Lab rat – Part 1

Tickling, forced arousal, forced milking

A young man is miked and more.

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Lab rat – part 1

Tommy looked at his bedroom one last time. There was little to say that he’d ever lived there: no posters, no gadgets, none of the trappings of a normal teenage life. He felt absolutely no connection to his foster parents or their home. They were good enough people, but It was as though they had been born in the 1950s: they were so painfully boring and lacking in empathy that Tommy could bear it no longer. He crept out of the front door without looking back, never dreaming that within 72 hours he’d be picked up and brought to his current residence.

The police cruiser that picked him up for loitering at 11pm seemed on the level, but soon enough he realised that the “cops” were definitely NOT government employees. That was two weeks ago. He’d since heard his new home called “The Facility” but beyond that he had no idea where he was, and nobody would answer his enquiries. All he knew for certain was that he was currently naked and in a room described as “the lab.”

Tommy lay spread-eagled on the table. His arms were raised above his head and pulled apart in a wide V. His legs were spread equally wide and his genitals felt horribly vulnerable. Metal restraints were wrapped around his wrists and ankles. The table was covered with padded vinyl, added to ensure that subjects who were restrained for long periods were no more uncomfortable than necessary. The vinyl was cool against his skin, but he was unconcerned by the temperature. What bothered him was the probe that had just been forced into his anus…



15 minutes earlier

Tommy was brought in by two guards. They ordered him to strip. He looked at the electric cattle prod. He’d been zapped with it twice already over the past fortnight and it hurt like crazy. He had no desire to feel it again, so he removed the white hospital scrubs that was all he’d been allowed to wear since he arrived. They were made of cotton but they were not particularly soft. There was a smock top, and trousers that had an elasticated waist so they could be pulled down easily. He was not provided with underwear. The trousers chafed his glans. Also, to his embarrassment, urine stains that would usually have been absorbed by his boxers after pissing, soaked straight through the white trousers, leaving visible yellow stains.


Tommy was wearing a metal mask. It surrounded his face to the front of his ears. His nostrils were pinched lightly shut forcing him to breath through his mouth. There was a large oval, rubber-coated plastic tube forced into his mouth through the mask, preventing him from speaking. It was connected to a breathing system through which could also be fed various gases.

Earbuds slightly muffled the sounds around him, but he could still easily hear the voices. The guards left, and to his dismay, he heard multiple people enter the lab. He had been examined and measured and jabbed with needles every day since he arrived, but it was only ever by one or two doctors or nurses at a time, and rarely naked. Now it sounded as though an entire roomful of people surrounded the table on which he lay, and his junk was flopping there for everyone to see.


“This is Tommy,” he heard a male voice say.

He recognised the voice. It was a man he’d heard others call Doctor Harris. He appeared to be in charge.

“He’s been here for almost two weeks. We’ve been feeding him well, and running tests to ensure that he’s fully healthy. Today we can start to measure some baselines before we go on to start harvesting his semen at full production.”

“Wait, my what?!” Tommy thought.

“How much semen will you be collecting from him today?” someone asked.

“Well it’s his first day in the harvester, so we’ll probably limit him to a couple of dozen orgasms,” Doctor Harris replied. “No more than 30 millilitres.

“A couple of dozen?!” Tommy thought as he listened to the doctor speak. He couldn’t cum a couple of dozen times. Two; maybe three at an absolute push. Maybe even four in a day, but a couple of dozen was impossible!

“Why do you only use gay imagery for sperm extraction?” a different voice asked.

“Well we have discovered that subjects respond much more strongly to gay pornography than heterosexual stimulation. Over the course of more than 300 subjects, we’ve discovered that they orgasm 300 percent more frequently, with a volume per orgasm that is 30-50 percent greater.”

“He looks rather young. Wouldn’t it have been better to find subjects in their early 20s or older?”

