Learning from Dad

A deadbeat father finally teaches his teenage son something worth learning.

Inspired by the movie De Helaasheid der Dingen set in pre-Internet 1970s Belgium.

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Learning from Dad

Gunther was sitting with his father in the kitchen. As usual, his dad was half pissed but the mood between them was genial. Gunther had been waiting for the right opportunity to ask his dad a favour regarding school.

“Dad, I’d like to board during the week.”

His father raised his eyebrows.


“May I?”

Gunther hoped against hope that his dad would not take it the wrong way. All he wanted was a chance to stay in school so that he could improve his education. But as usual his poor white trash dad didn’t take it well.

“What’s this crap about boarding? What’s that all about? I bust my balls for you. I do my best, but it’s never good enough. It’s never good enough. First your mother and now you. You’re a little traitor, that’s what you are.”

Martijn paused, building up steam.

” And that filthy whore. I always knew she was a filthy whore. And you are the son of a filthy whore. That’s what you are. I’m starting to wonder whether you are actually mine. She said you weren’t. Are you mine? Eh? Take your trousers off.”

Gunther looked alarmed.


“Do it!” his father said, standing up and moving towards him.

“Why?” Gunther asked mystified.

His father towered over him, looking down. The boy leaned away, intimidated.

” Stand up and take your trousers off!” his father repeatedly.

“Gunther take…” Martijn said, so angry his could barely speak. “Stand up!”

“Hey!” Gunther protested.

“Take your trousers off!”

He dragged his boy to his feet. Gunther rose and moved away from him. Martijn pulled his own trousers and underpants down and stepped out of them. Gunther had made no effort to take his own clothes off.

Martijn said, “You do know how to take them off, don’t you? Bloody hell.”


He grabbed his son and pulled the boy’s golden brown corduroys down, immediately wrestling for the boy’s tatty underpants. Gunther yelped and tried to hold them up with one hand whilst struggling to keep his father away with the other. His father was too strong and with a jerk, he pulled the boy’s pants down past his knees.

“Come on. There. Yours is the same,” Martijn said looking at his son’s slender penis flopping around as the boy tried to fight back.

Martijn’s mood changed instantly from anger to pride,

“Look! Yours is identical to mine. You are my son. You’re my son!” he said triumphantly. “You’ve even got a birthmark in the same place.”

He was referring to a light brown smudge on the right of the boy’s penis.

“It’s a fine specimen. You’ve got a nice one,” he said

Gunther was still struggling to regain control of his underpants, but he felt an odd pride in his father’s words.


At 13, Gunther was just starting puberty, but his penis was almost four inches long soft and he had a small bush of light brown pubic hair. Half of his classmates still had little boy weiners and their balls hadn’t started to drop, but his balls hung low in his sack. He was too young to consider the importance of girth as well as length or he might have felt concern about his dick’s finger thinness, but for now he was the biggest kid in class.


His father said, “Look, you’ve even got the same balls as me – one tiny and one giant!”

The description was indeed accurate. Gunther’s right testicle was as large as plum, whilst his left was the size of a baked bean, and it looked like it clutching onto the side of its weightier brother, in orbit like a small moon. Gunther had always thought it was freakish, but now he looked at his father’s own balls, and felt a bond with him. His father’s right ball was the size of a large chicken’s egg, whilst his left was the size of a hazelnut.


“I don’t suppose you’ve done much with your dick yet,” Martijn said. “Or have you?”.

“No.” Gunther replied flatly.


Gunther was still trying to pull his underpants up. His father slapped his hands away hard.

“For fuck’s sake Gunther, will you just leave your pants alone, or are you some kind of faggot who’s afraid to be seen naked by a real man?”

“No,” Gunther said sullenly, but his father’s jibe was enough to stop him struggling. He dropped his hands to his sides.

“Gunther, you’re going to get a great deal of pleasure from it.” his dad said, getting misty eyed and philosophical. “Life still has to start for you. I bet you like to play with it?” he asked.

Gunther blushed.


“I bet you do too. What’s your favourite type of porn?” Martijn asked heartily.

“I don’t have one.” Gunther replied.

“Why not?! ” his father asked, almost indignant.

“I’ve never seen any.”

“What?!” his father roared, amazed. “Well we’re going to have to fix that right now. Come with me.”


He grabbed his boy by the shoulder and dragged him towards the hallway. Gunther hopped like an off-balance kangaroo, half tripping over the trousers and underpants that were around his ankles. He bent and tried to pull them up again. His dad saw him struggling.

“Don’t worry about those; leave them here. You won’t need them for a while!”

Gunther stepped out of his underwear and trousers as his father lead him enthusiastically towards the stairs, and up to his bedroom.


In his bedroom, Martijn reached into a box in his cupboard and pulled out a stack of porn.

“There,” he said, triumphant again, “just take a look at that!”

