Interdimensional Milking part 25 – Shaun’s friends

Recap: Max is a teenager from Earth in the distant future, who attends a boarding school where his seed is automatically harvested every day. He’s agreed to accompany a younger boy, Shaun, to the city for the afternoon.

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Interdimensional Milking part 25 – Shaun’s friends

“What do you wanna do now?” Max asked.

He had no particular reason to be in the city, but he had agreed to accompany Shaun out of kindness.

“We could go watch a Max Stim comp?”

“How does that work?”

“Well it’s where 4 guys are set to max stim and they have to see who can last the longest before tapping out.”

“Isn’t that almost exactly the same as we just watched?”

“Not exactly,” Shaun said sheepishly.

“Maybe try something different?”

“Okay, then how about a GPVirt?”

Max frowned.

“What’s that?”

“Well we all sit in this room with virtual headsets on and the guy in charge starts this fantasy, and we all experience it how he does. It can be wild with a good conductor.”

“What sort of fantasy?”

“Whatever; fucking, hand jobs, blowers, even kinky stuff. You choose a leader that does the stuff you like.”

“So all sex stuff?”

Now it was Shaun’s turn to frown.

“Of course. That’s why it’s called GPVirt!”

He said it as though his explanation was the most logical thing in the world.

“Why is that obvious? What does GPVirt mean?”

“Guided Porn Virtual Reality Sim. You didn’t have them on Earth?”

“Not as far as I was aware. Anyway, can we do something that isn’t sexual?”

“Something that’s not sexual. What else is there?”

“You’re kidding right Shaun? You’re not seriously telling me all you care about is sex?”

“Ummm, yeah, kinda. Why would I care about anything else? We did it a lot before I got surros.”

He leered as he remembered.

“Who with?”

“Oh you know, the other kids. They showed me how.”

“How old were you?”

“I dunno. A couple of years after I got there until I got surros when I was about 10. Then I came here for school the year after.”

Max looked at the kid with new eyes. Shaun was obsessed by sex but now it seemed like there was a reason. He’d never known anything else.

“Heya sib, there’s more to life than getting boned all the time. Maybe we could do something different? How about we just look around the retails?”

Shaun looked sceptical.

“Why would we do that? We can get anything we want on the hub.”

“I dunno. Sometimes it’s just fun to see real stuff.”

“Nah, that sounds senile.”

“Okay, how about going to the Holcade?”

“To play what?”

“Whatever you want.”



An hour later, they emerged from the Holcade.

“That was pretty good,” Shaun said, “I kicked your butt!”

“Only because I let you.”

“Oh sure. Your mech was all like “rrrrreeeeee.”

Shaun tried to mimic creaking metal.

“I thought it was gonna fall apart!”

“Whatever sib,” Max said grinning.

He punched Shaun in the arm and Shaun jumped at him and clambered onto his back. Max staggered under his weight.

“Hey,” he laughed, “the fight stopped in there when I let you win!”

“Omj! Let me? Admit it; I won fair and square!”

Shaun wrapped his arms and legs around Max’s wist and shoulders.

“Never! I was being kind!”

Shaun kicked him lightly in the groin with his heel. Max’s genitals were dangling safely through a portal on a planet millions of light years away.

“Admit it!”


Shaun dug both heels between Max’s legs.

“Admit it!” he repeated more forcefully.

“Okay, okay, I admit that you luckily beat me.”

Shaun jumped off his back.

“See told you.”

“But only because I asked for a weaker mech!” Max added.

Shaun grinned.

“Sure, whatever.”

“You wanna get something to eat before we go back to school?”


Shaun was genuinely disappointed.

Max shrugged.

“What else would you like to do?”

Shaun thought about it for a while.

“I have some friends who live not far from here. They have their own dom, we could go there. Hang for a while.”

“I dunno. I already met enough new people when I started at FK, I dunno if I want to meet any more.”

“Oh come on Max, they’re really smooth, you’ll like them.”

