Interdimensional milking part 40 – Fireside tales

Recap: Max is a teenager from Earth in the distant future, who attends a boarding school on planet Herschel Majoris where his seed is automatically harvested every day.

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Interdimensional milking part 40 – Fireside tales

The boys arrived at their first overnight camping spot at 6.30pm, tired and ready for a long rest.

They were in a small clearing surrounded by trees.

“It’s really important that you start to set up your camp before night,” Jarvis explained. “You don’t want to be pitching portahabs, looking for wood, and building fires in the dark.”

“Try never to set your habs under trees. Branches can fall and kill you in your sleep, and in some places, there could be all kinds of animals, but you can relax; there are no dangerous animals in this part of the forest. For now, take off your packs, look for a flat spot, then set up your habs. They do almost everything automatically. Just make sure you manually peg the corners to the ground so they don’t blow away if we get any wind. Be sure to check the ground before you pitch – don’t want to pitch on an ant nest, and get them biting your asses all night.”

The boys laughed at his comment.

Although it appeared casual, Jarvis used occasionally crudeness as a way of bonding with the boys – showing them that he considered them mature enough for such language.


The boys spread out, and Brill and Max looked for a place to set up their dom. They waited for the others to choose their spots before selecting a location a little away from the main group, but they noticed a couple of other pairs had a similar idea. The 30-metre clearing was big enough to give each of the habs their own space.

Brill took the portahab out of his pack. He checked the ground for branches, rocks and animals then unrolled it onto the ground and it opened out into a flat rectangle that measured 4 feet by 8. There was a button in the corner of the rectangle. Brill pressed it, and the portahab automatically unfolded itself.

“Hey Maxy, just pin down the corners while I put our stuff inside will you?”

Max nodded and secured all four corners down with long metal pegs.

“You want me to lay your sleeping bag out while I’m in here?” Brill asked from inside the dom.

“Sure, thanks Brill!” Max answered as he stamped the last peg into the ground.

He walked to the entrance of the portahab and slid through the flap door to find Brill arranging their packs on either side of the sleeping area.

“Padded floor,” Max said. “Nice!”

They were both still naked, but in the privacy, their nudity felt more charged.

Max looked down. Brill had already laid out their sleeping bags with a 6-inch gap between them. While Brill watched, Max conspicuously slid Brill’s bag right next to his with a grin, then jumped on them both, landing on his side. He leaned on his arm and propped one leg up, knees wide displaying his genitals and grinned up at Brill.

“I’m ready!”

Brill chuckled playfully.

“We haven’t even eaten yet. And I don’t want you passing out from starvation later on.”

Max laughed.

“How about a quick sampler then?”

“Sampler of what Mr Tait?” Brill asked, acting coy.

Max leaned up and pulled Brill, laughing down on top of him. They kissed and Max wrapped his arms and legs around Brill like a kraken ensnaring it prey. Their dicks brushed and almost immediately, Max got a boner.

“Why Max, is that a hab peg I feel down there?” Brill asked, in his best coquettish voice.

“Guess again!” Max laughed.

They kissed again more deeply.

“Um, a very SMALL Stellar bar?”

Max pulled back and punched Brill’s shoulder with a grin.

“Oy, I’ll give you ‘small’! I’ll have you know I was almost average back on Earth!”

Brill burst out in gales of laughter.

“My apologies Mr Average, but you’re not ON Earth anymore!”

“If you’re not happy, I can always take it somewhere where it’ll be appreciated?” Max said with a grin.

Brill hugged him closer, and they lay, boner to boner.

“Nah, you know, what they say, ‘Small guys try harder.’”

Max raised his eyebrows and humped their dicks together repeatedly.

“Is that so?”

Brill kissed him tenderly. When they pulled faces apart 30 seconds later, he continued.

“That’s what I hear. You better cool your jets or you’re gonna blow it before we even get to tonight.”

Max could feel his dick eagerly throbbing in agreement. There was nothing he wanted more than to get down-and-dirty, and blow his load right now. But he also wanted their first encounter to be special, not frantic.

He reluctantly moved away and pulled an exaggerated sad puppy dog face.

“Guess you’re right.”

They both rose to their knees facing each other and Brill gave Max’s straining boner a stroke.

“See you later little guy.”

Now it was Max’s turn to burst out laughing. There was something about the mock seriousness of Brill’s tone that cracked him up.


“You guys ready for dinner?” a voice said from outside.

Bryan’s head popped through the entrance and he immediately saw Brill and Max kneeling, with their boners pointing towards each other.

