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Forced milking

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Milking my brother – Dedicated to Glen W.

Ryan carefully placed the one-foot tall trophy onto the shelf that ran above his bed. His brother Liam watched him.

“Well done Ry, awesome bro!”

Ryan glanced in his younger brother’s direction and smiled.

“Cheers Liam!”

“Were there a lot of entries?”

“Yeah, over 70.”

“And you beat them all? Wow. And what does your invention do again?”

“It uses vibrating probes in a collar to massage your neck.”

“That’s so cool. How did you come up with the idea?”

“Well, actually I was working on a different idea. It’s something I know you’d like.”

Liam’s curiosity was piqued.

“Oh yeah, what’s that then?”

“A jack off machine.”

Liam’s face morphed into something halfway between a snigger and an embarrassed grin.

“A… a jack off machine? Seriously? Why would I…”

Ryan made a bemused “you’re kidding, right?” face.

“Dude, we sleep in the same room. Unless you’ve started wearing five socks a day and shaking paint can under your covers at night, you know exactly what I’m talking about.”

Liam was usually quick with the comebacks, more than willing to verbally spar his brother, but now his cheeks glowed red.

“Oh,” was all he said.

“Hey dude, there’s nothing wrong. We all do it.”

“But the Bible says it’s wrong.”

“The Bible says a lot of things I don’t agree with.”

Liam was shocked to hear his brother say such a thing. He looked at Ryan as though he was a heretic.

“What sort of things?”

“Oh, come on Liam, there’s loads of crap in the Bible. I’m sure you don’t agree with that bit about killing your son if he’s disobedient?”

“No, of course not, but that was the old testament.”

“What about the bit where Jesus curses a fig tree because it doesn’t have any figs?”

“Umm, well that does seem kind of silly.”

“Exactly. You gotta think for yourself.”

“I guess so.”


Liam was eager to return the conversation to his favourite pastime.

“So, you made a… a jacking machine? How’s it work?”

Ryan grinned.

“You wanna see it?”

Liam felt a tingle of excitement in his groin.

“Yeah, okay,” he said, playing it cool but failing to disguise the sparkle of excitement in his eyes.

Ryan smiled and walked over to his wardrobe. In the bottom was a shaving bag. He grabbed and unzipped it, then pulled something out and showed it to his brother. It looked like a simplified metal penis – the sort of thing a kid would draw on a school wall. There was a metal shaft, and on top of the shaft was a stylised glans. Running down the rear of the shaft where the urethra would be was a transparent plastic tube the same diameter as a test tube, and at the bottom were two metal balls positioned to either side of the shaft.

Liam stared at it with fascination.

“Can I see?”

His brother offered it to him and Liam accepted it, examining it.

“Have you, um, tried it?”

“Of course, dozens of times.”

Suddenly a penny dropped in Liam’s head.

“Is that why you take your shaving bag into the bathroom every morning?”

His older brother gave him a wry grin and a wink.

“And I keep it by my bed most nights.”

Liam’s jaw gaped. He’d always looked up to his brother, but now he was seeing him in a new light; as a sexual being like himself, and one who was not ashamed to spank the monkey. Frequently it seemed.

“Why’s it so big?” Liam asked, examining the nine-inch object.

“It’s got to be made to fit.”

“You mean… Is your dick this big?!” he asked.

“Nah, about this much shorter,” Ryan said holding his thumb and index finger an inch apart.

Liam subtracted the indicated length from the object in his hands.

“Whoah, that’s still really long Ry.”

Ryan smiled and shrugged modestly.

“Yeah, pretty big I guess.”

Liam turned the device over in his hands.

“So how does it work?”

Ryan reached out and took it from him. He fiddled with the glans and it came apart in two halves; left and right. Inside it was lined with small rubber beads, each the shape flattened sphere a few millimetres across. They were attached to the interior on tiny arms. He showed Liam.

“These move in little circles on your dick head,” he explained.

He pulled the shaft and it also came apart in two halves. On the inside were hundreds of short, smooth-headed plastic rods.

“And these move in and out massaging your shaft.”

Liam reached to his own groin and pushed his own hard penis to one side. His brother looked pointedly at the outline of his boner in his pyjamas.

“You like the idea?”

Blushing, Liam sheepishly nodded.


Ryan opened the metal balls. Inside were more flattened spheres.