“How old are they?”

“I dunno, 22, 23?”

“How did you get to know them?”

“Yetlin’s brother was at the same Family Home as I was before I got my surros.

Shaun seemed so keen for Max to meet his friends.

“Okay Shaun, but I can’t stay all night.”

“Sure, no problem, we can leave any time you like. I’ll comm to see if they’re there.”


Shaun lifted his wrist phone to his face.

“Vone. Yetlin Mishkow.”

His phone rang Yetlin.

“Yeah, hi, who, oh Shaun, how you doing?”

“Pacing thanks Yet. Look I’m in Central. I’m with a friend. If it’s smooth with you I thought we might come by, maybe play some Vgames? Would that be okay?”

“Mishka is here, and a couple of other guys. Yeah that would be smooth.”

“Sharp. We’ll be there in 10.”

“Smooth. See you soon siblet.”

Yetlin hung up.

Shaun turned to Max. Max was smirking.

“What?” Shaun asked.

“Siblet?” Max sniggered.

Shaun shrugged with a grin.

“It’s just his nickname for me.”



15 minutes later they arrived outside a dom in the Eastern hab zone.

Shaun spoke into a viewscreen.

“Yetlin Mishkow.”

A few moments later Yetlin’s face appeared on the screen.

“Hey Shaun, come on down.”

A nanodoor at the front of the building disintegrated and the boys walked inside. They found themselves in a large foyer, walled on three long sides with panels. On the floor an illuminated arrow guided them. Fifteen feet along one of the walls, a nanodoor disintegrated and they stepped through to find themselves in an elevator. They stepped in and the door materialised behind them.

Shaun pressed a button on the wall and a flat seat panel slid out.

“Might as well take a seat, it’s ten minutes to Yetlin’s floor.”

“What floor is he on?”

“Sub 800 and something.”

“He lives underground?”

“Yeah, he’s only like 23 or something. You think he can afford a view?”

“I guess not. Must be hot that low.”

“It’s warm but they got cooling. It’s okay.”

Max activated a seat facing Shaun and sat down for the ride.

“Ready,” Shaun said, and the elevator headed down to Yetlin’s floor.


Ten minutes later they stood outside Yetlin’s door. Shaun pressed the alerter and the door immediately disintegrated.

“Come on in,” Yetlin’s voice said from inside.

Shaun lead Max inside. It was warm.

The cram room was to the left and the main room was to the right. Shaun led Max right. They emerged into a largish living room with a video window along one side and a video screen at right angles to it. The video window showed a night view of Central. A sports match was frozen on the other screen.

There were two large couches and two chairs. There were also five young men; two in their late teens, two a few years older, and a boy who looked as though he was on the verge of his teens. All were naked.

Yetlin rose from a couch.

“Hey Shaun, good to see you siblet!”

Shaun smiled and they slap tapped.

Shaun turned to Max.

“This is Max. He goes to FK. He’s smooth.”

Yetlin turned to Max with a smile.

“Hey Max.“

They slap tapped and Yetlin shoulder bumped Max. Max smiled back happy that Yetlin was so welcoming.

Yetlin introduced the others in the room starting with the eldest.

“This is my dom-share Myk.”

“Over there are Y and Dave.”

He indicated the two teens. Max nodded to them all and they returned the nod.

The youngest boy had approached and stood by Yetlin’s side.

“And this little valve,” he hugged the boy around the shoulder then lightly tapped beneath his droopy little scrotum, “is Mishka, my brother. He’ll be coming to Krupp next semester.”

“Hey!” Mishka said with only mild indignance, and he flinched away from the intimate touch giggling.

“Oh yeah, Shaun told me about you.”

Mishka approached smiling, his left hand covering his privates as though he expected Max to grope him as well.

Max slap tapped the kid.

Mishka turned to Shaun.

“Hey Shaun!”

They slap tapped.

Shaun looked down at Mishka’s groin.