“Although subjects of that age range produce more semen per orgasm, we’ve discovered that teenagers of Tommy’s age can orgasm up to ten times more frequently. With proper stimulation, he can orgasm almost 100 times per day. You know how teenage boys are – he probably goes at it like a monkey freebasing Viagra at home!”

There was laughter, but Tommy was not amused, lying there naked surrounded by fuck-knows how many people.

“How did you know that he was gay when you acquired him?” a female voice asked.

There were women there?! Looking at his dick!

“Statistically he’s almost certainly NOT gay. We’ll be checking his sexual preference before we start the stimulation.”

“And if he isn’t gay will he still respond to gay pornography?”

“Not by choice initially. We feed the video signal directly to his brain, but we’ll be using direct stimulation to elicit the orgasms. He won’t be able to resist ejaculating, and over the course of the next eight hours, his brain will come to associate sexual pleasure with homosexual imagery. Within a week, his brain will be completely reconfigured after which he will only have an interest in sexual activity and fantasies with other males. We find that once a subject’s preferences are fully aligned with the video feed, the volume of their ejaculations goes up markedly.”

Tommy didn’t understand most of what the doctor said, but he knew that the man was going to try to turn him gay. He moaned into the mouthpiece and lifted his hips from the table, twisting and turning in an utterly futile effort to free himself.

“He doesn’t sound happy to hear your plans. What if he resists the conversion process?”

“Oh, he almost certainly will,” the doctor said. “They all think that they can fight it”

Tommy could almost hear the humour in his voice.

“But the process is quite irresistible. By the end of the week, he’ll be thinking of nothing but cock and anal sex, if you’ll excuse my crudeness. We have 32 other donors here. They all started heterosexual, but now, given the chance, every one of them would enthusiastically engage in sexual activity with the other boys. By the end of the month, Tommy will eagerly drop to his hands and knees and allow himself to be sodomised by the other boys.”

Tommy was sickened at what he heard. There was no way he was ever going to take a dick up his ass. NO way. He liked girls. Only girls.

“How long does the conversion process last?” a male voice asked.

“To the best of our knowledge, it is quite, quite permanent. It’s based upon a similar technique that was developed using deserters during the Vietnam conflict. None of them, even the most aggressively heterosexual, ever returned to women. Some married other men and lived normal homosexual lives, other went into gay pornography – in fact much of the early homosexual video industry was started thanks to former test subjects.”

“So how do you tell if a boy is gay or straight?”

“Why don’t I show you that now? Frank, would you take the base measurements please?”


A few moments later, Tommy felt someone pressing something hard along the top of his flaccid penis.

“2.4 inches,” a male voice reported.

Tommy felt someone gripping his left testicle. Something was pressed against it, then it was replaced by something smaller and compared against it.

“Left 15 millitres.”

His left testicle was released and the right one groped for a few seconds as the assistant used a Praeder orchidometer to measure the volume of his testicles.

“Right 12 millitres.”

“That’s on either side of the norm for his age,” Doctor Harris explained. “But well within the mean standard deviation. Okay Frank, let’s find out what gets this kid excited.”

Tommy felt something being wrapped around the root of his penis, then something else a little further up the shaft.

“This won’t hurt son,” Frank reassured him. “Just going to put a little pressure into these.”

Frank squeezed a small air bulb in his hand a few times to inflate the measuring cuffs that encircled Tommy’s penis. Tommy felt them squeezing his dick lightly.

Frank placed an adhesive heart rate sensor pad onto Tommy’s chest. Monitors in the mask were already recording his brain waves.

“We can measure changes in his heart rate with the sensor,” he explained to the other people in the room. “And the cuffs will detect increases in penile blood flow. The mask will measure his brain wave activity. Between the three, they are very reliable means of detecting arousal.”


“All done Frank? Then let’s begin. We’ll start by showing Tommy a few minutes of gay pornography. It features boys his age, and up to their early 20s. They will be engaging in anal sex.”

In Tommy’s mind, suddenly he was seeing hardcore gay sex. He flinched and grunted in shock. He couldn’t shut his eyes against the images. He groaned in disgust.

