A young man takes a shortcut that will lead to an unwanted sexual experience.

Forced milking, alien, rape, mind control

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Jackson walked home alone as the blue desert sky striped pink and yellow on the horizon as dusk approached. He’d been to swim practice and then he had stopped off at his friend’s house to pick up video game he’d lent him. Now hunger gnawed at him. He never ate more than a whole grain energy bar before practice and he was looking forwards to dinner. He glanced at his watch – 7.15pm; no wonder he was so hungry! He started jogging, eager to get home. Without thinking, he turned and headed across an empty lot. A house had stood there but it was razed to the ground in the fires of 2013, and the adjacent scrubland had already largely reclaimed it. Now all the remained was the drive and the concrete foundation, quickly overgrowing with tall dry grass and weeds. It had been one of the larger houses in the area, and by cutting across the lot Jackson saved maybe a hundred yards of extra distance. Not a lot in the scheme of things. Not enough to take the risk he was taking. But he was distracted, and he could see clearly right across the lot, and the danger never entered his mind.

He was jogging at a comfortable pace when he heard it. A hissing sound like gas escaping from a pipe. At first it didn’t register. His unconscious mind dismissed the sound as being wind blowing through the grass. But the sound got louder and louder, though still quiet. Its import reached his conscious mind and he froze. He looked around him, his stomach knotting with fear. It was a long time since humans had been prey. True, this was rattle snake country but it was no rattle snake he was afraid of. Behind him, almost in the direction he had come from, he saw it racing towards him. A creature that turned his blood to ice. He’d never seen one in the flesh although he’d seen plenty on TV.

It was a creature that had not been seen on Earth before the last decade. Scientists had argued about whether it was s simply a new organism native to Earth, or a lifeform that had arrived from another planet. It had the same chromosomal base pairs that formed the basis for all terrestrial creatures, but it had unique abilities that seemed wholly alien. In the end, they concluded that it was indeed an alien lifeform, and the discussion switched to whether it was a natural lifeform, or a genetically engineered lifeform planted as part of an alien invasion.


The creature looked almost comical as it loped with deceptive speed towards Jackson. It was dappled; almost camouflaged against the terrain, and it had 11 appendages. It ran on four legs, springing forwards with the gait of a cheetah, extending the front two limbs, then coiling the rear pair up behind ready to help it explode forwards again. It was a technique designed for speed.

Between its front and rear running limbs, another two rested tucked into its side. Its foremost limbs were much smaller emerging from what could be considered its shoulders. Except it didn’t have shoulders. Its body was a long flat piece of muscle, that looked like an elongated starfish. The two head end appendages resembled insect antennae, but each terminated an oval disc like an octopus sucker. It had a similar sized pair at the rear, also terminating in small muscular cups. The creature tapered towards its head, and in the middle at the rear was a final appendage. It was snake-like, with a bulge near the end.

The creature had some long, complicated scientific name that Jackson could neither remember nor pronounce, but he thought of it using the common nickname; it was a jockey.


Jackson knew instantly that he’d fucked up. Jockeys didn’t like to move across sidewalks and roads. Scientists surmised that there was some chemical in the concrete that caused them discomfort. But now Jackson was not ON a sidewalk or a road. For a fraction of a second that seemed to last ten, he watched the creature bounding towards him, then he dropped his kit bag, turned and ran as fast as he could towards the nearest road. It was less than 30 yards away, and the jockey was 20 yards behind him, making the characteristic hissing sound that scientists determined was the noise of its breathing; a constant rush of air past spiracles running along the upper surface of its sides, just above the point its rubbery limbs joined its body. It had no skeleton, much like an octopus, but its physique was evolved for living on land.

Jackson would have screamed for help as he ran if he could spare the breath, but all of his energy was devoted to his attempt to escape. Not that a scream would have accomplished anything. Nobody would have risked coming to his aid; his fate was already sealed.

Suddenly the creature landed on his back. It only weighed as much as a small mongrel dog, but its weight was enough to stagger him. He flailed forwards, cartwheeling his arms in an effort to retain his balance, but he fell forwards, just managing to extend both hands in front of him to protect his face as he fell onto the scrubby wild grass.

