Interdimensional Milking 44 – Bad to worse

Recap: Max is a teenager from Earth in the distant future, who attends a boarding school on planet Herschel Majoris where his seed is automatically harvested every day. He is out on a camping trip with his Explorer troop when their leader, Jarvis, has a serious accident, and a trio of boys is sent to get help.

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Interdimensional milking part 44 – Bad to worse

The three boys set off at a gentle jog, following the route that Jarvis had plotted out for them, heading up the slope of the long escarpment. Shaun leaned into the slope, lengthening his stride, and he soon started to pull ahead.

“Easy Shaun, we have a long way to go,” Jivan said.

Shaun looked back and realised he’d put 4 metres between them.


He slowed his pace until they were running side by side again.

“You don’t realise how much more effort it takes wearing rough peds,” Hoyer said.

“They’re not designed for running,” Jivan agreed.

“Yeah, I liked it better when we were full bare,” Shaun added.

“I get the feeling you like EVERYTHING full bare,” Jivan responded with a smile.

Shaun looked back and shrugged smirking.

“Mayyybe,” he admitted. “It’s just, well, why would you wear clothes if you don’t have to?”

Hoyer put a friendly hand on Shaun’s shoulder.

“You slay me sib; on the level.”

Shaun smiled.

They continued alternating between brisk walking and jogging, until an hour later they hit the ridgeline.

“Water break,” Jivan announced, and they all took a bottle from the pack he was carrying.

“Oh, thank Spag!” Hoyer said panting.

He was not as athletic as the other two.

“You okay Hoy?” Jivan asked.

“Just out of breath. Never run this far before. Don’t need this much stamina for swimming. Least not, what I do. It’s only 400 metres in total.”

“We can walk slower for a while. No point getting wiped out and having to leave you behind.”

“That would, ahh, haa, haaa, be pacing,” Hoyer said, panting heavily.

“I’ve been thinking of doing tri next year,” Shaun commented. “That’s got swimming.”

“Oh yeah, how far?”

“Um, it’s not as long as the adults. Half a mile I think.”

“How far is a mile?”

“About one and a half ks.”

“So, you’d be swimming twice as far me. That’s impressive.”

“And running and pedrolling.”


Their conversation was interrupted by the sound of hooting and crying in the distance.

“Tarabellas,” Jivan said.

“Those things freak me out,” Hoyer responded. “Human faces and little monkey bodies.”

“Do you know, the males have got nuts the size of exo-bouncers?” Shaun added.

“They’re not quite that big,” Jivan corrected. “More like the size of a melon.”

“That’s still hoosif,” Hoyer said.

“That crying noise is the males cumming. The women are making them get wild!” Shaun said.

Hoyer was sceptical.

“No way, is that true?”

“Yeah,” Jivan confirmed. “The males are basically just cum machines. The females rape them all day long.”

“Zip, that’s insane. I wonder if they enjoy it?”

“I bet they do!” Shaun said.

Jivan and Hoyer looked at him then both burst out laughing.

Hoyer started to gulp deeply on his water bottle but Jivan put a hand on the bottle, tipping it from the teenager’s lips.

“Save some. Don’t know how long it’s got to last, and you’re going to need it in this humidity.”

“Don’t want to run with lots of water sloshing around in your tummy,” Shaun added politely, as though afraid to offer advice to an older boy.

Hoyer nodded, acknowledging their comments, and secured the lid to his bottle.

“Let’s get going,” Jivan said. “We can walk for a while. No point burning ourselves out.”

The trio set off at a slower pace.

“That better Hoy?” Jivan asked.

“Yeah, pacing, thanks. How far have we got to go?”

Jivan pressed a button on his wrist com and a holographic image of their current location popped into view. He zoomed out.

“At least 15k. I don’t think we’re gonna make it before it gets dark.”

“What time do you think it’s going to get dark?”

“About seven,” Jivan responded. “but we should set up camp at least half an hour before that. Don’t wanna set up in the dark.”

Hoyer nodded.

“Hmmm, yeah, enhanced thinking.”

Jivan glanced at his wrist comp to check the time.

