The cure – part 6

Humiliation, forced arousal, puppy play

A teenage arsonist is sentenced to a stay at an unusual reformatory. In this part, he is subjected to a new exercise regime.

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The cure – part 6

A month after arriving at High Lakes reformatory, Aaron was introduced to the indoor exercise program. If he thought that being walked as a puppy and being forced to perform tricks was humiliating, he was in for an even greater shock.

He and a dozen boys were led into the gymnasium. Various pieces of inscrutable equipment were arrayed around the huge hall.

“Alright faggots,” a guard wearing camouflage trousers and a blue zip-up top said. “I’m your instructor for gym. As always in this establishment, you’ll do exactly what you’re told or you’ll be severely punished.”

He looked pointedly to the two guards each holding tasers.

“However, this is one of the places where you can earn credits for extra effort. Get enough credits and you get Sunday off, and you can either read in the library or watch TV instead of participating in the usual Sunday activities.”

It was an offer that carried considerable weight: Sundays were normally filled with unpleasant activities.


“We’ll start with a nice easy warm up…”

He proceeded to take the boys through the sort of gentle warm up that any of them might participate in at a sports club or school.

When they were done, the instructor had the inmates line up.

“Okay then faggots, gym is where you train your bodies so that you can be even better homos. Looking at you, I’m sure that more than a few of you have already sucked a dick or two, and you can learn how to do that better in school class. The purpose of these sessions is to turn you into better fags so when you’re selling your asses on the street, or if you manage to get boyfriends, you can keep them happy so you don’t have to revert to a life of crime.”

The boys listened with glowering resentment as the instructor demeaned them and painted a picture of their future that they all intended to fiercely resist.

“Don’t look at me like that faggots. I know, you all think that once you’re free, you’re just going to return to whatever heterosexual lives you had before, but that’s not going to happen. You don’t get to leave High Lakes until you get hard sucking another boy’s dick. The more you resist, the longer it will take, and let me guarantee you this; we WILL break you. Most of you sooner rather than later, but even the most stubborn of you will eventually get hard at the feel of a dick in your assholes. I suggest that you surrender any hopes of leaving here with a taste for pussy. Apply yourself to these sessions with gusto, and you can make it a lot less unpleasant for yourselves.”


Aaron had so far remained determined to hang onto his sexuality no matter how much they fucked with his head. He had hoped that he could counter their conditioning by fantasising about girls and masturbating each night, but after the nightly movie sessions where he would involuntarily ejaculate two or even three times whilst watching gay porn, his balls were drained and he was not in the mood to masturbate again. On the few occasions that he managed to get it up, imagery from the earlier porn kept popping into his head instead of the girls that he normally fantasised over.


“Let’s start easy,” the instructor said. “Put your hands behind your heads. Legs apart. We’ll start with flappers. The idea is to shake your dicks backwards and forwards without using your hands, so that they slap against your belly buttons then your assholes.”

He looked pointedly at one teen whose penis was particularly short.

“If your dicks are too short to reach your assholes, just make them slap against your bellies.”

He looked at the rest of the line.

“Okay, what are you waiting for faggots? Get to it!”

The teens looked around uncertainly, then one boy started self-consciously flapping his penis against his belly.

“That’s the way. The rest of you, get to it!”

Soon, Aaron was surrounded by the sounds of dicks slapping against stomachs. He glanced around at the others and their dicks stretched like hot toffee as they whipped them front and back.

“Harder. I wanna see those dicks slapping you in the assholes,” the instructor said.

The boys did as they were ordered, and the volume increased as they moved faster in order to make their dicks slap back between their legs.

After a few minutes, the instructor said, “Now switch to windmills. Get those dicks swinging in circles.”

Aaron had seen a kid in the locker room at school performing the manoeuvre so he imitated it, swinging his penis in a circle like the sails of a windmill circling in front of him. He felt his dick getting hard. He looked around and he was relieved to see that the exercise was having exactly the same effect on the other boys.


