The slave boy’s slave

A complicated three-way master/slave sex triangle takes an interesting turn when one of the participants oversteps the mark.

This story features my valued Patreon John, and his two associates, Aaron and Jakie.

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The slave boy’s slave

“Out of the way quick I’ve gotta get to the bathroom!”

Aaron grinned and stepped aside as John hurtled past, a look of distress on his face. John charged into the lavatory, slammed the door and sat down. He was just in time, and one second later it felt like the world was dropping from his rear, but John’s only sensation was relief that yet again, he’d made it in time. This was the closest yet. After six days, it still surprised him how suddenly and with complete urgency his need to defecate came upon him since… that day.

John wiped thoroughly, then wiped again. He looked down at the paper, it was blood streaked, not that he needed to look to confirm it. The sting every time he took a dump was reminder enough.

He flushed then washed his hands and walked into the living room. Aaron looked at him.

“Still bleeding. My hole is wrecked.”

“Really?” Aaron said, putting on his best innocent voice. “Sorry about that.”

“No you’re not.

Aaron grinned.

“No Johnny.”


8 days earlier

John knocked at a house he had never visited before. A young man answered. He was unbearably cute, like a short-haired version of Tobey Maguire. He had full cheeks and liquid eyes, dark brown almost black. He smiled sweetly before speaking.

“Yes can I help you?”

“I’m John. Are you Jakie?”

The young man frowned, more out of bemusement than unhappiness. The only people who called him Jakie were his mother, and his master Aaron.

“I’m Jake. What can I do for you?”

“I’m a friend of Aaron’s. I’m HIS master, has he told you about me?”

“You’re Aaron’s master? Yes he mentioned you. What are you doing here? This is my parent’s home.”

“He sent me,” John lied. “He wanted us to get to know each other. He told me your parents go out to dinner on Thursdays.”

“He did?”

Jakie beamed at John, his natural eagerness to please taking over.

“Aaron’s not here.”

“I know. He’s at work.”

“Would you um, would you like to come in?” Jakie asked timidly.

John stepped forwards and Jakie stood back and opened the door. John walked past with a sideward glance.


Jakie guided John to the lounge.

“Can I get you anything? A drink?”

“No thanks, that’s not what I’m here for.”

John rubbed his cock pointedly through the material of his jeans.

“What ARE you here for?” Jakie asked.

“Don’t play innocent Jakie. Aaron’s told me all about you. I’m here for you.”

“M… me?” Jakie replied, genuinely nonplussed now. “What do you mean?”

“Aaron showed me video of you two together. You looked cute. I decided that I wanted some of that sweet boy pussy for myself.”

Jakie’s mouth gaped. Then his jaw opened and closed as he repeatedly tried and failed to find something to say. He looked at the man before him: trim beard, moustache, spiky dark hair, older than him. He was very different to Aaron, but there was a cuteness to him, in an urban Grizzly Adams kind of way.

“I dunno. This is kind of a surprise, and I’m not a slut for just anyone to use.”

John’s slap hit him completely by surprise. It was fast and stung, leaving a red mark, but it wasn’t hard enough to do damage. Jakie staggered backwards a few steps, his eyes shocked. He held his hand to his cheek.

“I wasn’t asking,” John said in a calm voice. “Aaron is MY slave. You are HIS slave, so you are ALSO my slave. Get it?”

Jakie’s mind was reeling. He an Aaron sometimes played rough, but it was always just acting; there was never any actual pain or violence. This felt much different. He was scared. But a part of him was excited. He wondered if he should fight back. What would his chances be? John was bigger than him, and probably stronger. It could turn REAL nasty. And Jakie was not convinced that this was not some kind of game set up by his master. He decided to play along. He put on his best cute face, and dropped his chin so that he was looking up at John through his long lashes.

“Yes master,” he said submissively.

John nodded slowly.

“Good, that’s a very wise decision. Now get those clothes off.”

Jakie removed his clothes whilst John sat on the edge of the couch watching. When Jakie was down to just his briefs, he paused and looked to John for approval. John looked at Jakie’s white briefs. He liked guys who wore briefs, and white ones doubly so. It seemed more innocent, like a throwback to a bygone age. He nodded and Jakie dropped his underwear, giving a little shimmy with his hips to sex it up a little. John grinned at the performance.

