Interdimensional milking part 42 – Training

Recap: Max is a teenager from Earth in the distant future, who attends a boarding school on planet Herschel Majoris where his seed is automatically harvested every day.

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Interdimensional milking part 42 – Training

“Up and at ‘em!”

Max blinked reluctantly awake at the sound of Jarvis’s voice. Brill lay on his stomach beside him with his arm draped over Max’s chest, and his leg across Max’s thigh. They were both naked.

Brill’s eyes opened and he smiled at Max sweetly.

“Morning Maxy,” he slurred in a voice still thick with sleep. “Last night was worth the wait.”

Max leered.


He leaned in and they kissed lightly.

“I love the way your dick feels against my leg,” Max said.

“Better enjoy it while you can. We’ll be back in our EV’s next week.”

“Not me,” Max replied. “I’m never getting back in mine.”

Brill gave him an empathetic smile. Being injured like that was enough to scar anybody emotionally.

He looked down and saw that Max’s penis lay hard along his belly.

“Hmmm, little Max is already up,” he said smiling.

“Piss boner,” Max replied. “I don’t wanna leave, but I’d better go take care of it. We don’t want Jarvis looking in to wake us up.”

“Oh, I dunno, nice threesome to start the day. Might be fun.”

“Brilllll!” Max said in pretend outrage. “We’ve only been together one night and already I’m not enough for you?”

Brill laughed and kissed Max’s pale erection right in the middle of the shaft.

“You’re more than enough for me ikenberry!”


“Because you’re sweet and juicy!” Brill said.

Max shoved him off with a playful groan and smile.

“Cheesy McSqueezy!”

Brill laughed as he rolled away, then Max clambered out of the portahab to piss away his erection.


After breakfast, the group reloaded their backpacks and set off into the jungle once more, looking like a cross between Korubo Indians and modern nudists. Along the way, Jarvis showed them how to scale trees with no low-hanging branches, how to build animal traps, and how to tell time using the shadows cast by Herschel Prime.


At a little after midday, he led them to an area with fruiting bushes. As they arrived, a cluster of small birds took to the air.

“These are finch berries,” he explained. “They’re fine to eat and a great source of liquid. You can easily recognise them by their grey green, hairy skin texture, and by the fact that there are usually finches in the trees.”

He picked one and cut it open. It was orange like a peach, but softer. He bit into the fruit.

“Here, try them. You can survive indefinitely on these.”


The boys each pulled a berry from a bush. Brill cut his open and took a big bite.

“It’s droolicious!” he reported. “So sweet and juicy. Ring any bells?”

“I can see that!” Max replied, looking at the orange dribble running down Brill’s chin.

“Here try some.”

Brill leaned forwards and Max frowned, momentarily confused. Then Brill glued their lips together and gave him a juicy, finch berry kiss.

Bryan spoke up.

“I’d tell you two to keep it in your pants, but as we’re all naked, it’s a bit pointless!”

Max and Brill turned to see him grinning.


“Okay guys,” Jarvis continued, “you’ll see a lot of fruit on the ground. Unless you’re desperate, I strongly recommend that you don’t eat it. The fruit ferments and turns to alcohol. Not only will that impair your judgement, but it actually increases your thirst.”

“Sounds like a great way to party!” a 19-year-old called Zymon said.

“Yes, if you were not lost in a jungle, it would be, but you need to stay sharp when you’re out here. Also, tarabellas heart Finch-berries, and the last thing you want, is to get caught by a pack of them.”

“What would happen if you did?” Franklin asked.

“Well, it’s not just male tarabellas that the females will attack,” Jarvis said. “They have been known to attack other animals, including humans.”

“Could you fight them off?”

“You could certainly get one or maybe even two females off you, but they live in packs of thousands or even more. At any given time, a dozen or more might be attacking, and even though they’re small, you’d never manage to fight them off. Your only hope of escape is to wait until they fall asleep then sneak out of their territory.”


Jarvis held up a finger to silence the boys.

“Hear that?”

They could hear distant whooping and gibbering.

“That’s a colony of tarabellas. You can tell by that sound like crazed laughing.”

