The private tutor – Losing it

A young man has to return a sexual favour to his tutor but it has an unexpected outcome.

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The private tutor – Losing it

“Pull your pants down. That’s it. Good.”

Jonas sat on the edge of the fold out couch with his pants around his knees, and Pierre leaned forwards and started to fellate him. His tutor had done it several times now, and although it still weirded Jonas out every time, the man was so good at it that he just couldn’t decline the offer any time it was made.


His tutor was in his mid thirties, and as he had told Jonas on many occasions, “No-one knows how to make a man feel good, better than another man.” Jonas wasn’t a man yet, but he was man enough like having his dick sucked, and Pierre was exceptionally good at it. Jonas didn’t know much about fellatio, or if most people were this good at it, but he doubted it. If they were, he reasoned, all his friends would be talking about it all the time. Unless the only people giving it were guys…

Jonas was hard in an instant, in spite of his unease at being sucked by a male. Just the thought of receiving one of Pierre’s mind-blowing blow jobs was enough to give him a boner, any time, night or day.

But this time, instead of continuing to completion, Pierre stopped midway through and started talking. Jonas’s dick strained for attention, but Pierre just lightly tickled his balls, and slowly, with the lightest of strokes, ran his finger up and down along the back of the boy’s saliva slimed, rigid tool to keep him hard.

“I was thinking,” Pierre said, “about what I was saying about you trying sex. I know you said you weren’t interested, but I thought you, know, now that I’m made you happy so many times, you might return the favour. It’s only fair.”

Jonas sighed. They’d had this conversation several times before.

“Pierre, I’m not interested. I’m not gay.”

“I didn’t say you were. But you know; I’ve sucked your dick loads of times, and you haven’t really done anything for me.”

It was true. Jonas still saw their role as being that of a student and his mentor. He hadn’t really thought in terms of what he was expected to give back.

“I didn’t know you were expecting anything back. I thought you just liked to suck dick.”

“Are you kidding? It’s hard work and it’s tiring. I do it because I want to make you really happy. Don’t you want to make me happy?”

“Well, yes, but…” Jonas wasn’t good at coming up with arguments on the spur of the moment.

“So you can make me really happy if you just do this one little thing.”

“But Pierre, I’m not gay. I don’t want your dick in my asshole.”

“Why not? You’ll really enjoy it.”

“No I won’t.”

“How do you know. Have you ever done it with a man before?”

“No, but I just know that I wouldn’t like it.”

“Well that’s just ridiculous. You can’t possibly form an opinion of something you’ve never tried.”

“I’ve never been punched in the face, and I know I wouldn’t like that.”

“Don’t be stupid. Nobody gets punched in the face for pleasure, but millions of men and boys fuck each other because it’s so enjoyable.”

Pierre went for the guilt trip.

“You know what I think? I think you’re just a selfish kid who hates fags. Oh he’s fine when they’re sucking his dick – he can tell himself that’s alright, but when it comes to showing a little gratitude, and who knows, even enjoying himself, you just can’t get past your hatred!”

“I don’t hate you. You know that. I really like you. I just don’t think I’d like a dick in ass.”

“You ‘don’t think’?  It’s just your fucking prejudice Jonas. Don’t let society tell you what to enjoy and what not to. Try for yourself and then decide.”

Jonas was feeling under enormous pressure.

“I don’t know Pierre.”

“For me Jonas. If you care about our friendship in the least. Try it, just once. If it’s not for you, I promise, I’ll never ask you ever again.”

Jonas couldn’t think of a really compelling reason to refuse. The man had already sucked his dick, so he couldn’t complain about the gay thing. He just didn’t like the thought of it. Pierre could see the boy’s mind churning over.

“Come on, don’t be a coward.”

It was the perfect gambit. It appealed to Jonas’ adolescent sense of bravado.

Grudgingly, feeling as though he’d been manoeuvred into a corner, Jonas said, “I suppose. But if I hate it, you have to stop okay?”

Victory! Pierre knew he was going to get his own way.

“Look, it’s definitely going to feel strange the first time. Maybe it might even hurt a little. You’ve got to give me a fair chance. No matter what happens, give me at least fifteen minutes, how’s that?”

“Okay. But what if it’s too painful?”

“It won’t be. It might be sore, but you’re a tough kid, you can cope with a little bit of discomfort.”

Jonas sighed deeply.

“What do you want me to do?”

“Roll over.”

Jonas did as he was told, lying on his still hard dick. Pierre took his own trousers and underpants down. He was so eager to get started, that he didn’t even take off his shirt. He looked down at Jonas’ backside. It was perfect: round, firm cheeks, glowing golden skin, fine blonde hair catching the light. He unscrewed a tube of lube, and spread the boy’s peachy cheeks with the fingers of his left hand. Jonas tried to see what was happening over his shoulder but he could see nothing. He certainly felt it as Pierre squeezed the cool lube onto his hole. He gave a little shiver.

