Animal breeding

A teenager pisses off a farm girl and discovers that with the right manipulation, he can be forced to give up his sperm as easily and as often as any other farm animal.

This story does NOT feature ANY bestiality content.

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Animal breeding


This is a weird story. It centres around a heterosexual situation, but is written VERY MUCH from a gay perspective. For me, it’s all about the victim’s body and emotions, but for heterosexuals, you might empathise with the continual female interaction, the CBT, the bondage, or the humiliation.


“I’ve got to get out of this. My balls can’t take any more!” Dan thought, as he looked across the room at Pat.

Dan was tied with his arms above his head and his legs spread. Pat was on all fours on the table, and he was about to cum for the 31st time in under 8 hours. Dan was about to match him. Pat looked pained. He struggled against his restraints and then a dribble of cum leaked from his penis. Dan watched with dread, knowing that he was also going to ejaculate a few seconds later.

He thought back to the chain of events that had lead to this situation. It was his ego that got him into trouble on both occasions: once in class, when he had to go trying to impress the guys, and then just 9 hours ago, when he got a phone call from Keira.


9 hours earlier

Keira was a girl from class he quite liked. She asked if he wanted to walk their dogs together, and Dan readily agreed. Although she’d never shown any interest in him before, he didn’t question her motivation; he just accepted the invitation gladly. It was Saturday morning and he had nothing better to do.

They met and walked their dogs together, exchanging small talk and chit chatting about nothing when Keira dropped her bombshell.

“Hey Dan, you know I’ve always really liked you. My parents are away; do you wanna go back to my house and fuck?”

The proposition came from so far out in left field that Dan wanted to double-check that he’d heard correctly.

“Excuse me?” he asked with a nonchalance he didn’t feel. His penis responded instantly.

“You heard me – your dick just got hard. Well, do you wanna?”

Dan looked down at the bulge in his long khaki shorts and blushed. There was no way he could hide the lump without being really obvious and looking stupid. He played it low key.

“Errr, yeah sure, why not.”

Keira smiled. It was funny how desperately Dan was struggling to play it cool.

“That’s great!”


Fifteen minutes later, they were back at her house. It was a small farm on the east side of town. Keira lead Dan to a work room out of sight of the main house.

“Tie your dog up here,” she told him just before they entered the building.

Dan tied the dog’s leash to a tree. He frowned.

“Why here, I thought your folks were out of town?”

“They are, but my sister is home. Don’t want her barging in on us. She never comes out here.”

“Oh, umm, okay.”

Dan accepted her explanation with a slight sense of unease but he pushed the feeling away and followed her into the room. It was about 30 feet by 20, with a dark red painted stone floor, beams across the ceiling, and heavy duty shelves along one wall.

Keira said, “You start to get undressed and I’ll go get some blankets.” She added, “Have you got any rubbers?”

“I don’t usually carry them,” Dan said, shaking his head and hoping that she would pick up on the implication that he had sex often.

“Usually. You have sex a lot then Dan?” she asked.

He gave a modest shrug. Keira grinned and gave him what she hoped was a lustful look.

“I’m just gonna go get those blankets. You be ready when I get back.”

She disappeared and Dan started to undress. He wasn’t wearing much – t-shirt, shorts, sneaker socks, and sneakers. It felt weird to be getting undressed in an empty room. He did it slowly because it wouldn’t be cool to appear too eager, and he was feeling a little uncertain about the situation. Keira returned a few minutes later and Dan was just standing in his white underpants. They were baggy, traditional white Haynes y-fronts – clean but desperately unfashionable. Dan imagined that if his father was still alive he wouldn’t have imposed such frumpy underwear on him. He stood with his hands covering his crotch looking nervous. Keira looked at him as she spread the blankets out. She offered a smile of reassurance, secretly delighted that he was so bashful. She threw four condoms down on the blanket. Dan looked at them, both excited and intimidated. Four – what was she expecting? He’d never even jacked off four times in a day. He wondered if sex was different and he’d somehow missed that part when he listened to people talking about it. Dan was a virgin, but he played the “not a virgin” charade pretty well.


She walked forwards and wrapped her arms around his waist and started kissing him. He allowed her to take the lead, responding timidly to her advances. After a few moments he leaned away from her.

“Aren’t you going to get undressed?” he asked.

“In a minute tiger.”

She pulled him close again and continued kissing and he started to get into it a little more. He moved his hands from his groin and hugged her back. His dick stood up. She felt it pressing against her, and reached down to cup his balls through the white cotton, rubbing her hand back and forth between his legs. Dan was feeling unbelievably excited.

Keira stepped away from him and he looked her up and down, eyes wide, with a disappointed “why are you stopping” expression on his face.

She started to undress and he watched, no longer self conscious about his underpants or the boner that pushed out the material just above the crook of the Y. She watched him closely as she undressed slowly and as sensuously as she could. She looked obviously at his penis – it was pretty small – short AND thin, but he was obviously extremely aroused. He followed her eyes down.

“Yeah, I haven’t got a very big dick,” he said needlessly, his cheeks reddening.

“It’s big enough.”

He looked her in eyes, searching for signs of sarcasm but found none.

Keira was down to her bra and panties. Dan was so excited he could barely control himself. Keira saw a small wet patch appear on the front of his pants. She moved closer again and resumed her kissing, seemingly mindless of his damp cock pressing against her delicate underwear. Dan was acutely aware of the contact and when she didn’t move away he started very slowly to grind against her as they kissed. Suddenly she stopped, and moved away again.