“As you see, there is absolutely no increase in penile blood flow. His heart rate has increased slightly, but that’s more likely to be anger. If you look at the screen, you’ll see an increase in alpha wave activity. Before I switch to a heterosexual video, I just want to show you  something interesting.”

He pressed a button, and the alpha waves diminished.

“If you look closely, you can see that his penis has slightly thickened. If you look at the monitor, you can see that he’s watching teenagers performing fellatio on each other. This confirms the long-suspected hypothesis that boys are primarily penis-fixated, rather than gender locked. If I left this playing, I’m certain that Tommy would become fully aroused. Despite his antipathy towards homosexual activity, he is mildly aroused by watching boys getting their penises sucked.”


Doctor Harris switched off the video feed and the blood flow in Tommy’s penis returned to normal.

“Now for contrast,” Doctor Harris said, “let’s see what happens when we show him something heterosexual.”

Tommy’s mind was immediately filled with an image of two nubile young girls playing with each other’s tits. Beside them, from his viewpoint was young man. One stroked his straining cock and the other cupped his balls as they kissed each other.

In spite of himself, his penis immediately responded. The cuffs pushed against his erection, but his libido was a powerful and persistent engine, and in 20 seconds his pale, slender cock was straining.

He felt hands on it, then something pressed along its upper surface.

“4.8 inches,” Frank reported.

“I don’t think there can be any doubt at all about young Tommy’s sexual preferences do you?” Doctor Harris said.

There was laughter from all around. Although the headphones muffled and muted the sounds, Tommy guessed there were at least a dozen people in the room. All looking at his boner. He twisted his hips, groaning in distress, trying to will his hard dick to go down.

“Alright, take that off. I think it’s time to insert the probe Frank.”

“Yes Doctor Harris.”

Frank removed the cuffs from Tommy’s penis. A few moments later Tommy felt the man’s fingers spreading his buttocks, then there was something cold and slimy touching his ring. He squirmed, disgusted by the sensation. Then it was forcing its way inside him. He started shouting, his unintelligible words a mixture of protest and disgust.

Doctor Harris gripped the boy’s testicles through his hairless sack, tugging them gently and rolling them between his thumb and the side of his index finger.

“Settle down Tommy before things get painful for you.”

With the word “painful”, he lightly squeezed the boy’s right testicle. Tommy got the message and immediately shut up. He’d sooner be zapped than have his nuts squished!

His stiff bone still stood tall.

“What is that that Frank is inserting into the boy’s anus?” someone asked.

“It’s an electro-ejaculator. It will force him to orgasm on demand.”

“If you can induce them on demand, what’s the point of the pornography?”

“It keeps them horny. Horny boys are happy boys, and happy boys ejaculate more. To that end, we also utilise a penile stimulator.”

He pulled a pod down towards Tommy’s groin from a recess in the ceiling. It had a pivot head and an adjustable arm. He tilted the head upside down so that the visitors could see inside. Inside was a latex cylinder six inches across, with a narrow, puckered centre that bore an unmistakable resemblance to a smooth human sphincter. Dr Harris inserted his index finger.

“Tommy’s penis will go into this aperture. It’s tight and warm, designed to feel like a male anus. Contrary to popular belief, the best way to stimulate the penis is not with the traditional pumping fist technique no doubt frequently employed by this young man; it is a two-part rotating movement. Inside the head, a latex ring will encircle his penis just behind the glans. Once activated, this will rotate clockwise and anti-clockwise, 180 degrees at a time while pressing upwards against the coronal rim. Most boys find this almost unbearably stimulating on its own. However, there is another part; a small latex hood that lowers over the top of his glans, fully surrounding it. This also rotates, but in counter motion. Both are heated to 10 degrees above body temperature. With his glans completely encased by warm latex, every millimetre with be stimulated at all times. Moreover, we have found that the counter motion makes it quite impossible for the subject to resist. Even without the electro-ejaculator, a healthy boy can easily be induced to orgasm 30 times per day just with the penile stimulation. Long after his libido has failed, the stimulation will keep his penis hard, and the probe in his anus will force him to keep orgasming.”

