A boy has a unique experience with his twin brother.

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Oliver lay in bed on his right side, with his back to the room looking the screen of his phone. He was playing a game as his mind wound down ready for sleep. A rustle behind him drew his attention. He looked over his shoulder and saw his twin brother Gabe sitting in his own bed four feet away. His back was propped against the headboard and he was staring at his IPad screen. Gabe sensed the change in Oliver’s demeanour and turned to his twin, gracing him with a beaming smile. Oliver turned fully onto his left side so that he was facing his brother, then propped himself up on his left elbow. He smiled gently at Gabe, and Gabe’s smile broadened still further. Maybe it was the bedside lamp casting a weird light, but Gabe’s face seemed radiant and his inch-long cropped black hair had a golden backlight that picked out the strands against the dark, poster-covered wall behind him.

Oliver watched his brother in silence, enjoying the wordless communion between them. He studied his brother’s face. It was round in a friendly rather than and overweight way, and its bones were starting to lengthen as he moved from adolescence towards adulthood. He had strong, cheekbones and the hint of freckles. His hazel eyes seemed to have a perpetual light behind them that made them sparkle with life even on the darkest nights.

Oliver and Gabriel looked almost identical. At a casual glance, a stranger might easily confuse them. They both had the same face, the same lean, muscled body, the same dark cropped hair, the same eye colour. But it was when you looked into their eyes that you could see the difference. Where Gabe’s eyes sparkled with humour, Oliver’s were darker; cautious, even timid. Gabe was almost the polar opposite of his twin. Where Gabe was vivacious and confident, Oliver was painfully self-aware, and nervous. Where Gabe was fearless, Oliver spent his life in perpetual fear of doing the wrong thing or attracting people’s attention. It was only around Gabe that Oliver was ever truly relaxed. Gabe shared his strength with his brother when they were together in public, but in private, there was no need.


“What you playing?” Oliver asked in a low voice.

Gabe turned the screen towards his brother. It showed a Tumblr page on the page was a teenaged boy, about 15 or 16 years old – about their age. He was emerging from a lake and his friends were in the background, still in the water. He’d obviously decided to go for an impromptu dip wearing nothing but his underpants, and now they were soaked, the wet, thin cotton clinging closely to his genitals, hiding nothing. At first Oliver saw just the boy, but as he looked closer he saw the picture as his brother did.

“I wonder if he knows everyone can see his junk?”

“Prob’ly not,” Gabe said. “But the guy with the camera knows!”

He smiled, making it clear that he approved. Oliver smiled back. Gabe had admitted to him that he was gay two years ago, just as they were starting to learn what their dicks were for, although “admitted” was probably the wrong word; “informed” was more accurate. They were in their last months of middle school. So far as Oliver knew, Gabe never told anyone at middle school about his sexuality, but when they arrived at high school, it was just something that he mentioned if the subject came up.

Their parents were a different matter; more complicated…



“He’s cute huh?” Gabe said.

Oliver looked at the boy. His face was lean, with a strong jawline but his eyes were alive with life and laughter. Oliver glanced down at the boy’s groin. His dick was not all that big, fat rather than long, and his bush was dark.

Oliver shrugged non-committally.

“I guess.”

“Yeah, you guess.”

“That was a weird thing to say,” Oliver thought.

Gabe smiled and turned the pad back where he could see it. Oliver returned his attention to his phone, laying on his back now to play, only giving it half of his attention as he tryed to decipher his brother’s cryptic comment.


Gabe slid his right index finger across the screen several times then he stopped scrolling through the images. He made a gesture on the screen to enlarge current image then his hand moved from the screen and beneath the quilt. For 30 seconds, the movement of his fingers was too small to detect through the quilt, then his movements became larger. Oliver was aware of the rustling, and at first he tried to ignore it, but his attention kept returning to the rhythmic pumping and the soft bud, bud, bud sound as his brother’s fist tapped against the quilt. He looked across at Gabe. His brother was staring intently at the screen and as expected, the quilt was making small movements at groin level as the boy masturbated. Gabe made an adorable expression when he was jacking off. His mouth would hang slightly agape, and the tip of his tongue would press firmly against the inside of his bottom lip, the tip facing downwards and the rest making a convex curl pushing towards his open mouth.


Gabe sensed his brother’s silence and turned to him, grinning again. Gabe was quick to smile. It was one of his best features. Always smiling or laughing, usually happy. Oliver smiled back.

