The unwilling sperm donors – Continued – Part 1

Forced milking, straight conversion, virtual reality, gay sex, heterosexual sex

This is a much-asked for continuation of one of my all-time most popular stories.

Read part 1 here https://damnd1.org/2017/10/27/829-2/

Recap: Professor Steven Bennet was a scientist developing advanced sperm collection machines. He brought his son Daniel to work to show him what he did for a living, but they were both captured by the company’s director and forced into becoming the first full-time occupants of the collection pods.

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The unwilling sperm donors – Continued – Part 1

One year later

Although he would not have wished to become a permanent sperm donor, Steven’s past life as a scientist developing sperm collection machines was irrelevant to him now. He no longer had control over the way he perceived reality. In his mind, every day was spent in an endless series of computer-generated sexual encounters. One moment it was a woman he met at work, the next it was a teacher at his son’s school, then one of the female students, then an exotic woman on holiday, then he was a star in a hard core porn movie, then he was a slave owner in ancient Greece having sex with his slaves, then HE was the slave, forced to copulate with his female owner. The permutations were almost endless.

Over the past year, Steven and his son experienced a constant series of sexual fantasies. For 16 hours per day, each of them stood with a throbbing erection, their heads surrounded by virtual reality hoods that altered their entire perception of reality.


Before his capture, it had been Steven’s job to develop the collection technology. It was a job he attended to with great diligence. He took pride in the fact that his machines could keep a subject desperately aroused for hours on end using the combination of an anal probe, testicular teasers and a glans massager.

But the system had another element; a virtual reality headset. Its core software was not his responsibility. Another team developed the software that trawled the entirety of the internet, distilling every conceivable type of heterosexual pornography into its best elements so that VR programs could be developed that were guaranteed to sexually stimulate any heterosexual male.


Opposite him, his teenaged son Daniel was encountering a quite different experience. He had angered the facility’s director Blake, and out of vindictive spite, the man had set the boy’s VR pod to deliver nothing but homosexual porn. The heterosexual 15-year-old was horrified at the thought initially, but as soon as his headset took control of his mind, he responded to it as though he had been born gay.

That was the powerful thing about the system, it left the pleasure and reason centres of the brain active: the subject would react as though he was a willing participant in each scenario. Yet the subject’s past memory and social inhibitions were completely circumvented.

The scientists found that the system produced optimal results when the VR simulations were completely congruent with the subject’s sexual preferences, and over the course of the first month, Steven’s pod gradually calibrated itself, reacting to his sexual responses. It then produced scenarios, widening the scope of his preferences and desires until it could produce one of thousands of fantasies, each of which would provide a fantastically arousing sexual experiencing, terminating without fail, in an immense and deeply satisfying orgasm.


However, when used for long enough, the VR could be used to reprogram a subjects’ most basic sexual preferences.

In Daniel’s suite, the calibration routine had been deactivated, and instead, Blake ensured that the boy experienced nothing but hardcore gay porn. He was the towel boy for a high school football team and they all fucked him in celebration after each victory. Then he was secured with his legs and asshole through a hole at a bathhouse being reamed by queues of anonymous patrons, then he was sucking cocks at a glory hole, then he was delivering food to a building site and allowing the dirty workers to take turns on his asshole for desert, then he was bouncing on his own father’s cock. No scenario was too demeaning or extreme, and like his father, Daniel came again, and again, and again.



The VR hoods raised and light flooded into Daniel’s eyes. His eyes had not seen real light for over six months, and though it was dimmed, it was painful to him. He blinked, then tried to look through squinted lids, but it was still too much. He closed his eyes and allowed his retinas to adapt to the light passing through his thin eyelids.

“Ahhh,” he groaned, as the pain continued.

“Daniel? Are you alright?”

He cautiously opened his eyes and looked in the direction of the voice. His vision was blurry.

“It’s me, dad.”

Daniel was disoriented.

“Dad? What are you doing here?”

In his mind, Daniel was on his knees getting fucked by his teacher in front of the class as part of a demonstration on human sexual behaviour. He could still feel the man’s large cock in his ass.

Daniel opened his eyes a little more. The light still hurt, but not as badly.

“Daniel, we’re in my lab. You’ve been in a virtual reality simulator.”

“What? What do you mean?”

