The Hitcher

Forced sex

A couple of guys pick up a young hitcher and have fun with him.

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The Hitcher

Southern Oregon, 1982

James turned onto Forest. True to its name, the highway was surrounded on both sides by seemingly endless numbers of tall pine trees.

“Reckon we’ll get to Charlesville just before the 7/11 closes,” he said to his passenger. “Pick up another four six packs.”

He ran his fingers along the brim of his oily red Castrol cap.

“Yup, sounds like a plan,” Chester agreed.


They drove on without talking, the sound of country music drifted out of the cheap car radio. Then James noticed something at the right-hand side of the road ahead.

“Well, well what do we have here?”

It was a boy, maybe five eight tall, wearing high-top sneakers, and short navy blue silky sport shorts. He was carrying a T-shirt draped over his shoulder. As the truck approached, the boy turned and stuck out his thumb.

James guided the truck to side of the road and leaned out of the open window.

“Where ya headed?”

“Bakersdale. But anywhere that direction would be great thanks.”

“You’re in luck. We’re headed past there.”

James turned to Chester.

“Hop out and let the kid jump in. You don’t mind riding the bridge seat do you kid?”

“Bridge seat?” the boy asked.

“Bridges the drive shaft in the middle. It’s not the most comfortable but it’ll still get you to Bakersdale.”

“Ahh, no, that’ll be fine thanks.”

The boy pulled his T-shirt on as he walked around the front of the vehicle then climbed up into the truck and sat on a padded cover straddling the central bridge. James looked at the kid. His shirt ended just below his chest, leaving his midriff exposed.

“Hot day ain’t it?” he observed.

“Yeah, real hot. I’m trying not to get sunburned.”

“Hmmm, your belly is real brown. Woutn’t surprise me if it was already too late.”

The kid looked down at his belly then lifted his shirt higher. Although he had been standing shirtless, there was still a clear line between the brown of his belly and the lighter skin above.

“Yeah. Guess you’re right. Damn, I hate getting sunburned. Makes me feel sick. Does it do that to you?”

The kid was chatty. James liked that.

“Naw, can’t say it does, but then I try not to get burned.”


Behind the boy, Chester clambered back in, trapping the kid in the middle.

James pulled away.


“So what’s your name kid?” James asked.


“Ahh cool. I’m Stew and this here is Jackson.”

Chester picked up on the lie.

“Heya Sam.”

“Hey Jackson,” Sam responded.

“Why you headed to Bakerdale?” Chester asked turning to the kid.

“To see my gramma,” Sam answered.

“Can’t get your folks to drive you?”

“Nah, they’re busy.”

He didn’t feel it necessary to inform them that he lived only with his mother and younger brother and sister.

“Fair enough. It’s a long way for a boy to travel on his own.”

“It’s not that far,” Sam protested.

“Forest is over 40 miles, and then another 30 on Mountain Drive. An hour or so just in the forest. Anything could happen to a boy on his own.”

Sam shrugged.

“I guess. But I can fight. I think I’ll be okay.”

James smiled at him.

“Thatta boy. I’m sure you will be. Hey reach me a beer from the cooler in back.”

“Yeah, me too,” Chester added.


Sam turned and rose to his knees so that he could rummage in the cooler that stood on the back shelf.

“Get one for yourself while you’re at it.”

Sam didn’t drink. He’d had half a beer at a party once, but he was sweltering hot and a cool drink sounded good. James and Chester looked at each other, with the curves of the boy’s nylon-covered rump between them. Up close they could see that his shorts had thin white stripes woven into the silky material. He had long legs that went all the way up.

“You run kid?”


“Sorry, you run Sam?”

“Yeah, cross country. Why?”

“You have runner’s legs.”

Sam passed Chester a Coors, then he looked down at his long legs. He passed a second can to James, and took a third for himself before turning and sitting back on his raised seat.

On either side of him, Chester and James popped their 16-ounce cans and took a deep a chug. Sam copied them.

“Good?” James asked.

“Yeah, but strong.”

Chester laughed and gave the boy’s shoulder a friendly pat.

“Ha ha, you get used to it kid! Chug it down if you don’t like the taste.”

Sam gulped the entire can in eight huge gulps.

“Hooo,” he said.

“Better?” James asked.

Sam nodded.

“Yeah but I’m a bit light headed. I don’t drink a lot.”

The men grinned at each other.

“It’s good for ya!” Chester told him.


They drove on for a while with nothing but the music playing. James glanced repeatedly in Sam’s direction. Sam noticed and eventually he spoke up.