“I’ve got a great idea!” she said, as though she’d only just thought of it.


“Bondage! I’ll tie you up. It’ll make it more fun.”

“Bondage?” Dan said, his surprised voice husky, half way between the tone it would eventually drop to when his vocal chords fully matured, and the high pitch of pre-puberty.

“Yeah,” Keira purred, in her most erotic voice. “I’ll tie your arms up. It’ll be like role play. You can be my prisoner and I get to do whatever I want with you.”

Dan smiled shyly, warming to the idea.

“WhatEVER I want,” Keira repeated, cupping his balls again.

“Uh, okay,” Dan agreed, his heart pounding.

He’d never even considered kink when he fantasised before, but now that it was happening it made him so unbearably horny he thought he might blow his load just standing there. He poked the tip of his tongue between his lips and licked them slowly as he watched Keira bending down in her sexy underwear rummaging through some cupboards and pretending to “find” the rope that she’d deliberately placed there earlier that day. She got the rope and turned to look up at Dan. He looked like the biggest loser ever, standing there with his arms dangling awkwardly by his sides, his pathetic drooling boner tenting the front of his 1950s underpants. She hid her contempt for him behind a lustful smile. He grinned back at her dorkily.

She walked over with the rope and said, “Hands out.”

Dan put both hands out in front and she carefully lashed them together. He smiled as he watched, his boner undiminished by the interruption. His mind was awash with ideas, but part of the excitement was the uncertainty. How did she plan to use him? His mouth was literally watering at the prospect, and he looked at her with innocent, puppy dog enthusiasm, an open-mouthed half grin on his face, and any pretence at coolness abandoned in the excitement of what was happening.

Keira looked up at the roof, above them, three beams converged; a horizontal one and two diagonals. She held the other end of the rope in a coil, and threw it over the beam, hitting her mark perfectly first time. The coil looped over the beam and landed on the floor behind Dan, and she picked it up and walked to the corner of the room. She looped the end of the rope around the metal leg of the wall length workbench, then pulled it. Dan’s arms were raised above his head, and he allowed them to go willingly. He was pale skinned, small and skinny for his age, and she was a little bigger than him, so she could have forced his arms up, but he was eager to play along. Keira expertly tied the rope off.

She walked over to him.

“Almost done. We’re going to have sooo much fun.”

She reached down and twiddled his cock head a few times through the wet cotton. The material was slimy, but Keira hid her revulsion. Dan grinned at her, bright eyed, the tip of his tongue pressing against his lower teeth, and curling it between his open lips. He looked like he would lick her out right there and then if she gave him the chance. Fat chance of that. The fucking little troll was cute in a wavy haired, innocent, cherubic sort of way, but this was about payback.

Keira went to the cupboard and took out two more coils of rope. Dan frowned momentarily. This was getting serious. But in truth, he was already beyond the point of being able to stop things even if he wanted to. He pushed his good sense away and stood like a lamb waiting for slaughter as Keira carried on working. She tied a piece of rope to each ankle then pulled his legs apart to a right angle, before tying them off in the corners of the room. Dan was starting to feel like a turkey, tied for the slaughter. A shadow entered his mind again. Then Keira walked up and touched him between the legs and he let out a shuddering breath and pushed the thought away.

“Horny Dan?” she asked.

He swallowed hard and chewed on his lip, before nodding mutely.

She rubbed the flat of her hand up and down against the underside of his eager hardness. He squirmed at the touch, both delighted and fearful that he would squirt there and then.

“I’m gonna jizz if you keep doing that,” he warned.

“Not to worry, you’re going to have plenty more time for that yet.”

Her response turned him on even more. She carried on rubbing him, concentrating on the curvy underside of his glans. Dan took a sharp intake of breath and then thick white goo was oozing through the cotton. The wet patch on the front of his pants grew to the diameter of a grapefruit. He blushed furiously, humiliated by his lack of self control.

“Sorry,” he offered sheepishly.

“You ARE easy to turn on,” Keira told him. “I think you need time to cool down.”

He looked at her like a dog that’s had a bone taken from it – disappointed and eager at the same time. She quickly dressed and left the workshop. He watched her go, confused but enthusiastic to continue. It was all he could do not to reach in her direction with his groin.

Five minutes later, she had still not returned. Dan had lost his erection, but his could feel his own wet slime against his dick. Now that he had cum, he felt a little silly, and the cool jizz in his pants was grossing him out somewhat. He wondered how much longer Keira would be.

Half an hour later, she returned. He watched her enter, happy that he had not been completely abandoned. She was leading his dog by the leash. He looked at her confused.

“I was starting to wonder if you forgot about me. Why have you brought my dog in? I’m not having sex with him watching!”

He meant it as a joke, but he was part serious.

“You’re not having sex at all Danny boy. At least, not with me.”

He frowned confused.

“What do you mean?”

Keira tied the dog’s leash to the bench opposite Dan. The mongrel looked up at him happily, wagging its tail.

Keira walked back over to the door and opened it.

“I’d like you to meet some friends.”



She opened the door and four more teenage girls walked in grinning. A couple of them greeted him.

“Hi Dan.”

“Hey Dan.”

He recognised them from his class. He didn’t get on well with them at all. He looked at Keira in a panic.

“What’s happening Keira? Untie me! I don’t want them here.”

“I don’t care what you want Danny. This is payback.”