Beneath his briefs, Jakie was smooth from top to bottom. He was not a boy who grew hair on his chest, nor even had a treasure trail, but his groin was as smooth as a billiard ball, leaving a pubis and balls that were as white and clean as the rest of his body.

“How do you get so smooth?” John asked.

“Hair remover,” Jakie replied with a coquettish grin.

Both Aaron and John like their slaves smooth, but Jakie had apparently gone that extra mile. John looked at the short stubble on Jakie’s face.

“Next time make sure you use it on your face too.”

“I didn’t know anyone was coming over.”

“You should be permanently smooth. I can see that Aaron is far too lax with you.”

“Yes sir,” Jakie said, playing up the role of slave.


John looked at the metal chastity cage that Jakie was wearing. He preferred metal over plastic. It was heavier, made the wearer’s genitals dangle lower. Jakie’s plump balls dangled free but his cock was surrounded.

“How long since you’ve had that off?”


Jakie counted the weeks in his head.

“Five weeks.”

“Is that all? And I can see that you can still touch yourself with that on. I bet you do don’t you? I bet you’re the kind of wilful slave who plays with himself when he gets horny aren’t you?”

Jakie hung his head shamefully.

“Yes master,” he admitted.

John reached out and gripped Jakie’s plump nuts.

“We’ll have to do something about that.”

Jakie feared that John was going to squeeze his nuts in his fist. He enjoyed gentle nut play, but he was fearful that John would be sadistic. He tensed his stomach and readied himself to break free.

“We’ll have to get you something that you CAN’T touch yourself in. Maybe I’ll test it on Aaron.”

He released Jakie’s testicles and the boy relaxed.

“Anyway, enough talking.”

John undid his trousers and pushed both trousers and boxers down his thighs stopping just above his knees. Jakie looked at the penis that John had revealed. It was about the same size as his master’s but thicker.

John said, “Get down on your knees and start sucking.”

Jakie willingly complied.

“Aaron was right, you’re good at this.”

John’s dick was throbbing, and his balls churned with excitement as this doe-eyed piece of twink fluff fellated him like a bordello pro.

Jakie looked up with a timid smile, pleased at the compliment. He took pride in his technique, and careful attention to Aaron’s responses had taught him how to use his mouth to greatest effect.

“Thank you master,” he said.

“Don’t talk with your mouth full!”

It was an old joke, but it still amused John.


“Turn around and lean over the couch.”

John was taking a condom out of its foil wrapper. Jakie was relieved. This was an adventure, but it wasn’t one that he was willing to risk his life over. He rose from his knees and leaned over the back of his parents’ expensive Chesterfield leather couch, presenting his ass to John.

John rolled the condom down his dick. Then he spread Jakie’s ass cheeks with the fingers of his left hand. He spat on his right hand and smeared the saliva on Jakie’s hairless hole. The puckered entrance was pink – Aaron had been having fun.

John carefully pushed his cock into the sub’s hole, the combination of saliva and condom grease serving as adequate lube. Jakie couldn’t help but squirm as he felt a thicker new cock inside him. He was unbearably excited now, as the stuff of his fantasies came true.

Starting slowly, John thrust his aching cock into the boy’s hole. Soon, he stopped being so cautious and started thrusting faster, harder, like a gorilla asserting his dominance with little consideration for the hole he was seeding. He thrust deep, ensuring that the slave could feel his pubes brushing his ass on every stroke, pounding as though he was trying to dislodge Jakie’s kidney’s with the head of his cock.

Jakie groaned. Although Aaron was an alpha, he was not usually so rough. Jakie felt completely used. At John’s mercy; for his master’s master to do anything he wanted with.

“On the floor on your back!”

Jakie complied and John dropped to his knees, lifting the boy’s legs by the knees and pushing them back over his head. Jakie was not that flexible naturally, and his back groaned as John forced his knees to the floor on either side of his head. He was aware how he must look – a hole facing skywards, available to be taken at his new master’s whim, and plugged without mercy.

John knelt behind, and jammed his cock into Jakie’s hole. The twink groaned as he felt John’s weight pushing his pelvis towards his face. John leaned forwards and gripped the boy by the ankles, pressing them to the floor as he ploughed his hole.