“I notice you’re using the word “orgasm” as opposed to “ejaculate”. How many ejaculations will Tommy experience?”

“It’s impossible to tell. He hasn’t masturbated since he’s been here, so the first few will be easy. However, we haven’t developed his stamina and the drugs in his diet will take months before they reach full potency. Today, I think we can expect to see him ejaculate at least 7 or 8 times without much resistance. After that we should be able to get a similar number more from him with the ejaculator.”

“And then you’ll unhook him?”

Tommy listed to the people dispassionately discussing his fate as though he was just a specimen on a dissection table. His stumpy penis wilted, flopping back down to his belly.

“No, we’ll be inducing 25 orgasms from Tommy today. We don’t want to damage him, but we do want to increase his capacity as quickly as possible.”

“Won’t that be uncomfortable?”

“Oh yes, his penis and testicles will definitely be aching when he goes to bed tonight. A hot bath will help and we’ll give him pain killers. He’ll be fine to go again tomorrow.”

“Looks like he isn’t impressed at the future you have mapped out for him,” a woman said. “His little penis has quite lost its enthusiasm.”

Tommy heard the people around him laughing at his shrunken cock.

“Oh not to worry. It’s easy enough to rectify. You might find this interesting.”

With that, Doctor Harris leaned forwards and started tickling Tommy’s tummy and sides.

Tommy yelled, “Ah,” at the unexpected action, but it was not a shout of pain.

Doctor Harris continued tickling him. He moved his hands up under the boy’s armpits. The doctor tickled Tommy’s pits, then the soles of his feet, then the insides of his legs, his nipples. He even ran his fingertips through the boy’s thin-haired bush. Tommy squirmed, laughing against his will.

“Oh, oh,” he squealed. “Oh it,” he shouted trying to tell Doctor Harris “No, no” and to “Stop it.”

Doctor Harris didn’t comply, and soon to the amusement of the visitors, the boy’s penis rapidly grew into a stiff spike again.

The doctor continued until Tommy’s cock stood so stiff that it barely wobbled as he twisted and turned.

When he stopped, he looked down at the boy’s erection.

“Tickling stimulates a boy’s secondary erogenous zones,” Doctor Harris informed the audience. “Very few boys can last a minute without popping a boner. Just remember that the next time you tickle your sons. Point of interest, an erection is a great way to mollify a child. A quick tickle then leave him alone and he’ll be quiet for hours. Just don’t touch it or you’ll find yourselves in court!”

The audience laughed at the warning.



“Okay then, let’s get started. Frank, would you do the honours please?”

Tommy felt a greasy fist grip his penis. It wrapped around him, smearing lubricant along his shaft and glans, repeatedly spiralling from the base to the tip. When his dick was lubed, the hand disappeared. A moment later, he felt the warm latex touch his glans, then his penis was sliding inside. The hole was tight.

“There are multiple hole sizes. Tommy is using the smallest. His penis is still quite slim. The system is self-lubricating but we apply an initial coating just to keep things comfortable.”


The pod was a V shape. The hole was at the bottom of the V, the upper part spread out, moulding to the join between Tommy’s legs and his torso. He felt his penis going in, just short of his balls. The pod pressed down on him. He could no longer lift his hips or squirm from side the side.

“The unit calibrates the length to each subject’s penis,” Doctor Harris said.

He pressed a button and Tommy felt movement. The latex cuff slid down over the head of his penis, adjusting until it was touching the rear edge of his straining glans. With most guys, that flared rim gently curved back towards the shaft, but in Tommy’s case, it had a sharp right-angled edge, almost as though it was carved away. It meant that the corona was exceedingly sensitive even at the best of times. Many times, he’d had to ease off on his jacking because his dick was just too sensitive to continue.

