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Milking my brother – The prequel to Drained

Forced milking Read Drained here If you like my work and want access to PDFs of most of my stories, 4K versions of many images, and content that I chose not to publish publicly, please consider donating to my Patreon in order to receive access.   Milking my brother – Dedicated to Glen W. Ryan […]

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The third leg

If you want to support me in my art writing and encourage me to draw or write more, please consider a small monthly donation via Patreon. You will be the first to learn about my latest work, and $5 will give you access to the 4K section of this site.   +80

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Lab rat – part 2

Gay first time, gay coming of age, forced milking A teenager at a forced milking facility finds out more about life at the facility. +160

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Dan and Elliott have been friends most of their lives, and they were comfortable in a way that only a fortunate few ever are. +80

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A boy has a unique experience with his twin brother. +70

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Learning from Dad

A deadbeat father finally teaches his teenage son something worth learning. Inspired by the movie De Helaasheid der Dingen set in pre-Internet 1970s Belgium. +20

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Animal breeding

A teenager pisses off a farm girl and discovers that with the right manipulation, he can be forced to give up his sperm as easily and as often as any other farm animal. This story does NOT feature ANY bestiality content. +70

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A young man experiences an erotic secret with his grampa (NOT incest) You can find an index to all my stories here +7-1

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A picture tells 1000 words


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