Interdimensional Milking the early years – The unwilling sperm donors

A scientist and his son find themselves becoming the unwilling subjects of his own sexperiments.

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Interdimensional Milking the early years – The unwilling sperm donors

Professor Steven Bennett swiped his entry card past the digital security scanner at his office and held  the door open for his teenaged son Daniel. Since his wife had died, Steven and the boy had become closer than ever and today the boy was getting a tour of his father’s lab.

Daniel knew that his father worked in some kind of human research lab, but he was not entirely sure what he did. He’d always been quite happy with that level of vagueness, but his high school had recently held a careers day and it had prompted him to question his father about it that night.

“Dad, what exactly do you do at work?”

His father was pleasantly surprised.

“I work at a government laboratory. We’re researching automated human reproduction.”

“What does THAT mean?”

“It means that we’re looking at ways of maximising human reproduction in case we ever need to grow a lot of people quickly.”

“You mean like cloning?”

“No, not quite. Cloning takes cells from a single person and produces lots of identical people. That reduces diversity in a population. What we do is duplicate the natural process of reproduction, but at a much faster rate.”

Daniel continued asking question after question until eventually his father interrupted.

“If you’re really interested in what I do, you could come to my lab and see for yourself?”

Daniel’s eyes lit up at the prospect, and a month later Steven lead him into the place where he worked.


Steven led the boy down to the research labs where he showed him photos of sperm and eggs, and talked to him about the process of automated reproduction. His son looked through microscopes and watched technicians work with Petri dishes.

Then Steven took him down to the milking station bay to show him the devices that he designed. There were 20 milking stations aligned in two rows, facing each other six feet apart. In eight of the stations, naked men of various ages, were standing, legs apart, arms secured above their heads. Daniel was shocked to see that each had equipment attached to their genitals and he noted with equal amazement, that every man had an erection.

“This is our sperm collection system Daniel,” his father explained. “These donors have agreed to become guinea pigs for the system. This is what I do at work all day.”

“You jack guys off?” Daniel said cheekily.

“No,” Steven responded laughing, “I design these machines. They are automated milking stations. The idea is to collect the maximum amount of semen in the least amount of time.”

“How much do you collect?”

“Well, the average male produces about 3.5 millilitres of sperm per ejaculation and can ejaculate at full capacity three or four times a day. Another department is working on increasing the capacity, and I think that they’re up to 15 millilitres in some cases.”

“How much is that?” Daniel asked, thinking about his own ejaculations.

“Well, the norm is about a teaspoon full but 15 millilitres is enough to fill a shot glass.”

“How big is that?”

Bennett was oddly happy that his son didn’t know what a shot glass was. He struggled to find a comparison that the young man would understand.

“Um, if your skateboard wheel was hollow, it would fill one of them.”

Daniel’s eyes widened,

“Wow that’s a lot of jizz,” he said, silently wondering how it would feel to squirt that much.

“And if that wasn’t impressive enough, with my virtual reality system, those men can ejaculate as often as once every hour!”

“Virtual reality system? How does that work?”

Steven smiled. His son loved computer games, so it was no surprise that the boy immediately picked up on the reference.

“Well, the men are surrounded by a special hood. The hood has electronics that automatically calibrate the computer to each person’s brainwaves, and can analyse the memory centres to ascertain what each person finds sexually arousing. By transmitting perfectly tuned electrical signals to the subjects’ brains, we can change their entire perception of reality. They will literally, see, feel, hear, taste and smell whatever we want them to. From their perspective, it feels as real as the real world, and they lose all sense of what their actual bodies are doing.”

“Like the Matrix?” Daniel asked.

“Yes, very much like that, but without the wires.”

“But don’t they get bored after a while?”

“That’s a great question Daniel. No they don’t. We access their memories to find out what stimulates them, but we don’t just pump in an endless series of reruns of their favourite porn movies. The scenarios are crafted to keep them interesting. We have an entire neuroscience division that works just on that because the more aroused a guy is, the more that he can ejaculate.”

“Yeah I know,” Daniel answered absently, then, realising what he’d revealed about himself he quickly added, “that is, I don’t mean…” He blushed brightly, and his dad laughed.

“There’s nothing to be ashamed of Daniel. It’s the same for all of us.”

Daniel looked at the floor bashfully.

“Anyway, there’s another important dimension to this system; although the subjects retain all of their memories, each scenario feels as fresh and new as the first time. We can control the part of the brain that gets bored, so every single time always feels like the first.”

