Interdimensional Milking part 24 – Shaun

Recap: Max is a teenager from Earth in the distant future, who attends a boarding school where his seed is automatically harvested every day.

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Interdimensional Milking part 24 – Shaun

A few days later Max was walking to the Shay when he heard rapid footsteps behind him. He turned to see Shaun running to catch up. Max was surprised. Although he and Shaun worked together at Explorers, they weren’t exactly friends.

Shaun smiled.

“Hey Max, how you doing?”

“Good thanks bud. What about you?”

“White hot thanks. Hey look, I was wondering. I’m going to Central later. I haven’t got anyone to go with. I thought you might want to come?”

Although Max had not bothered to clarify Shaun’s age, the kid seemed like he was a couple of years younger than him. Back on Earth, that would have been enough to ensure that they never socialised together, but here on Herschel, students often associated according to activity, not age. Nevertheless, there was a certain immaturity about Shaun. Max couldn’t quite put his finger on it. The kid seemed eager to please; to be one of the older kids, but he went about all it wrong, with off-colour jokes, and constant lewd remarks and double entendres. It was a bit wearisome, but in spite of that, Max felt a certain warmth towards the kid, like he would towards a younger brother.

“What are you going to do there?” he asked.

“Oh I dunno, go to the park, maybe get something to eat, see a holo. I wanted  to collect a new pair of lenses – I just got my allocation.”

“Hmmm, I dunno. I was just going to go to the Shay, then maybe wrestle or watch a movie in my room.”

“Wrestling with Brill?” Shaun asked, a leer on his face.

There was that immature streak that Max found grating.

“Probably,” Max responded, colouring. “Not that it’s any of your business.”


Max’s embarrassment was irrational. Hundreds of guys wrestled, and most used it as a mid-week alternative to masturbation or sex. Once they started rolling around on the mat, it was easy to get excited, and as soon as that happened, the implant in the boys’ heads recognised the arousal and activated the milking program.

Many of the boys would simply wrestle whomever was available, but a sizeable percentage regularly wrestled just a single partner, in what was the school’s equivalent of a monogamous relationship.

“It’s not like that Max.  It’s just that everyone knows you like Brill. There’s nothing wrong.”

“I didn’t say there WAS anything wrong did I? I just don’t like people sticking their snouts into my business.”

Shaun looked hurt.

“Sorry. I didn’t mean anything by it. I just thought, you know, friends talk about that sort of stuff.”

“Friends?” Max thought. “Since when?”

Max felt guilty for being short with the kid. Shaun was trying so hard to be cool – reaching out to him. Max understood exactly how that felt. Being the new kid at Friedrich Krupp was still unsettling to him.

“Nah, I’M sorry bud. I shouldn’t have snapped at you like that. So what time are you going to Central?”

Shaun brightened.

“Right after dinner.”

“Okay, I’ll go. Where do you want to meet?”

“By the twisters.”

“Fine, I’ll see you there at 5.”



An hour later, Max walked up to the twister bay to find Shaun already waiting for him. They each mounted a twister and rode towards the city.


They left their vehicles at Samon Park and walked through.

Max looked at the vagrants who sat around the park.

“I think that same guy was here last time we came to Central,” he said, discreetly indicating a man with sitting his back against a tree. The man was wearing an Envirosuit and looking down at a pad. His activity light was green.

“Yeah, I think some of them more or less live in the park.”

“Sad. So where you wanna go first?” Max asked.

“Gotta pick up my lenses, so might as well get that out of the way.”

They headed to the optometrists, which was in a street off Main.

Max watched with interest as Shaun sat in the chair and a specialist immobilised his head in a plastic covered headpiece.

“Look straight ahead please Duke,” the woman instructed.

Shaun complied and immobilisers pressed lightly against his eyeballs.

“You’re going to see a bright light, then some movement. It won’t hurt.”

A laser removed the lenses from Shaun’s eyeballs in under two seconds, then new ones were applied in their place and sealed with micro-weld.

The equipment was moved from his head and the woman displayed chart with minute writing on a screen twenty feet away.

“Read the letters on the bottom line please.”


“Good, that’s right.”

Max was shocked; he had to walk right up to the screen to read the text.