He hadn’t chosen this face to face posture because he wanted to get romantic with the boy, but because he wanted Jakie to know that he was being completely dominated. He looked into Jakie’s eyes and on each down-stroke, the boy winced. John grinned. It wasn’t a grin of humour. It amused him to see the pretty boy incapacitated and debased. Although Aaron was John’s slave, he had been getting too assertive; too rebellious by far. John suspected that it was because Aaron earned more. It made him cocky. This was John’s way of putting Aaron AND his slave back into their place. His way of telling Aaron that what was Aaron’s was automatically HIS by extension.

John thudded into Jakie’s hole, and in spite of the cage confining his cock, sparkling clear pre-cum dribbled from the end of Jakie’s trapped nub onto his own face. John quickened his pace, and Jakie groaned as the wind and the precum was fucked out of him. Jakie felt unbearably horny, but he couldn’t achieve a proper erection inside the cage, and without direct stimulation there was NO chance of an orgasm.

John felt himself getting close. He considered pulling the condom off and seeding the boy’s hole, but even in this risky game, that would be a step too far. Instead, he withdrew, ripped the condom off and rained his seed down on Jakie’s face. The boy’s initial reaction was to turn away, but he quickly turned his face back, eager to receive John’s gift. John looked down triumphantly at the biggest load he’d produced in months. It thickly coated Jakie’s nose, mouth, eyes and much of his cheeks, gleaming white like icing sugar. Jakie kept his eyes tight shut, unable to wipe the cum from his eyes.

Eventually, John released Aaron and stood up. Aaron wiped the pearl juice from his eyes, and looked up at John. John bent forwards and for a moment, Aaron thought that he was going to offer him a hand to his feet. Instead he picked up the boy’s T-shirt and used it to wipe his dick clean, looking down with a deliberately contemptuous sneer that was all part of the act.

When he was done, he threw the shirt onto Jakie’s chest.

“Clean yourself up kid, your folks will be home in a while.”

John walked out of the front door and drove home.



Two days later Aaron visited John, and he was not interested in playing a role. In fact he was furious.

“Jakie said you paid him a visit. He said you told him I sent you. He said you fucked him.”

John smiled, the sly grin of a child who knows he’s been caught with his hand in the cookie jar but has already eaten the cookies.

“I didn’t say you sent me exactly.”

“What the fuck is that supposed to mean?!”

“I said that you told me about him.”

Aaron frowned. This was different to what Jakie had told him, and it took some of the steam out of his sails.

“And that’s all you said?” he asked, sulkily.

“Yes I think so. I said it would be good for us to meet or something like that.”

Aaron was unwilling to let his anger fizzle away that easily.

“’Something like that’ what the fuck does that mean?!”

“I dunno, I think I probably said something about you being my slave, so he should be mine as well. Something like that.”

John smirked at Aaron.

“What the fuck were you even doing round at his place anyway. You know he still lives with his parents. How would he explain a 27 year old bear turning up to see him?”

“You said that they go out on Thursdays. If one of them had answered I would have just said I was a friend from work.”

Aaron glowered. John had an answer for everything, but it was only pissing him off.

“And then you fucked him. Only I get to do that!”


“Why what?!”

Aaron was pacing like a tiger.

“Why did you fuck him?”

“He’s cute. Why not?”

“Because he’s MY fucking slave not yours.”

“And you’re mine. Why should you get to mess around with two guys and I can’t? I thought it was like one big family!”

John’s logic was infuriating, but Aaron just got angrier and angrier, until eventually he stormed out of the house, slamming the door behind him. It was no less than John had expected, but he knew Aaron would be back. Where else would he find a thick-cocked guy who wanted to be his master?



The next day Aaron returned. He was uncharacteristically quiet and submissive. Although he played the role of slave in their relationship, he was not usually the fawning simpering kind. Usually he made it quite clear that he obeyed only because it suited him. But this day, he was submissive almost to the point of servility.

John smiled as Aaron hung his head and simpered up to him.

“I’m sorry master. I was being selfish. Of course I should share Jakie with you.”

“Not sure I’m interested now I’ve had him. His hole was tight, and he gave great head…”

John was deliberately rubbing it in, letting Aaron know what they’d gotten up to.

“But his ass muscles were pretty weak. I think he’d be sloppy in no time if I fucked him on a regular basis.”

Aaron knew that John was bating him, gloating over his victory. It made him furious but he worked hard not to show it.

“Whatever you say master. Jakie will be disappointed. He said he enjoyed being fucked by a real man for a change.”

“Well, I’ll consider it. Maybe I can fuck you both on a rota. But it will mean that YOU don’t get serviced as often.”

“Oh. Well he’ll just have to do with me then.”

