Milking college – An Interdimensional milking prequel – Part 4

forced milking

The boys of cohort 32 are introduced to the endurance room

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Milking college – An Interdimensional milking prequel – Part 4

After their first day in the stimulation room, Carter and Jaxon walked from the harvesting centre towards their dorm. They were both naked, their groins freshly shaved and smooth. And their dicks were hard as nails.

“My nuts are aching so bad right now,” Carter said.

“Yeah mine too. Worst case of blue balls ever.”

Carter reached between his legs and touched his sack. It was tight and firm; the size of a tennis ball, barely moving between his legs as he walked, and his nuts felt tender.

“I can’t fucking believe what’s happening at this place!” Jaxon snarled angrily, looking down at his own equally bloated bag.

“Yeah, this can’t be legal. There’s gotta be someone we can contact.”

“Did you bring your vone?”

Carter hesitated.

“Nah, no point. There’s no Comex network on Gliese and we’re too far out to contact Earth without a portal link. I was gonna sign up to a new network when I settled in.”

“Yeah, me too. Maybe we can borrow a vone from someone else?”

“Who would we call?” Carter asked.

“I dunno, local sec?”

Carter looked sceptical.

“I kinda think they must be in on it don’t you?”

“Gotta be worth a try.”


Carter suddenly noticed two girls walking towards them. He and Jaxon immediately covered their erections and swollen nuts with their hands.

“I wouldn’t do that boys,” a kindly voice said behind them. “Gonna pick up a time penalty.”

They turned to see one of the technicians. Self-consciously, they both moved their hands away from their groins, allowing their erections to bounce freely as they walked.

“I thought there were no women at this college?” Carter said.

“There aren’t, but there’s a female college just across the way and they share many of our facilities,” the man replied.

Carter frowned.

“So, you’re harvesting from them too?”


“Why don’t they have to be naked?”

“They have a different system over there. Women can only produce a very small number of eggs, so they can be collected in a much less… intense manner.”

The young women approached and glanced down at Carter and Jaxon’s erections.

“Hi boooys,” they chimed in unison. “Nice grapefruits.”

They grinned and giggled coquettishly like a couple of Japanese school girls, but it was the boys that blushed, painfully aware of their swollen genitals. It was all-but impossible to act cool with the girls giggling at their erections.

“Oh, and one more thing,” the tech added when the girls had passed, “The whole planet has been designated as a harvesting zone. Everyone is in on it. There’s no-one you can call for rescue. Sorry boys. That’s one of the reasons they chose a planet so far out from the hub in the first place.”

The man smiled in commiseration and turned off at a fork in the grass-bounded footpath, leaving Jaxon and Carter utterly deflated. Up ahead, they saw dozens of teenaged girls approaching…



The next day, Carter and his dorm-mates found themselves in the endurance room.

Each of the young men now wore a custom-fitted carbon belt designed to hold various attachments. At the moment, the belts held just a single accessory; a motorised piston at the rear topped with a medical dildo that was embedded into each of their rectums.

The belt wrapped around to the front and a panel similar to a baseball catcher’s groin protector curved down in front. There was a hole in the guard and the students’ limp penises flopped through, leaving their enlarged testicles on the other side..


The proctor stood by one of the machines and the students stood in a semi-circle around him. Haas looked around at them all.

“Good, I see that you have already been fitted with your accessory belts. I’ll just quickly explain what you are to do in this room.”

He turned to one of the technicians.

“Maeve would you turn the stimulation field on please?”

“Yes Mr Haas,” the woman acknowledged, pressing some virtual buttons on her pad.

Immediately the boys felt a familiar sensation in their groins and within seconds they all had straining erections. They covered their privates with their hands, modest in the presence of the technicians. Several of the boys groaned in dismay.

“Yes, yes, I know you’d rather not, but I’m afraid it’s a necessary evil, and don’t forget the rule on covering,” Haas said. “And in case you’re wondering; myself and the other technicians are wearing blockers. They generate a field that stops the stimulation field affecting us. Now if you’d please be so kind as to drop your hands away from your groins, I need someone to help me demonstrate this equipment.”

He scanned the boy’s erections, pausing for a moment at the sight of Weelyum’s impressive member.

“Someone never had any toys to play with as a child,” he joked and Weelyum blushed deeply as the other boys looked at him. A few sniggered in spite of themselves. The last thing they wanted to do was validate their captor.

For his part, Weelyum had long known that a freakishly long penis was not the asset that it was commonly believed to be. Everywhere he went, he became known for the elephant’s trunk in his pants. He HAD hoped to leave that behind on Gliese, but instead it had already been turned into his defining feature, and thanks to his nudity, there was now no way to disguise the fact.


Haas continued on, glancing at the boy’s erections, then he chose one.