“Wow, it sounds amazing. How real is it dad. Is it like Call of Duty or Skyrim, or does it seem really real?”

“You can give it a try if you like. See for yourself?”

Daniel looked shocked.

“Me?! I wouldn’t have to be naked would I?”

“No of course not. You can just put on the headset. You, don’t have to be rigged up for milking!”

Daniel barely had to give it a moment’s thought; it was the chance of a lifetime and, he reasoned to himself, he could always just take the hood off if he didn’t like what was happening.

“Okay, I’ll give it a try.” He hesitated and thought for a moment. “It won’t make me, you know, squirt in my pants will it?” he asked nervously.

Steven smiled broadly.

“Well it might, if I left it on long enough, but we’ll just let you try it out for a two or three minutes.”

Daniel thought about some of his jack off sessions. He regularly came in under three minutes from start to finish when he was in a hurry.

“Maybe just one minute, okay dad?” he said.

His father roared with laughter and tousled his son’s hair.

“I understand what you’re saying son, but remember you won’t actually be…” he made a jacking motion with his hand. “I don’t think you have anything to worry about.”

“Okay dad,” Daniel said, still a little hesitant.

“Great. Why don’t you step over here.”

Steven gestured to an unoccupied milking station. Without an occupant, it was nothing more than two floor pads to stand on and a control key pad. The hood was raised and the other parts of the station were stowed into the back piece.

Daniel stood where his father pointed, and his father typed a few commands on the pad. The hood lowered around his son’s shoulders and started to silently calibrate to his brain.

“Ready?” Steven asked.

“Oookay,” Daniel replied nervously.

Steven hit the go button and a scenario immediately commenced.

Daniel was studying with Tina, a friend from school that he really liked. She came and sat next to him under the pretence of asking a question. Her hand dropped to his thigh, and then slid up the inside of his leg, the back of her hand brushing his penis though his jogging trousers. He gasped and looked at her, amazed and excited…”

The one mistake that Daniel made was thinking that he could simply exit the simulation whenever he wanted. Once it was running, his reality changed and he was no longer aware that he was actually in a simulation. He could no more choose to step out of the scenario, than he could choose to step out of the real world.

Steven watched his son. Within 20 seconds the kid had a very obvious erection. Steven would just give the boy two minutes before turning off the simulation.


The door to the milking bay opened and Steven’s superior, Michael Blake entered, flanked by two guards. Steven was surprised to see the guards, but he’d cleared the visit with Michael, so he had no reason for concern. Steven quickly stopped the simulation, and lifted the hood.

“That was amazing dad!” Daniel said, before he noticed Mr Blake was there.

“Yes, I can see how much you enjoyed your father’s work,” Blake said, looking pointedly at the bulge in Daniel’s pants. Daniel became aware of his erection and sheepishly dropped his hands to cover it.

“Hello, I’m Michael Blake. I’m in charge of this facility.” Blake offered a hand and Daniel shook it, careful to keep his erection covered with the other hand.

Blake turned to Bennett.

“Hello Steven, I just thought that I’d come down and see how the visit is proceeding?”

Steven smiled warmly.

“I think it’s going very well, don’t you Daniel?”

Daniel nodded enthusiastically.

“Yes dad.”

Mr Blake turned to the boy.

“So what do you think of the work we’re doing here, ummm, Daniel isn’t it?”

“Yes sir. It’s amazing. The virtual reality thing is just like real life!” he gushed.

“Yes, your father has done incredible work. Who knows, perhaps you might like to become part of our donor program some day?”

Steven was surprised at the comment. Although they were both scientists and clinically professional about human bodily functions, it seemed like an odd thing to say to his son. He looked at Blake and the man was smiling. Perhaps he was just kidding around?

“Errr, no, I don’t think so sir. I wouldn’t want people seeing me naked.”

Steven was a little surprised at just how bashful his son had become. It was a side of the boy he found adorable.

“No, of course not,” Blake said, nodding sympathetically. “I completely understand.”

Dr Blake placed his hand on Steven’s shoulder.

“Actually Professor Bennett, there’s one additional level to this research that even you are not aware of, but I think that this is an excellent time to bring you up to speed.”

Bennett looked to his superior with interest.

“You see, the government decided that short term donors were a liability to the project. The more donors we used, the more people who got to know about what we were doing. Also, the effort of constantly having to find new donors, screening them to ensure that they had suitable physical and intellectual traits, and then paying them was proving to be a real burden. Therefore, in parallel with your extraction station designs, another team has been working on developing a life support system so that we can start using permanent donors.”

Steven was stunned.