“Ha ha. I thought you might reconsider. Now why don’t you get out of those clothes and make me a cup of coffee.”

Aaron smiled.

“Yes master.”


The slaveboy’s slave – part 2

A complicated three-way master/slave sex triangle takes an interesting turn when one of the participants oversteps the mark.

This story features my top Patreon John, and his two associates, Aaron and Jakie.

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The slaveboy’s slave – part 2

John woke up feeling groggy. He struggled to clear his head and he quickly realised that he was not anywhere that he recognised. He was lying on his back on a padded bench that stood at waist height off the ground. His straight arms were pulled backwards behind him and as best he could make out, cuffed to the rear legs of the bench. At his waist, there was heavy wooden wall with a door to the left. His lower torso passed through a hole in the wall. The hole was a little wider than his torso in both directions and was lined with thickly padded leather. He was naked, and he could feel his genitals hanging free on the other side of the wall. But most alarming of all was the position of his legs. Using straps around his ankles, his legs were raised up at right angles to his waist on the other side of the wall and pulled against the wall holding his legs straight, exposing his asshole to whomever might be on that side of the wall. His legs were also splayed wide apart, displaying his genitals. John had never felt so exposed and vulnerable in his life.

He looked to his left – just a wall. He turned to his right and there was Jakie on a similar bench. The twink was smiling. John’s eyes widened in recognition.

“Jake, what’s going on?”

He wasn’t interested in Jake’s cuteness or his pet name.

“You lied to me about what master Aaron said.  Now you’re going to be punished.”

“Punished, what do you mean?”

“You’ll find out soon enough.”

“If I’m being punished, why are you here?”

Jakie smiled beatifically.

“I’m being rewarded. Master Aaron brings me here sometimes when he thinks I’ve deserved it.”

John frowned confused. Then he realised that Jakie was not tied to his bench. He was free to move around as he wished.

John tugged at the bonds securing his arms to the bench; they were completely secure, without so much as an iota of play that he could start to work free. He bounced his body side to side to see if the bench could be toppled, although he was extremely sceptical whether it would even be wise with his ankles tethered on the other side of the wall.

His ankles – maybe he could free them. He tried to pull them together but it was remarkable just how little strength he could muster in that direction, especially with his legs splayed so wide apart. The position literally robbed him of all his leg strength. He tried to bend his knees, but there was simply no play in the straps.

John was starting to feel angry now. And afraid. He wasn’t used to feeling powerless. That was why HE adopted the role of master. He turned to Jakie.

“Who’s doing this Jake. Who brought me here?”

Jakie grinned, snorting through his nose as though the question was too silly to need answering.

“Well master Aaron of course. I’m HIS property. You lied to me and used his property. Now you’re going to pay.”

Now John was simply angry. How DARE Aaron treat him like this!

“AARON!” he bellowed at the top of his lungs. “AARON, you come and get me out of here right this fucking minute! AAROOOOON!!!”

A few seconds passed then the door opened and Aaron entered smiling.

“Ahh you’re awake. Good.”

“What the fuck am I doing here. How did I…”

John thought back to his last memory before waking up in this small room.

“The coffee; you drugged the coffee you motherfucker.”

“Now, now John. Watch your tone or I’ll have to punish you more severely.”

“What the FUCK am I doing here? This is fucking kidnapping. Let me go right NOW!”

“Oh it’s not kidnapping John. It’s just a bit of fun.”

“Let me go Aaron before I get REALLY fucking angry!”

“And do what John?”

John noticed that Aaron was no longer addressing him as ‘master’.”

“I’m not kidding Aaron, I’m not going along with this. Unless you plan to kill me, sooner or later you’re going to need to set me free, and I’ll go straight to the police unless you let me go right NOW!”

“Oh don’t be so melodramatic John. Nobody’s going to kill you. And what would you tell the police?” Aaron asked with a sweet smile. “That you raped my boyfriend so I gave you a taste of your own medicine?”

John’s mouth closed into an angry scowl. He knew that using the police as a threat was hollow.

“This will be the end of our relationship Aaron.”

Aaron laughed.

“You are SUCH a drama queen John. It won’t be the end of anything. But I think we have been long overdue for a change.”

“What the fuck does THAT mean?!”

“You know, you’re a real potty mouth today. I don’t think my friends will appreciate that.”

