Interdimensional milking part 34 – A chance meeting

Recap: Max is a teenager from Earth in the distant future, who attends a boarding school on planet Herschel Majoris where his seed is automatically harvested every day.

This chapter makes a lot of reference to events in Chapter 24.

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Interdimensional milking part 34 – A chance meeting

Max awoke to the sound of the alerter at his door. He glanced at his wrist – 8am. He’d slept longer than usual. He glanced across and Sam was absent. It was not like him to leave without at least saying “good morning.”

“Who is it?” Max called blearily.

The door disintegrated and Brill stood there. As soon as he saw Max still in his bed he grinned.

“Gonna sleep all day?”

“I been out since 9. I must have been tired.”

“Yeah, a lot happened yesterday.”

“To say the least.”

“You wanna get some breakfast?”

“Yeah, let me take a shower real quick.”

Max clambered out of bed wearing just the shorts of his EV suit, and stumbled into the shower and activated it. Warm water tumbled down on him and he let out a cry of dismay.

“You okay?” Brill called.

“Damn it. Forgot to switch it to sonic!”

Brill grinned. The showers had multiple modes, but the two used for cleansing were water and sonic. The latter used directed ultrasound to break down dirt and neutralise odors without the need to dry off afterwards. Although the EV suits dried in seconds, it would still mean that Max would need to dry his body. When they were in a hurry before classes, most students used the sonic mode.


Max finished his shower and exited, dripping wet. He grabbed a hytowel from a hidden drawer and dried off. It contained active polymers that hygienically neutralised sweat and body odors.

He reattached the legs and torso to his EV suit, slipped into his peds, then turned and gave Brill a peck on the lips.

“Feeling better?” Brill asked.

“Yeah, but I’m gonna have to have it out with Sam over Troye’s pad. I’m not looking forwards to it.”

“Yeah, not good. But leave that till later. Let’s go get breakfast. We can talk about it while we eat.”

Max nodded and gestured Brill towards the nanodoor.


15 minutes later, they sat in the dining hall eating when a familiar face walked in Max’s direction carrying a tray of food. Their eyes met but there was no recognition from the other boy. The boy was older than Max by a couple of years, and it was clear that he was going to pass by without acknowledging Max. Max spoke up.

“Hey don’t I know you?”

The boy stopped and looked down amiably enough.

“Dunno, sorry but I don’t recognise you sib.”

Suddenly the token dropped and Max’s face lit up.

“Oh, I know where I know you from!”

He leaned closer to the boy and spoke in a low voice.

“I saw you at Arena in Central. It was your first race.”

The other teen gave a sheepish grin.

“Oh yeah, that. I didn’t do so well.”

“Gotta say, it was pretty fun to watch!” Max said, grinning.

“Yeah, I bet it was,” the boy said with a good-natured smile.


Brill looked on bewildered. Max looked across the table to him and explained.

“Remember when Shaun asked me to go to Central with him, and he took me to see that crazy event at Arena – the ones where the naked guys were racing?”

“Oh yeah, I remember you talking about it. They got ramped as they raced didn’t they?”

Max nodded with a smile. Brill turned to the standing boy.

“You were one of the racers?”

“Guilty,” the boy said. “My name’s Phil.”

“Pacing,” Brill responded.

Phil offered a hand and Brill slap-tapped it. Then he turned to Max and they repeated the greeting.


“Hey, you wanna sit down with us,” Max offered.

The boy shrugged then sat next Max.

“Was it really your first race?” Max asked.

“Couldn’t you tell?”

Max grinned and explained to Brill.

“He had a super boner before they even turned on the stims. He could have drilled holes with it!”

“Yeah, I was so fucking boned that day. I dunno why.”

“I remember. It hardly moved when you walked,” Max said grinning widely. “You ummm… you didn’t get to finish the race did you?”

“Nah sib, I gotta inform, an orgasm trance is not to be messed with.”

“No kidding,” Max replied.

Phil gave him a quizzical look. An orgasmic trance was not something the average guy ever got to experience.

“He had a max stim just yesterday. 15 minutes before the calmers turned up.”

“You got into a fight?” Phil said serious now, turning his attention to Max.

“Yeah. Not exactly by choice.”

