A young man perves on his younger brother

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Ben walked to his brother’s bedroom. The door was shut. He rapped on it twice firmly.

“Hey Eli, wanna shoot some hoops?” he called through the door.

“Don’t come in! I’m busy. Maybe later.”

Elijah usually kept his bedroom door shut but he was chill about his older brother coming in, but just recently he had been “busy” more often than usual.

“No problem. Give me a shout when you’re free.”

Ben walked away smiling.


Five minutes later his brother walked into Ben’s room. His face was slightly flushed and he was sweating more than the temperature merited.

“Sorry about that. I was just getting changed.”

“You’ve never been shy around me before.”

Elijah shrugged and Ben diplomatically let it go. His brother smelled of fresh deodorant.

“So, you up for some hoops Eli?”

“I’d love to bro, but I got tutoring at the church hall.”

Elijah took extra maths and physics tutoring from an organisation that hired the local church hall. There was no religious affiliation – it was simply a cheap location to hire.

Ben glanced at the wall clock – it was 5.45 – his brother had just squeezed in a quick 5-finger-shuffle before class. He smiled at Eli, detecting the last remnants of a boner in his brother’s cargo shorts.

“No probs. You better run or you’re not gonna make it.”

“Okay, I’ll catch you later. Maybe play when I get back?”

“Yeah, sounds cool. Laters Eli!”

Elijah walked briskly from Ben’s room. Ben looked out of his window and watched until his brother had jogged off their drive wearing his backpack carrying his books, then he wandered into his brother’s room through the now-open door.

He didn’t make a habit of invading his brother’s privacy, but there was something about his brother’s behaviour that had gotten him horny.


As expected, there was a musky smell in the room, not fully masked by the deodorant his brother had liberally used. “Shower in a can,” their older brother used to call it before he moved out.

Ben looked around the room. His brother’s quilt was dishevelled. He took another step around the bed step looking for more… evidence? There was no bundled wad of paper towels, but poking out from under the bed he saw a sports sock. He reached down and picked it up. It was wet. He turned it inside-out. The last of his brother’s sticky cream coated the inside.

For some reason, Ben’s heart was pumping hard in his chest. He and Eli had never fooled around and to the best of his knowledge, his brother wasn’t gay. He reached into the slime and rubbed it between his finger and thumb. It was thick. He sniffed it and it had a vaguely metallic scent. He moved the sock to his mouth then hesitated – he could smell his brother’s sweaty feet. That was not what he was interested in. He lowered the sock then swirled his index finger in his younger brother’s cum, before lifting it to his tongue. He hesitated for just the briefest moment. Ben was not a person given to self-doubt or anxiety about social norms. He smiled then licked his brother’s cum from his finger, taking it into his mouth and slooshing it around like a connoisseur savours his first taste of wine. It was insipid, tasteless, but very thick. That came as a surprise. Eli was more sexually mature than Ben gave him credit for. To his mind, the thickness was a result of all the sperm in it. He could imagine the millions of sperm on his tongue now – tiny swimmers, destined for his stomach rather than a girl’s ovaries. Better his mouth than simply drying unappreciated inside the sock. They’d become a part of him now.

Ben examined the sock more closely, there were silvery dried cum snail trails all up its inner sides, and some yellow crispy bits. It was clear that this was not the first time his brother had used it as a cum rag.

Then Ben got an idea. He was already hard. He took out his erection and wrapped the sock around it. He’d never used a sock to jack off in before, but his brother’s gloop served as lube. He pumped away, wondering what imagery his brother had used to jack off to? Some cute girl at his school maybe? Ben laid on Elijah’s messy bed with his knees apart, and started to jack off.

The girls at his brother’s high school were of no interest to him, but Eli’s interest in them was. In an Inception level of convolution, Ben tried to imagine himself in Eli’s mind, fantasising about a girl. He tried to imagine his brother’s excitement; his tightening nuts; his rising arousal. He closed his eyes, and pumped his cock inside his brother’s sock, and quicker than he would have imagined, Ben added his own generous load to his brother’s.

Ben continued, allowing himself to finish slowly, savouring the sense of sexual rapport with his absent brother. Then he was finished. He wiped his cock on the sock, then carefully placed the sock back where he’d picked it up from before tucking his own penis back inside his basketball shorts.

He stood up and walked out of Elijah’s bedroom. Before he left, he took one final glance back towards the sock. He very much hoped that Eli would use it at least one more time before tossing it into the laundry…

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