“Still haven’t got any hair?” he asked with a grin.

“On my balls. More than you’ve got now!”

“Zap! Got you there Shaun!” Yetlin said grinning.


Max looked around.

“So um, why is everyone naked?”

“Hot down here. Saves on cooling. Anyway, sometimes it’s good to hang with the sibs with your dicks out don’t you think?”

“Umm, I guess. I never…”

Max shrugged.

“We gotta wear these.”

He tugged at the front of his envirosuit.

“Oh yeah. Blue.”

Max looked at his indicator light.

“No, not right now.”

Shaun laughed.

“He doesn’t mean your indicator. Blue means bad or not smooth.”


He turned his attention back to Yetlin.

“Yeah, I guess. I’m used to it now.”

“You can strip to your shorts if you like. We’re just watching the end of the aeroball. Wanna drink?”

“Yeah please Yet,” Shaun said. “Stim?”

“Yeah I got that. Max?”

“Yeah great. I don’t suppose you have Triplex?”

“Nah, got Hi-juice though?”

“Yeah that would be great thanks.”


Shaun quickly stripped to his shorts, unzipping the torso and legs from his EV suit. Max looked at the four boys slouching on the couch. His EV suit had temperature control but he decided it would be nice to get down to his shorts for a while. His shorts contained the portal panel and it was forbidden to remove them except during skin time. He stripped down to his bare feet then looked for a place to sit.

Yetlin handed him a drink.

“Sit there,” he said, gesturing to the couch with the two teenagers.

The two teens moved apart, leaving space for him in the middle. Max sat between them and they immediately moved close and draped their arms around his shoulders. Max resisted the urge to brush their arms away but he couldn’t hide his surprise.

“Hey sib,” Y said casually.

“Uh, uhuh, hi?” Max replied timidly.

Yetlin roared with laughter, joined by Shaun.

“I don’t think Max was expecting you guys to be so friendly!”

Max blushed and grinned sheepishly.

“Um no, I wasn’t.”

“Hey we’re all friends here Max. Just relax sib.”

“Okay. But how come you two are not wearing EVs?”

Myk laughed.

“They’re fucking rejects!”

“Excuse me?”

“Y is from Chiron V Maxim. Not even human. And Dave is an asshole. They didn’t want his sperm either!”

“Hey fuck you!” Dave said and threw a Crunch bag at Myk.

Myk laughed and caught the small packet, then immediately opened the bag and started munching Dave’s food.


“Manj,” Dave shot at him, good naturedly. “Hope they make you puke.”

Yetlin explained, “Dave has some kind of rare genetic condition. It skipped him, but they don’t wanna pass it on.”


Yetlin indicated the couch where Myk was sitting.

“You can sit here with us Shaun. Sit on the end.”

Shaun sat on the end of the couch and Yetlin sat in the middle, draping his arms around both Shaun and Myk’s shoulders, drawing them to him. Max noted with surprise that Shaun rested his head on Yetlin’s shoulder.

Mishka eyed the empty chair before looking back to his brother.

“Yet, can I sit on your lap?”

“Sure but don’t fidget. I wanna concentrate on the game.”

Mishka sat so high on his brother’s lap, that he was almost on the man’s pelvis.

“Martin, lights dim, replay resume.”

Martin was the name he had given to his automated home system. The lights dimmed to a low gloom and the aeroball match continued.



Max couldn’t resist peeking at the genitals of the teenagers next to him. When he’d entered the room he’d noticed that all four males had particularly relaxed genitals, with that softness and length that comes after a hot bath or with very warm weather.

Now, after five minutes watching the aeroball match, Max couldn’t help but notice that Y’s thick penis was raising from between his legs. It flopped lazily onto his belly, not yet fully erect, but already seven inches long. It looked like a long thick python lying in wait.

Y leaned across and whispered in Max’s ear.

“Hey Max, you wanna play with my snake?”

Max looked at his face then directly down at his groin.

