Interdimensional milking part 37 – Aftermath

Recap: Max is a teenager from Earth in the distant future, who attends a boarding school on planet Herschel Majoris where his seed is automatically harvested every day.

This chapter makes a lot of reference to events in Chapters 18, 21 and 23

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Interdimensional milking part 37 – Aftermath

The implant in his head deactivated and Max drifted back awake, crossing the last boundary in a rush. As soon as he traversed the threshold between blackness and consciousness, he was instantly aware of a deep, sickening ache in both of his testicles. His eyes snapped open. He was lying in a dimly lit room – the ward adjoining the infirmary. He recognised it from his stay when he contracted Pasolini’s Complex. He was laying on his back; a position he rarely slept in normally.

The pain in his groin was debilitating; literally breath-taking. He grunted, struggling to breathe and to suppress a howl of anguish. He looked down at his groin. It was covered by a light sheet, but the sheet was raised over his waist, resting on a rectangular frame designed to prevent pressure on it.

He wore a gown top but he could tell that he was naked below the waist.

He tried to sit up, but as soon as he did, the tension in his abdomen contracted the cremaster muscles attached to his already-contracted testicles, pulling them tight against his body. This time he did let out a moan of pain.

A moment later, Nurse Janeway appeared at the door with a look of concern.

“I suggest you don’t try to sit up. Everything is connected down there and you’re only going to hurt yourself more.”

“No kidding,” Max managed to sardonically say through gritted teeth. “What happened?”

“The harvester malfunctioned. The massagers crushed your testicles.”

Max frowned.

“No,” he said with effort. “I felt someone’s fingers. It was deliberate.”

Janeway paused, considering the proposition, and choosing her words carefully.

“Why would anyone do that Max?”

“Dunno,” he grunted. “Hurts so bad, can you make it stop?”

“I’ll see what I can do,” Janeway said.

She disappeared back into the main infirmary then returned holding a pad.

“I’m going to turn up the pain inhibitors. We don’t like to turn them up too high because they have side effects. Tell me when the pain is bearable okay Max?”

He nodded.

“Here we go.”

She slowly ran her finger up a digital representation of a slider on the pad she was holding. At first, Max felt no change, but then gradually, the pain diminished.

“Is that helping?” Janeway asked.

He nodded curtly.

“Say when,” she said.

The pain was still enormous; his testicles two separate, yet connected foci of agony trying to crawl back into his belly. Each one distinct, uniquely excruciating, with its own characteristic of agony.

The pain continued to diminish but it was still far from bearable. He waited as it fell, lower and lower.

Janeway looked at the slider. She was 60% of the way towards the highest setting, but she was already into the orange warning area.

“Max son,” she said tenderly, “I know it hurts but if you CAN take a bit of discomfort, it would be better rather than going much higher.”

He could feel his fingers tingling and a strange creeping sensation as he lost his sense of touch.

“Still hurts bad,” he grunted with sincerity.

“Okay, just a bit higher then,” Janeway conceded, sliding her finger up a little more.

Suddenly Max’s face took on a look of panic as his lungs stopped functioning. He started involuntarily convulsing, moving like a person receiving multiple defibrillator jolts. Janeway immediately slid the blocker down to half, and Max stilled, his breathing returning to normal.

“Max, are you okay?” the woman asked.

“Yeah, couldn’t breathe. Then…”

“It was a convulsion. Every person’s nervous system transmission level is different. I’m afraid I can’t risk going any higher than this. How’s the pain?”

“Better. It still feels like there’s an elephant standing on my nu… balls.”

She didn’t know what an elephant was, but she correctly assumed that it was some kind of large animal. She smiled inwardly at his correction from one slang term to another. Then she allowed it to show on her face; sympathetic and tight lipped. She moved to his waist and gently lifted his scrotum. He tensed, anticipating pain as he felt he lightly tracing the outline of each testicle with her finger tips.

“I’m afraid they were quite badly crushed and now they’re very swollen. The pain is inevitable, and there’s only so much I can do to help.”

“Can you knock me out again?”

“That’s not good for prolonged use. It can do permanent damage.”


“Look, it’s 5.45, can I get anything from your room, do you want me to tell anyone you’re here?”

“My vone. And um, tell Brill that I’m here.”


Max frowned.

“I dunno. He’s in 328. He’s blonde. With brown eyes,” he added.

She smiled at the physical details. Max obviously cared for the boy as more than just a friend.

“No problem, and what room are you in?”

“Ummm, 865. I just moved there a couple of days ago.”

“Okay, no problem. Cap will be informing your parents of course.”

Max frowned. He felt guilty that he had thought of Brill ahead of them.

“Okay, thanks.”

Nurse Janeway smiled warmly at him.

“Why don’t you try to get some rest now for a while? We’ll bring you breakfast later.”

Max nodded.


His eyes flickered opened again at 10.30. He felt a hand resting on his arm, and looked over to see Brill touching him. Brill smiled.

“Hey Max,” he said in a soft voice, “what happened?”

Max glanced towards the door to ensure that Janeway was not in earshot.

“Nurse Janeway said the portal malfunctioned, but I know it wasn’t a malfunction.”

Brill frowned.

“But what happened?”

“Someone squeezed my nuts really hard.”

“Phhhss,” Brill said, sucking air in sharply past his teeth. “How badly are you hurt?”

