Virtual reality, mind control, first gay experience

A military research unit carries out experiments of a decidedly sexual nature.

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The two 19-year-old soldiers looked at each other then back at the psy-tech chief. It was weird being naked in front of two people who was fully clothed. The two young men stood side by side, almost as though drawing strength from each other, feeling like animals in a zoo.

“Okay Defenders, are you both ready?” Captain Crane asked.

“Yes sir,” Holt said.

“Sir,” Johnson confirmed.

“Excellent. Well, you know you’ll both receive quadruple credits this month, plus 28 days R&R starting immediately after the test.”

It was the money and the time off that had attracted them both to the trial.

“Do you have any more questions before we get started?”

“Yes sir,” Johnson said, “So we’ll be seeing virtual porn. Will we be aware of it?”

“Yes, that’s correct, and no, you will not be consciously aware, although your mental and physiological responses will remain the same.”

“Okay, thank you sir.”

“And you’ll be measuring to see how horny we get?” Holt asked.

“No, this is not about measuring precisely how strongly you respond to the simulation – that will be perfectly apparent in any case. That’s why we are only experimenting with men in their prime such as you two. The most important detail will be how immersive the simulations are and how quickly you respond to various scenarios. If they are not totally convincing, they may not serve their purpose extracting information from captured combatants or agents.”

Neither of the volunteers asked for clarification about what the phrase “perfectly apparent” meant. They were going to be watching virtual porn. Naked.  It would be impossible to hide it when they were turned on.


“One more thing,” Holt added. “Are you sure that we can last for two days without water?”

“You won’t be surviving without water. IVs will ensure that you both remain hydrated, and we’ll be monitoring you for the entire time.”

“Oh, right yes. I forgot,” Holt said feeling foolish.


“Any more questions?” the captain asked patiently.

Neither of the two naked young soldiers who stood before him said a word.

“Alright then. Well, on behalf of Psy Counter Ops, once again, thank you for volunteering. Shall we get started? Who’s going to go first?”

Johnson shrugged.

“Guess it might as well be me.”

“Very good,” the captain said.

He gestured to one of the two VR stations.

“Would you like to come over here and sit down please.”

Defender Johnson walked over to the station. It was less of a chair and more of a sloping plastic platform, shaped to fit the two hemispheres of his bottom. He sat against it. The angle was just deep enough so that he didn’t slip off the seat.

“Please put your hands by your sides Johnson.”

Johnson did as he was told and Captain Crane lifted two cylinders up from the ground. Each rose along Johnson’s dangling arms to the elbows.

“Safety restraints,” Crane explained.

He pressed a button and soft liners inside the cylinders inflated, trapping Johnson’s arms. Then the cylinders retreated backwards and downwards until Johnson’s arms were pulled tight, holding him in a semi-sitting position.


Crane pulled a cranial unit out from a storage location at the back of the VR station. It comprised a rear mounting block, and a visor that swung shut across the front of the user’s face at eye level. Johnson looked inside.

“Video?” he asked.

“Oh no, we’re way beyond that. This system projects directly into your brain. Does the audio too. Doesn’t even matter if your eyes are closed.”

“Holy shit!” Johnson said, impressed.

Crane pressed the shaped plastic block against the back of Johnson’s head, then he closed the front visor, pivoting it on its hinge into position. Once it was closed, he adjusted it until the padded rim was pressed snugly against the front of Johnson’s face.

“How’s that feel, comfortable?” Crane asked.

“Yeah, it’s fine but does it matter that I can still see light around the edges?”

“Nope, not at all. You won’t see or hear anything but the simulation once we get started.”

“Ah, okay, that’s fine then.”


Crane looked to a technician sitting at a mobile control desk eight feet away. The technician was watching the proceedings attentively. Crane nodded and the man started to make adjustments on his panel. He moved his hand down an onscreen slider and a large piece of equipment lowered quietly from the ceiling, coming to a rest above and in front of Johnson’s head.

The front had a cluster of glass rods of different sizes protruding from it.

“Looks like a laser from a 1950’s sci fi movie,” Holt observed.