“Payback for what?” Dan demanded in a panic.

“Oh you know what!” Amy said. “’Hoes are useless at farm work – what do they know about animal breeding?’” she said in a singsong voice, quoting what Dan had said in class a couple of weeks earlier.

Dan’s mind instantly returned to the conversation. They lived in a farming community, and conversation about livestock and crops were not uncommon. In this particular conversation, one of the girls had mentioned that her mother was breeding cows with a bull she owned in the hope of making prize winners. The conversation had gone around the class, with many students, Dan included, arguing that women shouldn’t even be farmers. Farming was still a largely misogynistic activity, and the guys got pretty defensive about it. Dan had dropped his bombshell, to howls of laughter from the guys and expressions of disgust from the girls. He looked at his male classmates happily. His uncharacteristic use of the word “hoes” was playing to the guys in the room, and their whoops and “yeah’s” of approval showed that he had hit the mark. But right now, he’d have given anything not to have made that statement, or at least not to have used that word.

Dan blanched and looked sick.

“I was just joking. I was playing up to the guys.”

“Yeah, you were playing up, but you weren’t joking. You meant every word you said you fucking pig.”

Dan glowed scarlet, humiliated and afraid.

“Look, I shouldn’t have said it alright. It was dumb. I was showing off.” He dropped his gaze, unwilling to meet anyone’s eye. “I was just trying to make the guys like me.”

Dan was not one of the popular guys. He wasn’t particularly UNpopular, he simply blended into the background. But he wanted that to change. He was lonely, especially since his father had died. He wanted to be part of the in-crowd, and his stupid comment was an immature attempt to ingratiate himself with them.

“Yeah, well it was a really fucking stupid thing to say and now we’re going to prove how wrong you were.”

Dan looked at the girls. He wanted to beg them to release him. He wanted to apologise. He wanted to offer ANYTHING if they would just untie him. But he’d already shown more weakness than he wanted to. Dan knew that he wasn’t big down there, and it was bad enough for them to see him in his sad, baggy, desperately uncool underwear, but he dearly wished that the front of his underpants wasn’t still wet…

Keira left the room and returned a few seconds later holding a metal contraption. Dan recognised it – it was an insemination brace for sheep. When a ram needed to have a semen sample taken or a ewe needed to be impregnated, they could be held by the farmers and vets or placed into a tightly confining livestock cage, but when an animal was particularly resistant to restraint, it would be locked into the brace; a body cage that strapped onto all four legs, and along its spine, completely immobilising it.

Dan looked at Keira with bewilderment and a measure of dread. She leaned down and petted his dog. The animal licked her hand trustingly. It was a flaw it shared with its master. The dog looked at her with curiosity as she slid a muzzle over its mouth, gently securing it in place.

Dan watched, and then realised what Keira was going to do.

“Don’t touch my dog Keira. Don’t fucking do it! You’ve got a problem with me, not Pat.”

She ignored him. Another girl placed the brace over the dog’s back whilst Keira continued stroking its chin to keep it calm. Between them, they positioned the animal’s legs and strapped them in. The animal resisted but didn’t panic and was soon completely immobilised. Keira lifted the mutt onto the table opposite Dan. The dog stood, but could not move in any meaningful way.

Keira took a heap of equipment from a cupboard. She picked up a small metal clamp attached to an electrical lead. The clamp consisted of a loop of rigid wire on the end of a short insulated arm, also made of thick wire. The other half of the clamp was simply a single rod made of the same 1/8  inch gauge wire – a little heavier than barbed wire. It was connected to the loop via a hinge 6 inches along its one foot length. There was a spring on the business end of the device that kept the two ends closed together. If you didn’t know better, you might think you were looking at a pair of cooking tongs, but Keira quickly revealed their real purpose. She turned the dog around so that its tail end was facing Dan.

“Lift its tail please Katie,” she said to another girl.

Katie obliged. Holding the tongs open in one hand, Keira reached between the dog’s legs and gripped one its testicles, pulling it backwards between its legs. Then she clamped the device onto the animal’s testicle. The loop of wire rested on one side of the testicle, and the probe on the other. When she released the tongs, both sides pushed firmly against the dog’s testicle, but it was clear from its reaction, more of curiosity and frustration at its confinement, that the device was not clamped painfully hard.

“What are you doing to my dog Keira?!” Dan raged, more angry now, at seeing his pet mistreated, than fearful of his own predicament.

Keira turned to him with a smile.

“You said “Hoes are useless at breeding” I’m just proving you wrong.”

“I already admitted I was just showing off,” Dan said aggressively, “now leave my fucking dog alone or you’re going to be in big trouble when I get free!”

It was a toothless threat and Dan regretted it the second he made it. For starters, there was no guarantee he was ever going GET free. The girls looked at him with contempt and laughed.

“Look I’m fucking warning you, I’m gonna…” Dan said, then trailed off. He didn’t want to compound his mistake.

He watched as Keira put a clamp onto Pat’s second testicle, then she attached both devices to electrical wires, which in turn she connected to a master unit. It looked like an ammeter for measuring electrical current, and even showed voltage with a centre-positioned needle that swung  from left to right. Keira opened a laptop on the desk and attached the meter to it via a USB port.

She picked up yet another device it looked like a cross between a very small dildo and an electro-ejaculator, complete with a metal head for prostate stimulation. She connected the device to the meter, then tapped a few keys. The device started buzzing violently. She switched it off, then smeared gel on the head. Carefully, she inserted the device into the captive dog’s anus. Pat whined and struggled, unhappy at the intimate intrusion.