“You’re making that retarded face again.”

Gabe’s grin widened almost splitting his face in two, then he exaggerated his former expression, curling his nose, pushing the curl of his tongue out more and making an “uhhhhh” groan that was meant to be a mentally handicapped person trying to talk but sounded more like an old-school zombie groaning.

Oliver laughed.

“You’re such a spaz!”

He threw his pillow at his brother and Gabe caught it and threw it back. Then Gabe reached down with his left hand and swooshed the edge of the quilt back across the bed revealing his body. His underpants were half way down his thighs and he was holding his hard dick in his fist. He reclined once more, looking at the screen and continued masturbating, now in full view of his brother. It was something Oliver was used to. Neither of them was shy around the other. Gabe made a gentle “uhhh” noise once again, playing the retard.

Oliver grinned and returned to his game for a minute but he couldn’t concentrate knowing his brother was masturbating four feet away so he put down his phone, and turned his own quilt back ready to join Gabe. He was already hard, his penis formed a ridge down his underpants, his nuts filling the pouch.

He pushed his pants down past his knees and gripped his dick, then he lay back, closed his eyes and started jacking himself.


Either of the boys could be done in under a minute; 30 seconds at a real push, but tonight they were both taking their time, in no rush to blow their loads. Oliver pumped his hand slowly, fast enough to keep himself turned on, but with insufficient speed or friction to bring him close to the edge.



Gabe was acting retarded again. Oliver ignored him.

“Uhhhhhhhhh,” Gabe repeated louder.

Oliver continued to ignore him.

“UhhhUHHH!” his brother repeated more insistently.

“Would you shut up, I’m trying to co…”

Oliver looked at his brother. Gabe was wearing the same exaggerated retard face but now the soles of his feet were pressed together, his heels drawn up tight to his bottom, with his knees spread wide like a swimming frog. And he was wearing his underpants on his head like some kind of medieval helmet. He was looking through the leg holes.

Oliver burst out laughing.

“You are SUCH a total fucking spaz!”

Gabe smiled back at him and pulled the pants off his head. He picked up the small bottle of lube he’d bought downtown. Gabe remembered when their father had found it in Gabe’s drawer. He challenged Gabe on it.



“What are you doing with this? You’re not a fag are you?”

True to his nature, instead of retreating, Gabe attacked.

“What are you doing going down my drawers and touching my things?!”

He was defiant, but their father was having none of it. The man stepped forwards and loomed over the boy who was reclining on his bed at the time. Although Gabe appeared not to notice, Oliver saw that their father’s fist was clenched.

“You don’t HAVE any things as long as you’re living under my roof. I paid for it all, including this, now answer the damned question!”

“Okay, I use it when I jack off. Because you had the end of my dick cut off when I was a baby.”

Their father thought about it for a moment.

“Oh, yeah, that. Having you both circumcised was your mom’s idea. It was popular back then.”

He placed the bottle of lube on the bedside cabinet next to Gabe.

“Umm, anyway, sorry about that.”

Oliver was not sure if the man was referring to having them cut or getting physically aggressive with his son.

“So you’re ummm,” the man made a masturbatory gesture with his fist, “spanking the monkey now huh?”

Oliver was sure that there was a tone of pride in the man’s voice now but Gabe was still glaring at him angrily.

“Try not to get jizz on the sheets. Your mother don’t need to see that in the laundry.”

Their father backed out of the room. Just before he left he said, “Look sorry for getting angry with you then. I just… I was worried you might be a faggot. Let me know when you need more of that and I’ll get you a bigger bottle.”

Gabe continued to glare at him without a word.

A couple of days later, their father entered their room again but this time he knocked first. He threw two small bar towels at the boys. One featured a woven Budweiser logo, the other Coors.

“Here you go boys. For when you need to clean up. Give them a rinse every now and then, and don’t let your mother find them.”

Oliver glowed with embarrassment, but Gabe picked the towel up and threw it on the floor behind his bed without a word.




Carrying the bottle of lube Gabe walked over and gave his brother a shove.

“Scootch over.”

“What? Why?”

“Just do it Oli.”

Oliver moved over to the far edge of his single bed until his right arm was pressed against the painted wall. He had no idea what his brother was planning, but they both had boners and whatever it was excited him.

Gabe lay on the bed, put fresh lube on his hand and without asking, he reached across and pushed Oliver’s hand off his dick, replacing it with his own.

