Young Offenders

Young offenders are subjected to a humiliating public procedure

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Young Offenders

The lecture hall had seating arranged in a full circle much like the old Victorian medical college training halls. There was a central floor area measuring 30 feet in diameter, with the seating radiating outwards at an upwards incline. The hall was capable of holding 300 people and it was filled to capacity.

Evan could not move his head, but he could still see the mass of people as he arrived in the hall. His stomach knotted and his heart beat fast. He had made many bad decisions in his life, and if he could only go around again, he would make different choices; do anything, just to avoid the coming events.


Evan was on a high tech medical gurney kneeling on a padded vinyl covered surface. He was leaning forwards in a stretched “n” shape, with his forearms supporting his upper body. His knees and feet were held wide apart by straps, and his arms were securely fixed to the gurney with his wrists strapped to a post two feet in front of him. His head was lifted and clamped so that he was looking straight ahead, and his mouth was held wide open with a metal ring that sat atop the wrist restraint post.

There were all kinds of additional mechanical devices attached to the gurney, and cameras front and back.

But worst of was not his captivity, his degrading position, or even the massive crowd of spectators, but the fact that he was completely naked.

Ahead of him were two other gurneys, each supporting teen offenders of their own. Behind him were three more, all being pushed by white-coated technicians.

Evan’s gurney was wheeled onto the exhibition area and turned so that he was facing the centre of the hall, with his naked rear exposed to the audience sitting just two feet away from him.

Evan was only too well aware that the audience had a front row, unobstructed view of his teen junk, and he wanted to shrivel up and melt into the floor. He blushed brightly, patches of red extending down his neck and torso.

The other 5 boys were similarly positioned, arranged in a circle at 60 degree intervals, and each was equally unhappy about being naked and incapacitated in front of an audience.


The chief doctor stepped into the centre of the floor and addressed the audience.

“Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for coming. My name is Doctor Manheim. As the nation’s foremost psychologists, judges, prison wardens, law enforcement officers, and military strategists you are only too well aware that this nation has problem with juvenile crime. Long term incarceration is not the solution. It’s massively costly and the recidivism rate runs at more than 80 percent. Some psychological approaches, including conscription into the services, are effective but they can take years to implement. What is needed is a faster, cheaper solution. That is exactly what we have developed here.”

The crowd murmured and sat up, visibly curious now in the light of such a bold claim.

“We have discovered that the majority of criminality originates not from poverty, as has been believed for the past 75 years, but from unresolved homosexual suppression. Our program guarantees to resolve that issue within three months, producing young men who are much calmer, and who after a year, are ready to release back into the community. Our recidivism rate is just 4 percent.”

Manheim turned to an assistant who was seated at a small control desk.

“Would you turn the cameras on please Jonathan?”

The assistant flipped a switch and instantly fourteen 100 inch LCD screens suspended in pairs in a circle 20 feet above the floor area lit up. The left of each pair showed a camera view from behind each inmate. To his dismay, Evan saw an angled view between his legs. His anus was exposed, and his testicles and penis filled much of the screen. In spite of the massive screen, his shrivelled penis with its small puckered foreskin looked small and pathetic, and his tight, ridged scrotum made it look like he had no nuts. To make it worse, they had removed his pubes before strapping him down, making him look much younger than his actual age. On the other screen, his fearful face stared back at him, as though taunting. Evan quickly looked away, reverting to the childish instinct that what he couldn’t see, couldn’t hurt him. Additionally, on a stupid macho level, he didn’t want to be seen to have too much interest in himself, or the other two boys whose screens were visible from his position.

Doctor Manheim continued explaining to the audience.

“Our treatment of young offenders is a simple one. We force them to confront and then embrace their own homosexuality.”


Evan knew with absolutely certainty that he was not a fag. He had not the slightest interest in boys. Like many teenagers his age, he experienced occasional homosexual panic – fearful of being labelled homosexual, but he certainly felt absolutely nothing sexual towards any other male. He was disgusted at the insinuation, but he had greater assaults on ego to worry about.


“In front of each boy is a prosthetic penis – what might also be called a “dildo” in sex toy parlance. However this is far superior to the kind of instrument normally sold in pornographic magazines. It is incredibly realistic, modelled on one of a dozen templates, coloured to match the race of the inmate. It has exactly the same feel and temperature as an actual penis, right down to the retracted foreskin, pubic hair, scrotum, testicles and even the veins on the sides.”

Evan listened in horror as he looked at the erect penis that had moved in front of his face. It was bigger than his own boner.

Manheim nodded to his assistant, and the man flipped another switch then moved a slider up to the first of ten positions. Evan was horrified to feel the synthetic penis push through the mouth ring and four inches into his mouth. He tried to resist with his tongue, but that only resulted in his tongue getting pushed to the back of his throat. He gagged.