“I’m glad these things can run offline, but it sure would make things easier if I could connect to the overnet.”

“Why don’t they work here?” Shaun asked. “Is it for security?”

“Security?” Jivan said.

“Yeah, in case offworlders hack in and…”

Shaun paused, realising how silly what he was saying was. Hoyer grinned.

“Nah sib,” he said amiably, “I don’t think they care about offworlders getting free access. It’s because it costs a lot to put all those satellites up, and they pretty much only cover the populated areas. Who’s gonna need overnet out here?”

“Tarabellas?” Shaun offered playfully.

Jivan mimed receiving a vone comm.

“Uh hello, who is it? Oh, it’s Mr Arabella, initial T. It’s for you Shaun.”

He pretended to point his wrist comp at Shaun so that the holo generator could launch.

Shaun gave the mime a second of thought before he got the joke, then he grinned widely and they slap tapped.

“Do you think the others are raged at me?” he asked, suddenly solemn.

“Nah, I doubt it,” Hoyer said. “You didn’t mean to do it. I mean, it’s disappointing to cut the trip short, but they’re all a pretty smooth bunch of guys.”

“What about Squad?” he asked, referring to their squad leader.

“Definitely not,” Jivan chipped in. “He’s one of the sharpest guys I ever met. There’s no way he’s raged. He’s probably taking care of the others right now.”

Shaun smiled tightly, but there was sadness behind his eyes.

“Hey sib,” Hoyer said, squeezing his shoulder. “everything’s gonna be okay.”

They continued walking at a brisk pace as the day wore on towards late afternoon. They emerged from under a canopy of trees and Hoyer glanced upwards.

“Moff, would you look at that?!”

The other two looked up to see that the aerial phenomenon that they had seen earlier in their trip was even more pronounced.

“Looks like a borealis,” Shaun said.

“What’s that?”

“I saw them before when… when I was on vacation.”

The other two noticed his hesitation, but let it slide.

“What is it then?” Hoyer asked.

“I don’t really know. Something to do with Prime I think,” he said, referring to the larger of the two binary stars that their planet orbited.

“Looks like there’s asteroids as well,” Jivan added. “See the trails as they burn up?”

“Oh yeah, never saw those when I was in the Tract.”

“You visited the Tract? I heard they were kind of weird down there?” Hoyer asked.

“Yeah, I have relatives.”

“What’s it like?”

Shaun’s body language became defensive.


Hoyer could see that Shaun was uncomfortable, so he let the subject drop. He looked back at the sky, then shook his head.

“I’ve never seen anything like it. I’m gonna scan it when we get back.”

The cackling of primate voices drew their attention from the sky to the trees beside them. As one, their heads turned, and they saw a group of eight tarabellas swinging from limb to limb.

“Damn, where did they come from?” Jivan said.

“From the jungle,” Shaun said.

“Ya think?!” Hoyer replied.

“Let’s get a move on before more arrive,” Jivan said. “You good to jog again Hoy?”

“Yeah, definitely.”

They started to jog, and the tarabellas started squawking to each other. More of the animals appeared on the other side, then more behind.

“I feel like we’re being guided somewhere,” Shaun said.

“Yeah, me too,” Jivan agreed. “Let’s pick up the pace.”

More of the animals appeared ahead to the right.

“Move it, move it!” Jivan shouted as the cacophonous chittering and calling increased in volume.

“Go right, down the slope.”

The three teens sprinted to the right, when suddenly three of the animals leaped at Jivan from a tree, knocking him to the ground. He landed in a tumble, and they immediately jumped on him. Hoyer stopped and ran to help Jivan. Shaun was far ahead. Hoyer picked up one of the primates and flung it violently to the side, while Jivan easily fought the other two away, and leaped to his feet. Shaun heard the commotion and stopped to see. His eyes locked with Jivan’s.

“Don’t stop, keep running!” Jivan screamed at him.

Shaun was frozen in a moment’s indecision, then he turned away and continued sprinting down the slope.