When they were all hard, the instructor stopped them.

“All right fags, sit down. Good, now I want you all to touch your toes – be sure to keep your knees straight!”  he added. “If you can do that, grab your heels and pull your head down to your groin. First boy to suck his own dick gets the next Sunday off. First boy to give himself a blowjob and cum in his own mouth gets a whole week off!”

Aaron leaned forwards as low as he could, but his mouth was still a good foot away from his penis.

“You’ll get better at that over time faggots. You’ll all be sucking your own dicks by the time you leave. Except you.”

The boy looked as though he was aged about 14, and he had a brown cock that showed he was well into puberty, but the uncut slug was tiny. His face turned red at the comment.


“Get up! Now it’s time for bar humps.”

The instructor led them to another part of the gym. There was a piece of equipment that looked like playground monkey bars, with two parallel bars two feet apart joined by bars at right angles at two-foot intervals. However, instead of the straight line that was common for such equipment, the parallel bars were arranged in a large circle 30 feet across, and there was a ladder leading up to it. In between every fifth pair of cross bars there was a Fleshlight in its plastic housing. The Fleshlights and housings were cut to one third of their usual length; just three inches deep.

The instructor pointed to a bucket of lube standing by the ladder.

“Grease your dicks up. Make sure you lube them well from your helmet to your balls or you’ll wear them down to bloody stumps.”

None of the boys needed telling twice. They crowded around the bucket and smeared generous handfuls of lube along their still-hard erections.

“Not ON your balls, you fucking idiot!” the instructor berated one boy.

The kid’s nuts were pulled up tight to the root of his dick, and he had slathered lube over them as well.

When the boys were all lubed up, Aaron thought that they looked like swimmers greased up for a channel swim.

“Now wipe that grease off your hands thoroughly,” the instructor said, pointing to two giant rolls of blue industrial paper towels.

“If you fall off and break your stupid necks, you’ll be lying there for a long time.”

The youngsters all wiped their hands thoroughly.

“Okay faggots, so here’s what you have to do. Get up on the climbing frame hanging underneath, with your legs wrapped around to help hold you up. At each station, you have to hump the rubber asshole 20 times before you can move on. Move around the frame feet first.”

The man pointed to a boy of about 19.

“You go first.”

The boy climbed the ladder and hung upside down, then, shuffling feet first, he made his way to the first Fleshlight and stopped.

“Now stick your dick in it and start fucking it,” the instructor said.

The boy carefully inserted his penis and started his inverted fucking, thrusting his pelvis upwards towards the latex fuck hole, before withdrawing and thrusting again.

“All the way in, I want to see your dick out the other side. If it’s big enough,” he added pointedly looking at the undersized 14-year-old. The poor kid looked wretched.

The instructor returned his attention to the first boy.

“Now fuck it as fast as you can. 20 strokes then move on to the next one. The rest of you, play with yourselves while you wait to keep hard. If any of you cum while you’re doing bar humps, shout out and you’ll get ten points.”

The 19-year-old did as he was told, and then another boy took his place, then another. Aaron was sixth in line. He looked at the Fleshlight and noted with distaste that the opening was sculpted in the shape of an asshole. He slid his dick inside, thinking about the five dicks that had just used it. None of them were wearing condoms. It made him feel in some indefinable way like he was rubbing his dick against theirs. For some reason the thought made him hornier.

He started humping. The latex Fleshlight was warm and felt good around his dick. He moved onto the next position, then the next, then the next.

“Sir!” he heard a voice call out.

The instructor turned to a seventeen-year-old three places ahead of Aaron.

“I came sir,” the boy said.

The instructor nodded, looking at the floor beneath the kid. There were splatters of semen, and the head of the kid’s dick was still creamy.

“Well done. I’ll make a note.”


All 13 boys made two full circuits before the instructor called a halt. By the end, four of them had managed to ejaculate. Aaron had come close on two occasions, but each time, just when he was about to cum, he completed his 20 thrusts, and then he’d cooled down by the next position.



