Interdimensional milking part 43 – A sudden end

Recap: Max is a teenager from Earth in the distant future, who attends a boarding school on planet Herschel Majoris where his seed is automatically harvested every day.

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Interdimensional milking part 43 – A sudden end

One the morning of the second day, Brill woke up in Max’s arms. Max was looking at him.

“Morning,” Brill said. “How long you been oogling me?”

“’Bout ten minutes. You’re so beautiful.”

Brill smiled and snuggled closer, burying his face against Max’s neck.

“You’re not so bad yourself Earthling.”

His voice was soft, comfortable with sleep still. He turned and they kissed tenderly for a short while.

“Last night was so great,” Max said.

“Yeah,” Brill agreed.

“I kind of wish we didn’t have to get up.”

Laying on his side in Max’s arm, Brill cupped Max’s balls. Max’s semi-boner lay back against his stomach. Brill drew his hand up towards Max’s smooth stomach, loosely wrapping his palm around Max’s erection. It was not sexual, rather, the gentle caress of a boy exploring his lover’s body.

“Oh don’t, I’ll never want to leave.”

Brill kissed his neck gently.

“There’ll be plenty of other chances.”

“Not like this.”

“There’s always skin time.”

“30 minutes a week? That’s not the same.”

“Then let’s make the best of this trip. Maybe we can get an exemption together during intervals?”

“They’re only every three months. That’s gonna be torture.”

“Maxy,” Brill said with a kiss on the lips, “drama lord! We’re gonna be fine. Jeez, one night of pash and you’re falling apart!”

“Yeah, guess you’re right.”

Max grinned sheepishly.

“It’s just that now I’ve had a taste of hot Brill action, I want it all the time!”

Brill grinned, and gave Max’s nuts a playful jiggle, then he rose to his knees to start the day.



After they had eaten and packed up their camp, Jarvis and his troupe of naked boys set off once more, heading still deeper into the forest.

As Max’s group moved through the forest, Shaun and Jurnal followed along. Jurnal made occasional observations about the things they saw and heard around them; plants, insects, animal noises. Max was struck by the boy’s simple outlook on the world.

“You’re a real nature boy aren’t you Jurnal?” he commented.

“A what?” Jurnal asked.

“You like the outdoors.”

“Oh yes,” Jurnal smiled, “I love seeing nature. I’d like to be a ranger when I grow up.”

“That sounds like a great idea,” Max said, encouraging the younger boy’s interest.

“What about you Shaun?” he asked.

Shaun had been trotting along beside them like a puppy on best behaviour.

“Me?” Shaun asked, surprised to be addressed, “Ummm, maybe be a sexter in pornos, or film them. Something like that.”

Jurnal sniggered at the silliness of Shaun’s response.

“Of COURSE you do,” Max said. “Is there ANYTHING you want to do that isn’t connected to your dick Shaun?”

Shaun thought about it deeply. His brow furrowed as he tried to come up with something. Then his furrowed brow disappeared and he was a young boy for a moment.

“I wanna spend more time with you guys,” he offered, his expression one of innocent optimism.

Max was surprised by the candid openness of the response, and for a moment he felt real warmth towards the boy. He scanned Shaun’s face and saw no hint of any emotion except genuine sincerity. Shaun looked back hopefully, as though waiting for approval of his comment.

“Okay Shaun, but no more tricks or sneaky stuff okay?”

Shaun stared wide-eyed at Max, and Max could not read his expression but Shaun held it for a good five seconds, then the boy threw himself at Max, wrapped his arms around Max’s waist, buried his head in Max’s chest.

“Thanks Max!” he said, with an ebullient sincerity that once again surprised Max.

Max was beginning to realise that Shaun was often in the grip of powerful emotional forces that were sometimes beyond his control.

Brill watched with a smile for few seconds before speaking up. He gave Shaun a light shove on the back of his shoulder.

“Hey, get off him, he’s mine Shaun!”

Shaun immediately released Max and backed away, turning to look at Brill with concern.

“I’m sorry Brill, sorry. I didn’t mean it like…”

Brill interrupted with a wink.

“I was just messing with you Shaun. I don’t mind sharing. Just so long as you don’t start humping his leg or anything.”

A huge smile of relief washed across Shaun’s face as he realised he had not put his foot in it again. Not this time.