Gunther looked down at the magazines. He knew about porn, but he had never had the chance to get his hands on a magazine before now. He looked at the selection and chose one called, ‘Young and hungry for cock”. Leaning over the bed, he started to turn the pages, fascinated. He quickly became oblivious to his father as he stared at the naked flesh.


“You like it then?” his father said, interrupting his reverie. Gunther turned and gave his father a lusty leer. Then Gunther carried on reading.


Martijn watched with pride as the boy’s prick slowly twitched to life, bouncing a little higher with each heartbeat. His son’s breathing got faster, and he started literally smacking his mouth slowly in excitement.

Gunther turned the pages faster, his eyes wide with lust. He came to the end of the magazine and as he reached out to select another he realised that he had a throbbing erection. Blushing brightly, he covered himself bashfully.

“Enjoy that?” his dad asked grinning.

Gunther wore an expression like a schoolboy caught spying on the girl’s locker room. He nodded, looking at his father’s face for signs of reproach about his erection.

“I could tell,” Martijn said. “You’ve got quite a hard-on there. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. That’s what the magazines are for. If they didn’t make you hard, they’d be useless.”


Gunther smiled at his father’s candour. This was a new side of the man, and Gunther liked it. He dropped his hands tentatively, feeling brave he allowed his bone to spring free. Now his dad could see a new side of him!


“That’s the way!” his father heartily, “Let the beast go free!”

Gunther laughed sheepishly, then he selected another magazine and started reading, leaning on the bed with one hand as he read. His father stood beside him, their shoulders touching, and leaned on the bed with his other hand, looking at the pictures as his son turned the pages.


Father and son stood looking at porn, boners standing up to attention between their legs. Gunther’s slender dick stood up almost touching his stomach. His father’s heavier dick hung lower. Gunther worked his way through the second magazine, pausing on some pages for a good 30 seconds. It turned Martijn on tremendously to see what his son found horny and when the kid paused, scrutinising a page, Martijn’s dick would briefly get harder as he tried to imagine what fantasy his son was making up.


Halfway through the third magazine, Martijn glanced over at his son’s dick and he noticed that there was a long strand of drool hanging from the tip. He smiled at the kid’s horniness. He could see that both of Gunther’s balls had literally slipped up into the boy’s lower abdomen as his powerful cremaster muscles pulled the testicles back along the inguinal canals where they had originally resided when he was a little boy. Childhood undescended testicles was another thing that father and son had in common…


“Your balls have gone up into your stomach and your dick is leaking. If you get any hornier you’re going to spurt all over my bed. Give me a second and I’ll get a towel.”

He ran to the airing cupboard and took out a big bath towel then he returned and spread the four foot rectangle out in front of his son, giving the boy chance to pick the magazines up first. Martijn had barely laid the towel down before Gunther threw the magazine down and started looking at it again.

“Whoa, give me a second. Boy you ARE eager,” Martijn said. Gunther turned to him with a wry grin then quickly returned to his porn, erection not in the least bit diminished.


After another magazine and five minutes, Gunther acquired a strange slack-jawed look on his face, and his tongue was curled down, its upper curve protruding through his open mouth. He was also swallowing and panting a lot.

“Are you going to do something with that thing?” Martijn asked, indicating his son’s penis, “or are you just going to wait till it spews everywhere?”

Gunther looked at dad, then at his own dick, then back at his dad with a “Do what?!” expression.  Martijn made a wanking gesture with his right hand and Gunther’s face lit up as it dawned on him what he dad was saying.

“What here, in front of you?” he asked self-conscious.

“Well, you’ve stood there with a hard on in front of me for the past half an hour, so I don’t think you’ve got any surprises left for me have you?”


Gunther grinned, took hold of his penis in his right hand and started pulling himself, turning back to the magazine. His dad moved the magazine to the side, placing it between them.

“What did you do that for?” Gunther asked.

“So you don’t get jizz all over it,” Martijn replied.

Gunther frowned.


“Yeah, baby batter, cream, spooge, you know, the stuff that comes out of your dick.”

Gunther looked at his father blankly. His dad shook his head.

“You don’t have a fucking clue what I’m talking about do ya kiddo. Is this your first time?”

Gunther felt foolish.

“No, I mean yes. I mean, well, no I don’t know what you’re talking about, and yes this is my first time.”

His father smiled but not unkindly. He put his hand on Gunther’s shoulder and gave it a squeeze.

“Tell you what kiddo, don’t you worry about it. You just keep going and you’re going to get a nice surprise soon okay.”

“Okay dad.”

Gunther smiled at his dad then he hunched over and continued pumping as fast as he could. Just 30 seconds after he had taken himself in hand, he jetted watery cum three feet in front of him, his dick spraying like it was hose pipe. He let out an enormous five second groan of satisfaction as he came and his legs buckled under him and he had to support himself against the bed using his knees. Pulling a series of comical orgasm faces, he kept working his dick till every last spurt of cum was out of him, and then he carried on for thirty seconds more. All the while his father was watching his face closely, curious to see his son’s first orgasm.