“Right faggots, might as well train you to work those asses. You’ll be using them a lot. Come over here.”

The instructor led the boys to a wall. On the wall were 20 dildos, each attached to a rail that slid up and down. There were pressure plates on the wall behind each dildo and digital LED read outs on the floor, each set to 0000.

The instructor pointed to another bucket of lube.

“Spread that on your assholes.”

Aaron and the others smeared the lube on their holes. His asshole was drilled 5 times every day during meals, puppy training and movie time, but he still took no pleasure in it.

The instructor said, “Lean over forwards and put your hands on your knees, then back up to the wall until the dildo is in your asshole. You can move the dildo up or down if you need to.”

The teenagers backed hesitantly onto the dildos, adjusting their height where necessary. The instructor waited until all of the boys were embedded.

“That’s it, press those ass-cheeks against the wall. There are sensors in the wall.”

He waited as the boys moved closer to the wall, each impaling himself on 6 inches of pre-lubricated, hard rubber.

“Right, the exercise here is easy. All you have to do is bounce your asses in and out so that the dildos fuck you. You’ve all seen the black girls twerking on youtube, this is the gay version. You have to bounce 1000 times each. First boy to finish gets 10 points. If you cum, you also get 10 points.”


The idea of fucking himself on the dildo left Aaron cold but the idea of a Sunday to himself was appealing. Also, he rationalised to himself, the sooner he finished, the quicker he’d get the dildo out of his asshole.


“Off you go then,” the instructor said.

Aaron immediately started bouncing his backside against the wall. Around him, the other boys were bouncing their butts in and out as they all competed to finish first. Aaron had no desire to make himself cum, but he noticed with mild disgust that his dick got harder the longer he bounced. He continued reaming himself, concentrating on the movement, but by the time he reached 600 pumps, his back muscles starting to ache badly and he slowed.

At 700 pumps, he came suddenly. His dick was waving around like a thin tree branch in a strong wind, and then it was launching thin streamers of cum into the air, whipping it from side to side as his penis swung from side to side.

He ignored it. He didn’t want to draw attention to the fact that being ass-fucked had made him shoot his load. He carried on bouncing until his counter showed 1000, then he stopped moving unsure whether he was allowed to pull the dildo from his asshole.

The instructor waited until the last of the boys had finished then he walked along the row of boys looking at the floor in front of each of them. He leered at them.

“Yeah, you little faggots love that huh? Plenty of you getting off being fucked up the ass huh?”

He looked at Aaron and Aaron blushed, disgusted at the way his body had betrayed him. The instructor looked down at his clipboard and recorded the names of the boys who had ejaculated.


“Now let’s get those freshly drilled holes looser. Come over here.”

He led the boys to another part of the gym where 20 low benches stood side by side. Each bench was bolted to the floor. Sticking up from each one were ten tapered butt plugs, starting in size from the width of a finger at its widest point, up to the largest which looked as wide as Aaron’s entire thigh.

“I’m sure you don’t need too much explanation here. Sit on each plug. Get your asshole all the way to the bench and hold for 30 seconds. When me or one of the guards gives you permission, you can move onto the next one. You get 2 points for each one. Whoever gets furthest gets and extra 10 points. Anyone who makes it all the way to the end gets a whole week off all activities. Any of you fags who doesn’t make to at least number 4 is going to be punished. Begin.”

Aaron surveyed the row. The first couple would be no trouble. They were narrower than the one he sat on at meal times, and now he had just loosened his asshole, he figured, he was probably good for number 3 without too much discomfort. Beyond that, he doubted he could progress.

He approached a row and lowered himself into a low squat over the plug. As expected, it slid effortlessly into him. He remained sitting on the bench with the butt plug inside him until a guard gave him permission to move on. He moved up a position and lowered himself again. After that, he progressed to number 3, then number 4.