“Are we safe?” Kaahl asked.

“Yes, they’re at least 5 miles away. Probably a lot more.”

“That laughing sound is creepy,” Jurnal added.

“It’s the sound the females make when they’re using the males,” Jarvis explained. “They hold them down and rape them. Every one of those laughs means a male is being used for sex.”

“It sounds like there’s loads of them.”

“Hundreds probably.”

“Lucky males!” Shaun added.

Max looked at him.

“Shaun,” he said in a tone of exasperation, “do you spend every second of every day thinking about sex?”

Shaun shrugged.

“Pretty much. Don’t you?” he replied sincerely, looking at Max with an open expression.

Several of the boys nearby laughed. After all, every one of them had their genitals massaged or milked all day long when they were in their EVs.

Max gave him a lopsided grin.

“I usually stop at mealtimes.”

Shaun smiled cautiously. It was the first sign Max had given him that was not wholly negative since their disastrous trip to Central. Max gave him a wink.



They continued hiking through the day, eventually arriving at their second camping spot along the banks of a creek a little before 6. They were all the worse for wear and ready for a long rest.

After their meal, Gen-Halber said to Jarvis, “Can you tell us another story sir?”

“Well, I could, but it’s traditional on the second night for us to have a bit of fun. But if you boys would prefer a story?”

He looked around, and was greeted by a rowdy chorus of “Nos” and shaking heads. Max frowned, looking at Brill. They were both surprised by the reaction. Jarvis returned his attention to Gen-Halber with a friendly smile.

“I don’t think the majority is in favour of another story, at least not tonight Gen-Halber.”

The boy’s name was cumbersome to say, but his culture considered the abbreviation of names to be disrespectful, so Jarvis and the others honoured the tradition.

“Why don’t move away from the fire,” Jarvis continued. “Don’t want any crispy noodles tonight.”

The boys laughed at his reuse of Jivan’s joke from the night before, as he moved the circle of boys 20 feet back from the fire. He planted a few branches vertically into the ground around them.

“If a few of you would please get your lamps, we can get a bit of light. I’m just going to get my pack.”


When he returned a few minutes later, four boys had collected lanterns from their portahabs.

“Hang them off those sticks please,” he said.

Three boys hang their lanterns.

“Ah, we have a spare. Bring that in the middle. That’s it, put it on the ground now gather round boys.”

The teenagers all formed a circle on the ground, each sitting on the soft ground.

Jarvis reached into his pack and pulled out four objects, each of them one foot wide and long, by 6 inches deep. They were made of soft rubber with a small, ambiguously-shaped hole on the top, and another at the front. The boys of squad 326 watched with bemusement. Those who had been on previous camping trips knew that these must be sexual objects, but none of them were certain how they worked.

“Okay boys, most of you are nearly men, and many of you will already have girlfriends or boyfriends.”

He looked around slowly.

“Or maybe Tarrasian bivalves in a couple of cases,” he added playing it deadpan.

The boys chuckled at his suggestion that some of them might prefer the company of ocean creatures. Banter was very much a part of Jarvis’s bonding technique, and the boys loved him for it.

“What’s a Tarrassian bivalve?” Jurnal whispered to Shaun.

“I’ll tell you later,” Shaun whispered back.


Jarvis continued.

“Hopefully, when you are finally through with the Expansion Program, you’ll find partners to settle down with, and part of your relationship will include sex. Loooots of sex. By the time you reach that age, most of you will have spent upwards of 7 years on the program. You’re going to be well on the way to being sexsters, with pipes to match, and the sexual appetite of a tarabella.”

“Yeah Shaun,” Troye said playfully.

“You’re one to slamchat Long Dong,” Shaun riposted with a grin.

Troye grabbed the root of his penis and swang it in a circle as though he was a cowboy readying a lasso.

“Guuuuhreen eyes!” he sung in a falsetto voice.


Jarvis continued.

“But to have a happy relationship, you’re going to want to please your partners, not just yourselves. That means you don’t just thump away like a powerhammer for three minutes until you splash, then roll over and fall asleep.”