“No thanks man, I’m with someone.”


Y gripped his penis and very slowly pumped it in his fist, doing just enough to make it hard and keep it there as he continued to watch the game.


After 5 minutes, Max heard Yetlin speaking to his brother.

“Stop fidgeting Mishka.”

Ten minutes later, Yetlin repeated the request.

“Mishka will you sit still, you’re giving me a boner!”

“So what?” Mishka replied cheekily.


“So what? I’ll beat you senseless with it if you don’t sit still.”

The game continued for another 15 minutes before the halftime break.

“Lights,” Myk said.

The lights brightened to near daylight.

“Okay Mishka, that’s enough,” Yetlin said. “Get off my lap. Go sit on Max, he doesn’t have a dick for you to rub against.”


Yetlin shoved his brother off his lap. Mishka turned to him with a grin before turning to Max.

“Is that okay Max?”

“Um, well, I’d rather not actually.”

“Hmph, spoilsport!”

Max glanced across at Yetlin. His dick stood straight up out of his lap, obviously extremely aroused.

Yetlin looked back and made wet “tsch” sound before shaking his head in a “kids eh?” gesture. Max looked again at the man’s dick. He looked like he could hammer steel with it. He gave Yetlin a wry grin.

“This game is boring,” Yetlin said.

“Yeah, why don’t we play a VR instead?”  Shaun offered.

Yetlin looked at him and Max was sure something passed between them.

“Good idea.”

The others all quickly agreed.


Yetlin rose and pressed a wall button. A large draw slid out. He reached inside and withdrew four headsets.

“I’ll have to borrow a couple from the guy next door. Won’t be a nan.”

He walked out still naked as the day he was born and less than two minutes later returned with two more identical headsets.

“Mishka, you’re gonna have to sit this one out. Go watch movies in my bedroom.”

Mishka looked disappointed but he went without complaint.


“What system have you got?” Max asked.

“Edge 7. It doesn’t have the best processor, but it has the best software.”

“Yeah, I was hoping for one of those but they’re way too expensive right now.”

“I feel you sib, but I know a guy. Got this for me for next to nothing.”

“Pacing. Maybe my dads will get me one in a few years when the price drops. I still have a 5.”

“You have two dads?”

“Yeah,” Max answered.

“Cool. What about you; you like boys or girls?”

Max felt all eyes on him. Even without saying a word his long pause was answer enough.

“Boys. Well, one boy especially. His name’s Brill.”

“Ahh, I see.”


Yetlin passed around the headsets and they all put them on.

“What are we playing?” Max asked.

Before Yetlin could answer, the lights went out. When they came back on again, they were all in a different room. A college dorm room watching gay porn but everyone was clothed. Beside him Dave, Shaun and Y started groping themselves through their shorts. On the other side, Myk and Yetlin were also fondling themselves.


They continued watching the movie for five minutes. It was a computer-generated porn but you’d never know if you didn’t recognise the characters.

Predictably, Shaun was the first one to get his dick out. Like all the boys at Friedrich Krupp High, he had no pubic hair – it had been removed the day he got his EV suit and it would be years before it grew back. But the size of his penis reaffirmed Max’s suspicion that the kid was a couple of years younger than him. Shaun grinned at Max as he started pumping his dick.

Before long, the remaining guys were all masturbating as they watched the movie. Max glanced at them and wondered if Brill would mind if he joined in. He decided that it would be okay so long as all he did was jack off with them.

He’d never masturbated with another person before and the more he thought about it, the more he liked the idea. He wasn’t really watching the porn, but the heady, scent of teen sex-sweat was like a musk turning the room into a charged den of adolescent lust. The boys were laughing and joking as they beat their meat, looking at each other without awkwardness or reservation.

Max didn’t want to appear as though he was self-conscious so he pushed his Letics down to his knees, taking his skivwhites with them without pausing to wonder what had happened to his EV suit.