“What are you doing?”

Gabe gave his brother’s dick a few light tugs.

“It’ll be fun.”

Oliver let out a shuddering gasp.

“You okay?” Gabe enquired.

“Y… Yeah. Just… Just a surprise. And my dick’s sensitive.”

Gabe smiled.


He looked down at Oliver’s penis and twisted his brother’s glans in his fist a few times like he was tightening a ketchup bottle lid, then he paused.

“Do me too.”

Oliver sceptically looked down at his twin’s penis. He thought about the proposition for a few moments then he extended his left hand palm up.


It was what they called lube – an in-joke so that they could talk about it under their parents’ noses.

Gabe squirted some onto his brother’s palm then Oliver reached across and gripped his twin’s dick. He was surprised at how similar it felt to his own. He’d tried to envision what it would be like to hold someone else’s dick, but whenever he used his own dick as a reference, he could never separate the feeling in his own dick from the feeling in his hand.

He started to jack his brother in slow motion, rolling his fingers off the head with each stroke as though he was kneading dough. He was no expert, and he’d never used the technique on himself, but he’d seen enough porn videos to know that this was a technique used in edging videos.

The head of his Gabe’s dick gleamed, pale and oily in the bedroom light. It had a mushroom shaped glans, standing distinct from the shaft, flared with a rounded rear edge.

Oliver’s attention kept wandering back to his own dick where his brother continued to twist at his glans. Oliver looked at his brother and Gabe grinned at him.

“Like it?” Gabe asked.

“Uh huh. You?”


Gabe smiled and returned his attention to Oliver’s dick, determined to give his twin the best hand-job he could muster.

“We should have done this ages ago.”

“I guess so,” Oliver agreed.

“You guess so. What’s up?”

“I dunno,” Oliver mused, “It’s kind of perverted isn’t it?”

Gabe shrugged.

“I dunno. Not really. I mean we jerk off in the same room together all the time, and we do everything else together, why should this be different? I think it’s kinda nice actually; like super intimate. And nobody knows you like me.”

“Yeah, I guess you’re right. Never thought of it like, ahHHH.”

Oliver’s voice raised in pitch as if he’d stepped under a cold shower. Gabe frowned.

“’Sup bro?”

“You hit a spot there,” Oliver gasped, “it’s even more ah-huh-huh uuuhhh.”

Gabe gave a mischievous grin.

“What, you mean right here?”

His finger tips brushed against his brother’s fraenulum, at the place behind his cock where the two hemispheres of his glans met.

“Yeah, yeah!” Oliver panted.

“Like this?”

Gabe brushed his fingers back and forth, pressing firmly now.

“Ah ahhh!”

The sensation was halfway between pain and ecstasy. Oliver squirmed, his reactions beyond his control.

“Ah Gabe stop, it’s too much. It’s so sensitive!”

Gabe continued playfully.

“Awww c’mon, don’t be a baby. This?”

Oliver tried to squirm away, to move his dick away from Gabe’s grasp but he was trapped by the wall. Eventually he reached down and pushed his brother’s hand off his penis.

“Gabe, enough dude. That’s too much!”

“No problem. Here’s let’s do something else then. Sit up against the end of the bed.”

Oliver frowned but complied. He raised himself on his hands, careful not to get lube from his palm on the bed sheets, then he pushed backwards until he was sitting with his back against the padded leatherette headboard at the top of the bead, which was itself against the outer wall of the bedroom.

Moving awkwardly on his knees, Gabe moved towards Oliver’s feet, then he pulled his brother’s knees apart and shuffled up between them.

“Lift your knees up nearer to you.”

Oliver frowned.

In a low voice he said, “Gabe I’m not fucking.”

“Course not Oli. I just want to put our dicks together. So we can see who’s is the biggest.”

“Oh that’s gonna be you.”

Gabe gave him a light palm heel thump on the leg.

“Don’t be so insecure all the time Oli. They look pretty close to me. Put your feet on the bed.”

Oliver drew his knees up and his brother moved closer between his them until their dicks were almost touching then he sat on the bed and wiggled closer still until their dicks were pushed together.

“This is so weird,” Oliver observed. “I can feel your nuts pressing against mine.”

“Yeah,” Gabe agreed. “Me too.”

“You got big nuts.”

Gabe reached between them and felt his brother’s nuts, then his own, then he wrapped his stretched fist around them both.