“You can’t be serious? There are so many physiological and ethical reasons not to do that! Muscle atrophy, mental dependence, testicular enlargement, permanent increase in semen production, and that’s just the start. Who would volunteer as a permanent donor?”

“Well to be honest, we weren’t thinking of using volunteers. Our initial testing was conducted using criminals who were transferred from their jail cells to this facility. You’d be surprised how many criminals have no family or friends. And as for the other issues, testicular enlargement is not a problem – indeed, it increases semen output. Mental dependence is only a problem if the “volunteers” are ever going to be released, and we don’t plan to release them. Muscle atrophy is not really a problem as they will never be called upon to use their muscles again. Nevertheless, a healthy body is a better producer, so we attached electrical stimulation pads much like the ones for post-spinal trauma physiotherapy. These ensure that the subject’s muscles receive a daily workout. Last but not least, the subjects are connected to a feeding and waste disposal system similar to that used for coma patients. The whole process is much easier than you might think.”

Professor Bennett ran his hand backwards through his hair as he tried to gather his thoughts on this momentous news. He’d always felt as though he was working for a benign branch of government, for the good of mankind but now he felt betrayed.

“This can’t be ethical,” he said eventually.

“Oh come on Steven. You know that ethics are often second to expediency. If mankind is going to survive beyond the life of this planet, we’re going to need the means to colonise other worlds without the logistics of shipping millions of people to those planets.”

Professor Bennett considered Dr Blake’s words for a while in silence. Eventually he said, “Let’s suppose I go along with this, it’s one thing to kidnap criminals, but that’s not the sort of DNA you’ll be wanting to propagate. How are you going to get the calibre of people that you will want for building a superior gene pool?”

“Now that’s a very good question actually Steven and you’re not going to like the answer. The fact is, a collection department is already evaluating the population of the United States for suitable candidates. Scientists, star athletes, doctors, and far more.”

“You can’t just take people off the street!” Bennett said, horrified.

“Actually Steven we can. You’d be surprised how many people go missing in the United States – almost a million per year. Most cases are resolved, but tens of thousands never show up again. A few hundred more will make no difference either way.”

“But that’s outrageous!” Bennett protested. “Have you actually started yet?”

“Actually Steven, we have. We secured our first two subjects today. A brilliant bio-mechanical engineer, and his son, a promising young wrestler.”

Bennett’s eyes widened in disbelief, and Daniel looked at him nervously to confirm that he was correctly understanding what he’d just heard. Bennett glanced around him to assess his options for escape. He was fit, he jogged every day, and he was certain that Daniel could keep up with him, but in addition to Dr Blake’s escorts, there were guards on the door and half a mile of corridors and security doors to pass through on his way to freedom. Their chances of getting through all of them seemed incredibly slim.

Forcing his voice to remain calm, Bennett said, “Are you saying what I think you’re saying Michael?”

“Yes, I’m afraid I am, St…”

Before Dr Daniel could finish his sentence, Steven had jumped at him. He grabbed the man around the neck in a rear strangle in the hope that he could use him as a hostage to enable him and his son to leave the facility.  Blake’s escorts were momentarily caught by surprise, and Daniel stood motionless. He watched his father. Dr Blake remained surprisingly calm. Speaking to his guards he said, “Would you two be kind enough to get this gentleman off me?”

A guard approached, and Steven swung around to face him, holding Blake between them. He heard Daniel shout “Dad look out!” and then he felt what seemed like a punch in the neck, and he fell to the floor unable to control his muscles. The second guard looked to the boy, and holding the taser up, he said, “I’m not going to need this again am I?”

Daniel was almost paralysed at the drama before him. He glanced at his father, who was lying on the floor spasming erratically, then back at the guard. The boy shook his head wordlessly, and the guard returned his taser to its holster.

Dr Blake straightened his suit and gestured to Professor Bennett.

“Would you please help Professor Bennett to a chair, and just for safety, let’s handcuff him shall we?”

The two guards did as they were ordered. Steven sat woozily in the chair, unable to control his muscles. Blake addressed Daniel.

“Okay, no point wasting time, would you take your clothes off please son. And don’t make things difficult: it’s just as easy to prepare you after you’ve been tased as before.”

Daniel looked at his father’s boss with amazement and fear, his mouth gaping.

“Why are you doing this to us?”

“I thought I’d already made it clear. We need high quality sperm from fit, intelligent, genetically superior stock. You and your father are the first two of many donors. Now, no more delays, undress immediately before I order these gentlemen to help you.”