His penis was already hard. It sprang free and slapped up against his stomach, before settling to an angle nearer 45 degrees. He was incredibly hard.


“Nice bone!” Shaun said.

Max gave Shaun a half-grin, then gripped himself and started pumping. He was so horny, he didn’t think he could last even a minute, but he didn’t want to be the first to shoot. He tried to pump slowly but seeing all these dicks around him, and smelling the heady aroma of their sweat was driving him crazy and in less than a minute he was pumping his fist rapidly. He felt himself about to shoot; the rising feeling that preceded a squirt, but it didn’t happen. Next to him, Y was tugging his own impressive meat. Y reached across and pushed Max’s hand from his dick with a smile, then he replaced it with his own fist. Max didn’t want someone else jacking him – that WOULD be cheating on Brill. Even Brill hadn’t touched him yet, but he couldn’t say no. It was as though his willpower had completely evaporated.

Y jacked him skilfully, not as fast, but with a technique that encompassed the entire surface of Max’s glans as well as his shaft. Within minutes, Max was groaning, writhing, thrusting his hips up against Y’s hand, his body begging to cum. By rights, he should have squirted minutes ago. He was way past the threshold when his body would normally have ejaculated, but for some reason he stayed at a peak, almost mindless with lust, as Y continued cranking and twisting and slowly tugging on his penis.

The other boys were watching Max, laughing now at how completely he was in the control of his lust.


Shaun leaned over and started sucking on Max’s nipples, lightly biting and licking, and sucking them into pert little cones. Max knew he shouldn’t allow it; it was wrong but it felt so good.


Then Yetlin was between his legs, sucking his balls, taking them both deep into his mouth, rolling them between his tongue and his palate.

Max had not considered having his balls sucked. They didn’t hang low at the best of times, and not at all when he was boned up, but now he felt his low sack inside Yetlin’s mouth.

Myk stood beside Yetlin and lifted both of Max’s legs, exposing his hole. He smeared lube on it. Then Max felt Myk’s finger pushing, finding its way inside. This was wrong, He shouldn’t. But Max couldn’t say no. He felt the boy’s finger slide right inside, then the boy was finger fucking him. Max’s mind screamed against the experience but he did nothing to stop him.

Myk replaced his finger with his hard cock and pushed slowly, forcing his way inside.


Max’s neural implant had been stimulating his sphincter for all the months since he had first been enrolled on the harvesting program. He was no stranger to the pleasure his hole could give him, but now it was a real cock; hot, long and thick, and it felt worlds different.

Myk started fucking him, holding Max’s ankles over his shoulders to keep the boy’s butt in the air.

Dave moved in beside Shaun. He turned Max’s face towards him and pressed their open mouths together.

“No, this for Brill!” Max thought, but even as he thought it his mouth was returning the kiss, his tongue wrangling with Dave’s.


Max could feel Myk pounding him hard now, going balls-deep on every stroke, burying himself as deeply as he could, his thick cock forcing Max’s hole to stretch around it. Max clenched and relaxed his bowels, working his asshole to increase Myk’s pleasure.

Max felt wet heat inside himself and Myk started grunting as he came. And then, although  Myk’s cock was still inside him, Max felt cum splatter on the side of his cheek and mouth, and that of the boy who was kissing him. How could that be? Then Max realised it was HIS cum. He’d cum so hard that he’d launched a fountain of cream up onto his own face.

Dave grinned and moved his face away a few inches, then licked the jizz from Max’s cheek into Max’s mouth, before replacing his own lips and continuing the kiss.

Max could feel and taste his own semen in his mouth and on Dave’s tongue. He didn’t resist. He felt it dissolve in the saliva that they were sharing, and they both slowly allowed his semen to flow down to their stomachs.


Myk and Yetlin changed places. Yetlin slid his cock into the winking asshole that Myk had already seeded. He fucked slowly at first, rubbing Max’s swollen balls with his palm, but soon he was pounding as hard as Myk had been.