The shaft at the base of the fourth plug was wider than the dildo Aaron had just twerked on, and at its widest point it was twice as big. The tip came to a narrow round point. He lowered himself onto it slowly. His sphincter opened for the tip easily enough, and its concave conical shape allowed him to get more than three quarters of the way down before he had to slow down. He could feel his ring stretching uncomfortably. He would happily have left it at number three but he remembered the instructor’s warning about punishment. Then he thought about Mark’s advice to relax when he was inserting a finger to milk his prostate. Aaron controlled his breathing and lowered himself slowly, allowing his body weight to apply downwards pressure. His ring was stinging painfully but he felt as if he was making progress. Suddenly he felt his hole snapping closed behind the plug’s widest point and he sat all the way down onto the bench and waited to be ushered to the next plug. Around him several other boys were already sitting, and three had already been advanced to number 5.

Several others had not managed to get their asses to the bench yet.

“Come on faggots, you can do better than that!” the instructor berated them.

He and the other guards took positions near the boys. One of them was the 14-year-old with the small dick. Poor bastard just could not catch a break!


A guard nodded Aaron on and he advanced to number 5. He looked at the dildo and he knew there was no way he was getting it inside him. It was at least 50% wider than the previous one. He sat on it, just to show willing, but long before he was even halfway down it, he was forced to stop.

Behind him he heard a number of screams. He turned in time to see the three unfortunate teenagers being forced onto their dildos. The boys squirmed and wriggled; their holes brutally forced beyond their limit of elasticity. And then the guards were tasering them in the testicles with their shock wands to make matters even worse. Little dick bawled his eyes out. It might not be cool, but he had passed the limits of his capacity to care.


The instructor looked around at the other boys.

“You have one more minute.”

Aaron continued half-heartedly pressing downwards when the man added something that changed everything.

“And if you’re thinking of going easy, just a warning: you’re going up one position every month whether you’re willing or not. If I was you, I’d start stretching now.”


A minute later, the instructor called the exercise to a halt. Two boys had made it to number 5. He looked at them and tilted his head to the side.

“Well, well, a tie. You both get 5 extra points.”

The two teens glanced at each other and Aaron couldn’t tell if it was pride or irritation that passed briefly between them.



The instructor led them to another area. As he walked behind the kid with a small penis, Aaron could see a single trickle of blood running down the inside of the kid’s left leg. A guard noticed and handed him a paper towel.

“Here clean yourself up kid,” he said gesturing to the blood. “We’ll get you to the infirmary after this is over.”


At the new station, steel bars were buried in the floor and they moved at a gentle angle to a wall 20 feet away where they were embedded three feet off the ground.

“This one’s an easy one,” the instructor said. “The idea is to lay on your back with your hands over your shoulders and on the ground. Then all you have to do is work your way towards the wall with the bar under your lower back, bridging up as you go. It’s easier demonstrated.”

He grabbed a teen and lay him at one end of the bar, laying perpendicular to it.

“Hands down.”

The boy reached up over his shoulders.

“Good, now see how far along the bar you can move.”

The boy started to work his way along the bar, slowly lifting his bottom higher and higher as he went.

“See how it presents his cock? All ready for his new boyfriend. Now your turn.”

The boys formed four queues and gradually proceeded along the bars, bridging their hips upwards as they went. The instructor watched as a 17-year-old gymnast made it all the way to the end, his groin lifted a full three feet from the floor.

“Everybody stop. Look at this queer. That’s perfect. Exactly what you should all be aiming for.”

He approached the bridging boy and lifted his genitals, flopping the kid’s cock back onto his belly

“That’s 10 points for you. Good job kid.” Then as an afterthought, as if he’d momentarily forgotten himself, he added “Queer!”



The instructor walked the boys over to a table on which stood a whole forest of dildos.

“Take one each. You know where they go. Don’t push them all the way in.”

The boys took a dildo each. They had strangely wide, flat bases that could not possibly fit inside them.

“Right, this is a position exercise, like when you were exercising outside. Drop to your knees.”

The instructor waited while the boys complied.