“Oh, sorry to interrupt,” he said, momentarily flustered, “you guys are getting started already huh?”

“No, we’re not!” Brill emphatically said, swatting at Max’s straining boner.

Max turned away from Bryan, covering up with a blush. Bryan grinned.

“No point flaring now Max, I’ve seen it.”

Max looked back sheepishly and let his boner spring free.

“Been waiting for this a long time,” he explained. “We’ll be there in minute Bry.”


Five minutes later, Brill and Max joined the others. Under Jarvis’ instructions, they were gathering firewood.

Troye looked up and smirked at them.

“You guys have fun?”

“We weren’t doing anything Long Dong,” Max replied.

“That’s not why Bryan said,” Troye responded in a rising falsetto sing-song voice. “Bit of sword fighting going on maybe?”

“At least we can still get it up without ropes!” Brill said smiling.

“Hey I can get it up just fine thanks. You won’t be laughing when the girls are all over me! Only reason they’ll be over you two is to play hunt the pee pee.”

He simultaneously tickled them both beneath their nut sacks. Max and Brill jumped backwards, caught by surprise, then Max grabbed Troye’s 10-inch noodle and tugged him towards them.

“I’ll tie YOUR pee pee in knots if you don’t watch yourself!” he said with a grin. “You’ll spend the rest of the trip trying to untangle it!”

“Ahhh, easy, easy!” Troye said, holding his hands up in surrender, “I’m gonna need that this week!”

“What for,” Brill joked, “you gonna build a rope swing?”

Max released Troye’s slender worm and it swang back towards his knees. He grabbed it.

“Oh, my poor baby,” he said in a voice as though he was speaking to a child, lifting its limp end, “did the bad boy try to hurt you?”

Max, Brill and Bryan all laughed raucously. Nearby, Shaun heard the laughter and came over, hopeful that he could repair his standing with the group.

“What’s so funny?” he asked.

Max turned to him, cold as ice.

“None of your business hose monkey.”

The other three instantly quieted standing awkwardly, knowing better than to interfere.

“Troye was just fooling around,” Brill said.

Shaun looked at Troye but there was no indication of the joke. Troye and Bryan avoided making eye contact.

“Oh,” Shaun said, then after standing awkwardly for a few seconds, he wandered off towards Jurnal.

“That was rude,” Brill said nudging Max.

“I didn’t say I was going to be nice to him.”

Brill sighed.

“Yeah, fair enough. He just always seems so… so out of place.”

“Not my problem,” Max said, “I gave him a chance and he blew it like a holophoner.”

“Well, that’s really negged the mood,” Troye said. “Hey Max, wanna touch my snake again?!”

Max and Brill burst out laughing.



The boys built and lit a fire under Jarvis’ direction. Then they assembled a series of survivalist cooking appliances to hold pots and various items of food over the fire.

They sat around chatting as they ate their meal.

“Careful where the sparks go,” Jivan warned. “had one land in a kid’s lap a few years ago, and do you know what they call him now?”

“Bernie!” a couple of the older boys chimed in groaning.

“Nah, Crispy Noodle!” Jivan said, to even louder groans.

He was not one of the cool guys. No matter how hard he tried, it was always an effort for him. He was quiet and studious, but he was also well-liked and respected.


The boys finished their meal and cleared up, before returning to the fire. At around 8.30, Shaun said, “Sir, are you going to teach us the sex stuff?”

Jarvis grinned at the boy indulgently. He knew from a previous trip that the boy was a constantly horny mutt.

“Not tonight Shaun. I’m pretty certain most of the guys will want to enjoy their first night out of those EV suits doing their own thing, am I right guys?”

He made a masturbating hand gesture, and half a dozen boys boisterously agreed with him.

“I think there might even be a few couples who want to spend tonight together.”

“Yeah, Bryan and Troye!” someone shouted.

Troye jumped up with a grin and waggled his hips like an exotic dancer, sending ripples along his serpentine penis, playing to the crowd.

A cheer went up, and Max could only watch in smiling admiration at how effortlessly the boy swatted away a possible insult with irrepressible confidence and good humour.

He noticed that even Jarvis and Jivan smiled at Troye’s antics.

“Anyway,” Jarvis continued, “I thought I’d let you enjoy your first night to yourselves. We can get on with other activities another night.


The boys lolled around the fire.

“Sir,” a 17-year-old called Tollund said, “You were in the Protectors weren’t you?”

“Yes Tollund, 18 years. Aqua div.”

“What was the weirdest thing you ever saw?”