Daniel still could not see clearly, even in the gloomy light. He opened his squinted eyes wider. In front of him a man was standing with his arms raised above his head. He was in some kind of machine.

The man’s feet were encased in plastic, like giant knee-high moon boots. His raised arms were similarly encased.

Without the virtual reality hood bypassing his intellect, the scene did not make sense.

“Dad?” Daniel repeated, his voice raspy after a year of silence.

“Yes, it’s me. Son are you alright?”

Daniel’s vision improved still further. The captured man had an erection, and there was something on the head of his dick – some kind of suction cup. And the man’s nuts were huge, pulled down away from his body and resting on some kind of plate.

Daniel smiled.

“Want me to suck your dick dad?”

“W… what?!”

Steven was unaware that his son had spent the past year in an endless series of hardcore gay sexual scenarios.

“Nice boner. Want me to suck your dick?” Daniel repeated. “Or you can fuck me again.”

“Again? Daniel what are you talking about?! We’re in my lab. My boss forced us into my VR machines.”

Daniel smiled wider.

“Right. So why are you naked and why have you got a boner?”

“We’re trapped inside two sperm-collecting pods. Daniel don’t you remember?”

“Sperm collecting pods?”

“Yes, I brought you to work to see what I do. Don’t you remember?”

“Then why are you naked?” Daniel repeated sceptically.

“Because my boss brought his guards and forced us both into the pods, don’t you remember?”

Daniel furrowed his brow trying to remember. But he still felt so horny. Almost unbearably horny. He could feel something in his asshole reaming him, tingling. It felt good. He looked down at himself. His cock looked huge. The swollen purple glans was the size of a billiard ball, and the shaft below was gnarled, hard as nails, with vascularity that would make the best body-builder cry with envy. It was not his penis; it was the penis of a middle-aged Latino porn star. The head was surrounded by a clear plastic hood, like a toothless mouth on the end of a tentacle. He could feel it sucking on him.

And beneath, his balls, each the size of a large orange, sitting on a plate of their own. Underneath, he could feel endless ripples as small probes, each the size of a match head, gently massaged the underside of his testicles.

Daniel squirmed, his body in ecstasy.

“Are you sure you don’t want me to suck your dick? You know I’m really good at it.”

“Daniel, I’m your dad. Why would I want you to suck my penis?”

“Because I’m good at it. You always said how much you liked it before.”

“What? Daniel, you’ve never sucked me before. Why would I let you do that? Why would you want to?”

“Because you like it. You always said my mouth feels almost as good as my asshole.”

Steven was as confused as his son. It never even occurred to him that Blake would pipe such a vile simulation into his son’s VR machine.

“Daniel, son, I think you’re confused. These machines have confused you.”

“I’m not confused. You’ve fucked…”

Daniel paused mid-sentence.


Steven looked at his son’s face contorting, and a series or dirty snarls and expressions played across the boy’s face. At first Steven was confused, then he realised his son was experiencing an orgasm and the expressions were his cum faces in response to a very long, very intense orgasm. It went on for over five minutes. Steven had never even contemplated his son’s cum face. He’d never considered that the young man could be so wracked with sexual ecstasy that he’d make this series of ugly gargoyle faces. He felt like he ought to look away to grant the boy some dignity, but it was already too late. Daniel was powerless to prevent the ridiculous expressions twisting his normally handsome face. Steven watched, expecting the orgasm to be finished in 10 or 20 seconds as his usually were, but it continued on and on.

Steven could see milky fluid being pumped along the pipe inserted into his son’s urethra. He couldn’t believe how long the boy’s orgasm lasted. When it finally came to an end, Daniel’s face and body were dripping with sweat. His hair was matted to his forehead and he was flushed red from head to toe.

Daniel grunted as the last of it passed over him. Then he looked at Steven with a leer that no boy should ever give his father.

“Nnng. That was a good one,” Daniel said, as though five-minute orgasms were perfectly normal for him.

He was breathing heavily from the exertion.

“Daniel, we’ve got to get out of here. I don’t know why the VR hoods have lifted but this is our chance.”

“Why would I want to leave?”

“Because we’re prisoners here. Blake will keep us here for the rest of our lives. We’re nothing but unwilling sperm donors.”

“Oh yeah. And why is that bad again?”

