Milking college – An Interdimensional milking prequel – Part 3

forced milking

The new students awaken to discover their new lives.

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 Milking college – An Interdimensional milking prequel – Part 3

Two and a half hours after being knocked out, measured, and stripped of his body hair and his foreskin, Carter came around. Or rather, the sound of angrily shouting teenagers roused him. He was one of the last to regain consciousness thanks to his proximity to the gas nozzle that had rendered them all unconscious in the first place.

He blinked and looked around him. The last two boys to come around were also blinking awake. But he was unconcerned about them. He was more interested in the fact that he was naked and secured in one of the stations in the arousal room. He was sitting on a padded cushion on the floor and his arms were secured to the wall beside his head. His feet were cuffed with canvas restraints to the ground and his knees were pulled wide apart.

He looked down at himself and he was shocked to discover that he no longer had a foreskin; instead his penis was clipped neatly behind his glans.

Around him, his 19 dorm companions were similarly restrained. Carter looked at them. They were all naked as well, and smooth as babies between their legs. He’d never seen any of them naked, but he felt it was unlikely that they had all opted to shave their pubes. He looked between his own legs to confirm what he had not noticed on first look; that he was also pink and smooth.

He was already somewhat self-conscious about his three-inch penis, but without its foreskin, it was even shorter.  Worse still, the absence of pubes left it exposed and pathetic-looking, dangling like a short, boneless thumb between his legs, its newly exposed head dangling like a button mushroom from the end.


There were no other males in the room apart from Proctor Haas and some technicians, so this was either a duplicate of the room they had seen earlier, or its former occupants had been moved elsewhere.

Haas stood in the middle of the room smiling. Many of the students were shouting at him. Some were shouting profanities; some threats; some were asking why they were there and what had been done to them.

Haas raised a finger to his lips and shushed the boys, but that only seemed to anger the more aggressive students and the volume level rose.

Haas showed everyone a remote control he was holding, and slowly, theatrically, he lowered his finger. When it reached the unit, all 20 boys felt an excruciating pain in their necks where they were all wearing collars. The students screamed and yelped, the muscles in their necks cording in pain as the young men contorted and strained.

The proctor took his finger off the unit and the current ceased. The shouting resumed, angrier than ever, and he pressed the button again.

Again he took his finger off the unit and repeated his shooshing gesture, and this time, as one, the boys complied, instead scowling at him with silent and undisguised fury and hatred.


“I’m sorry to do that,” Haas said. “I genuinely am, but a demonstration is ALWAYS necessary.”

The boys glowered at him.

“I’d like to welcome you to your new roles as semen donors to the Human Expansion program.”

“I didn’t agree to become a donor,” one young man growled in a surly tone.

“No, you didn’t Flip, but then I never suggested that anyone here was a willing donor.”

“How long will we be here?” another boy asked.

“I can’t answer that because I don’t know. At least as long as your studies would have lasted. You’ll still be doing those so that you have useful skills when you leave.”

“But I’m on a four-year certification,” Weelyum said.

“Me too,” another two boys concurred.

Carter felt sick. He’d signed up for a 6-year master certification in planetary colonisation. A free certification was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a boy with no family, but now the opportunity was not looking so attractive.

He looked down at himself. His penis was shrivelled and pathetic.


“Anyway, you all know the purpose of this room. We’re going to start light. Only 4 hours ‘till dinner. I expect that will be plenty for your first day. We’ll quickly build you up to 12 hours don’t you worry, ” he said, as though he was telling them something they’d be happy to hear.

He nodded to a nearby technician and the man entered something on portable pad. Immediately, Carter felt a tingling in his groin as the electro stimulators hidden in the floor beneath his station activated. With shocking rapidity, his penis started to rise between his legs, achieving a full and throbbing erection in less than ten seconds. He glanced around and he could see that his fellow students all exhibited similar erections. His was not large, but it was pressed up against his belly exposing his balls. Then he realised the inhibitors were attached to his testicles.

Already, he was feeling horny. There was a pleasant churning sensation in his balls that he usually experienced when he was on the final approach to an orgasm. He wondered how the technician had made him feel so horny.

“One more thing before I leave you,” the proctor said, “those inhibitors are biologically fused to your skin with wires buried all the way through your testicles. Unless you want to painfully rip your testicles to shreds, I do not suggest that you ever try to remove them. I’m going to leave you now. You’ll be collected in time for dinner.”