Behind him, Jivan and Hoyer regained their composure and started to run after him. A small swarm of tarabella’s ran in hot pursuit, while others ran in ahead. The two older boys slowly swerved to their left, while 30 metres away, Shaun continued to increase his lead.

Every so often two or three tarabellas would leap at Jivan or Hoyer, but wise now to their tactics, they swatted them away or dodged them, continuing on their frantic flight. They ran with desperate abandon through the trees, as gradually, the number of tarabellas pursuing them grew fewer and fewer. When the last of them was 50 metres behind, they slowed their pace, and started looking for Shaun.

“Did you see which way Shaun went?” Jivan asked.

“Off to the right. He could be anywhere by now.”

“I hope the monkeys didn’t get him.”

“No chance, he was off like a streaker, no chance they were going to catch him.”

Jivan chuckled at Hoyer’s comparison with the goofy-looking animal that lived on the Halflands plains.

“We’d better try and find him. Wish we’d brought more walkies.”

For his part, Shaun’s athleticism did not serve him well. By the time the others had stopped running, they were over a kilometre apart, with no way of communicating. He looked around but there was nothing but jungle. No creatures swinging from the trees, or running after him on all fours. He wasn’t sure what to do next. He didn’t dare to call out for his companions, and Jivan was the only one with a walkie talkie. Shaun didn’t even have a wrist comp. The sky was starting to darken. He knew that no large carnivores lived in this part of the jungle – that was why his troop had come here on their expedition, but he was still not keen on spending a night out here on his own.

His choices were stark; back track in the hopes of finding Jivan and Hoyer without bumping into the tarabellas, or press on and try to work his way out alone. He chose the latter option. He hadn’t paid much attention to their route, entrusting the navigation to Jivan, but he remembered squad leader Jarvis’s instructions to head downwards if they got lost. He continued walking, heading downhill, in a direction that he hoped would lead him back to the city.

As the afternoon progressed, Jivan reached a decision.

“We’re not going to find Shaun just wandering around, and the others are depending on us. Best thing we can do is get back to school and send out help as quickly as possible.”

Hoyer nodded morosely.

“Agreed. I hope he’s okay out there. Gotta admit, even though he’s crood A/F I kinda like him.”

“Yeah, me too…”

To Shaun’s dismay, the twilight thickened quickly, and he remembered Jarvis’s words about the dangers of setting up camp at night. During his flight from the tarabellas, he was glad that he had not brought a portahab; the extra weight would only slow him down. But now, he would have liked the shelter against the outdoors, even if the thin material offered no real protection. He took an energy bar from his pocket, then he sat with his back against a tree and waited for night to fall. Above, the asteroids continued to intermittently blaze through a sky that looked as though an artist had smeared it with pastel paint.

He sat for a while as the daylight waned and the aerial display continued unabated overhead. Then he heard a noise that turned his blood to ice; the chittering of simian voices. He lowered his eyes from the sky, and was horrified to see dozens of pairs of eyes surrounding him, reflecting the dying sunlight and the pyrotechnic activity against their irises, glowing like the beams of tiny flashlights. Sean leaped to his feet, quickly scanning the area for an escape route but there was no obvious clear path. He sprinted in the direction he had been travelling before he decided to stop for the night, but he had barely run 5 paces before a tarabella slammed him from the side, staggering him. Before he could regain his balance, another one landed on his back. Then another jumped at him, then another, and another.

They were not large; about the size of three-year old child, but by the time five of them were hanging from his body, Shaun was struggling to remain on his feet. Yet more furry bodies joined the fray, and soon he was on his back like a rugby loser beneath a scrum.

He writhed, but they flowed on top of him, constantly moving, adjusting, climbing on then off.

And then he was moving, being dragged in the very direction he had sought to flee to. Try as he might, he simply could not resist the strength of so many creatures, especially as they were used to overpowering males of their own species. Then the forest opened into a vast area with a far lower density of trees. The atmospheric effects ensured that he could still see, and he could hear wailing coming from all around, and a frenzied panting. Shaun tried to figure out what he was hearing. He could just see many writhing mounds of bodies, and beneath them…

Then he realised what the noises were; it was the wailing of male tarabellas being raped; forcibly being ridden by the females who outnumbered them dozens to one. There were hundreds of the creatures all around, using the hapless males for their pleasure.