Aaron bent down and picked up a ball gag from the floor beneath the bench. John struggled and cursed and twisted in his attempts to avoid having it strapped on, but in less than a minute Aaron had fixed it in place, securing the straps behind his neck. The large red silicone ball was forced into his John’s mouth forcing his jaws wide apart. There was a hole in the middle to allow saliva to dribble through, but John’s voice was reduced to nothing more than a series of angry grunts and squeaks.

“That’s much better. I think it’s time we got started don’t you Jakie?”

Jakie looked back at his alpha with love and a playful smile.

“Yes master.”

Aaron looked down at John.

“You bloodied Jakie’s hole, so I’ve got some errr, much larger friends than you who want to meet you.”

John gave a token struggle and looked up at Aaron with a scowl, grunting an unintelligible insult. Aaron grinned.

“You’re welcome, enjoy your afternoon!”

Aaron addressed Jakie.

“I’ll be in you in a minute Jakie.”

“Yes master,” Jakie said with an unjustifiably innocent smile.

Aaron turned and walked back through the door, closing it behind him. John turned to look at Jakie. The boy was grinning at him. Jakie reached beneath his bench and picked up a soft bed pillow. He fluffed it and placed it beneath his head, then reclined with his head on it and the fingers of each hand interlinked behind his head as though he was on a beach sunbathing.


A moment later John felt a cupped hand patting him on his upturned nuts, hitting him hard enough to cause a mild ache.

“Let’s get you set up. No reason why you shouldn’t enjoy the afternoon as well John.”

Aaron’s voice was muffled by the wooden wall.

John felt Aaron attaching things to his penis and testicles. He could not tell by the feel, but judging by the fact that something was wrapping around his shaft, John correctly surmised that it was some kind of stimulation toy. He was correct. In fact, Aaron had attached two small vibrating pills, each an inch long, to the top and bottom of John’s glans. Then he isolated his master’s testicles with a ball ring and attached a larger vibrator.

John felt the cock vibrators activating – first the top one, then the bottom. It was intensely pleasurable, and in spite of his anger and trepidation about the situation, his cock didn’t care and it enthusiastically responded, quickly thickening. Then the vibrator on his balls began. John had never tried a vibrator there before and he whined at how good it felt. Jakie grinned up at the ceiling.


John could feel fingers smearing lube on his hole. With his legs this wide apart, they didn’t even need to move his cheeks out of the way first. He twisted and turned trying to avoid the fingers, but thanks to his tightly stretched legs, he could barely move his bottom at all and the fingers continued their work unabated.

He felt a finger invade his hole. He was a top, and although he’d tried dildos and fingers in his hole during his early experimental days, John was a firm supporter of the maxim, “It’s better to give than to receive.” The finger continued working at him, then it was joined by another. They twisted and turned, urging his sphincter to relax.

To his right, Jakie let out a soft “Oooh,” then he started to rock gently up and down the bench, and it was clear that he was being fucked.

“Oh yes master,” he purred, thanking Aaron for servicing him.

John felt a third finger working in his hole now. It was tight and his ring was stinging but at the same time his genitals felt disconcertingly good.

The fingers withdrew and he felt the glans of a cock at his hole. John struggled for all he was worth but there was nothing he could do to move his hole from its path. The cock pressed, slowly at first and John felt himself opening much wider than the three fingers had stretched him. His hole was burning now but the cock continued to push. John groaned. It was impossible to push back with his legs that far apart. It really was shocking to him how completely the posture neutralised the muscles of his lower body.

John felt the cock slip inside him, its large head bumping past his sphincter. John was both relieved and angry. The pain was at least not going to get any worse, but a stranger was in him. He felt fur against his butt as the cock’s owner slowly buried himself to the balls. John felt his prostate being massaged by the large glans.

John felt a sharp slap on his left butt cheek, then two hands gripped him by the back of both thighs, and the penis withdrew a couple of inches before pushing slowly back in. Then it pulled out and pushed back. It repeated the cycle, each time increasing speed as its owner settled into a rhythm, comfortable that the hole was not able to move unexpectedly.

Jakie was moaning beside him. John looked over and the boy was clearly enjoying being ploughed like a bitch. He was squirming in slow motion, but it was obviously not escape that was motivating his movements. John watched for 30 seconds, seeing Jakie’s response in a new light. All the while, his own hole was implacably being drilled. And to his utter dismay, his own cock and balls felt incredible.