“Okay, that’s done,” the optometrist said. “Might be sore for 15 minutes, and you might have a headache for a little while as you get used to the new resolution. Would you like meds?”

“Yes please,” Shaun replied.

The woman pressed a hypo-spray to his neck and a subdermal pain killer was sprayed through the pores of his skin.

“Please don’t do any combat sports for at least a week, or any activities requiring hand eye coordination for at least 22 hours, and if you are operating a vehicle please stay within speed band 2.”

Shaun nodded.

“Thank you for using EZEyes Duke,” the woman said. “Please choose us again if you require a change in your lenses.”

Shaun smiled politely and he and Max left the building.

“You could read that text? That’s amazing.”

“Yeah Hi Mag lenses. 50 times the resolution of defaults.”

“Doesn’t it freak you out seeing everything zoomed in like that?”

Shaun laughed.

“It’s not zoomed in! I see the same size as you. It’s just a lot clearer.”

“Wow, that’s amazing.”

“Yeah it’s cool but they wear out. I saved my tokes for it for a few months.”

“You had to pay for it?”

“Yeah my surros don’t pay for any luxuries. But at least I get a Gov allowance.”


“Surrogates. The people who raised me.”

“They’re not your real parents?”

“Nah, they gave me up when I was 5.”

“What, why?”

Shaun shrugged. He seemed a little smaller now.

“Guess they just didn’t want me.”

“Sib! That’s terrible.”

Shaun gave a tight smile.

“My surros are nice enough though. And I have two brothers. John is 22 but Michael will be coming to FK next year.”

Max looked at Shaun and did his best to hide the sympathy from his expression.


They stopped at a street vendor and grabbed a snack.

“Okay, now what?” Max asked.

“Have you ever seen a StimComp?”

“No, what’s that?”

Shaun grinned.

“I’ll show you. They’re a total overload.”


Shaun lead them to Main and they rode the snake way past Holo-ventures.

“We need to walk the rest of the way,” Shaun said as the snake started to make a U turn back on itself.

They rose from their seats and stepped off the maglev strip. Shaun lead them down a side route that lead to another park. They walked through the park and to the side was an area screened off with trees. There was a turnstile.

“How much is it?” Max asked.

“Only two tokes. Cheap as chips.”

Shaun lead them through, and they allowed their wrists to be scanned so that the required entrance fee could be deducted from their accounts.

Shaun glanced up at an electronic sign that read “The Arena”. Below it were the words “Next round starts in:” and a countdown timer.

“Hey another round is about to start. Quick so we don’t miss the intros!”

Max followed Shaun as they hurried along a syncrete gulley. The gulley opened to an arena of sorts. About half the size of an athletics arena with seats arranged around on all sides. The seats were about half full.

Shaun lead Max to a seat about halfway down the ramped bank.

“Don’t wanna get too close,” he explained.

The boys took a seat just as the event began.


In the centre of the arena was an obstacle course – beam runs, walls to climb, ropes to swing, cargo nets to scramble up, and more besides.

“Oh I love this event. It’s always funny,” Shaun said.

“What is it?”

Before Shaun could answer he was interrupted by a compere who had walked into the arena. The man was dressed in a white body suit with a printed on bow tie at the neck. He was too heavy to look good in it.

“Ladies and gentlemen, Dukes and Duchesses, thank you for joining us at The Arena. Allow me to introduce our contestants.”

He gestured towards the side of three arena and four males walked out of a gully. They were all naked.

“For this event we are joined by Raoul. Raoul is 23, he originally hails from Markarth. This is his third competition.”

A dark-haired man raised his arms to a smattering of applause and cheers.

“Next we have Tima. He’s a local, born and raised in Hail, south of the city. Tima is 24 and this is his fifth competition.”

Tima raised his arms.

“Over here is Jhon. Jhon is our oldest competitor at 36. John has been competing for 8 years, and this is his 47th competition. Jhon was born off-world on the ice planet of Stahl 6, over 100 light years away, but he’s lived here on Majoris since the age of 24.”

A muscular Nordic-looking man gave a curt nod to the crowd.