The jockey was clinging to his back with all six mid limbs, and before Jackson could respond, the suckers on the upper pair clamped to his temples. He didn’t even have time to let out a whimper, then his body was no longer under his own control.


With the creature riding his back like a backpack, he rose from the ground and turned and walked away from the road, heading out into the scrubland. Like a passenger in his own body, Jackson was perfectly well aware of his surroundings but he was not the one doing the driving any more. He walked for quarter of a mile; just far enough to get out of easy sight from the road that abutted the scrubland. Bushes and high grass surrounded him. Jackson stopped and started to remove his clothes. He shucked off his shorts without first removing his sneakers, followed quickly by his underpants. All the while the creature hung onto his back like a love-sick koala bear.



When the jockeys first started appearing and capturing human males, scientists studied captured organisms to see how they operated. It appeared that the creatures were capable of telecommunication, controlling a victim using electric signals transmitted via contact with the victim’s temples.

To their concern, scientists also discovered another of the jockeys’ more alarming capabilities. It was a defensive power; a kind of psionic shock pulse that they emitted when threatened. The pulse affected all living things within a radius of up to a hundred yards, and it could not be blocked with any known material or technology. When delivered, the pulse would instantly render all sentient beings unconscious, dropping them in their tracks. Smaller creatures would be killed by the shock pulse, but there was also a fatality rate among humans of greater than 30 percent. This made the jockeys exceptionally dangerous to remove once they had attached themselves to a host. On multiple occasions the host as well as most of the would-be rescuers had been killed on the spot. In some cases, exceptionally powerful jockeys had killed hundreds of people in a  single burst. The victims could usually be revived but the neural damage resulted in permanent and severe mental impairment.


With the jockey now firmly ensconced on his back, Jackson discovered the purpose of the slender lower two limbs. They passed between his legs rising beneath his dangling scrotum. The sucker cup on the end of each stalk unerringly located a testicle each, closing around Jackson’s testes like a rosebud closing at the end of the day. They felt to Jackson like small mouths trying to swallow his balls. They shivered as though cold, drawing his testicles deeper inside where it was slimy and warm, in marked contrast to the coolness of the rest of the animal’s body, which made it resistant to detection by thermal camera.


Jackson walked, against his will further still from the town, walking for another 20 minutes until he was a little under two miles away from the nearest road. Then he came across something he had seen in documentaries about the jockeys; a nest. The nest amounted to little more than a large depression in the dusty floor. It was disguised against aerial detection with bits of local flora, loosely meshed together to blend into the surrounding scrubland. Now he was up close, Jackson could see that the cover resembled half of a large weaver bird nest.

Inside the nest were ten more jockeys, each half the size of the one that rode Jackson. At first, biologists assumed that these smaller creatures were offspring, but over years of observation, they determined that the jockeys were parthenogenic, capable budding new clones of themselves without the need of a mate. The smaller jockeys were not offspring, but were simply betas in the herd, less powerful than the dominant animal.


With his lower half naked and his penis flapping, Jackson dropped to his hands and feet. The creature on his back sat up, looking now, much more like the jockeys its species had been named for. Its uppermost pair of limbs remained in contact with his temples, ensuring that it retained control over him.

The jockey’s central appendage at the rear waved in the air like a cobra swaying to the rhythm of a charmer’s pipe, then it lowered until it was touching his lower spine. He felt it touch him. The appendage slowly moved down his spine, using it as a guide to its destination. He felt it passing beyond the bottom of his T-shirt. It was as slimy as the suckers that were trying to swallow his balls. It moved along the crack of his upturned bottom, leaving slime as it passed. Jackson felt as though he was being goosed by a slug. It continued working its way between his cheeks, worming its way further towards Jackson’s front. Then it found what it was searching for; his sphincter, puckered but loose. Mentally Jackson tensed at he felt the tip of the appendage probing at his hole, then it worked its sticky way inside, moving deeper and deeper until the head reached his prostate.