Pierre opened the boy’s legs, smeared lube all around Jonas’ sphincter, then slipped his index finger into the boy’s hole. Although the boy clenched to prevent the invasion, Pierre’s finger was too narrow and too well lubed, and it entered easily.

For a minute, Pierre gently finger fucked Jonas as he coaxed the boy’s hole to relax. When it did, he slipped in a second finger, and twisted them both, urging the boy’s sphincter muscles to soften. Finally, Pierre climbed on, and slowly inserted his own penis. It was bigger than both his fingers, and Jonas continued to tense against the invasion.

“Relax,” Pierre whispered into his ear, supporting himself above the boy in a press up position. “It’ll go easier.”

Jonas did as he was told. He could feel his sphincter stretching to accommodate the bulbous glans of Pierre’s penis. It was a strange feeling. Pierre’s cock felt enormous, and although Jonas tried hard to relax, it reached a point where his hole simply didn’t feel like it had any more give in it. Jonas grunted at the pain as Pierre continued pushing. He tried to eject his tutor’s cock from him, but the man’s cock was already partially in him. Pierre heard the boy grunting and felt him tensing. He stopped pushing and instead, stroked the boy’s hair and kissed his neck.

“Stop pushing back. Your hole will get bigger in a few minutes.”

Jonas did as he was told, breathing through his teeth as he forced himself to relax. He could feel Pierre firmly pressing against his stinging hole. Suddenly he felt Pierre’s cock slide inside him. He could feel as Pierre pushed all the way in.

Having his rectum filled from the bottom up was a uniquely new experience for Jonas. It felt like someone was forcing a salami up into him. He could feel every inch as Pierre slipped his thick eight incher up into him. Pierre dropped onto Jonas, and the boy could feel the concave curves of the man’s pelvis matching the convex surface of his buttocks. It was incredibly intimate, and as he felt his teacher’s stomach against his t-shirt covered back, Jonas felt an unexpected emotional closeness and affection for the man.

Pierre lowered his weight onto Jonas’ back, and nuzzled his mouth against the back of the boy’s neck gently. Then, moving just his pelvis, he started to thrust in and out with very slow strokes, never fully withdrawing or allowing the boy’s hole to close, keeping the boy trapped beneath him.

The weight of the man made Jonas feel powerless, and he had to tense his core just to avoid being crushed. Jonas could feel his tutor’s cock sliding in and out of his hole, its surface lumpy with veins, brushing against the sensitive nerves of his sphincter. His ring still stung greatly, but he was also experiencing a new sensation that he couldn’t identify. It was a kind of tingling excitement, like he got in the base of his cock when he was getting close to cumming, but it felt different in his ass. It was all tingle but none of the danger of squirting.

On each down stroke, Pierre pushed balls deep into the kid, pressing his pubes up tight against Jonas’ rump, and letting the boy know what it was like to feel all eight inches within him.

Jonas could feel his tutor’s hefty meat up inside him, poking at his insides. It felt like the man was rearranging his organs. There was a mild feeling of discomfort, but also a much deeper pleasure. Unbeknown to Jonas, the swollen glans was massaging his prostate. Everything about the experience was totally new and Jonas was absorbed by the details of it. He was both intrigued and repulsed in equal measure. He was intrigued to experience things from a gay man’s perspective, but he couldn’t overcome years of schoolyard conditioning to find the idea of anal sex repugnant.

Pierre lifted his weight onto his arms, and started to thrust faster, more concerned now about his pleasure than Jonas’ comfort. He pounded down with each down-stroke, and Jonas could feel the man’s balls slapping against the back of his own nuts. He felt puny compared to the man, and the ball slapping seemed like Pierre was somehow pointing out how much bigger and more mature he was.

In the locker room, with his peers, Jonas felt proud of his penis, and his mat of hair, but now, as lay pinned beneath this man as his eight inch salami reamed him, and the man’s chicken-egg sized balls smashed against Jonas’ much smaller eggs, he realised that he had just been a moderate-sized fish in a small pool.

Pierre pounded with increasing aggression, grunting as he worked. His actions had become utilitarian – focussed purely on delivering the best orgasm possible. Jonas sensed the affection leave the man’s actions, and he realised that now, he had become just a hole for Pierre to fuck mercilessly. It made him deeply uncomfortable. Whilst the man was taking his time and nuzzling his neck, Jonas felt a genuine affection for the man. Even if he was not comfortable with what the man was doing, he felt like Pierre was genuinely trying to guide him towards a mutually enjoyable new experience. But now, as the man’s lust took over, all the affection was gone. Jonas’ hole hurt badly, his insides ached, and he would have asked Pierre to stop, but in the presence of this previously unwitnessed aggression, he feared the man’s anger, so he lay pinned, like a puppy held down by a male wolf, as Pierre had his way.

