Lab rat – Part 5

forced arousal, forced milking

A teenager at a forced milking facility finally reaches magic 100

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Lab Rat – Part 5

Tommy watched two teenagers making out in a cubical in a school bathroom. The younger one was on his knees in front of the other, giving a blowjob, and the older one was standing up and petting him on the head, clearly relishing the other boy’s tongue and lips on his penis.

Tommy no longer harboured any desire to look away. He no longer felt the internal tension as he watched gay activity that tightened his chest and gave him a feeling of mild revulsion. He was way past that. In fact, his penis was straining, as it had been for almost eight hours. He was enjoying the show, and imagining that he was the boy on his knees.

Tommy loved the feeling of a penis in his mouth. He’d only felt a few, and it was a new experience for him, but when a boy would let him, he liked to suck on his penis as though it was a lollipop, reading the surface of the penis with his tongue; running it along the shaft, behind the corona and over the glans. It was like tongue braille and to his mind, each cock told a different story.


For the first few weeks at The Facility, eight hours of continuous erections left Tommy’s penis aching almost as badly as though he’d been kicked in the nuts. Each night he went to bed aching. But now, the aerosol drugs they constantly fed him had increased his resilience, and he could do eight hours without discomfort.


Tommy watched semen dribbling from the corners of the kneeling boy’s lips as the boy he was sucking ejaculated. Tommy came hard at the thought, thrusting his hips in an effort to increase his pleasure, his eyes rolling back into his head. Even after so many orgasms, more than half were real toe-curling mind scramblers. His semen was sucked away into the milking machine that he was strapped into.

The teen on his knees continued sucking until his partner gently pushed the boy’s face off his dick, allowing his penis to spring free. The boy on his knees looked up happily, then the scene faded to black. Tommy waited for the next scenario to begin. His hunger told him it was late in the day but he had no idea what time it was.


His day was an endless series of sexual scenarios, each of which was punctuated by one or more orgasms. The VR machine he was strapped into had long ago assessed the kind of scenarios that Tommy enjoyed the most, and the vast majority that were beamed directly to his brain conformed to preferences he didn’t even know he had.

When he first arrived at The Facility, Tommy thought he was heterosexual, but even by the end of the first day, the VR milker was already programming his libido’s preferences. Now, nothing turned him on more than watching a couple of guys getting it on.

Tommy had spent much of his life living in a care home, and the rest with foster parents. Years of being treated like he was surplus to requirements by society, combined with his complete sexual inexperience meant that he usually empathised with the submissive sexual partner the most. To him it made sense that he would be the one pleasing others, rather than thinking primarily about his own needs and physical feelings. But the beauty of the harvester was that even when Tommy was fantasising about giving a blowjob or even being fucked, his dick was still being constantly worked over by a machine that forced him to keep giving up his semen so that it could be collected and distributed to companies and labs across the globe.


But there would be no more milking for today. It was 5pm; the end of his shift. The VR mask lifted from his head and the sterile room’s light flooded into his eyes. He blinked as always, as his eyes adjusted to the brightness. One of the technicians was standing over him smiling. They were usually pleasant enough but this was unusual.

Tommy lay on the table, his arms and legs spread in an X shape, waiting patiently to be released. His penis was still strainingly hard. Even when they turned off the stimulator in his anus, it usually took a while for his erection to disappear.

He’d been at the Facility for 9 weeks now, and it still weirded him out to lay there with his nuts on display and a visible boner whilst people busied themselves around him, acting like it was nothing out of the ordinary. But at least it was not cripplingly embarrassing any more. He felt that the technicians had been greatly amused by his near constant crimson blushing the first few weeks. But now he had becoming accustomed and his mind adjusting to his new paradigm.

The technician pulled the breathing pipe from Tommy’s mouth and smiled. Tommy frowned, confused by the man’s geniality.

“What is it Theo? Why are you smiling?”

“Congratulations Tommy. You made 100!”

“I did? Shit, it didn’t feel like it.”

“Hey no need to show off.”

“No, no, I wasn’t I…”

The technician put a hand on the front of Tommy’s shoulder and grinned.

“I was just messing with you. Big day though. No more Harvester. You get your very own portable collection unit. I presume the other guys have told you about them?”


“Good. Might as well fit you for yours while you’re still hard.”

The technician released the boy’s limbs and Tommy swung his legs around until he was sitting on the edge of the table with his feet dangling off the side. His boner stood like a flagpole in his lap. In this lab, he’d long since given up trying to hide it. It seemed redundant when anyone in the room could look at it 8 hours a day.

The man picked up a tape measure and quickly wrapped it around Tommy waist.

“27 inches.”

He pressed the tape to the bottom of Tommy’s belly button and measured to the top base of the boy’s erection. Tommy’s cock jumped, still eager as Theo’s hand brushed it.

“STILL horny?!” he joked.

Tommy looked sheepishly back at him.

“Four inches,” Theo said, making a metal note.

He gripped Tommy’s erect penis from beneath like an animal catcher controlling a snake’s head. Then with the other hand he measured along the top.

“3.5 inches.”

“5!” Tommy protested.

Theo studied the measure more closely, then smiled.

“I’m measuring to the base of your glans not the tip.”

“My what?”

“The head of your penis. Your cherry. Your helmet?”

“Ohh right.”

“I’ll give you 3.8. Don’t want the PCU pulling your dick off do you?”

“No,” Tommy agreed sulkily, “I guess not.”

Theo laughed.

“You guess not?! I dunno why you’re worried. Half the boys your age are smaller than that.”


“Course! Why would I lie?” Theo lied.

Tommy returned to his former demeanour.

“Come on, let’s get you a PCU,” Theo said lightly swatting at the boy’s stiff penis. It barely moved.