Jackson felt as though he was being raped. Indeed the appendage was the jockey’s penis with a similar circumference to a human adult penis, but it was two feet long and serpentine.

Jackson knelt quietly, not merely submissive, but mentally incapable of resistance. But inside, he was screaming, squirming, cringing at the animal’s invasion of his most intimate place.


The head of the jockey’s penis twisted towards Jackson’s prostate, then started rubbing against it like a cat against its owner’s leg. The jockey’s entire body immediately began trembling in pleasure at the contact. To his disgust, Jackson felt his floppy cock rapidly start to fill with blood, raising its head beneath his belly. As it got harder, his scrotum tightened, but he felt the creature’s hot suckers fighting against their retreat, using their heat to keep him low.


Jackson’s circumcised cock curved upwards, powerfully aroused in spite of himself. It was five inches long, but thick, tts exposed head swollen like a mushroom at the top of his rigid meat. The purple head strained away from the deep circumcised shaft as though it was trying to detach itself.


Around him, Jackson heard the betas hissing, not in threat, but in excitement as they vied for access to his body. Then one of them reached for his penis with its frontal appendage. It was a maw on a stalk, like the mouth of an oversized leech but without the cutting teeth. It slurped its way onto his penis, sucking the glans into its hot juicy interior just as the jockey on his back was sucking on his balls. To Jackson it felt like his cock was being sucked on by a moist vagina or a gummy mouth.

His body trembled now, in harmony with alpha on his back. Despite his disgust, his body was responding to the incredible erotic stimulation being applied to his penis. Another creature slid beneath him and attached its maw to his right nipple, then another found his left. Jackson felt as though the creatures were trying to devour him, one erogenous zone at a time.

But there was no pain, not even discomfort; perhaps a mild ache where his balls were being sucked so hard, but it was not enough to prevent his arousal.


Jackson already knew his fate. Over a dozen boys from his high school had been caught by the jockeys since he’d been there. They returned physically unharmed, but they were very different to the teenagers who had been caught. They were quieter of course, in part due to the ridicule they received, but they also seemed to have near constant erections, and they had a haunted look to them, like kids who have witnessed or experienced traumatic events.


Jackson felt his first excitement building. The heat around his balls made the approaching orgasm feel different: it was both arousing and distracting at the same time. Like trying to masturbate in a very hot bath. The creatures also seemed to sense the orgasm coming. The one surrounding his glans sucked faster, pulsing like a starving sea anemone. Meanwhile the jockey on his back prodded him violently with its prehensile cock, eliciting feelings in Jackson’s body that he had never imagined, nor wanted to discover. Yet now his hole had learned what it felt like to be fucked, it was a feeling he would crave for the rest of his life, as all the victims did.


He started panting faster and faster, his body’s autonomic response overriding the control the alien had upon his gross motor system.

The two suckers on his testicles contracted and relaxed in time with his panting, and the slimy cock repeatedly impaled him. Jackson was disgusted that his body was so eagerly responding to this alien gang rape.



Philosophers and pundits had debated whether being caught by a herd of jockeys counted as bestiality or sex with an alien, and if the latter, should it be legal? Inevitably, some thrill-seeking deviants actively sought out jockeys to experience the sensation for themselves but even if sex with an alien was deemed illegal, it would always be difficult to prove intent.



Jackson felt himself orgasm. The creature beneath him suckled at his cock, drinking his semen as eagerly as any thirsty baby at its mother’s teat. It felt to Jackson as though his first orgasm lasted forever. His orgasm actually continued for over a minute; long after his balls lost the ability to squirt. His eyelids fluttered and he almost passed out from the intensity of it. A small part of him wondered if it was ever going to stop. Then it was over, and it was only the jockey’s control over his limbs that prevented him from collapsing on his side from the sheer exhausting power of his ejaculation.


The alien on his cock opened its maw and fell away. It staggered away, intoxicated by the chemicals in his semen. Another jockey’s maw replaced it and began sucking on Jackson’s glans, not allowing his cock time to soften.