Referring to the visible heaving of all six teen torsos, Doctor Manheim said, “As you can see, all six inmates are gagging, but they quickly realise that the only way to avoid this sensation is to lay their tongues flat and allow the prostheses to slide across their tongues without resistance. That’s an important part of the process. Surrender to the inevitable correlates to their surrendering to their own repressed homosexuality.”

Evan felt the dildo sliding back out of his mouth with relief, but then immediately it was coming back in. He wasn’t going to surrender. He was not gay. He fought it again and again, gagging until he was on the verge of vomiting. Now he understood why they had not been fed for over 24 hours.

After a few minutes of fighting he was exhausted and nauseated. He pressed his tongue against the bottom of his mouth in order to get a moment’s relief. The dildo passed painlessly across his tongue. He’d never had his mouth within two feet of a penis before, but the thing in his mouth felt exactly how he expected one would. The skin, the warmth, the soft surface, and even the fake testicles were all utterly convincing.


“Now that the boys have settled down, it’s time for the second stage – anal penetration. The inmates initially find this the most distasteful, which is why they are so firmly secured to the gurneys.”

Manheim turned to his assistant.

“If you would please Jonathan.”

The man flipped a third switch and moved a second slider to its first position. Six heavily lubricated dildos very slowly moved between the legs of the helpless inmates. Evan’s heartbeat went into overdrive as he felt the penis pressing against his virgin hole. It was a little thicker than his thumb, and although he tried to resist, it passed smoothly into him. His eyes widened in horror at the violation as it entered him to a depth of five inches before withdrawing. He had a moment of relief before it pushed back. He was disgusted, but it also felt odd; not totally unpleasant on a physical level. Like a satisfying dump. He shouted in protest against the penetration, as did the other boys, but their yells were muffled by the much larger prosthetic penises that were pumping slowly in and out of their mouths.

The assistant moved the slider up to level 3, and the anal dildos increased to three cycles every two seconds.

“As you can see, the boys are now being orally and anally copulated. Those of you who are little more au fait with the vernacular might recognise this as a “spitroast”. This is to force them to accept their homosexual urges. We start them on a very slender anal prosthesis so that it doesn’t damage them, but every week, we increase the size until they can accept quite a thick adult penis.”

The Doctor moved forwards and stood next to Evan. He put his hand on the small of the teenager’s back just above his coccyx.

“Like all of the boys, young Evan here was quite adamant that he was heterosexual, but as you can see by his rapidly hardening penis, he is perhaps discovering something new about himself today.”

Evan glanced at the screen; his cock was rising in a series of powerful surges. He blushed even more fiercely and looked away, trying to dissociate himself from his body’s reaction. He was NOT gay; he knew he wasn’t, but why was he getting hard from a dildo in his ass then? Evan was mortified, and he wanted to cry at the humiliation, but he was long past the age where tears were acceptable.

The audience chuckled at his rapidly stiffening woody and his obvious embarrassment. Neither Evan, nor the audience realised that the two pads that were stuck to his lower spine to “monitor” his reactions, were actually triggering his erection.

All six boys squirmed in an effort to unimpale themselves from the dildos that were pumping in and out of them at both ends, but their buttocks and faces were securely held in place, and there was no escaping. Evan could hear the others growling and groaning at the public indignity they were all being subjected to. He could see the penises of the two boys across from him at 10 and 2 o’clock. The eldest was a 19 year old black gang banger called Carl. The kid was in jail for murdering a cop and a string of rival gang members. He was not a guy to be messed with, but now Evan could see that the kid’s 8 inch cock was fully hard. Its thickness and weight forced it to hang down at 45 degrees. Its foreskin was retracted and his pale pink glans stood out brightly against skin the colour of dark chocolate. To Evan, the head of Carl’s dick looked as raw as a peeled joint of meat. He was surprised that the black boy would be so pink beneath his black foreskin.

Evan glanced away in case Carl caught him looking, but all the while, as he looked at his fellow inmates, he felt himself being reamed. The cock in his mouth moving slower with a slight gyrating motion, whilst the one at his rear maintained a steady pace.

Evan looked at the other kid, a 15 year old called Mateo. He was circumcised with an erection that was thinner than Carl’s. Evan wondered who was longer – him or Mateo. The other boy’s dick head looked like a slender arrow. The pale brown dick was so hard that it pressed up firmly against Mateo’s belly, parallel to the gurney he was kneeling on. Evan knew how he felt. His own five inch boner was also feeling unbelievable hard, and he felt as though his balls were riding high. He glanced at the screen to see if he was as hard as he felt, and he was surprised by what he saw. Not only was his own dick almost touching his own stomach, but there was sticky clear fluid of some sort dangling from the tip. It bounced and swayed with each thrust of the anal dildo. His balls were indeed riding high. Evan was disgusted at himself for his body’s response to being fucked. He looked away from the screen and he realised that both Mateo and Carl were staring at him. Carl wore such an expression of seething anger that Evan quickly glanced away to the other boy, intimidated but uncertain if Carl’s anger was directed at him or was at the affront to his manhood.