It was a humbling experience, being fucked beside his slave’s slave. Aaron had always been wilful; an alpha, but now as John watched Jakie getting fucked by Aaron, whilst he himself was being fucked against his will, he realised that he was not the master he had imagined himself to be. Far from it, he was now just another slave bitch to be fucked at Aaron’s inclination.


John suddenly came. He felt the orgasm and he felt the thick cum splattering back down onto his own cock and pubes. It was powerful, but without an increase in pace from the vibrators he couldn’t maximise the experience, but nor could he resist groaning at the force of it.

The cock in his hole quickened pace as its owner was aroused by the sight of John’s orgasm. A few seconds later the man on the other side of the wall grunted, thrusting deep into John’s hole, as he also came with a series of guttural grunts. Each thrust bounced John’s body along the bench, settling back in time for the next. Jakie looked over, grinning as John was taken by a stranger.


The cock withdrew and was immediately replaced by another, thicker one, although it didn’t go as deep. John grunted as it forced its way into him. This time its owner bothered with none of the gentle preliminaries. Instead he started thrusting hard and fast as though he was a jackhammer trying to drill a hole in John’s body.

John’s cock was still hard, prevented from softening by the non-stop buzz of the vibrators strapped to his glans and balls. The one underneath was teasing his fraenulum. Aaron sometimes tickled it with his tongue, but that was nothing compared to this continuous vibration. He was so sensitive there that it almost hurt. He wanted it to stop, but his body didn’t. It was at the threshold of his body’s pleasure receptors, right at the point where the pleasure, if taken just a tiny bit further, would turn to pain. The teasing was sending zaps down into his balls as his hyper-sensitive nerve endings were stimulated. He wanted to swat the vibrator away, but his cock was not his own to control. It stood, proud and throbbing, his balls humming with a feeling almost like current as his fraenulum continued to electrify him.

At the same time, the one on his balls was a new experience also. There was a deep sense of pleasure but it also felt like the vibration was somehow charging and rejuvenating his balls. It was a strange contrast to the sexual feelings he normally enjoyed. As good as they often felt, this was a much deeper sensation than he was used to, as though his balls were being massaged from the insides out.

And all the time, the pill on the top of his cock, covering the lower part of his glans, was a more conventional feeling. It was this one that was keeping him hard, and would continue to prevent his erection from dissipating until it was removed.


John’s body was receiving an erotic education, and he was amazed that Aaron had the skill to deliver such a lesson. It was clear that his slave had been holding out on him.

His body slid back and forth as the second cock thudded into his hole, fast and heavy. He couldn’t help but think of his youth, when he thought that masturbation was all about how fast and hard he could pound his cock. He spent many days as a young teen with a cock so red from the abuse that he could barely tug it the next time he was horny. Barely, yet he always got past the soreness and managed again…

The pace increased still further; three, four strokes a second, and then John heard a series of groans as the male at his ass came. The husky tone and the total surrender to his orgasm confirmed that the person drilling him was young. John wondered if he was even old enough to have hair under his arms or on his lip. Lucky kid with a cock like that.

The kid rested against him for thirty seconds whilst he regained his senses, then John felt him pushing against the back of his thighs with his hands as he pulled his still rigid cock from John’s burning hole. John imagined the kid, too weak from his orgasm to stand unaided.

“Thanks Aaron,” an adolescent voice said.

How old was this kid – fifteen, sixteen? Surely not as old as seventeen. Bait. Where the fuck had Aaron found him?


Jakie was still squirming. John wondered if he was caged or if he was free to cum. Given his reactions, he hadn’t cum yet, and he was clearly enjoying the experience.


An hour and a half after they had begun, Aaron’s muffled voice said, “Ready to cum Jakie?”

“Yes, yes, oh yes master, very ready.”

“Okay, then I’ll uncage you.”

“Thank you master!”

Jakie had stopped moving, then a minute later the back and forth sliding revealed that he was getting fucked again. Within twenty seconds, he suddenly went crazy, twisting and turning, almost falling off the bench, and moaning in the heights of ecstasy as Aaron jacked his boyish cock to a meteoric orgasm. John watched Jakie cum whilst his own hole was pounded. It was spectacular. The boy’s eyes rolled back into his head and it looked like he was having an epileptic seizure. He was gripping the edges of the bench to stay on it, and bridging up, lifting his torso off the bench, bearing the weight on his shoulders.

