Father and son

forced milking

A father and his son find themselves in an unexpected sexual situation.

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Father and son

“Ah, you’re awake, just in time.”

William blinked repeatedly as though trying to clear the sleep from his eyes, but he hadn’t been asleep. Where was he?

“Who are you?” he asked the man standing over him.

“You can call me Eros.”

The man was in his thirties, bare topped, but he wore tight denim chaps, a bulging posing pouch made from soft black leather, and biker boots.

“What’s happening?” William asked.

Then he saw his father. Michael was seated in front of him six feet away. The man was naked. William’s eyes widened and he looked down at himself and he suddenly realised he too was naked.

“Why am I naked!? Where’s my clothes? Dad?”

The man standing in front and to his right grinned slowly.

“Well that’s the real question isn’t it?”

“Daaad?” the teenager repeated nervously.

“I don’t know Will. I woke up here the same as you did. He hasn’t told me any more than he’s said to you.”

They were both sitting in a small room. Every surface was mirrored and there was only a single door.

Will looked back at the man.

“Why am I naked?”

The man’s smile broadened.

“Because I want to have some fun with you.”

“What kind of fun?”

“I’d think that was obvious.”

William looked across at his father again. He didn’t recall ever seeing the man naked. He looked down at his father’s flaccid genitals. There was something attached to the man’s testicles.

“Dad what’s that on your balls?”

“I don’t know William. He put it on when I came around.”

“Does it hurt?”

His father shook his head.

“Not to worry,” Eros said, “you’ll find out what it does for yourself soon enough.“

The man knelt between the boy’s legs. William was strapped into a heavy chair with a long V shaped hole cut out of the seat. His torso and arms were strapped in place. William instinctively tried to draw his knees together but as he discovered they were secured widely apart, he realised how vulnerable he was.


The man lifted a pole underneath the boy’s scrotum. William looked down between his legs. There was a thick, horizontal, rubber ring on the end of the pole. The man lifted the ring up around William’s testicles, then pulled a wire and the ring contracted, trapping the boy’s testicles in the bottom of his scrotum. The man pulled the ring as low as it could go, until William’s testicles bulged in their constricted sack.

“What are you doing!?” William asked, alarmed. “Please don’t hurt us.”

“I’m not going to hurt you. Far from it. I’m going to liberate you.”

“What does that mean?”

“You’ll find out soon enough. Now then, last bit. Who shall we do first? You first; it’ll be a new experience.”

“What? What will?”

The man disappeared behind the boy. William strained to look over his shoulder but the man had dropped to a knee. William felt the man’s fingers spreading his buttocks. Then an oily finger was in between, spreading something on his butthole. The young man cringed and tried to rise up from the seat but he was too tightly secured. To William’s relief, the finger disappeared but it was quickly replaced by something firm but rubbery. The object pressed upwards against him. He tried to fight against it but it was greasy and forced it way inside. As it passed through the ring of his sphincter, William made a comical expression, like a boy bathing in an ice-cold ocean when the water laps up around his shrivelled scrotum for the first time.


The object moved up inside him, sliding easily now. Its sides were bumpy but oily.

Eros walked back to the front and stood where William and his father could see him.

“That’s exactly the same size as your father’s boner,” he informed the boy.

Instantly, the feeling of invasion felt far worse; creepier to William. He looked up at the man with a sneering expression midway between revulsion and contempt.

“How would YOU know?” the teen challenged.

“I know everything.”


Eros walked behind William’s father and dropped to a knee. He lifted a dildo behind the man’s back so that William could see it. It was realistically coloured, and five inches long; about twice the thickness of his thumb.

“Seem familiar?”

It was an exact duplicate of William’s own erect penis, and the head was shaped exactly like an M35 German world war 2 soldier’s helmet right down to the glans that flared wide and came to a definite edge at the base. It even had the same wonky vein on the side that William’s erection had.

William blushed but said nothing. His erections were something private.


Eros placed the dildo back onto the ram beneath Michael’s hole, and after spreading and lubing the man’s hole, he forced the dildo up into the man’s rectum.

“Not the first time you’ve had a cock inside you is it Michael. Long time since you had one so small though huh?”