“Ah yes, perfect, nice and compact. You’ll do nicely. Would you step forwards please Carter.”

Carter reluctantly stepped forwards. He wasn’t crazy about the man’s use of the word “compact” to describe his genitals.

He stood next to Haas with his cock straining, and glanced at his peers self-consciously. 19 hard cocks  strained back at him.


Mr Haas handed him a small earpiece.

“Put that on please.”

Carter placed it into his right ear.

“Now, would you please insert just the head of your penis into this hole.”

Haas indicated the soft rubber opening in the tube attached to the endurance training machine. The proctor lowered the height of the tube to match the boy’s groin. Carter’s penis was angled upwards. He bent it down until it faced the aperture then slid his glans into it. It was warm and lubricated. In other, private circumstances, nothing would have made him happier than to savagely fuck the shit out of it until he came hard enough to turn his knees to jelly. But here, in front of 19 other teenagers and a gaggle of technicians, it was not something that Carter relished.

The proctor pressed a button on the pad he was holding. A green light at the top of the tube came on.

“Now push your penis all the way inside, right up to the end.”

There was a series of 13 blue lights down the side of the tube. The teenager slid his bone into the tube, and the lights turned red as his glans reached each one.

The soft rubber was gently ribbed along its entire length and it teased his glans as it bumped past the undulations, sending pleasurable thrills along his cock to his balls.

When the fifth light turned red, and Carter was embedded as deeply into the tube as possible, the front panel of the belt through which his penis protruded was touching the tube, and his engorged testicles were pressed backwards between his legs.

“That’s it, right up to your groin plate. Press it up against the tube.”

Proctor Haas tapped his pad and the last light changed from red to green.

“Good, the machine is now calibrated for the length of your penis.”

Carter was painfully aware that there were many more unlit lights past the second green one.


Haas turned and addressed the other students.

“You’ve doubtless noticed that your testicles are swollen after your stimulation session yesterday, they’ve lost much of that overnight but as you can see, there is still considerable swelling.”

“Look here please Carter.”

The man indicated a point in the middle of the monitor attached to the unit. An infrared laser scanned Carter’s face and located first one then the other eyeball, focussing on his pupils. When it had detected them both, a light at the corner of the monitor turned green.


“Okay, all set,” Haas informed the group. “Now young man would you please step backwards onto these foot pads.”

The pads were two feet back from Carter’s current position. As he complied, his penis withdrew from the machine.

“Now lean forwards and grab the support bar with both hands.”

Carter leaned until his body was angled to 45 degrees, reaching out and grabbing the support bar to prevent himself falling on his face. He had to rise up onto his toes to achieve the position. Haas adjusted the tube one more time, moving it into place around the boy’s hard cock.

“Excellent. We’re ready to go,” the man said.

He addressed Carter.

“In a moment I’ll activate your station. Remember, you must thrust your penis fully into the receptacle and withdraw it up to the glans once each time the beeper sounds. Not in on one beep, then out on the next. Do you understand?”

Carter nodded solemnly. There was nothing he wanted less than to fuck this machine in front of the other students.

“If you do not complete the full movement each cycle,” Haas continued, “your collar will start to administer a shock, increasing in severity the further you fall behind. The easiest way to ensure you have penetrated far enough is to tap your groin plate against the tube. A green light will flash on the screen to confirm each time you successfully penetrate far enough, and a yellow light will flash when you pull out far enough. The unit will also play a higher pitched beep when you have withdrawn far enough.

“Pornography will be playing on the screen in front of you. Eye trackers will ensure that your eyes are open and you are watching the screen.”

He turned and addressed the group.

“In case you were considering it, it’s not enough to simply stare at the corners or allow your eyes to defocus. The sensors are checking for that too. You MUST be watching the action at all times. You may close your eyes for three seconds in any one-minute period, but if you close them for longer, again, the collar will administer a shock. In other words, you MUST watch the screen at all times.”

He addressed Carter again.

“Are my instructions perfectly clear?”

“Yes,” Carter said sullenly. “What if I blink?”

“Blinking does not incur a penalty. Closing your eyes for a minute does not constitute a blink.”

The proctor smiled, proud of his wit, although it was the same answer he gave every time the question was asked. He paused, giving the boys time to chuckle at his joke. They looked at him in stone faced silence; just like every other group of students had before them. Oddly, they were not in the mood for laughing.


Haas pointed to the footpads and then the bar that Carter was holding.

“Also, you must remain standing on the foot pads AND holding the support bar. I’m sure I don’t need to explain what will happen if you move off the pads or let go of the support bar do I?”

Carter scowled and shook his head curtly.

“You can take five two-minute-long breaks at any time of your choosing during the day. Today’s session will last 4 hours. The system will record your breaks. To activate one, simply press this button on the handle and the system will go into pause mode. However, you cannot leave your station is that clear?”

