Commune punishment – conclusion

Ballbusting, spanking, humbling, humiliation, discipline

A naughty teen is spanked and humbled

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Commune punishment – conclusion

Four hours after Xander’s spanking, it was dinner time. His mother called him down and Xander quickly discovered that the only safe way to traverse the stairs wearing a humbler was to clamber down them backwards on his hands and knees.

When Xander finally reached the kitchen, William asked, “Have you washed your hands?”

“Yes sir. It was hard to reach the sink but I did it.”

“Good boy, now come sit at the table.”


Xander monkey-walked to the table, cautiously climbed up on a padded chair and knelt on it. It was uncomfortable, and the metal of the humbler pressed painfully against his calves, but there was no other viable position.

William glanced at him.

“No, I said SIT at the table Xander, not kneel.”

“But sir, if I sit, I’ll be sitting on my nu… my testicles.”

His stepfather stared at him at they locked eyes for 3 seconds.


Xander stared at him for 5 more seconds, looking for any trace of humour, trying to figure out if the man was messing with him. He half-expected his stepfather to crack a smile or burst out laughing at the prank. But he wasn’t really a prank kind of guy. Xander had never called his biological father “sir” but William insisted upon it from the first day he moved into their home. He was a humourless martinet who demanded total subservience to his uptight rules.

The man raised his eyebrows in a “well?” expression, and Xander knew there would be no reasoning with him, and any protests would potentially provoke him still further.

Xander got off the seat and turned to face the table, hunching over. He was afraid to simply sit from a standing position in case his legs gave way or he rolled with momentum onto his testicles. Using both of his arms on the chair’s arm rests, he lifted himself above the seat with his feet barely touching the floor, then lowered himself slowly. Soon enough, he felt his testicles pressing against the chair’s velour padding.

“Do it slowly or you’ll burst something,” William cautioned. “I don’t want you laid up in bed for the summer.”

It took all of Xander’s willpower not to spit out an insult. He was only too well aware of his predicament, and the fact that he wouldn’t even be IN it if it was not for his stepfather.


Xander lowered his weight a millimetre at a time, feeling his testicles compressing against the chair, as they were spread beneath the humbler. Once again, he started breathing rapidly and noisily though his teeth as he tried to cope with the exertion and pain. Surely there was no way that his balls could support his entire weight? They were forwards of his centre of mass. He rolled his weight back further and lowered himself gently until he could feel the full weight of his bottom on the chair. His balls ached as though they were being crushed in someone’s fist, but at least he could take his weight off his arms.

“Good, now sit forwards,” William said, casually approaching.

Xander looked at him with a burning hatred. The man knew, KNEW for certain that Xander was sitting back to protect his balls. He turned to look up at his stepfather as William loomed over him. He started to rock cautiously forwards.

“Come on!” William said heartily, “Are you a man or a mouse?!”

Xander groaned as he rolled his full weight onto his balls, trapping them between the humbler and the padded seat. He tried to twist to one side to lessen the pressure, but it only made things worse. He tried to rock backwards again, but now it felt as though he was balancing on his nuts, so that movement only served to grind them more. He felt acute pain in both testicles as they took his weight, spreading out beneath him like two burger patties. Finally, he came up with the most obvious solution; he extended his feet to the floor! The pain momentarily intensified as his weight shifted forwards even further. He lifted himself slightly, and gradually, over the course of 20 seconds, the pain lessened until it was bearable.

“Uh nnn. Please sir, let me kneel,” he begged, struggling to breathe.

“No, you can stay where you are. It’ll remind you why you’re being punished. Also, it will teach you some fortitude.”

“Teach yourself some fucking fortitude!” Xander thought to himself, but he didn’t dare to show his contempt at his step-father’s feeble justification for sadism.

William glanced down between Xander’s thighs where the young man’s chipolata lay, even smaller than before – less than one and a half inches now. The shaft had retreated almost entire inside his body, leaving a penis that was almost half comprised of its glans.