Evan and Mateo’s eyes locked. Both boys were experiencing the humiliation of being orally and anally raped, but somehow they drew strength from the gaze; brothers in arms. Both bodies juddered in time with the anal pounding they were receiving, and both boys were hard as steel. Mateo glanced at Evan’s rigid cock. He stared for a few seconds, then his gaze returned to Evan’s eyes. His expression bore no condemnation, only empathy. Mateo knew what was happening to Evan’s hole because exactly the same thing was happening to his own. Evan knew how hard he was but there was no judgement of his straining erection because Mateo’s was even harder.


“As you can see,” Doctor Manheim continued, “the inmates are now thoroughly aroused. All six are discovering their latent homosexual urges. Now comes the next stage. If you look closely at the rear cameras, you’ll see that the penile stimulators are ready to move into place.”

The audience all watched the cameras that showed each boy’s anus and penis. The self-lubricating dildos continued to slide smoothly in and out of the boy’s sphincters, but all six cameras tilted downwards to reveal teardrop shaped plastic bowls rising from the gurneys. The bowls were filled with hundreds of small latex tendrils, swaying and moving in seemingly random patterns like air currents disturbing a meadow. The tendrils were submerged in clear lubricant that looked identical to the precum that four of the inmates were already producing.

The bowls rose until they touched the underside of each boy’s glans. Evan watched the bowl rise into place on his screen with a mixture of curiosity and dread, but as it touched the head of his dick, he gasped into the dildo that was face fucking him. The goo was warm and the latex tendrils were like tiny soft tongues playing across the underside of his dick head.  It felt amazing. His eyes widened in dismay and shock. He knew now that he was lost. There was no way that he was going to be able to resist anything that felt that good for long in spite of the humiliation of an audience. The experience felt to Evan like getting caught masturbating by his mother, but worse still, he couldn’t stop. He instinctively clenched his sphincter in pleasure, and that only enhanced the thrill in his anus. He felt as though his already bloated glans was straining to become even harder. His balls felt like there was a party going on inside them. He’d had a few blow jobs in the past, but they were a pale shadow of the scintillating, ball clenching bliss he was currently feeling.

A small rubber-coated arm emerged beneath the bowl and hooked over the top of his inflexible member, then gently descended, pulling his hard cock onto the swaying tendrils so that they enveloped the lower hemisphere of his glans. He could feel them moving all across the bottom of his helmet, along the sensitive inner surface of his foreskin.

It had never occurred to Evan to touch his fraenulum before, but now that dozens of tiny rubber fingers were teasing his banjo string, he realised what he’d been missing out. The experience was intense, and he didn’t know if he could endure this level of stimulation for long. Not because he was afraid of cumming: he knew now, that that was an imminent inevitability, but because the feeling was like the hypersensitivity that his dick experienced just after a particularly long awaited and powerful ejaculation. It felt so good that it hurt. There are over 10,000 nerve endings in the head of the penis, and it felt to Evan as though every single one was lit up.

Two tiny rubber gripper fingers rose beneath Evan’s chest and gently tweaked his nipples, pulling them lightly before releasing. It was a sharp but far from unbearable pain. The rubber fingers paused 30 seconds then rose and gripped Evan’s nipples again, this time moving back and forth in small circles for 10 seconds before releasing. This new cycle of erogenous stimulation was added to the others that were teasing and driving the boys wild with lust.

Evan’s mind bounced from his nipples to his mouth, to his cock, to his hole, to his straining balls as he tried to cope with all of the ways that he was being aroused. Like the other boys, he was writhing and groaning, but his reaction was no longer out of a conscious desire to escape, rather it was his body’s automatic response to an overwhelming level of arousal. He looked across at the audience in front of him. There were maybe 100 people within his field of view, and no idea how many watching him on the screen from behind.

Part of him still wanted to cry at what a pathetic sex whore he had been turned into, but his body felt so fucking good, all he wanted was to keep feeling like this. He gyrated his hips unconsciously, increasing the anal stimulation as the dildo continued to pump in and out of his rectum, teasing his sphincter and prostate in alternating, never-ceasing cycles.

Evan’s tongue flickered in his mouth, ostensibly groaning but inadvertently fellating the dildo that continued to work in and out of his mouth.

The hornier he became, the less he was in conscious control over his thoughts. No longer were the dildos front and back made of rubber. In his mind, Evan started to think of them as real.

