The cavern

Forced milking, coming of age ritual

A young man undergoes a coming of age ritual at a new town and finds himself being mercilessly milked

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The cavern

“I can see light ahead. Almost there,” Aiden said.

“How did you ever find out about this place?” Lincoln asked.

“Oh, it’s kind of a thing. All the guys in town know about it. It’s like, a manhood test kind of thing like a ritual. My brother told me, and his friends, told him. It’s gotten passed down for a long time.”


The three teenagers had been walking underground for 25 minutes as the underground passages twisted and turned, following the path of long dried waterways, and it had taken an hour to reach the spring from their secluded camp site.


“How far are we from the spring?” Lincoln asked, referring to the small spring that they had had to swim under to enter the tunnel system.

Henry answered him.

“It’s not that far – only about half of a mile back, but you’d never know this place was here if you weren’t looking for it. All the twists and turns make it seem much further back.”

The tunnel widened and daylight streamed in. Lincoln looked ahead in wonder. He could see that the tunnel opened into a cavern that was 30 feet wide, but several hundred feet long. The roof had collapsed revealing trees above lining the hole. Rocks and pebbles littered the floor from a cave-in that had happened far enough in the past to leave the debris water or weather-smoothed.

As if the collapse roof and bright daylight were not eye catching enough, there was another feature that drew Lincoln’s attention. It was an underground pond. Its source was not apparent, but it followed the floor of the cavern for at least 50 feet.

“Wow, this is amazing!” Lincoln said in awe.

“Yup,” Aiden agreed. “Probably been here longer than there have been people living in America, let alone in Greenford.

“How deep is the water?” Lincoln asked, looking at the surprisingly still, clear water.

“Deeper than it looks. We’re gonna have to swim.”

Lincoln walked to the edge of the pool. He was wearing just his patterned cotton boxers. The others were clad in just their underwear as well. They had left the rest of their clothes and their phones hidden near the spring entrance.

Lincoln and his new friends walked into the water and it quickly got deep. He leaned forwards and started to swim.

“Uhhh,” he cried in a high-pitched voice, “it’s cold!”

The three of them continued swimming along the flooded tunnel until they could walk out at the other side. Lincoln’s brushed cotton boxers clung to his thighs and genitals.

“Dude, your boxers are transparent,” Henry said.

Lincoln looked down at himself and his boxers hid nothing. His cold-shrunken two-and-a-half-inch penis rested to the side, and the pink circumcised head was clearly distinguishable. His tight scrotum nestled beneath, whilst above was the dark smudge of his pubes. He grinned bashfully and pulled the material above his penis away from his body allowing the air in, then he released it. His penis still showed but not quite as clearly. He glanced at his friends’ groins. Henry was wearing surprisingly old-fashioned white briefs but the double-layered pouch hid its contents. Aiden was wearing boxers made of much stiffer cotton, and they hung in folds hiding his genitals completely.

Lincoln had only lived in Greenford for three months, and whilst he made friends easily, he had quickly developed a strong affinity for the two teenagers who now accompanied him.

“Okay, this is as far as we go. Rest is down to you,” Aiden said. “You ready?”

“What have I got to do?”

“All you have to do is go to the end of the cavern, write your name on the wall with this marker.”

He handed Lincoln a black permanent marker.

“Then pick one of the vine stalks growing there. They look like fat asparagus. Then eat it and come back.”

“And it’s definitely not gonna poison me?”

“Of course not! You’ll definitely feel trippy for a while though.”

“But it’s not gonna hurt me?”

“Dude, why would we do that?”

Lincoln shrugged his shoulders with a sheepish grin.

“I dunno. Just wanted to be sure, that’s all. I know how you small-town guys can get with newcomers,” he said with a smile.

“Dude, this is not the burning man,” Aiden said.

“Wicker man,” Henry corrected.


“Wicker man. Burning man is that hippy thing out in the desert. Wicker man was that movie where they put a guy in a ginormous wicker man and burned him at the end.”