“What the hell are you talking about you sick bastard!?” Michael said indignantly.

“You don’t remember Philly? That was what, 25 years ago. But the memory is still fresh isn’t it? Everyone remembers their first time.”

“Dad, what’s he talking about?”

“I don’t know,” Michael lied.

“Oh come on Michael. There’s nothing be ashamed of. I know that you often think back to the years you and Philly had sex with great fondness. Lots of boys experiment with homosexual sex when they’re young.” Eros said. “It’s as natural as William here checking out Noah and Mason in the showers and then thinking about them while he masturbates.”

Neither William nor Michael bothered denying the man’s accusations. How could they deny it when he knew things about them that NOBODY else could possibly know?

William glowed red with embarrassment. It wasn’t that he was any more ashamed at the revelation that he fantasied of naked guys than if it had been girls, so much as the revelation to his father that he masturbated at all. They were a Mormon family and masturbation was heavily frowned upon.


“Anyway, you two have been repressed for far too long. It’s not good for you. I’m going to help you out. Loosen you up a bit.”


Eros snapped his fingers and immediately the two dildos beneath Michael and his son started thrusting up and down, sliding in and out of their holes. Both captives arched their backs, puffing out their chests as they tried fruitlessly to rise away from the anal invasion.

“That cock in your hole is exactly the same size as one of the boys you’ve been fantasising about William. I’ll leave you to work out which one. Is it all you imagined?”

William’s face was drawn into a grimace. He looked at Eros with his lip curled into a near snarl.

“Take… Take it out. Please stop it!” the teen grunted, struggling to speak as he fought against the dildo thrusting in and out of his hole.


Eros turned his attention to Michael.

“And how about you Michael, does this bring back happy memories?”

The man glared back at him.

“You sick bastard. Why are you doing this?”

Their captor smiled benignly.

“I already told you, I’m Eros. It’s my job. Now I think we need to step things up a little more.”

He snapped his fingers again and the rubber loops that held each of their pairs of bulging testicles started vibrating violently. Michael and William both gasped and jumped, startled at the power of the feeling. There was an intensely sexual wave of pleasure emanating from their testicles. Immediately, William’s penis started to rise in his lap. His father looked at it as it quickly stood up: 90 degrees, 45, zero. Then it was standing straight up and it continued to get harder. It wobbled and vibrated as his testicles were shaken roughly. Now it looked exactly like the dildo that was pumping in Michael’s hole.

“Daaad,” William groaned. “I can’t stop it.”

“Nor can I,” his father said. “It’s not your fault.”

“Just let it happen. Enjoy it. It’s nothing to be ashamed of,” Eros added.


Michael’s own penis did not stand up as tall or as quickly as his son’s but nevertheless, it was now decidedly ready for action. A very thick six inches, with a loose foreskin that was fully retracted. It stuck out at just over 90 degrees, its weight keeping it down, and its blood pressure not high enough to raise it further. It was a potent piece of meat that dwarfed his son’s in every way but rigidity.

William looked at his father’s erection with curiosity. It was large compared to his own. The lump of his dad’s balls was shaking, making them appear almost blurred. Michael also wore a grimace, but it was not pain that contorted his features, it was lust. Unwanted lust, but lust all the same.

The boy wondered if his dad felt the same as he did. Judging by the goo dribbling from his helmet and flicking side to side, he felt exactly the same.

Without warning, William started squirting. Milky cream leapt from his penis, in half a dozen powerful spurts. William grunted at the intensity of his orgasm.

“Uhh nnnng!”

As the boy came, his father watched, unsure whether he should look away. His son looked as though he was having a grand mal epileptic seizure. His fingers were contorted into claws, his eyes were rolled back, his lips were retracted from his teeth as though snarling. And the boy was whining like a bitch on heat. Michael wondered if William had ever had an orgasm like that before. He doubted it. He doubted the boy could have hidden the noise, let alone the full body flush that was colouring him.