“I’ll try not to,” he replied grinning.


As morning drew towards midday, Jarvis revealed a surprise to the group. The forest opened up ahead, and they came out onto a river bank. To their right, a 30-foot tumble of water fell over an ancient scar of rocks, collecting in a large, clear pool, before continuing off on its gradual downwards path to the left.

“Oh wow,” Pjeta said. “This is pacing!”

“Thought you might like it,” Jarvis said. “You can fill your bottles here if you like. Thought we could take a break here for a couple of hours. Who’s for a swim?”

The boys were all sweaty from the hike in the humid jungle air, and Jarvis was unsurprised when they all rowdily showed their approval.


They dropped their packs, removed their penis ties, and in moments, most of them were raucously splashing in the cool water. Jurnal entered the pool timidly, first dipping in his toes as though it might be scalding. Behind him, Jarvis heartily patted him on the back.

“Come on son, it’s just water. It’s not going to hurt you! It’ll put hair on your chest.”

Jurnal looked down at his smooth, pale sparrow chest, then back at Jarvis. Their eyes met and they both grinned as one.

“Okay,” Jarvis conceded, “maybe not for a few years, but it’ll be fun. Come on, let’s dive together. On three. One, two, three!”

They were knee high and they both dived towards the deeper water where the rest of the group were playing. A few boys had paired up with one carrying the other, and were trying to push each other over.

As they surfaced, Shaun jumped onto Jarvis’s back.

“Look out sir!” he yelled playfully pushing downwards as though to dunk the man. But Jarvis was far too powerful to be dunked by a boy, and Shaun ended up lifting himself from the water instead.

“Woo hooh!” he yelled happily. “Wanna team up sir?”

Jarvis didn’t answer. Instead, he gripped the boy’s thighs and lifted him onto his shoulders, spreading Shaun’s legs so that they wrapped around the back of his neck, lowering him into place.

“Yeeeeah!” Shaun screamed joyfully as Jarvis waded towards the others. “Look out, Gorgo and Deimos are coming for you!”

Troye looked over laughing.

Brill said, “Look at Shaun, I’ve never seen him so happy.”

“Yeah,” Max agreed. “Now get up and let’s go kick some ass!”

He crouched and Brill climbed up, then they headed towards the scrum.


The boy’s played in the pool for half an hour before their energy waned and they took a recess to eat. Shaun quickly gobbled his food down, then he dived at Jurnal.

“Look out Jurnal, Gorgo’s gonna get ya!”

At first, Jurnal was caught off guard, but then he recovered, and soon they were both rolling around on the riverbank, and to Max’s surprise, although he was at least a full year younger than Shaun, and considerably smaller, he actually started to get the better of him.

“Yeah, go on Jurnal!” Max yelled.

Shaun turned to Max, wary that he didn’t overstep, but Max was smiling at them both, so he resumed his struggles, but soon Jurnal knelt across his chest, while he lay flat on his back, with his arms raised to either side of his head and pressed to the ground.

“Cede!” Jurnal shouted earnestly.

“Never!” Shaun replied, struggling.

He tried to lift the smaller boy by bucking his hips, but Jurnal flowed with him, stuck to him like a saddle to a horse.

“Cede!” Jurnal repeated, grinning.

“Never!” Shaun said, trying to twist free with no success.

He collapsed exhausted.

“Cede!” Jurnal said, leaning over his face.

He allowed a dribble of saliva to hang from his lips, threatening to drool it onto Shaun’s face.

“Okay, okay,” Shaun said laughing, “I cede.”

“Yeah!” Jurnal screamed in his high-pitched voice. “I won, I won!”

He jumped off and did a little victory dance that put a smile on the faces of the nearby watchers. Jarvis stood by the bank of the pool, but he was smirking. He turned back towards the pool where a couple of boys had returned. Shaun jumped to his feet and charged towards Jarvis’s back.

“Quickthink sir!”” he shouted as he shoved the man towards the water.

Max and Brill gave a simultaneous sharp intake of breath as Jarvis took a giant step forwards, then his ankle turned under him and he fell onto his side towards the water, letting out a loud yell of pain. Shaun was frozen, a horrified expression on his face, as Jarvis crashed into the water, surfacing almost immediately, and shouting profanities.

