My first visit to a sauna with dad

A young man goes to the sauna with his father and finds himself in an embarrassing situation.

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My first visit to a sauna with dad

The first time my dad took me to the gym with him and his buddy Mike, I felt so proud to be invited into his man’s world. I felt it was like a rite of passage.

I’d not imagined on being taken to the sauna afterwards, but it felt as though this was an invitation to their inner sanctum. However, I hadn’t reckoned on everyone being nude. I was immediately shy about my puny naked body compared to all these grown men. Even my dad had not seen me naked in over five years.

I sat in the corner, hoping to fade into the background, but it worked a little too well. My dad sat close to my right, pinning my arm against my body, then a jock slouched to my left trapping that arm.

I sat silently whilst my dad and his friend talked, intermittently throwing comments to me to keep me in the conversation. The atmosphere was charged. I’d never seen naked men in the flesh before, and now I was surrounded by them in this hot, sweaty environment. I found it extremely erotic, and I dared to sneak a peek at the dicks of the men around me.

To my horror, I quickly developed a painfully hard erection. I casually tried to move hands to my lap, but they were trapped by the men either side of me. I was horrified, but I thought if I made a more obvious move, it would only draw attention to me, so I sat there with this throbbing pole standing straight up between my legs, reasoning that it would soon go away. It was clear from the smirk on Mike’s face, that he’d noticed, and when my dad glanced at me after a while, he did a double take, then looked pointedly at my boner. I acted casual, staring at a fixture high on the opposite wall, but I could feel myself blushing furiously. My dad looked away, perhaps as embarrassed among all these men to draw attention to my reaction, as I was, and assuming as I had, that it would soon subside. It didn’t. It stayed utterly rigid for the whole half hour we were there.

As soon as we got into the car to go home, my dad turned the radio on loud, which I assumed he did to avoid having to talk to me. I felt like I’d committed a terrible crime on the drive home. As soon as we got home, I retreated to my bedroom. My dad followed me straight in, and I cringed over what he was going to say.

“You’re gay aren’t?” he asked forthrightly. I looked at my feet, desperately anxious.

“Yes, I think so,” I admitted.

“Why didn’t you cover yourself up with your hands?”

“I couldn’t. You and that other guy had my arms trapped by my sides, and I was scared to make anyone look at me.”

A look of comprehension spread across my dad’s face, followed by a look of relief, and then a smirk.

“So you weren’t deliberately showing off your boner?“

“No!” I protested, mortified at the thought.

A grin filled his face.

“Next time I think you’d better bring a towel with you when we go to the sauna. Then you can enjoy it properly!”

I did a double take of his face.

“What do you mean “enjoy it properly?”

He winked then leaned forwards, kissed my forehead, tousled my hair with a friendly smile and left the room.

And that’s why I think my dad is the best person in the world.


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