Eventually, Jakie’s orgasm was over and he slumped to the bench, sheathed in sweat, utterly exhausted.

“Thank you master,” he gasped. “That was fantastic!”

“Good. We’ll wait until that little nub goes down then we’ll get you caged back up.”


For the rest of the afternoon, John was drilled by one hefty cock after another; some longer, some thicker, but ALL of them well above average. One two occasions, John heard the kid’s voice again, and there was another, with an even higher pitched voice who returned five times.

John’s hole was sore from the constant use, although the lube in his hole was regularly replaced. He looked around the small room, and up at the ceiling, trying to dissociate himself from what was happening to his hole on the other side of the wall. It was the oddest experience. From a viewer’s perspective, on his side of the wall, he was simply a bare-chested man taking a rest on the bench, but on the other side of the wall, his undercarriage was lifted, spread eagled, available to anyone who wanted to use it. His dick, veins bulging along its length, helmet shiny, milked in spite of his wishes, spurting its creamy seed intermittently. He came more times in that long afternoon than he had in an entire week at his teen-jerking prime. He couldn’t resist. The long teasing build up, his cock aching to cum, right on the very edge, but not quite tipping over, and then the sudden rush as he passed the threshold. Every single orgasm came as a surprise. There was no warning, then he was spurting.

John was not experienced at being fucked, but if he had paid closer attention, he would have realised that there was a correlation between the fucking and his orgasms. A fucker would do something just right. A particularly long one would prod his organs, or a shorter one would brush his prostate. The kid with the really high voice withdrew his surprisingly long cock almost all the way every time, and as the head, which was far larger than the slender shaft slid past John’s sphincter, it sent a little unwanted shiver of pleasure into John’s body.

John was desperate to hold onto his seed. He didn’t want another single drip to be forced from his aching balls, but still they felt so eager, and his cock was so very engorged.


Jakie was caged again, and to his pleasure, half a dozen men used his hole before he finally reached his limit.

“That’s enough now master,” he said.

Aaron released the young pup’s legs, and Jakie wriggled his body back through the hole, until he was sitting on the bench on John’s side. His small smooth cock was caged. He sat watching with a gentle grin. He wasn’t vindictive or spiteful. This was simply the price that John had to pay for abusing him.

John turned to him.

“Mmmm mmm mmmm mmmm.”

“Sorry, I can’t understand you master John, but I can’t help you. Master Aaron would be angry.”

“Mmmm mmm mm m mmm m mmmm.”

“Sorry master.”

Jakie sat watching John’s reaction to being fucked for fifteen minutes, then he walked through the door, to watch from the other side.


John was alone now. He had no idea how long he had been held captive, nor how many times he’d been fucked. 20? 30? More? He looked around, once again seeking any hint at a way to escape his captivity.  As he examined his surroundings yet again, a thick cock rhythmically smashed into his hole.


After six hours, there was another cock at his hole. John felt immediately that this was bigger. Much bigger. His hole was already burning from the sheer number of cocks it had serviced, loose and chafed from its six hour ordeal, but the new cock was monstrous. He screamed as it forced its way inside, tearing his sphincter. It felt like someone was forcing a baseball bat into him, and except for its warmth, John could easily have believed that someone was actually sodomising him with one. He twisted, desperate to escape, but of course there was no way to unimpale himself from the human club the skewered him.

It thrust into him, and John could even feel the veins tearing him as they passed his devastated sphincter. He continued screaming as it went into him, deeper and deeper. He just couldn’t believe the size of the thing. It pushed past his prostate at five inches, deep, deep into his bowels, rearranging his organs and lower intestines. Even without the incredible pain, it was the strangest feeling to experience something entering him so deeply from that end.

Then it started to fuck him, slowly, rhythmically, its owner feeling no need to rush. John was crying from the pain.

Jakie came back into the room and sat watching with an expression that looked like sympathy.

“Please!” John mumbled unintelligibly.

“It’s almost over.”

Jakie leaned forwards and whispered so that he couldn’t be heard on the other side of the wall.

“But George is a bit of a brute. He’s got 11 inches,” Jakie confided. “And it’s thick. He’s hung like a horse.”

“Please Jake!”

John’s words were meaningless. He looked Jakie in the eyes, pleading, as the gargantuan cock rocked his whole body back and forth. Jakie sat back on the other bench, his skin even paler against the dark vinyl, skinny as a rake, and looked at him with genuine compassion.