“This is the best bit. These press against your nuts and vibrate.”

“They’re not the same size,” Liam observed.

“Nope. They’ve got to fit snugly. My left nut is a bit bigger than my right.”


Liam looked at all the parts laid out on his brother’s bed.

Eventually he asked, “What does it feel like?”

Ryan grinned slowly.

“Have you ever cum so hard it made your legs give way when you squirted?”

Liam thought about it.

“Maybe. Once.”

“It’s like that. Every time. It makes you so horny you just wanna cum and cum and cum.”

“Wow,” Liam said, looking down at the invention with reverence.

“Yeah, it’s pretty much my best invention.”

“Yeah, I bet.”


Liam continued staring at the pieces on the duvet cover. Eventually he worked up the courage to speak his mind.

“Hey Ry,” he said, with forced casualness. “I know it’s kind of weird but do you think I could try it out some time?”

Ryan grinned.

“I knew that’s what you were thinking bro. There’s just one problem,” he said kindly. He looked at the tent his younger brother’s penis was making in his pyjama bottoms. “I think it might be a little big for you yet.”

Liam looked down at himself.

“Does mine have to be EXACTLY the same size as yours?”

“Well not EXACTLY, but, well, I think you still have quite a bit of growing before you catch up to me.”

His brother looked crestfallen.

“Hey, there’s nothing wrong with you,” Ryan quickly added. “You look about right for your age. And I’m kinda bigger than average. Quite a bit bigger.”

“Yeah, I guess.”

“Hey look, maybe I can make one for your size. You know, one that you can play with.”

Liam’s demeanour brightened.

“Seriously? How long would it take?”

“I dunno. Month or so. I’d need to take a mould of your dick first. And I’d need to measure your nuts.”

“A mould?! Why?”

“It’s got to fit pretty close to you. If it’s too loose it won’t work. If it’s too tight, it might be uncomfortable.”

“Oh, I get it. When would you have to measure?” Liam asked, feeling self-conscious anxiety.

“I could do it now if you like?”

“N… now?”

“Well you HAVE got the boner!” Ryan said grinning.

“Would you have to see my boner?”

“Pretty hard to make it without seeing your dick bro. It’s no problem. It’s not like I’m going to be taking photos.”

For a few moments, Liam’s modesty fought with his adolescent horniness. His horniness won by a landslide.

“Okay. What do I have to do?”

“Just wait there. I’ve got to mix up the rubber compound. Oh, have you got hair on your balls?”

Liam pulled away his pyjamas and looked inside.

“A little.”

”You’d better shave it all off or it’ll get pulled out when I take the mould off.”

Without asking, he pushed the front of Liam’s pyjamas down revealing his small neat pubes, and a three-inch circumcised cock. Liam flinched away instinctively.

“Better shave your pubes off too,” Ryan said, looking above the pale cream coloured penis dangling before him.

He handed his brother his electric razor.

“Here use this.”

Five minutes later, Ryan grabbed a bag of powder from his wardrobe, then went down to the kitchen. A minute later he returned carrying a metal bowl containing the mixture.

“What’s that?” Liam asked.

“Fast setting rubber. I’ve got to wrap your boner in it. Pull your bottoms down and I’ll do it now.”

Feeling self-conscious, Liam pushed his pyjama bottoms down to the floor. Inside, his four-and-a-half-inch dick was three-quarters flaccid.

“I lost my boner,” he said bashfully.

“No problem just work it up again,” Ryan said, mimicking a masturbation motion with his hand in the air.

Liam turned away and started pumping his dick. When he turned back to face his brother, his penis stood up at an eager 45-degree angle.

“Dude, why d’you turn away? I’m gonna see your boner either way.”

Liam shrugged, colour rising to his cheeks again. Ryan smiled.

“No problem Lee, whatever makes you feel comfortable. I’ve got to put oil on so the rubber doesn’t stick.”

He knelt in front of his brother holding a bottle of baby oil. He poured it into his right hand then put the bottle down and rubbed his hands together, warming the oil. Then, holding Liam’s penis by the root using his left hand, starting from the balls, he carefully rubbed oil into every millimetre of the young man’s iron-hard shaft, and tight nuts. He was not gay, but for some reason, Ryan’s own dick was straining in his jeans.