“Do I HAVE to last three minutes?” a smirking Zymon asked, to a round of laughter.

“Only if you’re doing it twice,” Jarvis said with a wink, to yet more laughter.

“But to be level with you boys, you have to be a considerate partner or you’re going to leave disappointment behind you. So what I’m going to do tonight is teach you some techniques that will make you better in the dorm room. I need three volunteers.”

Before he’d even finished the sentence, Shaun’s hand shot up.

“Well there’s a surprise,” Max said quietly to Brill.

Shaun looked in his direction to see the intent behind the comment. Max smiled at him and gave him a thumbs up.


Tollund also spoke up.

“I’ll have a go sir.”

Jarvis nodded.

“Everyone else scared to be first? What about you Troye. You look ready for action.”

“Weeeell, I wouldn’t want to ruin things for everyone else…”

There was another cacophony of laughter, and an assortment of objects including pebbles, plants and cooking implements were thrown towards him. He tried to protect himself, but he was so skinny and ungainly as he brought his hand up to his head, and lifted one knee across his groin, that he looked like a stick insect having a seizure.

“Okay, okay, as you all want to see the Master in action, I’ll do it, I’ll do it!” he conceded.

Every boy present broke out into hysterical laughter and six members of the squad playfully jumped him, all laying on top and pretending to beat him to a pulp. Jarvis watched grinning, to make sure things did not get out of hand, but Troye was laughing like crazy as they bundled him. It took over two minutes for the ruckus and laughter to finally die down, then the boys clambered off Troye.

He turned to Jarvis and in a solemn tone he said, “See the sort of green eyes I have to put up with sir?”

There were yet more thrown objects accompanied by good-natured jeers.

“It must be a real challenge to be so highly admired Troye,” Jarvis said, smiling at him.

Jarvis tried not to play favourites, but he had to admit, there was something deeply innately likeable about Troye’s irrepressible humour.

“It is sir, it is.”

Jivan watched Jarvis playfully bantering with Troye. He admired the man more than he would ever be able to express, and it filled him with happiness to see his mentor in such a good mood.


Jarvis said, “Okay, well the first thing you’re going to need to do is get a boner.”

“No problem!” Shaun chirped, gripping his penis and pumping it.

Brill gave Max’s waist a light, playful “I know, I know” squeeze. Within ten seconds, Shaun was hard as a nail.

“W… wow,” Jarvis said, “That was ummm… efficient. A lot of boys find it difficult to get hard around other young men.”

“Nope, no problem!” Shaun said.

“He’s in his element sir,” Troye said.

“Anyway, if you other two need a little help, I have some caps that will do the job lightspeed.”

Troye was half way to a boner, but Tollund accepted one of the drug-filled capsules with a nod. Jarvis took one too, biting down on it to release the aphrodisiac liquid.


One minute later, all four of them knelt with straining boners. To Max’s surprise, Troye’s 11-inch erection stood tall, protruding from his smooth belly at 45 degrees. He knelt with his hands on his hips.

Jarvis offered the three boys a large tub containing Slick.

“Lube your pipes. Peel the skin back first then be generous with it.”

As the boys followed his directions, he lubed his own 8-inch bone. It wasn’t the longest that Max would see, but to his eyes, it was a serious piece of meat; thick, nicely shaped, with a powerful-looking dome. Also, as though to highlight his maturity, and the fact that he no longer had to stay smooth for the program, he had a thick mat of dark hair.

“Good, now put them into the holes and lay down gently like this.”

He pushed his penis into the top hole and lowered himself until the head poked out of the front hole.

“Hold your upper body up on your arms; you don’t want crush your partner underneath you.”

The three teenagers did as they were told, with Jarvis between them. The top holes were in the middle of the latex blocks, and as their penises entered them, they curved towards the front hole six inches away.

“Obviously, if you really want to win your partner over, especially a woman, spend lots of time on foreplay first. That’s stuff like kissing, stroking, fingering, and so on. We’ll talk about that another time. But now we’re getting down to business. Take it slow. Don’t immediately start pounding like you’re desperate to splash. Go easy. Push in…”

He looked at Troye.