He had little time to contemplate their fates, before his attention was wrenched back to his own predicament. Many hands started tearing at his clothes. The animals had never encountered a human before, much less a clothed one, but they were intelligent, and quickly realised that Shaun’s clothes were simply a covering that could easily be removed. His shirt was first to go, torn to shreds, followed by his shorts and skivs. His genitals flopped out, shrunken with fear, and smooth from the depilatory scan administered on his first day at Friedrich Krupp. He didn’t even HAVE hair on that day, but the scan ensured it would not grow in for many, many more years.

Shaun was far from modest under normal circumstances, but knowing that the animals viewed male genitals as nothing more than dildos to be used for their pleasure, he felt very vulnerable and exposed now. The thought of being sexually used by human females might have been a turn on for the perpetually horny teenager; but by monkeys, under these circumstances?!

His body was constantly being touched by powerful grabbing hands. He squirmed frantically but there were just so many of them, and there was not a thing he could do to resist them. He felt his feet being pushed upwards, towards his bottom, sliding along the ground. Then there was pressure on the inside of his knees as more animals laid on them, splaying them apart like a frog on a dissection table, displaying his genitals; making them fully accessible. Then hands were smearing sticky liquid on them, paying particular attention to his testicles. It was the juice of a sweet-smelling slime-mould that was particularly prevalent in the area. In fact, its presence was why the tarabellas of this troop chose this area to settle.

Shaun wondered why they were smearing the gooey substance on his privates. At first, he thought that maybe it was a lubricant, and it was, but he discovered the most important reason soon enough.

The veins in his penis started to dilate, and Shaun was vividly aware of the tingling sensation that started in his testicles before progressing down the shaft. To his dismay, he felt himself rapidly getting hard.

The female tarabellas continued clambering all over him, but despite the distraction, Shaun could feel his penis rising between his legs, becoming hard, then rigid. For the first time in his constantly horny existence, he was not happy to be boned, and even more unhappy when he felt hand-after-hand pawing at his erection, accompanied by the chittering of creatures not used to seeing a human penis.

Shaun’s dismay intensified when a female sat on his unprotected groin, impaling her pussy on his rod. Shaun was a boy to whom almost no sexual activity was off limits. He thought that he would try anything, but now, in a darkened jungle, getting ridden by a horny primate, he discovered that there were some places that even he would not go. Not that he could do a thing about it. The slime mould acted as a powerful stimulant, and as long as the females kept applying it, Shaun would be unable to lose his erection.

The female was facing away from him, but she bounced up and down on his cock, pleasuring herself. The slime mould increased the sensitivity of her genitals, making the experience intensely pleasurable.

Shaun’s knees were held apart, pressed almost to the ground, providing complete access to his straining erection. Despite his fear and revulsion, his arousal rapidly rose, and the more he struggled, the more his movements fuelled his excitement. Being forcibly raped was one of his darker fantasies, although he’d always imagined himself like a sexter in some kind of Reenish orgy scene. The reality of being powerless did not match the fantasy.

But his dick didn’t know the difference; it was somewhere warm and wet, and there was violent friction. That’s all it needed. He felt his splash rising, and in less than two minutes, Shaun started involuntarily thrusting his pelvis and groaning as he came hard. It was not the first time he’d been forced to orgasm against his will, but it was certainly the strangest. He felt his slop entering her, forced from him, reducing his body to nothing more than a mere seed producer. Not that the seed would do the creature any good; their DNA was wildly incompatible. Not that she cared as she pleasured herself on his pipe.

The tarabella rode his orgasm like a rider on a mechanical bull. A combination of the stimulant, coupled with Shaun’s penis; unremarkable by human standards, was twice the size of the average tarabella male, all too soon brought her to a chittering orgasm, while Shaun added his cries of unwanted pleasure to that of the 60 or so other males being raped in the vicinity. The female bounced until she could bear the pleasure no more, than she scrambled off, only to be immediately replaced by another handful of slimy stimulant lube and another female.

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