When his brother’s penis was glistening, Ryan cleaned the remaining oil from his hands on a couple of sheets of pap0er towel, then he picked up the bowl of casting rubber.

“This stuff is a bit cold. Try not to lose your boner. Are you fully hard?”

Liam made a ring between his thumb and index finger then he delicately pumped a couple of dozen short, fast strokes, his fingers brushing just the rear of the corona of his penis. He hunched with the effort and Ryan watched, amused at his brother’s precise mastery of his erection.

“I am now.”

Without comment, Ryan scooped a huge dollop of moulding compound from the metal bowl, and starting at his brother’s balls, smeared it up over the hard penis in front of him.  Liam gasped when the cool compound touched him.

“Cold?” Ryan asked.

“Yeah!” Liam panted with a grin.

“It warms up quickly. Just keep thinking horny thoughts!”

Liam’s grin broadened.

“That’s one thing I never have trouble with.”

True to his word, his penis remained rigid as his brother carefully smeared the rubber all over every part of it. Truth be told, the touch was making him horny on its own. His glans was particularly sensitive, and as Ryan move his hands away to get more compound, Liam’s penis repeatedly twitched upwards.

“You’re not going to cum are you? I don’t want your jizz on my hands.”

“No!” Liam laughed. “It just twitches like that when…”

He paused. He didn’t want to finish the sentence.

“When you’re really horny?” Ryan offered.

Liam grinned.

“Okay, I think I got it,” Ryan said applying the last of the rubber. “It only takes a couple of minutes to set with the heat of your body.”


Liam stood with his dick also standing to full attention, and giving the occasional twitch. After two minutes, Ryan lightly pressed the rubber covering his brother’s shaft. He reached underneath Liam’s balls and gripped the edge of the rubber and gave it a tug.

“It’s ready to come off.”

He gripped the rubber from the base on both sides and carefully worked the mould off Liam’s penis. It came off in one piece. Beneath, Liam’s oiled cock glistened, still hard.

“Do you need anything else for now?” Liam asked.

“Nope, we’re done.”

“Good, I want to go wash this oil off.”

Liam walked to the bedroom door. Just before he walked through, Ryan called to him.

“Hey you forgot something.”

Liam turned to see what Ryan was talking about and his brother threw him a sock. Liam caught it, and immediately blushed brightly. He threw it back. Grinning awkwardly, he dropped his gaze to the floor and walked through the door.

“Don’t need it in the shower, he mumbled,” before disappearing.



A week later, Liam was playing God of War on his PlayStation after school, when his brother entered their room.

“Hey Liam, got something to show you.”

Liam pressed pause and turned to his brother. Ryan reached into his backpack and pulled out a perfect plaster cast model of Liam’s erect penis. Liam felt like a sculptor’s model when his nude sculpture is unexpectedly unveiled to the public while he’s standing there, and he immediately blushed. There was something about seeing his own penis like that. He felt as though he was actually naked again.

Ryan ignored his brother’s discomfort.

“Hey bro, it came out really good huh?”

He handed the model to his brother. Liam took it and examined it up close, turning it. The cast had captured every detail.

“Feels weird seeing it like this.”

“Yeah, that’s how I felt the first time.”

Ryan reached into his bag and pulled out an orchidometer he had printed on their 3D printer.

“Hey dude, I just need to measure the size of your balls while you’re soft. Is that okay?”

“I guess so. Do you want me to stand up?”

“Nah, I can measure you sitting down. Just get your junk out okay?”

Liam unzipped his black acrylic school trousers and unfastened the waist clasp, moving the two halves of material apart. He was wearing painfully boring white Y fronts, courtesy of an orthodox Catholic mother who didn’t believe underwear should be anything but functional.

Liam pulled the fly apart and tugged his flaccid genitals through the hole allowing them to flop in his lap. His shaved scrotum was still as smooth as the skin on his chest, but very light, brown stubble was returning in a small patch above his pale penis. Ryan wondered why his brother had not simply pushed his underpants down but he didn’t ask. The teenager’s genitals flopped through the slit in his pants like some kind of comedy character nose. Liam had a soft, loose scrotum, and three-inch penis with a modest-sized glans, like a pale cherry on top. His glans, shaft and testicles were all exactly the same pale cream shade as the skin of his smooth belly.