As the orgasm passed, Gyunther’s dick rapidly became so sensitive that he brought his knees together in an unconscious effort to protect his aching balls and ease the base of his cock.

“Ooooh,” he sighed.

Martijn watched his son’s epic orgasm smiling, proud of the kid’s huge gusher of cum, and the immensity of his orgasm.

“You okay son?”


“Yeah, they’ll do that to you.”

Gunther panted and regained his grip on reality again.

Martijn said, “Well that was one hell of a fuckin’ cum. Jeez that was enough to empty your big bollock, not just the little one! Look, you’ve drenched the towel.”

Gunther looked, and the towel was indeed covered with splashes of his cum. He was proud of how much juice he’d made. He smiled cheerfully at his dad as his watery boy juice quickly soaked away. Then he reached down and lifted the corner of the towel and used it to clean the head of his dick.


Even though an hour ago the thought of even being seen naked by his dad would have made him uncomfortable, the intimate experience they’d both just shared gave Gunther a great sense of ease and warmth towards his dad now. He sat in the wicker chair in the corner of his dad’s room, putting his socked feet on the bed, legs apart. He didn’t even bother to cover up now. On a semi-conscious level the boy was even deliberately showing his genitals to his dad. He felt like he’d somehow passed a coming-of-age ritual with his old man and now as he sat legs akimbo displaying himself, it was like he was saying, ‘Well dad, here’s my manhood – what do you think?”


Gunther’s dick was still standing up tall but it was slowly losing blood. As it wilted, he pushed down on the top of his pubis forcing his balls back into his sack. When he removed his hand they both slid back up intyo his stomach. He pushed them down again, but this time he held them there whilst his cock softened and his cremaster muscles relaxed.


Martijn looked at his boy, feeling closer to him than he ever had.

“Well fuck me son, I’d have to go some to beat that. Maybe when I was your age I might have had a chance. Now, I’m just gonna be happy to bust a nut. Watching you has got me proper horny.”


He turned to the bed and started tugging on his hard dick looking at the porn on the bed and trying to see it through his son’s eyes for the first time. He pumped away for a few minutes whilst Gunther watched him smiling. Then Martijn came, more than usual, but not even in the same league as his teen son’s monumental emission. Nevertheless, he noted with satisfaction that his creamy spunk was thick and lumpy and it didn’t immediately soak into the towel as his son’s had.

“Nice one dad!” Gunther congratulated him.

“Fucking right!” Martijn agreed looking back at his son.

He cleaned the end of his dick and walked over to Gunther. He lifted one of the boy’s legs from the bed, moved past it and sat on the bed, replacing the boy’s leg back on the bed so that he was sitting in between his son’s legs.


Gunther’s skinny dick was dangling down between his legs, but his massive right ball was plainly visible beneath. Martijn leaned forwards and looked at it more closely.

“Do you mind if I feel your bollocks Gunther?”

Gunther shrugged and smiled.

“I guess not.”

Martijn lifted the boy’s slim cock out the way with one hand and with the other  he first gripped the boy’s small bollock.

“Man, that’s fucking tiny kiddo,” he observed without any spite.

He rolled the small pip between his finger and thumb.

“It’s like a fucking baked bean.”

Gunther scowled at him.

“I’m not knocking you son. Mine was tiny at your age too.”

They both looked at Martijn’s left testicle. It was no bigger than a marble.


Martijn picked up Gunther’s massive right ball. It was cool to the touch and when he squeezed it, it was soft.

“Now THAT’S what I call a bollock kid! You could make 10 girls pregnant at a time with that beauty! Look at the size of that bastard.” He hefted its weight. It was as heavy as a pool ball. He flopped Gunther’s soft cock onto the kid’s leg, then he positioned both of his hands either side of the boy’s sack. Gunther watched with curiosity. Without warning, Martijn flicked both nuts hard. Gunther yelped and immediately covered himself.

“What d’you do that for?!” he demanded, pained.

“I just wanted to see which one was the most sensitive,” Martijn answered. “Which one hurts the most?”

“My left one!” Gunther answered, annoyed.

“That’s what I thought,” Martijn said. My small one always used to hurt more if I got kicked too. We really are exactly alike!” He leaned forwards and kissed Gunther on the forehead. Gunther grunted in pain and lowered his legs to the floor. He kissed his dad roughly back.

“Tell you what son, I can show you a lot more great things to do with your dick. We’re gonna have a great time!”

Gunther looked at his dad, eager in spite of the ache in his bag.

“You know what dad, don’t bother about boarding. I think I’ll stay here after all.”

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