Interdimensional milking part 36 – Tracked down

Recap: Max is a teenager from Earth in the distant future, who attends a boarding school on planet Herschel Majoris where his seed is automatically harvested every day.

This chapter makes a lot of reference to events in Chapters 18, 21 and 23

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Interdimensional milking part 36 – Tracked down

“How’s your new room?” Brill asked.

“Quiet. Single quarters. No roommate. I thought I’d like it, but it’s only been one day and I already hate it.”

“Give it time. I’m sure you’ll get used to it. It’s just a bit empty for now. I could sleep over a few days while you get used to it?”

Max smiled.

“That would be great but there’s only a single bed, and then it would be even worse after you left.”

Brill returned the smile.

“Good answer. Maybe you could ask for a share instead?”

“Yeah, but then I might get another valve instead.”

“That’s true. It’s a shame about Sam. He sure seemed level. I wish he would have told you the whole story.”

“What else is there to tell?”

Brill shrugged.

“I don’t know, but there must be something serious to lose a friendship over it.”



Billions of miles away on the super-fringe planet 1RXS1609 b

Controller Jan stared at the genitals dangling out of a portal before him. He was certain that they were the same. They had the same shape, the same foreskin, the same colour and, they were the same size. And they had appeared at roughly the right time; three days after one of his favourites had disappeared.

He looked down at his vone and did a quick mental calculation. It would be 3AM where their owner lived. He would undoubtedly be asleep.

Jan had already entered several commands onto the computer that controlled the portal, before he came down here, but now he pressed a button on the wall next to the portal. It was the nuclear option in terms of harvesting. Used very rarely without a direct command from the other side. Its use could raise suspicion but he didn’t care. He also switched off the small camera that enabled people to monitor from the other end.

He deactivated the testicle massagers. Two sets of claw hands released Max’s testicles and returned to their rest position.

Jan cupped the testicles in his hand, tenderly massaging them. Then he withdrew the collection pipe from the penis. Max was deeply asleep and didn’t feel it leaving his body.

Jan smiled as he once again cupped the genitals before him. They were smaller than most, but still large enough for him to enjoy. He slid his cupped hand towards the base of the genitals, brushing the glans lightly with his wrist. Jan lowered his mouth to the pink, exposed glans, extended his tongue and gently started sucking it.


The penises were regularly cleaned by automated washers in the harvesting station, so it tasted clean, and felt smooth in Jan’s mouth. Max’s body was used to being milked, and his unconscious, sleeping brain could not distinguish the real sensation of Jan sucking him, from the simulated experience produced by his implant.

He sucked on it like a lollipop, and it quickly filled with blood. No teenager could resist fellatio, no matter how low his sex drive, and soon Jan felt the adolescent meat straining within his mouth.

He pulled his head away and looked at the straining meat. It was pink, clean, attractive. He leaned forwards again and started jacking it lightly, with his mouth open to receive its creamy offering. He knew that although its owner had ejaculated eight times that day, he had not done so since 7pm; more than enough time to recharge.

His tongue flickered lightly over the young man’s glans, quickly elevating Max’s libido, and soon enough, the boy ejaculated, squirting five good-sized jets into Jan’s mouth. The man slurped them down, savouring the teen spunk hungrily. It was not a massive load compared to many, but Jan enjoyed it nonetheless.


He moved his head away from Max’s cock. The hard meat continued bouncing and twitching, although it had no more cream to give for a while. Jan reached into his pocket and pulled out a tube of lube. He squirted some onto his fingertips, which he then used to grease the head of Max’s penis. It twitched between his fingers like a fish trying to escape.

Jan pushed his work trousers down until they fell around his ankles, exposing his naked ass, then he turned and backed towards Max’s still hard cock, guiding the hard penis into his hole. Sleeping Max’s cock could not discern between a rectum or a vagina, and it responded with equal enthusiasm to the warm wetness of Jan’s asshole as the man started to bounce back and forth, repeatedly impaling himself on the sleeping boy’s erection.

From Jan’s perspective, all he could see when he had looked at Max, was a young, straining cock sticking out of a black mirrored circle with a surface that rippled as though made of liquid. Now as he repeatedly backed his asshole against it, the portal was warm, soft but unyielding. It did not provide admission for HIS flesh in the opposite direction.

