Lab rat – part 2

Gay first time, gay coming of age, forced milking

A teenager at a forced milking facility finds out more about life at the facility.

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Lab rat – part 2

One month after his arrival at the Facility, a staffer named Juan Ramirez came to Tommy’s room. The teenager spent 8 hours every day, Monday to Saturday, in the lab being milked of semen. He spent the rest of his time in his room. In addition to the bed and chair, there was a TV, a library of digital movies, and a games console.

“You’ve been here a month now Tommy,” Ramirez said.

“Have I?”

“Yes you have, and today’s a very important day. Today you’ll get to meet the other boys who are helping us.”


“Yes, by donating their semen.”

“It’s not like you gave me a choice.”

Ramirez smiled.

“No, I understand. No teenager would willingly agree to as many orgasms per day as the boys here. But teen semen is incredibly valuable and there’s no way to harvest it legally. It’s used for all manner of bio-medical applications across the country.”

Tommy looked at Ramirez without expression. He was not a willing guest at the Facility, but he knew that if he became combative, it would only end up with him being painfully punished.

“Anyway, take your clothes off please, so that we can go meet the other boys.”

“With my clothes off?”

“Oh yes, all the boys are naked for Sunday association. From now on you’ll get to share meals together, spend a couple of hours each night together, and four hours each Sunday afternoon.”

Tommy’s spirits lifted at the news. He was going to meet other boys. He was milked for 8 hours a day, and that left him physically exhausted afterwards, but his time at the Facility was spent in solitary. He craved friendly companionship.

“How old are they?” he asked.

“About your age, give or take. You’re one of the younger ones. The oldest is 22, I think the youngest is 12.”

“So why do I have to be naked?”

“It’ll be obvious once we get there. Now take your clothes off Tommy and we can go.”

Tommy reluctantly undressed. Although he spent 48 hours a week naked having his semen extracted from him, he still retained some vestiges of modesty outside the lab, where it seemed from his observations, the other people were mostly scientists and doctors going about their daily lives. Their sense of normalcy impeded him losing his sense of modesty.


Once Tommy had stripped, Juan lead him down the corridor in the opposite direct of the lab. They passed the infirmary, rounded a corner, then passed through some heavy doors to a section of the complex that Tommy had never been to. He padded along in his bare feet with his hands cupping his groin, shielding his privates from any other staff that they may pass.

“Why do I have to be naked? Couldn’t I just undress when we get wherever we’re going?”

“It’s just easier this way. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.”

They approached a door. Outside were two armed guards both of whom carried cattle prods. Tommy had been zapped with one of them before. His entire nervous system lit up and he instantly dropped to the floor, where he remained, flapping around like a fish on a skillet for two minutes. After a second such shock, the lesson was well learned and he vowed never to earn such a punishment again.


Juan stopped outside the door and gestured towards the door.

“I’ll be back for you in four hours. Have fun.”

Tommy approached the door cautiously and looked through the glass window. Inside, the large room was full of teenagers mostly engaged in sexual acts. They were reclining on beds and couches, sitting on chairs, and laying on the carpeted floor. The whole room was a heaving mass of teen libido.

Tommy had still never been forced to face the fact that the Facility had converted his sexuality from hetero- to homosexual. When he was milked, there was nothing he could do about the video that was beamed directly into his brain. He just accepted that he was gay as long as he was hooked up to the milking table in the lab.

Tommy looked back at Ramirez hesitantly.

“Or you can go back to your room?” Ramirez said, with a not-unkind grin.

Tommy looked through the window again. He felt unexpected excitement churning in his stomach. He looked at Ramirez then turned and slowly pushed the door open.

The door closed behind him, then Ramirez returned to his duties.

One of the guards remarked to the other, “Looks like they made another little faggot.”

His colleague grinned.


Inside the rec room, another armed guard sat on a comfortable chair where he had an overview of the entire room. His sole purpose was to ensure that the boys didn’t get out of hand with each other. Multiple cameras monitored and recorded the room from various high vantage points.

Tommy stood just inside the door wondering what to do, he dropped his hands from his groin, no longer feeling out of place naked. In one area, three boys who looked younger than him formed a triangle, languidly fellating each other. Teens were fucking in various positions in two and threes around the room. Two boys were watching a porn and jacking each other off. It was like a scene from a Roman orgy. As he stood taking it all in, his penis slowly lifted its head, curving downwards in a half-interested semi.

A boy approached. He looked about 17 or 18.

He said, “Hey you’re new here aren’t you?”


“My name is Ethan.”

“I’m Tommy.”

Ethan offered a vertical hand and Tommy took it in a masculine grip and Ethan bumped shoulders.

“Great to meet you Tommy. Wanna sit down?”