“And last but not least, we have a newcomer. This is his first competition. He’s just 18 years old, and he attends our very own Friedrich Krupp High school just outside Central. His family has even come to watch him compete.”

The cameras zoomed in on a middle-aged couple and two young teens, a boy and a girl. They were animatedly clapping and cheering and their image appeared on the huge hologram projected 50 feet above the arena.

The camera cut to show Phil. His penis was erect, standing up at 45 degrees to the sky.

“It looks as though he’s pretty excited about the prospect of his first race!”

The crowd laughed. Max looked at the boy’s family. They were laughing too.

“Let’s give a big welcome to Phil!”

The crowd clapped and cheered loudly.

“First timers are always best,” Shaun confided with a grin.


The compere addressed the competitors.

“You know the rules. Three times around. You’ll start at 5 and get ramped one setting every 30 seconds. First to finish wins the prize.”

He addressed the audience.

“Okay everybody, we’re about to start. This is a ranked match, so the results will affect the competitors’ planetary league standings. Competitors, take your marks.”

The four naked males stood at the start line posed as though they were about to run a marathon.

To Max’s surprise, Raoul, Tima and Jhon’s penis’s rapidly stiffened, but all four stood ready to go, seemingly unconcerned about their erections.

A screen hovered 20 feet in front of them. It counted down from 3 to 1 accompanied by a loud beep at each change, then the word “Go!” appeared on the screen accompanied by an airhorn sound effect.

All four of the competitors sprinted off, boners swinging and bouncing as they ran.

“The new ones always start off too fast,” Shaun said.

Max was fascinated. He watched entranced.


The first obstacle was the balance bar, straight for the first 30 feet, then it made a series of zig zags. There was one track and one bar for each contestant, and all four deftly navigated their way along it.

Next a series of five rising beams perpendicular to the track, two feet apart, each one higher than the one before. There was sand on the floor beneath to soften a fall but, Max thought, it would still hurt to mistime a step and smash into a beam. The upper beam was twelve feet from the ground.

Phil raced up the beams and leapt towards a knotted rope hanging four feet away with the recklessness of a newcomer with something to prove. He was followed closely by Tima then Raoul, whilst Jhon brought up the rear.

Phil swang on the rope, his prick pointing the way, then released it at the opposite extreme of the rope’s swing, launching himself at a cargo net that was strung at a 60 degree angle in front of him. He landed on the net, his arms and legs slipping through the holes between the ropes. His penis was pressed up against his stomach and he flinched as though he’d been kicked in the balls.

“Ohhh that looked like it hurt!” the compere commented.

Phil cautiously started to pull his arms and legs back through the net, then Raoul and Tima hit it, each ensuring that their hands and feet landed directly on a rope. The impact of their arrival interrupted Phil’s efforts and he fell back onto the net, arms and legs comically poking through to the other side.

He tried again and just got his feet onto the ropes when Jhon landed with deliberate force. Phil lost his footing again, and this time it was clear that the ropes rose between his legs, catching him in the nuts. He hung, pained as the other three raced onwards.


At the top of the net was a series of 15 monkey bars. Raoul reached them first, followed by Tima, but with his powerful upper body, Jhon overtook them both. At the end of the bars there was nothing but air. 10 feet directly below was a safety net, but ahead at ground level 20 feet below was a large pool of water. Jhon swung hard off the last bar and did a perfect reverse somersault in the air, landing feet first in the deep pool. He was followed closely by Tima and Raoul.

“Level 6,” the compere announced.

The water was cool, but all three contestants clambered out at the far end with fierce and irresistible erections caused by their brain implants.


Level 5 was the usual arousal setting for milking. Max was currently milked 8 times per day, and as often as not, he and most other boys at Friedrich Krupp had to completely stop what they were doing because they were too aroused during milking to concentrate on anything else.


The competitors sprinted along a short track then up an angled ramp. Although Tima hit the ramp first, his wet feet made it hard to gain purchase and he slid down from 11 feet up. The other two were more cautious and they crested the top together.

The compere said “Looks like Phil is back in the game.”

Phil was swinging across the monkey bars, way behind the others. The camera zoomed in to show his progress. Half way across he ejaculated powerfully, his dick still swinging side to side as he came.