His expression took on a dreamy, faraway look, as his awareness became increasingly focussed on the pleasure he was forced to endure. He glanced at the screen to see his face. He looked ridiculous; dopey; high; oversexed. He frowned for a few seconds in dismay at how dumb he looked, before his attention was pulled back to the euphoria he was experiencing and the overwhelming feeling in his genitals.

Across from him, Carl’s eyes were closed as he lost his ability to think rationally.  Evan glanced at Mateo. The kid was pushing back with his buttocks in time with the pumping he was receiving. The way the kid raised his buttocks made him look to Evan like a gay whore who had been getting reamed for years. An hour ago, seeing the kid behave like that would have disgusted Evan, but now, to his sex-addled brain, it seemed logical. Evan started to push his own buttocks hard back against the reamer in time with its inward strokes.


“It rarely takes more than 10 or 15 minutes for the most recalcitrant subject to lose his will to resist,” Manheim told the audience, “and literally NO-ONE, no matter how determined can last 20 minutes before all inhibitions are lost and they are overwhelmed with lust. This is the global state of the art in sexual arousal technology.”

As he spoke, all six boys ground and groaned on their gurneys, aware of the presence of the Doctor and audience but washed away by the erotic waves that broke endlessly over them. Evan knew that he was acting like a dog in heat, and a deeper part of his mind was bothered by it, but most of his consciousness was preoccupied by the feelings in his dick and other erogenous zones.

Suddenly and without warning, he was ejaculating hard. The moment he started, the prosthetic penis in his mouth and hole also squirted fluid into him. Evan tasted slightly salty slime on his tongue, and it momentarily snapped him from focussing on his own orgasm. Clearly, the experience was supposed to simulate an ejaculation into his mouth. He frowned in disgust, but the powerful feeling in his dick and balls almost immediately drew his attention back. His orgasm was epic; meteoric. He’d never cum so powerfully or so long before. It almost felt like his nuts were being squeezed to force every last drop of sperm from them. Evan tensed his buttocks and tried to hump the penile stimulator as it forced his body to donate every last drop of sperm in a sphincter-clenching explosion of ecstasy. The root of his cock ached from the power of the contractions, and then, eventually it was over.

He could feel warmth inside his anus, and then a while later, the pumping took on a wet, squelching noise. In the lucid moments after his orgasm, he realised that the machine had seeded him. It disgusted him and he wondered if the fluid was actual sperm. It made no difference, he could neither spit out the goo on the back of his tongue nor eject whatever had been deposited it his hole.

He was spent, but the machine was not satisfied. It continued stimulating him unabated. His dick was unbearably sensitive in the aftermath of such an immense orgasm. Now he was in genuine distress, and he squirmed to alleviate his discomfort, but his glans was held firmly in the tendril bowl and there was nothing he could do to move it away from the erotic stimulation. He continued twisting and turning, pointlessly trying to avoid the massage that was designed to drive him wild with desire, until eventually his refractory response passed and the pain turned to pleasure again.


“Each inmate will be subjected to one eight hour session per day, with two days per week off, during which the boys are prevented from solo masturbation, but are permitted and encouraged to engage in sex with their cell mates. This process is guaranteed to convert the most adamant heterosexual” the Doctor made air quotes with his fingers as he said the word ‘heterosexual’, “into a sexually voracious homosexual within 3 months.” Even hearing about their fate, as these young men have, and knowing that they are being programmed, they cannot resist the overwhelming mental response to this level of stimulation. We guarantee that these boys will each be fully homosexual by the time that we are finished. Now, are there any questions?”

A man dressed in a suit raised his hand.

“All of this is well and good, but doesn’t it just produce gay criminals?”

“No. For several reasons. Homosexuals tend statistically to be less criminal than heterosexuals. Also, it is the unresolved conflict within many of these young men that causes the aggression leading to criminality. Furthermore, these young men know that if they act criminally again, video footage of their conversion as well as their subsequent in-cell homosexual acts, will be released via pornography channels.

But there is also one final factor to consider. These young men are not simply released onto the street. For the first year after completion of this therapy, they will spend their lives working under constant supervision in the sex industry, either as rent boys, or as actors in homosexual movies. The reinforcement process is painstaking and comprehensive. We have tested this process on 700 teenagers, and 690 of them were fully transformed on their first pass through the system, 9  had to go through the entire process a second time, and one young man committed suicide, which tragic though it is, is well within the norm for ANY group of young men of this age.”

A studious looking man in glasses spoke up.

“You mentioned that the boys are given two days a week off during which they are denied masturbation and during which time you presumably expect them to, um, couple with each other. Isn’t that rather naive, given most young males’ fierce resistance to homosexual activity, and especially after being masturbated for 40 hours in the preceding week? Do they even have any sexual interest by that stage?”