“Oh yeah, right.”

Aiden returned his attention to Lincoln.

“Well, wicker man, burning man, it doesn’t matter. That’s not us. You’re just gonna go over there. Things are going to get trippy for a while, then you come back and you’re done.”

“And I’m not gonna get addicted to drugs or anything?” Lincoln persisted.

“Dude! It’s just an initiation, we’re not trying to fuck you up. It’ll make a man of you.”

“Oookay,” Lincoln said. “Shall I go now or is there anything else I need to do first?”

“Yeah, now, unless you have anything better to do!” Aiden said with a smirk.


Lincoln looked to the end of the cavern. It was just 75 feet away and still in bright daylight. Now that he was closer, he could see that the tunnel continued beyond that point. Lush green vines tumbled down the walls into the cavern ahead, spreading across the ground.

He turned to his friends.

“Okay, here goes.”

Henry smiled.

“Enjoy yourself.”

“Yeah, try not to have too much fun,” Aiden added.

Lincoln recognised a hint of mischief in their comments but he incorrectly attributed it to the fact that they were about to watch him get high.

He walked to the end of the tunnel holding the marker. The wall at the end was in shade and covered in male names, dozens in marker, some in pencil, and some in a darker material that he correctly guessed was charcoal. But what really surprised him, were the dates. They stretched back over 100 years! He was going to become part of tradition that was older than the oldest person in his family’s verbal history.

He looked around at the ground. There were dozens of the asparagus-looking plant pods growing from the vines that covered the floor.

“These plants look like dicks!” he called back.

“You don’t have to suck them, just eat one,” Henry called back.


Henry was not the dominant one of the pair; in fact he was, small for his age, a little nerdish, with a haircut that would have been out of date in the 1940s. It was centre-parted, bowl cut, and slicked down to his skull.

But he was a dirty fucker. Constantly trying to impress Aiden and now Lincoln with his filthy jokes and dirty mind. Always quick to see a double-entendre, and always quick with a dirty come back. Truth be told, he was trying way too hard given his non-existent sexual history, but he made Aiden and Lincoln laugh.

“Don’t forget to sign the wall first,” Aiden reminded.

“It’s amazing!” Lincoln said. “There’s names here going back to 1923.”

“Much longer if they haven’t worn away.”


Lincoln removed the lid of his marker and angled the wedge-cut head for maximum line thickness, then he found a clear spot between all the names and added his own.

“Lincoln Campbell, 7/19/2020”

He put the lid back on the marker and turned to pick one of the plants pods. He crouched down and gripped one.

“It’s slimy,” he reported.

He tugged at it but it would not come free of the stem. He pulled harder. Suddenly pearly white fluid dribbled from the tip.

“Awww it’s just spunked all over my hand!” he called.

Henry sniggered.

“You can drink it if you want!”

“Nah, I think I’ll give it a miss th…”

Lincoln was interrupted by something touching his ankle.

“Hey!” he shouted in alarm.

“What’s up?” Aiden asked, feigning innocence.

“Something’s wrapped around my ankle. It’s one of these vines.”

Lincoln tugged his foot against the vine that was rapidly wrapping around his ankle and lower leg. There was almost no give in it. Then another vine wrapped around his other leg, and they both pulled as though working together. Lincoln fell backwards onto his bottom, just managing to get his arms down in time to break his fall. Vines instantly started wrapping around his arms, pulling them apart.

“Guys something’s got me!” he screamed in a panic.

“It’s okay,” Aiden called. “They won’t hurt you.”

“What?! You knew this was…”

A thicker vine dropped from the edge of the hole above and hovered above him. Lincoln was reminded of the giant snake in the movie Anaconda. It seemed to sway in the air, sizing him up, before wrapping around his torso and lifting him off the ground.

“Aiden, what’s happening?” he screamed.