“Oh, looks like Phil just shot his first load. I wonder if that’ll slow him down?” the compere mused.

“I doubt it,” Shaun said. “Most of them can keep going through two or three.”

On the bars, Phil continued swinging, his hard dick pumping as he traversed each rung. The camera zoomed in to show the after-orgasm stringers of cum dribbling from his penis, like drool from a geriatric’s mouth.


Up ahead, Raoul and Jhon were sliding down the super-slick back side of the ramp. They ran another 30 yards and then dropped to their bellies to wriggle under a camo net. It was staked tightly to the ground, forcing them to lay flat on their bellies to traverse its 20-yard length.

Raoul and Jhon disappeared under the netting, joined a second later by Tima. Max could only tell who was who by the positions that they had entered.

“That looks painful. I wouldn’t want to be crawling around like that with a boner,” Max observed.

“Nah me either.”

It was clear, watching the lumps traversing the netting that each of the competitors was doing his best to lift his groin off the ground.

Phil reached the start of the net.

“Level 7.”

One of the lumps paused its progress – it was Raoul. He stopped for a few seconds before resuming.

“Looks as though Raoul may have needed a brief orgasm break,” the compere announced, to the amusement of the audience.

Tima emerged from the netting first, looking a little the worse for wear. He sprinted towards the next obstacle with Jhon hot on his heels. Tima leapt into the air, trying to clear as much of the obstacle as possible. Jhon did likewise. But neither came remotely close to clearing the 100 foot mud pit that lay in their way.


“It’s not real mud,” Shaun explained. “It’s this super-slimy goo they make.”

“Still looks disgusting,” Max said, looking at the watery, light brown muck that the two men had landed in.

“Yeah, and just think how many people have squirted in it.”

“This kid always finds the kinkiest, most disgusting way of looking at everything,” Max thought. Then he realised what event they were watching and felt churlish for thinking it.


Tima rose to his feet and started wading through the mud. He was coated head to toe, and nuts to swollen glans in the goo. It was only half a foot deep, but it was super slippery and laid on thick polythene sheets, so it was difficult to keep your balance, let alone gain traction. He took a few steps before he was floored by Jhon who had launched himself at his rival like a professional Zero G wrestler.

Jhon tried to scramble over Tima’s back to get ahead, but Tima was having none of it. He turned to face the older man and they wrestled, hard cock to hard cock for the chance to get ahead. Raoul approached and tried to pass without getting involved, but the mud pool was only four feet wide and he couldn’t pass without touching the other two.

Jhon grabbed his ankle, and soon they were engaged in a three-way struggle for dominance.

“Oh an epic three way,” the compere announced, “And now Phil is approaching fast as well. I can only imagine how many litres of semen have been spilled into the mud pit. Few competitors get past it without squirting at least once, some squirt so many times that they cannot finish even the first round.”

The audience good-naturedly shouted taunts that they used at this stage in every event.

“Get a room!”

“Hey watch your ass!”

“When’s the wedding!”

“Stop sword fighting and start fucking!”

Shaun joined in enthusiastically.


Although the audience could not tell, both Jhon and Raoul ejaculated as their cocks slid backwards and forwards against each other, lubricated by the slippery mud.


Shaun looked at Max and beamed.

“What?” Max asked.

“You’re green,” he said, nodding towards the EV suit light that indicated that Max was being milked.

Max blushed brightly.

“It was the harvester,” he said, trying to justify why the sight of naked men wrestling in mud had aroused him.

Shaun quickly reassured him.

“Hey it’s no problem, look I’m green too. Sometimes I go double or even triple when I watch this.”


Max was still surprised by how open boys were about their sexual habits on this planet.

“But I… well I kind of assumed you liked girls?”

Shaun grinned.

“Girls, boys, cows, dogs, anything I can stick it in pretty much!”

Max couldn’t tell if Shaun was joking. He scrutinised the boy’s face to see if he was serious. Shaun stared back, unwavering then his expression broke and he cracked a wide smile.

“Nah just fucking with you. I mostly like boys. Like you.”

It was a deliberately ambiguous addendum but Max mentally brushed it away. He was only interested in one boy; the boy with the blonde hair, and beautiful brown eyes that glowed gold when he got emotional.