“Ah yes, I should have explained myself better. The boys are monitored constantly during their “off days” to prevent them from engaging in solo masturbation, but we don’t just leave their libidos to chance. They are injected with slow-release chemicals to ensure that they are constantly and extremely aroused during those two days. Some boys manage to resist their urges for the first weekend, maybe even two or three, but within a month they are ALL only too willing to engage in homosexual activity in order to achieve release.”

A middle aged woman raised her hand.

“Doctor Manheim isn’t this tremendously inhumane? I mean we could all see how humiliated these young men were as you brought them out. Aren’t you sentencing them to a life of low self esteem?”

“Madam, these young men are some of the most hardened criminals in our system, if you’ll excuse the pun. Most of them are on a direct trajectory to a life of incarceration anyway. For the weaker ones such as Mateo and Evan here,” he pointed to both boys, “that almost certainly means years of being raped or servicing the more aggressive inmates. At least this way, within 18 months they will be freed, where they get to choose their sexual partners. It’s true that they tend to opt for lives of sexual servitude, but at least it’s still their choice. As for their humiliation during the conversion process, yes, they are undoubtedly mortified at the start of each session for the first few weeks, and a little humiliation is good for them, but they get over that soon enough, and by the end of the three months, their only desire is to have as much homosexual sex as possible.”

“But is it really their choice?” the woman persisted. “You have programmed them so that they will not be able to help themselves. Is that really humane or moral?”

“I appreciate your concern for THEIR wellbeing, but do you think that it’s preferable for them to live lives in constant pursuit of homosexual sex, or incarcerated at massive expense to the tax payer? In every other way, they will be free to lead productive lives, and they will certainly enjoy their sexually active lives, but they will simply find that the focus of their lives will change from criminality to sexual gratification.”

The woman looked annoyed.

“It just doesn’t seem very Christian.”

A ripple of derisive laughter moved around the room and Doctor Manheim graced her with the most withering of derisive looks. He stared at her in silence for several seconds before thinking better of whatever he was going to say. He turned to a young woman who did not look old enough to have finished college.

“Um I realise this is probably a silly question but do the boys actually, um, achieve orgasm?”

The doctor smiled.

“Oh yes, they most certainly do. In fact…” he walked over to the console and examined the screens. “In the 40 minutes that they have been running, every single one of these boys has climaxed at least three times. Young Evan here,” he patted Evan on his bare rump, “has achieved four orgasms,” the Doctor walked over to another boy aged 17, “and Steven here has managed five.”

The doctor reached between Steven’s legs and lifted the boy’s testicles. They were disproportionately large. He was a short, muscular boy, but he had testicles the size of large chicken eggs.

“The boys with the largest testicles usually ejaculate the most often.”

As he spoke, the doctor hefted the boy’s massive eggs for the camera to see, showing him off like a farmer shows off the nuts of a prize bull.

“But that other boy has quite small testicles,” the young woman observed.

“Quite, but he’s younger. They’re just naturally horny!”

Laughter rippled around the room again.

Evan heard his testicles being discussed with dismay. In spite of his growing arousal, he found it embarrassing to be discussed as though he was just a farm animal, and not a very impressive one at that.

“So do the boys actually ejaculate, and if so, how many times can they do that before they, um run out of sperm?”

“Oh yes, they definitely ejaculate. At least initially. Evan has ejaculated all four times, Mateo here managed twice.” The Doctor quipped, “Must have masturbated this morning!” He continued listing the boys’ ejaculatory achievements. “Steven managed four times.” He gestured towards Carl, “Carl has ejaculated three times, as has Michael,” he indicated a smaller black kid. He moved beside the final inmate, an Asian with tight cropped hair and an ugly stumpy penis. “and Shen has also ejaculated three times.”

Evan was only too aware of every one of his ejaculations, not least because of the uncomfortable refractory period that followed. But now his excitement was rising again. He couldn’t believe how effortlessly the machine played him, teasing and turning him on in precisely the perfect way.

The Doctor returned to the console and leaned on it with one arm, standing in a casual pose with legs crossed. He glanced at the screen and a momentary frown crossed his face.

“Oh, looks like Evan just climaxed again. With another ejaculation. That’s one horny kid. I bet none you would like your daughters bringing this young man home!”

The mood in the room changed as the parents amongst the audience imagined Evan alone with their daughters.

“What’s he in for?” a man dressed in military uniform asked sombrely.

“Motor vehicle theft and burglary,” Doctor Manheim replied.

Another sobre-looking military man spoke up. He was wearing a general’s uniform.

“So you’re saying that three months of anal and oral sodomy by your machine is enough to turn a straight boy gay?”