“Sorry, sorry, I’m sorry!” Shaun repeated watching with alarm.

Jivan and Tollund rushed forwards and helped Jarvis from the water. They lowered him to the bank and one glance at his ankle made it clear that it was broken. His foot stuck out at 90 degrees sideways to his shin. Shaun ran over and dropped to his knees in front of the man, ineffectually fussing at him.

“Oh sir, sorry. I’m so sorry. I was just playing. I didn’t mean…”

Through gritted teeth, Jarvis interrupted him.

“Shaun, I know you didn’t mean it. It was an honest accident. But can you please shut up a minute while I take a look at it! I’m in quite a lot of pain. Go sit with the others a moment.”

Shaun backed away, his eyes fixed on Jarvis’s broken ankle, with an expression as if he was on the verge of tears. Brill stepped forwards and put a hand on his shoulder. Shaun flinched, as though he was aware of nobody but Jarvis. He whipped his head around to look at Brill.

“Hey sib, when don’t you come stand over here with us?” Brill said gently.

Shaun stumbled, zombie-like as Brill lead him to Max, Bryan, Troye and Jurnal.

“I didn’t mean it,” he said, “I would never. I was just playing.”

“We know,” Brill said, “it was just a horrible accident. But why don’t we leave Jivan to help out, while we stay over here.”

Shaun looked desolate.

“’kay,” he agreed.


Jivan attended to Jarvis while the man assessed his injury. The rest of the squad milled around, close enough to see what was going on, but not so close as to obstruct. The mood was sombre as Jarvis cautiously manipulated his ankle.

After a while, he said, “It’s not broken. Dislocated I think. But I’m not going to be going to be able to walk on it.”

He turned to the boys.

“I’m sorry guys but this is going to be the end of our camping trip.”

Shaun hung he head, certain that everyone was glowering at him for ruining their trip and hurting Jarvis. In actual fact, everyone’s attention was exclusively on Jarvis.

“And before anyone gets any ideas about blame, this wasn’t Shaun’s fault. We were all rough-housing together. It was just bad luck.”

Troye gave Shaun’s shoulder a friendly shove and the younger boy looked up at him with wet eyes.

“The radios don’t work this far out, and they’re only walkie talkies in any case,” Jarvis explained. “Someone’s going to have to go for help. I think Jivan is an obvious choice as he’s the oldest and most experienced, but I’d like two others to go as well. It’ll be quite a run, but if you can jog most of the way, you can be back to the school before night.”

“I’ll go,” Shaun said immediately.

Jarvis looked at him kindly.

“I was thinking of someone a bit older son.”

“I’m a great runner. I’m on the cross-country team, and I came third in the regionals. Please sir.”

There was an earnestness to Shaun’s voice, and Jarvis could see that the boy needed to do this – to earn redemption. He stared at Shaun and the boy stared back, almost pleading.

“Okay, son, thank you. Need one more, just for safety.”

“Well, I’m not as good a runner as Shaun,” Hoyer said stepping up, “but I’ll do it if you like?”

Jarvis looked around, and nobody more qualified offered. He nodded.

“That would be great. Thanks Hoyer.”


For the next fifteen minutes, the three boys discussed their plan with Jarvis. They were going to ascend to a higher part of the jungle, which, while less direct, would provide a less heavily forested route back. From there, they’d jog due west for 10 miles, before turning and making a bee line straight for the school as directed by their compasses.

They travelled light. Only Jivan carried a pack and it was greatly reduced in weight, containing two days of essential emergency supplies plus his walkie talkie. Each of them was dressed now, in shorts, shirts, and rough peds. They understood that the time for leisure was now over, and their trip was strictly business.

As the three of them stood ready to leave, Jarvis gave them one final piece of advice.

“Remember, stay together at all costs, and if you get lost, just head straight for the school, and make your way as quickly as you can safely go. If you’re not out of the forest by 6, make camp and set off at first light tomorrow. The last thing we need is for you three to get lost or hurt.”

Jivan nodded curtly.

“We’ll be back with help as soon as we can sir.”

“Good man,” Jarvis responded.

Shaun looked at him and Jarvis gave the boy’s shoulder a reassuring squeeze.

“Everything will be fine son.”

Shaun smiled wanly.

“Yes sir.”


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