“There’s nothing I can do.”

And in spite of his pain, for some reason John glanced down at the boy’s caged cock, and his fat little balls bulging in their white scrotum beneath. Then the distraction was over and his attention returned to the man-beast who was splitting him in two.

The man was going faster now, and much harder, as though he intended to stop John’s heart with the head of his dick. The entire sturdy wooden wall was shaking with each thrust. Throughout the afternoon, John had been aware of a low hum of noise on the other side of the wall, as though it was a waiting room with people chatting as they waited their turn. But now the quite noise had risen to a hubbub as the other males watched Brutus’ savaging John’s hole, in awe of his power and size.

John was whimpering with each pounding stroke, the pain in his hole overriding all other sensations. His cock was still hard and his balls tingling but there was no chance that he would come whilst the six foot six tall muscular caveman at his ass was tearing him a new one.

He felt the man’s powerful fingers burying themselves painfully in the muscles of his thighs as the man steadied himself. Then, to John’s immense relief, the man mountain on the other side of the wall gave three emphatic thrusts that almost brought the wall down on top of John.

The man grunted with a voice that sounded like it would better suit a cave troll. Primal, low, victorious. Then he was gone.

John cried, no longer concerned about showing dominance over Jakie, simply relieved that the gorilla who had just restructured his asshole was gone.

Aaron walked in. He looked down at John, his face a contradictory mixture of amusement, contempt and compassion.

“George was the last one. Except me. Hopefully now you’ll never be so stupid as to mess with my property again without my permission.”

John looked up. There was snot running from his nose, saliva ran freely around and through the hole in the ball gag, and his red face was covered in pain sweat. He gave a single small nod.


Aaron walked through the door and used John’s hole. His cock was thinner than most of the ones that had abused him that afternoon but John was badly damaged now. He gritted his teeth as Aaron took the final ride of the day. Aaron lightly jacked the sides of John’s helmet between the tips of his first and second fingers, whilst the pills top and bottom continued to buzz. John didn’t want to cum again. He was desperate not to give away even a single drop of his sperm, but the choice was not his to make. He tried to clench his balls, and he concentrated on the pain as Aaron’s cock slipped back and forth along the freshly-inflicted tears. But still, he felt his excitement rising. He clenched the base of his cock. Aaron saw the muscles contracting and correctly surmised that it was John’s desperate attempt to resist him. He thrust his cock harder into John’s hole to distract him momentarily. Then he bounced his fingers up and down over John’s glans, his fingers moving lightning fast, travelling from the rounded tip, to its flared corona. It was a battle between John’s desire to maintain this last, tiny piece of defiance, and Aaron’s determination to break him by taking total control over his body. John squirmed, and in spite of the fact he had experienced 16 orgasms that afternoon, he came again. Three pathetic squirts, the first less than an inch high, followed by two that barely rose above a dribble. In spite of the low volume of his ejaculate, John writhed, his body experiencing an orgasm far more intense than he wanted after so many. His balls ached at the effort.

“Fuuuuck,” he groaned behind his gag.

Aaron grinned at the feeble ejaculation, smiling at the groan from behind the wall, then he allowed himself to cum hard, filling a condom in the process.

When he was done, Aaron walked back into the room with John, his hard cock still standing up like a sundial. He removed the gag from John’s drooling mouth then reached down and removed the full condom from his own penis. It held almost a shot glass of frothing jizz.

“Keep your mouth open.”

John was utterly defeated. He complied with Aaron’s command and Aaron dumped the contents of the condom into John’s mouth.


John drank Aaron’s spunk.

“Good. Now let’s get you home.”

Aaron held a cloth over John’s mouth and nose. John struggled but within 15 seconds he was unconscious again.



The present

“Anyway, you know you deserved it. You stepped well over the line with Jakie.”

Aaron looked at John. John was naked apart from the chastity cage that surrounded his cock. It was an expensive one – a Cararra. It was worn as a belt, with a sculpted chrome tube that passed tightly between John’s legs, completely eliminating the possibility that John could touch himself or even get hard. John’s nuts bulged around the sides. John had been so proud of them but now they were just decorations for a cock he would never use – mere baubles.

“I think I’LL have a coffee please John. And don’t get any silly ideas about revenge. My friends will hunt you down if I ever disappear, and then you’ll find out what it’s like to spend the rest of your life as a eunuch slave in the Middle East.”

“Yes master,” John said submissively.

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