“What? Is something wrong? You keep looking at me.”

“Naw, nothing wrong Sam, it’s just that you sure do have a brown belly. You always wear cut-off shirts like that?”

Sam looked down at his self.

“A lot of the time. When it’s hot like this.”

“Looks good on you. Nice flat belly.”

James gave Sam’s belly a few friendly pats with a flat palm. Then Chester joined in on the other side and they tapped out a rhythm on the boy’s stomach. Sam squirmed laughing, as he did when he was a three-year-old and his momma made a bububub noise with her lips on his belly.

Chester lifted Sam’s shirt high enough to expose his chest.

“Nice chest too. Small nips.”

“Yeah and look at that tan line,” James said, pointing at the line. “You got one at the bottom?”

Without waiting for an answer, he pushed the waistband of the boy’s shorts and underpants down until the top inch of his cock was exposed.

“Hey!” Sam objected, his voice rising.

“Yup.” James said.

The tan line was far starker than the one leading up to his torso. His belly beneath the waistband of his shorts was very pale, contrasting sharply against the near-black of his small thick pubic bush, and the navy of his shorts.

Sam reached down and pushed James’ hand away.


“Ha ha. You’re shy.”

“I’m not shy. Least not usually but you’re weirding me out!”

“You got nothing to feel shy about. You got a nice package for a boy your age. How old are you exactly, 18, 19?”

It was an easy mistake to make. Despite his slender legs, Sam was solidly built, with a soft, deep voice.

“I’m 16, and I already told you I’m not shy.”

“I wouldn’t be if I had a package like yours at 16 neither,” Chester said.

Without asking, he reached across and grabbed Sam’s bulge through the thin nylon of his shorts. He could feel the thick tube of the boy’s meat resting horizontally inside his loose Haynes. Sam jumped like he’d sat on a live wire and both men laughed raucously.

“What are you doing?!” Sam demanded, pushing the hand away.

“Just checking you out boy,” Chester replied, as though it was perfectly natural to grab a kid’s junk.

“Don’t! That’s not cool man!”

“Ahh relax,” James said, “He’s only seeing what you’re packing.”

“Well I don’t like it!” Sam said.

“Well tell you what, why don’t you just slip your sausage out the leg of your shorts and let us get a proper look at it then,” James said.

“What?! Why? No way! I’m not…”

Sam cut himself off, afraid to give offence. Then he felt something cool tapping his left thigh. He turned and looked at the thing that was touching him. It was the 10-inch blade of a bowie knife in Chester’s hand. Sam looked at the blade then up at Chester’s face.

“’Fraid I gotta insist kid.”

The blood drained from Sam’s face, and he stared at Chester, trying to ascertain if the man was serious, and if he was, whether there was any room for negotiation.

“Please don’t.”

Chester tapped the knife again, then moved the tip higher until it was resting on Sam’s scrotum. He turned the blade upwards. The man raised his eyebrows.


Reluctantly, Sam reached inside the right side of his shorts. He lifted the edge of his underpants and hooked his penis out with his index finger, pulling it until it flopped into sight outside the leg of his shorts. It lay against his leg like a sleeping anaconda.

James looked down at its near six-inch length.

“Well fuck me son, you sure won the cock lottery. How big is that thing?”

Sam’s heart was pounding, and he felt disconnected from what was happening. He shrugged.

“I don’t know. I never measured,” he said truthfully.

“Do you have a semi there kid?” James asked.

“What do you mean?” Sam asked.

“Are you already halfway to a boner?”

The boy’s penis was indeed slightly tumescent, the foreskin was peeled halfway back off its purple head.

“No. I dunno. I mean, it’s usually like that.”

“You get horny a lot kid?”

“I guess.”

James smiled.

“Tell you what, why don’t you give it a pull, let us see how big it gets.”

“What now? Here?”

“No, in six months on top Mount Rushmore. You can send us a photo. Of COURSE now, here!”

Sam looked nervously at the blade that still rested on his nuts. Chester removed it with a grin.

“Wouldn’t wanna put you off kid.”

“Gee thanks!” Sam thought sarcastically but he said nothing.

He gripped his dick in his fist and started pumping it slowly, moving with the same enthusiasm as a bullied kid on his way to school. His fist slid up and down, drawing the skin off then back on, covering and revealing the head. His penis rapidly grew thicker and longer. It came as no surprise to him. There had never been an occasion in his life yet when his dick didn’t respond.

“Looks like Sammy boy is getting off putting on a show,” Chester said.

Jacking off for two grown men was the last thing Sam wanted to do but his dick always had a mind of its own.