“Well maybe not ALL the way in in your case son, unless you want it coming out of her mouth.”

The watchers laughed as Troye thrust his groin forwards until five inches of hard dick poked out of the hole on the front. The glans shone wetly.


Jarvis went into more detail.

“With these toys, about five or six inches will be enough to tickle the sides of your dome. They call that flared rim at the back, the “corona.” It’s hyper sensitive; even more than the dome, so you’ll want to rub that against the hole at the end. That’s about as far as you’d want to push into any woman’s hole in any case, or a guy’s for that matter. Some idiots think it’s manly to pound as deep and hard as you can, but it’s not; it can be uncomfortable for your partner, so ask to make sure they’re comfortable before going too hard.”

The boys all pushed their penises in, adjusting until their glanses were just poking out of the hole. Shaun’s didn’t quite reach, and his dome was just visible inside the opening.

“Now take it nice and slooow. Use your hips rather than your whole body. If you splash, it’s all over. Remember, a woman LOVES a guy who can keep going. It gives them time to enjoy it too. They heat up slower than you do.”

He glanced at Shaun.

“Much slower in some cases.”

Troye looked between his legs.

“I hope I’m not going too deep Honeypoo?” he asked the fuck toy in his best Casanova voice.

The audience laughed and feeling emboldened by their earlier exchange, Shaun, slapped Troye on the bottom with a cheeky grin.

As one of the younger members of the squad, there was always a risk that he’d overstep the mark and get knocked back hard, and he was trying to be on best behaviour in light of Max’s earlier hostility. But he felt that his return of Troye’s pad had earned him a little more latitude where he was concerned.

Troye turned to him making his best “sophisticated man of the world” expression and said, “Watch and learn mini, watch and learn!”

Shaun was positively excited now, delighted by the success of his playful gesture. He raised his hand to slap Troye again.

“That’s enough Shaun,” Brill interjected in a friendly tone. “Let him concentrate.”

Shaun turned to Brill. Brill smiled warmly at him, and Shaun lowered his hand.


The audience watched as the three teens slowly fucked their rubber sex toys, following Jarvis’s lead and tempo.

Jarvis used his hips, sending rolling ripples down his torso, fucking it like a professional porn star. Tollund did his best to copy, and Troye had to adjust for the length of his penis. Shaun simply pumped like a horny dog on a careless leg.


Although he was not sexually interested in any of them, Max got hard. He looked around. Most of the other boys were also hard. Some of them gripped their dicks and started to work them up and down. Jarvis looked around as he directed the three boys.

“I wouldn’t start yet if I was you. You’ll throw your splash then you’ll be dry when it’s your turn.”

The teenagers reluctantly took their hands off their dicks.

Jarvis returned to what he was doing, and in the short time it has taken him to caution the others, he realised that Shaun had doubled his pace.

“Slow down Shaun or you’ll…”

White sparkling fluid jetted from the hole of Shaun’s fuck toy.

“Unngg, too late,” Shaun grunted, to the laughter of several of the boys as he pulled an involuntary orgasm face.

He pounded hard and fast to complete his orgasm then collapsed on top of the fuck toy, his cream-coated glans just visible through the front hole.


Jarvis continued to coach the other two for a minute, then he asked, “Who wants to take Shaun’s place?”

Jurnal shyly put his hand up.

“Okay son, step up.”

“Should I, you know, clean it first?”

“You can rinse it out in the stream if you like, but there’s no need. You’re all clean. The Harvesting stations make sure of that. And splash is extremely hygienic. It can even be used as an antiseptic.”

Jurnal lubed his slender penis, stepped up next to Shaun, and his hab-mate rolled onto his side, his stiff penis slurping from the prosthetic hole. Jurnal lowered himself onto it, replacing Shaun’s erection with his own much smaller one.

“It’s still warm,” he observed.