Steven’s hood had only been lifted a few minutes before Daniel’s but he seemed to have regained his senses far faster. He was finding his son’s inability to grasp the gravity of their situation increasingly exasperating but he forced himself to remain calm. After all, it wasn’t the boy’s fault.

“Daniel, do you remember Sara?” he said, using past memories in an effort reconnect the boy to his real life. “You took her to your junior high prom. You two were a couple. Doesn’t she matter to you anymore?”

“Sara,” Daniel said, as though through a haze. “Yeah I remember her. She gave me a hand job once. It wasn’t as good as your blowjob.”

“Daniel, I’ve never given you… I’ve never done that to you.”

“Yeah you have. When we went camping in Oregon. That was the first time we fucked.”

“We’ve never BEEN to Oregon Daniel.”

“Yeah, we…”

“NO son, we HAVEN’T. I don’t know what kind of program Blake has been running on you, but it’s gotten you all mixed up.”

Daniel frowned.

“But I can remember it. I can remember it clear as day. I can even still feel your cock inside me. It was so big I didn’t think it would go in without tearing me. It hurt so much at first but then it felt so good. You were so hard. I remember how proud you were. And you came on my face, don’t you remember?”

“No, because it never happened Daniel.”

“Why are saying that Dad? Are you ashamed? Don’t worry, I’ll never tell anyone.”

“There’s nothing to tell Daniel because…”

“Maybe I can help,” a new voice interjected.

Daniel and his father turned to the voice. It was a man in a white lab coat.

“I’m Jason. I’m the senior technician. I was the one who installed you into these simulators.”

“Jason,” Steven said. “What’s happening? Why have the simulations ended? What are you doing here? Where’s Blake?”

“To answer your questions in reverse order, Blake is dead. I killed him. I’m here to set you free.”

“Dead? What happened?”

“I put arsenic into his coffee. It was quite a painful death but no more than he deserved.”

“What?! Why did you kill him?”

“Let me get you out of those simulators first. We can talk as I do so.”


Jason approached Steven’s pod and started to remove the equipment.

“This is going to take some time. Disconnecting the life support can’t be hurried. Don’t want you bleeding to death after all this.”

“You said you killed Blake,” Steven prompted.



“Do you really need to ask?” Jason said gesturing towards Steven and his son.

“How long have we been in the pods?”

“A little under 15 months.”

“15 months?! But it seems like hardly any time has passed.”

“Yes, your cognition has been short-circuited. It affects your awareness of the passage of time. If you doubt me, just look at the size of your son’s testicles. How long do you think it would take for them to increase to that size?”

Steven glanced at the huge orbs resting beneath his son’s erect penis.

“So you killed Blake for our sake?”

“Not just you. There are thousands of others in this facility. You were just the first. And no, it wasn’t just for you. It was a matter of personal preservation.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“One by one each of the other scientists who worked on this project were being assigned their own pods – against their will of course. After them, the original technicians were also being replaced. It became clear to me that like the ancient Egyptian emperors, Blake was slowly but surely eliminating everyone who knew about our little facility. I figured that it was only a matter of time until I received my own pod. So I took pre-emptive action.”

“By killing Blake?”

“Yes. You know how ruthless and amoral he is. I didn’t want to take the chance.”

“So, you came down here to free everybody?”

“Not everybody. I very much doubt there’s time for that. Blake’s body is currently hidden inside the stationary cupboard in his office. I imagine we have a while until he is missed. I deliberately chose my actions on a Friday evening during shift change. Hopefully his absence will not be noticed for some time. However, I am now a murderer. I will need time to get away from the reach of the law. And you and your son will need time to get to safety. Once you’re safe, you can alert the authorities and they can rescue everyone else.”

Behind Jason, Daniel started moaning again. Both men looked in the teenager’s direction. He was grinding and writhing. With his testicles locked in place, he could not move away from the devices that were stimulating him, and it was clear that he was experiencing another orgasm.

“Again. Already?” Steven said in wonderment.

“He’s been set to continuous maximum cycle. Blake’s vindictive way of getting revenge on him.”

“For what?”

“Your son was quite rude to him when you were unconscious and he was being secured in his pod. Blake also set his VR hood to deliver nothing but constant hard-core homosexual scenarios.”

“Homosexual? Then that explains it.”

“Explains what?”

“It doesn’t matter.”

Steven was unwilling to reveal Daniel’s lewd suggestions.

“Can’t you cancel that? It looks exhausting.”