“It always gets hard when I touch it.”

“I’m sure it does,” James said. “And I bet you can’t keep your fucking hands off it. It’s a beast. Gotta be what, 8 inches? 9?”

“I dunno. Never measured it.”

James snorted, amused at the thought that the boy had never thought to find out just how fucking huge he was.

“Tell you what kid, why don’t you get your nuts out too. We might as well see the full set huh Jackson.”

Chester didn’t respond.

“You wanna see Sam’s nuts don’t you JACKSON?” James said, emphasising the alias he’d given to his buddy.

“Whu, what?” Chester started as though surprised. “Yeah. Hell yeah. Might as well see what else the kid’s packing.”

James raised his brow and flicked his chin upwards at Sam to indicate that the boy should do what he’d just been told. The boy reached into the pouch off his underpants and lifted his balls out, cupping them in his palm. They were proportionate to the size of his cock, and hung low in a soft, wrinkled bag.

“No ball hair yet,” Chester observed.

“No,” Sam responded, laying his nuts out on his leg for the men to admire. Looking at his droopy bag laying there, the large orbs bulging the skin, Sam felt like a market vendor displaying his wares.

James said, “Okay, you can carry on. I wanna see you shoot.”

“Then can I go?”

“Well, I think you’re gonna need to jack us off first, but after that, we’ll see.”

It was not welcome news, but Sam reasoned that jacking them would be less embarrassing than jacking himself.


He returned his attention to his penis, and he continued working on it. Chester reached out and gripped the boy’s balls, hefting them in his palm before rolling them as gently as a safecracker turning a combination dial.

“You got great nuts kid,” Chester told Sam.

“Thanks,” Sam answered flatly with absolutely zero gratitude in his voice.

“How the fuck did a 16-year-old end up with a fucking porn-star-cock like that?” James asked, looking at Sam’s thick tube..

“I dunno. Just born that way,” Sam answered.

“Is your daddy hung like a fucking elephant too?”

“Dunno, I’ve never seen his dick.”

James shook his head, still awed by the kid’s enormous meat.

“You always jack with your right hand?” he asked.


“In that case you gotta stop pulling so hard. You’re putting a bend in it.”

There was indeed a distinct 20-degree bend to the right in Sam’s penis.

“It gets any worse and it’ll be no good for pussy or asspussy. You’re not queer by any chance are you?”


“So you fuck girls?”

“I want to.”

“Jeezus H Christ!” Chester interjected. “Fucking dick like that and you ain’t even lost your cherry yet?”

Sam blushed. He knew lots of boys his age that had not lost their virginity, but he still felt self-conscious that he was among them. It wasn’t something he bragged about.

James licked his middle finger, then slid it down the back of the boy’s underpants on the inside. Using the boy’s ass-crack as a guide, he slid his hand down until he was touching the boy’s hole. Sam lifted from the seat to escape the finger but it had the opposite effect; making his hole more accessible.

“Don’t please. Not there,” he pleaded.

James ignored him and slid his finger in up to the first joint, then he started finger fucking the teenager while his buddy played with the boy’s nuts.

“Sit down,” James said.

Sam sat.

“So you’re straight?” James pressed


“Definitely huh?” James repeated.

He looked past the boy to Chester.

“He says he’s definitely straight. He sounded pretty sure. Whaddyou think Jackson?”

“I dunno. Never met a straight boy who didn’t enjoy getting his dick sucked by a guy, and most of ‘em are happy to ride the ol’ cock after just a couple of beers.”

“Yeah, truth.”

James returned his attention to Sam.

“So you’re straight?”


“So you think about girls when you beat your meat?”


“Is there one in particular?”

Sam paused

“Yyyess…” he responded hesitantly.

“What’s her name?”


“Cara huh? So what do you like think about her when you jack off?”

“What? Ummm. I dunno. Like, kissing her I guess.”


“And hugging her.”

“Fucking hell kid, how do you even get a boner with boring shit like that? Come on, I want the fucking juicy stuff. The stuff that makes you…”

He shoved his finger up Sam’s ass as far as it would go. Sam gasped and rose from his seat. He felt something weird deep inside his butt hole. Something exciting.

“cum! If you don’t want me to shove my whole goddamned arm up your ass, you’d better start giving us the juicy stuff.”

He pulled his finger back until just the tip was buried.

“Um, errrr, well, I think about her tits,” Sam said.

“Yeah, what about ‘em. What do you do to ‘em?”

“Errrr, I squeeze them. Then… then I put my face in between them.”

Crimson mottled patches appeared on his otherwise clear cheeks as he confessed his darkest secrets.