Jan’s own cock was stocky, but short, animal-like, with a blubbery foreskin and fat, heavy nuts that rose high in soft, dark bag. He worked it in his fist. It took no effort to make hard, and though he would have liked to make the experience last for hours, Jan had no self-control. Instead, he smashed his fist back and forth in his lap as he crouched and used Max’s cock as a dildo. All too soon, a gusher of white semen poured from Jan’s cock. He’d have loved to feed it back to the boy, reciprocating what Max had given him but there was no possible mechanism by which he could do so. He looked at his fist in satisfaction as a gusher of cum fell from his cock, like someone had turned on a faucet between his legs.

He bounced faster, more aggressively, feeling the teen’s hard rod pounding his prostate. He did not know what Max looked like, but he’d created a mental image, and he imagined the boy’s face, younger than Max, angelic as he slept, his cock living a nocturnal life of its own.


Eventually, the cum flow decreased to a trickle, then a generous dribble as Jan finished his long-anticipated orgasm. He stayed impaled for five minutes after his orgasm, until both his, and the cock in his asshole eventually softened and wilted. Then he stepped away, feeling Max’s cock stretch then flop free from his hole. He had been careful not allow his semen to pour onto his underwear, but now he could feel liquid between his legs as it dripped from his hole. The boy had cum a second time, this time inside him. Jan gave a grin of satisfaction that he had been able to force the boy to give up two loads; one in his mouth and one in his hole.

Jan pulled his trousers up. He had plenty of time left on his shift yet. It would be more than enough time for his underwear to dry and hide the evidence. Not that there were many people to spot it this far out from the galactic hub. Neither planet 1RXS1609 b nor the androids cared if he had boy-spunk on the seat of his pants.


Jan stared at the flaccid cock and grinned. He had time for a little fun. He inserted a catheter and locked it in place. It was attached to a one-pint bag of cool saline water.  Jan slowly compressed the bag, watching as the fluid passed up the one-way valve into Max’s bladder. A pint was more than enough to make the boy want to relieve himself.

Max slowly aroused to a sensation he had not experienced in almost a year; a full bladder. He hadn’t drunk a great deal before turning in for the night. He released his stomach. Normally, his urine would flow away into the dual-purpose tube without him having to take action, but the pressure didn’t diminish. In fact…

Jan squeezed a second one-pint bag into the boy’s bladder. He’d DEFINITELY feel that one. Even if he had a large bladder, it would not comfortably be able to hold much more than a pint and a half.

Jan grinned unpleasantly as he imagined the boy’s discomfort, imagining the boy’s swollen belly. He wondered if he the boy had woken up yet. Jan locked off the catheter. Leave the boy to squirm for a while.


Max felt the cool liquid entering his urethra, and he could feel his stomach getting tighter. He could even see it distending now. What the hell was going on?! He leapt out of bed in his shorts and headed for the shower. Most of the rooms in the boy’s dorms didn’t have individual lavatories. There was no need as the boys’ urine was collected via the portals, but Max reasoned that he could quickly drop his shorts, take a long pee to relieve the pressure, and be back in the EV suit again before he was stunned by the Expansion Bureau and forced back into it.

Max stood in the cubicle, unfastened his shorts, and pushed them down towards his knees. Normally, his penis would just flop out of the black portal panel, but that didn’t happen. He was trapped. His cock stretched at the root. Max frowned. The sensation was not painful, rather it felt as though he was a part of the panel. He pushed his shorts harder, and the tiny visible part of his cock stretched a little but the bulk of it remained on the other side. This wasn’t funny anymore.

Max slipped on his peds and a t-shirt, and left his room, moving at an uncomfortable jog toward the infirmary.


It had taken Jan so long, and cost him so much effort to track the boy down again, scanning initialisation dates and localisation records to detect all possible candidates. There was always the possibility that the cock’s owner had come of age at 21 and left the program. Jan assumed that that some of the cocks were very small for their age, especially if their owners joined the program late. There was even the chance that the owner had left for other reasons; maybe he’d relocated, or even been involved in a terminal accident. Cocks did occasionally leave their portals prematurely, never to return as far as Jan knew, but he rarely felt a sense of attachment to them as he did with this one.