“Looks like you’re not going to be getting up to anything except pissing except pissing with that little pecker for a while, huh son?”

Xander looked down. Right now, the size of his penis was the least of his problems. He realised that his stepfather was deliberately humiliating him, although he had no idea why. It was only decades later that Xander came to understand that by virtually neutering him, William was also neutering the last vestiges of his biological father’s male influence within the home.

“Here, let me push you in,” William said.

“No, no need I’ll be fine here sir!” Xander said in a hasty panic.

“Okay, as you like,” the man said placing his hand on Xander’s shoulder.

Then he started to press down.

Xander’s face was already red from the exertion at supporting his body weight, but now he turned purple as the pressure increased and he tried to cope with the pain in his nuts. It was strange; the pain felt as though it was located behind him where his testicles were, yet passing forwards between his legs along the cords of his testicles before travelling up into his stomach and from there, radiating outwards.

He was determined not to show his stepfather any weakness that would add to the man’s sadistic pleasure. Xander sat, trembling, waiting for his mother to serve a dinner he would barely manage to eat.


The meal couldn’t end soon enough. The sickly ache emanating from between his legs robbed Xander of any appetite, and even if he’d wanted to eat, it was made harder by his pain-induced shortness of breath. He spent the entire meal doing his best not to move his body. He was dismayed by the way even reaching out to his plate sent waves of new torment through his balls as his weight shifted.

The second he ate the last bite of the tiny portion he’d accepted, he said, “I’m finished, can I please leave the table sir?”

“Wanna get the weight off those grapes son?” his stepfather asked with a grin.

Xander nodded.

“Yes sir. Please sir.”

“Okay, you can leave.”

“Thank you, sir.”

Xander’s instinct was to leap up and get the weight off his testicles, but he rose cautiously, once again using the chair arms like a gymnast using parallel bars to raise himself vertically off the humbler and his tortured nuts. As soon as the weight was lifted, there was a momentary rush of excruciating agony.

“Ahhh ahhhh,” he moaned, leaning forwards and supporting his weight on the table.

“I guess now the blood’s flowing again, it’s gonna be worse for a while,” William observed dryly.

Xander declined to answer. In truth, it was taking all of his willpower not to throw up the dinner he’d just eaten back across the table.

He twisted his upper body, trying to get a look at his testicles, but he could not turn far enough. Instead, he reached back to gingerly feel them. They were distinctly flattened and squishy. He grimaced but eventually, the pain decreased to a manageable level and he dropped back to the crouching position.

“Come over here, let me get a look,” William said.

Xander reluctantly crawled back over on all fours.

“Turn around.”

He obeyed his stepfather’s command. Soon after, he felt William examining his testicles, moving them around, tugging them lightly, and lifting them to feel their heft. Xander could not tell, but they were dark red. He was more concerned that his stepfather would use the opportunity to hurt them again with a needlessly hard squeeze or by striking them with a piece of cutlery, but the feared additional pain never came.

William could see the boy’s thighs quivering, and he accurately assessed that Xander was at the limits of his physical endurance, and pushing him further would break him, and risk alienating his wife.

“Hmmm, pair of red cherries there son. Probably best if you stay off them for a while.”

“Yes sir, I was definitely going to do that,” Xander grunted emphatically. “May I go now?”

“Yes boy.”


Xander gratefully crawled towards the living room door. Just as he was about to leave, William spoke again.

“Oh, one more thing Xander…”

Xander stopped with a sense of dread and looked over his shoulder towards the man.

“Take the trash out please.”

Xander stared at William with a look of incredulity. The man was deliberately embarrassing him. It was plain as day now.

“What if the neighbours see me?”

“What if they do? That little thing is hardly going to upset them.”

He gestured dismissively between Xander’s thighs at the shrunken maggot that hung there.