He came, and changed places with Dave, then one Dave had delivered his load into Max’s hole, Y changed with him.

Shaun appeared at Max’s head. He propped Max’s head on a pillow and knelt either side of his face. Max could see the teenager’s eager cock bobbing in front of his face. His foreskin was fully retracted and there were veins protruding from its stiff sides. His balls formed a tight lump at the base of his cock.

“No Shaun!” his mind screamed, but he opened his mouth and Shaun pushed his penis inside.

Max sucked, curious about the taste of the kid’s shiny glans. It was like sucking a grape tomato; smooth, tasteless, red. Except in his enthusiasm, Shaun was oozing precum onto the back of Max’s tongue.

Shaun started slowly fucking his mouth, deep throating him. Max gagged, his contracting throat only adding to Shaun’s pleasure. Shaun looked down at Max’s and their eyes met. Max had the look of someone who was enjoying sucking a cock whilst his own hole was being reamed by an eight-inch cock. But Shaun knew that Max’s character was programmed to be a willing fuck toy; that behind the eager sucking, the clenching asshole and the epic cum-shot, the real Max existed as a passenger witnessing the way his body was being abused but unable to prevent it. Whilst the others all had complete control over their characters, Max was the only one without self-determination. Shaun grinned a knowing, lusty grin as Max sucked his cock.


On planet 1RXS1609 b, Shaun and Max came for the fifth and fourth times that day and their semen was collected and pumped away to be used by the human expansion program.


Max felt Y seed him with what felt like a mugful of cum. At the same time, Shaun’s cock was spurting onto the back of his throat. Max swallowed the younger boy’s cum reflexively, tasting its slight sweetness on his tongue.

Shaun pulled away and sat on Max’s lap. He wriggled and guided Max’s cock into his own hole. He and Max were locked eye to eye. Both knew what the real Max was thinking, down underneath the program. His body was enjoying everything that was done to it, but his mind was raging against the invasion, and the way that he had been forced, even just in the virtual world, to betray Brill.


Max felt someone else’s body pressing against his rump. Max looked down past Shaun. It was Yetlin.

The man started pumping and Max could feel as the man’s glans rubbed against his rectum further inside. Yetlin smiled and then quickly faded into a fucking haze, pulling all kinds of involuntary ecstasy faces as he drilled Max.

Meanwhile, Shaun bounced up and down on Max’s lap, using Max’s hard pole as his personal dildo.

“I’m cumming!” Yetlin grunted.

Shaun looked over his shoulder.


Yetlin grinned and nodded.

Shaun bounced faster and Mishka started moaning, bouncing his narrow hips towards Max’s upturned bottom as fast as he could.

Myk starting smacking Yetlin’s bottom each time he withdrew his cock from Max’s hole.

“Go on Yet, fill him up!”

Yetlin turned and grinned at his lover, the slaps adding a frisson of pleasure-pain to his fucking. Then he let out a hoarse cry and shortened his strokes, moving his pelvis faster.

Shaun’s cock spat a long stream of watery spunk in an arc, that splattered from Max’s chest down to his belly. To his simultaneous dismay and pleasure, Max felt himself seeding Shaun’s hole.


All three came to a gradual stop but Shaun wasn’t done. He switched places with Yetlin. Max’s hole had tightened a little and he could feel every inch of Shaun inside him. Shaun gripped Max’s ankles and pushed them all the way to the bed on either side of his head. He lay on top of Max, his cock buried in the older teen’s hole. The he started to kiss Max deeply and Max reciprocated as he had been programmed to do.

As they kissed, Max felt Shaun slowly grinding his hips, fucking a hole that had already been drilled five times in the past hour.

Max’s penis remained hard, pressed between their bellies, as he felt Shaun fucking him, deliberately moving with sensual slowness to prolong the experience.

Max looked up and the other five people in the room stood around his head, masturbating slowly and grinning down at him.