But Jan had faith that the owner of THIS cock was still in the program, and had simply changed portals. And now he was rewarded for all his hard work. He stared at the floppy, spent meat. Why had the boy made it so difficult to be found? What did he have against Jan? Why didn’t he want Jan to have his fun?!

These were questions that had burned in mind as he searched, so diligently, through the 142,000 penises that had joined from Max’s planet over his search period, and with the questions, his anger grew.

He stared at the soft cock. The boy had to be taught a lesson for his meanness. Jan reached out with both hands and took one of the boy’s testicles between the fingers of each hand. Max felt the fingers gripping him, and his eyes widened in horror. He upgraded his pace from a jog to a sprint.

Jan started to squeeze, slowly increasing the pressure, giving the boy time to realise what was coming. He squashed the two cool orbs between his fingers, watching with satisfaction as they spread and flattened. When they were half their former width, he started to bury his thumbs in, increasing the pressure.


Max was in the riser when Jan started squeezing in earnest. The pain was sickening, literally. He felt nauseous. Now he stagger-ran along the last corridor to the infirmary. He screamed for attention.

“Heeeelp! Please, someone. Help meee!”


Jan didn’t want to destroy the boy’s testicles; that would make him no good to anyone, but he wanted to make sure that he was punished so severely that he never left again. He felt the pad of his thumbs pressing through the soft orbs against the sides of his index fingers on the other side. Jan held his fingers like that for 30 seconds. He was certain that it would be a lesson the boy would not soon forget.

Max could not longer run. He was staggering, one hand to his groin, the other using the wall to hold himself up. Ahead, a nurse poked his head through the infirmary door. He saw Max’s distress and ran to him.

“Son, what’s the matter?”

“My balls!” Max wailed, “someone’s squashing my balls!”

The nurse helped Max into the infirmary.

“What’s your name?”

“Max Tait,” Oh god please, make it stop!”

The nurse tried to pull Max’s shorts off, and he quickly realised that Max was locked into his EV suit. He entered Max’s name on the computer to look down the portal cam, but all he saw was blackness.

At the other end, Jan saw the green light that indicated someone was trying to view the cam. He grinned as he imagined someone frantically trying to see what the problem was.


“Here son, sit on the gurney while I get Miss Janeway down here.”

“Ahh god, please quick, fuck, it hurts so bad!” Max wailed.


The man stepped back into the corridor and voned Janeway. Her bleary face appeared on the screen.

“Jasper, what’s wrong?”

“We’ve got a serious emergency. Max Tait locked in his EV in excruciating pain. How soon can you get down here?”

“At least ten minutes. I’ll get there as soon as I can.”

“Can I give him something for the pain?”

“Yes, use his implant. Stun him till I get there.”



The man stepped back into the infirmary.

“Lay down please Max.”

“Please, I can’t bear it. It’s so bad. I’m dying.”

Max vomited on the infirmary floor.

Jasper waited for him to finish.

“Lie DOWN,” he repeated firmly, stepping around the puddle of vomit and pushing down on Max’s shoulder. “I can help the pain but you have to lie down.”

Max obeyed the man, forcing himself to lay on his back, the taste of vomit in his mouth.

Jasper typed a command on the medical computer, and the implant in Max’s head sent a neural signal that instantly sent Max into a deep, painless sleep.


Controller Jan smiled maliciously to himself as he imagined what was happening at the other end. He sauntered back to his booth from where he oversaw hundreds of thousands of harvesting stations.

Most likely, people were scurrying to free the boy, but maybe the boy was alone somewhere – hiking, or riding, and it would take MUCH longer for him to raise the alarm. Jan hoped so. Portal 202,754,785 was a bad boy. He’d stopped Jan having his fun. It served him right if he now had to suffer for his behaviour.


Janeway entered the infirmary. She took a glance at Max, and at the small tortoise-sized cleaning robot that was removing the last of the vomit from the floor.

“What’s happening?” she demanded, wasting no superfluous words.

“Boy came in complaining that something was squeezing his testicles. I tried to remove his EV but he’s locked in. I checked the portal cam and it’s dark. I can see nothing. It was clear from the boy’s reaction that he was not exaggerating. He was staggering along the hallway and screaming. He barely made it in here.”

Janeway glanced at the last of the vomit, and nodded.