“Well, I saw a lot of strange things on a lot of planets…”

He thought about the question for a while then a grin split his face. He knew exactly the sort of tale would entertain a bunch of lewd, boned up teenage boys.

“There was one time… two of us were on aqua patrol on Valdes; survival training, when me and a raw recruit called Cullen came up on this beach. We’d been told to hold position while we waited for retrieval the next day. So we set up a hab near the beach and decided to kick back on the high tide line. Some time around early afternoon we heard this crashing noise up in the trees behind us. We were not properly armed as it was just an exercise, and there were not any carnivores in that part of the planet, but we had stun pistols. So anyway, me and Cullen started walking carefully through the trees when we meet what I can only describe as an animal that was half slug, half bear, but 40 feet tall, grazing on the high tree green. It was soft, leathery, covered in slime, had four legs like a rectyne monopod and it was stood up on its hind legs. At first, we stopped in our tracks, but then Cullen wanted to investigate. I warned him to keep his distance, but he ignored me and moved closed to get a better look. Suddenly this thing spotted us and turned with a low grumble. Now it was slow as all heck, and we could easily have outpaced it at a slow stroll, but Cullen panicked. He shot it in the stomach with his stun pistol, but that only made things worse.”

He looked around and the boys listened with the rapt attention of little kids hearing tales about Santa. Even Jivan had not heard this one before.

“This jet of milky goo came squirting out towards Cullen, fast as a fire suppressor’s hose. Hits him square in the chest and knocks him back in the air six feet. He lands on his ass with a thud and this goo keeps on squirting towards him, so I thought it was aiming at him. He was soon covered head to toe in the stuff. I naturally thought that this was the creature’s defensive mechanism; that it was attacking for getting shot, and I was concerned that it might be acid. Even on max power, the stun pistol only moffed it off, and I wasn’t about to repeat that mistake, so I figured a tactical withdrawal was the best course of action. I waited for this creature to stop spraying, and meanwhile Cullen was trying to get back up on his feet, and getting knocked back down, slipping and sliding in this sticky gloop like a clown in a slapstick holo.

Eventually it did stop, then I ran up behind him, and tried to help him up. Then we were both falling on our asses, so I dragged him away from this giant puddle of disgusting gloop, and then finally, I DID manage to get him back up onto his feet, and let me tell you, he was the sorriest-looking excuse for a Protector I EVER saw. He was only 18, spitting this stuff out of his mouth, snorting it out of his nose and whining like a kid who got the wrong toy for Hitchmas.”

The teenagers laughed loudly at the image.

“So anyway, I guided him to the beach, and he was cursing and bitching because he was covered in this goop. I mean it was in his hair, in his ears, up his nose, and he swallowed a good deal of it. Honestly, I didn’t want to touch him – it was bad enough that there was some on my hands and arms, So I just kind of heaved him towards the ocean and he staggered in fully clothed to wash off while I cleaned it off my hands and shirt.

So he strip all the way down to his skin, and starts to wash off, and I glance over and I notice he’s popped a boner – not all that big to be honest, but plenty hard, and it’s waving around in front of him like the cannon on a gunship. I commented on it, and he turned away kind of embarrassed.

He told me he was just feeling really horny for some reason. After a while he got tired of hiding it, and I could see that it was hard as plasteel; didn’t sway at all as he moved; it was like it was welded to his groin.

All of a sudden, he grunted and fired off a decent load; must have squirted 8 feet from him. It caught him by surprise and he staggered, then literally blacked out in the ocean from the force of it. I ran over and helped him back to his feet and his pipe was still blasting. He blinked, and I kind of kept an eye on him while he finished washing his clothes, all the time that damned boner threatening to poke him in the eye.”

Jivan grinned. He loved when his squad leader showed his more human side.

“So anyway, he gets done, and spreads his clothes out to dry on a frame we made out of branches, and still he’s sticking up like a flag pole. But now I can feel my own stick starting to rise. Well, I know I’m not attracted to guys, but maybe it’s just the situation, I figured. Except I started to feel more and more boned. I made an excuse and went into the woods and took things in hand, if you get what I mean.”

“Afterwards, I wasn’t feeling quite so boned, although I was still hard, but Cullen looked like he could knock down trees with his. I asked him if he was okay, and he told me was feeling crazy juiced. Almost before he finished saying it, he was popping his cork again. Well, I have to tell you, I’d be lucky to blow like that once after a month dry, and here he was doing it twice in fifteen minutes!”

“Why was he like that?” a boy called Franklin asked.