“Yes, I suppose it does,” Crane agreed nodding. “But it actually creates an electrical field that produces the VR sim. We call it the generator.”

At his desk, the technician was making various adjustments, then the inside of each of the cylinders lit up in various colours, creating a haze of coloured light around Johnson’s head.

“I can see something,” Johnson observed. “Lights, but they’re blurry. Oh wait, now it’s mountains, but I can’t quite…”

He stopped narrating mid-sentence.

“Simulation active Captain,” the technician reported.

The captain explained what was happening to Holt.

“The simulation is locked in and calibrated. Johnson isn’t aware of anything outside the simulation any more. We just have one more test to perform.”

Holt looked at his bunk mate. To his surprise, the young soldier’s penis rose from his lap in less than half a dozen powerful surges, coming to a rest pointing upwards at 45 degrees. Holt sniggered.

“Way to go Johnson!”

Johnson’s penis was obviously extremely hard.


“Okay, the system is working properly. Easiest way to test the simulation,” Crane explained.

“You gonna do that to me too?” Holt asked.

“Of course. Like I said, it’s the easiest way to test that the simulation is working.”

Crane turned to the technician.

“Okay Williams, I think that’s enough.”

The technician turned off the stimulator.


“Right then, your turn,” The captain said to Holt.

Holt glanced at his friend. Johnson was breathing slowly and didn’t appear to be in any discomfort.

Crane gestured to the other VR station and Holt walked over to it and sat down, dangling his arms ready for the restraint. Crane locked the arm restraints into place and reached for the headpiece.

Before he could attach it, Holt turned and glanced at his friend’s lap. Johnson’s penis was slowly wilting. Holt smiled then turned his head and allowed Crane to attach the visor. When it was in place, Holt sat listening, and he could hear the second generator slowly lowering into place.

Before the VR device was activated Holt said with a grin, “Hey Captain, just promise me one thing okay?”

“And what’s that Holt?”

“No gay porn okay?”

“Ha ha! Well I can’t promise anything.”

“Wait, what?!”

Then Holt’s entire reality changed.



It was dark. He was sitting on a couch and someone was between his legs, their hands on his knees, holding them apart. The person was sucking his penis and gently finger-fucking him.

In the lab, Holt’s penis rose in his lap. It was over 8 inches long.

“Hmmm, well-endowed boy,” Crane observed. “They really do look younger and younger don’t they? I don’t think Johnson has even started shaving yet.”

“No sir,” Williams agreed.

“Okay then,” Crane said, “Let’s move to stage 2.”

Williams activated a command, and beneath each of the young men, a warm, lubricated latex dildo rose and slowly forced its way into each of their rectums.


In his simulation, Holt reached over and picked up the remote and pointed it at the wall switch. The lights raised just enough so that he could see who was between his legs.

“Mmmm you always give such great head Ben,” he said to the guy sucking his penis.

Johnson lifted his mouth from his roommate’s lap.

“Yeah, that’s ‘cause you’ve got such a great dick!”


In his simulation, Johnson looked down at a perfect representation of Holt’s penis.

Holt said, “Sick man, but it’s not fair that I get all the fun. Come here and let me suck you for a while.”

Ben rose to his feet then climbed onto the couch, moving forwards and bending his legs until his five and half inch erection hovered in front of his friend’s mouth.

“Already hard,” Holt observed with a smile.

“Of course. Sucking you always does that to me!”

In his simulation, Holt boinged the hard cock in front of him. It barely moved.

“No shit!”

He opened his mouth and started expertly sucking Johnson’s penis, relishing it noisily, going to work on it like a porn star trying out for an award.

“Fuuuck man, “Johnson said, “You’re gonna make me nut in no time if you go on like that.”

“That’s okay, we can always fuck afterwards. You know you’re never satisfied with just once in any case.”

“Yean Carter, you know me too well! But tell you what, why don’t we 69 for a while? See if we can last a whole hour.”

“An hour? Dude, I’m not gonna last five more minutes!”

The two young friends lay side by side on the deep-carpeted floor, heads facing the other’s groin, then leaned forwards and started to gently fellate each other.