“I don’t know, the nurse didn’t say, but I nearly passed out from the pain trying to get here.”

“Awww Maxy,” Brill said sympathetically.

He lifted Max’s hand between both of his hands and gave it a tender kiss.

“How are you feeling now?”

“Not good. Janeway turned on some kind of pain blocker thing in my implant and it helped a lot, but it still feels like someone just kicked me hard in the nuts.”

“Awww baby, I’m so sorry. So did she say how long you’d be in here?”

“To be level, I really wasn’t in the mood for talking last time she was here.”

“Nah, I bet you weren’t. When did it happen?”

“I dunno exactly. Some time in the middle of the night. It woke me up.”

“You said you know it wasn’t a malfunction. How?”

“Janeway said the massager claw did it but she’s wrong. I felt fingers. It’s a totally different feeling. What if that guy who was messing with me before found me again?”

“Wow, that’s dark. Why would he do this to you? There must be thousands of dicks there for him to choose from. Why would he mess around with just you?”

“Millions actually,” a voice from behind him said.

Brill looked over to see Nurse Janeway in the door. She smiled pleasantly.

“I looked into what you said Max. There’s no reports of anyone in the harvesting stations ever harming the donors. That doesn’t mean it never happens and…”

She hesitated, considering the prudence of revealing what she knew.

“And what?” Max demanded.

“Look, you boys HAVE to keep what I’m about to tell you a secret or it could cause serious trouble, okay? Please? I’m not ordering you about, but you’ll understand my request when you hear it.”

“I can’t say till I hear it can I?” Max said.

Janeway contemplated what he said with pursed lips.

“That’s fair, but I’m going to trust you with something here. Please treat it responsibly. There have been cases of Controllers touching the boys. Lots of cases actually. Thousands of them. With billions of young men being harvested, it’s inevitable. The Human Expansion Program deals with such cases swiftly and quietly when they are discovered. We already reported your earlier report of being touched.”

“But still this happened,” Max said flatly.

“Yes, and I have sent an escalated report. They WILL investigate Max. But I believe it’s at least possible that this is a case of you misidentifying what was happening. You were already apprehensive after the earlier incidents, and now being assaulted, your brain interpreted it as a continuation of that earlier incident.”

Max scowled angrily.

“I know what I felt. It was fingers.”

He tried to sit up, raising himself on his arms but they were like jelly, and he couldn’t control them. They collapsed under him. A look of panic crossed his face.

“My arms don’t work!”

“Don’t panic, it’s just the inhibitor. I can lower it if you like, but then the pain will rise.”

“No! No way!” Max said immediately, the dull ache in his testicles already bad enough.

He stared up at the ceiling.

“I know what the massagers feel like,” he said with quiet resolution. “They’re not the same; harder and a different shape. I can tell the difference.”

Janeway sighed.

“Look this is what I would rather not have told you, but the portals HAVE malfunctioned in the past. You’re not the first boy to find himself in this position. I’ve never heard about it in my lifetime, but I researched it. Once, in the early days, a whole station was hacked. Over a million young men lost their testicles in that single incident.”

“And still you make us wear this suits!” Max said.

“Yes. The stations are much safer now, there are checks, and double checks, and backups ten layers deep. Also, station-wide systems cannot be accessed externally any more. There are also limits on what even the controllers can do to multiple portals at a time. Of course, they can turn them off, in which case, you’d automatically be ejected from the portal.”

“Well, I’M never putting on an EV again!” Max said.

“I can understand your feelings on that Max. Look, you have an exemption for the next month while you heal. Let me see what comes of the investigation and you can see how you feel about things after that.”

Brill stroked Max’s hand.

“The Explorer trip is in six weeks.”

He turned to Nurse Janeway.

“Will he be healthy enough by then to come camping?”

“Max do you mind if I talk about your injuries with Brill here?”

“Of course. He’s my bow. I don’t hide stuff from him.”

She smiled at Brill. He was a nice-looking boy; kind, with warm eyes, and he had a gentleness about him. She thought that Max was a lucky young man.

“Well, you were fortunate in a way. I know the injuries were extremely painful, but neither of your testicles has ruptured. The flesh was badly crushed, but you will likely make a full recovery. We’ve already run the regenerator over them, and we’ll continue to do so every day, along with a stem cell infusion. You should be out of pain in a week or two, and fully recovered long before your trip. I’ll extend your exemption until then so you can go away with your mind completely at ease.”

“Until I come back…” Max added.

Janeway didn’t answer.

“I’ve got to get to classes,” Brill said leaning in to give Max a kiss.

Max tried to sit up to meet Brill half way, but he had no control over his torso. Brill kissed him on the lips.

“Heart you Max.”

“I feel like a total crip,” Max said.

“Maybe we should wrestle then, while I have the advantage!” Brill said with a grin.

Max smiled back at him.

“Or we can wait till camp…” Brill added.

Max couldn’t be less in the mood to think about sex, but he gave Brill a stoic smile.

“Yeah. Heart you Brill. And Brill…”


“Don’t tell anyone else. Just say I fell down the stairs.”

“You’ll never live it down.”

“Rather that that the truth.”

“Yeah. Heart you.”

With that, Brill left.


Janeway waited patiently.

“Your fathers are waiting for a call, shall I comm them?”

“Yes please, better put them on holo…”

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