Haas left the room and moments later the screens flickered on and raunchy gay pornography started playing. Three teenagers about Carter’s age were laying on the floor in a circle noisily fellating each other with enthusiastic gusto.

Carter looked away from the screen but he could still hear the action, and wherever he looked, he could see his fellow students sitting with straining erections. His own erection was already incredibly hard. Usually he would be happy to get this hard, but then, if he was this turned on, usually he knew that he would soon be ejaculating.

He tried to rise from his seated position, but with his knees secured so widely apart, as he rose, it pulled them even further apart, limiting his vertical motion to just six inches. He noticed other students also trying similar manoeuvres, and testing the restraints that held their wrists and ankles. All quickly came to the same conclusion he had; that escape was not option.

Across and two stations along from him, Weelyum sat, his ten-inch erect penis swaying like the neck of a giraffe as he struggled. Carter glanced at then looked away, but his eyes were drawn back. He was in awe of its length. Directly opposite, a kid with a seven-inch dick as thick as a soda can wore a grimace. His nuts were as large as small plums, hanging in a loose sack. Carter would normally be jealous of such virile genitals, but looking at the pained expression on the young man’s face, Carter wondered if his nuts were now a liability rather than an asset.

Carter tried closing his eyes to cut out the sight of the male lust surrounding him in every direction. He told himself that if he could just relax enough and ignore it, that his own lust wouldn’t be a problem and he could maybe even sleep his way through this, like he did when he got a boner in the middle of the night. But he was sorely mistaken. Without the visual distraction, he could still hear the participants on the screens, and soon his fellow donors started adding their own voices as they attempted to cope with their own high-levels of arousal.

“Oh, my fucking god!” someone complained.


Carter heard the boys on the video sucking each other.

“I wish would suck my dick,” Carter thought, “Even a guy. Then I would be able to cum.”

“Fuck! What am I thinking?!” he thought to himself in alarm, suddenly aware that he was fantasising about a male sucking his dick.

He opened his eyes quickly, frowning in disgust. The boy opposite him was staring intently at Carter’s dick, his own penis rising and falling as he tensed and relaxed the muscles in an effort to urge an orgasm. Carter squirmed as though he could somehow hide his modest privates from the guy, but there was no chance and now it felt as though he had been secured in this position with the primary goal of displaying his genitals to the guys opposite. Their eyes met and the other guy blushed and looked away quickly, but his penis continued twitching.


Carter’s arousal grew and grew. He could hear the groaning growing around him, and he felt as though he was in the middle of a Roman orgy. Several young men were squirming, already pushed way past the point where they were ready to orgasm. He could hear some of them begging for release now, desperate to relieve the excitement.

Carter had tried gooning before; teasing his cock slowly, then stopping repeatedly as he felt his excitement reaching critical, but this was different. He was already way past that point. He felt as though his balls had actually passed the point of no return, but they couldn’t take the step that was necessary to start squirting. It was like a massive sneeze that you just can’t take, but a hundred times worse. His sap was way beyond critical; his balls were fat with cum; his dick throbbed and bounced, but he just… couldn’t… cum! It was infuriating. He felt like a dog on heat that would gladly suffer the indignity of humping its owner’s leg for the relief of a desperately-needed orgasm.


Carter wanted desperately to tough it out; to show more dignity and self-restraint, but just fifteen minutes after the machine had started stimulating him, he would have given almost anything to cum. He would not have believed he could get this turned on without even touching his dick. Having his knees pulled apart was exasperating. It made him feel exposed and vulnerable, but it also limited his range of movement and prevented him from even attempting to rub his penis between his thighs in a vain effort to attain enough stimulation for an orgasm. Not that it would have worked. The inhibitors on his balls guaranteed that he would never again experience an orgasm until they were removed or neutralised. He was frustrated almost to the point of yelling.

He squirmed on the padded seat, his wide knees limiting how far he could twist. Between his thighs, his insistent boner bounced and twitched. He could see sticky clear fluid hanging from the end. He’d never produced precum before, but he was certainly producing it now.

Some of the other teenagers already had puddles forming beneath their dicks. He looked down the opposite line and a couple of boys were lifting and dropping their hips as far as the restraints allowed, air humping, symbolically fucking an invisible partner. But he could tell from their anguished expressions that it was doing nothing to ease their torment.


