The cure – part 4

Humiliation, punishment, forced arousal, puppy play

A teenage arsonist is sentenced to a stay at an unusual reformatory. In this part, he is subjected to a humiliating exercise regime.

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The cure – part 4

The guard tugged on the leash and Aaron dog-walked on his hands and feet. He’d not been to this part of the reformatory. It led to a field at the back of the compound. He looked up and could see half a dozen other boys being walked around the field by guards. Aaron felt ridiculous but there was little he could do.

This was not a posture he had ever spent much time in. His first instinct was to walk monkey style, with his legs very bent, his spine curved tightly, and his feet and knees close to his elbows. This had the benefit of keeping his asshole low to the ground so that his ridiculous tail was not sticking up. However, it was also exhausting to maintain, and after just 50 yards Aaron was forced to abandon the gait in favour of something more dog-like. He straightened his spine lifted his butt, and walked with his spine parallel to the ground. But all too soon, even this stance proved too taxing and he was forced to straighten his back legs in order to conserve energy. This lifted his rump into the air, and made him feel as though he was proudly presenting his tail to the world.

The guard grinned. He’d seen it all before. All of the older teens went through the same sequence of stance adjustment as they quickly realised that an undignified ass-in-the-air posture was the only position efficient enough to use for long periods.

He continued walking Aaron around the grounds for 30 minutes before leading him to the middle of the field, where the other boys had also now assembled.


A guard said, “All right mutts, let’s get something clear, when you are out here, you are nothing more than dogs and I am your trainer. You gave up your right to be treated like human beings when you broke the law. You do exactly WHAT you are told WHEN you are told. If you don’t, you will be punished.”

As he said the word “punished”, Aaron felt an excruciating pain in his neck. He collapsed to his side on the floor instantly as the collar delivered a powerful electric current. He could feel the muscles in his neck cording up. The pain was over in a few seconds, but the aftershock remained. Around him all of the other boys but one were also rolling on the floor groaning.

“That was half power for three seconds,” the trainer said. “If you disobey ANY command, you’ll get full power for ten seconds. I can assure you, you WILL piss yourselves. Now get up.”

The teenagers warily rose to their hands and feet.

“This is Butch,” the trainer said, indicating the one boy who had not been shocked. He was a muscular, black teenager aged about 18 or 19. “He has earned a name through good behaviour. Butch will be demonstrating the training postures for you today. The most important of these is how to walk.”

The trainer nodded to the guard holding Butch’s leash. He started off walking slowly with Butch following behind.

“Lead,” the trainer said.

Butch trotted out in front of his guard.

“Most of the time, your guard will want you in front where he can see you. Sometimes, when you have earned his trust, you will walk behind, where a mutt belongs. Heel.”

Butch allowed his guard to walk past him then he moved into place behind him on the right side.

“If we want you to move faster, the command is ‘trot’.”

Butch started trotting in the heel position.


Butch returned to a walk as his guard led him back to the group.

“And last but not least, strut.”

Butch changed to a bouncy walk, like an over-proud show-dog in a competition. Butch held his head high and looked straight ahead, but Aaron could see the shame in the teenager’s eyes. His guard brought him to a stop by the other boys. Aaron watched in disgust. It was disturbing to see another boy treated like that, especially knowing that he was expected to follow suit. But Butch looked tough, aggressive, and if HE had been broken, Aaron felt certain that he had no chance of resistance. He supposed that if that was the worst of it, he could endure it. Then things got a lot worse.


“Okay mutts, that’s the basics of walking. You can all practice that later. Now we’re going to move onto the positions. We’ll start with squat.”

Butch sat back onto his haunches with his knees apart, and his resting on his thighs helping to push them wider. He looked up to his guard attentively.

“Now it’s your turn,” the trainer said addressing the other boys.

The boys reluctantly adopted the same position as Butch.

“Hmmm, that’s not too bad.  Now beg.”

Butch dropped to his knees, with his waist almost straight, then he lifted his front hands in a dog-like begging position.