“No, no. I am saying that it’s enough to bring out the gay in boys who THOUGHT they were straight.”

“Right right,” the general said impatiently, “But you can turn a straight acting boy into a screaming fag who is hungry for cock?”

“Well I wouldn’t quite use that language, but yes that’s the gist of it.”

“So what would happen if you use it on actual heterosexual male?”

“Well, initially he would be very confused, but eventually we can turn ANY male.”

The Doctor didn’t tell the audience about the fact that the young men were ALL in fact, heterosexual, and forced to become aroused against their will. It was ridiculous that the state was perfectly willing to execute people, but changing their sexual orientation against their will was frowned upon.

“And remember, the process involves more than mere sodomy. The experience is coupled with extreme sexual arousal via the penile stimulator.”

The man at the desk leaned towards the Doctor and whispered. Manheim addressed the audience again.

“Ahh yes, how remiss of me. Jonathan has just reminded me that I have neglected to mention another very important part of the process: the orgasmic simulator. As you are aware, the prosthetic penises are designed to attune the inmates to the physical pleasures of homosexual intercourse. But there is one final dimension. When the young man attains orgasm, the prosthetics also deliver their own fluid deposit. It has exactly the same texture and taste as actual sperm. Thus, the boys quickly learn to associate their orgasms with delivering pleasure to other males.”

“So how many times in a day can the boys attain orgasm doctor?” a middle aged doctor asked.

“Well, we feed them on a high protein diet that is optimal for producing semen, not that it is produced with every orgasm, as I’ve already explained, and the precise number of orgasms differs by subject, nevertheless, I would estimate that each boy attains orgasm no less than once every 15 minutes, so a minimum of 32 orgasms in a day, and perhaps 10-15 ejaculations.”

The audience gasped at the cold statistics. Three more boys came again in quick succession.

Evan listened as the doctor described the fate that was planned for him.

“Not me,” he thought. “I’m going to resist. It doesn’t matter how many times they make me cum, I’m NEVER going to turn gay.”


Evan’s new life – 8 months later

Evan walked over to the counter of the modern New York kitchenette and sat on one of the red plastic deco bar stools. He was naked from the waist down, and although nothing sexual had happened yet, he was already half hard.

A fat, hairy Latino man weighing over 400 pounds walked in from the bedroom. The man was in his late 40s, and dressed only in boxers.

“My name is Miguel,” the man said.

A slow smile spread across Evan’s face. He looked at the man hungrily, bright-eyed, eager to start.


Evan unconsciously started licking his lips as he looked at the man.

The man moved close and Evan raised his head to the standing man’s face and opened his lips ready to kiss. The man held the back of the teenager’s head and Evan moved forwards and started kissing with the open-mouthed voracity of a person who has not eaten in a month. The man reciprocated, shocked but turned on by the kid’s enthusiasm.

Evan reached down and took a handful of the middle aged bear’s genitals: fat, still soft cock, a high soft bag of balls like two peaches. Evan continued kissing ravenously, groping the man’s fat junk at the same time. The boy felt the Latino hardening. He moved his face away, and looked down at the growing lump in front of the man’s check-patterned boxers grinning and happy. Miguel looked at the kid. There was no doubt that the teenager was genuinely into this. The kid’s dick was standing up like a flagpole now, so hard it barely moved. This was 200 dollars well spent.

Evan pushed the front of the man’s boxers down, eager to get a look at the meat that he would soon hopefully be riding. The man’s rapidly hardening dick bounced free, moving in slow motion caused by its massive size and girth. It was almost as thick as Evan’s wrist. It reminded him of an elephant dick; not just because of its thickness, but because it was ugly, with too much foreskin. Evan felt like the man was primitive; a caveman or a gorilla. He liked it. He could smell the man’s musky scent emanating from the thick hair that covered his body.

Evan gripped Miguel’s elephant cock and pulled down so that the loose foreskin retracted forming a thick ring at the base of the man’s glans, and revealing a purple head the size of a tomato. It was dripping wet. Evan dropped to his knees, and started slurping it, his head darting all over, determined to lick every inch, almost crazy with lust. Clear slop was flying everywhere, and it was impossible to distinguish Evan’s saliva from the precum that was pouring from the man’s fat cock like a faucet had been opened.

Evan took the man’s cock into his mouth, opening wide to accommodate its massive girth. At the same time, he grasped the bear’s massive nuts, using them as anchors to pull his face back and forth on the thick horse cock he was trying not to choke on. As he had learned during treatment, he pressed his tongue flat against the floor of his mouth so that he could get more of the cock inside.

After a few minutes, the man pushed Evan’s head away from his cock. He didn’t want to cum too soon. His cock was lumpy, brown with darker streaks, beast-like; the vast foreskin looked like a collar, but to Evan, it was beautiful, as every cock was.