He couldn’t explain why, but the prospect of seeing his son carried away under such a tsunami of sexual pleasure was deeply arousing to Michael. He could feel the William-sized dildo pumping in and out of his own hole, and his memories went back to his youth, when he and Philly had innocently started fucking each other. He always enjoyed being fucked more than doing the actual fucking, and this felt exactly how he remembered the feeling.

His son’s penis was so extremely hard. Philly’s was a little smaller, and he and Michael used to love laying side by side, sucking each other’s dicks like lollipops, sometimes for hours on end whilst fingering each other’s holes. Philly’s cream was sweet. Michael wondered if William’s would be the same. If his cock would feel as great in his mouth, with the helmet on his tongue.

As soon as the thought popped into his head, Michael pushed it away disgusted but it had already had an effect. He felt himself starting to ejaculate. He let out a growl as a huge gusher of semen rose two feet into the air.

William looked in his direction, roused from his own stupor by the sound from his father. He was just in time to see the first enormous gob of cum rising past his father’s face, joined in quick succession by three more. William was dripping with perspiration but he was still awestruck by the power and magnitude of his dad’s ejaculation. His own testicles were still vibrating, throbbing with unrelenting pleasure. He wondered in passing if Mason’s could squirt as much as his dad’s, or if he was the one whose dick matched his dad’s in size.


When they had both stopped squirting, Eros spoke up.

“Well, well. It seems I stirred up some interesting thoughts. I think I’ll leave you both to enjoy each other’s company a while longer. I’m certain that six hours of constant ecstasy should be enough to change your feelings about each other, and a lot of other things as well. Trust me, you’ll be a lot happier afterwards.”

Michael spoke up, still panting from his orgasm.

“Wait, what? You’re just going to leave us here? Where are we?”

“You’ll be fine. You’re safe. Enjoy your bodies a while. Get to enjoy your sexual fantasies. You’ll wake up in your own beds tomorrow morning just where you were last night and nobody else but you two will be any the wiser.”

“But why are you doing this?”

Eros smiled slowly.

“Because you’re two guys who are afraid to enjoy your own bodies. You both need to lighten up. And if you don’t, well I guess I’ll just have to come collect you again, and give you a much longer treatment.”

“But how will we nuh… nuh… nnnngggggggg!”

William was interrupted mid-sentence by another orgasm. His balls felt so good and the pounding in his asshole was affecting him in a way he would never have imagined.”

Eros waited for the boy to finish spurting.

“How will you know? Well, it’s easy enough. Maybe if you two take some camping trips together you could have a bit of fun, or if you invite Mason or Noah to come over and watch some porn together. Or Michael, maybe you could get in contact with Philly again. I know he still thinks about your time together with fondness.”

“He does?”

Michael was unexpectedly happy to know his former friend still thought of their past in a positive way.


William looked at his father, then at the hard tool bouncing in his own lap. There was semen trickling down his lower belly and puddled around the base of his cock where a clump of dark hair impeded its progress. There were also splatters of cum on the mirrored floor in front of him.


Michael noticed that there was a tattoo on the man’s shoulder. It was a small old-fashioned bow and arrow. He frowned. Eros?

“How did we get here?” he asked.

Eros smiled enigmatically.

“The same way you’ll be going home.”

With that, he snapped his fingers once more, and the shakers and dildos increased their speed. He walked through the mirrored door, drawing it closed behind him.

“Ooo oooo Da ha ha aad!” William moaned, looking at his father.

He was unused to such pleasure. It radiated from his groin, and his asshole was glowing deep inside with every pump of the dildo.


Michael looked at his son. The boy’s dick was so hard, and its soldier-helmet head was so cute. He could almost taste it now. He could feel it inside him too. It was not long enough to reach his prostate but it pulled all the way out on each stroke, and the flared head rubbed against his sphincter. He remembered how Philly used to get excited and pull his dick out too far, bending it almost double as he pushed it back in.

“Careful, you’re gonna snap your dick!” Michael had warned him many times, but his friend never did, and then he got better at fucking and his dick stayed inside.

Michael smiled at William and his son’s face merged with that of his first fuck buddy.

William smiled back at him, wondering what it would be like if his dad jacked him off.

They both came together.

Then they sat, looking only at each other for hours as they slowly but surely puddled the floor with their semen.

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