Carter nodded. He was absolutely clear on all of the rules and he hated them.

Haas pointed to a foot-wide semi-opaque cone by the side of the endurance machine. It was attached to a pipe that disappeared inside the unit.

“If you need to vomit, use that. The time will be deducted from your breaks so be sure to press the pause button if you feel the need.”

Carter looked at him with an expression partway between disbelief and horror.

“Don’t look at me like that. You probably won’t need to. It’s just that SOME young men,” he looked pointedly at a dough-faced, overweight teenager, “are not accustomed to exercise and the workout can come as a bit of a shock to their systems for the first few weeks. But let me assure you, you’ll all have abs like steel after six months.”


Carter leaned with his cock buried in the machine. He’d worked hard all his life to achieve great grades despite his disadvantages as an orphan, and he was a young man who usually took to challenges with gusto, but this was one event that he was not eager to begin.

“Oh, one more thing,” the Proctor added, “you’ll notice there’s a drop-down pipe in front of you. It contains nutrient-enhanced water. Just bite on the end to start the flow. You can drink from it as often as you like. I strongly suggest you keep yourself hydrated or you’ll collapse, then you’ll have to catch up the session at night. The nutrients will also give you energy. You can use the vomit collector if you need to urinate. Now, do you have any final questions?”

“What if I can’t keep going?” Carter asked.

“Then you’ll be punished and given shorter, more frequent shifts until you build up the stamina. Either way, you’ll be doing the same number of hours each day.”

“But I can’t cum for 2 minutes, let alone 4 hours!”

Haas frowned.

“I thought I made it clear yesterday, you won’t be orgasming at ALL for the next six months, much less ejaculating. You’ll spend your days here in a repeated cycle of arousal right to the point of orgasm, then the inhibitors will kick in and reset you.”

The man stepped back allowing the other students an unimpeded view.

“Okay, I think it’s time that Carter gave us all a demonstration. Are you ready son?”

“No, not at all.”

Proctor Haas gave him a thin, humourless smile.

“Be that as it may, here we go.”

He pressed a button on his pad. A quiet buzzer sounded in Carter’s earpiece and was also piped though the screen in front of him so that everyone could hear it. Pornography flickered onto the screen. A young man was laying on his back with his knees up near his head. Another was slowly fucking him. The buzzer was replaced by a beep that repeated at a frequency of twice every three seconds.

A more urgent rising and falling alarm sounded.

Carter was looking at the proctor, but suddenly there was a pain in his neck. He raised his hand to his neck.

“Ahh, my neck, what’s happening?!” he asked in surprise.

“You have to start thrusting in time with the beeps, that’s what the alarm is telling you. And don’t forget to watch the screen.”

Carter turned his attention to the screen. He could not be less sexually aroused by the two teen boys fucking before him, but he started pushing his cock in and out of the tube, supporting his angled body with his hands on the crossbar and lightly tapping his groin plate against the tube. The alarm fell silent, but was replaced instead by the machine’s alternating high and low beeps. The sounds made Carter feel as though he was playing a retro video game using his dick.

In perfect sync with his thrusting, the dildo behind, pumped into his hole.

“Ahhh!” Carter squealed in high-pitched dismay.

He pushed his hips forwards violently, pointlessly trying to move his virgin asshole away from the dildo that was attached to him, and burying his penis in the tube in the process. He missed the next two beeps before the growing pain in his neck reminded him to resume fucking.

His antics would have amused the watching teenagers immensely were it not for the fact that they too, would soon be having their holes drilled.


Along the side the tube he was fucking, the row of lights changed colour to show the progress of his penis. At each end, the lights turned green when he penetrated or withdrew far enough.

“The screens display mostly gay intercourse videos,” Haas informed the watching students. “The beeps match the speed of the characters in the video. Right now, a young man is being sodomised and Carter is copulating in time with the one doing the sodomising. The anal piston is penetrating HIS rectum at exactly the same rate. Immediately, his subconscious will start to associate his movements with the action on the screen and within an hour or two, his subconscious will start to believe that he is both sodomising the young man in the video, but also the one BEING simultaneously sodomised. His body will quickly come to associate homosexual intercourse and other sexual acts with his personal sexual pleasure.”

“Won’t that turn him into an Zypref?” one of the watching teenagers asked, using the slang term for a homosexual.

“Oh yes, it’s absolutely certain.  It doesn’t matter HOW fiercely heterosexual you all are now, within a month, you will all crave the sensation of being sodomised, and you will become highly aroused at the thought of sexual activity with other males.”

The students fell quiet, reflective of the fate that lay before them.

“How long does it last?” someone asked.

Proctor Haas smiled at the black teenager who had asked the question.