Xander knew that it was pointless to argue the issue. He crawled over to the garbage bin and tied the sack, then he lifted it out. His nuts were far too tender to stand, so hobbling was out of the question. Instead, he crawled, out of the front door, awkwardly moving on three limbs, dragging the bag in his right hand. He made his way along the short gravel drive to the street. He checked that nobody was in sight, then he crossed the sidewalk and the narrow grass verge and dragged the sack the edge of the road.

Then he heard something that turned his blood to ice. Female voices giggling behind him. He looked over his shoulder and saw four teen girls from his grade at the small private school.

“Xander, what are you doing? Why are you naked, and why are your nuts in that thing?”

He froze like a deer caught in headlights, then closed his eyes in resignation, breathing deeply before turning towards the voice. This was going to get all over school for sure.

“I’m being punished by my dad.”

“What for?!”

“Bad grades.”

He was not keen on staying to chat, but he knew that retreating would only reveal his balls even more clearly. He couldn’t bear to stay any longer. He turned to leave.

“Wow, your balls look really sore,” another girl said. “Your dad must be a real asshole.”

“Yeah,” Xander said, agreeing to both statements.

As he moved back down the drive, another girl said, “Nice dick Xander.”

“If you like cocktail weiners,” another girl added spitefully.

At least two voices quickly shushed her, but he heard sniggering as well. He knew he was never going to live this down.

Xander closed the door behind him, resigned now, to the worst two months of his life.



A month later, Xander was sitting at the dinner table, taking great pains as usual, not to move and increase his ball ache, when there was a tap at the back door followed by a female “Ooo ooo.” Xander looked towards the door. He’d done his best not to be seen by anybody since being humbled, but his step-father seemed to take particular pleasure in bringing as many friends from the commune to their home as possible. At first, Xander would try to scuttle away out of sight to his room, but then his father would simply call him down to show off his handiwork.


His mother rose and opened the door, where a cheery woman in her thirties stood.

“Hello Tanya!” his mother said. “Come on in, come in, make yourself at home. Sit down.”

She gestured towards the empty place at the table.

“We’re having gammon. Are you okay with meat?”

“Oooh yes, can’t beat a nice bit of meat!” Tanya replied, and the women both burst out laughing at the double entendre.

William smirked at the joke, then gave his wife a light smack on the bottom.

“Well, I’VE never heard any complaint from Emma in that department!” he said.

Emma blushed and giggled like a school girl, while Xander watched with mild distaste.

Tanya noticed Xander sitting there.

“Oops, sorry young man, I didn’t think about you. Hope I didn’t embarrass you?”

“No ma’am,” he answered.

“Ahh that’s good.”

She hesitated.

“Are you… are you naked?”

She moved to a better vantage point.

“Yes ma’am,” Xander reluctantly admitted.

“That’s very cosmopolitan of you. Do you mind if I ask why?”

Xander looked to William.

“He’s being punished,” the man interjected.

“With nudity? Does he mind?” Tanya asked.

“I’m sure he’d prefer to keep his clothes on. But then that’s not the real punishment.”


“No, look underneath his bottom.”

She moved to the side and looked. Xander could only sit and wait while his step-father guided her to his secret. Even if he’d been brave enough to defy the man, the pain of rapid movement, coupled with the very real risk of actually popping a nut ensured that he remained motionless. He stared straight ahead.

“What’s that he’s sitting on?”

“Look underneath.”

Tanya crouched so that she could see more clearly.

“Are those his balls?”

His nuts, now greatly compressed, and the skin shiny, bulged between out from the front and rear of the humbler, pressed against the chair.

“Yeah,” William said with a smug grin.

“They look awfully pink and squished.”

“Yeah, that’s the idea. They’re pulled between his legs and locked in place.”

“That must be very uncomfortable.”

“Why don’t you ask him? Xander, is it uncomfortable?”

“More than uncomfortable,” he said with tension and resentment in his tone. “Sickening would be a better description.”

“Ow, that’s brutal,” Tanya said laughing as though Xander’s pain was nothing more than a comical punchline to her.

