?! I can’t cum any more dude. My dick’s aching.”

“We’ll see.”

Joshua gripped the shaft in his left hand, and moved the flat palm of his right hand over the cum-lube head. Jack squirmed as the contact sent tiny bolts like electricity down to the root of his cock.

“Ah ahhh!” he gasped, shocked at how such a soft touch lit up the nerves of his helmet. “Dude, come onnn, enough n… Ahh ahhh!”

Joshua continued circling his palm, keeping Jack’s penis hard against his will. Jack gasped now at every small circle made by Joshua’s palm. He wore an expression as though he was in genuine pain.

“That tingles huh?” Joshua asked, continuing to polish his friend’s glans.

Jack could only muster a high-pitched strangled, semi-gurgling noise. “Unggg!”


Joshua changed his tactic, reducing to a single finger. He drew small circles with it around the eye of Jack’s urethra. Jack was grateful for the decreased area of contact but the sensation was no less acute.

Joshua lightly rubbed his fingertip across the eye, softly bumping from one hemisphere to the other. Then he allowed his finger to drift to the rear, stroking from one half to the other across the loose flap of Jack’s fraenulum. Joshua’s every touch was light now, but it made Jack quiver, and his already-hard penis grew firmer still. Joshua watched with satisfaction as veins along its length slowly started to stand out from the shaft as his body tried to engorge it with even more blood.

Joshua moved his left hand up and gripped the shaft, then he slowly moved towards the base, peeling the retracted foreskin back to its limits, revealing tiny veins beneath, straining as hard as the thicker ones along the shaft. He lifted the index finger of his right hand, the pad of the finger facing upwards now, and gently started to trace around the circumference of the flared coronal rim at the base of the head of Jack’s penis.

“Ohhhhh,” Jack sighed softly, and his head fell to the pillow once more, his eyes closed.

Joshua looked up at his friend’s face. It looked almost angelic, beatific, as he surrendered again to the sensations in his penis. Joshua continued stroking the rim of Jack’s penis, taking his time, keeping Jack hard but not pushing it. He continued patiently for ten minutes. Then he switched hands, moving his right up to tweak Jack’s nipples, pinching them lightly.

A frown crossed Jack’s face but his eyes remained closed.

With his other hand, Joshua started rubbing all four fingertips and his thumb across Jack’s glans as if he was kneading the world’s smallest loaf of bread.

Jack squirmed more urgently, then a thick ooze of cum emerged slowly from his penis as though his balls were simply too full, and his penis was the safety valve. He groaned as the third orgasm was drawn from his body.

But still Joshua was not finished. He continued teasing and edging Jack for almost two and a half hours, forcing him to cum and cum, until he finally showed the signs of orgasm whilst nothing else emerged from his overworked cock.


Joshua looked at his watch.

“Your mom will be home in half an hour.”

Jack was almost catatonic from 147 minutes of constant arousal.


“Just time for one more.”

“Unng,” Jack protested.

Joshua lowered his head to his friend’s penis and started sucking, wrapping his lips around the glans and simultaneously flickering over the head with his tongue. Jack moaned, still capable of arousal and pleasure after so long.

Joshua slipped his middle finger between the raised cheeks of Jack’s bottom, seeking his friend’s hole. His searching finger located the sphincter. It was also devoid of hair. Joshua brushed his finger tip across it a few moments, then he started to burrow his finger inside.

Jack was way beyond the point of resisting. He was sexually drained, physically exhausted, and in an emotional fog. Joshua’s finger easily worked its way inside him.

At first Joshua simply finger fucked Jack as he bobbed his head on his cock, but as soon as Jack’s body started to respond, he pushed his finger deeper, searching out the walnut sized lump of his prostate. Joshua ran his finger across it, pressing firmly. Jack moaned again as his friend found the spot. Joshua smiled. His friend’s tone and pitch were more like that of a young woman or a boy on the cusp of puberty than a young man.


Joshua worked Jack’s body over with his tongue and finger, noting with amusement that his friend was becoming animated once again, writhing and twisting against the traction harness that prevented him from even closing his legs.

Joshua buried his finger, moving just the tip now. With the thumb of the same hand, he worked on his friend’s enormous testicles, massaging first one then the other, working his thumb and buried finger in opposition towards each other in a two-fingered claw. The other fingers splayed

Jack’s squirming became increasingly animated and his panting increased in frequency and volume.