Jurnal joined the others, copulating with the latex toy. There was no sign whatsoever of his penis at the front hole, but he did his best to follow the advice that Squad leader Jarvis handed out. After five minutes, Jurnal started licking his lips, occasionally rolling them between his teeth in concentration. Then he started letting out raspy, adolescent moans of pleasure and his pace quickened. Jarvis was not even sure if the kid’s barrels were loaded, especially as Jurnal was the only member of the squad who didn’t yet wear an EV suit. Jarvis chose not to rein the boy in as he had with Shaun. If this was his first fuck, it was special even if it only with a pocket pussy.

Soon enough Jarvis was pumping even faster than Shaun had, beads of sweat on his forehead, and his blonde hair hung forwards in clumps. His thin arms trembled visibly as they supported his weight in a push up position. Then came the unmistakable signs of an orgasm; louder gasping, harder and deeper fucking, and a snarling expression that was wholly alien to the youngster’s normally gentle features.

Eventually, Jurnal finished and then collapsed on top of the rubber toy with a loooong sigh of satisfaction, and when he did, the other boys, who had been mesmerised by his innocent virgin lust, cheered and whooped their approval. He turned to them exhausted, and gave a lop-sided grin, as he lay flat on the ground. Then he turned to Jarvis.

“I’m done now sir. I think I freaked.”

“No kidding,” Jarvis said with a lop-sided grin of his own. “When you get the energy, move over and let some one else take your place.”

“Yes sir.”

He pulled away from the fuck toy and his stumpy penis sprung up like a Nazi salute as it cleared the rubber, flinging a small amount of semen into the air as it did so. He stood and walked a couple of paces to Max and Brill and leaned close between them.

“I think I splashed,” he said to Max in a low voice.

“Yeah, you definitely did,” Max affirmed glancing down at the small dribbles hanging from Jurnal’s bone. “Did you like it?”

A leer appeared on Jurnal’s face.

“Fuck yeah!”

The profanity was totally alien in Jurnal’s mouth, and it only served to emphasise the height of his delight. Max grinned and offered a celebratory fist bump, and Jurnal accepted.

“Well done Jurnal,” Brill added, offering own fist.

Jurnal grinned as though he had just won the lottery as they bumped knuckles.


For the next 90 minutes, Jarvis coached the boys as each and every one of them practiced their fucking technique on the latex sex toys. He showed them a few advanced positions, and gave them tips on how to last longer. He finally stopped fucking his own toy after 45 minutes to be replaced by Jivan, but he continued narrating and instructing. Max and Brill went up together. Max didn’t last very long to Brill’s amusement, then he withdrew shame-faced to watch his bow continuing. Brill used his hips even better than Jarvis had. He looked like a like an Indian woman performing a classical Odissi dance. Brill turned to Max and they locked eyes. Brill gave him a skewed grin, jiggled his eyebrows then looked beneath him at the rubber toy, then back at Max. Max understood the message Brill was sending, and he grinned as the boy continued grinding.


Eventually, each of the boys had had a turn. Jarvis nodded approvingly.

“Most of you need to work on taking it slower. That’s to be expected at your age. Last four give those a thorough clean in the stream please.”

While the boys rinsed the latex fuck toys off in the stream, Jarvis pulled something else from his pack. There were 20 identical items. He scattered them on the ground away from the wet puddles that the youngsters had deposited on the ground.

“Take one each please boys.”

The boys each picked up one of the items. Hoyer lifted his in front of his face and examined it. It was made of stiff rubber, four and a half inches long with a strange curly t-shaped handle with a bobble at the end of each limb. The body of the object was lumpy, about the size of a large slug. He frowned.

“What is it sir?”

“Looks like a rubber shit!” Pjeta blurted with a grin.

“Right hole, wrong direction,” Jarvis said, as the four boys returned from the stream. “It’s a prostate massager. Us guys have a massive advantage over the girls – we have a gland in our asses that they don’t: it’s called the prostate. By stimulating the prostate, you can give yourself the most powerful orgasm ever. The best thing is, because you don’t splash, once you learn how, you can make it last for a loooong time. It’s not uncommon to have an orgasm that lasts 5, 10, even 15 minutes. They can go longer, but because they’re so intense, few guys can go that long, let alone more.”