“It’s okay, it won’t hurt you,” Aiden repeated. “Just relax.”

“Relax? How can I relax!” Lincoln screamed as his legs were pulled gently apart at the knees, and lifted into the air higher than his head.

More vines slid over him. Two, as thick as his wrist, slid into the sides of his boxers, then moved apart, shredding the material. What was left of his boxers fell to the ground. He twisted trying desperately to free himself from the vine wrapped around his chest but it was like being tangled in thick ship rope. It was compliant but its sheer weight made it difficult to move. It wrapped twice around his torso, holding him under his arm pits. With his arms pulled to the sides, he could not attempt to push the thicker vine off him, and he was only too well aware that he was butt-naked with his ass lifted into the air and his dick flopping around.

Lincoln looked between his legs as they were pulled wider apart – almost three feet at the knees now. Then he saw something new rising between his legs. It looked like the head of a green snake, but softer and fleshier. Its trunk was as thick as a pepsi can, and near the bulbous “head” it turned from green to red to pink, and then almost transparent. It rose, swaying between his thighs like a cobra being mesmerised by an Indian charmer. Its head drew back as though about to strike. Then the end opened slowly like lips peeling back. Inside, it was fleshy and covered in mucous that dribbled across its inner surfaces in sticky streamers. Lincoln watched it in horror, expecting it to bite him like the monster in the Alien movies. Instead, it lowered slowly, its open maw enclosing his penis. It was warm inside. It closed, enfolding Lincoln’s penis, and he immediately felt suction on his glans.

He twisted and turned, trying to pull his penis from it, but it went wherever he turned his hips. He arched his back lifting his hips, then violently drew them backwards in a futile effort to free his penis from its suction grip. And all the while, despite his distraction and agitation, his penis responded to the warm maw that sucked on it, filling with blood and getting hard whilst his attention was focussed on trying to secure his freedom. He looked down at his groin, and he was surprised see his stiff pole straining within the near-transparent sucker.

Two smaller tentacles rose and clamped onto his nipples and started to suck on him like a baby suckles its mother’s teats. Lincoln had never had his tits sucked, but now, as the two tentacles did so, his areola’s filled with blood and his nipples perkily stuck out. He was momentarily distracted, then his attention returned to his penis. It felt good; better than anything he’d ever felt there before. But this was not the time. Not in front of his friends.

“Guys, it’s sucking my dick!” he yelled.

“You DON’T say!” Aiden replied with mock surprise.

“How do I make it stop?!”

“You don’t. It will keep on sucking till you’re too fucked to fight back. Then it will keep on sucking till your nuts are dry. Then it’ll keep sucking until you’re so horny you can’t think straight. Then it’ll keep on sucking some more.”

“Yeah, you won’t be able to get it up for a few months after this!” Henry cackled lewdly. “It’s only just getting started.”

“What?! Jesus fucking Christ guys. Get me the fuck out of this.”

“Seriously dude, we can’t help. We’d get caught ourselves. You said you wanted to do the initiation; well this is it. They won’t hurt you, but you’re sure gonna have jelly legs for a few days after this.”

“Fuck me guys, what do I…”

Before he could finish the question, he was arching his hips upwards as a massive orgasm overwhelmed his body. He thrashed about and thrust his hips in the air for 45 seconds as the plant teased him, hungrily sucking the cum from his hard penis.

When Lincoln finally stopping thrusting his hips upwards, he collapsed, drained by the orgasm. The sucker opened wetly, and slowly withdrew, leaving trailers of transparent mucus behind. His penis stood as straight and hard as a telegraph pole, still humming with sexual energy.

“Ohhhh,” Lincoln groaned, shocked by the power of the orgasm.

As he lay, still, momentarily exhausted he saw a second tentacle arise. This one was larger and did not have a transparent head. He watched it swaying hypnotically before him as the first one had done, but this time the bud-shaped head opened in four petal quarters, each as big as a large man’s hand. And inside was an organ he recognised. It was one of the vines’ many stamens but it resembled a cone-shaped asparagus tip, about 5 inches long, narrow at the tip and widening to half the diameter of his wrist at the base.