The hood lowered over his glans. Its heat was comforting. The two parts did a couple of quick semi-circular rotations. Tommy winced in shock at how sensitive his cock felt. He squirmed, trying to close his legs or move away from the hood, but there was not even a gnat’s hair of movement. He got the overwhelming feeling that his boner was about to become his worst enemy. He tried desperately to will it away. He thought about his wrinkled old grandmother. Then his grandfather naked. They were images that held no arousal for him at all. Then Tommy realised he was thinking about his grandfather naked. He pushed it away, disgusted with himself, but it did nothing to diminish his arousal.

The latex gripping his shaft started moving. There were tiny beads behind the coating, massaging his shaft, keeping him hard.

“Okay, let’s fire him up then,” Doctor Harris said.

Tommy felt the three parts of the penile stimulator working in perfect harmony. His glans was surrounded by warm soft rubber, teasing every millimetre of its surface. The rear or the corona – a part that he did his best to avoid or at least to approach with the lightest touch, was being stroked in light circles.

He let out a long moan.

“Was that pleasure or discomfort?” a woman asked.

“Almost certainly both,” Doctor Harris replied. “The experience is undoubtedly erotic, but he’ll be finding that this type of masturbation is far more stimulating than anything he’s ever experienced. The boys find it very uncomfortable as well as highly arousing for the first few months until their penile sensitivity drops a little.”


Tommy was also uncomfortably aware of the ejaculator in his anus. Although he had not seen it, it was a plastic cylinder, six inches long and an inch across. At the top, there were a row of parallel metal bars that curved around the head, and served as contacts, delivering the current to his prostate. It was set on a low voltage, producing a feeling of constant excitement in his anus. Tommy felt his butthole vibrating as though it was trying to suck more of the ejaculator into him.


Doctor Harris turned to his assistant.

“Let’s get the video playing now Frank.”

Frank clicked a button on his screen, then activated a playlist. The audience could see what was being fed to Tommy’s brain via the mask. It was a hardcore gay scene involving boys a few years older than him. Tommy whimpered. He didn’t want to see this. He didn’t want to see this. HE DID NOT WANT TO SEE THIS! But he couldn’t prevent it. It made not difference if he closed his eyes. The mask electromagnetically modified the imaging and auditory centres of his brain. He couldn’t look away; couldn’t block out the sounds.

His dick was so hard and he was so horny but he was watching two young guys. The younger-looking one was on his back with his legs over his head whilst the older one slowly drilled him, fucking him deeply.


“I imagine there’s some resistance to the images. How long does it usually take for the subject to achieve orgasm?”

“Actually, Tommy already ejaculated 10 seconds ago.”

“But it’s only been 45 seconds!”

“Yes, and his first orgasm was at 35 seconds. I told you, the penile stimulator is extremely compelling.”

“Gosh it must be.”

“He’ll probably orgasm at least twice more in the next five minutes, then the rate will slow. After that we’ll use the electro-ejaculator to induce an orgasm every 15 minutes. Over the months, that frequency will increase significantly. Our highest producers orgasm approximately every 5 minutes.”

“How long is that for?”

“Eight-hour shifts.”

“Christ, that’s…” the speaker did some quick mental arithmetic. “That’s almost 100 orgasms in a day.”

“As I said,” Doctor Harris acknowledged with an indulgent smile.

“Looking at how high the young man’s testicles are riding, I’d say he was close to a second orgasm,” a woman said as dryly though she was describing the colour of paint on the walls. Without asking, she leaned forwards and lightly gripped his testicles. They were two small orbs clinging to the root of his penis on either side, each angled diagonally as if trying to get as close to his cock as possible.


Tommy could hear them talking about him. They surrounded the table, looking down at him with curiosity. The idea of a dozen adults casually discussing his penis, his testicles and how horny he was mortifying to him. But he was also preoccupied by the gay porn he was involuntarily watching.