“Please Keira, this is fucked up,” Dan begged. “Look I know I pissed you guys off and I’m really sorry. I was being an immature prick. Please don’t do this. It’s not fair.”

Keira looked at him long and hard, then she said, “You know you’re right, it’s not fair. It should be you on the bench. That would really shut you up.”

Dan’s eyes widened in dread. He opened his mouth to speak but he couldn’t think of anything that wouldn’t make things worse. He swallowed almost comically hard as the horror of her comment sank in. He didn’t dare say another word.

“Not that it was that hard to get you to cum the first time!” Keira added.

Now it was her turn to play to the audience, and they chuckled appreciatively.

“You know what, actually, that’s an excellent idea in fact.”

She picked up a pair of heavy duty shears and cut the material on one side of his underpants.

“No!” he yelled in alarm. “Please Keira don’t, I’m begging you!”

She paid him no mind and cut the other side of the material. His underpants fell to the floor, still slimy with his earlier cum. His genitals bounced free, small, wrinkled, and sticky.

“Now I see why Dan makes so much noise,” Amy said. “Guys with little dicks are always the worst.”

Dan’s penis was a little over two and a half inches long, and as pale as the rest of his body. It was stumpy with a shrivelled foreskin that was slightly retracted, exposing a sore looking, red glans that betrayed that he masturbated far too much. His soft scrotum was as pale as his dick. Above, there was a small and very neat shock of jet black pubic hair.

Dan was mortified. More than mortified. If he could have just shut his eyes and died painlessly right then and there, he would have done so. He looked down at the ground, struggling to hold back tears, but even without them, his face showed how close he was.

Keira opened the cupboard and took out another load of equipment that was similar to the first set. She picked up a pair of tongs, and reached out for Dan’s left testicle. He twisted and pulled his body to avoid her touch, but he could not move far. She gripped the testicle, and pulled him back towards her, then clamped the tong onto it.

“Hey, Dan, how’s it feel to know your dog’s got bigger balls than you?” Suze asked.

“Yeah,” Amy laughed, “and it’s not like you’ve got a big dog – it’s only a fucking mongrel, just like you!”

It was true. Dan’s dog was the archetypal mutt – quite a bit smaller than a lab; a mixture of every breed under the sun, with white fur and dark splodges. He was gonna name it ‘Patch’, but it seemed too cliché at the time. The dog was a few years old, and although it was not particularly well endowed, it did indeed have bigger balls than Dan.

There was nothing Dan could say, and any argument just seemed like it would make things worse. He stood, in silence, legs spread wide, and arms pulled straight above his head, as Keira attached the second tong to his right ball. It was even smaller than the first. The skin of his scrotum was thin and softer than his foreskin, and it bunched up in wrinkles under the tongs.

Keira lifted another electro ejaculator. This one was larger than the one that had been inserted into Pat’s anus. It was about the size of an eight inch porn star penis, designed for use on bulls rather than smaller animals. It was plastic with copper contacts running down the side, and with a metal head. She held it up in front of his face, tormenting him.

“I think this might hurt,” she said with a malicious grin.

He didn’t want to give her the satisfaction of begging again. He looked away from the dildo and stared straight ahead. She lubed the end then worked it against his hole. Dan knew from his own experience working with local breeders, that animals that tried to resist the ejaculator always suffered more. But then they weren’t being ass raped in front of half a dozen classmates with an eight inch dildo! Nevertheless, he tried to relax. He knew it was going into him no matter what, so he did his best to ease its passing into his rectum.

Keira wiggled and pushed with little patience and Dan felt his hole spreading, but she was going too quick. His sphincter couldn’t loosen that quickly. In spite of himself, he grimaced and let out a tense, strangled whine. He was crying now, in all but tears. His mouth was contorted – lips apart at the edges, but pressed together in the middle, turning his mouth into a sidewise figure 8. His eyes were half shut in a wince. His chest heaved repeatedly and he let out shuddering whines at the pain and public humiliation. Yet still some part of Dan’s mind fought successfully to hold back actual tears.

Keira forced the device all the way into him. Dan felt a hideous sense of invasion. His hole burned worse than the biggest, hardest turd he’d ever passed, and he felt a sense of fullness far inside that was so alien to him that he couldn’t even have articulated his feelings about it if his life depended upon it.

He watched distressed, as Keira hooked him up to the same meter as his dog. She turned his dog so that it faced him again. Its legs were held almost as far apart as his own.

“Okay, let’s test this out. The dog first,” she said.

She tapped a few buttons, and Dan watched his dog for a reaction. It yelped as the ejaculator started buzzing, and scrabbled to be free from the brace. Its deep pink penis lazily poked from its sheath, and then continued to harden, until its knot was swollen like an extra pair of balls at the base of its cock.

Dan had seen electro-ejaculators used, but usually they didn’t give the animal an erection. He was surprised to see his pet’s reaction.

“Looks like it’s working fine,” Keira said. “Let’s see how Dan likes it.”

“No,” he sobbed softly, shaking his head slowly, already defeated.

She ignored him and activated the devices attached to him. The ejaculator in his rectum started buzzing violently, making his penis bounce and vibrate. The probes on his balls delivered gentle a low voltage A/C current into his testicles.