Lincoln watched trying to discern it purpose as the plant swayed before him. Then the plants holding his legs lifted his ass higher in the air, and too late, Lincoln realised where the cone intended to go. He tensed as he saw it aim for his hole, but to his relief, it was much softer than the one he had tried to pick earlier. It pressed against him, sliding stickily into his hole, filling him. He squirmed against the invasion, but there was nothing he could do to prevent its entry.

When it was fully buried, the four segmented petals closed around him, two at the back and two at the front. The two at the rear cupped the cheeks of his bottom like two hands sizing him up. The two at the front wrapped around the root of his cock, passing each other at the top before passing back down, cupping his balls and drawing them tight light peas in a spherical pod. Then they started contracting and releasing, slowly massaging his testicles. Lincoln felt as though his groin was now locked into the plant head, its stamen buried deep inside his asshole.

The shaft started pulsing, like a heartbeat, stretching and relaxing in his hole. At the same time, its tip started  to gyrate inside him, touching him in his most private place. He tried to arch away from it, but it moved with him, staying clamped to him, violating him but forcing his hole to discover pleasures it had never previously experienced.


A second smaller bud forced itself into his mouth, using its petals to clamp itself in place. Then he felt liquid oozing into his hole and his mouth. It was insipid, sticky and Lincoln remembered the fluid that had oozed from the bud that he had tried to pick. He had the distinct feeling that he was being seeded, top and bottom, and he was partially right. But the plant sperm was not designed to inseminate him. It carried potent aphrodisiac chemicals that would elevate his arousal to heights that would drive all conscious thought from his brain. Soon he would exist as nothing but a collection of erogenous zones, each stimulated to absolute perfection.


Another tentacle appeared between his legs; a new type. It looked a wide flattened diamond-shaped spade, much like one of the two longer tentacles that a squid uses for exploring. But rather than being coated in suckers, the inner surface of this tentacle was covered mucous-coated villi – tiny slimy finger-like organs, each just a centimetre long, waving independently of each other in ripples.

The surface of the spade moved up the rear of Lincoln’s hard cock, and he felt as though he was being licked by a dog. Until the villi touched the rear of his glans. Then he let out a long, moaning intake of breath, shivering at the sheer pleasure it managed to impart to his hyper-sensitive glans. It slid slowly back down his cock, dragging the villi back across his glans. The insides of Lincoln’s legs trembled at the exquisite ecstasy he was experiencing. Then the tentacle wrapped its flat spade-head around Lincoln’s cock, and he had the impression of a remarkably nimble tongue enfolding him. It slowly rose up his cock, the tiny slime-coated villi teasing every millimetre of his shaft and his glans.

“Ahhh, ahhh, ahhh, ahhhh,” Lincoln moaned into his plant gag as the spade slowly teased him.

He started writhing, twisting and turning in mid-air like a fly trapped in a spider’s web. But there was no grisly death awaiting him, just ecstasy; hour upon hour of brain scrambling, ball churning, glans teasing ecstasy.


“You enjoying yourself?” Henry called out with a grin.

Lincoln heard him, but it was all he could do to think straight.

“Fuh… fuh… fuuuuuck!” he groaned unintelligibly.

“Yeah, know how you feel,” Aiden said.

His own initiation had scrambled his brain for hours afterwards, and it took Henry a full week before he could even walk normally again.

In their amusement, neither of them noticed the tentacles that rose behind them. Then in an instant, they were both entangled along with Lincoln.

“Fuck Aiden, what the fuck are they doing. We didn’t try to pick the pods!” Henry cried in alarm.

“I don’t know. Just run before it’s too late!”

But it was already too late, and within a minute, each of them was hopelessly ensnared in the same trap that they had delivered Lincoln to.