The top had pulled his dick out of the bottom’s asshole and was frantically masturbating. He came hard, spraying the bottom kid’s face with a gusher of jizz. Tommy was disgusted, but he was also so very horny. The kid on the bottom smiled up at his friend as the jizz coated his face and went into his mouth. Tommy wanted almost nothing less than to watch two guys fucking, but he couldn’t look away. Despite himself, he looked at the kid’s face. He looked so happy. Why? There was jizz actually on his tongue. Why didn’t he spit it out? Tommy found himself wondering what it tasted like.

The top started jacking the bottom off. The kid’s fat prick was soft and short whilst he was being fucked, but it immediately got hard in his friend’s hand. The top pushed his hard cock back into the bottom’s hole as he jacked him. The bottom looked gratefully up at him.

Tommy’s own prick was so hard. The stimulator was driving him crazy. He wanted it off but he also wanted to cum desperately. The woman was still touching his nuts.

In the video, the bottom came, adding his cum to that of his friend, pouring down from his dick onto his own face with a smile. Moments after the bottom started to cum, Tommy joined him, his own libido synchronised with the action. He already felt as though he was part of the action.


He lay naked, his arms and legs spread wide, as the machine masturbated him. His hard dick strained inside the machine. The idea disgusted him. He wasn’t a specimen; an animal to be milked for their curiosity. He was entitled to privacy. Around him, Tommy could hear the scientists or doctors or whatever the fuck they were, discussing his balls. He was acutely aware of all the scientists watching him spurt, but a large part of him was still in the room with the two fuck buddies.


“Oh his testicles actually visibly contracted that time. I’ve never seen that before,” a woman said. “And I felt them constrict in my fingers.”

“Yes,” Doctor Harris answered. “The boys orgasm extremely hard. It’s not uncommon to see a visible testicular pulsing as they orgasm.”

“Is that in spite of the video or because of it?” a male voice asked.

“Well it’s certainly no coincidence that Tommy’s orgasm came just a second or two after the young man in the video feed. No matter how resistant our subjects are, by the end of the first 8 hours, their incidental orgasms tend to be synchronised with the climax of males in the video.”


“Ah yes, sorry. As I said, the electro-ejaculator forces the boys to orgasm at pre-set intervals – every 15 minutes in Tommy’s case. But the boys will frequently experience additional libido-driven orgasms in between. We call those incidentals.”

“So the boys will orgasm more frequently than the programmed number, or do you decrease the total to compensate?”

“Oh no, we definitely don’t alter the program. Most boys will ejaculate between 10 and 20 percent more than their allotted frequency. These incidentals usually come early in the shift.”




Tommy was now watching a kid almost his own age. The kid was laying on his bed on his back with just his shoulders touching the bed. His legs were back behind his head and he was sucking his own penis. Tommy wondered how the kid was so flexible. The kid made his dick look like the most delicious thing he’d ever tasted. He was slurping and licking it with enormous gusto. Tommy’s own dick was incredibly hard. Unrelentingly hard. He wondered if he was capable of sucking his own penis. What would his mouth feel like? His tongue would be hot, and wet. It looked enjoyable. The hot, wet glans massager was working Tommy’s dick over good, but in his mind, already, the lines between the video and what he was feeling started to blur…

The kid continued to suck. His nuts tightened, then white cream was leaking from the edges of his mouth, and running down his shaft. The kid made hungry, eager sounds. They mixed with the noise of his slurping. Tommy momentarily forgot about the people in the room. He looked at the jizz dribbling down the shaft of the kid’s dick. The kid clearly loved it. He could imagine how good it would feel to suck his own dick. He would have to try it sometime. He…

Tommy came hard.



Just under eight hours later, the video feed stopped and Tommy felt the buds being removed from his ears.

“Watch your eyes Tommy, I’m taking the mask off,” Frank warned.

Tommy squinted as the mask was lifted, opening his eyes more as they adjusted to the overhead LED strip lights. He looked around, and to his dismay, the table was surrounded by people. He didn’t count, but there were in fact 18 scientists all looking down at him.

Frank lifted the hood from Tommy’s penis, and his hard prick slid out, sticking out at 90 degrees from his body.