“It’s an orgasm. Can’t cancel that. It’s not the VR that’s causing it, it’s all the other stuff. The stuff YOU created if I recall correctly. It’s not hurting him. Best to let it run its course. He has over a hundred per day like that. One more won’t hurt him.”

“A hundred!”

“It’s just a very powerful orgasm. Nothing more.”


Jason continued removing the equipment that ensnared Steven. He pressed a button to lower the man’s arms, then another to release his captive wrists. Steven’s arms flopped from the machine to his sides.

“Ah ahhhh!” Steven cried.

“What’s wrong?”

“Severe pins and needles. And numb arms.”

“Yes, I expected as much. The pods have stimulators to prevent total muscular atrophy, but I expect you’ll still be weak after all those months of inactivity.”

Jason removed the rest of the equipment leaving the boots and anal probe until last. The anal probe was connected to a piston arm rising from the floor. Jason reasoned that it might be the only thing keeping him on his feet. He removed the front panels from the foot clamps.

“Just the probe left to remove. Can you support your own weight?”

“I don’t know. We’ll find out.”

Jason pulled the probe downwards from Steven’s anus. The dildo probe on the end withdrew with a slurp. Then Steven immediately slumped forwards. Jason reacted quickly, offering the man a steadying arm.

“Whoa, easy there.”

Steven held Jason’s forearm but he barely had enough strength to support himself.

Jason lowered him to the floor, then he placed a sports bag beside him.

“You sit there and try to get your strength back. There’s an engineer’s overall in the bag. Get dressed when you can. I’ll go get your son.”


Ten minutes and another orgasm later, Daniel was out of his pod. He was even weaker than his father. It was all he could do to hold himself upright as he sat on the floor with his legs apart.

Daniel looked at his lap. His massive testicles rested on the floor like a half-filled bean bag. His hard penis still pointed resolutely upwards towards his chin.

“Can you dress yourself son?” Steven asked.

“So tired.”

“I’m not surprised after all those orgasms!”

Steven tottered slowly over to his son, feeling and walking like a 90-year-old.

When he arrived, he unfolded the second blue jumpsuit and undid the popper fasteners at the front before laying it out on the floor before his son.

“Here Daniel, lift your leg.”

His son managed to lift his right leg and Steven fed it into the jump suit.

“Now the other one.”

Daniel complied again.

“Jason can you get behind him. Lift him so I can pull it up?”

The technician crouched behind Daniel and put his arms under Daniel’s armpits. The boy was drenched in sweat. Jason readjusted his grip, wrapping his arms around the boy’s chest and taking a stronger gable grip.

“Ready?” he asked.

Steven nodded, and Jason lifted the boy six inches off the floor. Steven pulled the sides of the jumpsuit up, lifting the seat up to his son’s bottom.

“Okay. That’ll do.”

Jason lowered the boy to his bottom, and Steven pulled his son’s arms into the jumpsuit’s sleeves. Then he started doing the poppers up, starting two from the top and working his way downwards. As he moved past his 16-year son’s naval, the boy’s 7-inch erection was in the way. Steven pulled the cloth forwards and continued, ignoring the stiff meat. Like his testicles, it had grown significantly over the past year. The back of his fingers brushed his son’s penis and it twitched instantly. Daniel reached forwards and gripped his kneeling father’s still hard penis sideways along the shaft through his jumpsuit.

“Nice boner. Are you sure you don’t want me to suck it? He can watch if you like. Or you could take turns on me?”

Steven suppressed his exasperation and removed his son’s hand from his erection.

“No thank you Daniel. Let’s just get out of here.”

Steven met Jason’s eyes and a look passed between them. Jason raised his eyebrows in a “daaammmn” gesture.

Steven helped his son to his feet. The overall was much too large for him. It gathered around his ankles and hung past his hands. Steven was still weak as a new-born foal, but his son was weaker still. The chest and back of the boy’s jumpsuit was dark with perspiration, and as the boy stood, the enormous mass of his scrotum swung down between his legs like the clapper in the Liberty bell. The boy grunted and hunched at the unexpected weight of his testicles. It pulled his penis downwards so that it stood out at right angles to his groin, hugely tenting the front of his jump suit. Daniel flinched as his exposed glans rubbed against the rough cloth.

“You okay Daniel?” Steven asked.