“Yours are exactly the same size.”


“Yeah why would I lie?”

For some reason the news pleased Oliver. In his mind, he was just a shadow of his brother. Everything about Gabe seemed better, his smile, his personality, his body.

Gabe looked down at their dicks resting back to back, standing up like a pair of five-inch flag poles between them.

“Our dicks are identical too. Same length, same thickness, same dick heads. We even have the same pubes!”

Oliver looked down between his legs and studied their dicks for a few moments then he reached down and lightly massaged the head of his twin’s penis from the top, before repeating the movement on his own glans.

“It’s amazing how same they are.”

He smiled warmly, feeling even closer to his brother than he usually did. Then Gabe did something he hadn’t done since they were five years old – he leaned forwards and kissed him lightly on the lips.

The last time they had done it, their father had gotten angry, warning them never to kiss each other again in case it turned them into fairies. Neither of them had heard of fairies, but it didn’t seem like something they wanted judging by his anger. For six months after that, Oliver was afraid even to kiss his mother until she finally convinced him that it was okay to kiss mommies and girls on the lips. Even as she explained to him, she feared that a part of Oliver’s innocence was lost but she knew better than to take up the issue with her husband.


Oliver blinked, surprised at his brother’s kiss, but before he could say anything, Gabe’s mouth was gone, moved downwards to his chest. He felt Gabe’s lips around his boyish nipple and then a tongue on the tip. Oliver giggled.

“What are you doing Gabe?!”

Gabe didn’t answer. Instead he nibbled on his twin’s nipple with his lips, licking at the tip all the while.

Oliver could feel his dick getting harder between them.

“I dunno why but that’s making dick even harder. What are you doing?”

Gabe still declined to answer, switching now to the second nipple. As he sucked on Oliver’s left tit, he lightly pinched and teased the saliva-coated right one with his fingers.

Oliver panted heavily.


After a few minutes, Gabe moved his head from his brother’s nipple down to his flat belly, kissing and licking when he got there.

Between kisses he said, “You…” kiss, kiss, “feel like…” kiss, slurp, “you’re about to bust a nut!” lick, lick.

“Yeah,” Oliver panted, “I dunno why it’s making me so horny!”

Unlike his brother, he had not had any sexual partners and this was way more erotic than he’d imagined.

Gabe raised his head and gripped their adjacent pricks in his fist, and started twisting and pumping, his fist sliding easily over the lubed shafts and heads.

“Ahhh Gabe, what are you doing to me?!” Oliver groaned in ecstasy.

He arched his chest out and try to raise his hips in a subconscious attempt to fuck his brother’s hand.

Gabe leaned forwards and kissed his brother again, this time keeping his parted lips pressed to Oliver’s mouth. Oliver tried to turn away at first. This was too much, too intimate, even from his brother, but Gabe pushed his face back with his free hand, and kept kissing until his twin brother finally surrendered and allowed him free reign. Gabe kissed passionately, frantically, forcing his tongue into Oli’s mouth.

Oli reacted like a small animal, trapped beneath his brother’s urgent lust. He could feel Gabe’s tongue chasing his own around his mouth, enthusiastically probing and flickering. And between them, Gabe’s fist was grinding and twisting and pumping their hard cocks. Oli’s body was not under his own control. His twin brother was a lust maestro playing him like a Stradivarius. Oliver realised now, the gulf between their expertise. He was powerless to resist the rising lust, the impending orgasm. He could almost feel the cum boiling in his brother’s fat balls. His own were swollen beyond imagination, just like his rigid cock. His brother was tweaking his nipple, tongue wrestling, and now the fist was pumping, sliding off their slippery helmets, sending sparks of fire into his balls.

Oliver felt a warm splash against his belly and he realised his brother had beaten him to it. By just a few seconds. Then he was spraying his own thick jizz as high between them as their touching bellies allowed. Oli shouted in elation, but Gabe kept his mouth pressed tightly, stifling the sound. Oli squirmed and twisted, his body completely overtaken by the power of his orgasm. At first Gabe continued to play him, but then he stopped jacking Oli riding his brother’s wild thrashing movements like a cowboy at a rodeo.


Gabe released his brother’s cock and leaned forwards, moving his body away so that he could get his head down between Oliver’s legs. Oli’s glans disappeared inside his mouth, and he closed his lips, wrapping them around the pale shaft.

“Gabe what are you doing?!” Oliver asked in shock.