Chester looked at Sam’s cock. The head was shiny.

“Looks like you got this boy wetter than a virgin on her wedding night Steve”

“Stew! James corrected with a grin.”

The top of Sam’s penis was sopping wet. Precum was sticking to the foreskin like alien egg mucus. It dribbled onto his leg.

“What else you do boy?” Chester asked.

He was slowly sliding his fist up and down the hard pole that was trapped inside his jeans.

“Then I put my dick in between her tits and rub it back and forwards.”

“Aha a tit-wank. Classic.”

“What do you do to her pussy?” James asked.

Sam looked down, ashamed.

“I… I…”

“Yeeess, out with it.”

“I slide my dick up and down on it. And she rubs it. Rubs the end.”

“Go onnn.”

“That’s it. That’s the end.”

“That’s it? That’s all you can come up with?! No wonder you haven’t lost your cherry.”

“No. It’s not that, but… but that’s all I need. I don’t usually get that far.”

Chester laughed loudly.

“Horny little fucker!”

“So what’s your favourite bit?” James asked.

“It depends,” Sam answered, “usually it’s her tits and… Unnnnh.”

Chester felt the boy’s nuts suddenly contract in his fist. He loosened his grip to allow them to rise. A huge rope of cream leapt two feet from Sam’s cock, followed by two more equally impressive gushers. They landed on his flat tanned belly with a splat.

James flicked his finger tip in and out of the boy’s sphincter like a snake sniffing the air. Sam squeezed his cock hard in his fist to stop it from betraying him further, then he remembered James’ warning about bending it. He eased off the pressure and four smaller unwanted squirts of thick semen jumped an inch or so from his penis like silver minnows escaping a trap.

“Yeah go on kid, spank it! Fast as you can.”

Sam didn’t need telling twice. He pumped fast and light, encircling his glans in a ring formed by his index finger and thumb as he chased out the last of his virgin cream. It dribbled down his fist.

He came to a stop after 30 seconds and dropped his hand away from his penis. He raised his face to the ceiling with his eyes shut, disgusted by the fact that he had squirted for these two strangers. James’ fingertip was still lightly fucking the boy’s hole. Sam was repulsed by the fact that his asshole seemed to be enjoying the experience. He could feel his sphincter twitching and fluttering, eager for more stimulation.

“Well that was a show and a fucking half kid,” James said, his own erection straining at his jeans.

Sam opened his eyes and looked at the man, his cheeks red from a mixture of the heat, exertion and embarrassment. James looked at the boy’s stomach.

“You’re sweating. Lot of effort in this heat huh?”

Sam looked down at himself. His stomach was beaded with dewdrops of sweat, and the three large gobs of jizz had already started to liquify where they were in contact with the heat of his skin. They were running down towards his groin. His pubes were matted with white icing-sugar spunk, shining as it sank into the hairs towards his skin.

His cock was twitched, as though he was still ejaculating, but nothing else emerged from the head.


Chester suddenly squeezed Sam’s balls, but his attention was on the road.


James turned to the road, and yanked the steering wheel to the left. He jammed his index finger deep into Sam’s hole. All three of them tensed, then there was a heavy thud followed by silence…


    • Anonymous-
    • 29th April 2020 at 9:41 pm-
    • Reply

    Loved this story and a fave fantasy of mine from both perspectives, will you do more like this one? Love your style and work dude

    • You are the first person to show any interest in this story but I did have a second final chapter planned for it, so maybe I will. Thanks for your comment!

    • Anonymous-
    • 9th November 2020 at 7:57 am-
    • Reply

    Love the story, hope there’s a sequel where Sam loses all of his cherries!

    • Thanks! It was a story I really liked but it never seemed to get much interest. I try not o pay TOO much attention to people’s opinions, but if I get zero interest, it does tend to drain my own desire to share my vision. In my mind, there was a clear conclusion to this story, far beyond the end here. Maybe I’ll write it one day.

    • Anonymous-
    • 24th March 2021 at 11:51 pm-
    • Reply

    one of my fave stories of yours mate, hope you do the sequel one day,y our work is fucking amazing

    • Thank you very much. I always wrote this story with a more complete ending in mind, but when I get no positive feedback it kind of sucks the horniness out of me, and sometimes I just leave the story incomplete at a natural pause point. I try not to do that now in case others do like the story from a silent distance. This is one story that I do hope to write a concluding part to.

    • Sam-
    • 24th November 2022 at 1:11 am-
    • Reply

    You should go ahead and write the next chapter. It’s a very hot story.

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