The teenager looked at the two guards then at his incapacitated father. He started to undress. Blake was amused to see the boy carefully folding each piece of clothing, as if he was ever going to wear them again. Eventually Daniel stood in just his Hanes Classics – surprisingly traditional white Y-fronts that said more about his father’s lack of imagination than the boy’s. Danel’s hands covered his groin and his entire posture was one of embarrassment. His erection had long since subsided.

“Those as well,” Blake said, gesturing towards the boy’s underwear.

Daniel did as he was ordered and his modest genitals bounced free as he lowered his underwear. He put his pants on top of the pile of clothes, carefully keeping one hand in front of his privates.

Blake smiled at him with bemusement.

“You DO realise that you’re going to be naked for the rest of your life? We’re all going to see what you have down there, and a whole team of technicians and doctors will get to see everything you have? There really is no point being coy.”

Daniel stared back at him wordlessly with seething resentment.

Blake nodded to his guards and one of them spoke into a small walkie talkie. Moments later a white-coated technician entered the room. The guards approached Daniel and holding an arm each, they escorted him to an empty milking station.

“Step onto the two footplates please,” the technician said.

Daniel looked down at two rubber circular pads. He stepped forwards onto the plates, studiously keeping his hands in front of his groin.

“You’re going to feel the pads moving around your feet so don’t be surprised,” the tech warned Daniel.

He typed a command into the adjacent keypad. The seemingly solid rubber plates morphed and flowed like warm putty around Daniel’s feet, rising until they were just below his knees. Then they stopped moving. Daniel looked down: the rubber looked like a giant pair of moon boots and his legs were now held completely immobile.

The technician spoke to the guards.

“Would you lift his arms up please?”

The guards complied, effortlessly peeling the boy’s hands away from his groin. Daniel looked up as two pods lowered around his arms. The technician activated the locking sequence and the morphable restraint system flowed around his forearms until they were held as firmly as his legs. The man typed a command and the arm restraints raised slowly until Daniel’s body was stretched taut, arms raised above his head. Another command and the leg restraints moved apart two feet, leaving Daniel completely exposed. He felt vulnerable and humiliated, and he blushed a deep crimson. The technician paused and looked to Dr Blake for confirmation.

“And now the bit you’ve been waiting for,” Blake said to Daniel sarcastically.

“Cunt,” the boy responded flatly.

Blake’s smug grin momentarily left his face, caught off-guard by the formerly polite boy’s unvarnished hatred. The man quickly regained his composure and nodded to the technician.

The technician folded an armature from behind the boy lifting it up between Daniel’s legs. The head of the armature had two components; a very shallow bowl about the size of two small cupped hands, and above that, an extender mechanism. The extender comprised a one inch length of vertical pipe with smooth, rounded edges, and hinged at the back. It opened so that it could wrap around the neck of the subject’s scrotum. The technician reached between the boy’s legs and firmly pulled the boy’s testicles down: not so far that it affected the hang of his soft penis, but just enough to provide a length of exposed scrotum to wrap the extender around. He closed the extender around the neck of Daniel’s scrotum, and it locked with a click, separating the teenager’s testicles from the rest of his body. Once closed, the extender formed a perfect half inch diameter circle, with a wide smooth flange on the bottom that pressed down on the boy’s testicles. The man adjusted the length of the extender so that Daniel’s testicles were pulled as far the root of his penis as his scrotum would allow. They bulged plumply below the pipe.

The bowl beneath had a ridge down the middle dividing it into two halves; one for each testicle. The man lifted it until it was pressing firmly against the boy’s trapped testes. There was not enough pressure to cause discomfort, but enough so that Daniel’s testicles were no longer free to move within his scrotum.

The technician picked up an electric screwdriver and buzzed a pair of hex nut bilts into the the extender, holding it shut. Daniel watched the man locking his nuts into the machine with a deep sense of dread. Nobody had touched his genitals since he was a little boy at bath-time, and this felt like a terrible invasion, especially in front of the others. With his nuts locked in like that, even if he could somehow get the rest of his body free, he could never escape unless he was willing to rip his own nuts off or crush them through the narrow pipe. As it happened, restraint was not the purpose of the pipe, as Daniel would find out soon enough.

The technician moved behind Daniel, and the boy strained unsuccessfully to see what the man was up to. The man lifted a probe that looked to the spectators, like flexible three foot tentacle with a dildo-shaped head. The head had numerous metal contacts circling it. The whole thing was made of a malleable semi-translucent material similar to the restraints holding Daniel’s arms and legs.