He tried to push his brother’s face off his cock, but Gabe’s tongue was already lapping at his jizz-coated helmet and Oli’s resistance quickly became symbolic.

His jaw dropped and he gasped, his rapturous face turning upwards to the ceiling as Gabe’s hot tongue slithered all over his glans. He could feel the fingers of his brother’s right hand cupping his tight bag, and the large nuts within. He didn’t have the kind of nuts that hung down, but their size compensated. At the best of times they rode high in a large fist-sized sack of soft and wrinkled skin.

Gabe was bouncing Oliver’s nuts in the palm of his hand as though he was hefting them to test their ripeness. If their size and softness was anything to go by, they were very ripe indeed. Gabe starting rolling and pulling on his brother’s nuts, gently tugging them downwards in their soft sack before releasing them and repeating the action.

Oliver felt a greasy finger probing between the cheeks of his bottom, then the tip was at his puckered hole. Before he could object, it slid inside, slipping past the gateway of his sphincter and penetrating an inch. It was yet another new experience, and he paused momentarily before objecting, surprised by the pleasant experience in his sphincter. Gabe started finger fucking him with his middle finger. Each time the finger slid out of his hole, Oliver felt a thrill of excitement which only intensified as the finger pushed its way back inside. He decided to forego his objection.

Now Gabe started bouncing his head, using his lips to stimulate the rear rim of his brother’s flared glans. At the same time, his tongue constantly flickered across its hypersensitive surface.

Each time he bobbed his head, he thrust his finger into Oli’s hole, and he gave his brother’s nuts a little tug, almost as though pulling him onto the finger. Oliver didn’t know where to focus his attention. Although he’d only just cum, he was hornier than he’d ever felt in his life. His dick was trapped inside the pleasure cave of his brother’s hot, wet mouth, whilst his own dark hole was experiencing sensations he had not felt before.

He wrapped his legs around his brother’s chest, instinctively providing deeper access to his hole. Gabe took full advantage, thrusting his finger as deep as it would go with every stroke.

Oli’s quiet panting picked up pace and Gabe increased his motions accordingly, driving his brother inexorably towards his second orgasm.

Oliver was resting both hands on Gabe’s head, each one clenched into euphoric claws, helping to bounce the head up and down on his cock. Then his attempts to push his brother’s head away ceased to be merely symbolic. His second orgasm came with nut-clenching force. He wanted to thrust like a porn star slamming into the ass of a peroxide blonde bimbo, but he was held in place by his nuts, which his brother was now pulling and pumping like he was milking a cow. Gabe held his ground and licked furiously at Oli’s helmet, forcing the boy’s balls to give up their cream. Oliver flailed his legs in the air like an upended spider skewered with a pin, and pushed at his brother’s head hard, trying to stop the stimulation that was forcing him to keep cumming, but his brother refused to be moved, draining his twin’s warm jizz until there was nothing left to give.


Finally Oli’s movements ceased and Gabe released him and moved down the bed, dragging his brother by the back of his knees away from the headboard until his twin lay flat on his back once more. Gabe gripped their cocks in his fist once more and now started making a slow circling movement with his palm on top of both of their helmets, using the remains of Oli’s copious splatters of cum as lube.

Oli moaned softly, his eyes shut.

“Oooooh enough Gabe, enough.”

“Not quite yet.”

Oli squirmed, his glans hypersensitive from his gargantuan orgasms.

“Mercy Gabe, please.”

“Almost done.”

Oli lifted his hips and wriggled in slow motion like Salome doing her erotic “fuck me” dance, and Gabe continued to buff their paired cocks as though he was trying to buff their glans’ to a high shine. Oliver’s semen formed a thick, creamy layer over the top of his pale glans, but it did little to ease the heat that was building again. Gabe’s hand moved faster and faster and the cream turned to white foam. Despite himself, Oliver lifted his hips towards his brother’s hand, paradoxically moving in the only direction he could in a vain effort to avoid further stimulation.

He opened his eyes.

“Gabe my balls are killing. My helmet is too sensitive.”

His brother grinned at him.

“Gotta drain those balls. Might be a long time before you let another boy touch your dick.”

“What do you mean?”

Oliver was defensive.

“You know what I mean. You like boys same as me.”

“No…” Oliver began, but Gabe cut him off short.

“You can’t bullshit me Oli, we’re twins; I know you better than you know yourself. Anyway, you don’t need to. We’ve never lied to each other have we?”