Pierre rose to his knees, and without asking, he roughly lifted Jonas by the pelvis onto his knees so that his bottom was in the air, presented. Continuing to hold the boy’s pelvis, and free of the burden of his own weight, Pierre increased the rate of his thrusting, pulling the boy towards him slightly with each powerful thrust of his hips. Jonas knew now that he was Pierre’s bitch totally, both literally and figuratively. His hole was Pierre’s to use as a dog would use a bitch.

In his own world of high school and tennis, he was an alpha, but now he was just a timid pup, having his ass brutally reamed. Pierre grabbed Jonas’ hair and pulled his head back, and the boy whimpered and winced at the suddenness, but he didn’t dare to resist. Then he felt Pierre biting at the back of his neck, and clawing beneath him with the other hand as the man gave in totally to his animal nature. All the while, his massive cock kept thudding into Jonas’ hole. Jonas knelt, breathing through gritted teeth, and allowed the man to have his way with him, no longer interested in the details, but overwhelmed by the savagery of the experience. If he had not allowed the man to use him, it would have been a brutal rape, but as he had allowed it, and now was unwilling to make him stop; well that made it consensual didn’t it?

Suddenly, Pierre let out a few deeper grunts, and moving his hand from the boy’s stomach, to the underside of his shoulder, he pulled Jonas down towards his cock. Jonas felt coolness inside him. Lots of it, as Pierre dumped a week’s worth of accumulated semen, and six month’s worth of lust into his bowels.

Finally, Pierre was done, and he grabbed the boy’s ankles and with neither ceremony nor tenderness, pulled so that the kid collapsed onto his face. Then he jammed his cock back into the kid’s hole and lay on top of him with his full weight, whilst he regained his breath. Jonas lay meekly, whilst his master decided what to do next.

After a few minutes, Pierre rose and withdrew his semi-flaccid cock, utterly sated, and quickly wiped it with a tissue. Jonas turned timidly and saw that the man was finished. Jonas sat up, and was unsettled to feel Pierre’s cum dribbling from his stretched hole. There were fingernail marks raked across his stomach. He touched the back of his neck and his fingertips came away bloody.
Jonas sat quietly on the edge of the couch, his own cock utterly flaccid between his legs. He felt strange. He’d given the man what he wanted, and fulfilled his end of the agreement. He’d given more. He’d allowed himself to be used in a way that few people ever did. It wasn’t something he planned to repeat. His hole was hurting, and he felt deeply conflicted.

Pierre moved close, tender now that he was sated, and kissed Jonas’ chest, neck and cheek. Jonas found the man’s affection reassuring. It made him feel safe, as though dawn had come and the werewolf had left him in one piece.

“You were incredible. Thank you Jonas.”

Jonas gave him a shy, uncertain look.

“What’s wrong. You enjoyed it, I know you did,” Pierre said.

Jonas shrugged and wouldn’t meet his eyes.

“You’re embarrassed because you liked it aren’t you? It’s nothing to ashamed of. See I told you, you were gay.”

Jonas looked him in the eyes, and said emphatically, “I’m NOT gay.”

“Really? How do you explain that?”

Pierre pointed to a fist sized puddle of thick white cum underneath the place that Jonas’ cock was laying on the couch.

Jonas looked at it, and his mouth gaped. He couldn’t deny the evidence of his eyes. He said he didn’t enjoy it, but somehow Pierre had made him cum more than he’d ever cum before. He looked at his tutor and didn’t know what to say.

“Jonas, I’ve fucked dozens of men and watched thousands of porn videos, and only the very gayest few, cum whilst they’re being fucked, especially without even jacking off!”

Jonas glowed red. He felt humiliated. He was certain he was straight, but his own body made him out a liar. He’d enjoyed being fucked even if he told himself he didn’t.

“Oh don’t look so upset. There’s nothing wrong with being gay, and it has its advantages.”

Pierre kneeled between Jonas’ knees and looked at the boy’s genitals. The kid’s modest, uncircumcised penis had a long puckered foreskin, sticky with cum, and beneath that was a teardrop shaped scrotum, all covered in light brown hair.

“Let’s see if we can’t drain those balls completely.”

Without asking, Pierre reached for Jonas’s prick. The boy’s body responded instantly, and within 30 seconds, he was stiff as a board again. Jonas looked at himself, dismayed at how readily his body betrayed his true desires, then he closed his eyes, leaned back and allowed his tutor to suck him dry…

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