The technician lifted the head of the probe-arm with one hand and with the other he reached out and spread the boy’s buttocks to expose the youngster’s hole. The kid’s smooth bottom had just had the lightest smattering of fine hair. Daniel instinctively clenched and tried to move his bottom away from the intimate touch but he immediately discovered that with his balls secured, he had almost no free movement. He felt the man placing the head of the rubbery probe against his hole. Daniel frowned as he felt the tip touching him. It was slimy.

The man whispered to him, “If you relax it’ll go a lot easier.”

In spite of his anger at the violation being perpetrated against him, Daniel sensed a certain kindness; a humanity to the man’s whispered advice, and against all of his instincts, he forced himself to relax.

The probe slowly pressed against his rectum, and Daniel could feel the tip slip inside him. He grimaced with revulsion as he felt his hole widening to accommodate it. The probe moved slowly so that the teen’s anus would not tear as it entered him. He felt it gradually working his way up inside his bowels, giving him a feeling of fullness. Eventually, it was embedded seven inches inside him, with the metal contacts touching his prostate. Daniel’s hole felt painfully stretched by the two inch diameter of the probe’s tentacular arm.

The technician entered some commands and Daniel could feel the head of the probe getting bigger. Unbeknownst to him, it was opening so that it could double as a waste removal tube. The boy’s faeces would simply continue from his bowels, inside the arm, where they would be automatically disposed of.


Daniel as though he was on the verge of tears, and he glared at Blake with undisguised hatred. His father was still incapacitated. Blake nodded to the man.

“Might as well hook him up too before he can make a fuss.”

The technician nodded, and with the help of the guards, he stripped Bennett, and they installed him into a milking station facing directly opposite his son. Daniel watched silently. He’d never seen his dad naked, and in spite of the situation and his sense of guilt at looking, he couldn’t help but be impressed by his dad’s genitals.

The technician clamped Steven’s testicles exactly as he had Daniel’s. As he did so, Steven gradually regained control of his faculties. But it was only as the probe entered him, that Steven lifted his head and addressed Blake.

“Why are you doing this to us Michael?”

“Well, you’ve completed what you were contracted to do, and frankly Steven, from now on you’re more useful to us as a sperm donor than an engineer. After all, where else are we going to find a mechanical genius AND get his wrestling star son into the bargain, and completely without any attachments? The police will simply assume that you’ve taken your son to go find yourself in a jungle somewhere, and that will be a perception that we’ll be only too happy to feed.”

“But you can’t do this Michael – it’s wrong!” Steven pleaded.

Blake was unmoved.

“I’m afraid it’s talk like that that has caused you to outlive your usefulness. An overdeveloped sense of morality can be a liability in our business. But now, enough talk. Let’s get you two on your final prep. We’ll start with your boy first shall we?”

Blake nodded to the technician, and the man typed some commands into the keypad attached to Daniel’s milking station. The probe started transmitting a series of low wattage currents through the boy’s prostate. Daniel’s penis immediately started to react, and in just 10 seconds it was standing up past 45 degrees towards his head. Daniel writhed, trying fruitlessly to move away from the probe.  Although he was grimacing, the feeling in his prostate and penis was intensely pleasurable, and it was embarrassment at the power of his erection that caused him to squirm. He looked down at Blake, his face flushed and screwed up with shame. His penis continued to get even harder. His long, soft foreskin peeled fully back and veins stood out along the length of his shaft. The head was so swollen that it was shiny, dark and considerably larger than the width of his shaft. The whole penis had a strong upwards curve, especially in the upper half.

Blake stepped forwards and tapped the side of the boy’s boner firmly with his fingers, but it barely moved.

“Looks like you’re more than ready to donate some sperm young man!”

“Faggot!” Daniel said, and spat at Mr Blake.

Blake wiped the spittle from his jacket.

“You know, I was going to make this pleasant for you: the rest of your life enjoying one blissful dream sexual encounter after another – never bored, never too tired, never out of sperm. But just for that, and your earlier rudeness, you’re going to spend the rest of your life experiencing gay orgies. One after the other, squirting every fifteen minutes, until you come to love it. Kid, I’m going to turn YOU into the biggest faggot imaginable. In three months, you’re going to want nothing more than the feel of a giant black cock in your ass, and that’s exactly what you’re going to experience: a lifetime of getting fucked and sucking dicks, never fucking anyone yourself – you’ll just be a hole that other males use for their own pleasure. You’re going to have balls the size of grapefruits and I’m going to make sure that they’re constantly drained. You little punk.”