“Oh fuuuuck!” Aiden said.

He knew only too well the almost unbearable hours of pleasure that lay ahead, The dozens of orgasms. The anal violation. The teasing. The milking. The edging. The vines were better masters of cock teasing than the best whore could ever hope to be. They knew the male body better than even the most self-aware man or boy knew his own body.


Lincoln was almost oblivious to the fate of his companions, and if he HAD been aware, it would only have brought a wry smile to his face.

The spade licked and teased him with an expertise that was almost supernatural, bringing him languidly to the very brink of an explosive orgasm, before easing off just enough as the petals wrapped around his nuts perfectly sensed how close he was to ejaculating.

Then it started again, languidly licking, brushing his cock with dozens of teasing villi. First they would brush his shaft, making it harden, then as they softly brushed his glans, the shiny dome would swell, eager for more pressure; desperate for release, and he’d strain his hips towards it in a vain effort to increase the friction enough to push him over the edge, and he would get close, so very close. He could feel his testicles tightening, trying to rise ready for ejaculation. Just a tiny bit more; just the lightest of pressure would be enough, but then the contact would be gone, leaving his frustrated penis twitching and bouncing in the air.


After fifteen minutes, the spade was replaced by the original sucking tentacle, and Lincoln was rapidly brought to an orgasm that set off white fireworks in the multi-coloured kaleidoscope of his scrambled brain. He cried out in exultation and joy, his shouts rapidly turning to whimpers as his orgasm passed but the tentacle allowed his sensitive helmet no surcease, instead continuing to suck it with all the fervour of a starving calf let loose on its mother’s udder.


His body was slowly turned in the air, until he was hanging face down, his arms and legs now dangling as well as splayed. For a minute he felt like a cow at milking time, then the sucker released his penis. He saw what reached up to replace it. It was another type of tentacle with a bud on top. The bud opened and revealed what was inside, but this time it was not a stamen like the ones seeding his asshole and his mouth. There were dozens of smaller tendrils; red and fleshy looking, each a quarter the thickness of Lincoln’s little finger, and they were swaying and reaching up for the pink glans that hung tantalisingly above them. For a moment the image of a nest full of hungry mouths at feeding time popped into Lincoln’s mind. Except his cock was the meal, and these were no bird chicks!


50 feet away, Henry’s hard, cock was engulfed in its own transparent tentacle. It was 8-inches long – massively disproportionate to his short height and light stature. Despite their best efforts, neither he nor Aiden had managed to escape, and they knew now that they would both be milked until they were almost too weak to stand. He came hard. He had wanked just this morning; a double, back to back, horny at the thought of the initiation that Lincoln was as yet unaware of. Yet the vines easily extracted another generous load of adolescent cum from his skinny body. He groaned, knowing that it was only the first of many, and that his cock was to be teased in many more ways than he could imagine.


Beside him, Aiden’s thick nine-inch tool swayed free in the air as a stamen invaded his asshole. He’d always been proud of his large, low-hanging nuts, but as the petals wrapped around them in readiness for their intense massage, he wished that his balls rode much higher.


The thin tendrils moved closer to Lincoln’s penis and he was just about able to see them with his peripheral vision, his head held in place by the stamen that oozed its creamy white seed into his mouth. There was an eager, grasping quality to their movements that he found unsettling. Then they were within reach and they swarmed over his helmet, encircling behind its corona, and pulling his rigid penis towards them. Lincoln’s penis was especially sensitive on the soft skin behind his glans. They wrapped around that area as though tying a noose to pull his bulbous glans from his shaft. But no such violence awaited. They wrapped around his glans, covering and immobilising and stroking it. Then he felt one enter his urethra. At first, he was nauseated, thinking of the intruder as a worm making its way up inside his pee hole, then he remembered that it was a plant.