The six and a half foot former football linebacker lifted Evan effortlessly lifting beneath his armpits, and placed him back onto the bar stool. It had a curved base that matched the curves of Evan’s rump. The boy allowed himself to be positioned and Miguel turned the stool so that Evan’s back was towards the counter, then he gripped the backs of the boys’ knees and lifted, pulling the kid’s legs apart, and forcing Evan to lean back against the counter. Miguel supported his weight by placing his hands on the counter on either side of Evan’s body. He draped the kid’s legs across his wide arms, with Evan’s knees resting against the inside of his elbows.

Miguel lowered his head and swallowed Evan’s cock whole. Evan lifted his butt from the stool and arched his hips towards the man, supporting his weight on the man’s powerful arms. Miguel started bobbing his head up and down, deep throating the boy. Evan clutched at the back of the man’s head, weaving his fingers into his thinning hair, and pulling his face harder onto his cock. Miguel was not a man who liked to play receiver but kid was unbearably horny, and that turned HIM on. The more the kid ground towards Miguel’s face the harder the man got.

The kid’s dick was rigid. That’s why Miguel always hired his boys from the program. There was no faking that level of interest. No cock ring, no sex drugs, and no amount of professionalism could ever simulate the kid’s throbbing rock hard meat or his desperate urge to cum.

Miguel grasped the kid’s nuts in his oiled right fist, and started twisting Evan’s scrotum as though he was pulling on a cow’s bloated udder, squeezing hard enough to cause a dull ache, but not hard enough to kill the boy’s ardour. The oil was warm and the friction warmed his rough fist still further against the kid’s smooth bag. Evan started squirming against the squeezing, partially to alleviate the discomfort, and partly because the pain was paradoxically adding to his pleasure. It was a contradiction that he had not experienced before.

Miguel moved his face back off Evan’s cock. And transferred the kids legs to his shoulders. The flared corona of Evan’s cock formed a rigid rim around the base of his glans like the head of a mushroom. With his other hand, Miguel slid his fingers along the boy’s rigid prick from the base towards the glans, pushing up along the underside of the corona. It sent fiery bolts of electricity to the heart of Evan’s sex. He’d been milked and fucked by so many people since getting out of prison, but still this was new. He was so sensitive that it was painful. His body wanted the man to stop but his balls screamed at him to finish what he’d started. Then the man reached past him and picked up something that was standing in a bowl of ice cubes on the counter. It was a thin metal rod, two inches long with gentle bumps along its length, coming to a round tapered tip at one end, and with a ring through the other end. Miguel squeezed lube onto his finger tips and then used them to transfer the slippery gel to the metal. Evan watched curious. Miguel showed him the plug with a smile.

“Don’t cum with it in place. Let me know.”

Evan frowned, confused, then he figured up where the plug was going. He felt a mixture of trepidation and excitement as Miguel placed the tip of the plug at the eye of Evan’s urethra. The man squeezed the boy’s glans to make the eye open then he slowly pushed the urethral plug in. It was freezing, but the unaccustomed stretching was producing a mild burning sensation. In spite of the discomfort, Evan tried to force himself to breath calmly as the metal slipped inside his piss slit. The entire length of his cock felt as though it was tingling from the inside out. Then the plug was fully inserted.

Miguel released the plug and lubed his own fat cock. Evan watched with gleeful anticipation. He knew what was coming next and he was looking forwards to it. Very few of his clients had cocks this big, and he was eager to get filled. Miguel placed the head of his cock against the kid’s hole and pushed slowly. It was clear to him that the boy had had many penises inside him. His sphincter was red and lacked the tightness of a virgin.

Many men preferred a tighter hole, but Miguel was relieved that he wouldn’t have to spend 15 minutes loosening this kid up, all the while being careful about damaging him with his immense meat. He pushed into Evan’s ass with relative ease. The kid was not wrecked and sloppy, as some guys be. His hole still provided sufficient pressure to make the experience a pleasant one, and to Miguel’s delight, the kid seemed to be enjoying it. He stared back at Miguel with sparkling eyes, tongue on his lip as he savoured the experience of being completely filled.

Evan’s sphincter was stretched; near its limit, but he accepted the burning with pride: a token of his ability to take even the very biggest bull-cock inside him with professionalism. Although the man was excited, he was not anywhere near as hard as Evan was. Evan was used to the fact that middle aged men couldn’t match his hardness, but almost all of them were much bigger than his five inches.

The chubby bear started pumping, carefully at first, but as soon as he realised that Evan could take what he had to give, he rapidly picked up the pace. The teenager’s youthful horniness was infectious, and now Miguel could feel his own nuts churning, ready to seed the kid. Miguel thudded into the kid like a piston, calling upon his old football muscles, long hidden beneath his fat belly. He felt like a stallion again.