His tone made it clear that he didn’t want to elaborate.

“So have you done any more races?” Max continued.

“Sure, every weekend.”

“Wow, that’s a lot. Any more trances?”

“Every weekend!” Phil replied laughing.

“Have you finished a race yet?” Max asked.

“Nah, but they still pay you, and to be level, it’s kind of fun either way. Tiring, but fun.”

“It is?”

“Oh yeah! It’s better than skin time.”

“How old do you have to be?” Brill asked.

“For the majors, 18, but they have cadet divisions, they start at 13 or 14 I think. They’re a lot safer. More slides and ramps and water pools. No big drops.”

“A cadet division? Can anyone enter?” Max enquired, his eyes brightening with interest.

Brill noticed Max grinning widely

“Are you getting ideas Max?” Brill asked smirking.

“Hmmm, me?” Max asked, putting oh his best overly innocent voice. “I wouldn’t do that!”

He paused for a few moments then added.

“Well, only if it was with you.”

“Ah, are you two bows?” Phil asked.

Brill looked to Max, and Max stared him solemnly in the eyes for three long seconds, before turning, making a comically enthusiastic face and nodding wildly with his mouth open, his tongue half out, and his eyes wide and smiling. Brill thought Max looked like an ecstatic puppy. Brill and Phil laughed together at Max’s antics.

“You’re good together,” Phil said once he’d stopped laughing.

“Thanks!” Brill said. “So, err, how do you sign up? And how do you get an exemption?”

Almost all males that donated to the human expansion program needed special permission to leave their milking suits.

“You can sign up on GIN,” Phil said, referring to the Galactic Info Net, “But you can only race full bare during skin time.”

“30 minutes,” Max said, thinking about the duration of skin time. “That’s not very long.”

“Plenty long enough for YOU,” Brill said grinning, “and that’s if you go triple green!”

“Ouch, toasted!” Phil laughed.

Now it was Max’s turn to look sheepish.

“Awwww, sorry Max, didn’t mean to make you flare,” Brill said, referring to Max’s blush. “Just teasing.”

Max leaned across the dining table and tried to give him a dead arm. Brill avoided it easily, and Max fell over the table. Brill leaned over him, mussed his hair and gave him a playful upside-down kiss on the cheek, then he turned to Phil as Max slid back into his seat laughing.

“To be honest, me and Max haven’t got boned together yet. We were hoping to yesterday but then some valve set off the alarm and…”

“Ohhh, is that why you were stimmed?”

Max nodded, his expression solemn now.

“No wonder you were raged. How long have you been bows?”

“A while,” Max said.

“Yeah, quite a while,” Brill added.

“Taking it slow?” Phil offered kindly.

“Max is from Earth. Things are different there.”

“From Earth? Wow. Long way to come.”

“Yeah,” Max agreed.

He looked at Brill and gave him a loving smile.

“But worth it.”

Brill smiled warmly back at him, then leaned forwards and they kissed lightly. When they pulled apart, Brill turned again to Phil.

“Have you tried the cadets? What’s it like?”

“Nah, not tried it personally. I jumped straight into the majors, but I know people who do it regularly.”

“And what do they say?”

“Let’s just say, most them don’t get past the first round before they’re rolling around on the ground throwing their splash HARD!”

“I’m not sure I’d have wanted to roll around in that mud, especially with all that splash in it!” Max commented.

“The mud’s a real turn on actually – like covering your whole body in slick; do you know what that is?”

Max nodded.

“The lube?”

“Yeah, that’s the stuff. Wrestling is a lot more juiced when everything is slippery. Also, the mud has got chemicals in that instantly neutralise and dissolve any splash. And the course is cleaned and the mud is replaced every week in any case.”


Brill interjected.

“We’ll have to try the cadets out some time Max.”

Max gave him a leer.

“Is it popular?” he asked.

“Oh yeah, it’s the most popular event. Hundreds of spectators.”

“That wasn’t… wait, people are watching?”

“Yeah sure. Lot of ‘lescent girls.”

“Girls watch?” Max asked.

“Max is not used to being naked around other people,” Brill explained. “He’s still shy.”

“Not girls anyway,” Max clarified.