Daniel gaped, stunned by Blake’s tirade and the graphic description of his fate. Even in the depths of his anger and despair, it had not occurred to him how much worse things could get. The man’s vicious speech came as a slap in the face, giving the kid a sharp reality check. He stared at the man, his mind reeling as he tried to comprehend the full impact of what Blake had just said. Eventually, meek as a mouse, he said, “Please don’t. I’m really sorry.”

Blake’s retort was as inelegant as Daniel’s earlier comment,

“Fuck you kid!”


The technician pulled down yet another organic-looking tentacle arm from the top of the milking station. It was a penile stimulator. The transparent end reminded Daniel of a drawing he’d seen of the head of a fallopian tube where it wrapped around the ovary. It was as wide as a chicken’s  egg, and lined with small soft nodules. In the centre was a slim tube.

The technician lowered the stimulator over Daniel’s shiny glans, carefully ensuring that the slender rubbery tube entered the boy’s urethra. He pressed a button and the stimulator wrapped around the glans like a swimming jellyfish, forming a tight seal around the glans and an inch down the shaft. Then the man turned to Mr Blake.

“He’s all set up. All it needs now is the life support and the VR hood.”

“You can set up the life support later, and this brat’s VR program is going to need some adjustment before he goes online, but let’s just make sure that everything is working. Make the brat squirt a couple of times just to be sure.”

Daniel listened to Blake talking. His eyes were red-rimmed, and he didn’t dare to say anything else. He didn’t want to imagine how much worse Blake could make things for him.

The technician started the extraction routine running on full intensity. The probe in Daniel’s rectum commenced with an even more vigorous and stimulating sequence of currents, and the boy was shocked to feel deep-ripples running up and down the probe arm, massaging the inside of his stretched anus. In spite of his fierce heterosexuality and his best efforts to resist, Daniel could feel his hole pulsating and hungering for stimulation each time a ripple passed. It was almost as though his hole was trying to suck at the probe arm.

At the same time, dozens of millimetre-width rods gently massaged the underside of his tightly-held testicles, each delivering a low-powered current that increased their metabolic rate, and generated a tingling feeling of almost unbearable excitement deep within each one.

As if that wasn’t enough, the stimulator surrounding his glans was delivering the most incredible massage. The small nodules had warmed to his internal body temperature, and the entire hood was filled with thick, warm lubricant. The nodules swayed and tweaked and rubbed, and it seemed as though each one was programmed with the perfect movement according to which part of his glans they were touching. Those on the main body of the glans simply moved in small figure eights, whilst those touching his fraenulum moved side to side, playing the stretched flesh like a banjo string. The nodules around the coronal rim of his glans moved up and down, lightly tweaking the edge; and behind, the last few rows burrowed in with the lightest of touch to ensure that not a single millimetre of the boy’s glans was left without stimulation.

The cumulative effect of so much expert erotic titillation was to drive Daniel almost wild with excitement. He tried desperately to resist, but after just thirty seconds of flawless stimulation the boy was grinding his pelvis and panting like a dog in heat in the presence of a dozen caged bitches. Grinding his teeth, he closed his eyes, raised his face to the ceiling, tensing his stomach as his body throbbed and screamed in pleasure at the mechanical attention. Every part of his genitals was competing for attention and the teen clenched and thrust and gyrated, in an uncontrollable response to the mind-blowing pleasure. He could feel himself moving, and although a part of him was only too aware how he must look to the spectators and his father, the pleasure was so intense that his body was reacting on automatic, as much to move away from the source of over-stimulation, as in pleasure at what was happening. Mustering every ounce of willpower, Daniel forced his body to still itself, not to give Blake the pleasure of watching him grind and pant. For ten, fifteen seconds he managed to resist, before he surrendered once more with a gasp, thrusting his pelvis forwards, air fucking like he was teasing a girl with the tip of his cock.

His father watched the machine that he’d designed, do its work. He’d never dreamed that his own son might one day be a nude recipient of its attention. He knew from earlier testing that no healthy male had any chance at resisting its ministrations, and his son’s orgasm was guaranteed – it was simply a matter of how long his boy could resist. He could tell that Daniel was fighting tooth-and-nail not to experience his most private ecstasy in public. Steven had used the machine on college students, grown men, and volunteers well into their 50s and 60s, but even the most disciplined didn’t last four minutes, and none of the college students had made it past two. Steven could tell by how hard his son’s penis was that the machine was turned up to high. The thick, swollen veins along its pale pink length were a certain sign.