The jockey on his back, which biologists dubbed the “conductor” continued to ride the boy. Its penis oozed powerful aphrodisiac pheromones that easily passed through the moist walls of Jackson’s rectum, massively over-stimulating his testicles, causing their metabolic rate to increase a hundred-fold. Where he could normally produce enough semen for half a dozen wet orgasms in a day, now he could manage over 500.


Although his testicles were no larger than normal, Jackson felt as though they had swollen to the size of baseballs. He had visions of them dangling beneath him like the nuts of a young horse. He was finding it increasingly difficult to think clearly as the jockey’s mind control asserted itself more powerfully. The pheromone was forcing his body to respond like a bull on heat, increasingly eager to fuck. He involuntarily started humping the maw of the jockey that was now clamped onto his cock, grunting and squealing like a rutting pig as he did so.

Part of him was only too well aware of the noises he was making, and the actions he was performing, and it repulsed him, but even if the jockey was not controlling his limbs, Jackson could not have resisted the overwhelming sexual hunger that powered his movements.


The conductor was feeding on his neural energy, rising into its own orgasmic fervour as it experienced the unique electrical waves that accompanied human lust.  As Jackson’s arousal increased, the creature on his back started to fall into its own orgasmic haze. Then the suckers attached to the boy’s head started to glow blue and purple with electrical energy as they started to return the energy back in an ascending feedback loop of raw carnal desire. They were joined mentally and physically.

Jackson felt the jockey’s penis pounding his hole. It retracted further now on each stroke, popping fully out of his hole, allowing his sphincter to snap shut before forcing it open again as it buried itself. Jackson could feel the sides of the animal’s cock as it slid inside him; they were lumpy, almost as though ball bearings were buried just beneath its skin. The lumps teased his sphincter as they passed, making his knees tremble, fluttering slightly in and out with the passing of each one.

The heat of the suckers on his testicles seemed to diminish as the temperature of his own testicles increased, and their metabolic rate rose to astronomical rates.


Jackson bent his head towards the floor, wondering about the purpose of such a movement. Then one of the smaller jockeys squirmed beneath his face. The teenager’s mouth opened and the smaller creature guided its muscular cock into his mouth. It was well over a foot long, but it only inserted the top few inches, sliding the tip over his tongue as it reclined in front of him. The boy felt the sticky pheromones oozing from the tip into his mouth. It mixed with his saliva and quickly passed through the mucous membranes in his mouth and stomach. Now he was being drugged at both ends, and the experience made him feel light-headed as wave after wave of teenage lust crashed over his mind.

Jackson felt momentary horror washing over him. The thought of a penis in his mouth disgusted him, but the penis of an alien starfish?!

But his horror was short-lived as his thoughts were quickly overwhelmed by the sexual energy zapping his brain. The jockey took his own sexual craving, then amplified it and fed it straight back to him like a distiller turning cheap hooch into potent fine whiskey.



Jackson’s body craved stimulation now. His sphincter pulsed, clenching at the jockey’s cock as it continued reaming him. His hole WANTED its presence. At the same time, he tensed his testicles, forcing them to rise and fall, fighting against the suckers that massaged them.

Even his tongue, licked at the soft snake inside his mouth, coaxing ever more of the sap-like pheromone from its tip.


Jackson came hard a second time, his churning balls producing twice as much juice as the first time, and the jockey that had been sucking him fell away, temporarily sated, giddy at the potency of Jackson’s semen. The other jockeys switched places without so much as a pause. Jackson didn’t care. All he wanted now was to cum and cum and cum in one massive orgasm that lasted forever.


The jockeys were only too happy to oblige, sucking his nipples, his cock, his balls and pounding his hole. Jackson passed into an erotic delirium in which his only concern was to satisfy his constant insatiable arousal.



19 hours later, the animal orgy finally came to an end. Jackson was dangerously dehydrated having squirted almost two pints of cum since it had begun. He collapsed to the dirt, and the creature on his back slid off, exhausted and sated. Its cock finally pulled from his hole, leaving his sphincter wide open and trembling.

The smaller jockeys were no less exhausted from their sexual marathon. Like anacondas, they only needed to feed like this once every few months or longer. They lay around on their backs like cats in the sun.