In the real world, Crane and Williams watched the two men’s penises straining. The two would never get as hard again as they would be over the next two days. The VR program could make them excited and horny beyond their wildest dreams. The technician watched the screen. The two young men had perfectly replaced the characters in the carefully crafted pornography. Every test subject experienced the simulation as themselves, interacting with their bunk mate. The system even managed to integrate each subject’s self-image of himself, rather than his actual appearance and persona.


In the simulator, time passed far quicker than in the real world. Over the next 48 hours, the two men would experience hundreds of sexual scenarios together. Crane looked at the monitor. From the remote view, he could see the men standing up from their 69 position. Johnson dropped to his hands and knees, looking back over his shoulder and beckoning Holt to take him. Holt moved in behind and carefully inserted his penis…




As the 46th hour of the simulation began, the dildos were withdrawn from the two young Defender’s rectums. The men had both vibrated almost constantly for the past two days as the Realskin™ dildos drilled their holes, and it would be several days before their rectums fully recovered from the assault. The dildos were not necessary for the simulation – indeed neither of the men were even aware of their presence. However, they did condition the subject’s rectums to crave the sensation of a hard cock within.


In the 47th hour, a menial entered the lab and cleaned the young men up. Both Johnson and Holt were complete caked with dried (and not so dried) semen, and the floor around them was stained and puddled with it.  Crane found that it was unsettling to the subjects when they returned to reality in that condition, so he ensured that the test area was pristine when they were revived.


As the 48th hour drew to a close, the technician activated the cool-down routine. The scenarios stopped playing, and the two generators started producing powerful delta waves, woven together with an experimental neural wave that wiped the subjects’ memories of all events since the shared VR simulations began.

After 15 minutes of intense neural bombardment, the technician deactivated the cool down. He looked to Crane.

“Cool down complete. Shall I bring them out sir?”

Crane looked at the two naked men. They had been seated for 48 hours, completely unmoving except for the occasional drooping then rising of their penises as they were allowed to lose their erections at intervals to prevent the risk of blood clots.

“Yes Williams, I think that should be more-than-sufficient don’t you?”

The technician gave a wry grin.

“Yes Captain, more than enough.”


The generators were shut down and the headsets removed from the two men. They both blinked, their eyes unused to light.

“Good afternoon gentlemen. That’s 48 hours. All done. Thank you for your service.”

“Two days already?” Johnson said, amazed. “I feel like I only just started.”

“Me too,” Holt agreed. “Except I’m starving.”

“There’s food over here. You can get a bite, then we need to run you through a full physical to ensure that you’re both a hundred percent. Then you can get dressed and go back to your bunk. You’ve got a full month of leave, although you’re going to have to stay on base so that we can check up on you. A heads up; neither of you is likely to be much in the mood for masturbating for at least a few days, maybe even several weeks. That’s perfectly normal after such a prolonged period of arousal.”

“I don’t remember anything from the VR, is that normal too?” Holt asked.

“Absolutely. Completely normal. I’m afraid that’ll never come back to you. We used inhibitors to prevent the formation of long-term memory engrams,” Crane said.

He didn’t feel the need to tell them that the generator had made permanent changes to their hypothalamuses, affecting their subconscious responses. If this technology was to be used to reprogram entire attacking armies on the battle field, it was essential that it passed the most challenging of test situations first.



Eight days later

“I’m gonna go to the rec later. There’s a game on at 7.30. Fancy a couple of games of pool first?” Johnson asked.

“Yeah sure,” Holt responded. “I’m just gonna take a shower first.”

He stripped and entered the shower they shared. He adjusted the water and a few moments later, clouds of steam rose as he lathered his face.

“You don’t mind if I jump in do you?” Johnson said.

He stepped into the small shower cubical without waiting for a response.

“Dude!” Holt protested, “What the fuck?!”

“Chill Carter. It’s already 6.45. If you wanna get a couple of racks in before the game, I can’t wait around while you wash your hairy ass for half an hour!”

Holt grinned and grudgingly accepted the explanation, then he moved over to make space for his friend.

“At least mine’s not baby-smooth!” he joked, moving further into the shower.

He turned his back so that they weren’t standing dick to dick in the cramped cubicle.