“Now all you have to do is push the dildos all the way in without using your hands or sitting down. You’ll have to spread your knees. And I want to see your nut-sacks pressed against the ground too.”

Aaron frowned. This seemed like an amazingly gentle activity compared to the others but he was not complaining. He lowered himself and started to part his knees in a V shape. Then he discovered he could barely touch the dildo to the floor, much less push it all the way in. He spread his knees farther and farther still. His nuts lightly touched the ground but still he couldn’t force the dildo all the way in.

“A lot harder than you all thought huh fags?” the instructor said.

He turned to the gymnast. The kid’s knees were spread to a right angle and his ass was pressed hard against the floor. At the front, his tight nuts were also pressed to the floor. They squished out on either side of the root of his dick which lay in front of him pointing straight away from his groin. He pressed the boy’s reclining back until he was sitting straight upright.

“Now THIS is a guy who’s going far. He’s gonna make some homo very happy. This is what you’re aiming for. It’ll take most of you a few months. It’s called Present position. It presents your dick and balls to your customer or master and loosens your assholes up ready for him. You’ll also have seen lots of fags kneeling in this position when they’re cleaning the floors.”

He approached the kid and placed his foot on the kid’s genitals. The kid tensed in fear but the instructor lightly rolled his sneakered foot back and forth, careful not to injure the kid. He looked at him.

“Good job fag,” he said, not unkindly. “Another 10 points for you. At this rate, you’ll have more time off than me.”

The kid looked up at him with surprisingly puppy dog eyes and their eyes met, then the instructor quickly returned his attention to the other boys.


He often caught feelings for the boys. Not sexual feelings, but he empathised with them. This program was the best hope for many of them to avoid crime careers that would likely culminate in life sentences or death. They were all high damage, low risk offenders with little or no previous trouble. The program was brutal and constant demeaning was all part of it, but secretly, the instructor wished there was another way. He and his fellow guards required constant monthly counselling to overcome their guilt at administering such a vitriolic program. The only people the instructor was truly concerned about in the reformatory, were the few guards who seemed to enjoy their roles.


“Right push those asses down. You can stretch at night before you go to bed.  Side splits will help.”

Aaron and the others all tried as hard as they could for three minutes before the instructor stopped them and lead them to the final activity.


They walked to the end of the gymnasium hall. On the floor in front of each boy were five weights, increasing in 5-pound increments from 5 to 25 pounds. Each had a two-foot rod on top with a metal ring attached at the end.

The instructor walked along the line of boys and handed each of them a metal device. On one end was a large hook; attached to it via a connecting ring was a mountaineering carabiner.

“The carabiner goes around your nuts. The hook goes on the weights. You have to get all five to the other end of the hall without using your hands. You may NOT drag the weights on the floor.”

The boys were distracted; more interested in how far they had to carry the weights. The hall was 50 yards long.


Aaron looked down at the carabiner and realised that it had a gate. He pushed it and it easily opened.

“Pull your nuts down, then pull the neck of your nut sack through the gate,” the instructor said. “Then let it close behind. Put them on now.”

Aaron looked down at his nuts. They didn’t hang low. He gripped them firmly, working them into the bottom of his scrotum, then he pulled them until an inch of skin was extended. He snapped the carabiner on. His nuts bulged in the tight space below. He glanced at some of the other boys. Many of them had sacks as tight as his, but a few had droopy scrotums and large testicles, allowing the carabiner to clip into place easily. Aaron wondered if they would turn out to be the lucky or unlucky ones.


“This is the last exercise of the day. Give you those nice droopy nuts that faggots seem to love. You get 10 points for finishing first, and punishment if you take too long. You may NOT stop before you get all of the weights to the other end. You may not use your hands AT ALL. Ready? BEGIN!”


Aaron shuffled up to the smallest weight, took a wide stance and lowered himself until he could guide the hook through the ring on the weight. He carefully straightened his legs unsure what to expect, but he was pleasantly surprised as the weight bore down on his testicles. It was heavy enough to tug on his balls, but not in the slightest bit painful.