The boys closely examined the objects in their hands. Before the Human Expansion Program, most teenaged males would have balked at the concept of inserting something into their rectums, but thanks to their EV suits, they spent their entire lives with waste collection plugs in their rears so they were not particularly disturbed by the idea.

“I’m going to need a volunteer please?”

Predictably, Shaun’s hand went up immediately. Jarvis smiled at him.

“You went first earlier Shaun, let’s give someone else a try. How about you Hoyer?”

Hoyer looked hesitant but he nodded slowly.

“Thattaboy. Dip your massager in Slick first. Make sure its well-coated. You don’t need to do the arms – they stay on the outside.”

Hoyer smeared the rubber massager.

“Good, now I need you to lie on your back over here, in the middle where everyone can see. Gather round.”

Hoyer shyly reclined in the middle of the group. He was not really a centre-of-attention sort of boy, nor particularly forthright about sexual matters. Max empathised with him. He was glad that Jarvis had not selected him.

“Excellent,” Jarvis encouraged. “Open your knees nice and wide so we can all get a nice clear view.”

Hoyer timidly spread his thighs, revealing his hole and flaccid genitals, blushing as he did so. Although he had been on the program for three years, his brown penis was not particularly long; just three and a half inches soft, but it was thick with a generous foreskin.

“Now turn the massager so that the red handle is facing upwards towards your balls and gently push it into your bottom. There’s no need to force it – it should go in easily enough.”

Hoyer did as Jarvis instructed, pushing the massager into his hole.

“That’s it, push it all the way. When it’s in properly, you should feel your hole sort of snap shut, holding it in place. Do you feel that?”

Hoyer concentrated as he buried it, then he nodded.

“You should feel the red bobble pressing against the base of your stick. That’s called a “perineum massager.” You boys might call that part of your body the gooch or the launchpad. It’s where you feel the muscles tensing when you splash. Do you feel that?”

Hoyer nodded, whilst the semi-circle of boys watched in fascinated silence.

“Excellent. Now what I need you to do is tense and relax your perineum and the muscles at the entrance to your asshole. The proper name for that is your sphincter. You might have heard that name in biology class.”

Hoyer shook his head, but nevertheless, started rhythmically contracting and relaxing the specified muscles.

“Your balls are dancing Hoy,” Franklin said, as Hoyer’s testicle’s rose and fell in time with his contractions.


“Normally it takes a while to learn how to use a prostate massager effectively,” Jarvis explained, “but you guys are very lucky. Even though the massage you get with the harvesting program is virtual, your brains are already attuned to the stimulation so you should be able to enjoy the experience without any practice.”

“What’s it feel like Hoy?” Wylard asked in his serious baritone voice.

“Weird. I can feel it rubbing against me inside. I feel like a I kind of want to take a piss.”

“Good,” Jarvis said. “That’s your prostate. Sometimes it takes guys quite a while to find it. Keep on tensing and relaxing.”

Hoyer continued as instructed.

“You’ll be used to the feeling of prostate stimulation from your implants, especially on your weekly hi intensity,” Jarvis said. “But if you get this right, it will be a much better experience. Also, prostate health is very important for guys, so I recommend a massage at least once any time they let you remove your plugs. You can keep these massagers when we’re done with the trip.”

Hoyer was still clenching and relaxing his bottom, but now his breathing was becoming faster and more audible.

“Hey, you okay Hoy?” Rej asked.

Hoyer did not answer, instead he frowned as though concentrating. He started pumping his pelvis in slow motion, now contracting his butt cheeks as well.

“Hoy?” Rej repeated louder.

“Concentrating,” Hoyer said as he continued to work the massager in his bottom.

Suddenly his inner thighs, stomach and buttocks began to tremble. He repeated the contraction cycle faster now.

“Ah, ah, ah, ah,” he repeated, wearing an expression of shocked surprise.

The watching squad was fascinated. They’d all experienced and witnessed an orgasm, and in some ways this had the usual hallmarks but some key indicators were missing.

“He’s not even hard,” Shaun observed. “Is he freaking?”