Dan gasped and contorted against his bonds; not in pain, but at the intensity of the feelings his body was experiencing. The feeling in his nuts was astonishingly arousing – a mixture between a vibration and a kind of deep down tingling. Despite the painful stretching of his ring, his body was also highly stimulated by the device in his rear. His ass lips trembled, clenching and relaxing; pulsing involuntarily in response to the vibration. A place deep inside his rectum where he’d never experienced sensation before, had a weird kind of expectant, excited feeling that sent thrills to his balls and the root of his cock.

It took 8 seconds for Dan to develop the hardest erection ever, but long before his dick had fully inflated with blood, he felt like he was already on the verge of squirting. His milky-coloured penis strained hard, and his foreskin retracted fully, revealing the sticky remains of his recent orgasm. Then it continued to creep back further down his shaft as he got harder and harder. Dan’s dick reached nearly five inches in length – almost a full inch longer than its normally embarrassing erect size. He could feel the fraenulum at the back of his dick head pulling taut as his penis extended like it had never done before. His foreskin retreated almost a full inch down his shaft, leaving his bloated and shiny glans like a swollen cherry at the end of shaft that seemed too long and thin for it. Dan was a horny guy and he loved to jack off, but his dick had never come close to being this hard during his horniest fantasies.


“Guess it’s working just fine,” Katie said.

Dan looked around and all five girls were staring his straining dick.

In spite of the coolness of the room, his dog started panting in short gasps, like it was dehydrating on a hot day. Dan knew exactly how it felt. The stimulation was almost too intense to deal with. His body felt so amazing, it was starting to drive rational thought from his mind. He had to struggle to think.

“Stop! Please… Don’t… Keira…” he said, between panting gasps of his own.

She laughed at him.

“Looks like hoes DO know something about semen collection after all eh Dan?”

He looked pained, but it was not pain that was making it hard for him to speak.

“Yes… Sorry…” was all he could manage, in staccato breaths.


“Looks like we’re ready to test the last part.”

Keira addressed the other girls.

“Who shall we make cum first, Dan or his dog?”

“What about both together?” Suze offered.

“Hmmm, good idea,” Keira agreed.

“What about,” Amy offered, her devious mind coming up with a way to increase Dan’s torment, “what about if you make the dog cum, then Dan like 20 seconds after, then he’ll know it’s about to happen, but he won’t be able to stop it.”

“Oh that’s a better idea!” Keira said. “I like it!”

Without waiting for further discussion, she programmed the interval on the computer. “The dog’s gonna cum in about 30 seconds,” she informed the group.

They stood back to watch the show.

Dan writhed as his body was lifted to incomprehensible heights of sexual ecstasy. Pat started to scrabble again on the worktop, futilely trying to escape from his own arousal, then deep cream-coloured semen squirted from the animal’s penis in a series of quick squirts, landing on the lacquered wooden work surface.

“Your turn next Dan,” Keira taunted.

Dan wanted almost more than anything to keep that most private bodily function private. The only thing he wanted more – at any cost whatsoever, was to cum. Ten seconds after his dog had started to orgasm, he felt the tingling deep inside his balls increasing, and it felt like the head of his dick was doubling in size ready for something. Although he didn’t know that’s what the organ was called, his prostate experienced an intense sensation of building towards something, as the computer drove his body along the final stages towards an orgasm. The sensation was all-consuming. His body was reduced to nothing but his asshole, nuts, dick and prostate. Everything else faded from his consciousness, even the watching girls. He felt the rush as the program triggered his orgasm. On the worktop, the needle on the meter started rapidly twitching back and forwards in the top ten percent of the gauge, indicating that the current to his balls and prostate was thrumming to the same rhythm.

Dan’s orgasm was irresistible. If he’d been offered a million dollars to prevent it, he would have lost the money. The machine literally forced the orgasm from him and it was an epic one. He thrust his pelvis forwards in a completely automatic parody of fucking, and his penis launched his first jet of jizz four feet across the room, hitting the base of the worktop his dog was standing on. It was quickly followed by 12 more jets that sprayed his baby juice in an arc in front of him as he twisted and turned in involuntary spasms. He squirted so much that the jizz felt like a stream of piss leaving his dick. His vision greyed and white stars like fireworks filled his sight as his brain literally went into neural overload wiping out any remaining consciousness for fully twenty seconds. He clenched his buttocks gripping the buzzing dildo and increasing the sensation in his sphincter, and tried to thrust his cock even further forwards in the air as he continued to orgasm. Then, as he reached the vinegar strokes, he started air humping, unable to resist his body’s primal urge to seed a mate fully and deeply with every last drop of his semen. Eventually, his thrusts slowed and stopped, and the stimulation program switched everything off.

He hung gasping. Sweat drenched and darkened hair matted his forehead, and beads of sweat covered his face and torso. Dan was a pretty fit guy, but his face and body were red from the exertion.

He glanced at his dog, finally able to think again. Its eyes were droopy and dopey looking. He recognised the same post orgasmic stupor that he felt in himself. He’d never have believed that animals experienced sex so similarly to humans.

“Hope you enjoyed that Dan?” Keira asked. She was standing there filming the whole thing on her phone.

Dan looked at her through heavy lidded eyes, sweat running down his forehead and chest in rivulets. His penis remained hard, pointing insistently upwards at 45 degrees in spite of the lack of further stimulation. The clamps made his balls ache in the immediate post orgasm hypersensitivity.

“Let me go now. Please,” he urged.