He shuffle-ran, keeping his legs wide apart and taking small steps to avoid making the weight swing. In less than 20 seconds, he was at the other end of the hall. He bent his legs and jiggled his groin until the hook disengaged from the weight, then he sprinted back, aware of the hook swinging wildly between his legs.

The next weight was twice as heavy as the first, but still well within the bounds of comfort. Even the third, at 15 pounds whilst heavy, was far from excruciating, but the fourth was a different story. As soon as he carefully lifted it off the ground, his nuts started to ache. He looked down at them. His sack was stretched low, and his nuts were compressed into the bottom half of his scrotum. It looked to him like a small stress ball being squeezed hard in someone’s fist. The skin was shiny and his balls bulged out beneath the carabiner. And the pain itself was unusual. As expected, there was a crushing sensation that felt much like any other pain in the nuts, but there was also an unpleasant tugging sensation deep in his stomach that Aaron visualised as his nuts being torn from wherever they were attached inside his body.

He shuffled much slower now, using small steps to avoid swinging the weight and magnifying his discomfort. Around him, other boys were also struggling; some on their fourth weight like him, and some still on their third.

Aaron crossed the line and lowered the weight gratefully, knowing that the worst was yet to come. He ran to the starting line, racing two other teens who were ahead of the pack. He hooked himself up quickly enough, then carefully straightened his legs. It was as though his testicles were being crushed in a vice. The pain filled his groin preventing him from fully straightening his legs. His nuts were stretched lower than he’d ever seen them and his pain-shrunken penis disappeared entirely within the stretched skin of his massively elongated scrotum, leaving nothing but an inwards dimple of flesh that looked like a second belly button.

He started shuffling, desperate to at least get a win for his pain, but the other two boys were of the same mind. To his left, one boy aged about 18 with naturally low-hanging balls started shuffling faster, grunting down his pain, but his weight started the weight swinging and within 10 yards he was forced to stop entirely in order to stop the swing from magnifying and ripping his nuts right off.

That left just one more person. To his right, the kid with a small dick, now as invisible as Aaron’s was shuffle-running as though his life depended on it.

Aaron was in agony and he could see a look of tortured grim determination on the kid’s face. They both lowered in their stance, unconsciously trying to reduce the load but of course, achieving nothing. Their knees were spread like two bandy-legged geriatrics shuffling across the hall. They were moving neck and neck. It was going to be a photo finish. Aaron looked at the kid again. There were tears on the boy’s cheeks. He NEEDED to win this one. The finishing line was three paces away and Aaron slowed, just a beat, enough to allow the boy to beat him. The kid crossed the line and let out a loud, sibilant whisper.


They both lowered their weights and stood hunched over, cupping their hands to their aching groins.

The instructor was there as well.

“You can take those off now,” he said, gesturing towards the carabiners.

Both boys unclipped the metal loops. Aaron was unsurprised to see that his nuts were bruised purple, and they hung low in his sack like two marbles in a loose bag. He glanced at the other boy and his nuts were even darker. He must have been in serious pain.


The instructor approached and Aaron waited for the usual demeaning insult.

The man spoke to little dick.

“Good job kid. Now wipe your eyes. You don’t want the others to see you crying twice in one day or you’ll get a bad reputation.”

The kid looked up at the instructor surprised by the fatherly compassion. The man looked at the boy with momentary kindness then he turned away as the kid started wiping his eyes.

As he walked past Aaron the instructor whispered, “I saw what you did.”

His eyes met Aaron’s. The man gave the tiniest nod and Aaron returned the gesture with the smallest twitch of a smile. The man bumped against his shoulder as he passed and Aaron correctly understood the gesture as a discrete sign of approval. For the first time since he’d arrived at High Lakes, Aaron felt a little bit of humanity.

The instructor moved off to shout at the other boys.

“Come on faggots, I haven’t got all day!”


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