“So far as we know Melokuhle, it is absolutely permanent. It will also result in a massive increase in libido, so not only will you come to crave XY sexual activity, but you’ll want it every opportunity.”

“What if we refuse?”

“Then we will permanently strap you into machines that increase your testicular size and capacity in much less… pleasant ways. Then you will be milked non-stop all day, every day. It’s really not a better option. Believe me.”


Carter looked sharply in the proctor’s direction as he heard this information, then he stepped away from the machine with a deep frown, withdrawing his penis in the process.

“I don’t WANT to stop liking women. I LIKE women!”

The pain started in his neck.

“Ahh,” he moaned, raising a hand to the collar. “Turn it off!”

“I’m afraid I can’t do that young man. The only way to stop the pain is to get back on the machine and resume your copulation.”

“Ahhhhhh, no, never!” Carter screamed as the pain worsened.

He collapsed to his knees.

“Turn it off, turn it OFF!”

“Only you can do that,” Haas said calmly.

Carter fell to all fours.

“No way! I’m never going to be an XY fucker!”

“Then you’ll be a mindless bull.”

“No, no, it’s not right!” Carter screamed.

He was writhing now. With the last of his willpower he staggered to his feet and pushed his penis back into the tube and started fucking again with tears of pain and fury streaming down his cheeks.

“You fucking, fuckers,” he babbled. “You fucking stunts!”

Proctor Haas ignored the insults. He was used to them and frankly, the boy had every right to be upset at the forced reassignment of his sexual preference.


Carter was back into stride now, watching the screen and thrusting in time with the beeps as the pain quickly faded. Each time he pushed in, his fat nuts were pressed back between his legs by the belt’s front plate, massaging them. Their backwards movement was countered by the upwards travel of the dildo in his hole, and his brain found it hard to process the opposing movements. But regardless of his confusion, his brain knew what it liked, and a couple of observant viewers noticed his nipples standing out on his smooth chest.

His penis felt fantastic, but he hated the feeling because he knew that each thrust was robbing him of his desire for females and turning him into a cock-hungry Zypref.


“Okay,” Proctor Haas said, “let’s leave Carter here to continue and we’ll get the rest of you started.

The technicians approached to help the reluctant students into their own machines. As the students moved away, Carter felt his excitement growing. An orgasm was coming already. He felt the rush in his nuts. It was coming, coming, then… nothing. His arousal just fell away like a dud firework fizzling out. He couldn’t stop himself from letting out a disappointed whimper. Being kidnapped and trained as a spunk monkey was bad enough. Being forced to prefer males was a hundred times worse, but now he was even robbed of the one highlight that might have punctuated his tormented days with something enjoyable.

To make matters worse, the boy on the screen was not yet at the point of orgasm, but he was fucking the bottom faster and faster, with increasing aggression. Carter’s arousal was out of sync with the boy’s yet still he had to keep up as the boy pounded ever harder. Despite his temporary lack of desire, Carter slammed his own dick angrily into the cock sleeve.

The boy in the video came explosively and gradually slowed, but Carter enjoyed no such release. He simply fucked the hole slower in time with the boy in the video. Then the scene changed, and a new boy started slowly fucking.

As much as he wanted to resist, after just one video, Carter already felt like HE was the one fucking the grinning boy now looking over his shoulder at the screen.

All around him, the sound of stomach plates tapping against tubes slowly grew…


Four hours later, the screen in front of Carter turned off, and the dildo stopped reaming his asshole. Haas announced that the session had concluded so Carter pulled his penis out of the machine with relief and it sprang towards his stomach. His head and torso were flushed crimson and bathed in perspiration from four hours of near-continuous fucking. He looked down at himself, expecting to see that head of his dick had been worn raw, but to his surprise, the constant stream of lubrication and the soft rubber ensured that it showed nothing worse than a rosy pink glow.

His balls were so tight and swollen. He cupped them in his fingers. They were tight up to the root of his penis, pushed backwards by the belt plate, but they felt bigger than he’d ever seen them before. Being horny for hours in the stimulation room was bad, but endlessly bringing himself right to the very tipping point of orgasm dozens of times, only to have it electronically taken from him was even more frustrating. At least the stimulation room didn’t add the actual sensation of fucking to his torture.

His dick stood up hard, still twitching eagerly like a gopher sniffing the air for food. But Carter just wanted his erection to disappear so that he could get some relief from his inflamed libido.

He looked around at his companions as they too withdrew from their machines. Several guys who were not as fit as him had indeed vomited during the mammoth exercise session, but they had been permitted little respite. The overweight boy looked particularly queasy and ashen-faced.


“Okay, you’ll be pleased to know that is the end of the session for today,” Haas said. The technicians will remove your belts before you leave. You are free to go about your own activities for the rest of the day. Ensure that you report to door 3 bright at 9am tomorrow morning.”

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