It was a unique and strange experience, feeling first one, then two slender tentacles invade his urethra. They were well lubricated, but it still felt as though his dick was being fucked. Then he felt a strange pressure high inside, and the two tendrils headed off in different directions. They passed along his vas deferens and into his testicles. They were drinking from his balls, taking sperm directly from the source! Lincoln felt his balls jiggling but there was nothing he could do to resist. His testicles had somehow become a source of sperm for these sexually voracious vines!

The petals that were still wrapped around his bottom lifted his butt into the air, presenting the straightest path inside his rectum. The stamen in his bottom changed; became firmer. It felt to Lincoln like a muscle tensing. It withdrew almost all the way from his hole, then slowly forced it way back in. It felt much bigger now that it was firmer. Lincoln’s hole stretched painfully to allow it back in, the lips of his sphincter pulled in a wide-mouthed rectal scream, then it withdrew slowly, repeating, giving his sphincter time to adjust to its new girth. When his sphincter muscles had relaxed enough to allow it, the stamen increased its pace, no longer content to merely tease him, but forcing itself upon him, raping his hole with as much urgency as any jail hardened inmate.

Then he felt something new, and realised he was wrong about the tentacles in his testicles. They were not there to drink his semen from the source. He felt a warm feeling, then warmer still, and a blue glow started to appear through the skin of his scrotum, visible in the gaps between the petals that still enfolded and massaged him. His balls felt as though they were swelling, bloated by lust; the feeling when he was just on the verge of an orgasm, but it kept growing and growing, with no orgasmic release. He felt sure that they must be as big as baseballs now.

His glans was still wrapped in sliding tendrils, teasing him in ways he would never have imagined. His penis pointed straight down, pulled by its glans, hard as a tent spike, its pink glans turning purple partly from the strangling effect of the tendrils choking its throat just behind the glans, and partly from the amount of blood his excited body was forcing into it.

His body was ablaze with lust. His nipples, his tongue, his testicles, his hole and his glans all competed for attention, but it was always his testicles and his glans that his attention returned to. He was so horny; so desperate to blow his load. He felt as though his balls would explode if he was not allowed to cum soon. The lubricated stamen fucked him, exciting his body in ways that he had never wanted to discover.

If he could speak, he would have been begging breathlessly, for the plants to let him cum: to fuck him harder, rub his cock faster, and take the edge of his all-consuming lust.

Then the tendrils withdrew from his testicles, and slithered off his glans, replaced once more by the sucker. It pulsated and quickly brought him to the orgasm he so desperately craved, and it was even more powerful than the first two, as his hole was vigorously fucked by the stamen. And when he’d given the vines another load, he hung semi-conscious, the force of his orgasm temporarily robbing him of the thought or even sight. Then the plants slowly rolled him on his back, lifted his ass high, spread his legs and began the entire cycle anew…



Eight hours after the vines has first caught him, Lincoln’s body was lowered gently to the ground. He lay, sheathed from head to toe in sweat, too exhausted to even contemplate moving. Not that he was mentally capable. His brain was still wrapped in a euphoric sexual fog, his still hard cock twitching and jumping in his lap. He lay, breathing slowly and deeply for a full half hour, whilst his brain regained the wherewithal to rouse him.

His eyes flickered open slowly. There was daylight above but the quality of it had changed. He rolled from his back onto his stomach, then to his hands and knees. Then he rose to his feet. The insides of his legs had absolutely no strength. His knees collapsed towards each other, then buckled completely and he collapsed back onto his face.

He rose to his hands and knees more cautiously and crawled slowly to the reclining bodies of his two friends. He reached Aiden first and reached across and shook him.

“Aiden, Aiden are you alive?”

He pressed his head to his friend’s chest and listened. Before he could hear if there was a heartbeat, Aiden started to move.

“Nnnng. How long was I out? What time is it?”

Lincoln sat up and punched his friend in the shoulder with all his might. He was not used to punching people and his wrist bent backwards painfully.