“Your turn.”

Aaron looked at the demeaning position sceptically but he copied the pose reluctantly.

Suddenly there was a yelp to his side and one of the boys was rolling in pain on the ground.

“Faster than that fag!” his guard shouted. “Next time you’ll get 10 seconds.”

When the current was turned off, the teenager clambered back to his feet and quickly adopted the pose.


“Good, now onto your feet again mutts,” the trainer continued. “This next position is called tail.”

Butch lifted his ass as high as he could showing off his tail.

“Your turn mutts. Don’t forget to arch your backs to show off your asses and tails to the other mutts.”

The group copied Butch’s posture.

“And the follow-up posture – shake.”

Butch wriggled his buttocks from side-to-side, making his tail shake. The watching boys reluctantly copied. All but one. The same boy as before. He collapsed to the floor and writhed for a full 10 seconds making choking noises and begging as his guard made good on his promise. The boy lost control of his bladder long before the time was up.

He rose back to his hands and feet sweating profusely, purple faced.

“There’s always at least one,” the trainer explained. “Always. And of the thousands of mutts that have come through High Lakes, not one; not a single boy has resisted past the first day. You all become good mutts in the end. It’s inevitable, so why make it painful for yourselves? Anyway, onto the next one. Sit.”

Butch sat down on the grass with his hands on the ground beside him and his feet flat on the ground in front.

Aaron copied the pose and was disturbed by the way the pose thrust his tail’s butt-plug deeper inside him.

“Now a follow-up pose – drag,” the trainer said.

Butch lifted his feet off the floor, spreading his legs, then he moved his arms between his thighs, and using his hands, he slowly pulled himself along the ground like a dog wiping its ass on a carpet. The similarity was not lost on Aaron, but he and the other boys copied the demeaning action, their faces burning with embarrassment.

“Couple more. First one that’s similar to a position you’ll be seeing a lot more of. Display.”

Butch rose to his knees and moved them apart, then he placed his hands behind his head as though showing his cock off. Its sexual nature was unquestionable. Aaron copied it.

“Another follow up: thrust.”

The boys watched as Butch lowered his hands to the rear of his buttocks and thrust his pelvis back and forwards. They mimicked his movements, stabbing their dicks at the air. Aaron noticed another boy about his age had gotten a boner.

“You fucking mutt!” the trainer said with fake indignation. “Couldn’t you even control your dick for five minutes?”

The boy looked mortified as everyone stared at him. Aaron had never seen anyone blush such a deep shade of purple before. He felt sorry for the kid.

The trainer gave the boy a practiced look of deepest contempt, but in reality, there was always one, usually more. The aphrodisiac would be creating a lot more unwanted erections over the coming months. The trainer gave a “Pah” of disgust and returned his attention to the group.

“Next one is an easy one,” he continued. “Roll.”

Butch lay on the grass on his back, raised his hands to his chest and rolled three times one way, and three the other. The boys all copied.


“Good. And now the final one – present. Don’t get this one confused with another position of the same name that you’ll learn in gym.”

Butch lay on his back, drew his knees up and opened them wide, holding his legs behind the thighs, and displaying his genitals.

“This is where you get to show off your pathetic junk to anyone nearby like the filthy mutts you are.”

Aaron couldn’t understand why the constant insults were necessary, but he and the other boys lifted their legs and copied the pose.

“Passable,” the trainer said. “You all need to pull your thighs more so it spreads your butts and shows off your assholes. This will doubtless be important when you are looking for boyfriends to plough your faggot holes.”

“But I’m not…”

The 19-year-old got no further before he was shocked into silence.

“You’re all queers. If not today, then definitely by the time you leave High Lakes. The sooner you get that into your stupid fucking heads, the happier you’ll be. You don’t get to leave High Lakes until you can take a dick up your ass with a smile on your face. That’s why you’re here. Faggots don’t commit crimes. If I was you, I’d apply myself to learning to suck dick like a pro.”