They both returned their attention to the action below.


Phil reached the other three and slipped along the outside, sliding along Raoul’s body like a wet fish through an angler’s hands. He managed to get away, putting three or four paces between him and the main group. As soon as the others saw him go, they stopped fighting and gave chase. Phil ran carefully, lifting his feet fully out of the slop with each step. He reached the end of the mud pit and sprinted toward the next obstacle, looking like a mud-covered Yeti. With a very persistent erection.

“Level 8.”

Phil dived into the swimming pool headfirst and front-crawled his way to the other side emerging clean again.

The final obstacle was series of tires set at interlocking positions, and resting on canvas designed to dry the competitors’ feet ready for the balance bars ahead. Phil attacked them with gusto and tripped over the fourth tire. He reached his hands out and landed on straight arms with his butt in the air to protect his cock.

Behind him Tima took the tires with greater dexterity, and he and Raoul quickly overtook Phil, followed closely by Jhon. By the time they hit the starting line ready for the second round, the two men in their twenties passed first, followed closely by Phil and Jhon.



By the time they clambered out of the swimming pool the second time they had been ramped to level 11, and the competitors had each ejaculated multiple times.

Jhon emerged first and jogged at a slow but steady pace towards the tires. Tima and Raoul climbed out next, both as hard as ever but looking physically the worse for wear. They lumbered towards the tires like two out-of-shape runners finishing a marathon.

Bringing up the rear, Phil climbed out. He stood on the edge of the pool, and placed his hands on his knees and ejaculated where he stood, coming for the fifth time since the race had begun. He made a pained face and his abs tensed as a dribble of thick cum oozed from his penis. He waited for the orgasm to finish. He had expected to find them distracting, but he had not expected them to be as physically draining as they were. Each one robbed a little more strength from his legs.

He took a few steps forwards, his legs wobbling wildly.

“Oooh jelly legs!” the compere said.

Phil collapsed to the ground and lay on his back for a few seconds, then he started grinding, thrusting his hips up and down as though he was fucking someone two feet above him. His eyes closed as he entered an orgasmic stupor.

“Looks as though Phil is out of it. Teens are full of energy but they blow their loads too easily and too often,” the compere said. “Looks like Phil’s gone into an orgasm trance. We’ll leave him to enjoy the experience until the race is over.”

Phil writhed on the ground, barely aware of his surroundings. In his mind, he was nothing now but a pumping dick and balls.


The other three competitors were clearly finding it hard to concentrate on racing whilst their bodies were subjected to increasing intense sexual stimulation.


In the end, the mud pit was the deciding factor. Tima and Raoul hit it well ahead of Jhon and got into a wrestling match as they vied for position.  The combination of slippery bodies, and hard cocks rubbing against each other was bad enough. Raoul tried to break free. He almost made it, then Tima wrapped his arms and legs around him, pulling them face to face; cock to cock like two horny koalas.

The sensuous wrestling was already nearly irresistible. All it took was a little push.

“Level 14.”

They both came for the 6th time before drifting into their own orgasmic trances, writhing in the mud. They continued twisting and arching, almost unrecognisable beneath the coating of wet mud .

Jhon watched them and carefully made his way past them before continuing to complete the course.


Once Jhno had won, the implants were turned off. Phil, Raoul and Tima stopped squirming.

The compere approached Jhon. Jhon looked exhausted.

“And the winner, for the 39th time in his career. Jhon Mallyn!”

The man lifted Jhon’s left arm as though Jhon was a winning fighter. Jhon nodded modestly with the slightest of smiles. His thick penis was still standing at 90 degrees.



“That was great wasn’t it?” Shaun said.

Max smiled.

“Yeah pacing. Crazy.”

“You wanna watch another one?”

“Nah, one’s enough for now Shaun. I don’t wanna go triple green.”

Shaun’s grin widened as he realised the implication. He was delighted to have brought Max to a place that produced such a reaction.

“Lolol! And I don’t wanna go quad! ”

Max laughed and ruffled Shaun’s hair.

“You horned up little tarabella! So um, what you wanna do now?”

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