The nudists

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Hi guys,

I realise the attached image is not super special, but for me it marks a major step forwards in technology. I have always created my art using a combination of 3D Studio and Poser, but it’s become increasingly clear that Smith Micro, the publisher of Poser has abandoned timely development on the program. DAZ publishers all the best sets, figures, props, etc, but they primarily only work in its own DAZ Studio program. In the past I have had considerable problems transferring existing custom figures and all their shaping morphs from Poser to DAZ because the morphs don’t transfer or the figures just mutated horribly. I sat down for a few days exploring solutions in detail and finally found a better way to transfer figures. This opens up a world of possibilities to me now, including better figures, nicer skin textures, new genitals, more realistic hair, better lighting and a lot more besides. I have yet to test how the program interacts with 3D Studio, but this image includes some of my favourite custom characters. It’s not particularly erotic, but what it represents is enormous.


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