Max felt his and Shaun’s bellies grinding together. His cock, rubbing, remaining excited.

Eventually Shaun lifted his face and thrust hard into Max’s hole as though he was nailing him to the bed. He came yet again, although Max was now so full with the semen of the others’ that he didn’t feel it. Max looked up at Shaun, and he was sure that the boy’s grin was more than mere sexual fulfilment. It was as though Shaun was experiencing triumph at dominating the older boy.


Max turned his sight to the people standing above his face. Suddenly a waterfall of cum squirted from their cocks towards his face. He opened his mouth to receive it, but his entire face was sprayed with the jizz of five boys who came as though they had not done so for six months. Max licked his lips eagerly and wiped as much of their juice into his mouth as he could, swallowing it all hungrily.

Shaun stood back, pulling Max’s legs down and the others turned, still cumming an unnatural amount, and spewed their jizz all over his chest and belly and even on his hairless genitals. Max received the cum anointing gratefully, with the sounds of their laughter in his ears.

Shaun moved away and dropped Max’s legs to the bed. Max immediately felt a river of hot cum pouring from his hole onto the quilt. He felt strangely proud that they had given him so much, unable to comprehend that so much semen was only possible in a computer-generated fantasy.

His body was covered from the top of his head to the root of his balls and in between his thighs with  their thick cream. His own hard cock was twitching in the aftermath of yet another orgasm. Max shut his eyes and fell into a deep post-orgasmic sleep.



When he opened his eyes again, he was back in Yetlin’s dom. He pulled the headset from his head. The others were all taking theirs off too. The room smelled as musty as the virtual dorm he had just left. Every one of the boys was splattered in semen and it was clear that each of them had ejaculated several times at least.

They boys looked at Max laughing.

“What the fuck was that?!” Max demanded.

“Great game huh?” Yetlin said.

“No, you all fucking raped me!”

Max turned to Shaun.

“Did you know this was going to happen?”

Shaun gave a lopsided grin.

Max ran over to him and grabbed Shaun by the throat, then raised his fist ready to pound the kid in the face.

“You little fuck!”

Shaun raised his hands to ward Max off.

“No! My new lenses, please Max!” he screamed in terror.

Max thought about the new lenses Shaun had just had attached to his eyeballs, and dropped his fist, unwilling to risk the boy’s eyesight.

“Hey slow down,” Yeltin said. “You don’t want to go Max stim and have the calmers come get you. At least 30 minutes before they can get here. That’s a long time on max.”

He was right. Max turned to him with a scowl.

“Fuck you, you’re all rapists.”

“Oh bullshit, don’t get carried away,” Yeltin said.

Max looked away in disgust, put on his peds, picked up his EV top and legs and stormed towards the door.

“Max wait!” Shaun called. “It was just a joke. Just fun. Don’t go.”

Max noticed a pad on a shelf by the door. It had giant sunflowers hand painted on the frame. He picked it up.

“And this is Troye’s pad. The one that was stolen from him when he was jacked. What the fuck is it doing here?!”

Yetlin stood, closely followed by Myk. He was angry now.

“Time for you to go school boy. Go on, fuck off back to FK. If I see you again, I’ll beat the spunk right out of you.”

Max knew he was no match for Yetlin, let alone all of his friends as well. He dropped the pad, pressed the nano and stormed through the opening it left behind. He walked to the elevator. The door was shut. He pressed the hand pad by the side. Nothing happened. He waited for a minute but without a resident’s authorisation, he could not use the lift.

He walked back to Yetlin’s dom and stuck his head in the door.

“Elevator’s not working.”

Yetlin spat back a single word.



872 floors and a little under four hours later, an exhausted Max emerged at ground level and stepped out onto the street on wobbly legs. He walked back to the snake with his quads, calves and knees burning. By the time he finally parked his twister back at the school, he was ready to pass out from exhaustion and any compassion that he felt towards Shaun was permanently erased.

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