Gabe smiled again. There was no recrimination in his eyes. Instead he started swirling a finger in the sticky white spunk-foam, tracing rapid circles on the top of his brother’s glans.

“Ahhh, ahhh, ahhh Gabe. I can’t squirt again. Don’t make me.”

But he was wrong. Without warning, syrupy white goo started oozing from his cock and running immediately down the shaft. It lacked the power to rise above his glans, but somehow his brother had forced Oliver’s balls to give up an even larger load than the first time. It ran down his pole like cream on a Christmas pudding, coating it on every side before dribbling into his neat pubes and over his sex-swollen nuts, held in their hairless spherical bag.

His brother finally released him, moving away and separating their cocks. Oliver’s eyes closed again, his nuts and dick aching from a third copious orgasm in fifteen minutes. He felt his brother clamber off the bed. Then a light, tender kiss on the cheek and he was gone.



Oliver lay with his knees apart, too frazzled to move immediately. He rested for a few minutes regaining his senses then he drew his knees together. He felt a weight on him – unexpected. The quilt? Why had Gabe covered him before he had a chance to clean up? He opened his eyes and the room was in dark, bathed only by cold moonlight coming through the partially open curtains.

Oliver looked at his brother’s bed. It was empty, the quilt neatly laid on top. The wall behind was bare of the posters that Gabe had placed there. The emptiness was crushing. A memory crashed into Oliver’s brain. The bed had been empty for a long time, ever since… His mind avoided the truth.


Then another memory came cascading down. He remembered Gabe telling him that he was going to tell their father about his sexuality. Oliver cautioned him against it. More than cautioned; almost begged him not to do it. But Gabe was unwilling to live a lie.

“If he can’t handle who I really am, then I’m better off living somewhere else.”

“But what about me?” Oliver thought. “If dad does something crazy and throws you out who will I have?”

He didn’t say a word. He knew it was selfish, and his brother’s needs were more important than his own.

Gabe said, “I’ll tell him after we go bowling. That always puts him in a good mood.”


Now the other memory forced its way into Oliver’s brain. He remembered the news that his brother had fallen from the upper floor of the car park. There was nothing they could do to save him. Their dad said that Gabe had jumped after a heated row and the police were forced to accept it, but Oliver knew better. Gabe wouldn’t kill himself. It just wasn’t him. He was a fighter not a weakling. Not like Oliver.

Every time he looked at his father, it was through the eyes of someone who knew with absolute certainty, that the man had killed the most important person in his life. And there was something in the man’s eyes. Something dark, haunted, that confirmed Oli’s belief.


The funeral came and went, but the void left behind was like black hole constantly tugging day and night at Oliver’s heart. His parents respected his plea not to discard Gabe’s belongings or move his bed out. Not yet. It would be like erasing Gabe altogether. But as the months passed, Oliver became more and more morose, and after repeated visits to a therapist, they finally agreed that it would be in his best interests to give Gabe’s belonging’s to charity and move his bed out.

This was the last night, and then there would be no signs in their room that Gabe had ever existed. It felt like a betrayal of his brother. The pain was like a knife.


Oliver pushed his quilt down. He glanced down at the wetness at the front of his briefs. He cleaned himself using Gabe’s towel as he had ever since Gabe’s death. They were sticky and his balls ached. He was confused. He knew he could never come out to his dad, but a wet dream about his brother? Was it even a dream? His therapist would lose his mind over it.

Oliver turned on the bedside light, stood up and walked over to the mirror on the back of the bedroom door and looked at his naked reflection. There was wetness on his face. He’d been crying in his sleep. This couldn’t go on. It had to end tonight. He had two choices, he could take his meagre savings and his things, then leave and never look back or… well, he’d probably go to jail for option two.

He and picked up a coin from the small clutter of change on his bedside cabinet. Even now he was not man enough to decide his own fate he thought with contempt. He didn’t know which option he preferred but he needed resolution. For Gabe’s sake. He flipped the coin. Tails. He looked again in the mirror and for the first time, the nervousness was gone, replaced instead by determination. His eyes looked hard, cold. He looked away afraid of his own reflection.

Then he put on his clothes and sneaked downstairs. He glanced at the door and freedom straight ahead. But he was young to survive out in the world alone. He hesitated, before heading right into the living room and what awaited him in the drawer.

After tonight there would be no more tears…



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