“Let you go? Danny boy, you’ve only just started. How many times do you think you can cum? 5? 10? 20? We’ve got all day to find out.”

“Nooo,” Dan groaned, still breathless from the exertion, “Please, you’ve made your point.”

Keira turned to the others.

“How often shall we set him to – once an hour? Every 30 minutes?”

“How about every fifteen minutes?” Amy suggested, ever the sadist.

“He can’t squirt every 15 minutes,” Katie said. “No boy’s THAT horny!”

“Yeah he can,” Keira explained. “Those things on his nuts drive them crazy. His nuts are working hundreds of times faster. We could keep him squirting indefinitely.”

She looked at Amy and they exchanged evil grins.

“Every 15 minutes then!”

She entered the details into the collection program.

Dan’s penis slowly wilted, returning to its normal unimpressive dimensions.

“Time to go girls. Let’s leave these two mutts to enjoy themselves!”

The girls left to the sound of Dan’s shouts for mercy.


After five minutes of futile screaming for help, Dan’s noticed with dismay, that Pat’s penis was hardening again. 30 seconds later, his own dick was also hard as steel again.

“Oh no,” he groaned to no-one.

He didn’t know it but the program ran a ten minute arousal cycle, followed by an orgasm, then five minutes without stimulation when his penis was soft to avoid potential blood clots, then repeat, ad infinitum.

Dan had no way of measuring the passing of time, but within a minute of getting hard, he was twisting and turning like a fish on a line, as the stimulators on his balls, and the vibrating ejaculator in his hole drove turned him into a slave to his own body. His rigid pole twisted and turned with him, almost too hard to bounce as he turned. Pat started fidgeting on the worktop again, and ten seconds later a second load of dog semen joined the first. Dan saw it with a mixture of dismay and relief. The second time he came as hard as the first.


Four and a half hours later the girls returned. They entered the room and Keira said, “Hi Dan, how are you doing?”

Dan didn’t answer. He was currently fucking the air as though he was going for a medal. His now-watery jizz was spraying from his cock. Although the tongs increased the production of sperm, they didn’t produce a corresponding increase of the gloopy nutrients that account for much of semen’s volume. Dan’s body was simply supplementing the sperm with water so his jizz was now far thinner.

The girls approached as he finished his seventeenth orgasm. The floor beneath him had a puddle of sperm bigger than a desert plate, and there was a milky “v” of watery cum splatters three feet wide at its widest point, and four feet long on the floor in front of him.

“Looks like you’ve been busy,” Amy said looking down at the cum-splatter all over the dark red floor.

Dan didn’t even acknowledge her. He was exhausted, and his balls felt utterly worn out. He hung, too tired to beg for mercy that was already too late to arrive.

The girls took out a packet of playing cards and settled on the blankets that Dan and Keira had never used. She had moved them from beneath him, and now the girls played cards for an hour, laughing and taunting each time Dan came again. Every show was as good as the first. He couldn’t help himself. Exhausted though he was, the stimulation was just too much to ignore, and his body responded with the same enthusiasm each and every time. Eventually, the girls grew bored and left him alone with his dog again.


Dan had never had anything more than the very slightest passing interest in his dog’s genitals before, but now he stared at them with intense concentration. They were the warning sign that his own release and torture was about to take place.

It was just approaching 5pm, as his dog completed its 31st ejaculation, and Dan followed suit. Although his body was compelled to ejaculate, as soon as it was completed, he returned to a state of near agony. Testicles just aren’t designed to ejaculate that hard or that often, and just as a body builder who overdoes the bench presses gets severely aching shoulders, Dan’s balls felt like there was someone standing on them. Finally, mercifully, he passed out from sheer exhaustion, but the milker didn’t care. For another seven cycles, his penis hardened, and he added load after load to the growing puddle that covered the floor.


The girls returned at 7pm and Keira finally turned the program off. Dan had been fading in and out of consciousness for the past hour. She walked up to him and repeatedly slapped his face lightly until he roused.

“Danny boy, you’re done. 40 times in a day. That’s got to be some kind of record.”

He looked at her through half closed eyes, too exhausted and emotionally frazzled to speak. He waited to see what she would do. She reached between his legs and withdrew the ejaculator. His overstretched anus and sphincter had almost no sensation or strength left in them, and as the ejaculator left him, a couple of turd logs followed it out. Dan was unable to prevent it.

Keira stepped away as the turds hit the ground. She was used to seeing bulls and rams automatically dropping a load after electro-ejaculation, so Dan’s reaction was not entirely unexpected.

The tip of the ejaculator was also covered in shit. She looked at it distastefully and holding it at arm’s length, put it on the workbench.

Dan felt himself drop his guts. It was just one more thing that would feed into his deep humiliation when he thought about this day in the future. He could feel air in his newly vacated hole. Feeling cool air that deep inside him was a new experience.

Keira removed the clamps from his balls, but far from easing his discomfort, as the blood circulated freely once more, it felt like she was squeezing his nuts hard. Dan whined in pain, sounding more like his dog than a human.

She untied his legs from the corners of the room, and Dan tried to bring his legs together. He lacked the strength but his knees drooped towards each other. Keira could see that he was too weak to support himself.

“Hold him up Amy,” she said. Amy walked behind Dan, carefully avoiding the huge puddle of cum and the turds, whilst Keira untied his arms. He collapsed into Amy’s arms and she supported him beneath his arm pits, dragging him to the side. Then she partially lowered him to the floor. He was too heavy for her to lower all the way, so she just released him, and he fell, a dead weight to the floor. His head bounced off the cement with a thud and Suze winced.