He gestured towards a soft couch. Tommy sat and Ethan sat facing him at 45 degrees with his knee up on the couch displaying his genitals. Tommy glanced down at them. They were a lot bigger than his. He also lifted his inner leg to the couch, unconsciously displaying his own genitals back at the older boy.

“This is quite a place huh?” Ethan said.

Tommy lifted his eyes.

“The room or the whole place?”

“Both I guess. But I meant this room really. It blows being held here and all, but it does have its benefits. How did they catch you?”

“I ran away from my foster parents. It was only the first night then these cops picked me up in the city.”

“Tough break. I was out with Mark over there. We were in an abandoned car lot. The triplets over there – he gestured to the fellating trio – were coming back from Scouts. Wonder what their troop leader would think watching them now?”

“He’d probably ask to join in.”

“Ha ha, yeah right! I feel the worst for Jake.”

He indicated a boy on his knees who was simultaneously being fucked whilst he took turns sucking three boys off.

“He was only doing his paper route one Sunday before church. Can you imagine that? He was so pure and innocent and now look at him.”

“Yeah, that sucks. Looks like he’s enjoying himself now though.”

“Yeah definitely. We all enjoy rec time. What’s the point of them turning us into sex studs if we can’t enjoy it sometimes?”

“How long have you been here?”

“Ummm, I dunno. Since I was younger than you probably. Three years, maybe more.”

“Has anyone ever escaped?”

“Nah, never. Plenty of guys have tried but they haven’t even got close. One kid got into the ventilation ducts, but even then, there was this electric shield inside. It fucked him up pretty bad. We don’t see him anymore.”

“What about other guys who leave, like if they get too old?”

“Then they stop being donors and become workers. Juan Ramirez who brought you in, used to be a donor about 15 years ago apparently. That’s why he’s so chill.”

“So we’re trapped here forever?”

Ethan shrugged.

“I guess, but it’s not all bad. I mean, we get to cum hundreds of times a week, then we just do whatever we want the rest of the time, and once a week we get to come here for real-life orgy. There’s worse ways to spend your time.”

Ethan’s expression became more sombre.

“Once you get over the fact that you’ll never see your family again.”

“That’s one thing I’m not going to miss at least.”

Ethan smiled.

“Then you’re really lucky. That’s the one thing the messes most of the guys up. So anyway, how many times you up to?”

He was referring to the number of orgasms that Tommy had in a single day.

“Umm, I just reached 50.”

“How many incidentals?”


“You know, the ones that the thing in your ass doesn’t make you have.”

“Uhh, I dunno, 4 or 5 a day.”

“Still fighting against it huh?”

“What do you mean?”

“Still telling yourself all that gay stuff is wrong. You don’t want to let yourself enjoy it.”

“But I’m not gay. It’s not wrong, I just… I just don’t like that gay stuff.”

“Dude,” Ethan said putting a hand on the inside of Tommy’s raised knee. “You’re gay. It doesn’t matter what you were when you came here, you’re gay now. Nothing you can ever do will change you back. All you can do is make yourself unhappy by pretending. Their machine started the very first day, and by the end of a week you were 100% gay. Gayer than gay.”

“I’m not though. I mean, I don’t FEEL gay.”

Ethan smiled.

“Dude, you got a semi just standing there watching all the guys here. I saw you. And you didn’t have to come in here. You could have just turned around and gone back to your room. And you’ve been looking at my dick ever since we sat down.”

“N.. no I haven’t,” Tommy blustered turning red.

“Tommy there’s nothing wrong with it. I’ve been looking at your dick too. That’s why you lifted yur leg like that right?”

“No! I just sat like you. I didn’t do it on purpose.”

“Maybe not consciously, but a part of you did. You can’t fight it. It’s already happened. There’s no undoing it. You might as well enjoy it. I swear, you’ll be a lot happier if you do.”

He slid his hand up the inside of Tommy’s leg and cupped the younger teen’s genitals. Tommy gasped and sat upright; eyes wide.

“You’ve got a cute dick,” Ethan said.

Tommy stared at him paralysed. The seconds ticked by, almost in slow motion.

Ethan smiled and moved his hand away then Tommy released the breath he’d been holding.

“You’re so cute. It would be a shame if you kept lying to yourself for months, making yourself unhappy.”

Tommy looked at Ethan, swallowing deeply, contemplating his words. The other boy was good looking, like a kid he looked up to in one of his care homes. He felt as though his entire world was shifting a big step to the left. Ethan leaned forwards and whispered in Tommy’s ear.

“You’ve got nice lips; soft.”

He rubbed his index finger vertically across both of Tommy’s lips. When Tommy didn’t move away,  he leaned in and gently kissed him on the lips. Tommy’s body went stiff as a statue. Ethan turned his head and continued kissing. Tommy didn’t move away.

“First time kissing on the lips?” Ethan asked in between kisses.

“Uhuh,” Tommy acknowledged through their lips in a voice a full octave higher than his speaking voice.