He walked over to the wall and press a recessed panel. A hidden cupboard door four feet tall slid back inside the white wall. Inside Tommy could see four PCUs hanging on metal racks. Theo grabbed the top rack and pulled it out and Tommy was surprised to see four more units hanging behind the first. Theo looked at a small identifier on each one, then selected the third PCU back.

“This should do nicely.”

He lifted it from the rack. It looked like heavy belt with a high-tech diaper hanging beneath. There was a clear glass panel on the front. He pressed a button beside the panel and it opened to reveal the internal mechanism. Tommy could see a part that slid over his penis. It was on runners with cogs on either side to control its height. Theo moved it upwards using a measurement guide on the side runner, then he locked it off.

“Okay, just get into this can you?” Theo said offering Tommy the PCU . “It’s easier if you put it on whilst you’re sitting. Most boys put them on sitting on their beds.”

Tommy reached out and took the unit. It was slighter than he expected.He looked into the diaper part of the unit. There was a 5-inch probe sticking out of the seat. He looked at Theo sceptically.

“Does that go in my butt?”

“Of course. Same as the harvester you just finished with. Don’t pull it all the way up for now. I’ll need to adjust it.”

“It’s not a standard position for everyone?”

“Nah each boy is different and the angles vary too. There’s very little in it, but if I don’t get it right it’ll chafe and by the end of the first day you’ll be bleeding.”

“Oh. Not cool.”

“Nah, it’s okay, you can always get another adjustment if it gets uncomfortable during the day.”

Tommy put his legs through the wide leg holes and pulled the PCU up his legs.

“That’s it, now stand up and pull it up,” Theo offered.

Tommy pulled the device up until he felt the probe pushing against his coccyx just behind his rectum.

“It’s pressing against my back.”

“No problem. Just turn around and lean against the table whilst I adjust it.”

Tommy leaned over the table and Theo slid the probe down between his legs.

“That should do it. Pull it all the way on up.”

Tommy turned and pulled the belt up. He felt the probe slide into his hole. In the front, a funnel guided his penis into the contraption that awaited it. It expanded to admit him.

“That’s it, pull it up tight between your legs. If you’re not hard when you put it on, you’ll have to pull your penis up tight as you slip it on.”

Tommy pulled the diaper as high as it would go. He felt his testicles slip out of the bottom of the funnel into a cupped space. They were trapped away from his body, isolated. He looked down. His penis was pressed tightly against his belly but the penis ring was six inches above the head of his dick.

“It’s way too big. It’s not even touching the top of my dick.”

“It will move into place behind your glans.”

“How’s the probe feel? Not uncomfortable?”

“Nah it’s fine.”

“Is it pressing against your magic button?”

Tommy didn’t know the medical name for his prostate, and he’d never heard it called a “magic button”, but the excited feeling in his rectum as the probe pressed against the gland left no doubt what Theo was referring to. He grinned bashfully.

“Yeah, it’s spot on.”

“Good. Let’s just do the belt up.”

There was a metal band around the waist, with a soft padded lining. Holes were punched through both at half inch intervals. Theo pulled the belt closed until it was snug.

“Not too tight?” he asked.

“No, it’s fine.”

Theo pushed the band over a smooth metal pin sticking out if the waist band. There was another pin at the side. He closed the belt over that, holding the end out of the way.

“You can put this on or take it off any time, you like so long as you wear it at least 8 hours a day. There’s a tracker inside that measures how long you wear it, and how much it’s collected. Don’t wear it in bed at night or in the shower okay?”


“From now on you won’t need to open the front panel.”

Theo closed the panel.

“Now all you do is push this switch up to activate it.”

He indicated a sliding switch off centre on the front.

“Slide it back to turn it off.”

He lifted the slider and the unit activated. The prostate probe started tingling as it delivered a low current. Tommy felt his penis becoming even harder.

“It’ll give you a boner before the penis massager moves into place.” Theo explained.

Red laser lights were shining at Tommy’s penis. It detected his erection then the latex ring above his penis lowered along Tommy’s shaft. He felt the slippery latex encircle him as it moved  all the way to the root. When it detected the pressure of his pubis, it reversed direction pressing the latex circle behind the corona of the teenager’s glans. It quickly warmed to body temperature. Then the tiny latex tongues that Tommy had seen on Jerry’s PCU emerged and started swirling over the surface of his glans. His legs buckled and Theo offered him a hand to steady himself.


“Intense huh?”

Tommy nodded.

The testicles stimulators kicked in. It felt as though his nuts were encased in a cool, gently vibrating womb. Every side was buzzing, but there was also a soft ultrasound oscillation passing through his scrotum and testicles, stimulating them deep inside.

Inside his rectum, the probe was also moving, pumping silently up and down, fucking his hole and massaging his prostate.

Tommy swallowed, surprised that the feelings were so much more intense even than the harvester.

“What about the porn?” he asked. “I like watching that.”

“You can put on a VR headset and watch it any time you like. A headset will be delivered to your room later tonight.”

“Is it still collecting my um, sperm?”

“Yes of course. There’s a half pint bottle at the front, in a refrigeration housing. It will be emptied every evening at 8pm. Unless you fill it before then.”

“I don’t think I’ll…”

Right on cue, Tommy ejaculated as he spoke. It was his 101st orgasm of the day.

“be needing more than half a pint,” he said.

Theo looked down at the small squirt of boy jizz coating Tommy’s glans and dribbling down into the collector. He grinned.

“Never say never. We’re done here. You can do whatever you like from now on. Just make sure you take that off before bed.”


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    This is the best chapter of this story thus far! Keep up the good work!

    • Thank you 🙂 Really glad you’re liking it!

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