“Ahh well, that’s the really funny bit. I decided to call Ops to let them know what had happened, and after I told them about the animal, and Cullen getting gooped, they all started sniggering, and soon I could hear the entire control room laughing their asses off. Eventually I calmed them down enough to explain their reaction. Anyway, turns out the animal is called a “mega-creeper,” and the place where Cullen shot it was its testicles. The shock from his pistol acted like an electro ejaculator. I don’t know if any of you have lived on a farm, but an electro ejaculator is like an electric probe that they shove up the asses of male animals. When they press the trigger, it gives the animal a shock and it shoots its load. Well poor Cullen had just zapped the balls of an animal with testicles that could hold 600 litres of happy juice, and he got a moffing load of it right in the face.”

The boys were laughing hysterically at this revelation.

“Covered in jizz? Ohh that is so crood!” Kaahl said, screwing up his nose in distaste while laughing wildly at the same time.

“And he DRANK a load!” Rej added.

“And it gets worse,” Jarvis said.

He knew that he had their total attention.

“Turns out there’s a pheromone in the creeper’s jizz. Soaks in through your skin and acts like an aphrodisiac, you know, the stuff they give old guys who can’t get it up anymore. And poor Cullen was been drenched in the stuff, head to toe.”

“What happened to him?” Jivan asked solemnly, as though genuinely concerned for Cullen’s wellbeing.

Jarvis patted his number two on the shoulder with a huge grin.

“He had a constant boner for almost three months. That first night, while we waited for extraction, he was blowing his load every 10 or 15 minutes, after that, he was just constantly dribbling. Had to wear a diaper the whole time. Poor kid was emaciated by the end – lost half his body weight in water, even though he was constantly hydrating. His nuts were so shrunken he looked like a little kid. His nut-sack was shrivelled almost flat by the end of it.”

“Was he alright?”

“Oh yeah, I mean, he picked up a new nickname, but three months later he was pretty much recovered, except for his small nuts; and a damned site more careful about what he fired at in the future.”

“What was his nickname?” Wylard asked.

Wylard was 14-years old but he has the deep bass vocal pitch of a 300-pound opera singer and the serious demeanour of a middle-aged man.

“We called him “Beany” short for “baked beans.”

“Why baked beans?” Jurnal asked, his own vocal pitch the polar opposite of Wylard’s.

“Because he had tiny balls like yours!” Shaun blurted out unkindly.

Jurnal looked down at himself blushed and covered his groin with his hands.

Jivan went to speak, but unable to control himself, Max beat him to it as Jarvis touched Jivan’s arm to stop him.

“No need to be a fucking valve Shaun!”

Shaun turned to him, and instantly realised he’d messed up. Max was clearly furious. Shaun blushed brighter than Jurnal.

“Sorry Jurnal,” he mumbled. “I was just playing with you.”

“That’s okay,” Jurnal replied graciously.

Max forced his anger back down.

Jarvis gave Jivan a look and something passed between them that said, “Sometimes you have to let them sort things out for themselves.”

“Boys, we’re a unit,” Jarvis said with the tone of a compassionate father. “The creed is not just something we say for the sake of it. I’m all for fun and banter, but let’s not be hurtful.”

Shaun’s blush deepened and now he looked as though he was on the verge of tears. Max glared at him trying to figure out if there was more to Shaun’s reaction than simply getting put down in front of the others.

“One day, you might need to depend on one another, and it means a lot to me that you watch each other’s backs and treat each other with respect.”

He looked at each of the boys, sure to make eye contact. His speech seemed to come from some place deep.

“Sir, are you okay?” Brill asked.

Jarvis smiled, but his eyes seemed focussed elsewhere.

“Yes, thank you Brill. I miss my days in the Protectors and now you boys are my squad. You’re important to me and it would mean a lot if you all got along together.”

“Yes SIR,” Max said, pointedly affirming his intent to take the man’s fatherly words to heart.


Jarvis smiled, proud of the boys.

“I think now’s a good time to bed down for the night. We’ll be starting early tomorrow morning.”

He showed them how to make the fire safe so that it would continue to burn throughout the night, warding off potential nocturnal explorers, then the boys all rose to head off to their respective portahabs. Brill and Max were ten feet from the fire when Jarvis called to them all.

“Just one thing boys,” he said with a grin, “I’m sure you horny tarabellas are going to tug yourselves stupid tonight, but just remember, you’ve got to be able to walk in the morning, so try to save at least SOME strength for tomorrow.”

The boys all laughed as they walked towards their portahabs.

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