Ryan reached down and lightly gripped his brother’s left testicle, gauging its size. Then he compared it against one of the plastic ovals in his orchidometer. He moved up to the next one in the string.


“What’s that mean?”

“It’s the volume of your left ball.”

Ryan compared the right testicle, alternating between two of the smaller plastic beads.

“Hmmm, somewhere between 8 and 10. Smaller than the left.”

“Is that bad?”

“No, not at all. Mine aren’t the same size either. You’re about average I think. You can put your junk away.”

Liam pulled the front of his underwear forwards, allowing his genitals to stretch then slip back through the wide slit. Then he did his trousers up again.

“How long will it take?”

“I can’t say for sure. I’ll let you know when it’s ready.”


On a late Friday evening, five weeks later Liam was playing games as usual when his brother walked in.

“I’ve got a present for you,” Ryan said.

Liam turned from the screen and immediately gave his brother his full attention. He’d been pestering Ryan for progress reports for weeks, and each request had met with disappointment.

Now his brother pulled something from his backpack. It was exactly what Liam had been hoping for – a metal object shaped like a stylised erect penis. Liam’s eyes lit up as his brother handed it to him.

“It looks a bit small,” Liam said.

“It’s half an inch longer than your dick.”

“Oh. It looks smaller. How does it work?”

“Here, I’ll show you.”


Ryan showed him how to open the two halves.

“Do you wanna try it now?”

Liam nodded.

“Okay, first you gotta have a boner.”


Ryan glanced at the small tent that was pitched in his brother’s jogging pants. It was bent down, almost lost in the folds of material. He smiled widely.

“Okay, well you’re gonna want to keep yourself smooth down there or it’ll get really uncomfortable. Here, let me show you how to put it on. Take your pants off.”

Liam pushed his joggers to the floor. The shape of his bent-down erection was clearer now. He pushed his underpants down and his hard dick sprang up lightly bouncing off his belly with just the quietest slap, before settling to its 45-degree position. Ryan grinned again at his brother’s horniness. He knew his device was going to blow his brother’s mind.

“You have to start from the balls,” he said, showing Liam the testicle component. It was hinged at the back. “You close it around your balls and they should slide into place.”

He knelt and positioned the hinge along the rear of his brother’s penis, level with the teenager’s testicles. Then he closed it slowly. Liam felt his testicles being separated and pushed into two separate hemispheres on either side.

“Take it slowly. You don’t want to burst a nut,” Ryan said.

Liam was unsure if his brother was joking, but he determined to always heed that piece of advice just in case.

The front of the testicle housing clicked shut with the soft click of a precision-engineered part. The upper and lower parts perfectly wrapped in a circle around Liam’s penis shaft beneath his testicles.

“How does that feel?” Ryan asked.

“Weird. Okay.”

“Are your balls separated?”


“And are they snug inside; no room to move around?”

“No. I mean yes, snug. No room.”

Ryan nodded and produced a remote. He pressed a button and Liam felt dozens of tiny arms start vibrating on every millimetre of his testicles. He squirmed.

“Oooh,” he murmured in surprise.

“Feels good?”

Liam nodded.

“Good. You have to activate that first. It makes you dick harder. Helps with the fit.”

They both looked down and Liam’s already-hard dick was clearly responding and veins started to swell along its sides. Liam breathed in panting, excited gasps. Ryan squeezed it sides. It was hard as wood.

“Now the shaft,” Ryan said.

The metal shaft was also hinged. He wrapped it around his brother’s straining cock. There was a raised rim protruding from the top circle of the testicle housing, and the penis shaft clicked into place over it, locking it in place. At the top of the penis housing, there was an inward curve that slid in behind the underside of Liam’s glans, and there was also another raised rim to help position the cap parts.

“It’s good that your dick is perfectly straight. It makes it easier.”


Liam was not feeling talkative. His balls were feeling too good. Ryan turned on the shaft. A micro-battery powered rows of tiny pistons, and the length of Liam’s shaft was silently massaged by hundreds of short rods.

Ryan watched as his brother’s glans filled still further. The skin became glossy as the pale helmet engorged. It had a distinct concave shape on the top half way down, giving it a snub-nosed look. The base of the pale corona was smoothly curved, and it stood well proud of his shaft.

“So hard,” Liam panted.

“Yeah. Last parts. You might wanna lay on your bed.”