The man retracted the electro-ejaculator from Tommy’s anus an Tommy felt his sphincter snap shut with a mixture of relief and disappointment. Intellectually he knew that he was supposed to hate anything in his ass, but his body felt its absence, and his libido craved its stimulation.

“Tommy, these people are going to ask you some questions. I want you to answer them as honestly as you can.”

Tommy glowered at the doctor.

“Can I get dressed first?”

“No, I think you’ll be more inclined to be cooperative if we save that as a reward.”

Tommy looked down at his straining prick then at the scientists standing around him, and blushed.

A woman to his side asked, “Tommy how do you feel after 25 orgasms?”

He looked at her with a scowl, his lips drawn into a tight oval.


“And what about the program? How did it feel while it was milking you?”

“I was horny. Very horny.”

“Would you call it a pleasant experience?” someone else asked.

“At times. Other times not.”

“When was it NOT pleasant?”

Tommy looked at Harris.

“Please, do we HAVE to do this now? I’m so tired and thirsty. Can you at least cover me up?”

“No Tommy, you’re going to spend a lot of your time naked from now on. The sooner you get over feeling embarrassed, the happier you’ll be.”

Tommy’s expression was stormy – halfway between anger and tears.

“Answer the doctor’s question,” Harris prompted.

“What was it again?” Tommy asked sulkily.

“When was the milking experience NOT pleasant?” the man repeated.

Tommy thought for a few moments.

“When that thing in my butt zapped me and made me finish.”

“So, you enjoyed watching the gay porn?”

Tommy quickly objected.

“No, that’s not what I meant!”

“So how DO you feel about gay porn now?”

Tommy scowled and shrugged. The scientists around him laughed. He looked up at the ceiling unhappily.

Someone else spoke.

“We noticed that by just your second orgasm, they were synchronised in time with the orgasms of the people you were watching. Would it be fair to say that you were aroused; turned on by their activities?”

“No. The machine makes you finish then.”

“Actually, that’s not true,” Doctor Harris interjected. “We ARE planning to synchronise the electro-ejaculator with the video. Early experiments show that subjects can be converted 50% faster. But what you witnessed was a form of entrainment. In spite of his initial resistance to the subject matter, Tommy’s libido rapidly became entrained to the video action. It tends to happen more quickly with younger subjects.”

Tommy blushed a deep crimson as the doctor revealed that he had cum because he was into the action, not because he was forced. And to make it worse, his dick was twitching, bouncing as though it liked the memory.


The questions continued for 15 minutes before the scientists finally filed out of the lab and left Frank alone with Tommy. Frank called in the two guards and Tommy was released from the table. He climbed off the table, put his hospital scrubs back on, and was led back towards his room.

As they walked along the long corridor, his legs were wobbly as a new-born foal, the insides of his thighs robbed of all strength by so many orgasms. The guards supported him under his armpits, as they did every boy who had just been milked.

Tommy walked quietly between them.

“You have a good time kid?” a guard asked.

“No. My balls hurt. And my dick.”

“That goes away.”

They passed some technicians and they looked at Tommy and grinned.

“How long am I going to stay here?”

“No idea.”


“So, you like dicks now then kid?” the guard asked.

“No!” Tommy lied.

“Whatever you say kid.”

They passed more technicians and they grinned too.

“Why is everyone grinning at me?” Tommy asked.

“Maybe it’s that tent peg sticking out the front of your pants.”

Tommy looked down. He was still hard, and there was indeed a significant bulge tenting his light cotton trousers. He lowered his hands to bend it up inside the waistband but it was too hard to bend.

The guards laughed at his ineffective efforts.

“How long… how long am I gonna have this?”

“I dunno. An hour. Couple of hours. However long it takes for your dick to forget the fun it’s had today. You can always jack off while you wait for dinner.”

“I don’t ever want to do that again.”

“You will kid. Believe me, you will.”

Tommy considered the guard’s words and walked silently as they lead him to his room.

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