At 95 seconds without any change in the boy’s animated writhing, the thin extraction tube in his urethra filled with milky fluid, and it was sucked away as quickly as Daniel produced it. But the milking station continued to stimulate him at the same level and the boy continued to groan at the massive unaccustomed arousal that he was feeling. At four minutes, the tube filled again.

When Daniel’s testicles stopped pumping, Blake said, “Okay, that’s enough. It seems to be working just fine. Turn it off please Jason.”

The technician did as he was told, and the extraction cycle ceased, returning the kid instead, to his former arousal level. Gradually Daniel’s breathing returned to normal and he was able to think clearly again. He was sheathed in sweat. He opened his eyes and looked at his father, stunned and humiliated by what he had just experienced. He’d developed an entirely perspective on his father’s work.

The boy looked down at the  spectators. Blake was openly smiling and both of the guards were smirking like schoolboys who’d just been caught looking at a dirty magazine. Daniel was overwhelmed with shame at his lusty reaction and he looked away from them all, unable to meet their eyes.

“Well Daniel, that was without a scenario. Imagine how much more intense it’s going to feel when we start feeding a virtual reality simulation directly into your brain. You won’t be able to fight it. You’ll get excited by what WE want you to be excited by. And soon enough, even without the VR sim, those same things will excite you. Kid, you should never have mouthed off to me. Within a few months, you’ll do anything to feel like that.”

“You’re kidnapping me. How do you expect me to behave?!”

“If you say just one more word, you’ll spend the rest of your life getting fucked by virtual horses and sucking dog dicks!”

Daniel stared at the man disgusted and horrified. He knew that he was utterly at Blake’s mercy. He didn’t risk another word.


Jason turned and prepped Steven as he’d prepped the man’s son. As soon as the prostate probe was activated, the scientist grew an erection just as quickly as Daniel had. It didn’t stand as tall, but at seven inches, it was two inches longer than his boy’s and twice as thick.

Blake looked at it appreciatively.

“Quite impressive Steven. Guess you’re not just all brains.”

The technician placed the stimulator over Bennett’s glans, then he lowered the VR hoods over the two captive’s heads. They completely enclosed them all the way down to their chests, forming a tight seal that prevented any light from entering. Air flowed in freely from a vent at the front.

“No please, please don’t!” Daniel shouted, in spite of Blake’s warning.

The hood muffled his shouts.

“I don’t think there’s any reason to keep Steven waiting is there Jason?” Blake asked the technician.

“No sir,” he replied, and activated the VR program. Steven’s entire perception of reality changed, and he found himself in an apartment he didn’t recognise. Two beautiful, naked women approached. He watched them come towards him and he eagerly waited for them to arrive……


Jason spent a few minutes adjusting the program on Daniel’s milking station, and when he’d made the adjustments that his boss had ordered, he activated the second VR program. In Daniel’s mind, he was in the showers after wrestling practice. Two college boys were there too, and they both had erections. They turned to Daniel, and in the fantasy that was transmitted directly to his frontal cortex, he looked at their penises with excitement. They stepped close and he reached down…



The next morning

At midnight, the simulation automatically shut down. Daniel had experienced 36 orgasms, and had ejaculated 7 times in the past nine hours. The root of his penis was aching and he felt like he’d been kicked in the balls hard. He could remember all of the homosexual scenarios that he’d played through and it sickened him. He shouted and screamed for help but nobody came. Eventually, at 2am, he drifted into a restless sleep.

At 8am he woke up.

“Morning Daniel,” a woman’s voice said. “You and I are going to get to know each other quite well. I’m your nurse. It’s my job to make sure that you stay clean and healthy.”

“Please let me go. Tell someone I’m here. Please,” Daniel implored.

“I’m sorry, but there’s no point asking that. My job is just to take care of you.”

He felt the bowl under his testicles moving away, and then he could feel the woman’s hands and a damp cloth as she gave his scrotum a quick wash. Then she gripped his limp penis, pulled the foreskin back and washed his penis and glans gently. After that, she quickly washed all of the other exposed parts of his body, chattering to him inanely all the while, and utterly ignoring his repeated pleas for help.