“Maybe, and he sure doesn’t fidget much during mealtimes anymore.”

“What did he do to deserve that?”

“He was getting bad grades. Also, he was jerking off far too much. Now he doesn’t do it at all.”

“Oh really? I thought that was a second career for teenaged boys. So it works?”

“Look at his dick. He couldn’t get hard even if he wanted to.”

Xander glowered at the woman as she looked across at his now pathetically small, pain-shrivelled penis.

“Well, it certainly looks harmless enough right now. How long has he been wearing it?”

“He’s been in it just under five weeks now.”

“Five WEEKS. Darn! And have his grades improved?”

“Oh yes, most definitely. And his bedroom doesn’t stink like a zoo any more does it boy?”

“No sir,” Xander said in a low, resentful voice.

“Hmmm, very interesting. Our boys are constantly at it. I can hear their beds squeaking all the time, and they think we don’t notice that they each take three showers every day now. Perhaps I should speak to my husband about trying your technique out.”

“I would,” Xander’s mother added. “I was doubtful when I saw what William was doing to Xander, but now I’ve seen the results, I have nothing but praise.”

“Can I just get a closer look to see how it works?”

“Of course, and I can email you the plans to make your own if you like?” William said. “I’m thinking of leaving it on permanently, even after school starts up again.”

Xander looked at him sharply.

“What?! But you said if my grades improved, you’d take it off!”

“Quiet boy!” his step father said in a voice that brooked no dissent. “We’ll discuss this when Tanya has gone.”

Xander looked at the man with wide eyes and an expression of utmost dismay.


Two days later Xander was in his bedroom, when he received a phone call.

“Phillips?!” an unknown male voice demanded.

Xander didn’t recognise the voice.

“Who’s that?”

“It’s Nick. Nick Hanson from school.”

Xander recognised the name. Nick was a hot shit on the school wrestling team, but they’d never spoken.

“Hey Nick, what can I do for you?”

“What can you do? You already did too fucking much! What the fuck is wrong with your dad? My mom visits your house, and two days later me and Christian have got these fucking metal clamps on our nuts!”

“Who’s Christian?”

“He’s my little brother. It doesn’t matter. What the fuck did you say to make this happen?”

“Say? I didn’t say anything. I’ve been crawling around like this for over a month. Your mom came over, and my STEP dad started showing off what a big man he was putting me in this fucking thing. It was YOUR mom who liked the idea, don’t start yelling at me.”

“You’ve been wearing it for a month?” Nick asked, his tone softening. “Does it get better?”

“No, it still hurts like motherfucker every time I sit down.”

“Sit down? How the fuck would I sit down?!”

“I hope you don’t find out…”



Five weeks later Xander backed awkwardly out of William’s MPV parked at the front of the school.

“Please William,” he begged for the tenth time, “Don’t make me do this.”

“You get through those goddamned doors and get along to class before I come and help you on your way with a hard kick to the rear.”

A vision of the sole of William’s foot stomping his trapped nuts flashed into Xander’s mind.

Xander was naked, his face purple with humiliation. He turned away from the vehicle, and to his surprise, he saw dozens of boys; the majority of the male student body; all naked like him, all humbled and crawling reluctantly towards the school doors. He even saw a couple of the nerds from the chess and science clubs hobbling along on all fours, their dicks flapping between their legs, each as pathetic as his.

It wasn’t a large school; less than 200 students aged between 14 and 18, but seeing such a large proportion of the male student body naked and humbled blew his mind. Dozens of pairs of rosy or browned balls wobbling behind as the naked students resentfully dog-walked towards the school doors, with parents smirking as they looked on. And to make it worse, all around them, the girls, fully clothed and utterly bewildered, were walking around with bemused expressions, commenting, trying to comprehend, and ridiculing the male students.

Xander turned back to William with a “what the fuck” expression. William returned his look with a slow grin.

“Welcome to your new life kid.”


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