Daniel grimaced.

“My helmet. The trousers are rubbing against it.”

He reached down and pulled his foreskin over his glans through the cloth.

“That’s better.”


Aided by his father and Jason, Daniel walked towards the door. Both Daniel and his father walked with wide-spread knees, like cowboys preparing for a comical gun fight.

“How are we going to get out? What about the guards?” Steven asked.

“Don on the security station is in on it. He’s on his own until 6.30.”


The group rode the elevator upwards from the underground complex to the ground floor. From there, they passed through the front security station and out into the car park. They boarded Jason’s car.

“It’s best if you duck down at the back. Hopefully we can get past the front gate. There’s a blanket there. Cover yourselves up with it.”

Steven lay on the floor and pulled his son down on top of him, hugging him close before covering them both with a blanket. Their erections rubbed against each other. Daniel smiled and kissed his father on the lips, grinding their cocks together.

“Now we can play yes?”

He rubbed his father’s huge testicles with his palm.

“No! Daniel for Christ’s sake, this is life and death. Can you stop thinking about sex for just ten more fucking minutes please!!”

Steven was furious, his patience finally at an end. He pushed the boy’s hand away from his groin. He never, ever lost his temper with his on. Daniel was mostly well behaved and on the few occasions that Steven had need to discipline him, he handled it with far greater calmness: loss of privileges, no computer, no going out, and so on. The contrast came as a shock to Daniel and he pulled his face away with wide, surprised eyes.

Steven felt guilty, pained by his son’s reaction. His son had never had cause to fear him before. He knew it wasn’t the boy’s fault that the machine had messed his mind up.

“That’s better. Just lay quietly until we’re out of this goddawful situation.”

He cupped the boy’s head and pulled it to his shoulder under the blanket. Daniel lay still and quiet. But his insistent erection continued pressing against Steven’s. The man ignored it.


Ten minutes later Jason said, “Okay, we’re safe. You can sit up now.”

Steven and Daniel rose from the back and sat on the seat. Daniel pressed himself right into the corner and sat quietly, looking at his father with cautious eyes. The front of his jump suit still protruded insistently.

Steven sat looking at his son with concern.

“Daniel it’s not your fault son but you’re mixed up. The VR machine has got you all twisted. You’re not gay, and even if you were, you’d never want to fool around with your old man.”

Daniel thought to himself, “That wasn’t what you said yesterday,” but he said nothing. He WAS confused. He couldn’t sort out his memories. If everything he remembered was correct, he’d had sex a hundred times a day with hundreds, even thousands of different people. It didn’t make sense. He didn’t know that many people did he? But he remembered having sex with them all. Sucking, riding and being pounded by thousands of cocks. His cock throbbed at the thought and he supressed a grin at the thought. His asshole trembled at the memory. He turned from his father in silence and looked out of the window.


Jason said, “Where do you want me to take you to?”

“Hmmm, I’d like to go home. Change out of these jump suits. Get some underwear on, but I’d be afraid of the facility picking us up again. Police station? Hospital?”

Steven looked down at his erection, then glanced at the undiminished tent pole still standing 7 inches out of his son’s lap.

“Police station I think. I just wish we could lose these damned erections.”

“Actually, you know what, on second thoughts, I’m going to drop you off at Roddie’s Allnite. I’ll give you some money for food and coffee, and you can use the phone there to call the police. Don’t want any chance of getting caught on camera.”

“Okay, that’ll be fine I suppose.”

“It will have to be.”

“Yeah, and thanks for getting us out of there.”


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    Ahhh I loved that story dearly and I’m so excited you’ve decided to continue this!! So hot. I love how messed up Daniel is. Can’t wait for the next part!

    Out of curiosity, how many chapters ahead have you written? And how many have you planned? If you don’t mind me asking

    • Hiya, glad you enjoyed it! I haven’t written any more chapters ahead. I have a short continued story arc. It will be 1 or 2 more chapters.

    • bob-
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    I’m so happy you have done more chapters, I am looking to read more thank you.

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    I hope one day you’ll come back to this story

    • Thank you. I am certain that I eventually will. Watch this space.

    • Donovan.-
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    Wow, that would be such an amazing experience , to be sexually controlled to orgasm almost continuously ! I wish I could have been kid napped in my teens and used that way ! 👅👅 and to be fed sperm most of the day.

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