Jackson lay on his face, finally freed of the mind control that had held him captive for so many hours, as his senses slowly returned. Three hours later, his eyes flickered open. Around him, the gorged jockeys rested, no longer interested in him.

Jackson clambered to his feet, his head pounding from dehydration. He looked down at the creatures with disgust, then slowly shambled away in the direction of the town. His hard cock stood up beneath his T-shirt. His testicles truly were huge now, the size of goose eggs from almost an entire day of suction and massage. He felt their immense weight between his legs. They bulged in a scrotum far too small for, clinging in a tight ball beneath the root of his cock.

It took him a little over 45 minutes to cover distance that had taken him twenty to traverse when he was being ridden. En route, he passed another jockey, wandering. He froze as he saw it. His hole, his cock, his balls craved more, but he was dangerously dehydrated. He watched as the creature ambled towards him and rose from all fours onto its rear pair of limbs. Jackson stood as the creature examined him from ten feet away, its upper appendages twitching in the air.

Jackson was not to know, but the creatures could sense the brain waves of the human prey, even at a distance, and this animal detected that Jackson’s sexual energy was already expended. It dropped to all fours and wandered off, uninterested in a male that had so recently been ridden.

Jackson continued towards the town, relieved now that the creature had decided to spare him. His balls were still throbbing, pulsing not with pain, but with arousal. He looked down at himself. There was a constant streamer of drool hanging from his penis. His hard cock swayed with each weary step, swinging the sticky drool in a glistening string. He would be wearing a diaper for many months until his libido eventually returned to its normal level.

With each step, Jackson could feel a twitching in his rectum, that matched the rhythm of the creature’s fucking. His brain and his body were still responding in sympathetic motion. Craving a cock that was no longer present. He could feel the air in his still gaping hole, cool against his insides.


As dusk started to draw in across the desert, Jackson finally reached the town. He was not the first victim that most people had seen, stumbling with their hard, leaking cocks exposed for all to see. Jackson had seen one in person a few months ago, and he had seen dozens more on the local news and on documentaries. And now he was one – a jockey zombie, as they had been dubbed.

It wasn’t that he was unaware of the people gathering around him, moving to help, but Jackson’s mind was still partially in the jockey’s nest, and he no longer cared if people could see his drooling, erect penis.

There was no counter-agent to the pheromones that flooded his blood, and it was extremely persistent. In all cases, it took a minimum of six months before its effects upon a human’s rate of sperm and semen production returned to normal. Moreover, very often the victims would be afflicted with constant sexual thoughts that made it nigh-on impossible to go about their daily lives.

Jackson knew that he could expect to expect frequent waking wet dreams.


Several people gathered around him now, and Jackson allowed himself to be led away. His life would never be the same again.


    • Anonymous-
    • 19th March 2019 at 10:07 am-
    • Reply

    Great Story. Very Hot! Will there be a chapter two of this? Thanks!

    • No part 2, but if you liked this, you may enjoy Praying Mantis and Parasites.

    • Robert-
    • 12th July 2019 at 4:40 am-
    • Reply

    Awsome story!.. I love your alien type of erotic stories when they take over a boy and have there way with them. Very hot stories I hope you keep on writing stories like this one.

    • Thanks Robert – glad you enjoyed it!

    • Bearowen-
    • 16th February 2021 at 6:44 am-
    • Reply

    Love the story! I hope that you might consider expanding on it a bit? Perhaps for instance, these Jockey’s are merely an exploratory type, sent ahead to test for biological compatibility, before their larger, Hungrier, and more intelligent masters arrive? Just a mere idea, for your consideration! Thanks!

    • I like your thinking! 🙂 Thanks for the feedback.

    • Franco-
    • 26th January 2022 at 6:15 pm-
    • Reply

    A great read on alien sex, feeding on human sperm, and in turn providing not only a memorable experience, but a better than human one……

    • Thank you Franco. Glad you enjoyed it!

    • 16james-
    • 13th November 2022 at 2:49 pm-
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    Love this site. Keep finding more amazing stories.

    • Thanks James – glad you’re enjoying it!

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