“There are families there too,” Phil said. “It can be a really funny event. Some cadets pull the craziest faces when they’re juiced! There are guys in the audience as well; quite a few older guys.”


“They keep it white. No nudity or freaking in the stands. But a lot of them wear EVs”

“That still sounds kind of off…”

Phil shrugged.

“They’ve never had any trouble. There’s even a pup division.”

“”Pup,” what’s that?”

“Oh, you know, prepews; a year or two younger than the cadets. Most parents use it as a way to get their kids ready for the expansion program, so the orgasms and boners don’t come as a shock.”

“What do you mean,” Max asked with a frown.

“Well, the pups mostly just fool around naked in giant inflatable mud pools, 20 of them at a time. They have a couple of small inflatable obstacles; bumps and tunnels, but it’s all just an excuse to get them rolling around together.”

“Wow!” Max said. “I thought sex stuff was pretty chilled on Earth, but HM is moffing arctic! Do they still have prizes?”

“No prizes. Plex participation medals that’s all. They call it “Pup Wars” so it sounds macho, but it’s just a bunch of minis play wrestling and using it as an excuse to rub their little boners together. Lots of them don’t even bother going around the course.”

“And, errr, is anyone watching them?”

“No regular spectators. There are adjudicors but nobody’s keeping score. They’re just there to make sure none of the pups have accidents or get too pushy. And of course, their ‘rents are sitting round the edges, but they’re not really paying attention. They mostly just sit nearby drinking stim and chatting. Except the odd one or two. They’re the worst. They start taking the races seriously and cheering their kids on. After the first couple of visits, pups just wanna be left alone to their sword fighting, if you know what I mean. The staff pretty quickly sort the pushy ‘rents out, and remind them what it’s really about.”

“You seem to know a lot about it,” Brill said.

“Yeah, I worked there as an adjudicor for a couple of seasons.”

“What was THAT like?”

“Really good actually; knowing all these little juves were having such a great time. It was a great atmosphere. We didn’t have many unhappy customers let’s put it that way. Most came back often. There was even a yearly season pass. They sell a LOT of them.”

Max thought about it for a while, and said, “Things are sure a lot different here from Earth.”


Phil smiled.

“Here, hold out your vones.”

As Max and Brill stuck out their arms, Phil did something on his own wrist communication device. He swished it over their wrists.

“What did you do?” Brill asked.

“Check out your screens. I just gave you both a month of free admission to Arena.”

Max and Brill looked at their screens. A security panel was flashing on each of them, requesting their authorisation for the data Phil had sent them.

“You can come watch me trying not to get too boned. Or you can go watch the cadets. There’s even a special pass for the pups if that’s your thing.”

“Nah, too young,” Max said. “Cadets sounds fun though. What time are your races?”

“Skin time.”

“Oh yeah, doi, of course!”

“There’s no passengers with these passes is there Phil?” Brill asked.

“Nah, wouldn’t do that to you. The data is clean, no dirt. Promise.”

Max and Brill authorised the data.

“I’m pretty sure we can make at least one race, don’t you think Max?” Brill interjected.

Max nodded.

“Oh yeah, absolutely. Thanks for the passes. Do they run out?”

“The month starts whenever you visit the first time.”

“Pacing. Thanks Phil!”


  • Seriously pacing story!

    • Enterprise2001-
    • 21st January 2022 at 10:18 pm-
    • Reply

    I think you meant “beau” and not “bow.”

    Bows fire arrows, adorn packages, or play violins.

    Beaus are boyfriends, male lover interests, or rich snobby young men.

    • Thank you but no. The whole point is that language hundreds of years into the future has evolved into a phonetic pronunciation; often of words that have long since fallen into disuse in the present such as breeks and bow. I wanted my world to reflect the way that cultures co-opts and reinterprets words. Americans for example, simplified a lot of spellings, and we all have European loan words such as the French word “beau” which means beautiful or handsome. On Herschel Majoris, teenagers have heard the word but the French spelling would be way too pretentious – not that they ever need to write it in any case. Like many do with the word “ask” (axe), the pronunciation and spelling etymology are not set in stone and I very much wanted to hint at the fact that language had evolved as much as the mores of the time and place.

      All of which is not to say that I am above making mistakes. 😉 That just wasn’t one of them.

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