The cure – part 3

humiliation, forced arousal, punishment, puppy play

A teenage arsonist is sentenced to a stay at an unusual reformatory. In this part, he discovers some strange things about the reformatory.

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The cure part 3

After his first night at High Lake reformatory, Aaron woke abruptly, and a sense of dread immediately filled his stomach. Images from the previous day’s activities flashed through his mind – the court room, the bus ride, the dining hall, the showers, and the lavatories. It seemed as though everything had been coordinated to humiliate him.

He lifted the bed covers and looked down at himself. He was naked and his genitals were smooth. There was not a hair to be seen – not even a trace of 5 O’clock shadow. His groin was as pale as his thin belly, as though it had never had hair. He ran his fingertips over the skin above his dick – it was as smooth as the hair on his cheek, and that was years away from needing the attention of a razor.

At least his dick didn’t look quite so pathetic and child-like now after a night in a warm bed. It flopped against his leg, like a finger of flesh; about the length of his middle finger but a little thicker.

He dropped the covers back over himself, wondering what the coming day would bring.


Ten minutes later, he heard a guard working his way down the corridor opening the cell doors and ordering the occupants out. His door was opened.

“Out! Stand by the door!” the man said gruffly.

Aaron obeyed the command, and when all of the doors in his corridor were opened, the boys were marched back to the lavatory. When it was his turn, Aaron dropped to his hands and knees and lifted his right knee, resting it on the metal ledge that ran two feet off the floor. He noticed the boy in front of him was younger and couldn’t lift his leg high enough to rest it on the ledge. Looking at the kid’s tight scrotum, Aaron doubted that the kid had a clue what else his dick could be used for. Aaron urinated, then went to grip his penis to shake the drips off the end. A guard immediately shouted at him and prodded him with a baton.

“No hands!”

Aaron looked over his shoulder at the man, then he realised that the other boys were shimmying their hips to disperse any lingering piss-drips. He shook his own hips, like a bad belly dancer, then rose to his feet and re-joined the waiting line of boys.


They were marched down to the dining hall, where yet again, every boy had to sit on a dildo-chair in order to eat. Aaron was no happier with the experience than the evening before, and he was particularly disgusted by the fact that he sat on a different chair, with a different dildo: a dildo that less than a day earlier had been embedded in a different boy’s asshole. The one consolation as he ate, was the knowledge that at least his achingly hard erection was shared by every other boy in the dining hall.


Half an hour later, Aaron’s intake was led to the rec room where they were told to sit and wait as one-by-one they were escorted from the room by various guards at approximately 15 minute intervals. When it was Aaron’s turn, he was led upstairs to the infirmary where a middle-aged female doctor awaited him.

She examined him thoroughly, measuring his height and weight, and checking his eyes, teeth, throat, and much more.

“Crouch down low,” she ordered.

Aaron crouched.

“Any knee pain?”


“Any joint complaints in general?” she asked.

He shook his head.

“Good, stand up and back against that frame.”

He backed against the metal frame she had indicated. It looked like a simplified outline of Da Vinci’s Vitruvian man, with arms out to the sides and straight legs spread wide apart. She strapped his knees into it and secured his wrists to bars that projected at right angles, then she moved a chin support into place and strapped his head to it, ensuring that he could not look anywhere but straight ahead.

“Why are you doing this?” Aaron asked.

Detailed check-up,” the doctor responded as though that answered everything.

She continued with a remarkably thorough check up before lowering her hand to his groin. She gripped his scrotum, feeling his testicles.



“Cough,” she repeated patiently.

He frowned.

“To check if you have a hernia,” she explained.

Aaron coughed and his testicles rose slightly in her hand.


He coughed again.

She groped his testicles thoroughly for two full minutes.

“Now what?” he asked eventually.

“Checking for cancer or possible ruptures. Have you been hit in the balls recently?”


She lifted his penis. It rested in her palm like a thick worm. She measured it.

“Your penis is rather on the thin side.”

What was he supposed to say to that?


She gently took his glans between her finger thumb and slowly rubbed it. He flinched, drawing his hips away. She continued rubbing.

Her actions and the warmth of her hand was having an effect. He felt his dick rising. She looked at his face. He was blushing.

“Hmmm, someone’s feeling horny,” she said with a smile.

“No!” he protested, “But you’re rubbing my dick!”

“Just a simple sensitivity test, not a hand job.”

It FELT like a deliberately erotic act to him, but now he felt foolish for his body’s response.

The doctor moved a piece of equipment in front of him and activated it.

“What’s that?” he asked.

“Stay perfectly still.”

Tiny red dots scanned his body from top to toe in a semi-circle around him, then there were multiple flashes as he was photographed.

When she was finished, she removed the chin restraint and took a couple more photos of his face with a digital camera. He glowered at her resentfully.

“What was that?” he repeated now that the equipment was taken away.

“Scanner, for your dick sculpture on the wall of shame. Guess yours will be one of the hard ones. Very hard.”

Aaron scowled.

“Why do you have to do that?!”

“Not my decision. But I guess it gives them leverage over you. Knowing the photos could get out if you break the law again in future. Also, knowing that your penis is on permanent display somewhere is somewhat embarrassing. There’s going to be a lot of that while you’re here.”

“Being embarrassed?”

She nodded and took a blood sample, then gave him three injections of her own.

“What was that?”