He did his best to ignore the proximity of Johnson’s naked body, but it was difficult when the man kept nudging against him.

“I can barely move with you in here,” he grumbled. “Can you try and keep your bare ass to yourself?!”

“Ah quit whining,” Johnson said good naturedly.

“I’ll whine if I want to motherfucker,” Holt said, grinning at the wall. “I was here first remember?”


Holt washed his torso, then to his surprise, he felt Johnson’s hands on his shoulders. He whirled around.

“What are you doing?!” he asked in a panic.

“Washing your back.”

Holt looked him in the eye for several seconds and Johnson stared innocently right back at him. Eventually, Holt turned away slowly, allowing his friend to continue.

“Okay, but no faggy stuff.”


Johnson smiled to himself and rubbed soap suds into Holt’s shoulders. He rubbed his hands in small circles, moving lower and lower. As his hands moved downwards, he could feel Holt tensing up. He couldn’t help but let out a snigger.

“What are you laughing about?” Holt said to the wall.

“You, you fucktard, you’re fucking terrified.”

“I’m just wondering how low you’re gonna go homo!”

Johnson’s hands were already at the small of Holt’s back. He lowered them to the globes of his ass cheeks.

“How about here?”


Johnson slipped his soapy hand between Holt’s legs and gripped his friend’s nuts. Holt jumped as though Johnson had zapped him with a cattle prod.

“Or here?” Johnson said. ”Gotta keep these clean too.”

Holt froze up, still as a statue, staring at the wall in disbelief as Johnson continued soaping up his low nuts.

“Gotta be thorough here,” Johnson said. “nothing worse than sweaty nuts.”

Holt stood paralysed, his mind racing, allowing Johnson to wash his nuts for over a minute. Then Johnson started running his soapy hand between the cheeks of Holt’s hairy ass, allowing his finger tips to brush the man’s starfish from time to time.

Johnson leaned forwards and in a low voice, he said into Holt’s ear, “This is even more important. Nothing matters more than good hygiene.”

It was like a scene from a badly-scripted gay porn movie, yet Holt allowed him to continue.

“Why don’t you turn around and I’ll do the front too,” Johnson said.

Holt turned slowly. He looked his friend in the face and Johnson smiled reassuringly then started washing Holt’s chest, slowly working his way down, across his well-defined abs and down his treasure trail. He let his fingers linger in Holt’s pubes for a while, using the tips to scratch through the young man’s bush to the skin beneath. Then he slid lower and gripped Holt’s hose.

Holt watched Johnson as he worked his way towards his cock, and at every level, all of his masculine instincts told him to scream “STOP!” and shove his roommate from the shower with all his strength. But truth be told, he didn’t want Johnson to stop.

“What’s this?” Johnson asked playfully as Holt’s enormous cock rapidly filled with blood.

He released it and the thick pole bounced upwards, coming to a rest pointing to his chin, with its long foreskin still covering the swollen head. He stood back to admire it.

“That’s a fucking impressive dick you’ve got there Carter.”

Holt looked at his dick then back at Johnson.

“Yeah, my daddy gave it to me.”

He finally smiled and reached out for Johnson. He pulled his friend to him, trapping their boners between them, both pointing skywards. He hugged Johnson and opened his mouth. Johnson hugged him back and leaned into a kiss that lasted five minutes before they turned off the shower and moved into their room.



In the monitoring station, Crane looked over a technician’s shoulder at the screen. It showed one of half a dozen camera views inside Johnson and Holt’s quarters. On the screen, Johnson lay on his back with his legs pushed over his head. At his rear, Holt was on his knees repeatedly driving his 8-inch cock into his friend’s hole with great gusto.

Crane spoke to another officer.

“Hmmmm, that’s what, 46 couples now? And a 100 percent success rate. These two were the fastest conversion yet.”

The other man gave him a wry grin.

“At this rate, all the boys in the entire base will be fucking each other within three months.”

“They’re not really boys Steven, no matter how young some of them look. They’re all at least 18. They’re legally men. Anyway, I think it’s time to take it to the next phase don’t you?”

Steven grinned.

“Okay James, I’ll call in some more volunteers next week…”

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