“His stomach looks distended as well.”


Janeway double checked that the portal camera was deactivated.

She immediately got onto the emergency comm to the harvesting station. An automated attendant answered.

“Station 1RXS1609 b how may I direct your comm?”

“Service local 641610, portal emergency.”

“Your user ID please?”

“Janeway 179-3879.”

“Your verification please?”


“And which portal are you calling about?”

“Number 202,754,785.”

“That’s Herschel Majoris portal number 202,754,785 is that correct?”

“Yes, correct,” Janeway said through gritted teeth. She hated bureaucracy but these security checks were a necessary evil to protect the donor’s privacy.


Janeway could hear a tone that indicated that the comm had been routed to the correct controller and now awaited him or her to pick it up. It rang for five minutes, and Jan sat back in his chair grinning at the flashing vone. Janeway gave up and hung up, before going through the verification process again.

This time Jan answered.

“Controller Jan,” he said in an accent so thick he was barely intelligible.

“Janeway 179-3879 calling about portal 202,754,785. The young man is locked in and in considerable pain. Before we stunned him, he was vomiting with pain.”

Jan was annoyed to hear that Janeway had prematurely ended his punishment but he took comfort in the fact that it had been extremely effective.”

“I’m sorry, I don’t understand. It’s your accent,” he said, being deliberately obstructive. “Please repeat. Did you say you stunned a donor.”

“Yes,” Janeway said, speaking more slowly, “he reported that his testicles were in pain.”

“Have you checked the camera?” Jan asked.

“We tried. The camera is not active.”

“Oh. What is the donor’s portal number?”

“2… 0… 2… 7… 5… 4… 7… 8… 5…” Janeway said slowly.


A minute passed before Jan came back on the line.

“The camera on that station appears to be malfunctioning. I’ll have to go down there in person. It’s a good ten-minute walk. Please stay on comms.”

“Okay. But please hurry.”

“I’ll do the best I can,” Jan said, slowly rising from his chair.

“Thank you,” Janeway responded, her expression stormy at the man’s total lack of urgency.


Fifteen minutes later she heard Jan’s voice.


“Yes, hello,” Janeway said immediately.

“I’m now at portal 202,754,785. There appears to have been a severe malfunction with this station. The massagers have mis-operated and appear to have crushed the donor’s testicles. They are still in their closed position. Let me retract them.”

“Oh fuck,” Janeway said, using uncharacteristic profanity. “What on Herschel caused that?”

“I can’t say for certain. Malfunctions of any kind are exceedingly rare, but they DO happen. That’s why I’m here,” Jan said, drawing the process out as long as possible.

He took the opportunity to fill in his visual picture.

“May I enquire how old the young man is?”

“He’s just over 16. Does the damage look serious?”

“Oh dear, poor boy. I’m afraid I can’t tell. I don’t have medical training. There is bruising. The massagers were in their fully closed position.”

Janeway waited, frustrated at the amount of time it was taking the controller to release the claws.

“He’s also locked into the portal,” Janeway said.

“Yes, the entire station has malfunctioned. That’s probably why the camera isn’t working. The urine drain also appears to have backed up. Let me get that.”

Janeway was about to protest, telling Jan that she could take care of such matters at her end, then the image of Max’s penis spraying urine all over the infirmary popped into her head.

“Thank you,” she said.


Jan plugged the collection tube into the catheter, then opened the catheter valve and watched as two pints of urine evacuated Max’s bladder at high pressure. Janeway and Jasper could see Max’s abdomen slowly flattening.

“How much urine is in there?!” she asked.

“I really couldn’t say. I have no means of measuring. Quite a considerable amount by the looks of it.”

After two minutes, the flow finally came to a stop, and Jan removed the catheter.

“He’s empty,” he reported. Let me unlock his portal. You can take him from there. I hope he’s alright. Sorry for this incident. I will be logging it.”

Janeway got the feeling Jan was not remotely sorry.

“He’s free to go now. Have a good day.”

Janeway bit her tongue yet again.

“Thank you.”

She pulled Max’s EV shorts down. When she’d confirmed he was free, she hung up the comm.


She and Jasper looked down at Max’s testicles. Each of them was bruised black.

“This is going to take a lot of fixing,” she said.

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