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Lord of the Rings – The restored tower

Fantasy, humiliation Valinor was NOT the end of Frodo’s journey, as we discover. +3-2

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The cure – part 6

Humiliation, forced arousal, puppy play A teenage arsonist is sentenced to a stay at an unusual reformatory. In this part, he is subjected to a new exercise regime. +1290

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Lab rat – part 2

Gay first time, gay coming of age, forced milking A teenager at a forced milking facility finds out more about life at the facility. +160

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Lab rat – Part 1

Tickling, forced arousal, forced milking A young man is miked and more. +280

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Virtual reality, mind control, first gay experience A military research unit carries out experiments of a decidedly sexual nature. +250

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The unwilling sperm donors – Continued – Part 1

Forced milking, straight conversion, virtual reality, gay sex, heterosexual sex This is a much-asked for continuation of one of my all-time most popular stories. Read part 1 here http://www.nullrefer.com/?https://damnd1.org/2017/10/27/829-2/ Recap: Professor Steven Bennet was a scientist developing advanced sperm collection machines. He brought his son Daniel to work to show him what he did for […]

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Reprogramming Logan

A photographer reprograms a straight teenager +180

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Attitude adjustment

A white supremacist pays for his crimes and rediscovers some hidden truths. You can find an index to all my stories here +268-30

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A teenage convict is subjected to a bizarre form of milking that has long term consequences. You can find an index to all my stories here +70

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