Then Joshua felt a thick ooze of cum flowing from his best friend’s cock onto his tongue. He continued working Jack’s body until he was still again, letting out intermittent grunts of satisfaction in the aftermath of yet another orgasm.


Joshua moved his head away, and allowed the semen to dribble from his mouth onto Jack’s belly. He withdrew his finger from Jack’s anus, then with a cupped hand, he patted his friend’s bulging nuts like a schoolteacher pats a favoured child’s head. Jack’s nuts had given up a vast river of cum today. Joshua thought he had drained them an hour ago, but with the correct stimulation he realised that they could still be coaxed to give up more. He wondered if there was ANY limit to his friend’s capacity to cum? At least he would not be horny for a while.


Joshua looked at Jack’s face. He appeared to be slumbering, although he could be simply exhausted into immobility. His cock was still hard, resting back against his stomach, a freakishly large tube of meat , far too potent and large for his age and size.

Joshua started to clean up. The last thing he wanted was for Jack’s mother to catch them.

He took the wad of kitchen towel and wiped his finger, then he cleaned Jack’s penis and belly. Other than them, most of the other cum had long since evaporate or slid off his chest and belly to the sheets beneath. There was still some slight wetness on the sheets from Jack’s first epic orgasm. Joshua soaked up as much as he could. The rest would hopefully soak in or dry before it was noticed.

Joshua looked up at his friend’s face and laughed. His fringe was spiky on the left where the jizz had dried and was now acting like hair mousse. Joshua licked his fingers then re-dampened the hair before drying it without the spikes

He stepped back and looked at his friend, sure now as he watched Jack’s chest slowly rising and falling, that his friend was sleeping. Jack’s penis was flaccid now, resting back on his stomach, deflated at but still long. Joshua reached out and gripped it in his fist, moving his hand towards the head to draw the long, soft foreskin back into place. When he removed his hand and allowed the floppy meat to fall back to Jack’s stomach, he couldn’t help but admire its length, from its base, along its golden shaft to its long puckered snout.

Joshua dropped to his knees between Jack’s legs. He didn’t know why, but he had a compulsion that he wanted to satisfy before the opportunity was gone. He lowered his face and took Jack’s enormous eggs into his mouth. It was all he could do to get them both in. Joshua sucked them gently feeling their softness and vulnerability in his mouth. There was something about them; they were the essence of his potency, and sucking them allowed Joshua to get closer to that virility.

He opened his mouth, and pulled his head away, allowing them to slide out. They flopped back between Jack’s legs, hanging heavily down. Joshua quickly dried them with a sheet of towel, then he flopped Jack’s cock forwards, allowing it to hang in front of them.


Joshua went to the bathroom to replace the baby oil and flush the paper towelling. When he returned, Jack was deep in slumber. Joshua pulled the hospital gown back down to cover Jack’s body, then he turned on Jack’s PS4 and TV, and played games whilst he waited for Jack’s mother to return.


20 minutes later Joshua heard her car pull up and 3 minutes after that she tapped on the bedroom door.

“Come in Mrs Mason.”

She entered and glanced at her son.

“Everything okay. No emergencies?”

“Yeah, everything’s fine. He fell asleep about 30 minutes ago.”

“Oh poor love must be worn out.”

Joshua smiled.

“Yeah, that’s what I thought. I gotta go. I’ll call later in the week.”

“Okay Josh.”

She smiled and put her hand on his shoulder.

“And thanks for being such a good friend to Jack.”

“No problem. Tell him we can do it again soon.”


Two hours later Jack’s mother roused her son for dinner. He blinked slowly awake. The events of the afternoon flashed through his mind.

“Where’s Josh?”

“He left. He said you can do it again soon.”

Jack frowned. Did his mother know something?

“Yes,” she added, “I thought that was strange way of phrasing it. What did you get up to while I was gone.”

“Nothing much. Played games.”


    • Ghymini-
    • 4th March 2019 at 2:29 am-
    • Reply

    Everybody needs a friend like that!

    • T-
    • 2nd July 2020 at 9:01 am-
    • Reply

    Wow! Reading that sent me from 0 to full mast! Wriggling in my seat a bit as I read the last half, haha!

    • Yeah, I was really into that story too! 🙂 For some reason, part 2 has not linked properly but I’ll sort it now.

    • Anonymous-
    • 10th June 2021 at 6:51 pm-
    • Reply

    greaat friend. I want one like him.

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