The girls buzzed around, still laughing and taking photos of the gargantuan splattered puddle of semen that Dan had sprayed onto the floor. They also took lots of video of him naked. Amy moved her phone close in on his now flaccid and once again, shrivelled penis, which flopped sideways over his balls. There was a dark purple imprint of the two clamps on his pale testicles. The wire marks would turn into a bruise that would cover his entire scrotum by the following morning.

Eventually, the girls tired of their prey and left. Before they did, Keira brought in a roll of industrial paper towels and a metal trash can. She gestured to the cum puddle and the faeces that Dan had deposited on the floor.

“If you don’t want to be tasered, clean that up. And underneath your dog. I’ll be back in an hour.”

Dan’s eyes flickered, showing that he heard her, but he was utterly exhausted. She picked up his clothes, and left, locking the door behind her.

Dan lay unmoving on the floor, eyes partly open, staring for fifteen minutes before he felt enough strength returning to him to try to move. His first thought was to release Pat. Dan clambered to his knees shakily, then he attempted to rise to his feet. His legs were still too weak to support him, and the flexors inside his thighs were extremely painful from straining with his legs held wide apart for so long.

He crawled towards his dog on hands and knees, avoiding the milky fluid on the floor, then pulled himself up using the workbench for support. Pat looked sorry for himself. Dan turned his dog around, and removed the clamps from the animal’s nuts. Pat yelped.

“I’m sorry boy,” Dan whispered hoarsely, “I know it hurts, but I have to.”

He ruffled the dog’s fur around its ears, and Pat whined softly.

Dan removed the ejaculator and undid the straps that were holding his dog into the brace, then he lifted the animal from the workbench and put it on the floor. Pat collapsed exactly as his master had done when his legs were untied.

“I know exactly how you feel boy, but you’ll feel stronger soon,” Dan reassured.

He removed the muzzle, and Pat licked at his hand, looking up at him woefully. Dan ruffled the animal’s fur, then leaned over and picked up the paper towels. His spirit was utterly broken and it didn’t even occur to him not to comply. He didn’t know if Keira even OWNED a taser, but even if she hadn’t, he would have obeyed her. Eight hours of forced milking had drained his spirit as effectively as it had drained his balls.

Dan wadded up four sheets of thick blue paper towelling and carefully picked up his turds. If he hadn’t been so dehydrated when he dropped them, the task would have been considerably messier. He dropped the paper–wrapped logs into the metal bin, then wadded up a dozen more sheets. He started to mop up the vast puddle of jizz he’d deposited, but the towels quickly became saturated. He dropped them into the bin and tore off 12 more sheets. They quickly became spunk-logged, and they joined the first 12. He repeated the process again, and again, and again, until at last, 60 sheets of absorbent towelling later, the floor was finally dry and clean. He rose to his feet, at last strong enough to stand unaided, and looked at the puddle his dog had left. His pet may have bigger balls than him, but it only deposited a fraction as much juice. Dan wadded up 20 sheets of paper – he didn’t want even the slightest chance of getting any of the fluid on his hand. Another 20 sheets later, and Pat’s deposit was also cleaned.

Dan looked around the room and spotted the blanket. He walked over and picked it up, then returned to his dog. He spread the blanket on the floor and moved Pat onto it from the cold cement floor, then he sat beside the animal with his back against the wall, and pulled his pet’s head so that it rested on his lap. The dog whimpered softly, which Dan took to be a shared expression of empathy. He reached down and stroked his dog’s head whilst he waited for Keira to return.


45 minutes later Keira returned, accompanied only by Amy. She glanced around the room, then at Dan. He covered his privates with one hand, with the other on Pat’s neck. Dan looked up at Keira balefully, waiting to see what would happen next.

“I’ve already seen you naked for hours, what’s the point of covering up?” she asked.

He continued to look at her with soulful eyes, but said nothing.

“Not like you’ve got anything worth hiding,” Amy added, twisting the knife.

Dan glanced at her. He hated her with every fibre of his being. He would cheerfully have watched her fall into a meat grinder but he was also afraid of her. Not only was she holding the taser that Keira had alluded to, but even without it she could probably beat him up. He was careful to hide his loathing from his expression, instead looking at her with sad eyes.

“We’ve got one more surprise for you,” Keira informed him. Seeing as your dick is so pathetic, we’ve decide to spare any girl from ever having it used on her.”

Dan was instantly filled with a renewed sense of dread, as visions of them cutting off his dick filled his mind.

Keira showed him a small chastity device that she’d prepared in readiness for this day. He’d never seen one before, but the curve of the device was enough for him to correctly guess its purpose.

“Open your legs and move your hand.”