“First one was a multi-vax against, measles, mumps, that sort of thing. Mumps can be very serious in a boy your age. Make your balls swell up like baseballs. It can make you sterile. Not that that’s going to matter to you.”

“Excuse me?”

“Oh, nothing really. Inmates of High Lake don’t go on to raise families. At least, not with kids that they fathered themselves..”

“What does THAT mean?!”

She gave him an enigmatic smile.

“Oh, you’ll know soon enough.”

Aaron felt his trepidation rising.

“So, what was the second shot?”

“That’s against sexually transmitted diseases. Don’t want you catching anything while you’re with us.”

“How would I…” then he realised what she was suggesting. “Oh. There’s no chance of that. I’m not gay.”

“I’m sure you’re not. Yet.”

Aaron frowned.

“Not now, not ever.”

“Whatever you say.”

Aaron had the unsettling feeling the doctor knew a lot more than she was letting on.

Almost dreading the answer, he asked, “And what was in the last injection?”

“That one’s more fun. It’s an aphrodisiac.”

“What does that do?”

“It’ll make you feel horny.”

She swatted at his still hard flagpole.

“Not that you seem to need much help with that. But now you’ll feel mildly aroused all the time. Your dick will get like that at the drop of a hat.”

“Why would I need that in here?!”

“All part of the program. We have to turn you into a well-behaved citizen.”

“I don’t get it. How long will that last?”

“As long as you’re with us, and a good few months after you leave.”


She picked up a small device and a prophylactic. She unrolled the rubber over his penis.

“Last thing then you’re all done. I just need to get a semen sample. I know you’d be happier to just masturbate and give it to me, but this is quicker. It’s going to hurt I’m afraid.”

The teenager looked alarmed.

“What? No don’t!”

She gripped his scrotum from beneath pulling his testicles into the palm of her rubber-gloved hand, and pressed the device against his testicles. It was similar to the device the guard had used on the rebellious Latino the night before, but it operated at a lower voltage. Two metal probes pressed against his balls.

She pressed a button in the grip and Aaron’s body immediately jolted with pain as a powerful current passed into his nuts.

“Ahh ahhh!” he squealed as the current continued.

His testicles contracted and a powerful jet of semen squirted from his penis into the rubber. It was followed by a thick continuous dribble as his nuts emptied themselves.

The nurse pressed for 30 seconds until the dribble stopped, then she removed her finger from the activation button and Aaron collapsed against his restraints, his entire body trembling.

The nurse removed the rubber from his erect penis and lifted it in front of his face. There was a small pool of semen in the bottom.

“Sorry about that but they drain you so thoroughly on the journey over here, it’s the only reliable way of collecting a sample.”

Aaron felt like he’d been kicked in the nuts.

“Fuck, my nuts!” he groaned.

“Yes, they’re going to be sore for a couple of hours I’m afraid, but no permanent harm.”

She removed the restraints from his arms and legs.


“Okay, we’re done here,” the guard escorting him said. “Follow me.”

Aaron looked at the woman with no affection. He’d never much liked doctors, and this was going to do nothing for his disposition towards them in the future. He followed the guard out of the infirmary and along a corridor. In the next corridor there were half a dozen naked boys on their knees cleaning the floor and facing them as they approached.

But they were not kneeling in a natural position. Their thighs were spread as wide as they could go, and they rested on knee pads attached to the insides of their knees. Their shins were tucked underneath forming a V shape from their knees to the point where their heels touched each other behind their bottoms. Aaron noticed that each boy was pressed as close to the floor as possible, with his scrotum ground against the linoleum surface. Each held a thick felt buffer in two hands and he leaned forwards and rubbed at the floor, polishing its surface.

They glanced up at Aaron and his escort as they approached. Aaron couldn’t help but wonder why every boy had adopted such an unnatural stance.

As they passed, Aaron said to his guard, “Why are they sitting like that?”

“Shut up fag,” the guard retorted. “I’m not the doctor. You speak when I say you can speak!”


Aaron followed the man in silence until they arrived at a utility room. Thick leather dog collars with equally robust leashes attached hung on pegs on one wall.

“Down on your hands and feet boy.”

The man held a taser at the ready in case of disobedience.

Aaron did as he was told.

“Lift your ass higher in the air.”

With a sense of dread, Aaron obeyed. The guard grabbed him under his belly, and with his other hand he jammed something into the boy’s asshole. Aaron felt it stretching his ring, then his sphincter snapped shut behind it, holding it inside. It was not as filling as the dining hall dildos but he still felt invaded.

“Act like a mutt and we’ll dress you like one.”

The guard released Aaron’s belly and secured a collar to the boy’s neck.

“Good,” the guard said opening the door to the outside and tugging the leash.

“Here mutt.”

Aaron followed him.

As he passed through the reflective door, Aaron caught a glimpse of his reflection in the metal surface. The object that had been thrust into his hole was a perky rubber tail!


    • j-
    • 17th March 2020 at 11:45 am-
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    Thank you for continuing this story, its amazing

    • Comments like yours motivate me. It took me a long time to come up with more content to continue. More to come!

  • Aaron is going to turn into a fag. Nevertheless, it is fun to watch him resist the transformation despite having, so far, given into every command.

    • Brad-
    • 3rd July 2021 at 11:15 am-
    • Reply

    A great story. Will be interesting when they start intimately touching each h other and comparing

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