Liam rose and walked hunched over an wobbly legs to his bed, leaving his joggers and underpants behind. He collapsed onto his back, legs spread.

“Jelly legs?” Ryan asked.

“Yeah,” Liam agreed laughing.

Ryan followed with the two halves of the cap. He brought them together over his brother’s glans. Guide pins ensured that they met in the right place, and the rim on the shaft piece made sure it was aligned properly in relation the other parts. When it was locked into place, it looked like the kind of glans you might expect Marvel’s Colossus character to have when he was going through puberty.

“How’s that? Not too tight?” Ryan asked.

“No, it’s perfect.”

Liam could feel all of the tiny spheres against the surface of his glans. It felt like there was not a millimetre untouched.

“One last bit,” Ryan said. “This will feel weird at first.”

He picked up a slender transparent plastic tube and pushed it slowly into a hole on top of the metal glans. It slid straight down Liam’s urethra to a depth of about an inch.

“Unnnh,” Liam moaned in a high-pitched whine, as the tube penetrated his shaft.

His brother attached the other end to the much thicker tube that ran along the shaft of the metal penis.

“Okay, here we go then.”

He pressed a button on his remote and the glans massagers started spinning, each making tiny orbits a couple of millimetres in diameter. They were self-lubricating, and it felt to Liam as though dozens of tiny finger tips were drawing minute circles on his glans. He’d never been so comprehensively stimulated. He let out a long, shuddering gasp, closed his eyes and started writhing on his bed like a woman over-acting in a porno movie. But this was real and he couldn’t stop himself.

Ryan watched amused, as his younger brother squirmed in ecstasy on the bed. It wasn’t long before, Liam was arching up, lifting his hips high off the bed, balancing on his feet and shoulders as the pleasure elevated him to heights he’d never experienced before.

With no change in his already euphoric vocalisations, suddenly sticky semi-opaque white liquid squirted into the collection tube that run along the length of his penis. Liam’s writhing continued unabated, although he twisted his airborne hips to the side as though trying to elevate his penis towards a vagina that floated high above him

After a minute, he collapsed to the bed, but his involuntary writhing continued. His voice now sounded more pained as Ryan’s device refused to allow his penis a moment’s rest. The testicle vibrators kept him excited; the shaft massagers kept him hard; and the glans ticklers were already working on his next orgasm.

Ryan watched over Liam for 15 minutes as his brother had three more orgasms. The first two produced as much semen as the first, but by the fourth, the ejaculation was little more than an enthusiastic dribble.

Liam continued squirming for another few minutes then he opened his eyes.

“Okay, okay, no more. That’s enough!”

There was a panicky tone to his voice.

“You done?” Ryan asked.

“Yeah, turn it off. Turn it off!”

There was real urgency in his voice.

Ryan turned the masturbator off and Liam collapsed to the bed with a long sigh.


“You like it?”

“Fuck yeah!”

Liam was not a teenager who swore casually. Ryan smiled.

“Intense huh?”

“Wow, just… Wow!”

Liam lay spread eagled on his bed too exhausted to move. After five more minutes he sat up and examined the device that encased his genitals.

“You came four times,” Ryan observed looking at the watery fluid in the collector.

“Six,” Liam corrected.

“Oh. You didn’t squirt for the last two then.”

Liam looked down at the tube of liquid.

“Nah, my balls are dry as a mummy’s” he joked. “Now how do I get this off?”

“First you have to pull the tube out.”

Liam withdrew the tube.

“My dick feels like there’s something missing.”


Ryan pressed a button on the remote and the two halves of the glans cup clicked apart.

“Now you can just take it off in the opposite order I put it on.”

Liam removed the machine. As soon as his penis was free of the shaft enclosure, it instantly collapsed and shrivelled.

He flicked underneath its glans and it flopped utterly lifeless.

“You killed it,” he joked.

“Yeah, it looks like a slug.”

Liam stood, still wearing the testicle case, and stood in front of his wardrobe mirror looking at himself. He placed his hands on his hips and adopted a heroic pose.

“Robo Balls!” he said grinning and glancing at his brother in the reflection.

Ryan laughed back at his antics.

“You can keep that,” Ryan said. “Use it as often as you like.”

“Sick!” Liam said, indicating his approval.

He jiggled his hips to make his stumpy, shrivelled cock bounce, and laughed again with his brother.


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