Hoyer continued, squirming now. His movements were far slower than a normal masturbation hand speed, but his reaction was more like a max stim.

Eventually, after 5 minutes, he collapsed, and curled into a loose ball with his hands cupping his groin.

“Enough, enough, that’s enough now.”

He was smiling with unmistakable, if not bashful post-orgasmic euphoria.

“Why are you telling us, you’re the one doing it,” Bryan said soberly.

“Oh yeah,” Hoyer acknowledged with a goofy grin on his face.

“Did you freak?” Shaun asked.

“Oh yeah. Total overload.”

“But you didn’t splash. You didn’t even get boned.”

Hoyer shrugged.

“I dunno, but I was definitely freaking.”

“Then why did you stop?”

Hoyer grinned.

“I couldn’t take it anymore.”

Shaun gaped in disbelief.

“No way.”


Ten minutes later with massagers jammed into their holes, 14 members of squad lay squirming on the floor as they experienced the joys of manual prostate orgasms.

Jarvis watched over them like a protective father, a gentle smile on his face, as he introduced them to one of the joys of manhood. Hoyer sat next to him, knowing only too well what his friends were going through.

After ten further minutes, they all lay on the ground panting, with euphoric expressions on their faces.

“Did I look that dumb?” Hoyer asked.

“’Fraid so,” Jarvis said grinning. “No-one looks smooth when they’re having a prostate orgasm.”

Shaun piped up.

“Bet I can have more than anyone here.”

Several boys groaned, but Max was surprised when Brill said, “I’ll take that bet.”

Eight more boys joined the competition, but Jarvis was in little doubt who would win. He’d never encountered a boy as perpetually horny as Shaun. 52 collective orgasms and 90 minutes later, his assumption was proven false, as skinny Kaahl won the bet with a brain-scrambling 9 orgasms.

Drenched in sweat, and struggling to keep his eyes open, he looked exhausted.

“You okay Kaahl?” Jivan asked.

“Never freaked so hard in my life. I don’t think I’m gonna make it back to my hab.”

“Guess you’re going to have to get Rej to carry you then,” Jivan jested.

“I’ll be okay. Just leave me here to die!”

Jarvis laughed.

“No need to be melodramatic Kaahl, I’m fairly sure you’re not going to die.”

“No sir,” Kaahl replied, laying on his back and looking up at the sky. “But I may never freak again.”

His voice was slurred from exhaustion.

“You’re young. You’ll recover. I’m betting that you’ll have that thing jammed in your hole again tomorrow night.”


Jarvis addressed the other boys.

“Well, I hope you enjoyed our activities tonight. Another great day tomorrow, so lets bed down now, and I’ll see you all bright and early.”


The boys rose and headed to their habs to sleep. Max was looking forwards to a night of cuddling with Brill.

To Max’s right, Shaun and Jurnal headed towards their hab. Max changed direction to walk alongside them.

“Hey Shaun,” he called.

Shaun stopped in his track, his body rigid. He turned apprehensively to face Max.

“Why don’t you and Jurnal tag along with our group tomorrow?”

Shaun frowned, nervously.


Max smiled.

“I just thought we could put the past behind us. I thought you guys might like to hang with us.”

Shaun scanned Max’s face for a trap, then glanced across at Brill. Brill smiled.

“That would be pacing!”

Shaun turned to Jurnal.

“If that’s okay with you?”

“White hot.”

Max nodded and Shaun returned with a beaming smile so radiant that Max wished he hadn’t been snarky in the first place. His expression was happier than Max had seen him in months, if ever. He was starting to suspect that there was something emotionally not-quite-right about Shaun. Brill moved closer and wrapped his arm around Max’s waist to convey his approval.



Max and Brill arrived at their hab.

“That was a nice thing to do. It really meant a lot to Shaun.”

“Yeah, even I could see that.”

“Speaking of, there’s something about him. I can’t say for sure, but I think he was trying to read me. Maybe he has some native blood in him.”

“Seriously? Wonder why he never told anyone?”

“Maybe it just never came up. It’s not like we really know him that well.”

“Hmmmm,” Max responded thoughtfully.

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