3 hours 30 minutes later, the room was full of groaning, heaving, crying, sighing, writhing, perspiring boys and it stank like a teenager’s bedroom.

Eight of the boys had already fallen into the trance-like state that Haas pointed out earlier. They were so overwhelmed by their unsatiated arousal that their minds had dissociated from their conscious thoughts and retreated into a place where the only part of them that existed was their genitals and their lust.

There was a puddle of clear fluid larger than a dining room plate between Carter’s legs, pooling on the vinyl seat pad and dribbling off the sides onto the syncrete floor. Carter was staring at the gay porn on the monitor. At some point, he had irrationally decided that if he could just get turned on enough, he could somehow circumvent or overload the inhibitors on his testicles, and the only way to do that was to watch the porn and fantasise that he was part of the varying scenarios that played. Right now, a young man on the screen was wrapped in a rubber body suit with just his erect penis protruding, whilst two others stimulated his straining cock with vibrating massagers. The scene concluded when the boy had an immense orgasm, but Carter couldn’t join him. He groaned in frustration and his cock twitched in sync with the victim’s pumping dick, but Carter did not; could not join him in the bliss of an orgasmic release.


Then something happened. It took the boys a minute to notice. The stimulator field switched off. Most remained horny long after, their cocks hard and twitching.

Those guys who had remained in control of their faculties were relieved as the desperate need for orgasm faded. Even without the stimulator field, Carter wished he could nut. He looked down at himself. His testicles were swollen from the hours of unsatiated lust; the ultimate case of blue balls. But at least his cock was not so insistent.

The boys who had gone into a trance took ten to fifteen minutes to return from the place of endless arousal and lust where they had existed.

Eventually, Haas and multiple arrived and started releasing the young men

“Okay gentlemen, that’s it for the day. For obvious reasons, you will not be at liberty to wander freely around the campus. You must at all times stay within the yellow painted lines on the ground. Any variance, or an attempt to escape will result in punishment for you AND the rest of your dorm mates. And just in case that does not provide enough incentive, there are compliance fields all over the campus. If you step ten feet outside the lines, your collars will activate. Another ten feet and the pain will be excruciating. Should you somehow make it 30 feet, the pain will be sufficient to render you unconscious. This can have permanent consequences on your brains, but I would remind you, we don’t need you with your intellects intact to continue harvesting your semen.

“Can we at least get our clothes?” one boy asked.

“Sorry but Spunk Monkeys don’t wear clothes,” Haas said.

“Excuse me?”

“Oh, I’m sorry. That’s your nickname among the staff. That’s all you all you are here. Testicles on legs. An extremely rich source of sperm.”

“Mr Haas,” a boy said.

The proctor turned to him.

“Yes Byran.”

“Can we PLEASE get some clothes? I really don’t want to be walking around ordinary people naked. Especially with a boner.”

There was a murmur of agreement among the others in the cohort.

“Ahh, well, to address the second bit first, you may find that your erections remain for some considerable time – as much as two hours. Hyper-stimulation tends to cause priapism.”

“Pria what?”

“Prolonged erections. As for your clothes, Spunk Monkeys don’t wear clothes. In fact, it is a strict rule that you do not even cover yourselves even with your hands”

“What? Why not?!”

“The sooner you realise that you are all just a source of semen, the quicker you will adapt to your roles. Modesty is for citizens. While you are with us, you enjoy no such luxury I’m afraid. Spunk Monkeys ejaculate. Endlessly, for hours on end. Everything else here is just provided to keep you alive while you do so. We could just restrain you and take it from you 24 hours a day.” He interrupted himself. “Ha ha. Listen to me. You can tell I grew up on Earth. 28 hours a day sorry. There are some Spunk Monkeys here that we harvest from like that. Totally immobilised, with testicles the size of bean bags, forced to watch virtual pornography and fed intravenously. They were trouble-makers and will probably never go free as you eventually will. Don’t be your own worst enemies. Obey the rules, endure the impositions, and your stay here will be far more pleasant.”

“So, we can’t even cover our boners?”

“No. In fact, if any member of staff sees you, or you are spotted on one of the dozens of sec-cams around the campus, we’ll impose an extra hour at the minimum to your day in the endurance room.”

The proctor opened the door and allowed the teenagers out of the building, and with their hard cocks bouncing in front like arrows pointing the way, the boys of cohort 32 filed out of the building.


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