“What did that fucking plant do to me. You set me up you asshole!” he said, nursing his wrist.

“You wanted to be one of the cool guys. Now you are.”

“Cool? COOL?! I just got raped by a fucking plant for fuck knows how long. How is that cool?”

Aiden look towards Lincoln’s groin.

“Your dick wasn’t that big before was it? Not by a long shot.”

Lincoln looked down at himself. His flaccid penis hung as thick and heavy. It was at least 6-inches long, and behind, were two huge chicken egg sized nuts! He frowned.

“What… what’s happened to me?!”

“It’s the vines. They give you some kind of juice, and then the sucking or massaging – whatever you want to call it – it makes your dick bigger.”

“I was okay with the size of my dick before. How long does it last?”

Aiden sat up.

“Dude, I’m not ripping on you, but you didn’t seem happy with it. You got embarrassed when your boxers were wet, and I’ve seen you hiding it in the showers. I mean, there was nothing wrong with it, but it kind of seems like you thought there was.”

Lincoln blushed.

“Weeeell, I guess you’re right, but you should have told me first.”

“Nah, it doesn’t work like that. And would you have said yes if I did? Four hours of getting sucked off and… and stuff.”

“No, of course not! No way. So how long does it last.”

“Forever dude. No more small cock for you!”

Aiden glanced across to Henry and they both crawled over to him. Aiden shook his lifelong friend. Henry’s eyes flickered open.

“Whu, uh, is it over?” he asked blearily.

“Yeah, let’s get out…”

Aiden stopped mid-sentence looking at the nine-inch python curled between the teenager’s legs.

“Dude, your dick’s massive.”

He looked down at his own. It hung just short of the ground.

“Oh fuck. This is why they always say you can only go once.”

“Shit, we’re freaks!” Henry said. “I was better off before.”

Aiden gave him a look.

“Henry, your dick was just a maggot before.”

Henry blushed.

“Okay, well not before the LAST time.”

“I guess you can always get jobs as porn stars,” Lincoln said, not entirely without smugness.

“Yeah, there is that,” Henry said.

Aiden and Lincoln looked at him slowly.

Aiden said without spite, “Dude, you’d have to lose your virginity first.”

All three of them burst out laughing.


An hour later, walking gingerly like three saddle-sore geriatrics, they arrived back outside just as the sun was starting to drop to the mount tops.

“Shit, what time is it?” Henry asked as they walked towards the place they’d hidden their belongings.

Aiden reached it first and dug out his phone. He tapped the screen to activate the display.

“Damn, it’s just gone 7. On the 20th! Shit guys, we’ve been in there over a day. No wonder I’m so fucking tired.”

“No wonder you’ve got a dick like a python!” Lincoln said grinning.

They three of them dressed and hobbled back to their camp site as quickly as they could.


    • Anonymous-
    • 19th July 2020 at 8:05 am-
    • Reply

    Awesome story man. I love plant-tentacle milking!

    • Thank you. Glad you enjoyed it!

    • Erwan-
    • 17th October 2020 at 6:34 pm-
    • Reply

    Very exciting. Plant milking, i love.

    • Thanks – glad you liked it. I love that subject too!

    • Anonymous-
    • 5th February 2022 at 4:19 am-
    • Reply

    For years, I have always loved stories of boys and young men getting fucked by non-human creatures, especially tentacles. It is even better when the stories describe the feeling of shame and pleasure in details… and when multiple of those boys and men are fucked at the same time; hotter if they are close with each other, either as friends or family members.

    But then, I love eroticas of boys and young men getting violated in general. Unfortunately, such stories in high quality are hard to find.

    This story is one of my favourite erotica ever. Seriously, you know how to write AND create highly imaginative and arousing sexual fantasies.

    • Thank you so much. The idea of them getting fucked against their will but in each other’s presence is indeed particularly exciting now that you mention it. I’m really glad you liked the story. Thank you so much for your generous words about my work!

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