Dan glanced past Keira to Amy standing menacingly behind and did as he was told. The chastity device consisted of a metal ring, attached by a 3 inch curved, flat metal “spine” to another smaller ring. Kiera leaned forwards and pulled his entire genitals through the first ring so that they laid along the spine. It was tight, but not enough to cut off his circulation. She peeled back his foreskin and stretched his penis along the short spine, forcing the glans into the small second ring, and making his small testicles bulge out on either side of his dick. The she took a small heavy duty metal hood and placed it over his exposed glans and connected it to metal ring, completely covering his sensitive cock head. She picked up a hand rivet gun and inserted five rivets in a ring around the hood, permanently attaching it to the body of the device. The hood prevented Dan from touching himself, and even if he did want to at least enjoy an erection, his penis was confined into a small curve, and any inflation would tug his testicles painfully. Next, she encircled the scrotum behind both of his testicles in an oval metal loop, trapping his balls together in front of his cock. She riveted the loop to the metal base ring. Last but not least, she inserted a hollow metal sound into a hole at the tip of the metal hood. It was curved to match the 90 degree bend of the metal backplate. It slipped into Dan’s urethra, and although it was smooth, it still burned fiercely as it entered him. It passed all the way to his bladder, and Dan would soon discover, to his dismay, that it prevented him from controlling his bladder any more. Instead, he would leak a continuous dribble of urine, that would necessitate him wearing diapers for the next three years until he finally moved away from the town, and the control that the girls had over him. The sound clipped into the hole, and like the rest of the chastity device, Dan would not be able to remove it without someone else’s help.

Some chastity devices are designed for entertainment. They merely surround the wearer’s genitals, allowing them to still become aroused and even to ejaculate whilst wearing them. The purpose of this device was to force Dan into a permanently flaccid state. The sharp angle of the urethral sound,  actually caused pain that prevented an erection even in his sleep, and coupled with the backplate, guaranteed that Dan’s dick would remain small and  pathetic for as long as he wore the device.


“Now I know what you’re thinking,” Keira said. “As soon as you get home, you tell the cops what happened and then we all get arrested and someone takes that off you, and everyone feels sorry for you.”

That was indeed Dan’s plan 6 hours ago, but now, he was so broken, that he was willing to do whatever they told him.

“That’s not going to happen,” Keira continued. “We took loads of video of you today, and it’s already been given to other people for safe keeping. If ANYTHING happens to any of us, that video is going to be sent to EVERYONE you know: your friends, everyone at school, your family, those dumb jocks on the swim team – everyone. Posters are going to appear all over town, and your life will be ruined got it?!”

Perhaps when he recovered from the humiliation, Dan might eventually have worked up enough rage or righteous indignation to reveal what had happened to him, but now there was no chance. He nodded meekly.

“Good. We’re going to be checking in from time to time, and if you’re not wearing that thing every time we do, you know what happens right?”

Again Dan nodded without saying a word. If he had any spirit left, he might have realised the foolhardiness of the second threat. After all, the girls would not risk revealing video that would clearly implicate them in the crime that had just taken place. But Dan was as defeated and emotionally crushed as it was possible to be. He sat, naked, his genitals confined inside a devious chastity cage, and he didn’t even have the fight left to close his legs to preserve his modesty.

Keira stood up and took his clothes out of a bag she’d brought in. She threw them at him.

“Get the fuck out of here. And next time you think about putting women down, just think again and keep your fucking mouth shut.”

Dan pulled on his cargo shorts, without underwear, then his socks and sneakers. As he pulled on his t-shirt, Pat’s leash fell out of it. Dan finished dressing, then attached the leash to his dog’s collar. He stood slowly and roused the animal with a whispered encouragement.

“Come on boy. Come on. Let’s go home.”

The dog wearily rose to its feet, and they both walked slowly to the door, as bandy legged as a novice cowboy at the end of his first cattle drive. The girls laughed their asses off watching both males walking so funny. Just before he passed through the door, Dan turned forlornly, and looked sadly at Keira. She laughed at him.

“Bye loser!”

He turned and set out for home, relieved at least that the physical ordeal was over.

He could feel his asshole still stretched wide open as he walked, and he saw that Pat’s was also gaping, but it was his balls that caused the most discomfort, especially now that they were confined. He’d jacked off until his nuts ached in the past, but this was a hundred times more uncomfortable, and worsened still more by the fact that they were forced by the chastity cage, to wrap around his penis, bulging out in front. He was constantly aware of them. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the base of his cock was also aching something fierce. He looked down at Pat, who was walking very gingerly, and it was clear that his faithful sidekick was feeling much the same as he was.

He walked home slowly, the cool breeze on his balls, and in his hole, and he never, ever disrespected another female again as long as he lived.



After he moved away, and Dan finally removed the damned chastity device, he allowed himself to think about sex at last, but he found that he couldn’t even contemplate females without being back with Amy and Keira in his mind. Dan got close to a guy who worked in the office where he worked, and eventually they got into a relationship that was the start of Dan’s life as a gay man. But as long as he lived, he was never reamed as hard as he was that day in the workroom…



Please note – the inclusion of the dog was NOT because I have even the tiniest interest in bestiality. I agonised over whether or not to include it. The entire point was that I wanted a dumb animal getting milked that Dan could see as a precursor to his own impending orgasms. I would have used a bull, but you can’t project emotions into a bull. I also considered using other humans – his father and kid brother for example, but that would have totally changed the dynamic because now his was not the only human suffering.

Furthermore, I wanted the analogy that both of them were viewed by the girls as mutts, to be treated with equal disregard. It was about Dan being reduced to the level of a dog, not about wanting to imagine dog sex! I also wanted a tiny bit of gross out during the clean up, just so you could see how low Dan had fallen. I hope that you understand.

I was going to call this “A boy and his dog”, somewhat in tribute to the Harlan Ellison book and movie in which a teenager is milked, but I was concerned that it would set the wrong tone. Also, I wanted the reveal about Pat being a dog, to come much later in the story.

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