Evan could feel the man’s massive nuts pounding against his tailbone with every stroke. The man’s nuts didn’t hang low, but they hit Evan like a punch every time. Evan was elated. Nothing made him happier than servicing an alpha bull like Miguel. Each hit of the man’s quarter pound nuts was a vote of satisfaction. Each time the man’s fat dick slid past Evan’s prostate, pushing up into his bowels, it was a sign of how much the vast, sweating bear wanted him.

Evan leaned forwards, wrapping arms around the man’s broad shoulders, literally hanging off him, so that he could kiss the giant, to express his lust and deep gratitude for the servicing he was receiving. The man wrapped one arm around the boy’s back, and with the other he continued kneading the corona of the kid’s glans.

The pace of the man’s fucking reached fever pitch and it was clear to Evan that he was close.

“Cum inside me,” Evan said.

Miguel looked at the kid with a grin then shook his head. HE was the one calling the shots. The kid looked disappointed.

Miguel dumped the kid back onto the stool unceremoniously, and unpeeled his arms, then he pulled his fat cock from the kid’s hole and started tugging on it frantically. Evan watched rapaciously, his momentary disappointment already gone. Then Miguel started to cum.

He hadn’t cum for a few days, but even so, his ejaculation was epic, legendary, off the charts. There was none of the squit squit squit of his normal middle-aged ejaculation. Miguel came like Champaign escaping a shaken bottle. Gusher after gusher, with no break in between each one, launched onto the boy’s stomach, chest, and face as though he was christening him. His dick was a hose turned on to wash the kid in his cum.

Evan turned his head up and opened his mouth, like a drought-stricken native welcoming a long overdue rain. Cum splattered onto his face and into his mouth. He writhed like the man’s cum was a drug and he was an addict losing his mind under its influence. He smacked his lips, and appreciatively swallowed what cum had reached as far as his face.

Finally Miguel had no more to give. Evan wiped the sticky cum from his eyes as he sensed the man stopping, and looked up at him through matted eye lashes, not with disappointment at the end, but with gratitude at the gift he had been granted. He smiled happily at the man, then looked down at the pools of cum covering him from the hair on his head to the hair above his straining dick. Evan reached down and started rubbing the lake of Miguel’s cum into every inch of his body, methodically baptising himself in the man’s seed with an expression of pure euphoria on his face.

Even Miguel was surprised at the boy’s animal lust. He nodded, satisfied, and decided it was time to give the kid HIS reward. He slowly pulled the plug from the boy’s cock, smiling at the way that the kid trembled as he did so. The kid was so wired that Miguel thought if he just said “boo” at this point, Evan would instantly pop his cork. Miguel took the kid’s dick in a loose fist, and started rapidly pumping, focussing exclusively on the top one third of its length. His strokes were lightning fast, teasing Evan’s already hyper-stimulated glans with a ring formed between his pudgy index finger and thumb. It was no surprise that Evan didn’t even last 15 seconds. Then he was bucking and writhing as though he was being zapped with 500 volts of electricity. But his groans were pure ecstasy.

A geyser of cum spurted from the kid’s dick, raising to a height of 5 feet, passing over Miguel’s shoulder. Miguel pumped as fast as his heavy arms could move, squeezing a little harder now, and lightly tapping the boy’s high nuts with the finger tips of his other hand in a one-handed clap. Evan gasped in elation and delivered, 4, 5, 6, 7 more massive sputters of jizz, each spurt instantly breaking up into dozens of tiny droplets as the boy launched them high into the air, his cum too watery to hold its form.

Miguel wondered if the kid’s cum was thin because of his youth, or because he spanked it or sold his ass so often. A bit of each he suspected. He continued pumping until Evan’s well had run dry, and his energetic thrashing finally waned. Miguel looked down at the boy, torso drenched in his cum, and much of the rest of his body sheathed in sweat. He felt like a Silverback that has marked a new female in the troop as his. He continued softly polishing the boy’s knob, and Evan slowly squirmed. The boy looked up at him, uncomfortable now, but his eyes also showed humour that his master for the evening was teasing him like this.

Miguel pulled the boy’s legs wide apart, and inserted his still hard dick into Evan’s hole. Evan’s expression of humour brightened into delight. The man encircled him in his arms and lifted the teenager, still impaled, and carried him towards the bedroom. Evan hugged the man fiercely, entwining his fingers in the thick hair on Miguel’s back.

In 18 hours or less, he would be servicing another client, but right now, he was looking forwards to feeling Miguel’s donkey dick pounding him again. He just hoped that the man would not be so gentle next time…

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