“You just gotta relax. Stand up.”

Tommy stood robotically and Ethan wrapped his arms around him; one round his waist, and the other much higher. He pulled the younger teen towards him and whispered into Tommy’s ear.

“We can stop any time if you want to?”

He moved his head away, looked Tommy in the face and gave the boy time to stop him.

“Shall I stop?”

He kissed Tommy on the lips lightly then moved away again. Tommy looked at him, feeling like a dumb little kid. This was beyond his experience. He gave the tiniest of head shakes, his eyes still wide with shock. Ethan smiled and pulled Tommy close. The warm skin of their torso pressed against each other. Ethan pressed their lips together again and started kissing. He allowed the hand around Tommy’s waist to slip down to his bottom, cupping the globes of the apprehensive teenager’s cheeks and pulling him closer still. Their naked groins were pressing together now. Ethan slipped his tongue between the younger boy’s lips. Almost immediately he felt Tommy’s penis start to respond. It rose between Ethan’s legs, nudging his heavy balls. Ethan kissed more passionately, and now Tommy ineptly responded, smushing their lips as though he was kneading dough.

Ethan could feel Tommy’s dick straining. He moved his belly away to give the boy’s boner space to spring up between them, then he pushed his belly close again expecting Tommy’s dick to flatten between their bellies. Tommy’s bone curved upwards, but it was too hard to bend. Ethan could barely push it to 45 degrees before Tommy grunted with discomfort.

”It won’t bend up anymore,” he cautioned.

“Wow, so hard!” Ethan noted.


Tommy was panting and sighing as they kissed. Without realising he was even doing it, he started slowly rising and falling, humping his steely boner against Ethan’s balls. Ethan’s cock got hard. It was a sturdy six inches. As Tommy felt the older boy’s log between them, he started pressing his dick against that instead. Ethan cupped his bottom with both hands and lifted the shorter boy off the floor until their pricks were side by side.

Tommy was unashamedly rubbing their pricks together, feeling Ethan’s log beside his pencil dick. Ethan felt liquid suddenly squirting onto his belly. He allowed the youngster to continued humping until he was done, then he lowered the boy to the arm of the couch. They both looked at Ethan’s belly. Tommy’s watery cream was dribbling through his treasure trail and into his pubes. Tommy looked sheepish.

“Sorry. I don’t know what happened.”

“Don’t be sorry. I’m happy for you, you horny fucking mutt.”

He grinned at Tommy and Tommy gave him a lopsided grin in return.

“I guess maybe I am a little bit gay,” he said.

Ethan beamed at him.

“Let’s see if I can improve that.”


He knelt before the boy and lowered his head to Tommy’s cock. Tommy let out a long trembling sigh as Ethan started to expertly suck his penis. His mouth did not provide the 360-degree encasement that the milker did, but the human connection made it more fun.

Tommy leaned back against the couch and closed his eyes whilst Ethan spent the next hour blowing him.

After his fifth orgasm, Tommy said, “I want to suck you now.”

Ethan smiled.

“I was hoping you’d say that, but no teeth please!”

“I promise.”

“Cover your teeth with your lips.”


They changed places and Tommy looked down at Ethan’s groin.

“Your dick is big.”

“Just over six inches.”

Tommy sat with their boners touching. Ethan’s was almost two inches longer and twice as thick.

“A lot bigger than mine.”

Ethan took them both in his fist.

“Small dicks are cute too.”

“Thanks,” Tommy said, genuinely grateful for the kindness. His small dick had been a cause of ridicule at his last two high schools.

He dropped to his knees and wrapped his fist around Ethan’s cock, studying it as he did so.

“You’ve still got your foreskin.”

“Yeah, my mom wanted to get me cut but my dad was against it. I’m glad he was.”

Tommy slowly moved his fist downwards, drawing the skin back of the head. It was loose and retracted stickily.

“It’s covered in clear goo.”

“Precum. You don’t make that yet?”

“Nah, not that I know of.”

“You will, especially here. It only comes when you’re really horny. Six months of milking and you’ll be making it all the time.”

“Doesn’t it drive you crazy?”


“Being horny all the time when you’re being milked. It makes me wanna scream.”

“It did at first, but now I just go with it. I watch the porn, let myself cum. After a while, the machine works out what you like best, and it gives you more of that. You blow your load whenever it gets too much”

“What DO you like?”

“Cute guys like you. Nice smiles, great butts, freckles, wavy hair. All the stuff you got.”

Tommy blushed and looked away coyly.


“You’re welcome, I’m only saying it so you’ll give me a better blowjob.”

Tommy looked up sharply to see if Ethan was serious. Ethan grinned and gave him a wink. Tommy smiled back, truly happy for the first time since he’d come to the Facility. He opened his mouth wide and wrapped his lips around the large, leaking head of his new friend’s dick.

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