Aaron felt sick and none of the other boys looked any less queasy. He had realised that the justice system he was being subjected to had a bizarre preoccupation with making him cum and humiliating him sexually, but the truth had never occurred to him: that they intended to turn him into a homo before he finished his stay. He looked at Butch, an obviously masculine teenager, eagerly displaying his asshole, and he realised that there was going to be nothing he could do to resist whatever they ordered him to do. He only hoped that he could retain his inner sexuality, even if he had to play along to be released.


“Right, that’s it, you’re done mutts. I’m sure we’ll meet again.”


Aaron’s guard yanked on his collar.

“Get up.”

Aaron rose to his hands and feet.

“Here mutt. Lead.”

Aaron walked on ahead as the trainer had taught him to do. This time instead of walking him in small circles around the field, his guard took him through a security station and outside the compound. Aaron was horrified to discover that he was in a residential area. Naked. With no pubes!

“This is where the staff families live,” his guard informed him, for the first time being conversational. “Let’s see if we can find someone to chat with.”

They walked along the streets of the small housing area until the guard spotted someone.

“Looks like you’re in luck.”

Aaron looked ahead. There were three teenage girls, near his age. He couldn’t imagine anyone worse.

“No please!” he begged, standing his ground.

A quick zap in the collar got him moving again.

They approached the three girls.

“Hi girls,” the guard said pleasantly.

“Hey Mr Kramer!” one of them replied. “Is this one of your new puppies?”

“Yes, just in last night.”

“What did he do?”

“I dunno. I didn’t read his sheet. Mutt, squat.”

He gave Aaron a quick warning jolt in the collar to remind him that disobedience was not an option.

Aaron squatted with his knees apart, painfully well aware of the way the pose revealed his genitals.  He looked straight ahead to avoid eye-contact with the girls. They looked down at him.

“Is he safe to pet?”

“Yes, he has his collar on.”

One of the girls leaned forwards and mussed Aaron’s cropped hair as though he was a puppy.”

“He’s so cute. How old is he?”

“Mutt how old are you?” the guard asked.

“15 sir,” Aaron replied timidly.

“15? Wow, but his willy is so thin!”

“Some boys are luckier than others,” Kramer responded. Then he spoke to Aaron.

“Mutt, beg.”

Aaron moved to his knees, praying that the man would not take it any further.

“Oh, he’s adorable,” another girl said. “What a shame he’s gay.”

“Not yet, but he will be,” Kramer corrected. “Let’s see if we can get him to show you a bit more. Mutt display!”

Aaron reluctantly thrust his hips forwards.

“I bet you like that don’t you mutt, showing your junk off to these nice girls?”

“No sir,” Aaron replied.

The girls started giggling.

“Your mouth says no, but your boner says yes.”

Aaron could feel his dick slowly filling with blood.

“Oh no,” he thought. “Not now! Pleeease!”

His dick didn’t listen, instead it rose until it was standing like a flagpole at full mast.

“Ohhh, he looks so embarrassed,” a girl said.

“Probably is. That’s what you get for being a criminal. Mutt, thrust.”

Aaron looked as though he wanted a hole to open up and swallow him up. But he started thrusting his pelvis as he had been taught just a short while before.

“Hmmm, not much more there girls. Sorry. Some boys aren’t showers OR growers.”

“It’s okay, it’s cute.”

“Just the right size for your hand Charlotte,” her friend said.

Charlotte turned and punched her friend on the shoulder blushing.

“Amelia!” she protested, giggling.

“Anyway girls, time to get this mutt home now. I think he’s had enough exercise for one day.”

Aaron was still thrusting his dick back and forth.”

“Okay, bye Mr Kramer.”

“Bye girls, you have a nice day.”

“You too.”

With that the guard yanked the leash.

“C’mon mutt. Let’s get you back to the compound.”

His boner still straining, Aaron rose to his puppy walking position and followed the guard. As he thankfully walked away, he heard one of the girls speaking to the other.

“Aww, he’s got such cute little balls.”

It was a compliment he would have preferred not to receive.

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