After she had cleaned him, he felt the familiar tingling in his prostate, and within seconds, he had a fierce erection again. He felt her reattach the stimulator to his glans, and move the bowl back into position, and moments later, he entered a new scenario…


One month later…

Daniel was on his hands and knees, furiously sucking a small Asian dick, whilst a thick nine inch black cock pounded into his rear. He felt his seed tumbling from his hard cock as the black man’s cock hits his prostate on each down stoke. He sucked faster, contracting and releasing his sphincter muscles, eager to bring the other two off at the same time. Behind him he heard a primal grunt as the star quarterback shot his load. The guy gripped Daniel’s pelvis to stop him moving away, and smashed his cock balls-deep with jack hammer force and rhythm as he finished. Meanwhile, the Asian kid started face-fucking him in earnest. With the computer’s help, Daniel was immediately given the skills to deliver an expert blowjob. Daniel formed his mouth into a tight O, careful to hide his teeth with his lips. At the same time his tongue flickered over the short penis as it pumped in and out of his mouth. He tasted jizz, and the boy before him gradually slowed and stops, as did the quarterback behind him.

On the couch were four more players that Daniel had already serviced. He glanced at them with satisfaction. Then the room went dark.

A crack of light appeared by Daniel’s chest. He looked down disoriented. His eyes were unaccustomed to real light and it took him a few moments to acclimatise. He looked past his chest and saw his hard penis in the stimulator and gradually started to reconnect with reality. It felt like waking up in the middle of a vivid dream. He remembered everything that had happened over the past month. Every penis he had enthusiastically masturbated; every cock he had gleefully ridden or sucked; and all the balls and assholes that he’d expertly licked. The taste of semen was still in his mouth. A wave of disgust flooded over him as he thought about it. He imagined what would happen if his friends ever saw him doing all that stuff.

After a pause of 30 seconds, the hood rose the rest of the way off, and in front of him stood Jason the technician.

“How long has it been?” Daniel asked. He had barely used his vocal chords in a month, and his voice cracked like a boy just starting puberty.

“Just over a month,” the technician replied.

“That long, “Daniel said, frowning, “it only feels like a week or two.”

“Yeah, time passes quickly in the milking stations. Look kid, I can’t set you free, but I can change the program if you want. Would you like to be fucking girls instead of guys?”

Daniel nodded.

“Alright, done.”

Jaqson typed a few commands and the hood closed. Almost immediately a new scenario began. Daniel had a job in a sauna, and he walked in to change the towels. The room was steamy, and all around him was the sound of ribald laughter. The local hockey team had just come in to unwind after winning a  game. He felt a hand reach through his legs from behind. He looked over his shoulder to see the coach. The burly man was sitting with a dirty grin and no towel, sporting a huge erection. Daniel looked down at it happily, and returns the man’s lusty grin…


Three months later …

Daniel is squatting. Beneath him are two construction workers. They are lying with their cocks together and Daniel is bouncing up and down. He can feel the burn in his thighs, but the biggest burn is in his asshole as both cocks stretch his hole to its very limits filling him utterly.

The virtual reality program has been calibrated to Daniel’s precise body dimensions, and in this reality his asshole is always fresh and tight, his balls are always full and ready to squirt, and his mouth and tongue never get too fatigued to prevent him servicing another cock.

Each time Daniel sits down, he can feel both cocks jabbing at his internal organs. He would never have believed that such an experience could feel so good. His unbelievably hard cock wobbles between his legs with each squat and the audience of men sitting waiting their turn, cheers and urges him onwards appreciatively. He feels himself rapidly approaching a monumental orgasm when suddenly the lights go out, and the cocks inside him are gone in an instant. He’s still hard but there’s no stimulation. Light appears at his chest and the hood raises. Daniel squints and again he can make out Jason standing there.

“What are you doing?” Daniel demands. “Why did you make it stop?”

“Sorry about that. I tried to change the program before, but I nearly got caught. I can change it now. I’ll get rid of the men and put girls in, instead.”

“No don’t!” Daniel says, alarmed, just send me back quickly.

Although the machine is merely keeping him hard, Daniel is still utterly aroused and part of his mind is still in the scenario he’d just left. He knows that it was just a fantasy, but at the same time, there are two hot guys waiting for him, and he wants nothing more than to feel them both inside him again.

“Are you sure?” Jason queries. “I might never get another chance.”

“Yes, yes, I’m sure, now quick, send me back, before John and Mark lose their boners.”

The lines between reality and virtual reality are fuzzy in Daniel’s mind, but all he knows is that he wants to finish what he was doing. After all, the rest of the crew needs servicing yet.

Jason types some commands and the hood closes, and the scenario resumes.

Jason turns towards the camera monitoring the boy’s milking station and with a grin, makes an okay signal with his finger and thumb. In his office, Michael Blake smiles with satisfaction.

Three minutes later, Daniel joyfully experiences his eighth orgasm of the morning.


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